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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 29, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. ♪ wow. it was a celebration at mission street today in san francisco with the return of carnival. we have the highlights. and it is windy out there on the warning. so much that there's a warning out there when a lot of people want to be out there. we'll talk about the dangers there and the red flag warni. also how to mourn. how children at a church are paying tribute to those killed in texas. thanks for joining us. >> we will begin tonight with the return of can value to san francisco. today dancers and driefrs took
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to the streets to celebrate. jocelyn moran was in the middle of the it all. >> reporter: colors of love, the theme of this year. those who participated proudly represented the colors of their flags and traditions. >> today, we are performing a dance. as you can see, everything is hand made from head to toe. >> reporter: san francisco returned after a pandemic hiatus. all day long, you could see smiles there from people for the first time and others who grew up. >> my grandma lives down the street. >> i was born and raised. i'm a product of this celebration. my mom was 7 months pregnant with me on a float. it reminds me that we're still home. and this is still ours. a lot of us have been displaced. >> reporter: a sense of home, of community. >> seeing the little kids running around, the colors, the dancing, and you can just be
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you. >> reporter: edwin now lives in seattle, but he and his family flew back to san francisco. his daughter loves dancing. >> i think it's important to be able to connect and understand different cultures, communities, be able to see what life they bring the community. >> reporter: and one of those traditions many were excited for -- >> every year, always excited. it's a lifestyle. it's more than low riding. >> the cars have always been my favorite. that and when the floats come through. >> reporter: traditions that continue to be passed on generation to generation. in san francisco, jocelyn moran, kpix 5. >> and we first brought you carnival streaming live on bay area this morning. but you can watch 24/7 on my device. >> it's fun to watch and rewatch. let's take a live look at our sales force camera. you can see the boats out there.
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the national weather service has announced hazardous marine conditions for the bay area. boaters and swimmers should watch out the. steep seas and strong currents. hard to tell from that beautiful shot there, but the one to tell us is darren. >> good point on that. it's safer in the bay. it's out over the pacific. that's the view from the sales force looking past the golden gate. that's where there is a gail warning. 50 mile an hour gusts out there are making this holiday a dangerous time to be on the water. hopefully too many people don't get caught off guard on this. watch what happens, if i turn this to the future cast, you go back 12-18 hours ago, it wasn't all that bad. the deep shades of purpose really start to pick up into the afternoon. we're looking at gusts of 50 miles an hour on the water and in the coast. this is a danger even if you're
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going to be on the immediate shore line. the other aspect for wind is on the other side of the bay. we're kind of surrounded thanks to this northerly wind setup going on. we also have to think about fire weather now. that's tomorrow. so monday morning through tuesday evening, those same north wins are going to be drying out the landscape tomorrow. we're going to talk more about that red flag warning when i see you in the complete forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> one more wind related problem, the stairs leading up ot lighthouse are closed because of the strong winds. darren was talking about the observation deck above the lighthouse is open, but the parking lots could be full on this memorial day weekend. new at 5:00, a touching tribute to the school shooting victims in tex. we spoke to the family and community leaders who actually created a memorial for the children and teachers killed
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this week. >> reporter: you can't miss it when you pass by this church. the pastor and her congregation wanted to honor the students and teachers. she hopes it inspires others to prevent a shooting like this fra happening again. >> i received the news about what happened in uvalde and was numb and frozen actually for several days. >> reporter: one after the other, a small chair symbolizes the small child taken too soon last week in texas. the memorial at twin towers united church captures the sadness in this community so many are feeling. >> there's also a sense of empowering for the kids in being able to put the chairs out to actually do the work to of folding paper to remember the names. >> reporter: days after the shooting, they decided to build this tribute together. >> the looking up of each of the names, reading them through,
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noticing the age, and riz pausing around each person. >> 10, 11, and 9. >> reporter: and how old are you two? >> 8. they are still growing up, and yeah, they got -- and they were still growing up, and they got killed. and that's really sad. >> reporter: children far too young to learn this lesson. painful for parents to accept this is their reality. >> there should not be anything like that anymore. >> and we hope it won't happen again. >> i think it was both very heart breaking to watch them be a part of it. why should they have to do this? >> it's very touching to read the comments that people have. so it's healing for people. they're able to cry together. >> reporter: mixed in with all the flowers, some cookies for these kids and apples for the two teachers. more reminders of the innocence
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stolen at that school. >> that's what the focus should be on, not politics, but on what can be done. this is a problem tho that's all of us share. >> we are one nation. we should work together as a nation. >> reporter: a message made out of a sense to act. its message for others? to do the same. >> take the time. whatever you're feeling is good and right, but please do something with that grief. >> reporter: reporting, shawn, kpix 5. president biden and the first lady visited texas to attend a church service today. they paid their respects to the 19 children and two teachers killed in that school shooting earlier this week. also had a chance to listen to what parents in town had to say. >> we know everybody. it's such a small community. we all know the family in some way, shape, or form. >> our state leaders have let us down. we want gun control.
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we want it, and they don't. >> enough is enough. >> the justice department announced today it has planned to review the department's hour-long delay. one person is dead, several injured after a festival shooting in oklahoma p two minors are involved in that. it happened just after midnight with about 1,500 people in attendance. witnesses say the gunshots broke out during an argument and described people running for cover as the shots fired continuously. this is all still under investigation, and there have been no arrests to so far. also authorities say a fugitive in last month's deadly sacramento shooting has been arrested in las vegas. investigators believe he was one of the gang members who opened gun fire in downtown sacramento on april 3rd killing six people and wounding 12 others. he was taken into dust did i at an apartment complex. he is expected to be extradited
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back to sacramento. brothers are each facing three counts of murder for the deaths of three women. bystanders caught in the cross fire. they were part of two rival gang groups that scared off in the downtown area. back in the bay area, speaker of the house nancy pelosi's husband paul was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence. paul pelosi was arrested just after midnight last night. his wife was across the country at the time. pelosi's office is declining to comment this afternoon. concord vice mayor has also been arrested for dui. laur the vice mayor confirms to the mercury news she takes full responsibility, and her office
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staff also isn't saying anything. coming up, bay area drivers are used to paying tolls to cross bridges, but what about to travel on the highway? and if you're taking to the highway to tahoe, you might be surprised by what you see or don't see, lake levels after the break.
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the north bay's highway 37 could soon come with a toll. that bill has passed in the state senate and will now move
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to the assembly for a vote. it runs tooi the moneyrom the toll would help address its ongoing issues such as tha congestion we have there. cal trains says it warns that sea levels could be under water in 20 years if senate bill 1050 is passed, the toll could start as soon as january 2026. so far there's no dollar amount determined for this toll. everything is getting more expensive, especially gas. the average price the up to more than $6. the highest price it's ever been in california. our drivers here are paying an average of $6.13 a gallon now. meanwhile the average cost in san francisco is 26 cents more at 6.39. and the national average is $4.61. we also have the highest gas tax in the country. well, people visiting lake
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tahoe this holiday weekend may notice is shore line in some areas has changed a lot. that's because lake levels are roughly a foot lower than the same time last year, and several boat ramps the closed. so we're going to head to darren to find out if there's any help on the horizon, but i have a feeling, there's not. a foot feels like a lot. it's a lack of runoff from what would have been a healthy pack this we're year. it's a compound issue. lake tahoe is going to be one of the easy visualizations for it. back to the weekend. we're talking about the wind out on the water and the wind tomorrow inland. and no matter where you were today, you probably noted it got breezy in the afternoon. everybody felt this today. if you were near the water, you felt it more. tomorrow it's going to be breezy again, but in slightly less than
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impactful ways for the majority of us. it was noticeably windy today through places. it's still windy going through san bruno. any openings in the hills are going to be quite windy. and the close you get to the water, you're going to feel it as well. tomorrow that slack ends just a bit, and we warm up tomorrow. all along, at least for the last two days any way, i have been saying monday is going to be the nicest day of the entire three-day holiday weekend. we're going to warm all the way back up to average tomorrow. and there will be less wind. we made it up into the mid and upper 70s today for most locations. here's wow how the wind is better for tomorrow. that's right now. look at the 40 mile an hour gust as long the coast. we're going to vast this through tomorrow. still gets windy tomorrow.
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it's not as strong. so instead of gusts in the mid 40s, it's only upper 30s out along the coast, and instead of gusting along the 20s, it's more like into the 20 mile an hour range. low 80s inland, low to mid 70s in the bay. we'll call it sunny and calm generally, morning lows tomorrow go back around to 50, and daytime highs on monday go just like that, low 80s for some of our warmer inland spots. the wind has one other issue. the same system that brought us light rain yesterday, we got a few sprinkles late last night. that's the system right there. it really shows up when you look at it on water vapor. and it's stalled. there's a big area of low pressure just off to our east just sitting there. that is what gives us off shore winds. if we watch the way this plays
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out, you see all the snow falling out here kind of stationary? good for them. that system for us means we feel the northerly wipds come down the sacramento valley. see the bright colors there. i'm going to play this from monday to tuesday, and you're going to see that pattern regenerating. it's there tomorrow and comes back on tuesday. that's why we have a red flag warning. those winds are going to be rushing tomorrow. from 11:00 a.m. tomorrow to tuesday night at 8:00, greatest threat being on the west side of the sacramento valley. we have already had three red flag warnings like that this season. the focus has been the hills on the west side. we won't notice a lot of that tomorrow. it will be like that tomorrow, but a little less, and that's it. sunny and warmer. there's the great-looking monday. mid 80s for san jose by wednesday. it's going to be right around 90 for some of our warmer spots
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inland on wednesday. vern, over to you. giants seeing red, a's trying to get out of the cellar. the warriors are kicking back. and here's a visual we get to see once a year. how would you like to drench yourself in this? it happened today in the heart land of america.
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when you need help
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it's great to be in sync with customer service. a team of reps who can anticipate the next step genesys technology is changing the way customer service teams anticipate what customers need. because happy customers are music to our ears. genesys, we're behind every customer smile. baseball up top on a sunday late afternoon and the giants
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key hits. late innings. magic. that's what good teams doo do. story from cincinnati where the giants got some great defense. hit hard in the fifth. but will mer no res was in the right place to snag it. whoa, that's heads up play there. giants no hit until this in the seventh. tyler tossed it and delivered a solid gaper for the first hit of the game. that chased after 6 and 2/3 shutout innings. sometimes luck happens. right off the glove of kyle palmer. that's how the jiens got their third run. they put him on. watch it fly off the bat. how about a three-run blast to put the giants ahead 4-2. third home run for the year. they weren't done.
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louise gonzalez hit one. a 6-run eighth inning was enough. jiens won the game 6-4, and the road trip continues tomorrow in philadelphia. now a's was feeling great. and then against the rangers, swatted this in the fifth inning. eli white tried but could not glove it! a's nearly erased a 4-0 deficit, made it a one-run game. singled into left. tony kemp scored and tied this game. wow. two batters later, how about sheldon noisy, grounded and who saw this coming? ball in the dirt allowed him to score the tying run. fifth air of the game for texas. tried to close it out. two outs in the ninth, but his pitch was in the dirt. he walked in to tie the game.
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bottom of the inning, oakland with a hero wicks. lined one just out of reach of the short stop christian came in to score the winning run, and the a's walked it off with a 6-5 win. he host the astros on monday. the a's still the last in the american league west. eastern conference title on the line. moving pictures with analysis on our game day sports show tonight. what's up with the western conference champs? the warriors have beentihursday. nba fine is thursday. steven douglas kerr today. >> i got a lot of sleep the past couple of days. i played golf a couple of days ago. took a walk yesterday with my wife and dog and had brunch. it was a wonderful day.
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those days are probably gone now from tomorrow until the end of the finals. >> yeah, you got that right, coach. pivot the a near sellout. over 300,000 for the inde 500. ahead of the field by three seconds. cruising right until seven-time rookie spun out of control into the wall. that brought it a red flag stop. his pit crew responded. two laps left, we got to restart. despithe efforts on the outside, ericson held him off to win and became is second swedish driver to reach victory lane here, and the 31-year-old celebrated along with the rest of the crew and his girlfriend there with the ceremonial cold bottle of milk. pga for the for the, texas, on the left, sam burns, here's burns started the day seven
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shots back. how about a fresca? it got his attention. uh-huh. so the world's number one ranked player needed to answer, and -- missed just to the right. what a come back for burns. his third win of the year. that's 1.5 million and change for burns. but you know what? aren't we all winners today. >> aren't we all? >> yes. >> vern, thank you. >> i feel like a winner. coming up, the story of how a distressed mom was able to get san francisco fire fighters to save her ducklings. we have that next.
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well, a distressed mother duck set up a very delicate rescue mission in san francisco. this morning, officers saw a duck frantically kwauking at a storm drain near oracle park. they took a look and found some baby ducklings around the grate. >> this t officers pulled the grate, carefully removed them out. the fluffy ducklings with their mother who led them back to the san francisco bay. they have so far lived happily ever after as far as we know. >> five of them all free with their mama now. thanks for watching. we'll be back with 6:00 for an hour of news. >> the other guy the vern glenn,
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and we'll see you in 30 minutes. cbs weekend news is next. captioning sponsored by cbs ♪♪ >> tonight pierched meets the mourners in texas. paying his respects at robb elementary. >> i'm omar villafranca in uvalde, texas. where the if the the meeting with the law enforcement and floss. >> while lawmakers debate gun control again. >> we have to look at how we can better secure our schools. >> we have a direct obligation to move forward to make sure they're safe. >> also tonight baby formula crisis, the shortage worsening across the country as imports are slow to arrive. >> are you nervous you are going to run out? >> of oh every day.
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