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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  May 26, 2022 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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>> more than half of americans who say that they can't name a single asian-american public figure, 58 portion actually, according to a survey of more than 5,000 u.s. residents, and that is up more than 10 points from last year. ( sighs ) >> thanks, boys! ( sighs ) >> thanks, boys! here we go. again!
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>> announcer: it's "the late show" with stephen colbert! ( theme song plays ) tonight, knee jerk in action. and josh brolin takes the colbert questionert! plus stephen welcomes hugh
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dancy! featuring jon batiste and "stay human." and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) ( audience chanting stephen ) >> stephen: thank you for being here. please! sit down! hey, tom. what's going on? what's going on, y'all? happy thursday. yes, happy thursday. welcome to "the late show," everybody. i'm your host stephen colbert. now -- ( cheers and applause )
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-- folks, i don't know about you, but i am past ready for our elected officials to take any action at all on guns. okay. ( cheers and applause ) and there are things -- there are some bedrock things they could do. there are only two stumbling blocks: elected. officials. because, despite the horrific shooting in uvalde, texas, the senate just skipped town for a two-week break without any action on guns. chuck schumer had planned on pushing through a vote to get everyone on the record, but yesterday he bailed, explaining there was no point in doing so, given that republican opposition was already "crystal clear." he's just following the old adage: "if at first, you don't succeed, bye-ee!" ( laughter ) the new idea is that schumer and mcconnell are going to appoint people to work on a bipartisan approach, but no one is optimistic. least of all, indiana republican
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senator mike braun, seen here saying, "you can take my finger when you pry it from my cold, dead hand." braun expressed his doubt using this unfortunate metaphor: "i don't know what the silver bullet is." "eah, just shooting from the hip here-- none of these ideas are on target, and while we got the problem in the crosshairs, we just can't pull the trigger. but when we do, you'll be blown away. why are you crying?" ( applause ) ( cheering ) >> jon: mm-mmm, mm-mmm, mm-mmm, no! >> stephen: potential senators, people running for the senate, are also struggling with what to do, especially georgia senate candidate herschel walker who was asked about solving gun violence and made these noises: >> what we need to do is look into how we can stop those things. you know, they talk about going to disinformation. what about getting a department that can look at young men that's looking at women that's
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looking at their social media. what about doing that? >> stephen: yeah, what about doing that? ( laughter ) it's high time to create the federal bureau of "looking at young men who are looking at women who are looking at social media." ( cheers and applause ) but mostly, conservatives believe that the best defense is a stupid defense, like this lady on fox news: >> i would like to see a national push toward-- instead of parents buying their kids all these tools and toys and games, invest in the classroom, to make it safer. i mean, they have blankets that you can put up on the wall that are colorful and beautiful, but they're ballistic blankets. >> stephen: yes, instead of toys or games, parents should by ballistic blankets.
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they're so beautiful, the kids won't even realize we live in hell. ( laughter ) while other thoughtless people think you have to rethink the entire school layout, like texas senator and man proclaiming he'll do his own prostate exam, -- boo-boo. >> stephen: i agree with booing but i can't say the joke when you're booing. like texas senator and man proclaiming he'll do his own prostate exam, thank you very much, ted cruz. ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> stephen: boo, now boo! ( audience booing ) >> stephen: thank you, that felt good. instead of access to guns cruz wants to focus on a different kind of access: >> look, the killer entered here the same way the killer entered in santa fe-- through a back door. an unlocked back door. i sat down at roundtables with the families from santa fe. we talked about what we need to do to harden schools, including not having unlocked back doors; including not having unlocked doors to classroom.
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having one door that goes in and out of the school. having armed police officers at that one door. >> stephen: so, he just wants sensible door control. ( laughter ) now look, increasing security at schools, hardening schools could be a good idea. but what about all the other places where shootings happen, like movie theaters, churches, grocery stores, and everywhere else in america? if we're not going to get rid of the guns, we're going to have to harden everywhere. you know, we already have our heads in the sand about this. why don't we burrow under the ground and then just close up the hole behind us, and then nobody can get in there, so there's no way anyone will get shot. unless the people we're in there with brought guns. so we should probably each go into our individual, underground safety hole. and i know some of you are saying, "steve, once we close the hole, how will our friends above-ground find us?" that's easy.
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we'll put up a marker, something permanent, like stone. and we'll chisel our name on the stone and maybe the date we were born, and the date we went down in the hole. and then, we can finally rest in peace. ( cheers and applause ) makes sense, right? >> jon: makes sense. >> stephen: it will work. just give it a shot is what i'm saying. when gun tragedies happen the g.o.p. likes to blame violence in the media. and they're right about one thing-- there is a lot of senseless gun play on tv. specifically in the more than a hundred g.o.p. midterm ads this year which feature guns. they're brandishing deadly weapons on tv, and no one stops them! "meanwhile!" -- and this is tru- on tuesday's show, they made me blur a picture of a plant because it kind of looked like a wiener! and it wasn't even loaded! ( laughter ) some of the campaign ads are
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your run-of-the-mill bang-bang-in a field, like this one from senate hopeful dr. oz. >> my father taught me how to handle my first gun. i taught my son oliver how to do the same. i've been shooting and hunting my whole life. so, when people say i won't support guns? (cocks gun) they're dead wrong. pull! (gunfire) ( audience reacts ) >> stephen: that's exactly the vibe i want from my doctor. "all right, let's take a look at your x-rays. pull! (shoots xray) ooh, you got a hole in your left atrium!" ( laughter ) some ads are even weirder like this one from alabama governor kay ivey. >> the second amendment is sacred, so i passed concealed carry for alabamians to arm themselves without government interference. that way, you don't know who's got what in their purse. lipstick. an iphone. or maybe a little smith & wesson .38.
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( laughter ) >> stephen: that's a crazy ad. i hope she doesn't goat the contents of her purse mixed up. hello, kay ivey speaking. hello,anar you. i'm sorry, i had the safety on. kay ivey speaking. ( applause ) ( guns aren't just being pushed by the quaking elderly. there's also this word salad: >> babies. borders. bullets. values we cherish. trump protected them as president. and so will jake bequette as arkansas' next senator. pro-gun, pro-wall, pro-life. babies, borders, and bullets. >> stephen: oh, man! jake's freaking out on the "b" section of the g.o.p. dictionary! "babies! borders! bullets! bacon! big rigs! big-breasted bibles bumpin' before baby b'jesus!" ( cheers and applause ) bb, wubbydubby.
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there's some more disturbing revelations about former president donny crappleseed. ( laughter ) the january 6 committee has been getting testimony from former chief of staff and college buddy who still does his terrible austin powers impression... mark meadows. according to a leak from the committee, meadows was with the former president during the insurrection, and a witness testified that after the rioters started chanting "hang mike pence!", meadows told colleagues that the president said something to the effect of, "maybe pence should be hanged." he was into the idea of killing his own vice president. reminds me of when george h.w. bush said this: >> read my lips. stab dan quayle. >> stephen: we've got a great show for you do not. my guest is hugh dancy, and i'll be giving him the colbert questionert to one mr. josh brolin. but when we come back,
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"meanwhile!"! stick around. ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing )
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( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody! give it up for louis cato and "stay human," everybody! ( cheers and applause ) delightful. trying to. ful -- delightful. louis, we have a couple of wonderful guests on tonight. hugh dancy from the new "downton abbey" movie is going to be here. ( applause ) and also mr. josh brolin, my old buddy from my rodeo days -- i was a rodeo clown for a while -- and josh will be here to take the colbert questionert tonight. one to to haver colbert quesionert's we've done. you also have special guest.
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tell everybody who's sitting with the band. >> mr. javan -- tivon pennicott. >> stephen: and who's the yung lady. david byrne from "american utopia" and we've got angie swan. >> stephen: hi, angie. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: folks, i spend most of my time right over there, surveying the news market for the day's biggest stories, then carefully selecting the finest, most topical buffalo news hide which i then soak using natural pring and limewater-- only during the colder months-- and scrape it until it is evenly translucent and supple. then, using the traditional push-knife method, i delicately make more than 3,000 cuts to create an emotive and powerful figurine which i decorate with gradations and contrast, employing the shan-she region five-color system. then i carefully connect the figurine's joints with cotton thread so they can be operated freely, and fire up a paper lantern behind a fine hwong-joe silk screen, and, backed by a
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suo-na horn, a yoo-eh-cheen, and banhu fiddle, i operate no less than five of these figurines at once, becoming the living embodiment of the 1,000-hand gwan-yin, to mount for you the epic and moving tong dynasty pi-ying shadow play that is my monologue. but sometimes-- sometimes, folks-- it's craftsmanship. >> it goes like that y right there. >> stephen: sometimes, folks, i am pecked awake by a dirty seagull on the intra-coastal waterway, while still lying on the back of a manatee who rescued me from some arms dealers i double-crossed off cape fear, and who then dumps me on an abandoned wharf where i slip the dirty sock off a severed foot i fished out of a storm drain, and slap googly eyes on it made from two mentos i pried out of the mouth of a mangy coyote. then i fashion a kazoo out of a pocket comb stolen from a fisherman and the wax paper from his meatball sub, to honk out a dirge while yammering a tone poem about the demons infesting
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my beard in the unbalanced manic sock puppet show of news that is my segment: "meanwhile!" ( cheers and applause ) it's a palliative care, on some levels, "meanwhile!." meanwhile -- ( laughter ) -- a new company is "turning urine into beer in singapore." seems like a waste, considering that beer's going to be urine again real fast. the beer is called newbrew, and "is made out of a liquid which is recycled from sewage." fun fact: after people drink the sewage beer, their urine is bottled as natty light. ( laughter ) ( applause ) i don't know. i don't know. maybe it's good. on a hot day, i don't know. meanwhile, "kris jenner is urging kendall jenner to freeze her eggs." damn straight. we have to maintain america's
11:56 pm
strategic reserve of kardashians. "oh, you're saying, stop being such an alarmist, steve. we can make do with our present stockpile." oh, really? you'll be singing a different tune when australia is hemsworthing us from one end while sweden skaarsgaards us from the other! ( laughter ) ( applause ) doesn't sound too bad, really. that doesn't sound too bad. meanwhile, "oreo and ritz have teamed up for a cookie-cracker collab." it's salty. it's sweet. it's peanut butter. it's whatever the white stuff i want to say, sweet crisco caulk? ( laughter ) ( applause ) also a fun phrase to yell when you're angry, sweet crisco caulk, what are you doing?!
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( laughter ) this is the perfect snack for anyone who ever said, "i want to ruin my teeth, but i also want to destroy my heart. there has to be a better way!" ( laughter ) tragically, these aren't available for sale. the company will "give 1,000 lucky fans the free cookie-cracker packs." fortunately, i have the recipe to make these at home. all you need is one pack of peanut butter ritz crackers, one pack of oreos, and undiagnosed depression. ( laughter ) ( applause ) meanwhile, in japan, a "man spent $15k on a high-tech dog costume to fulfill his lifelong dream," which is so realistic it "took 40 days and multiple leontoree. that is a guy in a dog suit! every detail has been thought
11:58 pm
of, right down to how it uses a ping pong paddle. just like a real dog! reminds me of that classic episode of "lassie:" "what's that, girl? timmy's stuck in a well? and you're a grown man in a $15,000 dog costume? you're really killing it with that ping pong ball. do i want to what? no, i'm not into that scene. i don't care where you cut the hole." ( laughter ) ( applause ) i got dark. that got dark really fast. meanwhile, in hot dog filler news, "a crashed truck spewed 15,000 pounds of hot dog filler across a pennsylvania highway." there it is. all of that goes in your hotdogs. and i mean all of it. the pink slurry, the bags, the boxes, the truck, the gravel. they just drive that semi right onto the assembly line and the driver jumps out. hopefully. ooh, y ouknow what i bet would be great to dip in that? oreo ritz.
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mmm. m. mmm. ( applause ) the perfect balance of salty, sweet, and hog anus. ( laughter ) that's another fun thing to yel! whwhat were you thinking? ( laughter ) meanwhile -- "breast-feeding-mothers-rescuing -pet-geese-from-eagle-attacks" news, a "breast-feeding mother rescued her pet goose from an eagle attack." the footage went viral today of an eagle attacking this pet goose in a driveway and trying to drag it off, when players three and four enter the game: mom and baby-at-the-breast chasing off an apex predator! ( cheers and applause ) good for her! skill in her scivvies! ( cheers and applause ) this all took place in british columbia, canada.
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and you can tell it's in canada if you listen closely to the unique, regional eagle's cry: >> soory, soory, soory! tim horton's! >> stephen: when we come back, i give the "colbert questionert" to josh brolin. ( cheers and applause ) to josh brolin. ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) what's with the double mcnuggets? oh, this one's my backup in case something happens to the first one. mmm. see. buy one favorite like 10 piece chicken mcnuggets and get another for just a buck right now at mcdonald's. every once in a while my heart can feel, a little off. and even when it doesn't, i like to feel good about my heart health. that's why i have kardiamobile. kardiamobile is the only smart device in the world that is fda cleared to detect
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lcome ba laes and gemen -- ( cheers and applause ) folks, one of the best things about doing this show is getting to talk to all sorts of fascinating people. and occasionally-- when a gues is brave enough-- i get to do more than just interview them. i get to delve into the depths of their psyche with what historians will call "the colbert questionert." recently, josh brolin, star of "dune," "outer range," and "avengers: endgame," stopped by "the late show," and thanos himself had the swinging infinity stones to take the c.q. ♪♪ josh, you know, it's always fun to have you on. it's always a treat. >> always fun to be on. >> stephen: i know it's going to be a good sphwer view and an honest one because you shoot from the hip. >> i've learned from the best. >> stephen: you're welcome. but even the fact that you and i have known each other for years,
12:06 am
we used to barrel ride together out west. >> we did. >> stephen: and the rodeo circuit. >> yeah. >> stephen: but even -- i don't get to know you as well as i'd like when you're out here only ten or 15 minutes of a time. >> come on with me. >> stephen: i'll do that but i have a quiz to give you because people in the "late show" labs come up with 15 questions called the colbert questionert designed to plum the depths of my guest. >> like an actor studio thing. >> stephen: very much but classier. >> classier. >> stephen: are you ready to take the colbert questionert? >> yeah, let me take a sip. >> stephen: okay, here wearing. ( cheers and applause ) have you reviewed any of these questions? >> i have not. >> stephen: so this is all fresh. here we go. >> no, not all fresh. i saw jen lawrence to it, saw one question question, and i turned it off. so somewhere in there is that
12:07 am
question. >> stephen: so you don't want to steal the question. >> no. >> stephen: josh brolin, what is the best sandwich? >> when i lived in new york, a ruben from lenny's. >> stephen: that was a good answer. >> yeah. >> stephen: what is the one thing you own that you should really throw out? >> oh, god, i uh hate the thing that just popped in my head. >> stephen: say it. no, it's a human being! ( laughter ) >> stephen: whisper it. you can whisper it in my hear and i'll decide whether you can tell anybody. come on, just write it down. >> no. this questionert is a shame questionert. >> stephen: first the one thing you own that you should throw out. >> that person can never leave. come on, josh! one thing i own that i should really throw out. >> stephen: like something in
12:08 am
the barn. >> a surf board i was gifted that i can't be on anymore because my back hurts. >> stephen: done. what is the scariest animal? >> a wolf because i grew up with wolves. my mom ran a wildlife weigh station. we had to clean cages from seven years old on. totally irresponsible of my mother. ( laughter ) >> stephen: did the wolves give you the look. >> i love them. but if you look away too long you become prey. you become a cartoon where you start steaming. if you stare at them too much they see it as an affront and want to attack you. there's no reason a 7-year-old should be in a wolf cage, period. >> stephen: i read dogs developed an extra muscle right here that wolves don't have that makes them give you the puby eye thing. >> that's a submissive thing. >> stephen: it's evolutionary. you do have that kind of
12:09 am
thing, a little bit. ( laughter ) >> stephen: apples or oranges? apples because my daughters love them right now. >> stephen: all right. have you ever asked someone for their autograph? >> yes. >> stephen: who? ray bradbury. >> stephen: we going to do this right now? >> i answered the question. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: okay. so this here -- >> i thought you were going to continue this. >> stephen: i'll ask questions. here we go. ray bradbury. that is an excellent -- you a fan. >> i love ray bradbury. >> stephen: do you have a favorite story. >> a story? he had a very red face when i met him, i don't know what that was about but we had a very red face. >> stephen: we haven't started yet. >> sorry. >> stephen: i know you're a cheater. ( laughter ) oh, man. >> no, there's nothing there. by the way, i broke my
12:10 am
collarbone, scapula, a torn labrum and i have a torn labrum right now. the only way you will ever win is if i'm asleep or dead. >> stephen: while you were feeding wolves and riding horses i was playing dungeons and dragons. so let's lower our expectations, josh brolin. >> ready? >> stephen: josh brolin, what do you think happens when we die? one, two, three, go. >> go. oh, god, you've gotten so much stronger. why is it shaking so much? ( laughter ) oh! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: are you happy? when we come back, i confess to josh brolin that i've never seen one of his most famous films. he doesn't take it well.
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yay! case closed.
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( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) >> stephen: hey, everybody! welcome back. ladies and gentlemen, and now, the dramatic conclusion of josh brolin's "colbert questionert." ♪♪ what do you think happens when we die, josh brolin? >> oh, is that one of the questions? >> stephen: yeah, i wasn't
12:16 am
just trying to psych you out! ( laughter ) >> well, i thought you were. ( shouting ) >> goonies never say die! that was the answer! >> stephen: goonies never say die. i've never seen goonies. >> ever? >> stephen: i'm a little too old. >> you're the one? >> stephen: i'm just a little too old. >> there's never too old for goonies. there's generation after generation -- ( cheers and applause ) that's so sad! >> stephen: i'm going to watch it and call you up after i watch it. >> you have to, literally. >> stephen: do you play the gooney? i'll give you a -- >> i'll give you a number. not mine, but i'll give you somebody's. >> stephen: five. i've never seen goonies. >> stephen: never seen goonies
12:17 am
or "shawshank." >> jaws? i've seen jaws. >> well, "shawshank" is one of those things. you can't say, i've seen jaws, is goonies svever se any of the fastd furio? >> why? ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: i'm just saying there was only one goonies, there's going to be ten fast and furious-s. >> whatever. >> stephen: why aren't you in the fast or furious. >> because i'm doing that western thang instead! next question. >> stephen: yeah. i think you're being mean to me. >> i'm not. you say that every time i come on here. >> stephen: every time you're on i think you're mean to me. >> because i beat you arm wrestling and you're -- >> stephen: i told you i didn't want to arm wrestle you. i told you i needed to hit the preacher curl machine.
12:18 am
>> just do it. go. oh, my god ( bleep ). no, do it, go, go, go! aaahhh! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: take that out. take that out. edit that out. i will not take your pity. >> this is when acting is life. ( laughter ) >> stephen: favorite action movie. >> oh, god, you just said fast and furious. lethal weapon. >> stephen: quality. quality. first one. >> stephen: window or aisle? oh, aisle. i want an escape, even though there's nowhere to go. >> stephen: well, i want to be able to go to the bathroom. >> yeah. >> stephen: favorite smell. favorite smell? um -- ( laughter ) >> stephen: this is yours, by the way. >> i feel dirty when i talk to you. in all seriousness, children's
12:19 am
scalps. >> stephen: there's a point where they lose it, one to three. >> that's the thing, i have a one-year-old and a three-year-old now so i'm con fumedly that. >> stephen: least favorite smell? >> um -- prrrr -- i don't like not knowing who it's coming from. i want to know the person and give them a look. dude -- even if it's a girl you say, dude. >> stephen: that's not gentlemanly. >> no, girls don't do that. >> stephen: they glow. ( laughter ) >> stephen: most used app on your phone. >> probably instagram. i don't like saying that but it's true. >> stephen: fine. no shame there. >> well, a little bit. >> stephen: cats or dogs? um, i like them both, but probably dogs. >> stephen: okay.
12:20 am
you only get one song to listen to for the rest of your life? what is it? >> destroyer by kiss. ( laughter ) led zepplin. >> stephen: which one? there are so many. >> i know there's a lot. stairway to eleven heaven is great but it's overplayed right now. free bird. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: live. live. free bird. >> stephen: what number am i thinking of. >> it's long, too. 12 minutes. anyway, sorry. >> stephen: what number am i thinking of? >> of all the numbers? ( laughter ) >> stephen: how about this -- it's an integer. >> it's a whole number. no -- thank you for defining integer. >> stephen: well, i'm not going fractions. i'm not trying to ( bleep ) yu over here. it's not pi, how about that? >> 39. >> stephen: what? 39. >> stephen: no.
12:21 am
what number were you thinking of? >> stephen: no way am i going to tell you. ( laughter ) describe the rest of your life in five words. >> in five words? am out of here now. ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> stephen: josh brolin, congratulations, you are known! josh brolin everybody! out of range on amazon now! we'll be right back! a hideous curse. uhh, i mean the whole turning people to stone thing was a bit of a buzz kill, right? so she ordered sunglasses with prime, one day delivery. ♪♪ clever girl. people realized she's actually hilarious once you get to know her. eugh. as if. ♪♪ well, he was asking for it. prime changes everything. good checkup? no, great checkup.
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( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody! ladies and gentlemen, you know my guest tonight from "david copperfield," "hannibal," and "the path." he's currently starring in the movie, "downton abbey: a new era." please welcome back to "the late show," hugh dancy! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) >> stephen: hey, thanks for coming back. nice to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> stephen: not only are you coming back to the show, you're coming back from coming back because you were supposed to be on a few weeks ago and i got covid and we had to cancel.
12:27 am
accept my apology. >> i didn't take it personally. >> stephen: i didn't fake it just to get out of talking to you. two-plus years, did you escape without getting it. >> no. a cup of times. all the latest versions. >> stephen: you have to keep up, exactly. some people took up an unusual hobby. >> a lot of cooking. >> stephen: anything unusual. we ended up inadvertently in a ulysses book group. >> stephen: that's not the easiest read. >> you're right. >> stephen: because they don't believe you read it. everyone says they read ulysses and no one does. >> which is why we did it,, not to make the pandemic about this, but what better time. >> stephen: one to have the other things you did is to act in the new "downton abbey"
12:28 am
movie, "downton abbey: a new era. ( eers and appus rgotten, there's where you spent your time. it must have been nice to go to a pre-pandemic world. they don't have penicillin but at least they don't have covid. >> they've come out of the first world war but it's not 2021, or 2022, so in that respect, it's great. that was my workplace. >> stephen: one more time, this place is actually -- >> that's my sick room right there. >> stephen: high claire castle. >> yes. >> stephen: what's it like inside? when we see the scenes, are those sets or the inside of this place. >> no, that's, i think, where they live, they, i think, being the family who live there in the house. >> stephen: they still live there? >> yeah. >> stephen: would you want to live there? >> sure. >> stephen: it's a little drafty -- >> yeah, but i'll take it. >> stephen: wow, i would like the staff.
12:29 am
>> yes. well, the staff that i met were basically there to stop me from touching anything. >> stephen: to keep you from stealing books or something. >> the main room is lined with these incredible books and as discussed i do like books and you go to take them out and the rest of the cast have been there for a decade, no, no, you cannot take the books out. there's a retainer whose job it is to come and smack your hand away. >> stephen: we have a clip here. you play a director, right. ovieirector, silent movie, 18928. 189 -- 1928. >> stephen: what's happening in this scene. >> i'm trying to make the movie. some of the family are still around and basically getting in the way. >> stephen: okay. jim. >> will you let him kiss you? feels as if you might -- >> wait, wait, who's he? cut, cut, cut!
12:30 am
>> i can't work like this! he's a great favorite here, you don't mind him watching, do you? >> i don't mind him watching, i just don't want him in it. >> well spotted. so now you just do it all again. ( applause ) >> stephen: i've got to imagine it's a bit of a joy to perform with maggie smith. >> it is, yes. she's as advertised. >> stephen: now, not the only icon you spent time with because this i'm also a little jealous of -- there's a lot of jealousy -- is you're also starring in season 21 of "law and order" with the always delightful sam waterston right there. >> yes. ( applause ) >> stephen: and i have been lucky enough to talk to sam and do bits with sam.
12:31 am
do you ever have this problem that sometimes i just get lost in his eyebrows. >> yes. >> stephen: i want to curl up there like a forest animal under a fern. >> i think he has that problem. ( laughter ) he's amazing. he's a fantastic man. >> stephen: you play an learn in this. >> i do. >> stephen: and spoiler alert, you're a brit. i'm just curious, you grew up i? >> in britain. in the midlands. what we call the middle. >> stephen: you grew up in the midriff of great britain, around the navel. >> mm-hmm. ( laughter ) >> stephen: is the accent you're giving me now the accent around where you grew up. >> no. >> stephen: is this received pronunciation. >> yes. i don't know who received it or from whom. >> stephen: you are to receive this pronunciation. >> yes. >> stephen:? where's it like growing up?
12:32 am
( indi indicating accent) >> stephen: i know some words trip up brits doing an american accent. what's your danger spot >> the two i encountered are carnegie hall >> stephen: we say carnegie. say it, carnegie hall >> carnegie hall. i can't do it. ( applause ) >> stephen: you fooled them. carnegie hall and hovering. that's what a helicopter does. >> stephen: it hovers. it doesn't -- (pronounces) -- hover. >> it's just a question of a vowel you identify in the middle of the word. >> stephen: uh, uh, uh, hu --
12:33 am
vering. ( laughter ) some english people have trouble saying this. >> squirrel. >> stephen: give me the american accent of that. >> as i that. assquirrel. >> stephen: one syllable, right. "downton abbey: a new era" is in theaters now. hugh dancy, everybody. we'll be right back fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations
12:34 am
permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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