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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  May 26, 2022 3:00pm-3:29pm PDT

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going forward is still a day-by-day, moment-by-moment process for me. >> one year since nine men were
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killed by a co-worker at the vta rail yard in san jose, how families and friends are remembering the lives lost. plus -- >> a community in mourning, but also still with questions. i'm jason allen in uvalde, texas, where there is new information today about how the shooter got into the school and then how law enforcement responded to what was happening. good evening, i'm sara donchey. marking one year since the deadly vta rail yard shooting in san jose. kpix5's len ramirez has the tribute. >> reporter: somber ceremonies at the place where it all happened one year ago today. vta employees gathered at a private ceremony at the guadalupe light rail yard early in the morning to honor their co-workers. there was also a public memorial that began later in the day that included family members and first responders on the scene that day. here's the mother of one of the victims, jose hernandez iii.
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>> i'm not playing a victim, i'm his mom. that's my boy. that's my boy. and i will cheer him on and continue to be his biggest fan for as long as i am here. and i would have given anything to take those bullets from hem. >> reporter: san jose's mayor called the day of the mass shooting san jose's darkest day. in the year since, city leaders have passed a number of gun control measures. the city council passed ordinances requiring gun shops to record audio and video of purchases, to require gun owners to take out gun liability insurance, and to ban the sale, possession, purchase and manufacture of ghost guns. we'll have more on this story tonight at 5:00, including an interview with a vta employee who survived the mass shooting who says that more could have and should have been done to
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prevent this tragedy. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. to texas now where grief hangs very heavy over the community of uvalde after the mass shooting of young children. these are their faces and their two teachers who died. now investigators are revealing more on the timeline of that day. reporter jason allen live with the questions that police are facing about their own response. jason? >> reporter: yeah, sara, as we talk to people in the area today, this has really left them feeling somewhat odd about the situation, because they are still trying to process everything that happened in the school back here just a couple of days ago. now they're left with questions about could possibly all of this have been stopped sooner? >> on the lawn of robb elementary school, rows of crosses mark each of the 21 lives lost. as the uvalde community mourns, it is also questioning the
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police response to one of the deadliest school shootings in u.s. history. >> they say they rushed in and all that. we didn't see that. >> reporter: the director of the texas department of public safety said the 18-year-old shooter was inside the school for 40 minutes to an hour before a tactical team confronted and killed him. by then two teachers and 19 children had been fatally shot, including javier casarez's 10-year-old daughter. >> as soon as they heard that gunshot, they should have rushed in. >> reporter: the siege ended when a u.s. border patrol team stormed the barricaded classroom. >> the initial officers, they received gunfire. they don't make entry initially because of the gunfire they're receiving. >> reporter: there is still constant activity here around the school two days later. people regularly showing up with flowers and cards, giving them to the patrol officers who are here, wanting to do something to show their concern about what happened. george rodriguez clutched a pig tour of his grandson, jose flores. he had waited at the
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reunification after the shooting hoping for good news. >> jose, get here. >> reporter: dropping off flowers at the memorial, rodriguez reflected on the loss of a happy-go-lucky 10-year-old. >> this happened too many times. it now happens to us. it has to stop. >> reporter: for too many in this tight-knit community, what should have been the start of summer vacation is instead the saddest week of their lives. state investigators said today that they want to continue to try to provide more answers to exactly what happened inside the school two days ago. sara, they asked for more time. they said they want to be able to speak to all of the officers who were here, find out what they encounteringed and how they reacted in that moment. >> i'm sure there will be a lot of questions about that. jason, this story has affected so many people. your piece focused on the e ievi, somof tm g y li har a nd togeowther t there at the schoo. i know a lot of other people are showing up as well. where are people coming from? i know this has deeply affected
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people who are not even connected to this school. >> reporter: no, you're right, good question. a lot of people who work -- or live in this community, they may work all the way out in san antonio, and so this community, it is rural, but has connections to big cities. we are seeing people who are coming from all over the region to come try to pay their respects in some way, leave something, just to show they care about what happened here. >> jason allen live in uvalde, texas. thank you for that tremendous report on a very, very difficult story. we appreciate your time, sir. today demonstrators rallied outside the u.s. capitol demanding new gun safety legislation in the wake of the texas shooting. >> they have enabled this. they are enabling gun violence with their inaction. >> senate majority leader chuck schumer says he'll allow his democratic colleagues more time to try to come up with some measure that will get bipartisan support. that means a vote won't happen until after their recess. we've been hearing from
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lawmakers, law enforcement, parents, on all of this. today students themselves walked out of class all across the country in support of gun safety. natalie brand reports they just want to go to school without being scared. >> no gun violence! >> reporter: from the nation's capital to wisconsin, students from around the country walked out of class to demand lawmakers do more to protect them from gun violence. as the nation grieves the tragic massacre at a uvalde, texas, elementary school. >> being able to rally together and really speak out our minds makes the most difference. >> reporter: students at michigan's oxford high school formed a massive u on their football field nearly six months after a fellow student opened fire there, killing four. >> we deserve to be safe in school! >> reporter: high school students in arlington, virginia, walked to a nearby park where they held a 21-second moment of silence for each victim in uvalde. >> i was incredibly sad at first but then i just got angry.
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>> reporter: joy block organized the walkout. she and many other students here are calling for stricter gun laws. >> what is your message to lawmakers? >> please just protect the kids. our lives are more valuable than a gun. >> i was taught my very first lockdown drill in first grade. >> reporter: parker, who's in 11th grade, said his school experience has been marked by fear. >> every grade, every class, i remember at least once looking at all the exits. >> reporter: leah, who moved from florida, went to grade school not far from marjory stoneman douglas in parkland, a massacre that sparked similar walkouts four years ago. >> thoughts and prayers are not enough at this point. there's too many kids dead. >> i just don't think it's okay that they -- that people should be scared to just live their normal lives. >> reporter: a message these students will continue to share until they say they see action at the national level.
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natalie brand, cbs news, arlington, virginia. >> stay with us for all the latest developments on the texas school shooting. we will have coverage on air and at also streaming on cbs news bay area. in a couple of hours, b.a.r.t. will hold a meeting to talk about increasing fares. the transit agency says it will help keep up with the cost of providing service. on the table, a 3.4% fare increase that could start in july. well, the golden state warriors back home hoping to get the job done with a win in game five tonight with the mavs. vern glenn joining me live now. so many people thinking this could be it. >> indeed. win the west? why not tonight? game five a nice story line and scenario. big takeaway from game four tuesday, the warriors bench. they almost pulled it off. the rookies, moses moody and jonathan kuminga were part of a lineup that trimmed a 29-point deficit down to 8 with 3:00
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left. with otto porter jr. out again tonight, both 19-year-olds could be counted on once more. >> it's great because they had an opportunity to go out there and make their presence felt, impact the game, build some confidence, and for us to close the series out game five, i'm sure they're going to be out there playing some minutes. >> the game is at 6:00 tonight. i figure some time between 8:30 and 9:00 tonight this matter of the west could be resolved. >> okay. so let's go back to game four for a second. we hear you actually got to spend some time with one of the big names off the court, and i mean really big. shaq. >> shaquille o'neal. let me tell you something, largest man that i have seen -- look at that -- in person. look at the discrepancy. i've interviewed taller dudes, but shaq at 7'1" is built like a giant sequoia tree. i came up just past his waist. >> it's okay.
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you know what? it's fine, vern, we love you regardless. >> he's a gentle giant, though. very approachable. although if you didn't know him, kind of intimidating once you look at him. >> i don't know, vern, i think you fll best sportscaster i know. tickets to n wcaantonighgt't chase center are not cheap. that's probably no surprise. stubhub says they're running at $220 to start. but hopefully fans will get a great show. justin andrews found the man in charge of getting them hyped up. >> all right, dub nation, we need you louder than ever right now! >> reporter: the voice and the energy, you've heard it and seen it before. that's franco fin, better known as the warriors official hype man. for 20 years you've heard him pumping up fans and introducing the starting lineup. tonight it's game five inside the chase. >> this dub nation is growing bigger and bigger. i've got to tell you, we have the best and most loyal fans, not only in the entire state but
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i think in all of sports. >> reporter: hype man says tonight's energy will be no different, thousands of fans inside and hundreds more outside at thrive city, which he says has been greatly growing these last several weeks. >> each round it gets louder. people are flooding in from all over not only just the bay area, people are flying in. >> reporter: all the eyes will be on the court no matter if you're inside or outside at thrive city tonight, you will hear this guy. >> warriors basketball coming up next! >> reporter: and even if you're at home watching, he says warriors fans, no matter where you are, you are the x factor. >> a standing ovation. >> justin andrews, kpix 5. >> imagine your official work title being hype man. still ahead on kpix 5, saving college money for your kids without breaking your monthly budget. plus, how do smartphones affect our mental health? we'll tell you how to find some answers. the cooler air that arrived around the bay yesterday
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definitely made its way inland today. 20 to 30 degrees cooler for parts of the north bay and east bay compared to 24 hours ago. this cooler ollywood toy.
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liot has he was best known from the 1990 classic "goodfellas." reports said he died in his sleep in the dominican republic. he was just 67 years old. some fans are posting condolences on social media, including actress kerry washington who said from the beginning, ray was always so supportive, so kind, so honest and so talented. i will always be a superfan. so a question, how much do you rely on your smartphone? google is looking into how they're partnering with the university of oregon on a four-week-long study. researchers will look at how
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people use their phones and measure that against standards of well-being. things like sleep patterns and physical activity. they will collect data through the google health studies app. you need an android phone to participate. you can actually sign up starting tomorrow. we know the cost of college keeps going up and up and can seem incredibly overwhelming for families, even if their kids are years away from college. but there are some steps you can take now to start the savings process. joining me live julio martinez. thank you for taking the time. this is a confusing issue for parents because i feel like there's no guide book. so explain scholar share aow ks t help ou,sara. 52 is forn savings plan. it's operated within our agency, within the state treasurer's office. our main goal is to help families across california prepare financially and save for college. and so what we do is we oversee the state's 529 plan, which is a
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tax-efficient savings vehicle designed to help families save for college in a very smart way. >> well, you know, this has been a rough couple of years for so many reasons. the pandemic was hard on a lot of people, a lot of people were without work, money can be very tight. what if you're one of those people who does not have a lot to spare at the end of the month? >> we understand that. at scholarship share we understand that very well. we understand all households have different budgets and different capacities for saving. but that's the wonderful thing about scholar share 529. all it takes is $1 to get an account open and about 15 minutes to get that open. it's very, very flexible. we understand that over time family budgets do change. sometimes families can only save $10 a month but ultimately through the years, they can add more. but also we have features that allow families to ask their family and friends to contribute to their own kids' college savings accounts so we try to make it really easy and flexible for families to save as much as they can before their kids go to
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college, but also prevent and mitigate against unnecessary student loan debt. >> right. so what are the benefits of signing up now, even if someone has a very, very young child who's very far away from >> t soon as possib ber too te to starton thing about this period of time now is on may 29th, it's national college savings day. on national college savings day, scholarship share will offer a promotion running from may 24th through may 31st where every family who opens a new account with at least $50 will get a matching contribution of $50 so recurring contribution plan of $25 or more per month for a minimum of six months. >> that's a great deal. i know a lot of parents, myself included, taking notes on this because it's just hard to get started sometimes. but this makes it a lot easier. julio martinez with scholar
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share, thank you so much for walking us through it. >> thank you for having me on. okay, so let's talk a little bit about our forecast. paul is here. saw a lot of fog rolling in different places and it definitely felt cooler, as promised. >> yeah, the cooler air that was around the bay and along the coast tomorrow -- or yesterday rather has spread out and will make itself at home as we head through tomorrow. not a whole lot of big picture changes. so fog and clouds spreading out tonight. temperatures dropping down to what's normal for this time of year. as we head into tomorrow, it's cool, rather breezy once again. that onshore breeze combining forces with the clouds to keep temperatures below average. even cooler weather on the way by the first day of the memorial day weekend. then we start warming up a little bit on sunday, a little more than that for the holiday on monday and even more than that by tuesday an wednesday of next week. right here here is all of that cloud cover from space. further inland the clouds are a little thinner and they're filtering the sunshine as opposed to blocking it.
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you can see the brighter white with thicker clouds especially over the north bay and along the coast indicating the thicker clouds that have kept temperatures from warming up much farther than the 60s. clouds will spread back out. this is low cloud cover for the most part as we head into early tomorrow morning. as that packs up toward the coast, the fog will dissipate. we'll see a mix of clouds and fog tomorrow afternoon. i think it will be just a couple of degrees warmer, maybe a degree warmer around the bay but at or below what's normal for this time of year. saturday we'll watch this next system that is going to aim most of its moisture towards our north. it's going to push a dry cold front through the bay area. that's why temperatures will be a little cooler again for the first day of the holiday weekend. there is an outside chance of a couple of showers trying to sneak into the north bay. 10 to 20% chance for northern sonoma and napa counties. that's about the best we can hope for this time of year. as we head into saturday night that moves out. we'll see plenty of sunshine on sunday for the second day of the holiday weekend. looking outside, a lot of clouds, fog, hanging out behind
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the buildings of downtown san francisco. temperatures mostly in the 60s. the warm spots livermore and san jose in the mid-70s, but it's even 67 in concord. you were like 97 degrees 24 hours ago. temperatures will be cool if you're heading out for the first game of the a's series against the rangers. temperatures will drop off into the upper 50s as they head through the game so layer up appropriately. temperatures dropping down to the low to mid-50s by early tomorrow morning. again, that's normal for this time of year. high temperatures on friday, the usual spread that we see from the coast to farther inland, but the warmer spots far inland and the east bay only 80 degrees. 60s around the bay with 50s along the coast. temperatures will drop just a couple degrees on saturday. san jose will drop down to around 70 degrees sunday as that northerly wind brings bay air to the santa clara valley, but temperatures especially inland will warm up, especially by tuesday and wednesday. it will be noticeable around the bay but inland temperatures into the mid and even upper 80s by midweek before we drop off again by next thursday. lots of ups and downs, sara.
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>> a roller coaster forecast indeed, paul, thanks. coming up from top gun instructor to hollywood, a naval aviator looks back
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"top gun maverick" just landed in theaters. like the first film the sequel brings attention to the navy's top gun school. lieutenant colonel lynn secinger was an instructor from 1982 to 1986. he filmed several scenes having to fly a lot slower and in tight formations, specifically for the cameras. >> that little switch on the bottom, you turn it on and it would film your face. i'm one of the two guys that actually shows up in the movie as the guy in the black. >> after the original "top gun" was released, recruitment for naval aviators went up. he believes that could happen
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again following the release of "top gun maverick." still ahead, big bucks for singer justin timberlake. how he's making a whole lot of cash on all his old music. coming up on our streaming service, cbs news bay area, our inte
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coming up at 5:00, plans to reopen big basin state park after damage from major wildfires. a closer look at the recovery of thehen visitors out again. finally here at 3:00, justin timberlake just sold his entire song catalog to a0 them. people famiar with e v valued 0 million. which means i'm going to have to start getting paul to sing. >> so you can sell it for 100
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cents. >> probably more in line with our expectations. but i've got to try. >> maybe a spoken word. >> that's it for captioning sponsored by cbs
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>> dokoupil: tonight, new questions in uvalde, texas. why was the gunman able to stay inside a fourth grade classroom for an hour? and why was the school side door unlocked? tonight, the growing outraging. as a community mourns, police defend their response to one of the deadliest school shootings in american history. plus, the death toll grows. the husband of a teacher killed dies of a heart attack. the family says it was grief. inside the classroom: >> and then he came in and he crouched a little bit and he said, "it's time to die." >> dokoupil: we hear a devastating firsthand account from a nine-year-old boy. remembering the victims. the brother struggling to understand why his sibling won'. students across america demand action. thousands stage walkouts to cal


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