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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  May 30, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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on memorial day, 50s across the board, it is a beautiful, calm day for us no matter where you live. what we can expect for daytime highs in the upper 70s in our inland areas, a beautiful opportunity to head outdoors and if you're grilling, barbecuing, trying to enjoy this beautiful sunshine along our coast it's a little bit more breezy headed into the afternoon but we're dealing with upper 50s, even 60s in the bay area. one thing i starting this morning at 11:00 a.m., extending throughout this afternoon and actually ending tomorrow at 8:00 p.m., we are under a red flag warning. this is due to really low relative humidity and the winds that are kicking in pushing in from offshore so we are going to talk more about that coming up in the full forecast in a little bit. for now, i'll send it back over to you guys. >> let's look at the roadways if you're up early on this holiday, not a bad time to be on the roadways. a live look at the bay bridge, things are moving at the limit with no delays or issue. later on, that will change as folks are headed home for the holiday weekend.
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nimitz freeway a live look here, everything quiet both directions near the coliseum. south of there, not seeing any brake lights or issues, just a heads up if you do plan on taking b.a.r.t., we can track replacement between south hayward and union city stations is under way, free bus service will be available but add 20 to 25 minutes pour your trip and plan for some delays. gas prices are at a ten-year high, adjusted for inflation. >> it may be at least a few more months before drivers start to get a break at the pump. the current national average for a gallon of unleaded is $4.60. these prices are happening just as americans head into the summer driving season. >>on't quick tripso family and limit some of my plane travel just until everything drops back down. >> as we progress beyond memorial day, i now peg our odds at $5 a gallon of gasoline nationwide at 60%, so that could
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be coming. >> demand usually starts to fall in august which could help the cost of gas to drop. the current average price per gallon in san francisco is $6.38, according to san jose is $6.25, followed by oakland at $6.24. memorial day events planed across the bay area, the annual mill valley memorial day parade will start with a pancake breakfast followed by a parade and a carnival. san francisco will hold a special service at veterans memorial and hillsborough a parade outside its town hall with a music festival until midafternoon. people are taking a lot of flights this weekend and a lot of flights have been canceled. over 2,000 flights have been canceled so far, but the bay area is doing well actually. sfo canceled 15 flights, oakland canceled two and san jose also canceled just two. let's take a live look at sfo this morning, where it's hard to tell if the few flight cancellations really have had much of an impact.
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sfo told us on friday, checkpoint traffic reached over 120,000 and that number was just over 103,000 on saturday. the expected amount for yesterday was just around 112,000. they project 108,000 travelers today. a lot of grills are getting fired up this memorial day. one of them sparked a backyard fire in oakley that quickly spread to several homes. kpix's 5 da lin reports one person nearly died. >> took this hose, went to the back fence and watered everything i could find to try to keep the flames off until the fire got here. >> god help us, lord. >> reporter: anthony kight saw the fire just before saturday night. >> god, help us. >> a couple people started yelling. i knew somebody was calling 911, so i just went to war with the hose. >> reporter: the barbecue fire started on claret court, one house down from him but quickly spread to the giant cypress
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trees next to his fence and neighboring yards. >> it was adrenalin flowing, keep it off the fence because you could see this is all straw and wood back here. these trees were on fire, i was afraid the embers were going to land on that. >> reporter: neighbors say the grill's propane tank exploded, but leaving was not an option for anthony. >> i have a handicapped wife, in the bedroom, and she's bedridden and i have my animals. >> reporter: he says the garden hose bought him just enough time. east contra costa firefighters showed up as flames were getting out of control. >> the fireman came back here, i yelled the fire was under the awnings. he got on the radio, he called and they had hoses in here within two minutes. >> reporter: neighbors and police officers helped them evacuate his wife. >> i got my wife out of here screaming and crying because it's hard to move her. she's in a lot of pain. >> reporter: the people who started the barbecue fire declined to talk to me. firefighters say their home has severe damage in the back and
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is now boarded up. firefighters say three neighboring homes had fire damage to exterior walls and the fire destroyed two sheds. >> i have a friend that lived on the other side of empire avenue and she lost her home to a fire in a barbecue fire on father's day several years ago, so the first thing i did was get rid of my gas grill. >> reporter: many neighbors and anthony say no hard feelings. they hope this will be a teachable moment. >> i'm just sorry it happened especially for the folks there. they were just trying to have a barbecue on memorial day, but lesson learned, look how easy it can get away from you. it got away from them that fast, and now they're not sleeping in their homes tonight. >> reporter: in oakley, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> there was only property damage, no injuries and the fire department says it was an accident and the folks who started the barbecue won't face any fines. >> time right now is 5:05. some renters in the east bay will pay a sharp rent increase
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come july. oakland housing regulators say july 1st some landlords will be able to raise rents by up to 6.7%, that's the highest one year jump in the city's history. >> one oakland councilmember is fighting back. justin andrews talked to a renter who is scrambling right now trying to figure out, justin, what to do next. >> she lives in oakland and loves the area because she loves the diverse people. it's been home for her for well over a decade. she's been looking at the calendar, counting down how many days she has before her rent jumps drastically and we were there as she still is processing this. walking inside her oakland apartment for almost 20 years, maryella gonzalez is scared. >> pay your food or pay the rent. >> reporter: that's a real reminder etch each and every day for her as she cleans the dishes she's trying to clear her mind of what could come. >> this is too much. it could not happen. it cannot pass because there's already too many homeless in the
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city, and then i don't want to be one of them >> reporter: housing regulators in oakland say starting in july for rent-controlled properties, landlords will be able to raise rent by up to 6.7%, the highest one-year jump in the city's history, many say the timing is just terrible. councilmember carol feiff is leading oakland to be in line with san francisco by further limiting price increases on rent-controlled apartments. >> the monthly rent due on the first day of each month will be increased. >> reporter: as gonzalez reads the letter she got from her landlord earlier this month, she can't help but think what she's going to do in july. some property owners say the price hike is necessary because they, too, are facing rising costs. >> you know, i understand they need to make money or they need to pay bills or whatever, but they need to think of others, you know, they need to help
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people that are low income so they won't end on the street. >> reporter: until then, she says she will keep fighting and hoping a compromise gives her a fresh start. >> i think 6.7 is too much. 3, i think for me 3, it's okay, it's double of what it is right now, so i think it's fine, but more than 3%, i don't think it's acceptable. >> i did reach out to her property manager who said nobody is helping landlords. i asked if they'd be willing to compromise and do a roughly 3% rise as gonzalez recommended. they said no. councilmember feiff's ordinance is scheduled for a vote at the council meeting tomorrow. if passed, the new policy would undo this year's rate at the very last minute. we're live in the newsroom, i'm justin andrews, kpix 5. it is now 5:08. a san francisco tradition revived after a two-year hiatus because of the pandemic. the ceremony remembering a sailor who was commended for his bravery during world war ii. plus carnaval takes over san
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welcome back. it is 5:11. the fiesta in vacaville will resume despite a shooting there. one person was shot last night but is expected to be okay. people were being asked to stay away from the festival where police worked to reunite family members who ran away during the shooting no word on any arrests.
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today is memorial day. over the weekend a ceremony was held to honor the "uss san francisco" in the guadalcanal during world war ii. yesterday's event remembered a sailor who was commended for his bravery, even as he battled racism. john ramos has that story. ♪ >> reporter: the memorial to the "uss san francisco" sits in a quiet spot next to land's end. its flagpole flanked by the ship's battered bridge filled from the holes from the bombardment they took on november 13th, 1942. >> the "uss san francisco" and her ships filed right into the center of a japanese armada and in the middle of them with ships surrounding them on all sides they opened fire in the pitch dark, and it was a brawl. there's no better way to describe it. >> reporter: miraculously, the ship was not sunk, but 77 sailors died in the battle, including most of the command staff, and their names were read aloud and a bell rung to honor their passing. [ bell ringing ] but one fallen sailor, petty
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officer leonard roy harmon made history in another way as well. he was a kitchen attendant, one of the few jobs african americans could hold on a ship back then. during the battle he began helping to move wounded soldiers including the ship's executive officer. >> shots are ripping through the wall while he's carrying this guy down. he stands between him and the doorway where the bullets are coming through, and he takes the full brunt of this machine gunfire. >> reporter: professor jim armstead said harmon probably should have gotten the medal of honor for his actions but the navy instead granted the ultimate honor, they named a ship for him. was that unheard of at the time? >> yes, absolutely. first of all, an enlisted man, not many ships named after enlisted men and no ships ever named after a black sailor. >> a fighting ship named for a fighting man. >> reporter: the navy used harmon's heroic story in promotional films as a way to placate african americans who may have been feeling angry
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about the limited role they were given in the war. >> don't ever forget this about mates, they poured soup in between battles but in battle he poured with the best of them. >> making sure african americans will be loyal to the country when you have the japanese on one side and hitler on the other, it's important to hold the country together. >> reporter: harmon's was just one of 77 lives lost in the battle but his valor was remale considering his war was on two fronts. >> the double "v" for victory, if you were black you turned your fingers the other way. it's one the victory is over segregation, the other is over our enemies. that was prevalent in the black community in the second world war. >> reporter: it was important for them to extend an honor to him for what he did. >> it demonstrated that the country understood that everybody was fighting for it. >> reporter: in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. the stairs leading up to the point reyes light house are
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closed because of strong winds. the observation deck above the light house is still open but parking lots nearby could be full because of the memorial day holiday. 5:15 now. let's get a check of weather and traffic. >> we start off with first alert meteorologist jessica burch. it felt breezy as i walked out the door. >> in pacifica, along the coast, no matter where we're at, we're starting off with an onshore flow this morning. it only gets gustier as we head into the afternoon. let's take it a step back, with the winds we're mostly dealing with clear skies. this is a live look next to the golden gate bridge. a little breezy, you can see that on the flagpole, another live look from the salesforce tower cam, i love it when we cake up and see the beautiful orange colors in the sky. it is memorial day and a lot of us are headed out the door. marin county, all the trails will be packed. this is what we're dealing with daytime highs. inland areas in the upper 70s. we're also experiencing mid sikt along the bay, upper 50s along
5:16 am
the coast so it will be a little bit breezy for us as we head into the afternoon hours. we'll talk about that in a second. if you live in the solano county area, we are under a red flag warning that starts this morning at 11:00 a.m., extending throughout this afternoon and ending tomorrow evening. this is just due to low relative humidity, mixed with the fact that we're dealing with very gusty conditions, too, mostly pushing in from the north but this is another driving force as to why that's happening, too. high pressure still beginning to build for us as we extend into the next couple days. temperatures on the rise not only today but tomorrow, too. you'll notice that as we head into our tuesday forecast as this ridge pushes its way over our coastline and even as we wrap this up week we'll see a gradual cooling trend thursday and friday but for now warming up. here is the winds as we head into this afternoon, gusty winds from offshore around 2:30 in the afternoon headed into the evening hours. it stays consistent and stays strong just anywhere from 25 to 35 miles per hour at times. another big reason why we're dealing with that red flag warning in solano county.
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the gusty conditions pushing from offshore. nonetheless, it is a beautiful memorial day for us no matter where you live. daytime highs mostly ranging in the 60s from san francisco closer to redwood city, low 70s and we get right back up into the 80s near fairfield for us today. let's take a quick look at our next six days, though. like i said, we warm up as we head into our tuesday forecast. by wednesday, partly cloudy skies will start returning, the ridge will break its way down and by the weekend we're dealing with partly cloudy skies and a potential for rain actually as early as the weekend in our inland east areas as well as the north bay. we'll keep you updated on the weather center. for now, over to you, gianna. >> look at the bro roadways on photojournalist brian kiley is up early on the roadway, not a lot of cars with him. here is a live look near the dublin interchange. usually we see brake lights in the right lanes westbound 580 connecting to 60. not the case today. he's cruising along making that connector as he heads through
5:18 am
there. traffic light and quiet, which is great news. 580 westbound say out of tracy, getting onto 580 itself from 205, really just a couple brake lights at the connector road. other than that, it's a 25-minute commute from that area over towards the dublin interchange. so far so good on the roadways. right now that's going to change later on. if you are hitting the roadways after 1:00, headed home or headed out of town, you're going to see some busy conditions after 1:00 on the freeways for all that traffic coming home from the long weekend, so our bridges will be busy right now, everything is quiet. san mateo bridge no delays right here, clear both directions. golden gate bridge looking good as well, traffic pretty light out of marin county as you head into san francisco. that will look different later on as folks commute in and out of san francisco. right now enjoy the open freeways while you can. looking at traffic elsewhere, a quick look at travel times right now, so far so good with no major delays on the east shore, highway 4 and 101 the south bay
5:19 am
commute looking good right now, in fact we're clocking in nice speeds northbound 101 hellier to sfo only 5 minutes and no delays 280 or 87. >> the roads look so peaceful this morning. >> rare, it's rare. >> yes, it is. carnaval made a colorful return to san francisco over the weekend. >> it did. it took over the mission district with a grand parade after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. kpix 5's betty yu was there for us. ♪ >> reporter: headliner momotombo sf got the crowd dancing. ♪ its members came from legendary bonds molo or santana. we saw people of different generations enjoying the beats. >> just being out here was nice and fun, enjoyable and being able to see everyone dance with their own cultures is nice. >> reporter: did you dance today? >> just a little bit, just in the corner. >> reporter: you had a good time? >> it's been amazing, so much
5:20 am
culture, so much food, so much energy. feels great seeing people interact with each other. >> reporter: the 44th annual carnaval parade made its long-awaited return sunday and it celebrated latin american and caribbean cultures in colorful fashion. >> we had friends that told us you got to go, there's lots of music and shopping, people are dressed up so beautifully celebrating so yeah, we're excited to be here. >> reporter: the cars were also ness fen the kabob trolley food truck which sold out. they sold five times the orders they normally do on a regular business day. >> it was amazing. it was amazing. the crowd was amazing, lots of food. we had a special menu, too, for today. ♪ >> looks like a lot of fun. that was betty yu reporting.
5:21 am
for the band, the close-out show was extra special because it was a homecoming, all of its members are right here from the bay area and we first brought you carnaval streaming live on "cbs news bay area." you can watch 24/7 on any device, that downloads the stream. time right now is 5:21. tom cruise might have pulled off one of the most daring stunts of his career, len. >> we look at the big box office numbers for his latest flick "top gun: maverick." that story coming up next in
5:22 am
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>> welcome back. it's memorial day. if you're enjoying this beau beautiful, beautiful day, it is sunny across the board and inland areas getting up to around 75 from the noon to 2:00 hour. along the coast it's low 60s, and as we extend into the afternoon hours, look at your local area, stunning conditions across the board, clear skies. the wind will kick up around 2:00, more of that coming in your full forecast. ♪ all right, time now for "morning mix." if you're behind on the best breakfast in line, g., you have the lowdown. >> i do. the fa teams in "top gun: maverick" took off as scheduled. it soared to $124 million,
5:25 am
cha-ching, at the domestic box office. it's in its first three days, tom cruise's best debut ever and one of the biggest for memorial day weekend. len, i was surprised by that. i didn't realize this was his biggest box office debut. he's done big movies. >> he has a long list of movie, right, so for this to be the number one, shout out to tom cruise. >> i know. >> and i think it was the perfect weekend, too, with the holiday and memorial day as well and highlighting our servicemembers as well so that's a good thing. >> so true, so true. for those who travel to los angeles, odds are you've heard of dave's hot chicken. if you've never stopped by the popular chain and triedity spicy fried chicken or chicken sandwiches, soon that opportunity will come to you. this summer dave's hot chicken will be coming to oaknd la, sunnyvale and san leandro. by the way in 2021, the first two bay area locations open up in santa rosa and union city so there's a couple here, but now
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we're getting more. it's backed by drake and samuel l. jackson plans to open up 500 locations in north america. len, i have yet to try it. i have heard it is one of those things you see all the time on instagram, everybody loves dave's hot chicken. >> we'll have to try it together, g. i opened up the menu as you were talking about this and they have mac and cheese, too, frcheese fries and also have sliders, all of the things. all of the things. making people hungry. >> i know! it's our job on the morning show. we always do a story on food to make you hungry before you have breakfast. >> yes. we'll try it out together. >> sounds good. all right, the time is now 5:26. coming up in the next half hour, we introduce you to the lake tahoe estates that could shatter real estate records. plus remembering the school shooting victims in texas, the new memorial ♪ ♪ whether someone is across the neighborhood,
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across the street, or across the room, you have the power to make them feel right at home. ♪ ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome.
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nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california. >> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now at 5:30, the commander in chief visits texas, the president's pledge to take action after the school shooting. plus the new tribute to the victims of the texas school shooting right here in the bay area. >> and this mental health awareness month, we talk with high school students on
5:30 am
navigating all the stress that comes with senior year. how students are talking more about it. good morning, it is memorial day, monday, may 30th. i'm len kiese. >> and i'm gianna franco. let's get a check of weather and traffic, starting off with jessica burch and it felt a little breezy this morning. >> it kind of is breezy as we wake up this morning. it's only going to get stronger as we head into the afternoon hours. a live look, sunrise is coming up shortly. skies are already orange, a very nice and calm start to our memorial day. now here's our forecast as we head into the afternoon. a lot of people will be heading out there enjoying the trails in marin county no matter where you're at. it's a great opportunity to head out there and enjoy this beautiful sunshine that we're experiencing tooled as well as these calm conditions as we start off this morning. now, the winds kick up as we head into the afternoon, daytime highs alone sitting in the 70s in our inland areas, even up in the north bay, too, along our bay we're in the mid-60s today, warming up more as we head into our forecast for tomorrow. along our coast, mid-50s.
5:31 am
one thing i want to start off this morning, though, we are under a red flag warning starting at 11:00 a.m. this morning for solano county which we're used to, we've been dealing with this the last couple of weeks. we'll talk more in the full forecast but this is due to low relative humidity mixed with the gusty conditions i was talking about. we'll have more coming up, but for now back to you. the roadways right now, it is a quiet morning for the most part. we're getting reports of one minor trouble spot in redwood city, the slow lane blocked due to a crash 92 westbound at hills dale boulevard. not a lot of people on the roadway, it is a holiday. later, that will change, people coming home from the long holiday weekend. expect busy conditions on bridges and 80, 580 and 101. san mateo bridge quiet and dublin interchange no delays and quiet for the ride south 101, towards the golden gate bridge no delays, 20 minutes from highway 37 into the city.
5:32 am
♪ this morning, president biden is planning to take action following the texas school shooting. mr. biden and first lady jill biden took a trip to heartbroken uvalde, yesterday, meeting with the families of the 19 children and two teachers who died. >> right now the department of justice is reviewing the police response to tuesday's mass shooting. cbs' danya bacchus is uvalde this morning with what that means. danya? >> reporter: good morning to you both. we are in front of a memorial at town square and any time during the day or night, you can find people stopping by here. while residents of uvalde continue to grieve, they're also hoping their pain turns into action. the department of justice will conduct a review of the police response to last week's shooting that killed two teachers and 19 children at robb elementary. >> as tragic as this may seem,
5:33 am
we need to learn from this. >> reporter: the doj says its goal is to identify the lessons learned and best practices to help first responders prepare for active shooters. >> obviously the way that you develop policy many times is by learning about the mistakes in the past. >> reporter: parents want to know why law enforcement officers, including a federal tactical team, waited outside the classroom for more than 40 minutes before confronting and killing the shooter. the texas department of public safety said on friday not engaging the shooter earlier was clearly a mistake. >> of course it was not the right decision. it was the wrong decision, period. there's no excuse for that. >> reporter: president biden and the first lady visited uvalde on sunday. the two laid flowers at the memorial outside the school, met privately for three hours with the families. >> do something! >> reporter: and as he left a church something, pledged to do something about gun violence. 11-year-old bella barbosa was
5:34 am
friends with ellie garcia, one of the students killed. >> she was a very bright girl. we need to get justice for these children and that this world is not a good place for children to grow up in. >> reporter: funerals start this week for some of the victims. it's always hard to hear such a young person say they don't believe that this world is safe for them. the review by the justice department was requested by the mayor, and he said that he believes it will be a fair and independent review. back to you. >> dania, i know you mentioned it briefly, what can you tell us about the funeral services for the lives lost? >> reporter: we do know that two of them are actually going to be held today. funeral services, visitation will begin for two of the young victims and will continue throughout the week. governor abbott also said that there was an anonymous donation of $175,000 given here to make
5:35 am
sure that the families were able to have funerals for their loved ones. >> danya, thank you for your report. a line of empty chairs in one of one alameda county church is serving as a tribute to the victims of the texas school shooting. sean chitnis spoke to leaders who created that meme reel. >> reporter: when you pass by the church the pastor and her congregation wanted to honor the students and teacher, hope it inspires others to prevent a shooting like this from happening again. >> i received the news about what happened in uvalde and was numb and was frozen actually for several days. >> reporter: one after the other, a small chair symbolizes the young child taken too soon last week at robb elementary school in uvalde, texas, the memorial at twin towers united mes dichurch in alameda captures
5:36 am
the sadness in this community so many are peeling feeling across the country. >> there's a sense of empowering for the kids to put the chairs out to do the work of folding paper to remember the names. >> reporter: days after the shooting, pastor emily lin and her children imani and milo decided to build this together. >> the looking up of each of the names, reading them through, noticing the age and really pausing around each person. >> 10, 11 and 9. >> reporter: how old are you two? >> 7. >> 8. >> reporter: at such a young age these two understand what's happened and why it's so wrong. >> they're still growing up and yeah, they got, they were still growing up and they got killed and that's really sad. >> reporter: children far too young to learn this lesson painful for parents to accept this is their reality. >> there should not be anything like that anymore. >> and we hope it won't happen again. >> i think it was both very heartbreaking to watch them be a
5:37 am
part of it. why should they have to do this. >> it's very touching to read the comments that people have, so it's healing for people. they're able to cry together. >> reporter: mixed in with all the flowers, some cookies for these kids and apples for the two teachers, more reminders of the innocence stolen at that school. >> that's what the focus should be on, not politics, but on what can be done. this is a problem that all of us share, all of us are affected by it. >> we are one nation. we should work together as a nation. >> reporter: a message made out of a sense to act, and its message for others? to do the same. >> we need the space. take the time, right, whatever you're feeling is good and right, but please, do something with that grief. >> reporter: reporting in alameda, sean chitnis, kpix 5. this mental health awareness month we talk with students as they graduate from high school, a class that faced remote
5:38 am
learning and everything that comes with the pandemic. > >> jocelyn moran spoke with a senior about some of the challenges they face and the stress that comes with the last year of high school. >> there's a lot that comes along with being a high school student, finals, ap, think being college. they had to navigate remote learning and everything else that comes with something a lot of us didn't go through as students, a pandemic. high school seniors now graduating didn't get that full four years of in-person experience, there was remote learning of course and coming back and getting used to in-person classes and tests again. i talked with fphoebe golson, a bay area high school senior. all of this she says was an adjustment. >> it was a learning curve but i would say the most stress came from definitely like college applications, very time-cotime-consume ing constantly comparing myself to people around me. even though other students wouldn't say anything mean or
5:39 am
you know, disparage me in any way, i just felt like i wasn't good enough compared to the rest of the applicants and that oh, they're take so long many more aps than i am, they got better s.a.t. score and that means that i'm not going to be as successful as them. >> i remember all of that stress feeling like you had to do so much to get into the college you wanted to, comparing yourself to others, thankfully phoebe says she was able to navigate through all of this. she's excited to be going to college in the fall. when many of us were in high school mental health wasn't often talked about. phoebe says she feels that changing and that's helped her a lot. >> yes, i definitely think it's being talked about more than it ever has in the past. teachers i've had have been very accommodating and understanding, and i think friends are talking a lot more about mental health with each other. it's becoming less of a taboo.
5:40 am
>> coming up at 6:30, we'll hear from an expert on navigating all of this, plus more on the importance of focusing on your mental health. in the newsroom, i'm jocelyn moran, kpix 5. it is 5:40. house speaker nancy pelosi's husband was arrested for dui in napa county. records show 82-year-old paul pelosi was arrested around 11:45 saturday night and booked into the county jail at 4:00 in the morning. his bail was set at $5,000, and he was released. speaker pelosi's office told kpix 5 she won't be commenting. it happened while she was on the east coast. pelosi gave the commencement speech at brown university yesterday. time is 5:40, gearing up for the nba finals this week. >> a finals preview for the dubs with the celtics officially coming to the bay area. plus we take a closer look at the lake tahoe estates that could shatter real estate records. and it's memorial day. we have your forecast and so much more coming up in just a little bit. things are changing as we head into this week. we'll talk about that coming up
5:41 am
in the full forecast. when you need help it's great to be in sync with customer service. a team of reps who can anticipate the next step genesys technology is changing the way customer service teams anticipate what customers need. because happy customers are music to our ears. genesys, we're behind every customer smile.
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welcome back. it is 5:43. yesterday morning officers saw a duck frantically quacking at a
5:44 am
storm drain near oracle park. they took a closer look and found baby ducklings stuck down the drain. the officers removed the grate and carefully pulled them out, reuniting the fluffy ducklings -- oh, they're so cute -- with their mother, who led her children back to the san francisco bay. so ghlad they're okay. now to the famous falcon family perched high above the uc berkeley campus. >> we've followed the story of annie the falcon and new partner alden for weeks now. you have a chance to help name her growing chicks. check out the video from the cal falcon cam in their nest, alden a surrogate father stepping up to feed annie's two chicks, one male and one female. they've grown a lot since they hatched at the beginning of the month. the chicks had a rare visit from humans friday for their banding and they weren't very happy. lots of expletives there i
5:45 am
think. the falcons looked very upset when the humans plucked them from their nest, but they were quickly banded and measured and their genders were confirmed. the little guys don't have a name yet so they're holding an online contest for to you help name them. you could send your ideas on their social media pages, the winners will be announced next friday. >> i was thinking they looked a lot bigger. they're almost as big as their mom from that perspective. >> they've grown pretty fast, they're talking pretty fast running away from mom, right? many celebrate memorial day, surveys continue to show a lot of people don't really like the season. >> i don't understand this.29% americans say summer is their favorite season, this is only a slight drop compared to previous years, in 2013 the same poll had summer and spring tied at 33%. okay. >> it depends where you live, too. >> true. >> if you're in a hot place like florida, summers are pretty intense.
5:46 am
a live look at chase center where the warriors will face jayson tatum and the boston celtics in the nba finals on thursday. the celtics advanced to the finals after winning game seven against the miami heat last night. >> it was a battle from the jump as jimmy butler and the heat would not go quietly, but they're played every minute of game seven after scoring 47 points two days earlier and he showed little signs of slowing up. he finished with a team high of 35 points. tatum responded with 26 of his own and the celtics needed each one. it came down to the wire, but with the chance to take the lead, miami fell short, sending boston to the finals. >> it feels amazing. finally got over the hump. but we can't be too happy, we have the golden state warriors waiting for us. >> we played against them a ton of times over the years. we're going to have our work cut out for us. we're a confident group as well that's battled everybody, all the big boys this year but going to be a good challenge that we're up for.>>t is going to be
5:47 am
finals series. the celtics will visit san francisco for game one t thursday at 6:00 bp.m. i am ready for it. >> the green coming to town but it's all good. it's all good. we're ready to show 'em up. >> yep. let's check on your forecast and traffic on this monday. >> we begin with first alert meteorologist jessica burch. a lot of people getting out for the memorial day holiday. how is it going to look? >> yes, they should. it is beautiful out there right now, as we extend into this afternoon, it's a stunning day for us no matter where you live. temperatures ranging a little bit above average. the winds will kick up as we head into the afternoon but it's memorial day. get out there, enjoy the beautiful conditions. take a live look from the salesforce tower cam, the sun is starting to rise, 5:50 a.m. is our official sunrise. as we extend into the afternoon, daytime highs upper 70s, 60s along the bay, 50s at the coast. the winds will kick up pretty quickly, i cannot stress that enough, as we head into this afternoon. daytime highs throughout the
5:48 am
rest of our local areas, napa getting up to 78 degrees. 75 down in san jose. livermore 76. this is what i mean when we're talking about the onshore flow. they'll continue to push in from the west as we head into the afternoon hours, anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour just around 2:00. it stays consistent as we head into the evening though so keep that in mind. that's the big reason why solano county is under a red flag warning starting at 11:00 a.m. extending throughout this afternoon and ending tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. it's a big reason why i wanted to highlight the winds. we're warming up as we head into the next couple days. the huge ridge will start weakening as we head into monday, tuesday, even wednesday but pushes its way into our coastline giving us above-average temperatures for the next couple days. behind that is an area of low pressure, you could see that right there. hooer is another depiction of that. you could see it spiraling right now, that will continue to develop as we head into the late portions of our week, bringing us cooler temperatures to wrap up this work week. here is that in full force. we warm up by tuesday, wednesday, average out as we
5:49 am
wrap up the week, partly cloudy skies returning to the forecast no matter whether you live in san francisco, oakland, even up in our northern areas, too, the north bay seeing a chance of rain as we extend all the way into the weekend, partly cloudy skies really sticking around for us as we wrap up this week but it is beautiful nonetheless, and we are going to keep you updated in the weather center. for now, back over to you. let's look at the roadways if you are getting ready to get out and about this morning, so is our photojournalist brian kiley, up early on this memorial day and so far so good on our freeways, this is 238 heading toward 808 through castro valley. things are moving at the limit with no delays or issues, and even with the stalled big rig off to the side we're not seeing any brake lights or a backup here. it's a pretty light commute this morning if you're getting up early, getting on the freeways, right now is a good time to be out there, really no major issues. the only thing we're tracking is a minor trouble spot along the peninsula, as we jump to our maps now, a heads up if you're headed along 101, we have reports of a trouble spot there, we'll show you that in a second,
5:50 am
101 in san mateo westbound 92 right at that hills ddale exit there is a trouble spot with a lane blocked, a couple lanes due to a deer in the roadway, apparently the crash was involving that deer so unfortunately there is some activity there as they clear this out of the roadway. 92 definitely a little sluggish because of the 101, taking a look at that quiet there as well for the most part once you're past this area. taking a look at traffic elsewhere, if you are headed toward any bay area bridges this morning, a live look at the bay bridge not bad at all. very quiet and hopefully it stays that way for most of the day, of course, later on this afternoon after 1:00 this will likely look different as folks head home for the holiday weekend, if you're coming from the maze into the city, under ten minutes for your travel time. pretty easy breezy there, easy breezy on the golden gate as well, quiet conditions out here, not a lot of cars out there. it's nice everyone is sleeping in. southbound 101 from 37 down into the city, only about 19 minutes right now, and look at the travel times, everything in the green so no major delays or
5:51 am
issues. time right now is 5:50. two ultra lux lake tahoe estates could shatter records. >> one is called crystal point listed for a whopping $64.5 million. the five-acre estate boasts two properties, a five-bedroom castle and a four-bedroom beach house, all together the homes total more than 16,000 square feet. the other called evoca is listed at $55 million, consists of two properties, a five-car garage and two guest houses, both on the in ef neve side of the lake. these homes are still not the priceiest on the market, believe it or not, as the 20,000 square-foot mansion on the nevada side listed for $100 million. if sold, they would break a tahoe record held by the thunderbird lodge which was sold for $50 million in 1998. >> i am in awe. by the way that was once the most expensive private home in the country. >> once was. >> once was. wow, a castle could be yours, if
5:52 am
only, len. >> with a lot of this, money! >> it is 5:51. another naval aviator movie soars in the wings. the new film taking the spotlight later this year. and coming up on the "the drew barrymore show," drew chats with aqua fina, fran drescher on kpix 5 at 2:00. still around for "cbs mornings." gayle ♪ ♪ whether someone is across the neighborhood, across the street, or across the room, you have the power to make them feel right at home. ♪ ♪ ritz. a taste of welcome. i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin
5:53 am
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withaelcome back. another live look from the salesforce tower cam it's a beautiful sunrise for us. i almost said sunday. i'm still waking. . let's look at our monday morning forecast as we extend into our afternoon. daytime highs today are ranging in the upper 70s in our inland areas, along the bay and the coast mostly upper 50s and 60s. a lot of us are heading outdoors this morning. if you're headed up to the marin headlands or out on some trails it's a beautiful opportunity to enjoy the sunshine. winds will kick up in the afternoon. we'll have more on that in a bit. >> thank you, jessica. in this morning's entertainment headlines naval aviators take the spotlight in the upcoming film "devotion." it tells the story of two elite navy fighter pilots during the korean war, the heroic
5:56 am
sacrifices make them the most celebrated wingmen. "devotion" lands in select theaters october 17th. representatives of queen elizabeth ii's gown are on display at madame tussauds's in london. the exhibit runs for two weeks. the queen's platinum jubilee starts this thursday. it is 5:56. the summer travel season is back and millions of americans are hitting the road. >> why experts say it could be a while before drivers start to get a break at the pump with gas prices. plus remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, the memorial day event today paying tribute to our fallen heroes. let's get a quick live look outside before we head to break. look at that, beautiful sunrise, jessica will have your forecast for your memorial day holiday coming up in a few minutes. we
5:57 am
we'll be right back.
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now at 6:00, time to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. how you can remember our fallen heroes in the bay area on this memorial day. plus many americans still hitting the road for the long week. why it could be a while before they get a break on gas prices. and another chaotic time for americans traveling by air, the thousands of flights canceled over the weekend. also this morning, rent in oakland is set to drastically jump in july. the struggle this could cause renters as there's a push to stop the highest one-year hike on record. good morning, it's memorial day monday, may 30th. i'm gianna franco. >> and i'm len kiese. let's get a check of weather and traffic beginning with first alert meteorologist jessica burch. good morning.


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