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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  May 28, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> i don't plan on kcoming out
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going forward. >> giants coach gabe kapler joins steve kerr in denouncing gun violence. a fire gutted an east bay church that took decades to build. how the community is hoping for this test to fade. manager right now. >> [ bleep ]. >> a customer caught on camera abusing a bay area restaurant worker. this morning, the owner tells us scenes like this are making another problem even worse. good morning. it is saturday, may 28th. thanks so much for joining us. i'm devin fehely. let's start with meteorologist darren peck. >> pretty view behind you and the same here tells the story of today. it's cloudy. cloudy in two layers. we have low clouds that are filling in the bay. higher clouds above. it'll be just like yesterday where it stays partlyly cloudy. there will be breaks of blue sky, and the temperature will be cooler than average.
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mid to upper 50s for most locations. we'll top out in the low 70s for some of the warmer inland spots. mid 70s in general in the bay, and upper 50s near the beaches. pick ott yout your part of the for day time highs. low to mid 70s. we'll be back with the rest of the forecast in a bit. small chance of a sprinkle later tonight. be back with that in a bit. over to you. >> thanks, darren. in general, there's an idea that sports and politics don't mix. sports are supposed to be entertainment and innocent diversion. that argument obviously ignores a long and necessary history of activism in athletics. enter gabe kapler. he's standing up by sitting down. >> reporter: the giants are on the road right now, but for the foreseeable future, even here at home, skipper gabe kapler says he is going to protest during the national anthem. >> i don't plan onco kcome out
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the anthem going forward until i feel like there's -- i feel better about the direction of our country. >> reporter: giants manager gabe kapler was brief but to the point during the pregame interview with reporters friday. >> i don't expect it to move the needle necessarily. it's just something that i feel strongly enough about to take that step. think i -- the rest of what i wrote i think explains the rest of that, yeah. >> reporter: it was on kapler's blog titled "home of the brave" where he explained his reasons for not participating in the national anthem. he described how he felt like dropping to his knees but froze during the anthem on the day of the uvalde day shooting. he wrote about a lesson he learned from his father to protest when he's dissatisfied with the country. his stance comes on the heels of another head coach, warriors steve kerr, making a passionate plea for gun control. >> when are we going to do something? ♪ last gleaming ♪ >> reporter: kerr did stand
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during the national anthem before his team won game five to become western conference champions. he is a victim of gun violence himself. his father was assassinated when he was only 18 years old. >> but i want every person here, every person listening to this, to think about your own child or grandchild or mother or father or sister, brother. how would you feel if this happened to you today? we can't get numb to this. >> reporter: in san francisco, andrea nakano, apix 5. this is a live look at capitol hill this morning. a bipartisan group of lawmakers are working through the holiday weekend, trying to find common ground on gun reform. john cornyn is the latest to join the group at the suggestion of minority leader mitch mcconnell. >> i expect there will be an informed debate about reforms we can make. i look forward to participating in those discussions. >> the group is mostly focused on red flag laws in which guns can be temporarily taken away
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from people considered to be a threat to themselves or to others. in a developing story, new body camera video surfaced showing a police shooting that left two men dead in san francisco. now, a warning, the video might be a little difficult to watch. [ yelling ] [ gunshots ] >> back, back, back, back! >> one of the men died at the scene, the other it a the hospital. the shooting happened on may 19th under the 280 overpass near m maripose and owens. one man had a knife. body camera videos shows several officers ordering the man to drop that knife. >> within seconds, mr. mckinnon again brought the knife point up and then downward towards mr. mendoza in a stabbing motion at least two times while officers continued to give commands to drop the knife. >> officers eventually opened
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fire, hitting both men. police say they will not draw any conclusions about whether the officers acted within department policy until a full investigation is completed. an east bay religious community is reeling after an inferno tore through their pittsburgh church, leaving the building a total loss. the church took decades to build. kpix's wilson walker spoke with members as they try to look to the future. >> we've been here since about 4:00 this morning when i heard the news that the church was caught on fire. we all kind of surprised and shocked, yeah. >> reporter: nearly ten hours after the fire started, flames were still jumping from the partially collapsed building. finally knocking the fire down required so much water and produced so much runoff that public works crewsgledo keep the storm drains clear. >> my son was born in this church. i got married in this church. this has been a spiritual haven
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for us for many years. >> it's hit us hard. we've done so much work on the sanctuary for 22 years, building it up. for this to happen, absolutely tragic. >> reporter: pentecostal spent more than 20 years rebuilding this old movie theater, transforming it into their own sanctuary. today, many came through to see the aftermath for themselves and offer each other support. >> even to pray. these are very difficult times, of course. saying why, why, why? i don't know why. you know, it's normal to question why things happen. >> every now and then, we go through trials and tribulations. it shows that it brings out the best in us. >> reporter: church leaders say they do not yet know the road ahead, but they will meet as soon as this weekend to discuss the first steps.
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the consciengregation says ther no question they will somehow move ahead. >> we are definitely going to move forward, and god is going to give us a victory. we believe, we're trusting that everything is going to work out for our good in the end. >> you know, they're very positive, people of faith. they believe we're going to build back better. we're going to move forward and build something greater than before. so i'm very happy with their spirit. >> reporter: church leadership has solved one immediate problem, and that is where to gather on sunday. they've received an invitation to hold those services at pittsburgh high school. we are here in pittsburgh. wilson walker, kpix 5. scary moments last night at a graduation ceremony in walnut creek. a grass fire broke out just behind the football field. here's a wider view from a wildfire camera. the good news is crews were able to knock down the fire before it did real damage.
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fireworks may have set it off. an irate customer mistreating a san francisco restaurant worker over an order of french fries. betty yu was told it is one ugly example of a larger problem, as this industry struggles to emerge on the pandemic. >> grab your manager right now. >> reporter: you can hear the customer demand to speak to a manager at a my savory hot dogs at stones town mall in san francisco. seconds later, she grows impatient and starts throwing whatever she can grab on the counter. the owner of the food court eatery said his employee accidentally rang the customer up for chili cheese fries instead of regular cheese fries, a difference of 25 cents. after getting a refund for the fries and another item, the customer came back. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: this time, she threw her drink at the cashier, cursed at her, and yelled, "sorry, not sorry" on her way out. >> sorry, not sorry! >> i don't think people realize how hard it is to do customer
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service at a restaurant. you know, i've had our employees get yelled at, you know, get called names. for whatever reason, i noticed the employees that have english as a second language, they get picked on a lot more. >> reporter: this is not the first time the owner says his employees have dealt with angry or irrational customers. last year, we did a story on a customer who spit at the cashier at the san jose location. >> asked her politely to put on a mask, and she refused. >> reporter: he'd just opened this location six weeks ago. >> i don't know if we can open some days because it is hard to find employees. >> reporter: he described this employee as hard working, juggling two jobs. she hasn't returned to work since the trauma. betty yu, kpix 5. the time is 6:10. still ahead and streaming on cbs
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news bay area, rent is skyrocketing. tips on how to get a better monthly rate. while the warriors await their nba finals opponent, wait until you hear how many fans are already waiting in the ticket line. a live look outside before we head to break. we'll be right back.
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i've lived in san francisco for 20 years. i'm raising my kids here. this city is now less safe for all of us. chesa boudin is failing to hold repeat offenders accountable. he prosecuted zero fentanyl drug dealing cases, even though nearly 500 people have died of overdoses. i'm voting yes on h to recall chesa boudin now. we can't wait one more day when people are dying on our streets.
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welcome back. the time now is 6:13. housing costs are climbing, especially for renters. you can blame inflation, high
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inventory, and high demand and low inventory. cbs news business analyst jill sl has some tips. >> reporter: rents are red hot. rents are up 17% from a year ago as of april. the increases are tough to take, but landlords say they're just making up for big drops amid covid. if your lease is up for renewal, do some research to get a sense of the current market. then talk to your landlord well in advance of the end date. be gracious. you love where you live, you've been a good payer, and you want to stick around. see if you can limit the rental increase by signing a longer lease, or if you expect to earn more money later in the year, ask for a delay in the new price. remember, the cost of moving could be higher than the rent increase. in some areas, you can apply for vouchers or try to enter a lottery for rent controlled or stabilized units. those are available for those who have earned below a certain
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amount of money. different cities set different allowed increases, they're generally linked to inflation. not always though. these ordinances usually apply to apartments, not single family homes, condos, co-ops or subsidized housing of any kind. check out the housing authority rules in the town or city where you live. jill schlesinger, cbs news, new york. tickets to the nba finals for the general public go on sale at 2:00 this afternoon. kpix spoke with fans hoping to score a seat. >> reporter: before the general public can start to buy tickets to game one of the nba finals, fans were at thrive city trying to get some of the latest arrivals at the team shop before those items sell out, too. >> we had to have it. >> the shirt. >> reporter: henry winford wished he'd come earlier friday morning. >> they like to come and buy up everything. >> okay. >> and i don't like to be last. >> reporter: it is a tradition each year to get something new to add to their warriors
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wardrobe when the team is up for another championship. >> i didn't decide to buy the playoff tickets this time. >> reporter: even with sn to sp money needed to see their team in person it's high this year. >> reporter: presale started friday morning for season ticketholders. additional presale continues through tomorrow morning. the general public gets a chance for games one, two, and five on saturday at 2:00 p.m. >> never got a look at the tickets tomorrow. >> reporter: these fans hope to be there for game one. they haven't looked at the prices, but they know they have to spend a lot to watch in person. >> that's expected already. [ laughter ] >> reporter: while the public is encouraged to buy tickets from the warriors website, prices already listed on ticket master show some of the cheaper seats were $600 to $1,000 depending on the game. >> hoping to see the finals in the arena. >> reporter: all the fans in the
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shop seemed confident how the warriors will do in the finals but weren't opposed to asking for help. >> we can only pray and -- only the man can tell, man, you know? if they're all in sync, it's all good. >> reporter: before game one, they want to enjoy this moment. >> it's been a long time coming. you know, everything we went through for the last three years, all the injuries, the new people, the adjustments. >> reporter: reporting at chase center, kpix 5. here's a look at the schedule for the first four games of the andhe 10th in june, it'll be either in boston or miami. as the bay area celebrates the dubs, we have you covered. we have all the latest on air and at and streaming on cbs news bay area. the high cost of gas has a lot of people thinking about staying put this holiday weekend. >> we've had a couple of trips planned about 6 hours away, and we've canceled them because it
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is going to cost, you know, $700 in gas. >> instead, nicole and her family just went as far as santa cruz. the boardwalk is back open and hoping to cash in. >> the boardwalk is a great spot when gas prices are high. we're an easy half day's drive at most. >> the boardwalk is expecting its best summer since before covid hit. we've posted a link to their events page on here's a live look outside. now, let's check in with first alert meteorologist darren peck with what weather you can expect for the holiday weekend. >> i'll use three cameras to show you that, devin. at least in terms of how saturday morning is starting out. the first one shows us the inland valleys where there might be a few allow clouds. r e st part, i etty day. aew high cloud work ihrough the morng afternoon. we've got low clouds around the delta. this is th looking toward antioch. blue sky here. watch what happens back into the
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bay. it is gray. it is socked in for most of the bay. in fact, when we go to treasure island and try to look back at the city skyline, that's the view. this is classic. temperatures are in the mid fe50s for just about everybody. north bay valleys is low 50s but it is relatively comfortable. no issues with visibility on the road. as brooding as the clouds look over downtown, this is not an issue on the drive for any of us. we take a look at where we're going for day time highs today. we'll see the numbers warm up into the low and mid 70s for the south bay. we'll top out in the low to mid 70s for the east bay. as far as the clouds go, the low clouds hanging on in the bay are going to hang on until we get to the early afternoon. over here, we'll be looking at more blue sky with passing high clouds for a good part of today. north bay valley, same story. you will get some breaks of blue sky. depending on how long the low clouds stay filling in the petaluma valley and up to santa rosa, you may not get out of the mid 60s today.
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you didn't yesterday. breezy tomorrow. watch the screen light up. this is going to be sunday afternoon. so day two of this three-day weekend, there is going to be a strong onshore breeze on sunday. saturday will be nicer in terms of not having to battle any kind of a wind chill or strong wind along the peninsula, east bay shoreline, and certainly along the coast. there's one other item for this weekend to talk about. that is a small chance of light rain, which shows up when we look at the big picture thanks to a system that will be well to our north. closer view on this will show a few isolated spotty showers that are going to try to get into the north bay this afternoon. more blue sky than anything else for most of the bay today. this is your saturday afternoon. a few spots of rain want to show up along the coast and in the north bay until we get past about sunset. that's about it. they don't add up to much of anything. that'd be like accumulating rain, not talking about that. that is saturday.
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tomorrow with carnevale, let's get specific forecasts on this. if your plan is to go, it'll be really nice weather out there on sunday. more sunshine than anything else. the mission is always good that way in terms of staying sunnier than the west half of the city. this is a great time of year, actually, for carnival. if you want to escape the gray, mission is a good play to go. if you're inland, you won't have the gray. it'll be relatively typical for this type of year temperature wise. mid 60s. that's the top line for san francisco. we just looked at that. now look at san jose. it'll be mid 70s over the weekend. warm up into the mid 80s as we get to the middle part of next week. we see the same story play out for our micro climates. it is subtly warmer in the middle part of the week. 90 for east bay valleys. it is one day, thankfully. we don't stay there long. we'll cool back down again, mid 70s by time we get to the end of this next coming week. devin? >> i notice that the fog was pretty heavy. there was some roads where it almost looked like it had been
6:22 am
raining, they were so wet. >> just enough to mist out. the closer you get to the hills, the more likely you'd be to encounter that. certainly, the closer you are to the water. i think that view from treasure island, where you can only see, like, the top halves of the buildings, is a good example. this is the kind of morning you can get some light mist out of that stuff. >> slow down a little bit and be careful. thank you. >> yup. what's going on, everybody? sports is coming up after the break. here's a little tease of what we have for you. bay area baseball teams were in action last night. who who will the warriors face in the nba finals? do we know yet? the nhl playoffs, an unbelievable ending to a series you have to seeoeve. it'sghts
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another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want —your team, ours or a mix of both. with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.™ what's going on, everybody? good morning and welcome to sports. i'm charlie walter. golden state is back in the nba finals for the sixth time in eight years. now, the dubs have a crucial
6:25 am
week of rest ahead of game one thursday. who are the warriors going to face? draymond green thinks he knows the answer. >> how long we been, draymond? >> you asking who i want to play. i'll tell you who i think we're going to play. we're going to play boston. >> okay. >> that's who we're going to play. >> thank you. that's the draymond i know. >> well, the celtics, can they prove draymond right? five minutes to go. ball movement, the extra pass. there's white, and he knocks down the triple. boston had their first lead of the second half. jimmy butler, he was fantastic. as the shot clock expires, nails it. he finished with 47 points, 9 rebounds, and 8 assists. the heat win, 111-103. they tie the series at three. do-or-die game seven in miami sunday. 28 of the giants' next 31 games are against teams with a losing record. starting last night with the worst team in the mamajors.
6:26 am
cincinnati reds. the loyal giants fans hung around despite a little 2-hour rain delay. a long 2-hour rain delay. carlos rodon on the mound, and drury takes that one to the left field seats. 5-1, reds win it. san francisco had silent bats all night. giants now 24-20 on the season. party in the coliseum outfield. the texas rangers in town this wee weekend. a's up, 4-3, third inning. will he give that party a sou souvenir? it's off the allstate sign. texas rallies back. two outs. they need one more, and they don't get it. two runners come in on the a single up the middle. it's all texas needed. six unanswered and win it 6-5. college baseball now. this cal fan showing off the guns at the pac-12 tournament. cal needed to beat ucla to
6:27 am
advance. gorson slaps the go-ahead run to center field in the top of the tenth. ucla winners, 9-7. cal ends the season 29-27. college softball. stanford hosting oregon state in the best of three super regionals. second inning, madison simon puts a charge into one, and it just clears the left center field fence. the underdog beavers get the job done in game one with a 3-1 victory. the cardinal will have to win the next two to advance, starting with game two today. okay. insane finish in the nhl playoffs. the blues needed a win to force a game seven against the avalanche. tied with under 10 seconds. looks like overtime. darren helm says, series over. no free hock ey for you, blues fans. puts in the game winner with 5 seconds on the clock. colorado is advancing.
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they'll take on edmonton in the western conference finals. the lakers hired their next head coach. they go with milwaukee bucks assistant darvin han. that's a look at sports this morning. have a great rest of your day, everyone. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, police now admit they made the wrong decision in the mass shooting in texas earlier this week. a new video of a bay area police car crashed in an entirely different country from where it should have been. live look outside in san jose. we'll be back in a moment.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> 6:31. >> thank you for joining us. i'm devin fehely. let's start with our weather with first alert meteorologist darren peck. >> no surprise after how cloudy it was yesterday that the view behind you of the bay bridge is gray. this is the view over the trivalley. we're waking up to gray skies even for the inland valleys this morning. the low gray clouds are not going to they all day. the higher clouds will. we'll get plenty of blue sky today. the morning is going to start out fairly gray, especially near the water. temperatures in the low to mid 50s. 56 in livermore. 59 in san jose. day time highs, we'll climb to the low and mid 70s in general.
6:32 am
degree or two cooler than yesterday with a chance of a sprinkle. we'll cover the three-day weekend in more detail. back to you. >> thanks, darren. police in texas admit they waited too long to move in during tuesday's mass shooting. 19 students and 2 teachers were killed inside a classroom at an elementary school. authorities say that students trapped inside with the gunman repeatedly called 911 begging for help. >> they let our babies get slaughtered. sacrifice. while they're [ bleep ] sitting behind a wall. >> the head of the texas department of public safety says at one point, 19 officers were outside the classroom when the decision was made not to move in on the gunman. he said the school district's police chief, who was commanding the scene, believed the shooter was barricaded and that the children were no longer at risk. >> i am livid about what happened. why did they not choose the
6:33 am
strategy that would have been best to get in there and to eliminate the killer and rescue the children? >> for the benefit of hindsight, where i'm sitting now, of course it was not the right decision. it was the wrong decision. >> that community is grieving and heartbroken over the school shooting, and this week in the national rifle association's annual convention will be in houston. natalie brand on the protesters who showed up outside. >> not one more! >> reporter: outside the national rifle association's annual meeting in houston, thousands of demonstrators demanded gun safely in the wake of the texas elementary school massacre that killed 19 children and two teachers. >> pleading for help. we're pleading for help from everyone! >> reporter: inside, texas senator ted cruz and former president donald trump were headline speakers, while the former trump called for a moment
6:34 am
of silence for each victim. >> amerie garza. >> reporter: he went on to defend gun rights. >> we need a top-to-bottom security overhaul at schools all across our country. >> reporter: the nra meeting moved forward despite calls to cancel it, with tens of thousands of nra members in attendance. >> we will not allow our second amendment rights to be taken away from us by a bunch of cheap politicians. >> reporter: cbs news poll taken following the grocery store massacre in buffalo but before the uvalde mass shooting shows around 54% of americans want stricter laws around the sale of guns. but our poll also revealed a stark partisan divide on the issue, with less than 30% of republicans surveyed wanting stricter laws. gun rights groups spent $15.8 million on lobbying last year, five times more than what gun safety groups spent.
6:35 am
at least one gun maker is not attending the nra convention. daniel defense, the manufacturer of one of the guns purchased by the uvalde gunman, said in a statement, one of our products was criminally misused. we believe this week is not the appropriate time to be promoting our products in texas at the nra meeting. a recent post by the company on twitter featured a photo of a toddler holding an assault rifle. that post has since been removed. natalie brand, nbc cbs news, washington. an emergency response system called the say something anonymous reporting system. it'll above 40 middle and high schools across the city. there is a mobile app, website, and hot line. the district will encourage students to report threats of violence as well as other harmful incidents like sexual harassment, bullying, and self-harm. that system is expected to go online in the fall. oakland police cruiser was wrecked when it crashed 25 miles
6:36 am
outside its jurisdiction. this happened 9:00 last night at redwood parkway and oak wood in vallejo. we asked about the circumstances of that crash and whether the cruiser had been stolen. so far, no word on that or whether anyone was hurt. as we begin the memorial day wee weekend, a recent spike in covid cases is causing concern. california's test positivity rate reached 7% on friday, up 1.5 percentage points in a week. the state is averaging 12,000 new cases a day. in san francisco, the positivity rate is 11.5%. covid cases are substantially higher than last memorial day weekend when the positivity rate was under 1%. public schools in san francisco are reporting the most covid cases since january. if you look at the cdc map on community transmission of covid, california is mostly red. nearly every county is now in the top level of high community transmission of covid, except
6:37 am
for some sparsely populated rural areas. public health officials have detected a second suspected monkeypox case in sacramento. that person is a close contact of the original patient. confirmed to have the virus. the cases are related to recent travel in europe. missing children's posters are supposed to catch people's attention, and for good reason. now, some in the uk are getting a high-tech makeover. the posters are going digital. abd 3d, digital images show the person moving and blinking opposed to the still images we've gotten used to? . >> this technology allows us to make the images much more clear, higher resolution. they give that sense of a real human being behind the story. >> another change, the word "missing" is replaced with "help find" which is supposed to be more of a call to action to motivate people to help. a qr code also allows people to
6:38 am
scan and share your doctor gives you a prescription. “let's get you on some antibiotics right away.” we could bring it right to your door. with 1 to 2 day delivery from your local cvs. or same day if you need it sooner. but aren't you glad you can also just swing by to pick it up, and get your questions answered? because peace of mind is something you just can't get in a cardboard box. that's how healthier happens together with cvs.
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♪ jury deliberations have begun in the johnny depp and amber heard defamation trial.
6:41 am
astrid martinez says the jury has a lot of evidence to sift through before reaching a verdict. >> reporter: after six weeks of testimony, attorneys for johnny depp and amber heard delivered closing statements today. >> we ask you to give mr. depp his life back by telling the world that mr. depp is not the abuser ms. heard said he is, and hold ms. heard accountable for her lies. >> reporter: during the defamation trial, heard testified about more than a dozen episodes of physical and sexual assault that she said depp infliected on her. depp said he never hit his former wife. >> i have never struck a woman in my life. >> reporter: the case centers around a 2018 "washington post" op-ed, in which heard referred to herself as a public figure representing domestic abuse. depp was not named in the article but says it destroyed his reputation and his career. he's seeking $50 million in damages. >> think about the message that
6:42 am
mr. depp and his attorneys are sending to amber and, by if you didn't take pictures, it didn't happen. if you did take pictures, they're fake. >> reporter: heard counter-sued for $100 million after depp's former attorney called her abuse allegations a hoax. the seven-member jury is tasked with reaching two verdicts. one for depp's original lawsuit and the other for heard's countersuit. the amount of testimony and other evidence means the deliberations will likely continue into next week. astrid martinez, cbs news, new york. in the north bay after facing three years of severe drought conditions, reservoirs that feed into the russian river are running historically low. lake saonoma is at 57% capacity while lake mindesino is 56%.
6:43 am
the morning is off to a foggy start. let's hand it over to meteorologist darr the onehowed was t came mount diab,king the north. if you are in concord, starting out with clear skies. but it is very different for many other locations. let's start out by checking in on the scene this morning. we'll come back to high-def doppler in a second, because there is rain on it which is part of the story for later tonight. there is the possibility. we could see a drop of rain in the north bay later tonight. more on that in one second. that's the view above santa clara valley. same story here. for the most part, blue sky with a few low clouds over the east bay hills. if we change our perspective a bit, we've already seen the camera on mount diablo, this is the tri valley. this is a gray start here for much of the tri valley. li livermore, dublin. it is certainly gray through the heart of the ga bay with
6:44 am
temperatures in the mid 50s. that's comfortable to start the day. if we watch how this plays out, the darker gray shows you where the marine layer filled in a good part of the bay. the lighter colors show the higher clouds. through today, you don't really see a break in this. we'll get a break in some of the lower clouds, right in over the city. certainly the peninsula and the east bay shoreline. those low clouds never go away entirely. they'll hold on to the golden gate and the northern edge of the city. high clouds stick around. watch what happens tomorrow. a clear pattern is going to kick in and take the clouds, and by late morning tomorrow, get rid of them. we're going to see the winds pick up sunday. we'll clear out the low clouds sunday. sunday will be a sunnier day, but it is going to be a breezier day. in between now and then, we get light rain out of the clouds. to go along with all that, day time highs that climb into the 70s. we'll top out around 72, 73 for inland valleys. it'll be 74 for san jose. we'll see temperatures 66 today for santa rosa where you've been
6:45 am
struggling to get out of the mid si 60s thanks to the clouds. look how the winds turn on. not so much this afternoon. sunday going into the late afternoon and evening, 30 to 40 mile an hour gusts right there. along the coast, coming through the city. that fits in with the breezy aspect. here's the rain chance for tonight. see the light showers sitting up there way off the coast? that system is going to try to hold together to bring a few of those down to the north bay as we get into the late afternoon and early evening. there's not a lot to this. i mean, this is not a major consequence on the weekend at all. except could be interesting if you get a drop of rain. it does help explain why we're staying relatively cloudy and also why it is going to be breezy tomorrow when the system leaves. the onshore winds will turn on. for carnival, it'll likely be breezy. look at the forecast for sunday tomorrow, the mission is always shielded from this. it is going to be sunny in the mission, you're certainly always shielded from the marine layer, at least many mornings you are.
6:46 am
you get more blue sky here. it'll be a bit breezy tomorrow if your plans are takinge ing y darn carnival. we'll cover it live on cbs bay area news. if you're not going to the festival, we'll share it with you. seven-day forecast shows you not only carnival but also memorial day, which should be quiet. the winds will have calmed down by monday, and the temperatures will not have rebounded yet. it'll be relatively cool, relatively sunny for the third day of this three-day weekend as we go into memorial day. then a little bit of a warmup for next week, deafvin. that's 90 for the warmer inland spots by the time we get to wednesday, thursday of next week. >> good news, nothing in the forecast that will interfere with the parade. thanks so much. >> you got it. a san jose man is planting seeds toward self-sufficiency so low-income families can produce food in their own home gardens. sharon chen introduces us to this week's jefferson award
6:47 am
winning. >> in the garden, i like to rinse it off. >> reporter: she marvels at how her san jose backyard has transformed from an empty wasted space into a beautiful thriving garden that nourishes her body and spirit. >> i enjoy looking at how it seeds, the sprouting, and everything, until the fruits i can harvest. >> reporter: she's grateful to la l laz lazano. no 2011, its broke his heart to hear how people were losing their jobs in the recession. he began teaching low-income families to grow organic home gardens to fight food insecurity. >> i was trying to figure out a way people can grow their own food and practice food sovereignty. >> reporter: his non-profit -- >> here's a look at what you're
6:48 am
getting. >> reporter: -- took root. it takes on 100 families each year for one year. they get free seeds, seedlings, soil, planter boxes if needed, and workshops to teach folks with a to do. >> radish go in before. >> reporter: kelpana feels empowered, feeding her family produce from her home harvest. >> as you grow, you learn a lot about nutrition, growing your own food, and being independent. >> reporter: one of the unique things about valley verde is it grows seedlings used in ethnic food. this is lemongrass, commonly used in southeast asian cooking. more than 70% of the families are immigrants. early on, they asked to grow multi-ethnic fruits and vegetables. he added basil and other important ingredients for preserving their culture. >> one of the major things they're able to hold on to their heritage, who they are, teach their children through their
6:49 am
food. >> reporter: staff member rita espinoza, who manages the gardening program, says raul tends over backwards to ensure gardeners have all the resources and support they need to succeed. >> he's just very passionate. he's very passionate about the work, and he cares about 23 families in need. >> reporter: raul gives people a gift from the ground up. the gardening skill he learned as a child and cultivated as a relaxing hobby now sustains local families. >> it's way more rewarding than i ever thought it was going to be. >> reporter: so for planting seeds of self-sufficiency for low-income families, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to raul lozano. kpix 5. >> for 23 years, raul headed a non-profit theater company. he is using the connections to fund the garden program through donations, grants, plus sales from its nursery.
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
we're counting down to carnival. if you hear a rumble in the mission district, it'll be the low-riders, a parade highlight. kpix's lynn ramirez shows how they fought the system and won their right to cruise. >> ready to roll? >> reporter: cruising san francisco's mission district in roberto hernandez's 1964 chevy low-rider is both a thrill -- >> for you, bro. >> reporter: -- and a journey through a civil rights struggle. you were arrested for doing this? >> yeah, arrested 13 times. >> reporter: did that push you over the edge to file the lawsuit in federal court? >> yeah. being brutally beaten on the street and inside the police station. i was done. >> reporter: young latinos drove flashy cars that rode low, hopped, and danced on three wheels. >> low riding was labeled as bad boy behavior.
6:53 am
we were stereotyped. oh, wow, how can they afford these cars? they must be selling drugs. >> reporter: hernandez won his lawsuit against san francisco's police, and now, 40 years later, curated a museum exhibit to commemorate it. >> low riders are in music videos, movies, commercials. we get invited to all these social gatherings that i would have never imagined ever being invited to be a part of, mainstream society. >> reporter: the cars became attractions at civic events. >> we've become role models for other people in the community. >> reporter: forcing the police to back down was only the start. >> it made a huge statement and sent a big message to the city of san francisco. that was the beginning of us also doing voter reg. >> reporter: that became the catalyst for a civil rigegghts movement right here? >> yeah, it was. >> reporter: he credits cesar chavez showing him how to organize when they worked together as farm workers. >> it was powerful, how i was able to use the skills i learned
6:54 am
here in terms of creating the movement to defend the right of our people to be able to cruise. >> reporter: the exhibit showcasing the history of low riding resistance has a simple message. >> because we are human beings and we got heart. we got soul. we got spirits. >> reporter: her nandez in informally known in san francisco as the mayor of the mission. kpix 5. >> catch our live coverage of the carnival parade tomorrow morning at 10:00, streaming on cbs news bay area. one, two, three. >> the rock weekend kicked off yesterday at the napa valley expo. they're expecting 40,000 people to attend the event each day. people literally sprinted for the best spots when the festival grounds opened up. metallica headlined last night. 21 pilots perform tonight. pink and dozens more will perform through the weekend. >> ittwestmore tomorrow.
6:55 am
luke combs on sunday. it's an amazing lineup. >> we come every year. every year. >> yeah. >> we love -- this is our festi. >> we've posted a full bottle rock event guide on our facebook page. and on the front page of exhibits are on display in santa roh sksa and columbus, ohio, celebrating what could have been the "peanuts'" creator's 100th birthday. >> my desire is to scelebrate te centennial of schultz's birth, that everyone goes away learning something, oh, i didn't know that about schultz. >> he was known for
6:56 am
another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready.
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6:58 am
another half hour, i have the rest of the forecast coming up. there is a small chance of rain coming our way. later tonight, we'll spot more detail coming up in the next half hour. devin, back to you. coming up in our next half hour, another bay area coach sounding off on the texas school shooting. and caught on camera. what one restaurant owner says is making staffing issues even worse in an already struggling industry. that's come up next.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> donlan ong out m g ar stream cbs bay area, gabe kaplan joins steve kerr in denouncing gun violence. a fire gutted an east bay church that took decades to build. it is a test of faith for the congregation. manager right now. >> [ bleep ]. >> a customer caught on camera behaving badly at a bay area restaurant. this morning, the owner tells us scenes like this are making another problem even worse. good morning. it is saturday, may 28th. thank you so much for joining us. i'm devin fehely. let's start with a check of the weat


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