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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 28, 2022 2:06am-2:31am PDT

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... manager right now. [ bleep ]. >> oh, boy, a customer caught on camera abusing a bay area restaurant worker. scenes like this are making another problem even worse. a cool start to the memorial tay w day weekend tomorrow, but i am tracking a change coming forward. >> and another bay area coach sounding off on the texas school shooting. kpex 5 is at the oracle park where gabe kapler plans to take his stand by sitting out a
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pregame tradition. >> reporter: here at home, skipper gabe capler says he's going to protest for the national anthem. >> i don't pefeel like coming o, until i feel better about the direction of our country. i don't expect it to move the needle necessarily. it's just something that i feel strongly enough about to take that step. think i, the rest of what i wrote, i think, explaining the rest of it. >> reporter: it was on his blog where he explained his reasons for not participating in the national anthem. he described how he felt like dropping to his knees but froze on the day of the uvalde shooting. he learned from a lesson from his father to protest when he's
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dissatisfied with his country. this comes on the heels of her to head coach,s steve kerr, making an impa impassioned plea. >> when are we going do something! >> reporter: his father was assassinated when he was only 18 years old. >> i want everyone person to think about your own child, grandchild, mother, father, sister, brother. how would you feel if this happened to you today? we can't get numb to this. >> a live look at capitol hill where a bipartisan group of lawmakers is working through the memorial daybreak to try to find some common ground on gun reform. john cornyn is the latest to join this group at the urging of minority leader, mitch mcconnell. >> i expect there to be a debate
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about reforms we can make. >> so the group is focussed mostly on red flag laws, which allows guns to be taken away from people briefelieved to be threat to themselves or others. a grass fire broke out at a graduation ceremony. they say firefighters, fireworks, rather, may have set it off. a live look now at the bay bridge. expect it to be busy this holiday weekend. slow now, but it is off hours. people are heading to the beaches for the weekend and to carnivale. we are told to keep our sweaters handy. >> it's going to be gray, and then the wind shift may allow clouds to clear out. we had below average temperatures across the board.
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only low 60s in santa rosa. about 70 in napa. temperatures in the mid-70s in san jose. those were the warm spots. the warmest spots tomorrow are only going to reach the mid-70s. the bottle rock festival is happening near napa and temperatures about where they were today. any hint of a sprinkle chance for the north bay is going to stay in sonoma and marin countying. should be comfortably cool. make sure you don't forget the sunscreen if you're heading out for the second half of the weekend. last day of the festival. temperatures will start off in the mid-50s. it's going to be cool out there. the wind is going to pecick up. we'll take a look at future cast and track the cloud cover out there in abundance already in a few minutes. tonight the high cost of gas has a lot of people thinking about just staying put this holiday weekend. >> we've had a couple trips
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planned, about six hours away, and we've canceled them just because it's going to cost $700 in gas. >> so, instead, neck cicole and fa fam family opted for santa cruz. new at 11:00, a customer behaving badly once again, mis mistreating a restaurant worker over an order of french fries of all things. it's one signal. a bigger problem as the industry struggles to emerge from the pandemic. >> reporter: you can hear a customer yelling at a worker. she grows impatient and starts throwing whatever she can grab
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on the corner. the owner of the food court eatery says his employee accidentally wrung the customer up for chili cheese fries instead of regular cheese fries, a difference of 25 cents. after getting a refund for the fries and another item, the customer came back. this time she threw her drink at the cashier, cursed at her and yelled, sorry, not sorry, on the way out. >> i don't think people realize how hard it is to do customer service at a restaurant. i've had our employees get yelled at, get called names. for whatever reason, i noticed the employees that have english as a second language, they get picked on a lot more. >> reporter: his employees have dealt with angry or irrational customers. last year, we did a story on a customer who spit at the cashier
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at a san jose location. >> we asked the customer to put on a mask and she refused. >> we don't know if we're going to be able to open some days, because it's really hard to find workers. >> reporter: he described this employee as hardworking, juggling two jobs. she hasn't returned to work since the trauma. police in texas are admitting somet really impactful. they're saying they waited too long to move in during the uvalde massacre at an elementary school, as 19 children and two teachers lost their living. students inside with the gun plan repeatedly call 911 begging for help. >> they let our baby get slaughtered, sacrificed. while they are [ bleep ]'s sitting behind a wall. > >> horrific to imagine that. at one point, 19 officers were
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outside the classroom when the decision was made not to move in on the gunman. unthinkable. the school district's police chief who was commanding the scene believed the shooter was barricaded and children were not at risk. >> i am livid about what happened. why did they not choose the strateg strategile that would have been best to eliminate the killer and rescue the children? >> from the benefit of hindsight, where i'm signature n sitting now, of course it was the wrong direction. >> former president trump called for a moment of silence for each of the shooting victims before suggesting more gun laws are not the answer. >> what we need now a top-to-bottom security overhaul
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at schools all across our country. >> and tonight, salesforce employees have penned an open letter, demanding their company stop doing business with the nra. the gun group uses them for marketing. we have reached out for comment. a bay area police cruiser crashed in an entirely different count fro county from where it should have been. wait until you hear how many fans are waiting in the ticket line. also it is a carnivale parade tradition, but it wasn't always welcome on bay area streets. the low down on how the
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tonight, new details and new body cam video of a san francisco police shooting that left two men dead. a warning, it could be difficult to watch. >> back, back, back, back! >> we paused the movideo there. one man died at the scene and the other at the hospital. this happened there the 280 overpass. police were responding to a fight of two men struggling on the ground near a homeless encampment, one of them had a knife. >> within seconds, mr. mckinnon again brought the knife point up and then downward towards mr. mendoza in a stabbing motion at least two times, while officers continued to give commands to drop the knife.
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>> well, eventually, officofficers opened fire hitting both men. they will not draw any conclusions until a full investigation has been done. new at 11:00, new video of a crumpled oakland police cruiser. this happen add couple hours ago at redwood parkway and oakwood avenue in vallejo. we've asked about the circumstances of this crash and whether the cruiser had been stolen. so far no word on that or whether anybody was hurt. ♪ ♪ we are counting down to carnivale. that rumble you hear on the streets of mission district will be the low riders. they are a parade highlight, but it wasn't that long ago that these drivers weren't welcome on the streets. we show you how they fought the system and won their right to
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cruise. >> reporter: cruising san francisco's mission district in roberto hernandez's chevy low rider is both a thrill and a journey through a civil rights struggle. and you were arrested for this? >> i was arrested 113 times. >> reporter: did that push you over the edge to file the lawsuit in federal court? >> yeah, and being brutally beaten on the street and inside the police station. i was done. >> reporter: young latinos drove cars that rode low. >> low riding was labeled as bad boy behavior. we stereotyped for a while. how can they afford these kinds of cars, they must be selling drugs. >> reporter: he won his lawsuit against police and 40 years later has a museum to curate it. >> we get invited to all these
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social gatherings that i would never have imagined being invited to be a part of mainstream society. >> reporter: the cars became attractions at civic events. >> we've become role models for or people in our community. >> reporter: forcing the police >> it made huge statement and sent a big message to the city of san francisco. and that was the beginning of us also. >> reporter: that became the catalyst for a civil rights movement. he credits cesar chavez. >> i was able to use those skills i learned to defend the right of our people to be able to cruise. >> reporter: the exhibit, showcasing the history of low rider resistance has a special message. >> because we human beings, and we got heart, we got soul, we got spirits. >> reporter: hernandez informally known at mayor of the
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mission. and has stayed true to the idealism hard learned in his 20s. kpix 5. >> catch our live coverage of carnivale parade streaming at 10:00 on "cbs news bay area." >>l >> you will be out there, right? >> i will be out there. apparently, i will need to shed some layers. i remember you saying mid-60s in the city. we never know what the live picture is of. >> plenty of cloud cover, and some are yielding light showers in the north bay. i'll show you those on high-def doppler in a moment. cool again tomorrow, light sprinkles possible for the north bay. and then a warmup starts to kick in. you might ponotice changes on
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sunday. there's that shower activity. skirting to the north bay. a lot of this is evaporating on the way down. this is way up in the atmosphere and not much of it reaching the ground. that activity is going to slide off to the east. we will be waiting until the next batch of moisture. we'll start off with widespread fog and low cloud cover making its way well into the inland valleys. then we're going to see a mix of sunshine. and here's that shower activity trying to move in by mid afternoon. this forecast model tends to be a little overenthusiastic in terms of the intensity of the shower activity, but there's a chance mortgagnorth of the gold. what cloud cover we have is going to be mostly gone by the time the sun comes up sunday
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morning. that little bit of rain is not going to be much help for the drought situation. now the exceptional drought, that's the worst category, and 60% of california is in severe drought. there's the cloud cover moving in over the santa clara valley. temperatures are mostly in the 50s. everybody's in the 50s, right now. anywhere from 52 in santa rosa to 59 in san jose. couple spots just barely below 50 degrees, then temperatures are going to try to warm up. 50s around the coast. mid-70s in the skanta clara valley. mostly low 70s thiin the tri valley. oakland and the east bay with mid to upper 60s. around 70 for sonoma and napa. those temperatures well below normal.
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sunday, another coolish day, but it will feel warmer with more sunshine overhead and the warmup will be more noticeable for memorial day. low to mid-80s in san jose. mid to upper 80s inland and the east bay. before we drop down to the other side of the temperature rollercoaster again by thursday and friday. charlie? >> here's a taste of what's coming up in sports. the bay area baseball teams are in action. who will the warriors face in the nba finals, or do we know yet? and nhl playoffs, an unbelievable ending to a series. you're going to have to see this
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golden state back in the nba
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finals for the sixth time in eight years. now they have a crucial week of rest ahead of game one thursday. but who will the warriors face? draymond green believes he already knows. >> if you're asking me who i want to play, you can ask me who i think we're going to play. i think we're going to play boston. >> will the celtics prove draymond right. five minutes to go, ball movement leads to a wide-open derek white triple. moc jimmy butler, shot clock expired. throws up a prayer and sinks it. the heat win 111-103. 28 of the giants next games, the
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cincinnati reds. these loyal giants fans hung around despite the two-hour rain delay. a little ice cream. giants down 2-0. carlos rodon on the hill. and that one is taken to the left field seats. the san francisco bats silent all night. reds winners, 5-1. the giants are 24-20 on the season. party in the coliseum outfield. the texas rangers in town all weekend. a's up 4-2, and chad pinder, oakland led 5-2. texas rallies back. up the middle. that's all the rangers needed. texas score six unanswered runs and win it 8-5.
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this cal fan flexing for the cameras. cal needed to beat ucla. ethen gorsen slaps it. and ucla goes on to win 9-7. cal ends its season with a record of 29 and 27. college softball now. madison simon. puts a charge into one. and it just clears the left center field fence. the underdog beavers get the job done in game one with a 3-1 victory. the cardinal will have to win the next two to advance. starting with game two tomorrow. the st. louis blues needed a win to force a game seven against the avalanche. tied with under ten seconds. looks like we get free hockey. instead, darren helm says series over. put it on ice. the winner with five seconds left on the clock.
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colorado wins the series. they will face ed m edmonton. listen, it's not just pro sports packing the crowds t
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