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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  May 30, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now at 6:00, time to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. how you can remember our fallen heroes in the bay area on this memorial day. plus many americans still hitting the road for the long week. why it could be a while before they get a break on gas prices. and another chaotic time for americans traveling by air, the thousands of flights canceled over the weekend. also this morning, rent in oakland is set to drastically jump in july. the struggle this could cause renters as there's a push to stop the highest one-year hike on record. good morning, it's memorial day monday, may 30th. i'm gianna franco. >> and i'm len kiese. let's get a check of weather and traffic beginning with first alert meteorologist jessica burch. good morning.
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>> good morning, oh no, i'm in the photo. the beautiful sunrise for us as we wake up for mechanic reel day and head into the afternoon. we're expecting stunning conditions. i want to start off with today's daytime highs, we are a little bit above average and only warming up more as we head into the next couple days. we'll talk about that coming up in the full forecast. for now our inland areas getting in the upper 70s, low 80s. sunny and calm conditions up there. we are dealing with a breezy day for us anywhere from the coast off into the bay. the winds really kick up as we head into the afternoon hours and to add to that, it is sunny across the board. it's going to be a busy day for us if you're headed oyou the to the headlands, if you're going out on the trails, it is going to be an active day to head out and enjoy the beautiful sunny conditions. do it while you can, by the rest of this week we'll start cooling down by wednesday and thursday with partly cloudy skies, returning into the forecast so i can't stress it enough, enjoy this weather while we have it. we'll talk more about it coming up in the full forecast but for now, gianna, over to you. >> let's take a look at the roadways.
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we're not dealing way lot of major issues. just some slight delays, a bit of a hiccup westbound 205 g getting onto 580. the altamont 25 minutes from 205 to 680. if you are a super commuter taking the westbound 580 trek, so far traffic is light which is good news as you are headed through there. most of our travel times are looking good, all in the green with no major delays. b.a.r.t. heads up, weekend track replacement between south hayward and union city stations will be in effect. bus services will be available, add 20 to 2025 minutes to your trip. a lot of people headed home for the holidays so expect busy conditions on the roadways. gas prices are at a ten-year high, adjusted for inflation. >> it may be at least a few more months before drivers start to get a break. the current national average for a gallon of unleaded is $4.60. these prices are happening just as americans head into the summer driving season.
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>> i won't do quick trips to florida to see family and stuff in the car, and i'll probably limit some of my plane travel just until everything drops back down. >> as we progress beyond memorial day, i now peg our odds at $5 a gallon of gasoline nationwide at 60%, so that could be coming. >> demand usually starts to fall in august which could help the cost of gas to drop. here's a look at prices in the bay area. the current average price per gallon in san francisco is $6.38, according to san jose is $6.25, followed by oakland at $6.24. happening today, memorial day event planned across the bay area, the annual mill valley memorial day parade will start with a pancake breakfast followed by a parade and a carnival. san rafael will hold a special service at veterans memorial and hillsborough a parade outside its town hall with a music festival until midafternoon. people are taking a lot of flights this weekend and a lot of flights have been canceled.
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over 2,000 flights have been canceled so far, but the bay area is doing well actually. sfo canceled 15 flights, oakland canceled two and san jose also canceled just two. let's take a live look at sfo where it's hard to tell if the few flight cancellations really have had much of an impact. sfo told us on friday, checkpoint traffic reached over 120,000 and that number was just over 103,000 on saturday. the expected amount for yesterday was just around 112,000. they project 108,000 travelers today. a lot of grills are getting fired up this memorial day. one of them sparked a backyard fire in oakley that quickly spread to several homes. kpix's 5 da lin reports one person nearly died. >> took this hose, went to the back fence and watered everything i could find to try to keep the flames off until the fire department got here. >> god help us, lord. >> reporter: anthony kight saw the fire burning in a neighbor's backyard just before 7:00 saturday night. >> god, help us.
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>> a couple people started yelling. i knew somebody was calling 911, so i just went to war with the hose. >> reporter: the barbecue fire started on claret court, one house down from him, but quickly spread to the giant cypress trees next to his fence and neighboring yards. >> it was just adrenalin flowing, just keep it off the fence because you could see this is all straw and wood back here. these trees were on fire, i was afraid the embers were going to land on that. >> reporter: neighbors say the grill's propane tank exploded, but leaving was not an option for anthony. >> i have a handicapped wife, in the bedroom, and she's bedridden and plus i have my animals. >> reporter: he says the garden hose bought him just enough time. east contra costa fire protection district firefighters showed up as flames were getting out of control. >> the fireman came back here, i yelled the fire was under the awnings. he got on the radio, he called
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and they had hoses back in here within two minutes. >> reporter: neighbors and police officers helped them evacuate his wife. >> i got my wife out of here screaming and crying the whole way, because you know, it's hard to move her. she's in a lot of pain. >> reporter: the people who started the barbecue fire declined to talk to me. firefighters say their home has severe damage in the back and is now boarded up. firefighters say three neighboring homes had fire damage to exterior walls and the fire destroyed two sheds. >> i have a friend that lived on the other side of empire avenue and she lost her home to a fire in a barbecue fire on father's day several years ago, so the first thing i did was get rid of my gas grill. >> reporter: many neighbors and anthony say no hard feelings. they hope this will be a teachable moment. >> i'm just sorry it happened especially for the folks there. they were just trying to have a barbecue on memorial day, but lesson learned, look how easy it can get away from you. it got away from them that fast, and now they're not sleeping in their homes tonight. >> reporter: in oakley, i'm da
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lin, kpix 5. >> as you saw, there was property damage but no injuries. the fire department says it was an accident and the folks who started the barbecue won't face any fines. >> time now is 6:07. some renters in the east bay will pay a sharp rent increase come july. oakland housing regulators say july 1st, some landlords will be able to raise rents by up to 6.7%, that's the highest one year jump in the city's history. >> one oakland councilmember is fighting back. justin andrews talked to a renter who is scrambling right now trying to figure out what to do next. >> you can understand why she says she lives in oakland and loves the area because she loves the diverse people. it's been home for her for well over a decade. she's been looking at the calendar, counting down how many days she has before her rent jumps trackcally. walking inside her oakland apartment for almost 20 years, mariella gonzalez is now scared. >> pay your food or pay the rent. >> reporter: that's a real
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reminder each and every day for her. as she cleans the dishes, she's trying to clear her mind of what could come. >> this is too much. it could not happen. it cannot pass, because there's already too many homeless in the city, and then i don't want to be one of them. >> reporter: housing regulators in oakland say starting in july for rent-controlled properties, landlords will be able to raise rent by up to 6.7%, the highest one-year jump in the city's history, many say the timing is just terrible. councilmember carol feiff is leading an effort to bring oakland in line with neighbors like san francisco by further limiting price increases on rent-controlled apartments. >> the monthly rent due on the first day of each month will be increased. >> reporter: as gonzalez reads the letter she got from her landlord earlier this month, she can't help but think what she's going to do in july. some property owners say the
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price hike is necessary because they, too, are facing rising costs. >> you know, i understand they need to make money or they need to pay bills or whatever, but they need to think of others, you know, they need to help people that are low income so they won't end on the street. >> reporter: until then, she says she will keep fighting and hoping a compromise gives her a fresh start. >> i think 6.7 is too much. 3, i think for me 3, it's okay, it's double of what it is right now, so i think it's fine, but more than 3%, i don't think it's acceptable. >> i did reach out to her property manager who said nobody is helping landlords. i asked if they'd be willing to compromise and do a roughly 3% raise in the rent as gonzalez recommended. the answer was a no. councilmember feiff's ordinance is scheduled to be voted on at the council meeting tomorrow. if passed, the new policy would undo this year's rate at the very last minute.
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♪music playing♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california.
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welcome back. it is 6:13. carnaval made a colorful return to san francisco over the weekend. >> it did. it took over the mission district with a grand parade after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. kpix 5's betty yu was there for us. ♪ >> reporter: headliner momotombo sf got the crowd dancing. ♪ its members came from legendary its members came from legendary bands molo or santana. we saw people of different generations enjoying the beats. >> just being out here was nice and fun, enjoyable and being able to see everyone dance with
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their own cultures is nice. >> reporter: did you dance today? >> just a little bit, but in the corner. just in the corner. >> reporter: you had a good time? >> it's been amazing, so much culture, so much food, so much energy. it feels great seeing people interact with each other. >> reporter: the 44th annual carnaval parade made its long-awaited return sunday and it celebrated latin american and caribbean cultures in colorful fashion. >> we had friends that told us you got to go, there's lots of music and shopping, people are dressed up so beautifully celebrating so yeah, we're excited to be here. >> reporter: the cars were also on display, 160 low riders led the parade. the crowds also meant big business big for vendors like the kabob trolley food truck which ran out of food sunday evening. they sold five times the orders they normally do on a regular business day. >> it was amazing. it was amazing. the crowd was amazing, lots of food. we had a special menu, too, for today. ♪
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>> that was betty i couldn't reporting. for the band, the close-out show was extra special because it was a homecoming, all of its members are right here from the bay area and we first brought you carnaval streaming live on "cbs news bay area." you can watch 24/7 on any device that downloads the stream. the stairs leading up to the point reyes light house are closed because of strong winds. the observation deck above the light house is still open, though, but parking lots nearby could be full because of the memorial day holiday. let's see if that wind continues out there right now, with the check of our forecast with jessica. >> all right, well you know what? let's start off with the fact it is a beautiful monday morning for us. we're dealing with sunny skies across the board, waking up with the beautiful sunrise, current temperatures in the 50s and 40s. as we extend into the next couple hours, winds will kick up
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significantly, case' the case in the bay and inland areas. the national weather service issued a red flag warning for solano county at 11:00 a.m. this morning, extending throughout the afternoon hours ending tomorrow at 8:00 p.m., due to windy conditions and low relative humidity. we're keeping a close eye in the weather center. look at today as we extend into the afternoon hours, these are the winds pushing from offshore consistently anywhere from 25 to 35 miles per hour, especially along the san bruno area up into san francisco, as we take a quick look at what we can expect for today, like i said t is a windy setup but dealing with sunny skies no matter where you live and inland areas we'rein u. 50s along the coast, a good breakdown of oakland getting up to 71. 78 in napa. we do warm up for the next couple days. here is the reason why. high pressure is pushing in from the south, ridging its way into our coastline as we head into our tuesday forecast, even into wednesday. will you see temperatures just a little bit above average, by the
6:17 am
weekend, low pressure pushes itself in, bringing us more cloudy skies and even a chance of rain in certain areas to the north. let's get a good look at what we can expect for the next six days for the north bay. we warm up into our tuesday setup, even wednesday, upper 80s in our inland east bay areas, just to cool down into the low 70s and mid-70s by friday and saturday, partly cloudy skies, so really we're just seeing a little bit of a roller coaster effect, still in the gradual warming trend for now. by the rest of this week we cool down significantly. let's look at the roadways right now. it is not a bad time at all to be on the freeways. a live look here, this is our photojournalist brian kiley in mobile 5 headed to the bay bridge toll plaza and just a couple cars with him but overall it's a quiet ride this morning. so if you're up early getting ready to hit the freeways this morning, so far so good. we haven't had any major trouble spots or issues or backup, no metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza. so you do have to wake up early, the benefit is you're not dealing with brake lights or
6:18 am
issues. pretty easy ride here under ten minutes from the maze as you head over into san francisco, and it's pretty much the case for most of our bay area freeways right now. later, that will look a little different as a lot of people get on the roadways action coming home for the holiday weekend. here is a look at one of our mapping systems, this is the area coming into the altamont pass out of tracy and just a slight amount of slowing as you get on to 580 itself. overall it's pretty quiet. we're clocking in some really nice speeds, 70 miles per hour in some spots, it's clear from here all the way towards the dublin interchange with no brake lights or issues there. all of our bay area bridges looking good as well. we showed you the bay bridge just a second ago, san mateo bridge looks good as well with a pretty quiete n 880 and 101. 880 itself all clear, the nimitz freeway no delays there. if you're headed to the peninsula out of the easay thing nicely. let's show you the nimitz freeway. traffic is moving pretty clear here in both directions, but again, a lot of people heading
6:19 am
home this afternoon from the holiday 1:00, ben adwao 58 west, west 80, 101 will see brake lights, i-5 likely busy as well so plan for that but right now, if you're getting out early, you can plan for easy conditions on the roadways. len? >> it is now 6:19. a pleasant surprise in walnut creek over the weekend. we'll introduce to you this little beethoven, when we come back. ♪
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welcome back. this forecast always gets me in trouble because i start getting hungry way too early in the morning. i'm sure that's the case for you also. let's look at daytime highs today from the noon to 2:00 hour we're expecting mostly sunny conditions. 60s along the coast, even into
6:23 am
the bay, our inland areas getting up into the 70s. a beautiful memorial day for us no matter where you live. i hope you take advantage of this beautiful weather as we head into the noon hour, all the way around 2:00, some more 80s will start popping up especially in the fairfield area with 60s along the san francisco area, all the way north in novato low 70s. beautiful nonetheless. we'll keep you updated in the weather center regarding the rest of this week's forecast. for now, i'll send it back over to you both. all right, time now for "morning mix," if you're behind on the best breakfast buzz in line, gianna, you have the details. >> check this out, if you've got a fear of heights, you might want to look away interest this one. vietnam just unveiled the world's longest glass bridge. the bridge was opened up on saturday, you see that, get this it's over 2,000 feet long and maybe the craziest part is the tempered glass is only two inches thick. that is it. again this world record official
6:24 am
was on hand over the weekend to officially crown the bridge with its title. now the previous record holder was in china and that bridge only measured about 1,700 feet. either way, i'm not walking on it, len. >> you told me to look away, g., so i looked away. i gralanced and peeked and it's big no. >> just about two inches long. >> it's so long. you could pay me $1 million and i would still not walking across that thing. >> oh, we're talking money? >> you'd do it then. >> i might think about it for $1 million. back here at home a talented young musician is getting a bit of attention. check this out. ♪ so impressive. this young pianist entertained shoppers with his sweet music skills and walnut creek police officers caught him at the right time to share this video with us so apparently he's been playing
6:25 am
piano for two years, just 7 years old. everyone was so impressed, they hope he comes back to play again very soon. look at how talented he is. >> they say he's been playing for two years? >> two years. >> that's it. >> and he's 7. my son plays and just to get him to focus to practice, i can't imagine getting to that level and seeing this kid when he was 5 trying to practice and focus like that. >> right. >> really cool. >> i see a lot of gigs in his future for sure. >> definitely. sorry i'm taking this back yards, it's 5 -- it's 6:25 on this monday. coming up in the next half hour we introduce
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. if you're just waking up with us, here are your morning
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headlines. president biden along with first heartbroken uvalde, yesterday, meeting with the families of the 19 children and two teachers who died. new information is showing officers waited nearly an hour before entering the school. the department of justice is looking into the response. gas prices hit a ten-year high adjusted for inflation and it could stay that way for a long time. the current national average for a gallon of regular is $4.60. san francisco the average right now is $6.38 according to gasbu oakland is at $6.24. experts expect the price to fall around august when demand drops. traffic is taking off this weekend and a lot of flights are canceled, over 2,000 flights have been canceled so far. so far the bay is doing well. sfo canceled 15 flights, oakland canceled two and san jose canceled just two. good morning, it's memorial day monday, may 30th. i'm gianna franco. >> i'm len kiese.
6:30 am
glad to have you with us. get a check of your forecast first with first alert meteorologist jessica burch and you have been showing us some beautiful views outside this morning. >> it is a stunning day, len. i don't blame myself for doing this as we take a live look right now over the golden gate bridge. it's a clear setup for us, that will be the case throughout this afternoon, temperatures right now ranging in the upper 40s/low 50s no matter where you live in the bay. it's memorial day weekend. a lot of us have work off today. a lot of us are able to head outdoors and enjoy this beautiful weather. i totally support this. if you're headed along the coast it's little a breezy setup for us today as we wake up and head into the afternoon. sunny skies no matter where you live, daytime highs ranging just a little bit above average where we are getting up into the mid to upper 70s, even some low 80s in our east inland areas in the north bay, for our bay area, still mid-60s. now it's a great opportunity to get out there and enjoy the trails that we have up in the marin headland area, on top of
6:31 am
that, head out to the beaches. it's a stunning day for us, bundle up with the wind as we extend into the afternoon hours. we'll have more on what you can expect in a little bit. for now, i'll send it back over to you. >> if you head out to the beaches, highway 92 might be busy. traffic conditions look great. a live look at the bay bridge, it's been hard-pressed to find any backups or incidents or any delays this morning. everything is actually pretty quiet. everything is moving along nicely with no delays. golden gate bridge looking great, south 101 from 37 down into the city, only about a 20-minute commute right now, and wear he no the seeing any troubles or issues in the south bay. everything is showing green, so moving up the limit for 280, 87 and 101, that will change after 1:00 as a lot of people come home from the holiday weekend. you'll see busier conditions on the freeways and some of our bay area bridges. if you can get on the roadways earlier, you're probably better off that way, at least you'll save some time. len? ♪ this morning, president
6:32 am
biden is pledging to take action following the texas school shooting. mr. biden and first lady jill biden met yesterday with the families of the 19 children and two teachers who died. >> right now the department of justice is reviewing the police response to tuesday's mass shooting. cbs' danya bacchus is in uvalde contue to ve, they'reping thatne into action. the department of justice will conduct a review of the police response to last week's shooting that killed two teachers and 19 children at robb elementary. >> as tragic as this may seem, we need to learn from this. >> reporter: the doj says its goal is to identify the lessons learned and best practices to help first responders prepare for active shooters. >> obviously the way that you develop policy many times is by learning about the mistakes in the past.
6:33 am
>> reporter: parents want to know why law enforcement officers, including a federal tactical team, waited outside the classroom for more than 40 minutes before confronting and killing the shooter. the texas department of public safety said on friday not engaging the shooter earlier was clearly a mistake. >> of course it was not the right decision. it was the wrong decision, period. there's no excuse for that. >> reporter: president biden and the first lady visited uvalde on sunday. the two laid flowers at the memorial outside the school, met privately for three hours with the families. >> do something! church service, pledged to do something about gun violence. 11-year-old bella barboza was friends with ellie garcia, one of the students killed. >> ellie was a very bright girl. >> reporter: bella hopes her friend's death will help spark change. >> we need to get justice for these children and that this world is not a good place for children to grow up in.
6:34 am
>> reporter: funerals start this week for some of the victims. it's been so hard to just be here already, but then when you hear from the young ones who are still in this community who have that fear, you know, you realize just how long it's going to take for this community to actually heal, if that even truly happens. we do know that when it comes to that department of justice review, it was requested by uvalde's mayor. back to you. >> so many details still coming out as well, danya. where does that town go from here? >> reporter: you know, that is a good question. i know many people here are saying we want to grieve. we want to grieve, and i think you know, we've been here and i say we in the media have been here, the president has come and there was a lot of people and traffic coming in for that, and now this community just wants to spend time together and be
6:35 am
around each other and help each other heal so where they go from here is really rallying around each other and making sure they're supported as they move forward. there are plenty of resources in place from state and local level here to support them as they continue to grieve and try to pick up the pieces, because we all know that this town will never be the same. >> yes, that support is so vital right now. danya, thank you so much. ♪ this mental health awareness month we talk with students as they graduate from high school, this graduatg faced remote learning and everything that comes with the pandemic. >> our jocelyn moran is in the newsroom. you talked with a senior about some of the challenges they faced. we know stress can come with the last year of high school. >> there's a lot that comes along with being a high school student, finals, ap, think being college. they had to navigate remote learning and everything else
6:36 am
that means of us didn't have to go through as students, a pandemic. high school seniors now graduating didn't get that full four years of in-person experience. there was remote learning of course and coming back and getting used to in-person classes and tests again. i talked with phoebe golson, a bay area high school senior. all of this she says was an adjustment. >> that was just kind of like, you know, a little bit of a learning curve, but i would say the most stress came from definitely like college applications, very time-consuming. i was constantly comparing myself to people around me. even though other students wouldn't say anything mean or you know, disparage me in any way, i just felt like i wasn't good enough compared to the rest of the applicants and that. oh, they're taking so many more aps than i am, they got better s.a.t. score and that means that i'm not going to be as successful as them. >> i remember all of that stress feeling like you had to do so much to get into the college you wanted to, comparing yourself to
6:37 am
others. thankfully phoebe says she was able to navigate through all of this. she's excited to be going to college in the fall. when many of us were in high school, mental health wasn't often talked about. phoebe says she feels that changing and that's helped her a lot. >> yes, i definitely think it's being talked about more than it ever has in the past. teachers i've had have been very accommodating and understanding, and i think friends are talking a lot more about mental health with each other. it's becoming less of a taboo. >> so she said it's a conversation she's having more with friends. she says when facing challenges in high school, she learned that it was okay to ask for help. we know it's important but that's not something that's always easy to do. in the newsroom, i'm jocelyn moran, kpix 5. >> it's good to hear she's having the conversations with her peers, many parents are struggling this morning with how to talk to their children about such difficult topics related to high school and stress.
6:38 am
>> joining us live with some expert advice on how to get through those tough conversations, dr. catherine goodfriend from kaiser permanente. good morning to you. >> good morning, thank you for having me. >> thank you for being here. doctor, just as jocelyn, our reporter mentioned, our teens are facing an incredible amount of stress these days. what advice can you give parents to how to recognize these warning signs? >> i think the most important thing is really connecting with your kid and often with teens, just cooking kdinner together o going for a drive and stopping and listening, and not bom bombarding them the minute they walk through the door of asking specifically how was your test score, and just backing off and listening, taking that time to talk, and then focusing on healthy things to do together as a family, going for walks, exercising, eating well, but then looking at your teen and seeing if you notice a big difference in their behavior,
6:39 am
their concentration, their emotional state, that's when you start to need to dive deeper. >> and when does it cross over from that everyday stress to really needing to talk to someone like a parent, a counselor or therapist? >> everyone has a bad day now and then. that's okay to have a good day. you have to have some bad to balance it out. if you see they have hopelessness, depression, having what we call a lot of somatic complaints, headaches, stomach aches, changes in their body, that's the time when you need to really say let's go deeper. so if it's symptoms are lasting for more than two weeks, if you notice something like maybe abnormal substance use, if they're eating too much or too little, or sleeping too much or too little, that's when it's time to talk with your family physician or pediatrician and just ask them what's going on. >> when we all know most teens
6:40 am
spend their time on social media. it's going to be in our lives whether we like it or not. how do we teach our kids to use it in a healthy way? >> social media is a great thing. it increases social connection, it allows kids to really explore topics that they might not otherwise learn, but we need to talk to them, number one is anything you post online will always be there. we need to really talk to them about being nice online, because cyberbullying, they say that over 50% of children are bullied online at some point, and we need to have them not compare themselves to what others look like on tiktok or other social media platforms because we know that everybody can enhance your -- people are just showing the most awesome part of their life, and we also just really want to be safe. don't text and drive. don't walk and be looking at your phone, and we need to put this down in the evening, at least an hour prior to bed,
6:41 am
because often kids will be up really late at night and parents are sleeping and they don't realize it. it's a healthy tip for anybody to put your phones away at least an hour before bedtime, because the back lighting and lighting from computers and phones will decrease melatonin which helps us to fall asleep and good sleep is essential for health especially for children. >> that's something the family can do together as a united front as well. dr. catherine gutfreund from kaiser permanente, thank you for your information and joining us. >> thank you. house speaker nancy pelosi's husband was arrested for dui in napa county. records show 82-year-old paul pelosi was arrested around 11:45 saturday night and booked into the county jail at 4:00 a.m. his bail was set at $5,000, and he was released. speaker pelosi's office told kpix 5 she won't be commenting. it happened while she was on the east coast. pelosi gave the commencement speech at brown university yesterday. time right now is 6:41.
6:42 am
gearing up for the nba finals this week. >> a finals preview for the dubs with the celtics officially coming to the bay area. plus we take a closer look at the lake tahoe estates that could shatter real estate records. and is it a beautiful sunny day for us no matter where you live in the bay area. we're warming up as we head into this week. we'll have more in a little bit. ahead on "cbs mornings," a shortage of airline pilots is one reason for this weekend's travel delays. see how airlines are tackling the problem to make sure you don't have to cancel your summer vacation plans. also, there's a troubling trend for mothers-to-be as maternity wards are disappearing in parts of the country. we'll show you where these so-called maternity deserts are, and why it's happening. and steve hartman is back with a kindness 101 lesson in respect. see how one teenager is making it his mission to keep alive the memories of world war ii
6:43 am
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welcome back. it's 6:46. to the famous falcon family perched high above the uc berkeley campus. >> we've followed the story of annie the falcon and new partner alden for weeks now. you have a chance to help name her growing chicks. check out the video from the cal falcon cam in their nest, alden a surrogate father stepping up to feed annie's two chicks, one male and one female. they've grown a lot since they hatched at the beginning of the month. the chicks had a rare visit from humans friday for their banding and they weren't very happy. lots of expletives there i think. the falcons looked very upset when the humans plucked them from their nest, but they were quickly banded and measured and their genders were confirmed. the little guys don't have a
6:47 am
name yet so cal falcons is holding an online contest for to you help name them. you could send your ideas on their social media pages, the winners will be announced next friday. >> they're so vocal. >> they are. want to translate what they're saying. many celebrate memorial day as the unofficial start of summer, surveys show a lot don't like the season. >> i don't understand this. a cbs poll reveals only 29% of americans say summer is their favorite season, this is only a slight drop compared to previous years, in 2013 the same poll had summer and spring tied at 33%. maybe it's because i live in california, we're spoiled. >> the weather here is pretty much always good. places like florida, even baltimore where i grew up, hot, hot summers. taking a live look at chase center this morning, the warriors will face jayson tatum and the boston celtics in the nba finals thursday.
6:48 am
the celtics advanced to the finals after winning game seven against the miami heat last night. >> we're excited about it. it was a battle from the jump as jimmy butler and the heat would not go quietly, but they're played every minute of game seven after scoring 47 points two days earlier and he showed little signs of slowing up. he finished with a team high of 35 points. tatum responded with 26 of his own and the celtics needed each one. it came down to the wire, but with the chance to take the lead, miami fell short, sending boston to the finals. >> it feels amazing. finally got over the hump. but we can't be too happy, we have the golden state warriors waiting for us. >> we played against them a ton of times over the years. we're going to have our work cut out for us. we're a confident group as well that's battled everybody, all the big boys this year but going to be a good challenge that we're up for. >> it is going to be a great finals series. the celtics will visit san francisco for game one this thursday at 6:00 p.m. the green not ready for the gold-blooded here. no, no. let's check with your forecast
6:49 am
and traffic now on this memorial monday. >> go ahead, jessica, take it away. i'm waking up. >> me, too, i know. a live look from the mark hopkins hotel cam, it is a beautiful, slow start to our memorial day morning. sunny skies no nationaler where we are today. daytime highs are still warming up as we head into the next couple days. we will avery more in a second, but let's look at our local areas what we can expect mid to upper 70s in the forecast near concord. fairfield low 80s and low 70s near oakland. look at the reason why we're seeing a gradual cooling trend as we head into the evening hours. the winds are kicking up as we extend into the afternoon hours from novato into san bruno. around 25 to 350 35-mile-per-hour sustained wind at the surface level and stays strong as we head into the evening hours. it will be breezy, temperatures will cool down fast once we head into the evening. we are under a red flag warning for solano county once again due to the windy conditions and the fact that it's dry out there, relative humidity is dropping
6:50 am
around 5% to 15% for solano county and the sacramento valley. with that in mind be careful, it is memorial day. a lot of people are grilling, be careful in f you live in the solano county area. we're warming up, here is the reason why. high pressure is building tuesday and wednesday pushing from the south ridging its way into the pacific northwest. that will continue until around mid portions of this week, behind that has this area of low pressure pushing from the north. you can kind of see it spiraling right now. that will bring in partly cloudy skies, a little bit of rain for the weekend for northern portions of our areas, actually let's take a quick look at that while we speak. we warm up tuesday to cool off by the weekend, partly cloudy skies, even rain for the north bay anywhere from saturday and sunday. temperatures cool back down into the 60s. we're still in a gradual warming trend. sunny skies wrapping up this week. we'll keep you updated in the
6:51 am
weather center. for now, over to you. >> let's look at the roadways. if you are getting ready to head out the door, you're in luck. look at that, all that green popping up in our sensors no, delays or issues. good time to be on the freeways taking 101, 880, 92, 84, everything is free-flowing in both directions. the north bay problem-free, napa no problems there. everything quiet, and south bay looking good. let's check the super commuter route we typically see delays for monday morning, the altamont pass, not the case this morning. just sop slight delays, down to 15 miles per hour as you connect from 205 onto 580. other than that the rest of the way you are free-flowing toward the dublin interchange, 26 minutes for the drive time. if you didn't get the day off you don't deal with the traffic. the san mateo bridge not a the lo of cars, traffic very light as you head out of hayward over to foster city, westbound that is the commute direction and you know, right around this time is
6:52 am
when we would really see that backup building here, but not the case today. it is holiday light. holiday light on the nimitz freeway, 880 both directions looking good and the bay bridge nice right here, an easy ride into san francisco. now all that said, if you are hitting the roadways later on today, say after 1:00 to just about 9:00 this evening you are really going to see brake lights, when all that traffic coming home from the holiday weekend, everyone's heading back to the bay, so you're going to see some busy conditions at the bay bridge, on 80, you'll see conditions busy conditions on 580 and 101. just a heads up as well, if you are taking b.a.r.t. today, weekend track replacement between south hayward and union city is under way, free bus services will be available. it will add just about 20 to 25 minutes for your trip, so plan for that as you head out the door and make sure you check the schedule to see if everything is on time. time is 6:52 and two ultra lux lake tahoe estates could shatter real estate records. >> one is called crystal point listed for a whopping $64.5
6:53 am
million. the five-acre estate boasts two properties, a five-bedroom castle and a four-bedroom beach house, all together the homes total more than 16,000 square feet. the other called la voca is listed at $55 million, consists of two properties, a five-car garage and two guest houses, both are on the nevada side of the lake. these homes are still not the priciest on the market, believe it or not, as the 20,000 square-foot mansion on the nevada side listed for $100 million. if sold, they would break a tahoe record held by the thunderbird lodge which was sold for $50 million in 1998. >> it was once the most expensive private home in the country. i don't know, castle, beach house, len? >> it sounds nice. i can't afford it. >> it better be nice. all right, 6:53, the summer travel season is back and millions of americans are hitting the road, a look at where gas prices stand this morning. and joining us after this newscast on our streaming service "cbs news bay area," we are live at 7:00 a.m. with the
6:54 am
latest local news headlines, real time traffic for you, and your first alert weather forecast. you can stream wherever, whenever, find us on pluto tv, channel 10-21 and any platform using the free c
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all for just $30 per month when you add an xfinity mobile plan. it's a whole new way to save with xfinity. switch today! it's 6:57. time for a look at this morning's topidri madeit to tas, o theekd as pubc outcry growing after it was revealed officers waited for nearly an hour to intervene in the shooting. the department of justice has announced it is stepping in to investigate. gas prices have hit a ten-year high. the current average price per gallon in san francisco is 6:38, according to san jose is at 6$6.25.
6:58 am
prices are expected to drop in august when demand drops. more than 2,000 flights have been canceled in the bay area. sfo canceled 15, oakland 2 and san jose canceled two. a live look at golden gate cemetery in san bruno, there are a ton of events around the bay today including mill valley, san rafael and hillsborough. the nba finals are set, the warriors will face the boston celtics in a seven-game series. game one is this thursday at chase center. let's take a quick check of the roadways if you are getting ready to get out the door early, checking our travel times, everything in the green, so no major delays right now, 580, 80, highway 4, 101 problem-free and our bridges are quiet right now. that will change later on as more people get on the roadways for that traffic heading home from the holiday weekend. if you're getting out and about early, give yourself some extra time later today if you're out early, you should be good to go for the most part and a check of south bay travels times you can
6:59 am
see everything moving along nicely, 101, 85 to 80, 87, but might be a lot of beach traffic. jessica? taking a final look at our memorial day forecast it's a warm day. sunny skies. headed to the coast the breezy conditions will kick up this afternoon so you might want to bundle up. daytime highs sitting in the upper 50s for the coast, 60s for the bay. our inland areas getting into the upper 70s/lower 80s. one thing i want to mention one last time we're under a red flag morning at 11:00 a.m. for solano county due to dry and windy conditions, too. a final look at our sechven-day forecast we have cloudy conditions returning into this weekend and it will cool down significantly with a chance of rain in the north bay as early as sunday. we'll keep you updated in the weather center. >> we should enjoy the sunny skies while we can. >> definitely. >> sounds good. the news continues all day on "cbs news bay area." >> "cbs mornings" is coming up next. have a great day.
7:00 am
♪ welcome to "cbs mornings" and hello to our viewers on the west coast. i'm michelle miller. >> >> and i'm nikki baptiste. >> and here is your world in 90 seconds. >> protests as president biden visits and the response to the shooting is investigated. >> we're still learning new developments. my heart goes out to the community. we're emotionally


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