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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  May 27, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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kpix 5 news.
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>> right now at 4:30, looking live at chase center on this winning friday. good morning to you. it's friday, may 27th. i'm len kiese. >> and i'm amanda starrantino. let's start with a check on our weather and traffic. it's sure to be a busy travel weekend. first let's check the forecast with first alert meteorologist jessica burch. >> let's look at the mark hopkins hotel cam. it is a very calm morning for us. into the weekend, temperatures are ranging well below average and that's not that bad considering it's holiday weekend. carnevale is around the corner and we'll have your carnevale forecast in a bit. upper 50s near concord and oakland currently. fog in certain areas, we'll highlight that in a bit. look at the highs. we started off with well-above average temperatures this week, so much so that we actually broke records. it's a different setup as we wake up this morning and head
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into this afternoon, kind of a copy and paste of ed yesterday's forecast. as we extend into the weekend we're seeing 60s along the bay, 50s for our coast, a beautiful, calm setup. we'll talk about winds and what you can expect into the weekend in a bit. gianna, how are things out there? >> good morning, it is friday. we're so excited about that. look at the roadways, the bay bridge quiet and that is just for now. it is a getaway friday, people getting ready to hit the roadways for the three-day weekend so if that's the case give yourself extra time later on today. conditions on the bay bridge, the golden gate bridge busy as well and right now everything is quiet and looks good. we'll talk about the getaway routes. you have bottle rock in napa and
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carnevale so lots to plan for as you head out this weekend. from the court to thrive city, celeb operations all over chase center last night as the warriors take the western conference championship. >> next up, another trip to the nba finals. >> of course we're back. we'll see you in two weeks when we have the trophy in our hands. >> good morning everybody, from chase center, where last night, boy, guess who earned themselves six days off? your 2022 western conference champion golden state warriors, a perfect 9-0 during this post season run at home. last night, gimme mavericks big man boban who was all loose for game five. it wasn't game six heroics but game five from deep, klay thompson 19 points in the first
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half. dubs up 13 here. three minutes left in the half, draymond green a circus shot and one? he scores 17 on 6 of 7 shooting dubs up 18. a minute later, thompson again from deep. he stayed hot. warriors led 69-52 midway and coasted. early third quarter luka doncic, a rough start to the game. watch the behind-the-back pass draymond green. thompson's three made it a 20-point game and the mavs were annoyed. dansive woke up, a little over a minute left in the third, part of a 15-0 dallas run that cut the deficit to eight. luka scored 15 in the quarter. the dubs answered with a 9-1 run of their own, andrew wiggins drove baseline and forget it. that dunk pushed the lead back to four. thompson amiss, but govan looney
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was there, he grabbed 18 rebounds and gave thompson a second chance, his eighth and final three of the night, scored 32 and the warriors won it 120-110, after two years of missing the playoffs, golden state is headed to the nba finals for the sixth time in the last eight years. last team to do it, the michael jordan chicago bulls of the 1990s. >> it's definitely a moment i'll enjoy tonight with my family and friends. they were there during the dog days. it was like a thousand cat races a day and it was painful at times but i just saw this in sight and kept going and just proud of not only my effort but our whole team. >> after being counted out and you know, dynasty's over and all of those things and to get back here, it's fantastic. >> six times in eight years, i don't know what to say. it takes an enormous amount of skill and determination and work and i couldn't be prouder of our
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guys. >> it's okay to celebrate this one, and understand we still got work to do, but it's pretty damned good. >> mark your calendars, game one of the nba finals is next thursday right here, and it could be against the boston celtics if they take out miami later on tonight. all right now let's pivot to baseball for you and the oakland a's. pitcher frankie montas struck out 11 texas rangers but couldn't get the win in the ninth. adolis garcia into left field, the ragers rallied and won by a final of 4-1. the giants were off last night. they open up a series at cincinnati later on today but back here at chase center, it is all about the western conference
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champions golden state warriors. this was raining from the ceilings last night, that's blue confetti, we got gold confetti, too, just to kind of get you in the mood. we'll see you later. >> we like to see it, game one of the finals set for next thursday at chase center, pre-sale tickets go on sale today. the public can grab what's left starting saturday so good luck if you want tickets. some new video out of san francisco of a window-smashing sproo he in chinatown. a viewer took these photos yesterday near powell and clay, entire rows of cars with their front and back windows shattered. it's unclear if anything was taken or the vandalism was done just for the sake of it. one of the vehicles still had tape on it from a previous window replacement. now to our other top story, this morning the texas school shooting gun control groups rallied in san leandro last
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night demanding action in congress, among them mass shooting survivor mandy finkelstein, she was working oz a summer camp counselor at a jewish community center in southern california when a white supremacist stormed the building and began firing, that was in 1999. investigators say the texas school shooter walked right in through an unlocked door. kpix 5's sara donkey reports grieving parents are raising serious questions about whether more could have been done to stop him. >> reporter: the 18-year-old gunman was inside robb elementary for at least an hour before an elite border patrol team shot him. >> multiple rounds, numerous rounds are discharged in the school. >> reporter: and there is new scrutiny as to whether police took too long to respond to the mass shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead. >> it was reported that a school district police officer confronted the suspect that was making entry. not accurate.
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he walked in unobstructed initially. >> reporter: a law enforcement source told cbs news the gunman had over 200 rounds of ammunition and more in his backpack when he barricaded himself inside a fourth grade classroom. experts say investigators will examine whether they followed their training and protocols. >> when law enforcement gets on scene, they go to the sound of gunfire. you go into -- you go to the situation knowing that you are headed toward danger, and you're putting your life on the line because that's what you've been sworn to uphold to do. >> reporter: this 9-year-old boy, his identity protected, describes what he endured inside his classroom. >> he shot our next person's door and we have a door in the middle and he opened it and then he came in and he crouched a little bit and he said "it's time to die." >> reporter: alithia ramirez is being remembered, loved soccer
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and drawing. he had just started teaching him football plays over spring break. the white house says president biden and the first lady will travel to uvalde on sunday. in the newsroom i'm sara donkey, kpix 5. ♪ no gun violence ♪ >> we deserve to be safe at school! >> from the nation's capital to california, students from across the country walked out of class demanding lawmakers do more to protect them from gun violence. >> there are zip ties and shoe laces in my drawer, and kids just think i'm overprepared but if you wrap them around the spring hinge of a door, you can't open that door. >> bay area english teacher lindsay kowtow runs lockdown drills with her students every year and knows exactly which window she'd kick out if she had to create an escape route but she's disgusted she even has to think about that.
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>> i signed up so that i could help be a part of somebody's story of growth and triumph. i didn't sign up to throw my life on the line for them. i would. but i didn't sign up for that. >> stay with kpix 5 for continuing coverage of the texas school shooting on air on and streaming on "cbs news bay area." grieving families gathered in san jose to mark one year since a disgruntled employee opened fire at a vta jill railyard, killing co-workers and then himself. city leaders are represented the vta with an american flag the same raised over the crime scene following last may's shooting. for the survivors, it feels like it just happened. this morning the family of lawrence kepler lane is the latest to file a wrongful death lawsuit, they accuse vta, the sheriff's department and private
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security firm of failing to protect the victims. in a statement, vta said it is "focusing on the continued healing of our employees and the families of our deceased co-workers. we will address lawsuit claims at a more appropriate time." a live look now at the port of oakland, where covid is again taking a toll on shipping traffic. cargo volume dropped by 17% to 1% in april. port officials blame covid crackdowns that forced factory and port shutdowns in china. still ahead, they're ready to rock carnevale with their latin rhythm. we'll introduce you to the local band headlining the festival. this morning jif is expanding its
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carnaval san francisco in just two days, the parade will take over the streets of the mission district for the first time since the pandemic began. >> this year's headliner is ready to get festival goers moving and shaking to latin rock. kpix 5's betty yu introduces us to momotombo sf. >> here we go, one, two, one -- ♪ >> reporter: the explosive sounds of latin rock fill this hayward recording studio. ♪ the ten-piece bay area band known as momotombo sf is doing its final rehearsal before they take over the biggest stage on sunday. >> born and raised in san francisco, so it means a lot. we're actually coming home. this is a big part of the cultural protradition in the mission district and also part of cultural preservation because san francisco is changing very much. >> to be asked to play at carnaval and see the reaction we're getting from it, it's pretty exciting. i got to pinch myself when i see
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the fellows i'm playing with. this is an honor. these guys are so great. they've been around the world, platinum records, gold records. >> reporter: mow mow tom mow sf formed about four years ago. for decades its core musicians played with legendary rock bands malo and santana, formed by guitarist carlos santana. the oldest member is 68, the youngest 46. >> i 26. >> i've gone to many carnaval and started playing because of carnaval. >> reporter: their music fuses afro rhythms, beats, jazz and rock. >> it's special to have a group that really represents the roots of what the mission is about headlining this festival again so i think it's a way to just kind of reaffirm what the music's about, what the city's about. >> reporter: the group was forced to cancel 15 shows when the pandemict, t couldn't see each other for more
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than a year, so this year's performance will be extra special. momotombo sf hopes its reach, like its members, will span generations and perhaps maybe introduce the band to people who haven't heard your music yet. >> exactly. a lot of young people, a lot of young people whose parents grew up playing malo music in their house, santana music in their cour cour house. >> we're a concert band. we get up there, perform and improvise. >> reporter: you can catch momotombo sf this sunday on the main stage at 17th and harrison at 5:00 p.m. in hayward, betty yu, kpix 5. this morning on your "money watch" report all three major indexes moved higher on better than expected earnings results yesterday and economists give a look at how u.s. gdp will be in the second quarter.
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cbs's matt piper has more on the day's business news. >> the country's first quarter gross domestic product declined at a 1.5% annual pace which was worse than originally thought. it's a downward revision from the initial report of 1.4%. the commerce department says even though consumer spending was better than expected, it was not enough to offset weak private investments. economists expect the u.s. gdp to grow in the second quarter. the jif salmonella recall expanded to dozens of other products made with the same peanut butter including those at walmart, 7-eleven and safeway. fudge, apple wedges are among the items that could contain salmonella. the fda urges customers throw out or return the items that may be part of the recall. justin timberlake says
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bye-bye bye to his song "catalogue" he sold it to private equity firm blackstone. it includes about 200 songs including j.t.'s number one hits, "sexy back," can't stop the feeling" and "mirrors." that's your cbs money watch. for more head to at the broadcast center, i'm matt piper. it's 4:49. time for a check of traffic and weather. >> jessica, what's the weather looking like for the weekend? >> everyone is so stoked to get outdoors and the fresh air. it's a calm start to our weekend, temperatures are a little bit below average, all throughout the next couple days. let's take a live look over the city, very calm for us. let's start off with our weather headlines, low clouds and fog trickling its way in from offshore. it's another breezy and cool
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day. remember yesterday? it's basically a copy of that. as we head into the next couple of days we expect a little more sunshine. the onshore flow will kick up as we head into the afternoon bringing in and soaking in all that mace tour so we'll see more patchy clouds as well as some fog as we head into the afternoon hours. here's a look at the fog futurecast. we're starting off the morning just right now notice how no matter where you live from fairfield into fremont we are starting off the day like that, heading into the afternoon hours it's a very similar setup and on the bright side, this will bleed off as we extend into our late weekend forecast and even by memorial day. daytime highs today still a little bit below average near santa clara, campbell, even cupertino, the daytime high of 76. we warm up a smidge more, 80s in our forecast near brentwood, upper 70s in walnut creek as well as san ramon and as we extend into the bay now, a beautiful, calm day for us just
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to start this amazing holiday weekend. memorial day is right around the corpser. if you are headed outdoors you probably want to bring the jacket, it's the san francisco tradition, right? look at our next seven days. we warm up a lot as we head into next week, right back up into the 70s for oakland, same trend warmer, mid to upper 80s by wednesday for san jose. the partly cloudy setup will not stick around for too much longer but we'll keep you updated regarding our amazing weekend forecast. gianna, how are things doing out there? >> doing really good this morning. we don't have a lot of brake lights or issues to report. if you're getting an early start to the holiday weekend, good for you. now is a great time to be on the roadways. you have no traffic to deal with. all of the green on our sensors matches my dress. everything is moving nicely 880, no delays as you work your way on 580, if you're headed through oakland. we see a pinch of slowing san mateo northbound 101 coming away from 92, likely due to roadwork
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in the area. no major crashes or incidents to slow youews for anyone getting out early this morning. if you are headed toward the altamont pass, taking a live look here at 580/068 dublin interchange, traffic is light, moving along nicely, headlights westbound 068. no brake lights or issues. earlier trouble spot is cleared out of lanes. in the altamont pass from tracy onto 580, just slight delays near grant line. overall it's a nice ride through there. that will change later on as people head out of town for the holiday weekend so eastbound 580, 80, east shore freeway, headed to sacramento you'll see some delays and 101 will be busy but that's getaway traffic route so plan ahead, try to get on the roadways before 3:00. after 3:00 things get busy for everyone trying to get out of town. no troubles there and everything clear at the going going and no foggy spots so off to a great start. len and amanda? >> good to hear, thank you, g.
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4:52 is the time. still ahead, we'll give you a look at what is expected t
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this week it's been all about "top gun maverick" the long-awaited release from paramount plus. >> the sequel to the 198 of "top gp" flies full throttle into theaters today. michelle medina has more on what promises to be one of the summer's biggest movies. >> reporter: described as a love letter to naval aviators it promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. tom cruise returns as captain pete "maverick" mitchell a cocky test pilot who pushes the limit at every turn. 36 years after the original "top gun," a middle-aged maverick is tapped to train a new generation of navy warriors for tha specia mission. >> i wasn't ready to make a sequel until we had a special
4:56 am
story worthy of a sequel and technology evolved so we could delve deeper into the experience of a fighter pilot. >> reporter: much of the filming was in san francisco like naval air station north island and just like in the original film the navy assisted in making sure the aviation scenes were realistic. cruise stipulated all of the actors playing pilots ride in the cockpit, they underwent three months of grueling training. >> they're actually flying in those jets and they're not acting. when you see their faces contort, they're feeling g force. >> seven gs. >> reporter: for the actors flying in f-18 fighter jets was an experience they'll never forget. >> these are really dynamic, dangerous things answering it's not a roller coaster ride. there's no track. we're flying 30 feet off the ground at 600 knots. >> it was like riding on a dragon, and i've been trying to replicate that feeling ever since. >> reporter: the film's release has been delayed several times because of the pandemic. cruise assures fans it's worth the wait. >> for me, it's for you.
4:57 am
at this point, it's for you. it's always for you. >> reporter: michelle medina, cbs news, san diego. >> it is now 4:57. coming up, a big warriors win, memorial day travel and more. we've got a lot to get to this morning. plus how students across the country are showing their support for uvalde, texas, after tuesday's deadly mass shooting. and here's a live look outside from our exclusive mark hopkins camera,
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now the warriors are western conference champions. a look ahead to their ticket to the nba finals. the new concerns out of uvalde, texas,ooti,
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morning we're hearing from the shooter's mother for the first time. >> translator: forgive me, forgive my son. how you can avoid the holiday traffic this busy weekend. and hear from some local navy pilots and their thoughts on release of "top gun maverick." good morning, it's friday, may 27th. i'm amanda starrantino. >> and i'm len kiese. let's start with a look at your forecast with meteorologist jessica burch and the weekend is upon us, jessica. >> the weekend is upon us and the weather is still changing. if you are heading outdoors this weekend, which i hope you do, it's beautiful nonetheless, we'll talk about what you can expect. here's current temperatures right now, we're still in the upper 50s/low 60s throughout the bay as we wake up into this morning and head into this


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