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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  May 27, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. >> getting ready for the long weekend we have what you need to know for memorial day. good afternoon. we have a lot to look forward to this memorial day weekend but you know what is going to be going to work? the warriors as they look for another title. the nba finals will be happening during the first half of june. the warriors secured their spot with a win last night clinching the western conference championship. they beat the dallas mavs in game five 120-110. klay thompson scored 32 points including eight three-pointers. steph curry was named series mvp. >> never lost the faith we could get back here. it is a fine line. again, just reflecting and celebrating this moment for sure. this is definitely special and
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proud of everybody that was in that locker room. that came with it all year. now we have an opportunity to go finish the job. >> the warriors will play either the miami heat or the boston celtics in the league finals. fans are ecstatic as the warriors healed into the ultimate series >> i think it's pretty cool. it's loud. people are going crazy. >> not oracle. it's chase. it's loud! >> of course! we'll see you guys in two weeks when we got that trophy in our hands! >> the nba finals will begin next thursday, june 2nd. kpix 5's josh moran has quite the super fan story and it is a family thing. >> who is the biggest warriors fan? >> my mom. >> me! >> reporter: if you are a warriors fan and on tiktok you may have seen the aguilars. natalie captures day-to-day moment with her sister angie and parents rueben and suleka.
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during the playoffs reactions are priceless and some of us can probably relate. >> let's go! >> reporter: game two of the western conference finals, natalie got an e-mail. >> the headline is exciting opportunity with the warriors. i was like no way. this is not happening right now. and so then i opened it and i was just like, no one was home. my parents were out at work. oh, my god. i told my mom first because i waited till she came home. >> here to tell you the warriors invited us to a game. >> you're lying. >> look. >> really? my gosh. >> and they did. we remember game two of the series was the comeback game. >> every time i think about it, yeah. i want to go again.
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>> reporter: it was a surreal moment. they lived in the bay area going to games at oracle. they are now in san diego and this was their first time at chase. >> i put the video together. i almost started tearing up. this is so crazy. like we're here. >> reporter: they have more than 4 million followers on tiktok. >> it is us being us. >> reporter: capturing day-to-day moments as a family. >> we've always been together during the playoffs. even regular season we'll lay and just watch the games and we've always done it together, the four of us. >> reporter: and bringing smiles to people who are scrolling through tiktok. >> we're going to win the whole thing? >> oh, yes. >> do this! >> kpix 5. >> as the bay area celebrates the dubs we have you covered. you can get the latest on air at and streaming on cbs news bay area. lots of people will be hitting the road and taking to the skies this memorial day weekend, likely to be the most traveled
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memorial day since 2019 before the pandemic. triple-a expects more than 39 million americans to venture at least 50 miles from home. and as they head out, bay area gas prices remain a record high. right now the average in san francisco for a gallon of regular is $6.31 according to triple-a. san jose is $6.20 with oakland close behind at $6.19. air travelers will notice fewer empty seats. delta announcing yesterday it is reducing its schedule by about a hundred flights a day partly because of rising covid rates. at southwest staffing limitations are forcing a 7% reduction. still, travelers at sfo say flying is cheaper than driving. >> we realize by flying back up we were probably saving money. this was going to cost us so much to rent a car. it was crazy rental prices. and the price of gas, so we actually saved money by flying over driving. >> there are approximately 13% fewer flights available over the next few months compared to
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before the pandemic. let's get over to our first alert meteorologist for that holiday weekend forecast. >> it is looking nice out there right now. partly cloudy skies. temperatures just right where we should be around average in the upper 50s near san francisco. mid 60s in oakland. upper 60s in concord. a quick look at what we can expect into memorial day, we are expecting lots of sunshine by monday so the clouds will start wrapping up. as we extend into the next couple days. if you're also heading up to bottle rock we are dealing with partly cloudy skies today, tomorrow, then like i said by sunday left with sunny conditions no matter where we're at in the bay even along our coast line which is ideal if you do plan on barbecuing or heading outdoors. still a little chilly though. bring a jacket but we'll keep you updated in the weather center and for now back over to you. >> thank you. we are learning new details about an early morning church fire in contra costa county around 2:45 this morning at the pentecostals of the bay area in pittsburgh. the building partially collapsed as the fire went to two alarms
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prompting fire crews to stay in a defensive mode for several hours. embers flew up from the fire scene but no other structures were damaged. the cause is under investigation. today's fire happened along central avenue two blocks north of highway 4. new at noon san francisco's public schools plan to launch a system of emergency response that taps into observations from students. the say something anonymous reporting system will involve more than three dozen middle and high schools across the city. it includes a mobile app as well as a website and hotline. the district will encourage students to report any threats of violence plus signs of harmful incidents like sexual harassment, bullying, and self-harm. the system goes online in the fall. major new developments regarding the response time by law enforcement to the uvalde, texas school shooting. police officials say a commander made a wrong choice by holding back officers as children in a classroom called 911 for help.
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>> reporter: instead of preparing for summer vacations, families are visiting the growing memorial outside of robb elementary school for the 21 people shot and killed here tuesday. as the investigation continues, there are growing questions about law enforcement's response. >> they say they rushed in and we didn't see that. >> reporter: law enforcement officials say the 18-year-old gunman entered the school through an unlocked door without being confronted by anyone. officers responded within minutes but took cover when fired at. >> from the benefit of hindsight where i'm sitting now of course it was not the right decision. it was the wrong decision period. no excuse for that. >> reporter: cbs news has learned it took an hour before an elite border patrol team entered the classroom and killed the shooter. by then 19 children and two teachers had been fatally shot. >> the on scene commander considered a barricaded subject and there was time and more
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children at risk. obviously based upon the information we have there were children in that classroom that were at risk and it was in fact still an active shooter situation. >> reporter: public documents show the school's security budget had been doubled in the last four years and the school district had a safety plan that included a policy of locking classroom doors. >> i saw the bullets on the floor. it was real. >> reporter: this 9-year-old student hid as the shooter entered his classroom. >> he crouched a little bit and he said it's time to die. >> reporter: president biden and the first lady will come to uvalde sunday to bring some comfort to the community. cbs news, uvalde, texas. >> the husband of teacher irma garcia who was killed tuesday died of a heart attack. his family says it was a broken heart. they leave behind four children. congress is on its memorial day recess until june 6th but a bipartisan group of lawmakers will work through the break to see if they can find a compromise for new gun safety legislation.
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the group will be focusing on red flag laws. these laws allow authorities to temporarily take guns away from people considered a threat to themselves or others. >> i expect there will be an informed debate about reforms we can make and i look forward to participating in those discussions. >> the senate will vote on gun safety legislation when congress returns from its recess. the white house says president biden supports the push for an urgent vote. stay with kpix 5 for continuing coverage of the texas school shooting on air, on, and streaming on cbs news bay area. governor newsom met with new zealand's prime minister today in san francisco. that meeting was to establish a new international partnership tackling climate change. in a news conference today they announced plans to reduce e.v. emissions and how ideas between california and new zealand can be shared. >> that demonstrates i think some of the shared values that we have.
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and those are, again, that progressive notion, that desire for us to identify a challenge and not just meet it but push further, harder, faster is still what both california and new zealand are still trying to do when it comes to the crisis of climate change. >> the news conference ended with the two of them exchanging copies of the cooperation agreement. carnivale is back with something completely new. why this cannabis garden is promoting a different type of growth. over a hundred probably. i collect something from every country that i go to. >> a student's rising above scholar telling an inspiring story around
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carnivale sf returns in full festival splendor this weekend. and for the first time at cannabis garden has officially
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been approved. organizers are trying to set a new culture with the way weed is perceived. >> reporter: that's nina parks. she has helped make the cannabis garden a reality. >> man, it b at this point, nina who has a cannabis lifestyle company said she brought the idea of having a cannabis space at carnivale in 2015 and seven years later it is now here. >> when we were younger it was ducking and dodging and going into often side streets. this feels empowering because we'll be able to not only have an entire block and entire space but actually be able to be comfortable. >> reporter: nina says this is for those 21 and older. they'll have vendor tents. you'll be able to talk with cultivators and small businesses. >> we'll have good places for people to kick it, roll up, be able to dispose. all of your rolling materials
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and recycling in compost containers and those things so we'll be able to start a new culture for the way cannabis comes into our community. >> reporter: setting a new culture is nina's goal. >> we are hoping that, you know, this becomes something that is more normalized, not as scary. we also hope that we can really encourage our community to that is something that is super important. >> reporter: she is hoping to set the framework for other events and fairs so that this isn't a one time thing. at the same time, help small businesses. >> more opportunities for cultural evolution especially in the city of san francisco that has already helped to create the tone for what cannabis culture looks like around the country. >> reporter: jocelyn moran, kpix 5. >> we'll have live coverage of the carnivale on cbs news bay area sunday morning starting at 10:00. let's check the forecast with so many things happening this
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weekend. jessica, how is it looking? >> so many events going on. we have bottle rock, carnivale. of course it is memorial day weekend. we have a plethora of tourists coming into town this weekend. let's take a live look from our cam at the golden gate bridge. it is chilly out there right now. partly cloudy skies. not only today but for the next couple days. it is also starting to kick up with the winds pushing in from offshore. you can see it right there on the american flag. daytime highs today. a fun fact. ranging just a little bit below average. now, that is a lot better than we started off this week. we were well above average, to the point where we were breaking record temperatures. to add to that we were about 20 degrees above where we should be. completely different set up as we head into this weekend with this fog future cast into the next couple hours. we'll see a little break in the bay. just around 3:00. then more clouds start filling it up. that is how we'll start off our weekend, too. even heading into saturday for that matter. on the bright side we do have high pressure pushing in from the south just enough to warm us up as we head into sunday and
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give us more sunshine no matter where you live. take it a step back again. daytime highs today still the 70s. anywhere from mountain view all the way down even into campbell, santa clara with a daytime high of 76 degrees. we're also seeing 80s in the forecast as we head off into the east inland hills. concord with the daytime high of 78 as well as walnut creek. then we cool down just a hair more of course a lot more actually as we head into san francisco. sausalito all in the low 60s. low 70s up near napa and sonoma. let's take a quick look at what we can expect into the next six days. it is a busy weekend. we have a lot going on for us. if you live in the san francisco area or have any events going on in the san francisco area this weekend expect breezy conditions on sunday. a gradual warming trend on monday. same trend pretty much everywhere else but sunshine will start peeping through a lot more as we extend even into our north bay and inland east bay with daytime highs the 70s by the weekend and 80s and 90s by next week. we'll keep you updated. for now back over to you.
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>> thank you. students rising above scholar with a world of experience. her incredible journey.
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for more than 20 yes kpix has been telling the stories of students rising above scholars but this week's scholar is leaning into her own story telling skills as she travels the world. here is elizabeth cook. >> i have a whole travel wall. >> reporter: brenda vazquez is a collector. >> this one from russia. >> reporter: postcards, art work, and knickknacks from past travels are scattered all over her apartment. >> over a hundred probably. i collect something from every country that i go to. >> reporter: reminders of the 18 or so countries. >> poland was the one i forgot. it takes me back to either the store i was in, the place in life that i was at, like how i ended up there. it is just like a little
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flashback. >> reporter: it is her collection of stories. >> this podca is a platform for people all over the world. >> reporter: that brenda treasures the most. >> kind of like you are stepping into their home and you get to see how they make sense of life. >> reporter: brenda is developing a podcast that will be an audio collection featuring someone from every country she visited. friends she has made along the way >> i realize throughout my travels i would run into people who would open up and start talking to me. an elementary school. we would go to the library. i became obsessed with this atlas. twa is a little atlas book. i don't know why but i ended up checking out the same book every time. >> reporter: the atlas provided an escape at a time her family was at its most vulnerable. when brenda was just 7 years old her single mother, a child care worker, found herself out of work after breaking her leg on the job. >> reporter: she wasn't working. the worst thing that came to my
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mind was krps coming and seeing that she wasn't fit to care for me. that was my worst fear being taken from her when my whole life has been me andm. >> reporter: the experience forced brenda to grow up fast. >> not having that security and not knowing would we actually be okay? my mom was like, yeah. we'll be okay. brenda graduated from berkeley high school. then cal state long beach before receiving a fulbright scholarship. then traveling the world making friends. >> exploring different concepts. >> reporter: and collecting stories at every stop. >> how did we all come to be? how did our paths cross? >> reporter: stories shared in a podcast brenda says will soon be her favorite souvenir. >> once you're telling a story you have my complete attention. >> reporter: for students rising above i'm elizabeth cook. >> brenda plans on officially launching the podcast soon but
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not before she makes a trip to costa rica gathering more stories no doubt. rock out in wine country this weekend. we'll tell you all about bottle rock. on the oregon coast. my husband, sam,
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we are taking a final look at our carnivale grand parade forecast. 62 for the start time at 9:30 a.m. it is going to be a cool and breezy day. keep that in mind. i know everyone is going to be
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all festive and ready to go. just keep in mind it is pretty chilly. as we head into monday on memorial day, temperatures slowly start warming up, expecting 50s along the coast up to the 90s, excuse me 79 degrees for the inland area and lots of sun to go around. >> don't bring the 90s back just yet. >> so sorry. the gates are open for bottle rock napa valley, a full weekend of food, music, and wine. metallica and pink and lou combs are headlining. we posted a full guide on that's it everybody. >> happy friday. >> have a great day and great weekend. >> see you.
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♪♪ >> quinn: oh, i have an idea. >> eric: what? >> quinn: why don't we have lunch together later? somewhere near the office? >> eric: i'm not available. i have an appointment. >> quinn: are you going to the club again? >> eric: yes, i am. >> quinn: oh. okay, well, normally, i would be disappointed, but i love how committed you are to exercising and pickleball, and--and you're still wearing the ring i gave you. >> eric: yes, of course i am. it was a gift from my beautiful, talented wife. >> quinn: well, i guess i'll just see you later at the office then. >> eric: okay. >> quinn: i love you. [chuckles]
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