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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  May 30, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, right now dangerous wind are pick up as a red flag warning went into effect forf pthe nor jessica burch. >> the winds are picking up. a live look over the golden gate bridge. clear skies which is a great way to start the week. it is memorial day. daytime highs mostly in the upper 70s in the inland. mid to upper 50s along the coast, 60s in the bay. fire weather conditions due to the fact that we've been dealing with strong winds and dry conditions. relative humidity in solano county, around 5% to 10%. that is the big reason why the national weather service issued a red flag warning for the
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sacramento valley. we'll talk about that in the full forecast. but now back over to you. today is memorial day and nationwide people are taking time to honor our fallen soldiers. skylar henry has some of the events happening across the nation today. ♪ >> reporter: president biden presides over a solemn ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier. as america honored the men and women who died while serving in the u.s. military. >> today as nation, we undertake a sacred ritual. to reflect and remember. >> reporter: at the world war 2 memorial in washington, veterans gathered to remember 400,000 americ americans who died in europe and the pacific.
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>> it is vital that we realize the sacrificed made and the opportunities they created for us. >> reporter: former service members gathered here at the memorial to remember friends who didn't make it home. tony served as a sergeant in vietnam. >> i got people that is on the vietnam wall that was personal to me. >> he were 17, 18 years old there and everything. and i still remember the conversations that we had. >> reporter: in minnesota, where 200,000 flags paid tribute to fallen veterans at ft. stehly national cemetery, they recognize the sacrifices for freedom. >> the people who lie here stood in the face of tyranny against odds that could not have been calculated and they did it for people who they'll never know or see. >> americans who gave their lives defending freedom. skylar henry, cbs news,
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washington. in san francisco, a ceremony at the presidio is underway and it includes afully over and a gold star families. >> each and every one of those sailors, soldiers, marines, airmen, were so precious to their families, to their friends and to their communities. >> this is the largest memorial day event happen ago cross the bay area and more event will be held to celebrate memorial day or remember this day. some that you could continue to take part in from your own home n. a few hours at 3:00, taps across america begins as a chance to join people across the country by stepping outside and playing taps on your instrument of choice. or you could take part in the national moment of remembrance where you pause for one minute to remember those who died in service. and in the east bay, st. mt.
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diablo will hold a beak on event on the summit. and a lot of flights have been canceled. over 2,000 have been canceled so far. but the bay area is doing well. sfo has canceled around two dozen and san jose also canceled just two. and one of the biggest issues has been finding pilots to fly the planes. since 2019 there has been a drop off in pilots. back then over 6,000 pilots received their license. last year the number was as low as 4,000. since the pandemic began, there is retirement in large numbers and there is no answer yet, this looks like a problem that may stick around for a while. well now the fiesta day festival in vacaville is back up and running despite a shooting last night. but the person is expected to be okay. a man was arrested. he's been charged with violation
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of probation, assault with a deadly weapon and attempted homicide. some kind of altercation led up to that shooting. some renters in the east bay are bracing for a sharp rent increase come july. oakland housing regulators say july 1st some land lords could raise rent up to 6.7%, the highest one-year jump in the city's history. >> one council member is fighting back. we talked to one person scrambling to try to figure out what to do next. >> reporter: walking inside of her oakland apartment for 20 years, mary is now scared. >> pay your food or pay the rent. >> reporter: that is a real reminder each and every day for her as she cleans the dishes she's trying to clear her mind of what to come. >> this is too much. it could not happen. it could not pass. because there is already too many homeless in the city. and i don't want to be one of
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them. >> reporter: housing regulators in oakland say starting in july for rent controlled properties, land lords could raise rent by up to 6.7%, the highest one-year jump in the city's history. many say the timing is just terrible. council members are trying to bring them in line with neighbors like san francisco by further limiting price increases on rent controlled apartment. >> the monthly rent due on the first day of each month will be increased. >> reporter: as gonzalez reads the letter she got from her landlord earlier this month, she can't help but think what she's going to do in july. some property owners say the price hike is necessary because they, too, are facing rising costs. >> i understand they need to make money or need to pay bills or whatever. but they need to think about of others, you know. they need to help people that are low income so they won't end up on the streets. >> reporter: until then, she
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will keep fighting and hoping a compromise gives her a fresh start. >> i think it is too much. at 3, i think for me 3 is okay, it is double of what it is right now. so i think it is fine. but more than 3%, it is i don't think is acceptable. >> council members fife's ordinance is scheduled for a vote tomorrow. now if passed, the new policy would undue this year's rate at the last minute. ♪ it is mental health arareness month and we're talking to high school students about the challenges. more many graduating seniors because of remote learning they did not get the full high school experience. phoebe said despite challenges, a virtual classroom was still a good learning experience. >> teachers i've had have been very accommodating and understanding.
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and i think friends are talking a lot more about mental health with each other. it is becoming less of a taboo. >> that is not the case for all students. some have a harder time adjusting and it shows in their school grades and their mental health. we spoke with dr. catherine from kaiser permanente and she gave us advice on how to recognize the warning signs. >> everyone has a bad day every now and then. to have a good day, you have to have some bad to balance it out. but if you see they're having hopelessness, depression, having what we call a lot of sematic complaints, headaches, stomachaches, changes in their body, that is the time when you need to really say let's go deeper. >> she adds that changes in eating or sleeping habits are also good indicators that intervention may be necessary. in just a matter of days, the nation has seen over a dozen matt shootings. the plan from capitol hill to curb the violence.
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>> and bad news if you're
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♪ developing now, the department of justice is stepping in to investigate the response of police officers during the shooting in uvalde, texas, according to reporting it took nearly an hour for police to enter the school even while child ren were calling 911. the doj said the goal is to learn best practices to help first responders prepare for active shooters. >> families were fighting to get in while they were -- the shooter had an hour, almost an hour, 40 minutes and, you know, people were fighting and there is a lot of questions right now. >> the response is not being investigated as a criminal investigation. and the findings will be released to the public. just a few hours from uvalde
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texas, gun advocates faced off with protesters over the weekend outside of the nra convention. the gun violence continues with 12 mass shootings since friday. we're on capitol hill with what congress is planning to curb the violence. >> reporter: in houston, a fierce divide between gun safety demonstrators and gun rights advocates outside of the nra convention. >> guns are killing people and no one is doing anything about it. >> just banning a gun isn't going to stop anything. >> reporter: on capitol hill, connecticut senator chris murphy told face the nation he believes congress could get at least 60 votes on gun legislation. >> i do think there is an opportunity right now to pass something significant. i've seen more republican interest in coming to the table and talking this time than at any other moment since sandy hook. >> reporter: murphy is ledding a bipartisan group of senators discussing proposals from expanded background checks to
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red flag laws which allow courts to temporarily seize firearms from individuals deemed to be a risk. >> i think there is problems with red flag. >> conventioning rank and file is an uphill battle but some are willing to budget. >> raising the age to 21 is a no-brainer. >> reporter: three states have pledged action in the wake of uvalde. arkansas governor asa hutchinson wants to convene a bipartisan group of governors but argues the focus should be on school safety and instead of guns. >> ar-15s were around for 40 years before they were ever used in any type of mass killing or attack. it is about identifying the culprits and going after them. >> reporter: senate bipartisan negotiations are expected to continue this week. the house is working on its own package of legislation and could vote on a red flag bill as soon as next week.
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nicole killian, cbs news, capitol hill. and taking a live look at chase center where the wars will f look at the rest of the games. first two are at cha center and then we bn town for two month. if they can't complete the sweep, then we head back home for game six and then back here. catch all of the away games at fry city. the steps up to the point reyes lighthouse is closed, parking lots nearby could be full because of the memorial day holiday. and taking a live look outside where the winds are starting to pick up in some other parts of the bay. first alert meteorologist jessica burch has the latest on a red flag warning. >> i feel like we were just talking about this last week. we were, that's the reason why solano county is under another red flag warning. we'll touch on that. but let's start off with current
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conditions. santa rosa 72. let's start talking about the red flag warning. so solano county and the rest of the sacramento valley started this morning at 11:00 a.m. and extends through the afternoon and ends tomorrow evening. and here is the big reason why. we're dealing with dry conditions and to add the kinds are kicking up into the afternoon. here is relative humidity right now as we extend into the afternoon hours, notice how vacaville and fairfield jumps to around 10% at times, around 15% at times as well. now wind gusts aretag t kickp we now froega bayiall a the. bay, u toto miles per in solano county, that wind will be consistent into the evening. gusting around 15 to 25. well on the bright side, it is memorial day. a lot of us have time off and if your heading outdoors, besides solano county under the red flag
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warning, we're dealing with beautiful conditions. temperatures are ranging just a little bit above average. we warm up even more tomorrow and with that in mind, let's look at our seven-day forecast. like i mentioned, by tomorrow we're still dealing with sunny conditions. mostly 70s and 80 as long the bay. inland we warm up closer to the 90s even. this is also the case for us off in the north bay or the east bay. sunny conditions for now but take a look at rest of the week. partly cloudy skies return into the forecast as early as wednesday and thursday as low pressure pushes in from the north and that cools us off for the weekend and brings us a chance of scattered showers for the north bay. for now back over to you guys. >> thank you, jessica. ,uebe is celebrating 70 years and with that the nation is celebrating her favorite animal. >> coming up on our streaming service, cbs news bay area, speaker nancy pelosi joins the asian pacific islander council in san francisco to host a round
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table discussing community project funding and we'll bring that live at 12:30. and could you find us o i've lived in san francisco for 20 years. i'm raising my kids here. this city is now less safe for all of us. chesa boudin is failing to hold repeat offenders accountable. he prosecuted zero fentanyl drug dealing cases,
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♪ queen elizabeth's love for dogs is celebrating her 70 years on the throne. as we report from london, royal fans saying it not barking matter. >> reporter: royalty is reveres whether ruling a country or a home. >> i thought it was right for a regal name, he's called george. >> the corgi is top dog in britain. at this london cafe he's getting pampered ahead of the queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee. >> i love the queen. >> the 96-year-old monarch grew up with the stubby dogs owning more than 30. the only drama, nipping people at the palace. these corgis are more fond of
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puppets, so it may not come as a surprise that the breed loves from queen to commoner will be show cased in this week's festivities. a four-day national holiday to honor the queen kicks off on thursday with parades and pageants and parties. >> we'll see at the pageant, her re reflection of the love for animals. >> this could get a bit overwhelming. as the u.k. celebrates its very own leader of the pack. ian lee, cbs news, london. >> that corgi with that tiara. the untouchables turns 35 this week. >> what draws my admiration? what is that which gives me joy? >> babes. >> booze. >> baseball.
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>> robert de niro stars as mob war lord al capone and sean connery co-stars to celebrate the anniversary paramount is releasing the untouchables on digital on 4-k ultra hd with more than an hour of bonus material. and still to come on the news at noon. a spectacular show could grace the sky. how you could catch the meteor shower. >> and today on
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well the ramp to the memorial day week comes with fire conditions and concerns that holiday get-togethers could add to the danger. that is coming up at 3:00. one last check of our forecast with jessica. >> final look at our memorial day forecast. it is a beautiful monday day for us. temperatures still ranging just a little bit above average. 50s along the coast, 60s in the windy conditions will start kicking up
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♪♪ >> thomas: i should have told you, steff. i'm so sorry. [ steffy sighing ] >> steffy: why would you ever keep her secret? you knew sheila couldn't be trusted. >> ridge: but we should've been able to trust you. >> thomas: yeah, you should've. you should have. and i have no idea why i didn't tell you. i just... if i had told you, then maybe you and finn wouldn't have ended up in that alley. >> steffy: no, no, no, i'm not-- i'm not-- i'm not going to put that on you. when i think about that night, everything that led up to it, like, yeah, it's--


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