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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  May 30, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news.
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right now at 4:30, looking live from our exclusive salesforce tower camera this morning. we are giving you a live look south. good morning to you. it's memorial day, monday, may 30th. i'm len kiese. >> and good morning, i'm gianna franco. let's start with first alert meteorologist jessica burch with weather. >> we're starting off with beautiful conditions across the board no matter where we're at. current temperatures as we speak really just sitting in the 50s. we're also seeing a little bit of 60s in the forecast, 50s near concord, low 50s near santa rosa and as we take a quick look at our memorial day forecast, we are still dealing with daytime highs right where we should be, lots of sunshine from the inland areas all the way off into the coast and bay, daytime highs a little bit below average but one thing i want to start off this morning, if you live in the solano county area, we're under a red flag warning starting at 11:00 a.m., extending throughout the afternoon and ending tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. we'll talk more about that in
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the full forecast. for now, back to you. let's talk about the roadways right now, if you plan on getting out and about through san francisco, right now things are moving nicely, no major delays or issues. traffic off to a good start on all of our bay area bridges as well. a live look at the bay bridge and where is everybody? probably sleeping in. it is a holiday. we won't see the brake lights or traffic until later today for the coming-home traffic as folks come home from the long tweak understand. after 1:00, things will get a lot busier on the roadways. right now holding steady with no major issues. golden gate bridge looks good as well and easy start to your ride on the san mateo bridge. time right now is 4:32. carnaval made a colorful return to san francisco over the weekend, it took over the mission with a grandpa raid after a two-year hiatus. here's betty yu. >> reporter: the latin rock band got the crowd dancing. ♪ its members came from legendary bonds molo or santana. we saw people of different
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generations enjoying the beats. >> just being out here was nice and fun, enjoyable and being able to see everyone dance with their own cultures is nice. >> reporter: did you dance today? >> just a little bit, just in the corner. >> reporter: you had a good time? >> it's been amazing, so much culture, so much food, so much energy. feels great seeing people interact with each other. >> reporter: the 44th annual carnaval parade made its long-awaited return sunday and it celebrated latib american and caribbean cultures in colorful fashion. >> we had friends that told us you got to go, there's lots of music and shopping, people are dressed up so beautifully celebrating so yeah, we're excited to be here. >> reporter: the cars were also on display, 160 low riders led the parade. the crowds also meant business big for vendors like the kabob valley food truck which sold out. they sold five times the orders they normally do on a regular business day.
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>> it was amazing. it was amazing. the crowd was amazing, lots of food. we had a special menu, too, for today. ♪ >> that was betty yu reporting. for the band the close-out show was extra special because it was a homecoming, all of its members are right here from the bay area and we first brought you carnaval streaming live on "cbs news bay area." you can watch 24/7 on any device, that downloads the stream. in vacaville will resume today despite a shooting that happened there. police say one person was shot but is expected to be okay. people were being asked to stay away from the festival while police work to reunite family members who ran away during the shooting. no word on the arrest of any suspects. and today is memorial day and over the weekend, a ceremony was held to honor the "uss san francisco" in the battle of guadalcanal during world war ii. yesterday's event remembered a sailor who was commended for his bravery, even as he battled racism.
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john ramos has that story. ♪ >> reporter: the memorial to the "uss san francisco" sits in a quiet spot next to land's end. its flagpole flanked by the ship's battered bridge filled from the holes from the bombardment they took on november 13th, 1942. >> the "uss fran" and her ships filed right into the center of a japanese armada and in the middle of t dand it was a l. there's no better way to describe it. >> reporter: miraculously, the ship was not sunk, but 77 sailors died in the battle, including most of the command staff, and their names were read aloud and a bell rung to honor their passing. but one fallen sailor, petty officer leonard roy harmon made history in another way as well. he was a kitchen attendant, one of the few jobs african americans who hold on a ship back then. during the battle he began
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helping to move wounded soldiers including the ship's executive officer. >> shots are ripping through the wall while the guy is carrying him down, stands between him and the doorway and he takes the full brunt of this machine gunfire. >> reporter: professor jim armstead said harmon probably should have gotten the medal of honor for his actions but the navy named a ship for him. was that unheard of at the time? >> absolutely. first of all, an enlisted man, not many ships named after enlisted men and no ships ever named by a black sailor. >> a fighting ship named for a fighting man. >> reporter: the navy used harmon's heroic story in promotional films as a way to placate african americans who may have felt angry about the limited role they were given in the war. >> they made soup in between battles but in battle he poured with the best of them.
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>> making sure african americans will be loyal to the country when you have the japanese on one side and hitler on the other, it's important to hold the country together. >> reporter: harmon was was one of 77 lives lost in the battle but his valor was remarkable. >> the double "k vgs for victory. if you were black you turned your fingers the other way. it's one the victory is over segregation, the other is over our enemies. that was prevalent in the black community in the second world war. >> reporter: it was important for them to extend an honor to him for what he did. >> he demonstrated the country understood that everybody was fighting for it. >> reporter:? san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. happening today, memorial day events are planed across the bay area, the annual mill valley memorial day parade will start with a pancake breakfast followed by a parade and a carnival. san francisco will hold a special service at veterans memorial and hillsborough will have a parade outside of town
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hall with a festival.
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welcome back. it is 4:40. time for this morning's "money watch" report. the markets are closed in observance of memorial day. on friday stocks surged helping to notch wall street's best week in 18 months. elise preston is here with more of the day's business news. >> baby formula is still in short supply. nearly 70% of formula was out of stock for the week ending may 21st, but easing the shortage a second delivery from overseas with the equivalent of about 1 million bottles will be hitting shelves this week. americans traveling in the air this memorial day weekend may have experienced some issues. the tracking website flightaware
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reports there have been more than 5,000 cancellations since friday with those flying delta airlines most likely to see problems. airlines have struggled to keep up with demand this year in part due to staffing shortages, covid, and this weekend stormy weather also added to the issues. the f-18s in "top gun: maverick" took off as scheduled. it soared to $124 million of the domestic box office in the first three days. it's tom cruise's best debut ever and one of the biggest for memorial day weekend. that's your "cbs money match" re watch" for more head to i'm elise preston. a backyard fire in oakley quickly spread to multiple homes saturday night, as kpix 5's da lin reports, one of the
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residents nearly died. >> took this hose, went to the back fence and watered everything i could find to try to keep the flames off until the fire got here. >> god help us, lord. >> reporter: anthony saw the fire just before saturday night. >> god, help us. >> a couple people started yelling. i knew somebody was calling 911, so i just went to war with the hose. >> reporter: the barbecue fire started on claret court, one house down from him but quickly spread to the giant cypress trees next to the fence and neighboring yards. >> it was adrenalin flowing, keep it off the fence because you could see this is all straw and wood back here. these trees were on fire, i was afraid the embers were going to land on that. >> reporter: neighbors say the propane tank exploded. leaving was not an option for him. >> i have a handicapped wife,
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she's bedridden and i have my animals. >> reporter: east contra costa firefighters showed up as flames were getting out of control. >> the fire came back here, i yelled the fire was under the awnings, he got on the radio, he called and they had hoses in here within two minutes. >> reporter: neighbors and police officers helped them evacuate his wife. >> i got my wife out here screaming and crying because it's hard to move her. she's in a lot of pain. >> reporter: the people who started the barbecue fire declined to talk to me. firefighters say their home has severe damage in the back and now boarded up. firefighters say three neighboring homes had fire damage to exterior walls and the fire destroyed two sheds. >> i have a friend that lived on the other side of empire avenue and she lost her home to a fire in a barbecue fire on father's day several years ago, so the first thing i did was get rid of my gas grill. >> reporter: many neighbors and anthony say no hard feelings. they hope this will be a teachable moment.
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>> i'm just sorry it happened especially for the folks there. they were just trying to have a barbecue on memorial day, but lesson learned, look how easy it can get away from you. it got away from them that fast, and now they're not sleeping in their homes tonight. >> reporter: in oakley, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> there was only property damage, no injuries and the fire department says it was an accident and the folks who started the barbecue won't face any fines. many celebrate memorial day as the unofficial start of summer, surveys show a lot of people don't really like the season. only 29% of americans say summer in their favorite season, a slight drop compared to previous years. in 2013, that same poll had spring and summer tied at 33%. caught on camera, a coyote scare in southern california. >> as brittany hopper shows us, coyotes can get a little too comfortable. >> reporter: it happened in this woodland hills neighborhood and
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now neighbors have this warning regardless of where you live. >> and he just scaled along this fence here. >> reporter: julie lavigne has lived in woodland hills for 45 years but never had this type of encounter. >> very shocking. of course we all know that coyotes are out there. they all can hop fences but you certainly didn't think about them going through a dog door. >> reporter: it was all caught on camera. you can see a pretty good-sized coyotes in lavigne's backyard and going into her home through her doggy door. lavigne, an animal lover, has a few dogs herself and runs a non-profit called k9 rescue connection. she says the coyote was in her home for at least two minutes before her dog scared the coyote off. >> they're out there and very bold and doesn't matter, they'ring looking for any way they can get food or water or who knows if they're going to bring more back with them, you know, so you got to worry about your pets and your animals and your kids. >> reporter: she says neighbors have also spotted coyotes roaming in the neighborhood in
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recent weeks, with the neighbor's dog, who was attacked, but nothing this brazen, coming into a home. >> it happens to the best of us, even those of us in rescue and you just really got to think ahead of the game all the time. >> all right, shout out to those dogs, they were ready to protect their home for sure. >> they were. >> 4:46 the time. let's get you caught up on your forecast and also traffic this morning. >> we begin with first alert meteorologist jessica burch. >> good morning. we're starting off this memorial day very calm. clear skies and temperatures into the week for the most part we're sitting in the 50s across the board. it's a mild start to our beautiful memorial day, let's take a look at our forecast as we head into this afternoon. daytime highs still a little bit below average actually in the upper 70s and inland areas as we extend off into the bay and our coast, we're dealing with upper 50s, mid-60s. the winds will kick up a lot as we head into the afternoon but first things first, let's talk
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about this gradual warming trend. here is the big reason why it's happening. it will begin tuesday gradually warming up until wednesday. the other thing we need to mention it's pretty windy out there. we're dealing with gusty conditions as we head into the afternoon hours. it kicks up a lot around 27b and tons stay strong from offshore into the late evening hours from 25 to 30 miles per hour along the bay, along the coast and up in our inland areas where we are under a red flag warning starting at 11:00 a.m. this morning for solano county once again, due to low relative humidity and gusty conditions. keep that in mind if you live in that area. take it a step back, daytime highs beautiful conditions for us as we extend into the afternoon no matter where you live across the board we'll dealing with a mild setup. fairfield in the 80s, san francisco alone sitting in the mid-60s. that wind will kick up as we head into the afternoon hours leaving with us a pretty cool
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setup as we wake up or actually as we extend into the evening and head into the forecast for the next couple days. we have a lot of sunshine starting off this week, partly cloudy skies return as early as wednesday no matter where you live and even as we extend into the weekend, partly cloudy conditions stick around for our north bay we might see a sprinkle or two of rain, but that's really not until next weekend. for now, let's enjoy this beautiful sunshine. that gradual warming trend into the mid, even upper 80s for tuesday and wednesday in the north bay as well as inland east bay and along the coast dealing with beautiful upper 50s and lower 60s. back to you. >> all right, let's look at the roadways. if you are getting ready to hit any of our bay area bridges this morning, you are in luck if you're up early, not a lot of cars are up early with you. it's very quiet this morning, holiday light. a live look at the san mateo bridge, things are moving at the limit, only a 13-minute drive from 880 to 101. so right now is a bit of the calm before the storm because of course later on we're going to see a lot more cars on the roadway, a lot of people come
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home from the three-day holiday weekend, so after 1:00, it will definitely be a different story on some of our bay area bridges, probably the golden gate will be busy for folks headed back to san francisco or out of the city. if you're headed toward 101, south 101 about 20 minutes from highway 37 down to the golden gate bridge, so no major troubles there. a live look at the bay bridge, traffic is very light this monday morning, an easy ride into san francisco right now, no major delays, just seven minutes, that is it from the maze as you work towards 101, so no brake lights here just yet but again that will likely change later on. dublin interchange looking great right now, no delays. in fact any super commuters if you're up and early enjoy the roadways while you can. things are light so far. traffic moving nicely westbound 580, only 23 minutes from 205 to 680. that will be busier later on, 580, 80, 101 will be busy after 1:00 as folks head home from the
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holiday weekend. everything in the green no, major delays or issues and everything quiet out of the south bay as well, looking good on 101, 85 and 280. the clock just hit 4:50, gearing up for the nba finals this week. >> finals preview for the dub witness the celtics officially coming to the bay area, vern glenn and oh, wow barbara corcoran! good morning. sorry, but we don't need any business help now. we're gigillionaires. what? we're gigillionaires now. i don't get it we have at&t business fiber with hyper-gig speeds. -but i just... -so thanks, we're doing great. i'm so happy for you! but i'm just here for my order. oh. entre-pin-eurs? yeah, my bowling team. i like it. there's money in puns. do business like a gigillionaire at&t business fiber, now with speeds up to 5-gigs. limited availability. ♪music playing♪ ♪♪
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good morning, everybod good morning, everybody, at long last, we got an nba finals to play coming up on thursday. we know about the warriors of the west and in the east, the boston celtics. how'd they get it done? did it in seven in south florida. the sign said it, heat in seven, but boston in the third quarter had a little something to say about it. marcus smart left wide open, and he hit from deep, boston led 72-58, smart scored 24, early fourth, time for jimmy butler to put the team on his back, and here we are again it's a three-point game. celtics answered back, jayson tatum, the conference mvp, buried a three and beat the shot
4:53 am
clock. lead was 12, he scored 26. heat rallied again, final minute, miami scored 11 straight, 98-96, ensuing possession, smart missed down low, butler grabbed the rebound and he tried a go-ahead three. no! butler scored 35. he needed 38 and the celtics went on and won 100-96 and advance to their 22nd nba final and face the warriors starting thursday at chase center. >> what's this feel like? >> it feels amazing. finally got over the hump. but we can't be too happy, we have the golden state warriors waiting for us. >> we played against them a ton of times over the years. we're a confident group as well that's battled everybody, all the big boys this year but going to be a good challenge that we're up for. so what is up with the western conference champs?
4:54 am
we sent charlie walter to find out. >> the nba finals are set, it's the golden state warriors against the boston celtics. the first time these two teams have met in the playoffs since 1964, and the warriors are no strangers to this stage, it is now the sixth time in the last eight years they have reached the nba finals, but with all the adversity that needed to be overcome to get back to this stage, it feels a little sweeter this time around. >> after being counted out, dynasty's over and all of those things, and to get back here, 's >> reporter: this journey started at the end of last year, with a declaration from a star that knows a thing or three about what a championship corps looks like. >> the tone was set from the last 20 games last year and carried over and gave us confidence we could be that team again. >> it felt we refilled our cups after missing the playoffs the last two years.
4:55 am
everyone came into this season really hungry. >> reporter: this team has had its ups and downs all year, but has always been gearing up for this moment. >> find a way to continue to get better and through this playoff run to peak at the right time. >> it stuck with me peaking at the right. >> peaking is ridiculous to say. >> it's sweet based on what we went through. >> reporter: is there a chance the warriors could be fully healthy? andre igwitith a iguodala no timetable for return. >> we'll have a better feel after the next couple of days. >> reporter: one man who will be playing? ♪ kevan looney, the ironman who played in the regular season games and played in every single playoff matchup. lately ly loon amveraged a
4:56 am
double-double in the conference finals and becoming just as popular with dub nation as he is in his hometown of milwaukee. >> he got his own street. >> shut up. >> he got his own street. >> shut up, no, i ain't got no street. once he get paid, he can probably buy me a street sign. [ laughter ] >> reporter: now we only have one thing left to do, and that is wait until thursday, that is when the nba finals tips off from chase center floor in san francisco. reporting for game day, i'm charlie walter. the time is now 4:56. the summer travel season is back and millions of americans are hitting the road. >> why experts say it could be a while before drivers start to get a break at the pump with gas prices. plus remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. the memorial day
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this is the story of an airline. but wait! it's about more than just planes. it's a sci-fi story about a piece of trash that becomes sustainable aviation fuel. it's a rescue story... about saving thousands of connecting flights. it's a romance, an adventure, a musical- but most of all, it's a people story. starring more than 80,000 hero characters on a mission to do good in the air and beyond. because this... this is the story of an airline when good leads the way.
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live from the cbs bay area news, this is kpix 5 news. how you can remember our fallen heros in the bay area on this memorial day. plus many americans still hitting the road for the long weekend. why it could be a while before they get a break on gas prices. and another chaotic time for americans traveling by air, the thousands of flights canceled over the weekend. nowadays it seems like everything is going around. this time around rent in oakland is said to be the highest one-year jump on record, the struggle this could cause the renters. good morning, it's memorial day, monday, may 30th. hopefully everyone had a nice restful weekend. i'm gianna franco. >> and i'm len kiese. good morning to you. glad to have you with us. let's get a check on weather and traffic first, beginning with first alert meteorologist jessica burch. >> awe lick look at temperatures
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on memorial day, 50s across the board, it is a beautiful, calm day for us no matter where you live. what we can expect for daytime highs in the upper 70s in our inland areas, a beautiful opportunity to head outdoors and if you're grilling, barbecuing, trying to enjoy this beautiful sunshine along our coast it's a little bit more breezy headed into the afternoon but we're dealing with upper 50s, even 60s in the bay area. one thing i starting this morning at 11:00 a.m., extending throughout this afternoon and actually ending tomorrow at 8:00 p.m., we are under a red flag warning. this is due to really low relative humidity and the winds that are kicking in pushing in from offshore so we are going to talk more about that coming up in the full forecast in a little bit. for now, i'll send it back over to you guys. >> let's look at the roadways if you're up early on this holiday, not a bad time to be on the roadways. a live look at the bay bridge, things are moving at the limit with no delays or issue. later on, that will change as folks are headed home for the


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