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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  May 27, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the nba finals. the new concerns out of uvalde, texas,ooti, morning we're hearing from the shooter's mother for the first time. >> translator: forgive me, forgive my son. how you can avoid the holiday traffic this busy weekend. and hear from some local navy pilots and their thoughts on release of "top gun maverick." good morning, it's friday, may 27th. i'm amanda starrantino. >> and i'm len kiese. let's start with a look at your forecast with meteorologist jessica burch and the weekend is upon us, jessica. >> the weekend is upon us and the weather is still changing. if you are heading outdoors this weekend, which i hope you do, it's beautiful nonetheless, we'll talk about what you can expect. here's current temperatures right now, we're still in the upper 50s/low 60s throughout the bay as we wake up into this morning and head into this afternoon if you liked yesterday's weather, you're in
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luck. bett unls you w me at bha i breakingor ts week, like eer mo tuesday, where wree upper 90s, triple digits, so a very calm start to our weekend, also expecting 60s from the bay, upper 50s along our coast, upper 70s, we're low 70s in the forecast for us earlier this week along the coast, so nonetheless, it was kind of nice in certain areas and not nice in other pockets but i'll leave you fast with our travel forecast as we head into this afternoon. if you are expecting to head outdoors this weekend, that's great, go out there, enjoy that sunshine by sunday. however, if you're heading out of the city, just keep in mind, we are still dealing with some different weather patterns throughout the country and keep you updated. gianna, how are things going? >> on the roadways, everything is quiet and calm, which is a good thing if you're up early getting out and about. if you plan on traveling today later on, you will see a lot of
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brake lights on 80, 580, 101 and our bay area bridges for the three-day holidayekd.'s kind ■t people like to get out of town. things are looking good. bay bridge toll plaza no delays, everything is guy threat. metering lights are off and right now that dublin interchange looking really good westbound 580 toward 680, everything very quiet here and again, that's just for now. the eastbound 580 commute after 3:00 is going to be a grind, so keep that in mind. we also had a busy commute yesterday evening for a lot of people getting out of town so hopefully you can get an early st your day. amanda? >> geeiana, thanks. the warriors took care of business on the court last night as we take a live look at chase center this morning, the crowd inside and outside the arena erupting into a massive celebration last night as the dubs are now western conference champs. next up another trip to the nba finals. >> of course we back! we'll see you guys in two weeks when we got that trophy in our hands! >> he is pumped.
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it was a big night for klay thompson, call him game five klay, here he's following up a steph curry miss for one of his eight three-pointers to put the game away. he scored 32. steph curry was voted the magic johnson western finals mvp. they did it in five, sending home the dallas mavericks 120-110. >> never lost the faith that we could get back here. it's a fine line of just, again, reflect and celebrating this moment for sure. this is definitely special, and proud of everybody that you know is in that locker room that came with it all year, and now we have an opportunity to go finish the job. >> we have live team coverage on the big win. we start with our jocelyn moran now, our in-house superfan for the warriors. i know you are feeling so good this morning, jocelyn.
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>> yes, i'm not going to lie, i hardly slept last night. i'm super excited and fans are excited especially after three long years now to be back at this point. i watched the game at my aunt's house. it's hard to explain, i watched the games in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, and to be back at this point, i talked with a family, they're die-hard warriors fans and i think a lot of us can relate to them. who's the biggest warriors fan? >> my mom. >> me. >> reporter: if you're a warriors fan and on tiktok you may have seen the aguilars. nationally captures daily moments and during the playoffs their reactions are priceless, and some of us can probably relate. >> i'm watching my warriors. let's go! >> yeah! >> reporter: right before game two of the western conference finals natalie got an email. >> the headline is "exciting opportunity with the warriors."
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i was like no way, this is not happening right now. so then i opened it and i was just like, ahh! no one was home, my parents were out at work, i was like oh my god. i told my mom first. the warriors saw our videos and invited us out to a game. >> you're lying. >> look. >> no! really? really? oh my god! [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: and they did. we remember game two of the series was the comeback game. >> i feel excited every time i think about it. yeah, i want to go again! >> reporter: it was a surreal moment. this was their first time at chase. itart tea put the video together this is zy her weare. >> reporter: they have more than 4 million followers on tiktok. >> it's us being us. >> reporter: capturing day-to-day moments as a family.
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>> we've always been together during the playoffs. even regular season, we'll lay and watch the games and we've always done it together, the four of us. >> reporter: and bringing smiles to people who are scrolling for tiktok. so we're going to win the whole thing? >> oh, yeah! >> woo! >> do this! >> reporter: yes, i love that energy. it was super fun talking with them. we got to figure out where we're watching the nba finals with everybody because we have to create traditions as well. >> yes. >> reporter: but you got more on how fans are feeling. >> yes, a lot of fans decided thrive city, i was here last night, thrive city was indeed thriving last night and get this, inside the chase center, it was also going wild, because the dubs are headed to the nba the cro in and outside
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chase center erupted into a massive celebration. oh, yeah, golden state will return to the finals for the sixth time in eight years. the fans were full of all the feelings, because this trip back to the finals, oh, yeah, it means a lot more after missing the playoffs in 2020 and 2021 in back-to-back injury seasons. the dubs are finals bound. >> no doubt, the whole time i knew they were going to win. >> it's cool, it's pretty loud in there, people are going c crazy. >> it's not oracle. it's chase and it's loud! >> reporter: all right, so dub nation, oh yeah, we're headed back to the finals. they were here last night, got some rest, you know, they need it and they are also resting up because when the finals games kick off, it will start right here at chase center. such an exciting time to be here in the bay and we are all
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celebrating our warriors. let's get one loud warriors! i'll send it back to you guys. >> we have all the superfans out there this morning, yes, go dubs for sure. the energy will be through the roof over the next several days for sure. thank you, justin. time for a look at this morning's other top stories right now crews are at the scene of a two-alarm fire in pittsburg, there are unconfirmed reports that this fire is burning at a church on central avenue. a public information officer says there is a partial collapse of the building. so far, no word on any injuries. a federal jury has determined that former okayland police chief ann kirkpatrick was wrongfully fired. a spokesman tells "the chronicle" the jury awarded her more than $330,000. kirkpatrick was fired two years ago by the police commission and mayor libby schaaf, after she accused the commission of corruption and frequent interference in day-to-day
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operation. today kicks off the three-day memorial day weekend. experts say it's set to be the most traveled memorial day since 2019. sfo is forecasting that more than 126,000 people will pass through the airport today. now to our other top story the school shooting in texas. this morning, we are hearing from the mother of the shooter for the first time. here's what she had to say through an interpreter. >> translator: i have no words. he aas't ords to say. judge him. i only want the innocent children who died to forgive me. forgive me, forgive my son. >> law enforcement officials in uvalde say the gunman entered the building through a door that was unlocked. there are also new questions about how long it took for authorities to kill the 18-year-old suspect and stop the rampage where 19 children and two teachers ended up losing their lives. gun control groups rallied
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in san leandro last night, demanding congress to act, among them mass shooting survivor mandy finkelstein, working as at a sumper camp in southern california when a white supremacist stormed the building and began firing, that was in 1999. ♪ no gun violence ♪ >> we deserve to feel safe at school zblam >> from the nation's capital to california students walked out of class demanding lawmakers do more from tect them from gun violence. and stay with kpix 5 for continuing coverage of the texas school tragedy on air, on kpix com com and streaming on "cbs news bay area." the time is now 5:10. still ahead a busy holiday weekend ahead from bottle rock to carnaval. they have we've got all the highlights. plus "top gun maverick" swarms into we talked to local navy pilots about their real life flying
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experiences. ,000 is a getaway friday. it's going to be very busy especially this afternoon. i'll tell you how to work around some of those expected delays and a
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i didn't know you went to this school. we have a lot in common. live like a gigillionaire with at&t fiber. now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. new this morning, "top gun maverick" flies intoanted to ta honor our real life heroes who risk their lives. >> whoet abouter to tell their stories than our resident servicemember, meteorologist jessica burch is a pilot in the
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california army national guard. >> thank you so much. i met with two men in the bay area who are actually retired navy pilots and while taking a visit this week, this past week, i should say to the "uss hornet" they shared their unique stories with me about their flying experiences and have personal thoughts about this new "top gun" movie, too. >> i entered the service in 1963, november, and i got out in november of 1968. i flew over 200 gatt missions, i have over 300 carrier landings, which was about average for my rank and where i was flying. >> reporter: with around 200 combat missions and more than 300 carrier landings lieutenant alan cartwright spends his time as a docent to give a glimpse of his services. >> my favorite part is being airborne and looking around. it's amazing to see our earth from 39 tmplt feet. it's wonderful.
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>> reporter: as a pilot i get this question often, what is your favorite aircraft to fly in? for lieutenant cartwright it's the one he spent the most time in. >> the a-1, it was completely acrobatic and i loved doing acrobatics so that would be my favorite airplane. >> reporter: as for lieutenant rich keifer, also served in the navy in the 1960s, his favorite aircraft is right here. >> oh, boy, this is my favorite toy. this rare plane was way ahead of its time. it first flew in 1955, arguably the finest fighter plane in the world at the time it flew. >> reporter: and lieutenant keifer reminded me that this aircraft right here was the first navy airplane to break the sound barrier in its first flight. >> i just can't believe anybody would allow me to fly that airplane, when uncle sam handed me the keys to that thing. >> reporter: the two retired pilots have plenty of their own tales to tell from their wild moments in the sky. led me to what they thought of the original 1980s "top gun"
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movie. >> i had seen it. initially i didn't think i would enjoy it. there was a lot of fake stuff but i enjoyed it. i look forward to the new one which will be shown here on the ship soon. >> these were a few stories from these guys. hear more from the retired navy pilots like allan and rich at the "uss hornet" friday. anyway, go army beat navy. >> always have to throw that in there, don't you? >> i had to. >> you had to. sounds like a beautiful weekend with all the events in the bay area. >> we kind of got lucky. it's fortunate we're dealing with below-average conditions considering earlier this week we were breaking daytime high records. start off with a beautiful friday morning sunrise, time is only 5:16 and we're already seeing that sky light up. current temperatures sitting in the upper 50s. we'll see low 60s shortly. temperatures today ranging below average. start off with the fact the winds are pushing from the
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southwest, kicking up as we head into the afternoon, bringing in that onshore flow and to add to that all that fog and high clouds, too. here's a look at our fog futurecast for our friday setup, really patchy conditions as we extend into the afternoon hours. we'll see it bleep back just a bit into the noon hours, if you live near novato or san jose area but pushes back in as we wrap up this evening and as for that, let's take a look at our daytime highs. we're well below average, which is so much better than above average. if you live in palo alto, sunnyvale in the mid to low 70s today. as we extend into the east more low 80s near brentwood with 70s no matter where you live from concord to walnut creek, even pleasanton with a daytime high of 77 degrees. let's head into the bay, a mild setup if you live in berkeley and oakland where we're in the upper 60s, low 60s near sausalito and san francisco and as we extend into the next couple days it's not that bad for this holiday weekend.
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it's memorial day weekend, happy friday, we made it to the weekend. carnaval is right around the corner. headed out there, it is looking beautiful for us, pretty much really calm conditions, mostly low 60s. it will kick up a little bit with the winds as we head into the afternoon hours on sunday, keep that in mind. bring that jacket, fwlanbring t windbreaker. i consistently forget it. this is your reminder from me. gianna, how are things going? >> you need to keep one in your car at all times or your backpack. it's just how it is here. happy friday, everyone. if you're getting ready to hit the roadways this morning, you are good to go. it's all green. great news there. not going to be the case later on today. it is a getaway friday, that three-day weekend, so a lot of folks will be heading out of town later on especially hitting the roadways. expect some very busy conditions on some of our bay area bridges later this afternoon. people typically leave after 3:00, after work, so you have a
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little bit of that evening commute traffic with that travel traffic, it tends to get very busy, bay bridge will likely be backed up. our commuter routes, our getaway routes, 80, 580, 101, eastbound altamont pass to tracy, and 101 to 52 getting to i-5, eastbound 80 headed into sacramento or tahoe certainly will be busy, also 50 busy if you're headed to the tahoe area so plan for that. after 3:00 we'll see most of the brake lights. if you can leave before that you'll be better off, you'll beat some of the traffic. coming home on monday after 1:00, things will get busy there as well. a lot of things happening in the bay area, though, so if you're not traveling out of town and headed to carnaval this weekend the festivities start saturday and sunday. the closures begin friday afternoon until monday so plan for that. harrison, mission bright will be affected and bottle rock is happening in napa, busy for people headed up to napa for that concert.
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lots to plan for but it's goi to be a good time. back to you. >> thank you, g. the time is 5:19. still to come, the local tie the bay area has to
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welcome back. i hope you're hungry, even if you're not, here is your
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forecast, happy friday. we made it to the weekend. daytime highs today well below where we were the last couple days in our inland areas from the noon to 2:00 hour, low 70s. 50s for the bay and the coast. partly cloudy skies no matter what time it is this afternoon and as we wake up and head into this afternoon's hour by noon, all the way to 2:00, we warm up just a hair more into the low 70s near fairfield, 60s near san francisco. santa rosa around 2:00 sitting at 68 degrees so not only do you need to pack that lunch, you also need to pack that jacket, too. we'll keepupd timhi f morning for our new segment "morning mix." >> we have you on the breakfast buzz and online, gianna franco joins us now. g., what do you have for us? >> good morning. we're excited about the new "top gun maverick" movie. when you're watching keep your eye out for this san francisco-born actress who is also starring in the movie,
5:24 am
monica barbereau didn't find out she got the role because she missed several calls about the news. why? she was tired, sleeping, she had a jam-packed day going to the san francisco museum of moz earn art and ended with a dance class in berkeley. she plays phoenix in the film. her character sun wf the young fighter pilots that maverick is tasked with training. i'm sure after she got that phone call, she woke up, she was very excited to hear the news. >> for sure, that's a good thing she checked her voice mail, too. i'm horrible at that. >> kind of a big deal. >> yeah. good for her, though. that's amazing. we'll be watching out for her in the movie. >> busy girl enjoying our city with all that stuff in one day. very cool. while warriors fans were celebrating at chase some sf state grads were celebrating a long-awaited walk across the stage at oracle park. the classes of 2021 and 2020 got
5:25 am
to collect their diplomas in person. among the group alan dra vega, cameron freeman and digital production assistant amarie rivera. congratulations to the graduates and also to the class of 2022 who will receive their diplomas today. so lots to celebrate and good for them, they got their moment. >> just think back, those were some of your best memories when you had a chance to participate in your graduation ceremony so yeah, you don't forget those things. >> very exciting. so happy for them. it's about time. >> it is. it's about time. their parents are probably beaming because you just want that moment and all that hard work to be recognized so very cool and very cool to some of our own p.a. assistant staff. good stuff. >> proud of them. thank you, g. still ahead, the war in ukraine causing a worldwide food supply crisis, how it's affecting us here in the u.s. and how bay area community
5:26 am
members came together to honor the lives lost in the vta mass shooting one year later. and let's give you a live look outside from our mark hopkins camera, this time we're giving you a live peek south before you head out this morning on this friday. it's now 5:26. i've lived in san francisco for 20 years. i'm raising my kids here. this city is now less safe for all of us. chesa boudin is failing to hold repeat offenders accountable. he prosecuted zero fentanyl drug dealing cases, even though nearly 500 people have died of overdoses. i'm voting yes on h to recall chesa boudin now. we can't wait one more day when people are dying on our streets.
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>> announcer: live from the "cbs news bay area" studios, this is
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kpix 5 news. >> right now at 5:30, the warriors bring the nba finals back to the bay. we are live at chase center with those details. >> and grief turning to anger in uvalde, texas. why there are new questions about the time line of tuesday's shooting. >> it's set to be a busy weekend, when you should head out the door if you have big travel plans. and carnaval is back in the bay area. meet the organizers who are making a so-called cannabis garden a reality. and good morning to you. it's friday, may 27th. i'm amanda starrantino. >> and i'm len kiese. good morning to you as well. let's get a check on weather and traffic beginning with first alert meteorologist jessica burch. >> we made it to the weekend, len, we made it. now it's a long weekend for us. a lot of us are heading outdoors and as we extend into the next couple of days temperatures are ranging above average. no complaints in the weather center. upper 50s no matter where you
5:30 am
live except for santa rosa, excuse me, being the exception to the policy, sitting in the low 50s. we are expected to get up into the mid even upper 70s for our inland areas as we head into this afternoon for our daytime highs and expecting upper 50s and low 60s from the coast off into the bay. partly cloudy skies are going to stick around not only today but tomorrow as well. we'll clear up a little bit as we head into our sunday forecast. winds still pushing in from the west and we will get gustier as we head into the afternoon today. official sunrise just around 5:51 this morning. we'll talk about more of what you can expect in your weekend holiday forecast coming up in a bit. gianna, how are things going on out there? >> we are cruising out there. happy friday, everyone. if you're getting up early headed to work there's a few people doing the same thing but not a lot. it is quiet on the roadways as of now, safe to say it's friday light. i just checked chp, no major accidents or incidents to slow you down. that's great news. that is not the case later on today. it is a getaway holiday weekend, a three-day weekend, a lot of
5:31 am
people planning on getting out of town this afternoon and evening, so if you are one of them, if you're getting ready to pack up the car, hopefully you can get on the roadways a little earlier than usual, we'll see busy conditions at the bay bridge, at the golden gate bridge. a live look here, you can see they're doing the lane changes right now northbound, no delays, but again, it will definitely be different later on. san mateo bridge looking good now. the getaway routes such as 80, 580, 101 will definitely be slow and go this afternoon after 3:00. so we'll talk more about that coming up in a bit. back to you. >> thank you, g. quite the exciting morning. the warriors bringing the nba finals back to the bay. fans are gearing up to score tickets including our jocelyn moran live at thrive city. i already know money is no object for you when it comes to the tickets. >> jocelyn. >> repor i m be a little bit, but i definitely will be keeping my eye on it to see if i can get some tickets but this is just so exciting.
5:32 am
you fell asleep with the excitement. you woke up with the excitement. it's been a long three years, the pandemic, the injuries. when people counted us out and now we're back. the dubs are back in the finals for the sixth time in eight years, crazy. it was a good game, the warriors were up throughout. they beat the mavs 120-110. game six klay game a game early. eight three-pointers, finished with 32 years and amazing to see considering what he's been through in the last few years, overcoming injuries. he said he was going to enjoy this moment with his family and friends who were there through it all. >> you know, it was like a thousand cat races a day. it was painful at times, i saw this in sight and kept going and just proud of not only my effort but our whole team. >> reporter: it's been a team effort throughout this series,
5:33 am
poole, wiggins, looney, so many guys. steph curry won the first ever magic johnson western conference finals mvp award and i know fans just couldn't be more excited this morning. we'll have to wait to see who we'll face in the finals, will it be the celtics? will it be the heat? we have to watch and see. i'm feeling confident about the finals and pretty confident we're going to take this whole thing, len, amanda? >> we'll mark your words, jocelyn, thank you much. after the game with lots of fan celebration a screen printing process began, thousands of official finals t-shirts are being printed right now as we speak. this video from a few years ago shows what may be going down this morning at some bay area screen printing companies. evan lessler founder of adopt clothing came up with the gold-blooded t-shirts 11 years ago. he's excited the warriors took home the win. >> it's just been an awesome opportunity working with the warriors. we have the shirt i'm wearing right now is one of the
5:34 am
collaborations we're doing that's actually sold at chase center and you don't need a ticket to shop there. they're open every day and those have been doing really well so it's been really amazing just to see our product out there on this platform and really being embraced and celebrated by the team and its fans. >> lessler also tells us last night's win is a big deal, of course, and we are indeed gold-blooded. as the bay area celebrates the dubs heading back to the finals, we have you covered. you can get all the latest on air at and streaming on "cbs news bay area." time now for a look at this morning's other top stories. crews are at the scene of a two-alarm fire in pittsburg. there are unconfirmed reports it is at a church. they report a partial collapse of the building. so far no injuries.
5:35 am
a federal jury has determined that former oakland police chief ann kirkpatrick was wrongfully fired. a spokesman for kirkpatrick tells "the chronicle" the jury awarded her more than $330,000. kirkpatrick was fired two years ago by the police commission and mayor libby schaaf, after she accused the commission of corruption and frequent interference in day-to-day operations. carnaval returns to san francisco this weekend for the first time since the pandemic began. it begins tomorrow along harrison street in the mission district. the parade runs along mission street from 24th to 15th, starting at 9:30 sunday morning. investigators are still searching for a motive behind the shooting in uvalde, texas, earlier this week and now there are more questions about why it took law enforcement so long to stop the shooter. cbs' danya bacchus has more. >> reporter: today should have been the first day of summer break for the 19 children and
5:36 am
two teachers of robb elementary killed by a gunman tuesday. >> she was excited for the sum he were. we were going to go to the zoo. >> reporter: the family of 11-year-old layla salazar is instead planning her funeral and they have lingering questions about the police response on that horrific day. >> maybe they have have reacted faster. >> reporter: officials struggled to clearly lay out the shooter's movements and what actions were taken by law enforcement in the 90 minutes he was at the school. >> the initial officers received gunfire, they don't make entry initially because the gunfire receded. we have officers calling for additional resources. >> reporter: law enforcement officials say the gunman walked into the building through an unlocked door without being confronted by anyone. cbs news has learned it took an hour before any leaked border patrol team entered the classroom and killed the shooter. >> he crouched a little bit and said "it's time to day."
5:37 am
the cop said call help if you need help. one of the persons in my class said "help." the guy overheard and he came in and shot her and the cops barged into that classroom and the guy shot at the cops and the cops started shooting. >> reporter: for one family, the tragedy has only gotten worse. the husband of teacher irma garcia, who was killed tuesday, died of a heart attack. the family says joe garcia died of a broken heart. they leave behind four children. danya bacchus, cbs news, uvalde, texas. >> in the wake of the texas tragedy, some bay area teachers are reevaluating their own plans on top of active shooter drills to keep their students safe. >> i signed up so that i could help be a part of somebody's story of growth and triumph. i didn't sign up to throw my life on the line for them. i would, but i didn't sign up
5:38 am
for that. >> reporter: a high school teacher in sunnyvale runs drills every year with our students years after columbine, sandy hook, parkland and now after robb, lindsey couto is angry they haven't found the political will. >> there are zip ties and shoe laces in my drawer and kids think i'm overprepared but if you wrap them around the spring hinge of a door, you can't open that door. >> graduation is june 1st for lindsey's students. there's relief in the summer break. in the fall she and others will face the hope and potential of a new school year and ever-present lockdown drills and threat of tragedy once again. grieving families gathered in san jose to mark one year since a disgruntled employee opened fire at the vta railward, killing nine co-workers and himself. >> bringing up a lot of feelings about the day, the friends that i saw die.
5:39 am
>> and i will cheer him on and continue to be his biggest fan for as long as i am here. and i would have given anything to take those bullets from him. >> yesterday private and public ceremonies pay tribute to the victims. city leaders also presented the vta with an american flag. the same one that was raised over the crime scene following last may's shooting. survivors say it feels like it just happened. an anniversary is also approaching for another mass shooting, it was nearly six years ago that a gunman opened fire at the pulse nightclub in orlando, killing 49 people. people gathered for a memorial last night. a pastor leading a prayer said survivors in orlando may have a keen understanding of the anguish people are experiencing in uvalde, texas. the war in ukraine is causing a worldwide food supply crisis and in the u.s. high prices are straining food banks and increasing the rix of a
5:40 am
recession. the u.s. economy fell more in the first quarter than previously estimated. the crisis is causing food scarcity and hunger. russia and ukraine are usually some of the world's biggest exporters of grain but russia's holding its share hostage saying more food for fewer sanctions. the international monetary fund says the world needs to prevent this food crisis. >> from exploding to a point that tens of millions of people are severely affected. >> some of the world economic forum say it's becoming harder to stand united. carnaval sf returns in f festival splendor this week and and for the first time a cannabis garden has officially been approved. >> jocelyn moran explains organizers are trying to set a new culture with the way weed is perceived. >> reporter: that's nina parks
5:41 am
is. she helped make the cannabis garden at carnaval a real pit >> it feels crazy. >> reporter: nina who has a cannabis lifestyle company says she brought the idea of having a cannabis space at carnaval in 2015 and seven years later, it's now here. >> when we were younger it was like ducking and dodging and kind of like going into like off into side streets. this one it feels empowering because we'll be able to not only have an entire block, an entire space but we'll actually be able to be comfortable. >> reporter: nina says this is for those 21 and older, they'll have vendor tents. you'll be able to talk with cultivators and small businesses. >> we'll have good places for people to kick it, you can roll up, you'll be able to dispose of all of your rolling materials and recycling and compost containers and all of those things so we'll be able to set a new culture for the way that cannabis comes into our community. >> reporter: setting a new
5:42 am
culture, that's nina's goal. >> we're hoping this becomes something that's more normalized, not as scary. we also hope that we can really encourage our community to purchase cannabis from tested retailers, right, so that's something that is super important. >> reporter: she's hoping to set the framework for other events and fairs so this isn't a one-time thing and at the same time help small businesses. >> more opportunities for cultural evolution, especially in the city of san francisco that has already helped create this home for what cannabis culture looks like around the country. >> reporter: jocelyn moran, kpix 5. >> the time is now 5:42. bottle rock is back. our own liam gives us a preview of rock star chefs coming to the country. >> and acalifornia's ancient redwoods rising from the ashes.
5:43 am
and we have your carnaval grandpa raid forecast that's right around the corner. we'll tell you what you
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♪ ♪ whether someone is across the neighborhood, across the street, or across the room, you have the power to make them feel right at home. ♪ ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome.
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a fresh before and after look at big basin redwoods state park rising from the ashes
5:46 am
following the 2020 czu wildfire. flames tore through nearly all 18,000 acres of the park, now signs of new life, just about everywhere you look there, up high, where branches burned off, there are new sprouts and at the base of dead trees you can see new upshoots. flowers are blooming and so is the grass, even shrubs doubled in size and 97% of the old growth redwoods survived. >> the forest does its own thing. it doesn't care what humans do. >> 100%. this fire is just a great reminder that we have very little control over these things. the world has changed dramatically since then and so this is an opportunity to really redo the park in a way that meets today's needs and today's understanding of what the forests need. >> the park will partially reopen to visitors during the day after the fourth of july. federal lawmakers are working to pass legislation to help california brace for a hotter, longer and drier wildfire season.
5:47 am
two bills were just introduced, including the fire suppression improvement act. the legislation would allow federal emergency management agency to shoulder a larger share of the cost to fight and recover from wildfires. 5:47 is the time now. let's get a check of weather and traffic. >> we'll start with first alert meteorologist jessica burch. jessica, yesterday i took the pups to lime ridge. >> we're starting off with a live look just from the sutro cam. it is a beautiful friday morning for us headed into a holiday weekend. we are expecting below average temperatures to stick around. we'll start off with another live look from the salesforce tower cam looking off the bay bridge. a little bit of a marine layer this morning, high clouds, patchy fog pushing its way through no matter where you live in the bay. this afternoon things are changing. temperatures today ranging below average no matter where we live in the bay especially actually up in higher elevations closer to concord, a daytime high of 78 degrees today and as we head into the next couple hours, the
5:48 am
offshore flow will kick up, he extending into the weekend hours, bringing in all of the clouds we've been seeing not only today but yesterday for that matter. heading into this weekend, this will be very, very strong actually. we'll see a little bit of it pleading off by the noon hour as we warm up for our day heim highs. once we head into the evening, more high clouds and patchy fog, whether you live in the coast, bay or inland areas. with that in mind let's talk about the below average temperatures. today alone we're only sitting in the low 70s from san mateo all the way into redwood city. it's a mild setup for us and also in joan city low 70s with 80s in the forecast for us just off near fairfield, even brentwood and everywhere else if you live in the walnut creek area, concord, all throughout the tri-valley, it is well below average and very mild for us. so head outdoors, enjoy this patchy fog condition setup as we extend into the afternoon. kentfield a daytime high of 68 degrees and also the case as we head more north. it's a holiday weekend. we are officially here.
5:49 am
we made it to this long weekend, memorial day on sunday temperatures at that point starting to warm up just a little bit more, sunny conditions, just by monday and then as we take a quick look at what we can expect for our inland east bay as well as the north bay we are expecting sunny conditions. patchy fog lasts until saturday. we'll keep you updated in the weather for. nor for now, gianna, how are things going out there? >> everything is looking good. it's later where it will be a lot busier. let's talk about getting out of town this weekend if you're headed to any of our local airports, san jose minuteta, oakland airport, sfo, things are pretty clear on the freeway. no delays 880, nimitz freeway near the coliseum, through oakland everything is quiet so you should be good there. checking 101 as well if you're headed toward sfo things are guy threat and in san jose we don't have any brake lights or issues so good news there. bay bridge looking good right now as well, no metering lights, but it is friday light and later on, that is certainly going to change. it is a getaway friday. we'll see busy conditions on the
5:50 am
roadways especially after 3:00, so if you can get an early start to your drive, getting out of town, probably a really good idea. a live look at the golden gate again quiet now but that will likely change later on as a lot of people use this to get in and out of town, headed over out of san francisco towards 101, in fact, our getaway routes such as 80, 580, east shore freeway, 80 over to sacramento, 101, even through the south bay, gilroy to 152, expect busy conditions. a lot of that happens after 3:00 this afternoon. we saw an extra busy commute yesterday as well and that's when the afternoon drive people headed home from work and the travel traffic combine. monday if you're coming home plan to leave before 1:00 because between 1:00 and 9:00 will be the busiest times on the roadway. we have great things happening in the bay area this weekend, carnaval festival and parade happens saturday and sunday. we will be live at the parade starting at 9:30, covering it. it will be a lot of fun so if you're out there, say hi but a
5:51 am
lot of closures will be in place, harrison, mission, bryant, 15th street, 24th, those closures start this afternoon. there will be muni reroutes as well but if you want to get out to the parade, a lot of people will be doing the same. take public transit. we have bottle rock happening. i'll have that coming up in my next report. so much happening this weekend, thank you, g. time is 5:51. >> still ahead, a weekend full of music, food and wine. a look at the kickoff of bottle rock music festival today. coming up today
5:52 am
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we're starting off this morning with awe buy tifl live look of our salesforce tower cam, the beautiful sunrise with the marine layer, yes, i'm nerding out. highs today we're warming up a lot. right now in the 50s from concord into san francisco. daytime highs 70s for the inland areas. we'll see a little bit of a temperature spread headed into that afternoon. sunrise official this morning at 5:51. we'll have more on what you can expect in a bit. for now, back to you. >> thank you, jessica. it is memorial day week wnd lots happening around the bay. one of the biggest events, bottle rock in napa. >> cbs reporter liam mayclem has a look at this weekend's event. >> are you ready to party?
5:55 am
good morning, hey guys. liam mayclem, kpix coming to you from napa and napa valley fairgrounds, bottle rock 2022, and the williams-sonoma stage, it happens right here. behind me by the way that's your garden, all of your favorite chefs cooking your favorite food, the brews, the best of napa wines right here on the culinary stage, drop some names, okay chefs samuelsson, gail simmons, did i mention 21 pilots, how about your sports stars, 49ers and giants, hunter pence and it's a culinary stew like none other right here on the williams-sonoma stage. over here, we have a kit made out of pots and pans.
5:56 am
some of the best drummers play on there. you'll find it at, lots of cool things happening around the bay but for now from bottle rock, back to you guys in the studio. cheers. let's make some noise! >> bottle rock napa valley welcomes 120,000 music buffs and foodies to napa over this three-day weekend. >> len, i wanted to go to this so badly. i'm so jealous. looks like so much fun. gates open at noon with pink, metallica and 21 pilots headlining. wine, music. >> all of the things. >> ul aft things. we're going next year, len. >> let's do it. it is 5:56, the dubs punching their ticket back to the finals. the warriors return to the nba's biggest stage after finishing off the mavs. plus, dub nation celebrating the team's big win, the big rush to print thousands of t-shirts this morning.
5:57 am
and the tradition for one warriors family in the bay area and why you might recognize them.
5:58 am
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now at 6:00 an exciting time for warriors fans. the dubs return to the finals after finishing off the mavs at home. plus getting some of the warriors merchandise, the big rush for screen printing companies right now. and we introduce you to a warriors family going viral this morning and their big tradition for their favorite team. >> a it'she ckofw foeorweekend. e feelingd he thi g o this friday morning part of this three-day weekend.
6:01 am
it's may 27th.


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