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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 28, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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to be understood. >> and later, stanford students get a chance to talk to the ukrainian president directly. good evening, i'm brian hackney. carnaval comes with a big boost for local businesses. ♪ san francisco's mission district is alive with music, food, dance, and other fun festivities on day two of carnaval. it is the largest multicultural celebration on the west coast. >> kpix 5's max darrow shows us how some local businesses are hoping to cash in as the crowds pour in. >> reporter: carnaval festivities are under way in the mission district. the return of the parade carries a new meaning for many of the long time businesses along mission street. ♪ it's tough not to feel the music.
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especially for enrique barrow. >> there's only one thing you have to follow. >> reporter: who is so glad san francisco's carnaval celebration is back in rhythm. >> for latinos it means celebrating our heritage, our music, our friendship, our families. >> reporter: on saturday, the street fair was back. and on sunday, mission street will host the main event, the parade, which hasn't happened since before the pandemic. the folks at this cafe will have a front row seat. >> carnaval is the perfect thing to bring spirits up high. >> reporter: cynthia rooney and carlos martinez are eager to see the community come together. the theme of this year's celebration, colores de amore. >> it means colors of love, basically unity in all the different cultures which is san francisco in a nutshell. >> reporter: as the festival and parade begins its next movement, martinez and rudy are as well.
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they're introducing a new business to the district, t z a. for them, another reason to celebrate after years without much of anything to celebrate. >> celebrating life is a really important thing right now. >> reporter: and that is what barrow plans to do all weekend. >> everything that has to do with love. and it's not only the love between us as latinos, but the love that our music and our people share around the world. ♪ >> reporter: the parade will kick off at 9:30 tomorrow morning. in san francisco, max darrow, kpix 5. >> catch our live coverage of the carnaval parade sunday at 10:00 a.m. on cbs news bay area. if you're planning to go in person, the parade route starts on 24th and bryan. it will travel west on mission street ending on 15th and
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harrison. governor gavin newsom has tested positive for covid-19. the governor made the announcement, saying he's experiencing mild symptoms, but is glad he got vaccinated. his office also released a statement saying he is taking the antiviral paxlovid and will quarantine until next thursday. just yesterday governor nsemini. they shook hands and posedewhad es inr golden gate park and signed a pledge to fight climate change and talked gun control. prime minister's office sent a statement out saying the prime minister has taken precautions during her trip to the u.s. like masking up and meeting outdoors, including that meeting with the governor. on wednesday newsom and other democratic leaders also held an indoor news conference to talk about gun reform. the governor got his second covid booster shot ten days ago. covid cases are spiking in the middle of this holiday weekend. california's test positivity
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rate reached 7% today, that's up 1 1/2 points in just a week. the state averaging now 12,000 new cases a day. ♪ and although covid cases are on the rise, a lot of people are going out to enjoy day two of bottlerock in napa valley kpix 5's shawn chitnis has more. >> reporter: bottlerock is back on memorial day weekend, another sign that the napa valley is moving in the right direction and moving past the pandemic. the bands. the beverages. and the barbecue. >> everybody loves the mac and cheese. >> reporter: so many reasons to return to the napa valley expo and another year of the bottlerock festival. >> i think napa is rebounding better than you could have imagined. >> reporter: long time local businesses like cole's chop house see a big benefit.
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the exposure around is around half the number of people who live in napa. >> we had an awakening, a moral compass to make decisions for employees that had no other source of income. >> reporter: the pivot businesses made during the pandemic is one some shops are still coming out of. >> it definitely has been a struggle. but our locals definitely do help us out a lot. >> reporter: while others see opportunity to expand when there is hunger for more options in town. >> i think coming out of the last couple of years and the challenges of covid and the fires, people are really excited to embrace new concepts. >> reporter: overall, businesses say they're lucky that napa remained a destination throughout the pandemic. but they're grateful for the support near and far as they continue to recover. >> we really appreciate the staff here, we appreciate the people who make this go smoothly. >> reporter: people returning to the festival enjoyed seeing a relaxed atmosphere with less concerns about covid this year. >> the weather's been good, vibes have been nice. everyone is super friendly.
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>> reporter: those attending for the first time were excited to make this a new tradition. all signs of this strength showcased at this event on stage and in the stands. >> people are ready to come out. when you see an event like this attracting 40,000 people a day after the pandemic, it's hard to believe. >> reporter: shawn chitnis, kpix 5. crews are making progress in putting out a large recycling debris fire on leo avenue near monterey and chili road. the smoke was captured on this alert wildfire camera. san jose fire says the flames threatened several commercial buildings at one point. here is what crews are up against. you can see plumes of smoke rising from large piles of debris. crews are using an excavator to get to the actual fire and they're asking people to avoid that area. in the east bay, neighbors rescued a resident from a large house fire in oakley on sand mount boulevard near the marina
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early this morning. as you can see, large plumes of smoke could be seen from across town. crews say neighbors used a ladder to save a person from the burning home. and here is the aftermath. crews say the wind blew embers on the boats and docks behind the home. also in the north bay today, marin county actually threw a festival dedicated to wildfire prevention. we sent john ramos to the embers stomp. >> reporter: the fact that marin county will create a festival over the subject of wildfire shows how seriously they're taking it and how much it's become a part of the public consciousness. marin has been lucky. and those who live here know it. they haven't had a disastrous wildfire, yet. but everyone who crossed the bridge to today's ember stomp festival knows how real the danger is. >> there used to be a marin home show and fire safe marin would have one booth at the home now. now the home show is all fire
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safe marin. it says there's a lot of concern. >> reporter: there was music and food and even a petting zoo were kids could meet the kids that keep the hillsides free of brush and weeds. but mostly the event was a way to bring everyone in fire safety together in one place. marcy lives next to a wooded open space which she says puts her on the edge in more ways than one. >> when the wind picks up at night it's hard to sleep. >> reporter: today she was on a mission to deal with one of the most common wildfire entry points, the attic events. >> i'm going to replace my vevents in case the embers come down the driveway. >> reporter: have you ever thought of that possibility before? >> no, it's all new. there's a lot of awareness out there and i'm paying attention. >> reporter: industry is paying attention too. fortress fire retardant services built a rig that can hose down landscaping and even homes
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themselves with a special retardant coating that pulls moisture from the surrounding air. >> when the wildfire is there, the embers will be hitting wet retardant and it's going to retard that from starting a fire. >> reporter: the lessons are becoming familiar. keep flammable and foliage at least five feet away. the kinds of plants used int sh with the uc cooperative extension, says even if people can't do everything, they should at least do something. >> i really want to empower the community and people in general so that they know that any little step they do is a step in the right direction. >> reporter: marin can't avoid wildfire forever in the message of ember stomp is that anything done today, no matter how small, can have an impact on what happens tomorrow. >> there's going to be a fire at some point. but the damage will be less than it would have been had we not
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held this kind of organizing. a boom in rattlesnake sightings is tasba w one company is using an unusual tool to get ahead of rattlers. nasa unveils technology in the bay area in their quest to find water on the moon. and back here on planet earth, we're tracking light rain. look what first alert doppler is seeing, a few light showers off the coast trying to hold together. these are not a big deal but they tell us some things about the next two days in
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stanford students had a video discussion with ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy yesterday. students asked questions, some
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in ukrainian, but his facial's battle against russia and how we can help and support ukraine. [ applause ] >> what is important, answering your question in ea for us to be heard, for us to be understood. leaders of specific countries should feel this pressure of this society and it's only then that they will appreciate the pain and feel it with you, through you. it is very important, they should not have their heads in the clouds. >> president zelenskyy also addressed the texas elementary shooting that left 19 students and two teachers dead. >> and we are living in terrible times when american people express their condolences because of the death of
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ukrainians and we express our condolences because of death in peace. >> during his address president zelenskyy noted since he last visited stanford in december much has changed but he has much hope for the future. a new space exploration tool to look for water on the moon is getting attention in the bay area. nasa unveiled a full scale model of the viper. it's about the size of a golf cart. next year the real thing will spend about 100 days looking for ice at the south pole of the moon. and other resources that could one day sustain human life extraterrestrially. the lunar rover is part of the artemis missions which will some day send humans back to the moon. in other news, the east bay regional park district said look out for rattlesnakes. there have been more sightings in recent days.
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staff there remind us warmer weather brings more rattlers out. in a related story, this is in sacramento, the company reptile removal has been busy responding to residents desperate to get rid of the rattlers. the company sends in peaches. who is peaches? that's peaches. the company's snake-sniffing do >> if we feel like it's snakey, we'll refer to her and she'll literally be able to detect where nasnakes have been living. >> wow, seems risky. the owner says if you see a rattlesnake, don't disturb it and you should be fine. if you're bitten, of course you should get medical care immediately. >> asap. the carnaval parade is taking over the mission tomorrow morning. people on the parade route should make sure to layer up. >> how do you know? >> i sound like a mom there. >> i would say we should defer to first alert meteorologist
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darren peck. >> i was reading the copy. >> juliette, i never would have guessed. it is going to be breezy, bring a jacket for the second half of the day. more sunshine than anything else tomorrow. the wind will turn on a little stronger than today. that will make it feel kind of cold for carnaval. if you're doing anything else tomorrow that will have you near the water, even if you're in the east bay. let me show you how this is coming together, all these clouds sitting over the north bay, there is some rain in that. first alert doppler shows you the light showers coming their way down the peninsula. the futurecast sees that and it also sees it fall apart over the next few hours. we're not going to get rain out of that. you might get a drop if you're near the coast or up in the hills on the peninsula, maybe in the santa cruz mountains, that might hold together for a drop of rain but that's all we'll see from that. totally different world, seemingly. that's the tri valley. this really is limited to the coast, and it's not that impressive. tomorrow, the sky is going to
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look like that for the majority of us, by the time we get to early afternoon. and we'll be a little warmer tomorrow than today. only making it up into the low 70s for some of our warmer inland spots. here is tomorrow, specific for carnaval. temperatures are fine. sun icons are all good news. you've got to look down there at the fine print. by 2:00 p.m., the west winds sustained at 19 miles an hour. watch the colors on the screen light up. and you can see i've pulled out the mission right here. about an 18-mile-an-hour breeze at 2:00 in the afternoon. after that, the wind really pick up and we all feel this up and down the peninsula, out along the coast, and even to a lesser degree on the east bay shoreline. it's a classic onshore wind but it's going to be stronger tomorrow. so you'll feel it. and watch the clouds totally disappear as a northerly flow for tomorrow afternoon clears out our sky. it's going to look different and better tomorrow. between now and then, morning lows go down into the low 50s, where they were today. daytime highs tomorrow will be a few degrees where they were today.
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we're back up to 74 in livermore, 77 santa rosa. if you're lucky, you may get there. you made it to 70 today, you did a better job in santa rose is a. 70 in fremont. one other item. we haven't yet talked about monday, memorial day proper. there is an issue on monday. not so much in you getting out and enjoying the weather, because it will be wonderful for the majority of the bay but there is going to be a little bit of an offshore wind coming through the sacramento valley on monday so solano county, the rest of the sacramento valley, specifically the west side of the sacramento valley, there is now a fire weather watch on monday and tuesday. starts monday morning, goes through tuesday. you can see why when we look at the visualization on the winds. watch the northerly winds pour out of the sacramento valley right there. that's going to dry out the landscape. it will lower the humidities. it makes it a bit gusty on those foothills. it doesn't have a big impact for the majority of us just going about our memorial day.
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it's going to be a great day, sunny and calm. by wednesday, santa fe, shows up for you. we'll be in the low 90s for inland valleys by then. charlie? a ton of sports to get to today. and we have a lot of time to get to it after the break. why the miami heat have a chip on their shoulder to face the warriors in the nba finals. plus a walk-off in the giants' final at bat today. usually that's a good
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good to be with you. the phrase we're on to cincinnati has usually been followed with wins in major league baseball because the league's first franchise currently owns the first record in the league. roll the tape. mascots getting paid regardless of the wins and losses. look at mr. red bags with the splits. alex wood serves up a three run shot to kyle farmer. those are the only runs wood allowed. joc pederson up, he's hot. doubles to the wall and right center. mike comes around to score, a 3-1 ball game. evan longoria and a golf clap, launches it into the upper deck bleachers. it's a one-run game, top nine. heroics, maybe? giants down a run, wilmer flores. they're going to send joey bart
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and joey bart does not go george brett. wasn't even close. reds win 3-2 and the giants have lost sense of their last nine. here is the strange story out of cincinnati. that's reds' tommy pham slapping joc pederson. pham was suspended for three games. all this drama stems from a simple fantasy football league incident. what may have turned pham physical was a gift in a group text that made fun of the padres. pedersen said the gif was a harmless joke. attending his daughter's graduation. cory seeger takes a two-run shot. very next pitch. garcia hit 31 dingers last year. and he finds a little power for his seventh of the season. now 5-1 in the fifth.
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marcussimeon, welcome back. first home run of the season for simeon. and it was never close from that point. texas wins 11-4. oakland now 6-17 at home this season. the nba finals start on thursday and like every other round, the golden state warriors are going to have to wait all seven games to find out who their opponent is. >> well, we're waiting. >> tomorrow we will have our answer. last night, jimmy i butnlerre b a game 7. the warriors will be the much more rested team, no doubt about that. but miami has a little motivation to get to the finals to prove draymond green wrong. >> you're asking me who i want to play. i'll tell you who i think we're gonna play. we're gonna play boston. >> okay. >> that's who we gonna play. >> we laughed, i thought it was
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funny, because he knows better than anybody, we still have to play the game. kind of weird to be a player and pick another team. >> stanford softball, the rally caps are r egional on game. against oregon state. first inning, beavers' grace mesmer, bases loaded. two runs come to score, the only two runs to cross the plate. oregon state sweep stanford with a 2-0 win. beavers have a spot in the women's college series. stanford baseball taking on arizona in the pac 12 tournament. carter graham connects for a two-run shot that's going to give stanford a 3-2 lead in the third ranked cardinal, won 5-4. their 15th straight win. they will play either/or or state or ucla in tomorrow's pac-12 championship game. soccer, two goals today
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against lafc. but it wasn't enoughor s brian scores to give l.a. the lead. they beahe quakes soer,erpo rea. scoreless in the 59th minute, past a setup. goal. it's their record 14th european cup titles, their fourth in the last seven years. that is a lookup ator o ursp n. hour, despair and growing outrage. a texas community and the nation asking why it took so long for law enforcement to stop the school shooter. and trees catch on fire and then spread to homes. in one south bay neighborhood, what we learned minutes ago. and with calls to conserve, more homeowners are looking to change their habits. how one east bay man made the switch to recycled water.
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i joined the district attorney's office
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to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. (music throughout) we can't wait.
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now at 6:30, amid the heartbreak and tears, growing outrage in texas after law enforcement admitted to mistakes while responding to the school massacre that left 19 children and two teachers dead. welcome back, i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. first, two homes caught fire in san jose.
6:30 pm
fire crews say the braise stablaze started in nearby trees and spread to the homes, a few blocks west of middle glen middle school. back to our top stories, new questions about the response to the texas school shooting. danielle brauddus has more. >> reporter: the uvalde school chief's decision not to move in is at the center of an investigation. steve mccraw said the shooter was inside robb elementary school for more than an hour. at one point nearly 20 officers stood by in the hallway under the belief an active attack was no longer under way. >> of course it was not the right decision. it was the wrong decision, period. there is no excuse for that. >> reporter: students trapped inside a classroom repeatedly called 911, begging for help.
6:31 pm
>> she asked 911 to please send the police now. >> reporter: 19 children and two teachers were killed in a fourth grade classroom during the worst school shooting since sandy hook nearly a decade ago. in the aftermath, a church group is offering comfort from its k9 team. these visitors to the city reflected on how the world has changed in recent years. >> when we were growing up, we trained for tornado drills. hide under the desk. you know? now we're in an age where, hey, we have to train for an active shooter. >> reporter: grief is confounded by outrage in uvalde. many people are asking why this happened especially since uvalde police have undergone active shooter training. >> why didn't they make the right decision and go in? they got their own assault rifles, they got their vests. that's their job. that's what they're there for. >> reporter: christian and jessica's daughter kiley survived the shooting. but now the family and many in the community are questioning
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why police didn't be at sooner. president biden and the first lady plan to visit the texas city tomorrow. today vice president kamala harris and her husband attended the funeral of the oldest victim of the buffalo shooting. ruth whitfield was one of ten people killed two weeks ago when an 18-year-old male opened fire in a grocery store in a predominantly black neighborhood. at the service today, the vice president called for action. >> this is a moment that requires all good people, god loving people to stand up and say we will not stand for this. enough is enough. we will come together based on what we all know we have in common and we will not let those people who are motivated by hate separate us or make us feel fear. >> today, president biden delivered a commencement speech
6:33 pm
at his alma mater, the university of delaware. he called on americans to come together to keep the nation safe. >> in the face of these forces we have to stand stronger. we cannot outlaw tragi safer. we can finally do what we have d to protect the lives of th people and of our children. w mi>> a tdlegislatiohen, giants manager gabe kapler says until further notice he'll be taking a stand by sitting down. >> i don't plan on coming out for the anthem going forward until i feel like there's -- i feel better about the direction of our country. >> kapler made his stance clear during his pregame interview with reporters on friday. on his blog, kap lifestyle, he wrote about a lesson his father taught him, to protest when he is dissatisfied with the country. this comes on the heels of
6:34 pm
warriors head coach steve kerr's passionate call for change on the day of the shooting. >> i want every person here, every person linkstening to thi to think about your own child or grandchild, mother, father, sister, brother. how would you feel if this happened to you today? we can't get numb to this. >> kerr is a victim of gun violence himself. his father was assassinated when he was 18 years old. in other news, but related, the state assembly has passed a bill that could make it easier to file a lawsuit against gun manufacturers. the proposed bill would allow gun violence survivors to sue manufacturers and sell force damages if the gold was sold irresponsibly. another bill has been passed and would make marketing firearms to minors a civil liability. the proposed bill would allow lawsuits to be filed against manufacturers and that bill is now at the senate. new body cam video reveals
6:35 pm
what really happened before a deadly police shooting in san francisco. here is a warning, this may be hard to watch. [ yelling ] [ sound of gunfire ] >> back, back! >> one of the men died at the scene. the other is at the hospital. the shooting happened last thursday under the 280 overpass near mariposa and owens. police were responding to a fight between two men struggling on the ground at a homeless encampment. one had a knife. body cam video shows several officers ordering the man to drop it. >> within seconds, mr. macfhionghain brought the knifepoint up and downward towards mr. mendoza in a stabbing motion at least two times while officers continued to give commands to drop the knife. >> eventually offers opened fire, hitting both men. police say they will not draw any conclusions as to whether the officers acted consistently
6:36 pm
with department policy until a full investigation is complete. and still ahead here at 6:00, an oakland police cruiser crashed 25 miles outside of its jurisdiction, then burst into flames. why an officer wasn't behind the wheel.
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last night at 11:00 we showed you this video of an oakland police cruiser smashed into a pole out of its jurisdiction in vallejo. today police are confirming a female suspect stole the marked cruiser along lake park avenue in oakland around 8:00 last night. she led officers on a wild chase to vallejo, was finally arrested
6:39 pm
after crashing, but it didn't end there. the vehicle burst into flames and officers had to put the fire out. a petaluma man has been arrested on suspicion of running an illegal distillery and honey oil lab. state agents searched a home on williams drive and discovered an illegal still and evidence of a lab producing honey oil also known as hash oil. they also say they found a hootch lab to produce alcohol. the governor and water districts are asking people to conserve and habits are changing. kpix 5's wilson walker checked into an east bay spot that might offer a hint. the brentwood recycled filling station. >> when the drought was going to become serious, i decided i
6:40 pm
would act preventively and start putting in the system. >> reporter: gary has only been using brentwood's recycled water for eight months but the system he has built at his home is the kind of thing you might expect from an equipment engineer in the semiconductor industry. >> it's now time to transfer the tank into the big tanks in the backyard. so i have a special line that basically carries all the way to the back. we put one in at first. >> reporter: his exterior pipes are entirely disconnected from city water. his lawns and gardens are fed only by recycled water and one pump. >> if they're all up, that means it's going from the tanks and up and out the sprinklers. my wife says i go overboard. but that's what i always do. >> reporter: and lately he has been operating the system with some company.
6:41 pm
>> so it's been real busy in the last month. once the heat starts coming up, everyone starts showing up. >> we've roughly doubled in the last month or so. we're seeing about 120 people a day swiping through that station. >> reporter: the city says traffic is picking up and they're expecting a lot more. >> absolutely, that will be the big driver. when the governor says you can no longer water your lawn outside, when that gets mandated, we'll probably see some entrepreneurs coming out with water trucks, going around selling to their neighbors. >> reporter: it used to be free until the cost of gas skyrocketed. gas changes the equation when pulling more than 200,000 gallons of water. gary says he's not changing course. >> it's still free water and it's the right thing to do because we're in a drought. >> reporter: busier here, though not quite as much traffic as they saw during the height of
6:42 pm
the last drought. the city and people who use this water, however, say those days are not that far away. we're here in brentwood, wilson walker, kpix 5. this week, kpix 5's max darrow had the honor of delivering the commencement address at pine wood high school in los altos hills, his alma mater. >> when you get there, i want you to be brave. step out of that shell. step out of that comfort zone. if you have a goal, go after it. if you don't yet, keep an open mind, you'll find one. when you do, pursue that passion. >> max says it was an honor to get to come back to the campus that helped shape his future, to help see off the class of 2022 as they close this chapter of life and they start a new one. the student speakers did a wonderful job, so congratulations to the class of 2022. we wish you luck as you take this next step. and max, he's a pretty good guy, we're pretty proud of him here.
6:43 pm
streaming on cbs news bay area. >> this is an opportunity to really redo the park in a way that meets today's needs. >> california's oldest state park and its ancient redwoods rising from the ashes, as we take a tour of big basin before it reopens to the public. and later, she's only 8 years old but already one of the grandmarshals for carnaval. look at that carnaval forecast for tomorrow. we'll track the showers trying to hold together right off the coast. we'll see how likely that is. and we'll finish it off by going into detail on why monday, memorial day, is probability best day of the
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a wildfire closed big basin redwood state park two years ago, flames racing across nearly the entire park, charring thousands of old oak redwood trees. we got a tour of what's being called an amazing rebirth. >> reporter: it's been a long two years since the czu fire. coming back to big basin state park is like checking up on an old friend. fair to say she's doing all right. the easy thing to do was to expect the worst. this was our last memory from driving into the park back in 2020. here it is today, everywhere you look, there's life. up high where branches burned off, there are new sprouts. >> it's just feathery.
6:47 pm
>> reporter: down low at the base of trees that looked all but dead, there are tender new upshoots. 97% of the old growth redwoods survived, proof that they are indeed tough to kill. >> it doesn't care what humans do. >> 100%. this fire is just a great reminder that we have very little control over these things. >> reporter: flames from the czu fire were so call, they destroyed sections of the canopy. but with the canopy gone, more sunlight is reaching the forest floor. as a result, flowers are blooming and grass is growing. as for the mother and father of the forest, two of the park's most famous trees. >> these are the ones i would get the phone calls about, is the mother still there, is the father still there, is it still alive. the answer is yes, they're here, they're alive, they're vertical. and, you know, there was doubts about that early on. >> reporter: after month of
6:48 pm
work, the park is finally set to partially reopen to the public for day use only sometime after july 4th. 18 miles of fire road will be open and smaller hiking loops will reopen over time. there will only be 70 parking spots. to get up with, you'll need a reservation. everyone else can ride bus service. the park leadership held months of meetings with the public. >> we didn't want to go straight into, let's rebuild something. we wanted to make sure the vision we're putting forth is supported by the public and our partners and it makes sense and is sustainable. >> reporter: the main visitors center will be relocated here three miles away to reduce the impact on the old growth trees. and the campgrounds that were nestled right in the core of the park near the old growth will now be consolidated here, further away from the forest. >> you still provide an opportunity for people to experience the old growth
6:49 pm
through hiking trails. we're moving those impacts away from it and we're siting them here with the younger terrain. >> the old park was lovely, i have a lot of reverence forts old world charm. but the truth is it was extremely outdated and the world has changed dramatically since then. and so this is an opportunity to really redo the park in a way that meets today's needs and today's understanding of what the forests need. >> reporter: in the santa cruz mountains, kit do, kpix 5. memorial day will be the best part of the three-day weekend. today was pretty good but today's got some issues, a little light rain trying to come in. sound crazy but it's true. memorial day will be the best day for two reasons. one, barely a cloud in the sky. two, the wind will have
6:50 pm
lightened. tomorrow's going to be a bit breezy. but by the time we get to monday it will be sunny and calm and about ten degrees above where we were today for inland locations. we were like low 70s at best for most inland spots today. by monday, you're 81. in the bay, we're like mid-60s today. you'll go to 72, it will even be a decent day at the beach on monday, just plan on you're not going to get out of the 50s. live view right now from the top of the hotel. there's a little bit of misting light rain showing up here just off towards that west side towards the golden gate. if we go to first alert doppler, you'll see how that's coming toyota. we've got to come in real close. watch that line right there. if we zoom in, some of that's trying to hold together here. if you've got good eyesight there is a little green blip over there by the golden gate. the kind of stuff that's not even enough to measure. technically you do get a drop or two out of it. the futurecast picks up on those light showers and wants to hold
6:51 pm
them together for about the next two hours, maybe. maybe santa cruz, maybe big basin gets a drop of rain out of this, it's heading that way, from the story we just watched, there won't be a lot to it. here is a classic example, also a live picture, another one of our views looking over the tri valley. you're not going to get any rain out of this. we'll all look like that by the second half of tomorrow. tomorrow starts out gray but much sunnier for the second half of sunday and monday it stays that way. carnaval looks great. it's going to do what you expect the mission to do. it's going to be sunny, that's the reputation of the mission, one of the sunnier spots in the city. it's also going to be breezy tomorrow. if you read the fine print, by 2:00 in the afternoon it will feel kind of cool because of a 20-mile-per-hour breeze, stronger than what we had today. i pulled out the mission here
6:52 pm
just to kind of get detailed on that microclimate. sunny, yes, but also right kind of in the brunt of that strong onshore wind tomorrow. so a 23-mile-per-hour wind for the mission. we've got a 33-mile-per-hour wind, that's your strong onshore wind. we'll do it tomorrow and again on monday but monday won't be as strong. it will still be breezy there on monday. but it won't be as strong as tomorrow. by the way, that was tomorrow and all the clouds disappear by like noon. that's different than the last two days, it will be kind of nice tomorrow to get a lot more sunshine, and monday. morning lows start in the low 50s tomorrow. daytime highs tomorrow already start the warm-up. remember, monday's about ten degrees warmer than today was. tomorrow's about three or four degrees warmer. so we kind of start the trend. the warming trend keeps going after monday. look at wednesday, san jose specifically, 87. if we switch this up and look at the microclimates which always show us the warm-up in a more dramatic way, the top two lines
6:53 pm
in particular, inland, east bay valleys, 90s by wednesday. coming up, one of the biggest parts of carnaval will come from one of its smallest participants. we'll introduce you to the 8-year-old grandmarshal with a
6:54 pm
fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
6:55 pm
one of the carnaval grandmarshals is an 8-year-old san francisco native whose parents emigrated from honduras. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: these are the words of an 8-year-old poet, wise beyond her years and eager to tell stories of history, notable
6:56 pm
figures. >> this poem i wrote about can he sear caesar chavez, he really inspired me. sometimes i feel like my parents always tell me that i'm from honduras too and it doesn't matter if i was born here because i have the blood of them and they have the blood of honduras. >> reporter: her love of the written word started when she was very young. when her mom gave her a book of poetry that she could read. >> so i could become a better reader. she told me this would improve my learning and bring my benefits in life. i asked her who writes the poems, she answered me. she gave me a notebook and taught me how to write poems. that's where my love of poetry started because she inspired me. [ speaking foreign language ]
6:57 pm
>> reporter: her parents came to the united states about 15 years ago from honduras and are so grateful that the community has embraced their daughter's passion of poetry. >> i recited a poem at city hall and i'm going to wear the exact same dress and i really like it because it's colorful and it represents everything i like. >> reporter: a dress she will be wearing as one of the grandmarshals in the year's carnaval parade. and her parents couldn't be more proud. she says she's very proud of her daughter and that she's a very smart girl. her father says he wants his daughter to be well-known in san francisco but in the future they hope to return to honduras one day to inspire other children. as for her future -- >> the number one thing i want to keep doing is still studying, because studying is the most
6:58 pm
important thing. >> we can't wait to see her tomorrow. thanks for watching. we'll see you back here a
6:59 pm
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