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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5am  CBS  May 31, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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properly made when it comes to weed abatement. i'm justin andrews. i'll have that story coming up next. plus remembering the fallen, how the bay area paid tribute to our nation's heroes for memorial day. and it's als awareness month, a unique way that a san jose family is bringing attention to the disease. good morning to you. it is tuesday, may 31st. i'm amanda starrantino. >> last day of the month, i'm len kiese. good morning to you. let's get a check of weather and traffic beginning with first alert meteorologist jessica burch and going to be warming up a tad bit, huh? >> today is one of the warmest days of this week. we're actually going to highlight that in a second, len. june gloom is among us. we have cloudy conditions returning to the forecast as we head into the rest of this week. for now, enjoy these clear skies we're expecting today. let's take a look at those daytime highs alone, expecting upper 80s in the forecast for unland areas, the bay upper 60s
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and the coast upper 60s today. lots of sunshine to go around. take advantage of this beautiful weather, even if you have to bundle up a little bit. still sunny out there, a stunning day. the winds kick up as we head into the afternoon. here's a look at the reason why we're above average. high pressure is pushing from the south warming us up. that changes as we head into mid portions of this week, sitting five to six degrees above average for us today. if you live near san jose, even concord for that matter. one more thing i want to mention, solano county we're under a red flag warning until 8:00 p.m. this evening. we'll highlight that in the full forecast. gianna, over to you. how are things going out there? >> good morning. looking good overall except for those super commuters into the altamont pass we start to see brake lights this morning. such a difference a day makes, yesterday was very quiet, delays were pretty much non-existent. not the case today as everyone heads back to work from the long holiday weekend. that means super commuters have a busy ride from tracy, mountain
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house to north flynn as you connected onto westbound 580. caltrans issued a wind advisory for the altamont. things might feel gusty along 580 this morning. be extra careful. wind advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge. no brake lights or delays. travel times sitting 13 minutes between 808 and 101. between 880 and 101. turning now to the fire watch, crews made quick work of a pair of small fires that broke out in sonoma county and the santa cruz mountains and in contra costa county, the fire that burned more than 200 acres in the wetlands near bay point over the weekend is expected to smolder for the next couple of days. as we mark the unofficial start of summer, be careful with outdoor cooking and power tools and poorly maintained cars that can throw sparks. the deadline for weed abatement in contra costa county is today and inspections are set to start tomorrow. >> this is to reduce or prevent the spread of wildfires.
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kpix 5 justin andrews was there as a tractor services company got to work. >> yes, this is a very important work for pete ifferrero, doing this for three decades. with 300 accounts yearly he knows through these abatement efforts all property owners can be assured of a safer fire season. for three months out of the year, that's the sound he's been hearing every single morning. pete ferrero was the owner of aaa tractor service in the east bay. >> 30 years. >> reporter: and for that many years, this has been one of his jobs. >> anything from the backyard to the back 40. >> reporter: this 40-acre property in pleasanton will take pete three days with his tractor. it's one of hundreds he's been doing since mid-april. >> this year was a really odd year because january to march you got no rain at all, and then april we got rain, which is usually when we start working. >> reporter: property owners hire pete to manage their weeds or wild plants that are
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flammable and could create a fire hazard. his job is to prevent or reduce the spread of wildfire from one property to another by creating fire breaks. >> we know we can be loud and messy, but it's a lot better to have a little dust and noise than fire and smoke. >> reporter: in contra costa county, the deadline is today. other areas across the bay have similar requirements, but they're each different. we caught pete disks at one of his larger accounts. sometimes it's done by hand or a weed eat we are smaller lf ect your neighbors. most folks realize that. >> reporter: his advice? don't wait too long. if you do -- >> if you wait two months past the deadline, they'll come after you. >> reporter: pete is talking about the fire department there. make sure you get this done. fire departments don't want to fine you and i'm sure you don't want to be fined either. each fire district is different. check your local fire department
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on what you need and those requirements for those weed abat abatements. we're live in the newsroom, i'm justin andrews, kpix 5. dramatic video shows flames erupting in a west oakland furniture store in a broad daylight arson attack. betty yu reports the family-owned business is struggling to rebuild. >> fire! oh my god, fire, fire! >> reporter: it took seconds for flames to rip through couches and thick smoke to fill up dimensional outlet furniture on san pablo avenue in oakland. video shows a man casually walking in 2:00 p.m. may 15th, he appears to pour fire accelerant on couches before setting them ablaze and running out the door. >> i started screaming "fire!" i run out and i tried to warn my cousin who is in the warehouse
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and her partner who is in the bed area. once i hit about here, i realized oh shoot, i got to try to put out this fire. i called 911, left the phone in my pocket. i looked for fire extinguishers, i used one and the fire was still there. >> reporter: manager david nguyen said he was able to successfully how to put out the flames to save his store. he said it took him about ten minutes to reach a 911 dispatcher, and firefighters arrived shortly after. while most of the furniture on the floor may look fine, virtually every piece has smoke damage. he estimates the damages total up to $200,000. >> we're slowly getting like, you know, getting back to pre-covid levels and then now we're just like, nothing. >> reporter: david said he'll have to close his store for about two months to get things back in order. his family has owned dimensional outlet furniture since 2006. >> right now, it's actually a really hard time to get furniture. we worked hard to get -- we have to plan five, six months in advance for furniture to come in for us, just because of the supply chain issues.
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>> reporter: his workers will temporarily be out of a job. normally memorial day weekend is good for business. mean meanwhile, oakland police said it's investigating the arson and the motive is unknown. in oakland, betty yu, kpix 5. it is 5:07. a beacon is burning brightly atop mt. diablo in honor of our fallen heroes. it was illuminated at sunset and will continue to shine until sunrise. a joint proclamation will allow it to shine every memorial day, veteran's day and pearl harbor day. >> families will see this all the way from davis to south bay, to san francisco, and remember those that served and those that sacrificed. >> no one knows that sacrifice made by servicemembers more intensely than those left behind to keep their memories alive. we spoke to mary tolovson whose son, benjamin, joined the army and deployed to iraq. he died december 31st, 2008.
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she spoke to a crowd at the civic park in walnut creek. >> when the knock on the door came our lives were ford changed. >> gold star mom karen meredith stood at her son's grave in virginia. he was killed in a tank accident in iraq 18 years ago. he enlisted in the army three months after graduating from mountain view high school. >> you were seeing a portion of the message of the families of the fallen from defense secretary leon panetta. he delivered the keynote address at a memorial day ceremony yesterday in san jose. at arlington national cemetery, president biden spoke of his own loss after he and the first lady laid a wreath of the tomb of the unknown soldier. it was seven years yesterday that the president's son beau died of a brain tumor. >> i see him not as he was the last time i held his hand, but the day i pinned his bars on him
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as a second lieutenant. >> and giants manager gabe capler temporarily paused his national anthem protest to salute the flag in philadelphia. last week, he said he would sit out of the anthem indefinitely as a call to action on gun violence in the wake of the texas school shooting. it is now 5:09. a san jose family making it their mission to raise aware n awarenesses for als. >> their creative way to attention for finding a cure for this disease. possible tornadoes in the midwest on memorial day, the trail of destruction left behind this morning. and as you wake up and hit the roadways this morning, we are already starting to see the extra volume on some of - bedtime!! - bedtime. ♪♪ i love bedtime. the thin, sweet bite to end the night. oreo thins. want more from your vitamins?
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to more wellness solutions every day. a san jose woman and her family have come up with a unique protest to bring attention to als, also known as lou gehrig's disease. >> they want to amplify the message more needs to be done to find a treatment or a cure for this deadly disease. kpix 5 reporter devin feely explains. >> reporter: no one on the planet would game you after being diagnosed with als if you wanted to scream at the top of your lungs at the heavens or ask how life could be so unfair, just rage at the injustice of it all, all the while knowing that the disease would eventually rob you of your ability to do those things and even more basic functions like walk and talk and breathe. jamie berry says that for as
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long as she can in every way she knows how, she intends to battle this disease. >> you're happy with the life you have, your dreams are ripped away from you. >> reporter: since i last spoke to jamie berry at christmas, als robbed her the ability to use any part of her body below the neck but still has a voice and is determined to use it. >> i knew it was my job to do what i can every day to be an als advocate. >> reporter: for mother's day jamie and her husband, jason, came up with a way to amplify her voice and bring attention to the deadly disease. >> it took a while to get everything lined up properly. >> reporter: jamie mowed the letters in his open property, the message is straightforward and meaning is unmistakable and big enough to be seen by passengers in passing airplanes. >> i wanted it to be big, grand
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and huge for the heavens to see, for the planes to see, just anyone to see, because if you give up and you don't do anything -- >> if you don't try -- >> nothing's going to happen. >> reporter: als is a thief. it will steal precious time with your family and friends, it will steal your mobility and your voice and ultimately your life, but jamie has managed to steal back control of the story. she's not a victim of als, not yet at least, and like the tattered flag planted near the sign, there is an awful lot of fight left in her. >> all that anybody else with als wants is a fair chance. you know, we just want to live the lives we were meant to live. >> reporter: jamie is adamant she is not giving up. she says as long as there is a breath in her body, she is fighting to end als. in san jose, devin feeley, kpix 5. the world health organization says it's unlikely a recent monkey pox outbreak
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will lead to a global pandemic but officials did say there is a window of opportunity now to curb rising cases. the public health body says monkey pox is not the same as covid-19, and the risk to the general public is low. health experts have been puzzled by a recent surge of monkey pox cases in europe, north america and australia. one case has been confirmed in sacramento with a second probable case found in a close contact of that patient. the fda is investigating an outbreak of hepatitis "a" that may be linked to organic stra strawberries. there have been more than a dozen cases in california, minnesota and north dakota with at least a dozen people hospitalized. the packages of fresh campo and had, eb brand strawberries were sold in march and april at walmart, trader joe's and other stores. the fda says to throw the fruit out even if they've been frozen. severe outbreak of weather that hit the west monday caused major problems in north dakota, from minnesota in the air you can see the trail of destruction, the path of a
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suspected tornado in the town of foreda. it snapped trees, ripped off roofs and county officials say at one point, it cut off all roads leading into town. >> there were about three booms and could you see the sparks on the power lines. >> threw the garage, hit it. hopefully it didn't hit any of our house. >> severe storms are making their way east predicted to stretch from as far north as michigan all the way down into texas. take a look at this, this is the view from the top of mt. diablo last night as a meteor shower streaked across the sky. it made up of particles from a comeet that began to break up in 1995. really incredible stuff there, especially right here in contra costa county. time now is 5:16. we'll get a check on weather and traffic. >> yes, and safe to say i think all of us were in our deep rem
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sleep when that was happening. >> i go to bed when the sun is still out but a cool sight to see. >> jessica? >> that was beautiful. we have another live look right now, this is actually not from mt. diablo, this is just from the salesforce tower cam of the beautiful sunrise that we are luckily amake for now, as we extend into this morning hours we're still dealing with temperatures sitting in the upper 40s/low 50s throughout the bay area. oakland around 50 degrees. it's a very mild start to a little bit above-average day, about five or six degrees no matter where you live. it's changing as we extend into this weekend. temperatures are peaking today just to cool right back down into a cool setup as we start off this weekend. taking it a step back we're under a red flag warning for solano county until 8:00 p.m. this evening. the big reason for this, we've been dealing with dry conditions, relative humidity this afternoon in solano county alone sitting 10%. on average we're closer t 3r 40. we're dealing with windy
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conditions as we head into the afternoon but that's more isolated actually along our coast. keep in mind as we extend into the evening hours, we're still dealing with above-average temperatures until around tomorrow, at that point things start shifting. here is the high pressure system i was talking about earlier, reaching its way into the pacific northwest today. right behind that, though, is an area of low pressure starting to dipity way down as we wrap up this week and head into the weekend, that's what's driving in the cloudy conditions that we're expecting so you could see that on the seven-day forecast but to add to that, even a chance of showers for certain areas of the north bay. with that in mind, let's look at daytime highs today. i keep stressing how it's a little bit above average. you'll notice it today as you walk out the door. daytime highs in palo alto, 80 degrees, also the case in mountain view and as we extend into the east, 90 in fairfield, making our way into the heart of the bay now, sausalito 68 degrees. it's not too warm for us along the bay. of course the winds kicking in this afternoon, won't allow for
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anything too extreme to happen. 86 near clover dale, what we can expect the rest of the week, notice how we cool down a lot, partly cloudy skies returning to the forecast as we head into the weekend. a chancesc aslysunday and also theth soe will k you updated on that potential chance of rain and if anything, just about 0.01 of an inch. gianna, how are things going on out there? >> overall eight business as usual. a lot of people back to work today so we're seeing a few more cars on the roadway. we have a live look from photojournalist brian kiley in mobile 5, things getting busy for the westbound 580. yesterday this commute was nonexistent. today we're seeing brake lights in the right lanes, westbound 580 as super commuters connect onto 680. so if you're continuing on 580 into castro valley, stick to the left. those lanes aren't seeing brake lights or issues. connecting onto 680 you'll see brake lights there and it's a little windy in the altamont.
5:20 am
caltrans has a wind advisory in effect. keep that in mind and you have brake lights building out of tracy beyond mountain house at this point on 205, getting on to 580, so one of the busiest parts of our morning commute so far and it's typically the area where we see the brake lights early in the morning. san mateo bridge a wind advisory here as well, so be extra careful if you're traveling in a larger more high-profile vehicle and now starting to see the extra volume as well for commuters heading from 880, over to 101 into foster city so westbound traffic starting to get a little sluggish there towards 101. 880 also looks good. if you're getting ready to head out the koodoor along the nimita live look at the coliseum, everything moving nicely in both directions. the bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights, pleasant into the city. the oakland city council is set to vote on legislation that could put a cap on rent increases in the city. the legislation written by
5:21 am
councilmember carol feiff would cap increases by 3%. owners of rent-controlled properties could raise their rent as high as 6.7% come july 1st, the highest increase in decades. the special meeting starts at 1:30 today. it is 5:21. a 103-year-old swedish woman living life to the fullest. >> a look at her
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the time is 5:24. i'm already thinking about lunch time. let's look at what we can expect as we head into this afternoon. daytime highs today are warming well above average but on the bright side from the noon to 2:00 hour we're expecting mid 80s. the inland areas our bay getting up to 63 degrees. the winds will kick up into the 2:00 hour. by noon in napa 80 degrees. 70234 redwood and warms up a hair more into the 2:00 setup. we'll keep you updated in the weather center. for now, we'll send it back over to you. >> jessica, thank you. time for our new segment "morning mix." >> if you're on behind of some of the stories going viral this morning our gianna franco has you covered. g., what are people talking about this morning? >> we're talking about the warriors, right, we're a couple of days from the nba finals. i got good news for the dubs this morning as we get closer to
5:25 am
game one, injured guard gary payton ii is expected to return to the court during the finals. payton is recovering from a broken left elbow that he injured when he was fouled hard in the playoff game against the grizzlies. game one is thursday night, which is just a little over a month after the injury, fitting the time line during which he was expected to heal and it might not only be payton we see returning, get this, andre iguodala and otto porter, j, are making positive strides toward playing again after sitting out for injuries. i think that's great news. the warriors are doing all right but they could use all the help they can get. >> get the whole squad information. >> why not. absolutely. good to see. check this out, this is very good to see and i don't know if i have enough guts as this lady does. 103-year-old woman just set the record for the oldest person to complete a parachute jump. ruth larson completed her jump
5:26 am
over the weekend, harnessed to another parachutist. you can see the pair sailing town to the ground smoothly. larson says she'd been thinking about parachuting for a long time and called it a wonderful experience. after landing she said she wanted to celebrate with a little bit of cake. >> she deserves all the cake. >> 103! >> nigh gmy goodness. >> could you believe that? i love how you could see her smile how excited she was. that one right there. >> soaking it in all. >> she deserved the whole cake after that. >> she does for sure. if i'm doing anything close to what she's doing at 103, i did all right. >> i think so, too. you know, i always wanted to do like jumping out of a plane thing, i said i would do it for my 40th birthday, that came and went. maybe the 50th. >> that was enough. >> looks a little scary. maybe the 50th, len, for sure. >> we'll do it, it will bebe on
5:27 am
will support you. >> i appreciate that. i'll need it for sure. >> happy 103rd to her. >> go ruth. 5:27 the time now. more time to apply for covid relief. the new deadline from businesses in san jose to get some help. plus the president discussing his plan to fight inflation, his
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> right now at 5:30, the first funerals start today in texas, one week after the mass shooting at an elementary school. how victims families in the community are grieving. plus the war in ukraine evoking painful memories for a san jose artist, his push to fund raise for victims. and many americans still struggling with the inflation crisis, the president's message to calm fears about the economy. and covid cases are going way up in the bay area, what experts say you should keep in mind as variants circulate. >> good morning to you. it is tuesday, may 31st. i'm len kiese. >> i'm amanda starrantino. let's start with a check on our weather and traffic beginning with first alert meteorologist jessica burch and this morning you can feel some of the heat lingering, jessica. >> that is right, amanda. today will be one of the warmest days for us this week, sitting around five to six degrees above average, nothing to write home
5:31 am
about by any means. we're not breaking records today. however, i hope you enjoy the weather today. as we extend into this weekend, june glomom is among us. we have cloudy conditions on its way. we have a chance of scattered showers in the forecast for certain areas. we'll talk about that coming up in the full forecast. take a live look, so it's so beautiful from our salesforce tower cam. the sun is starting to rise. temperatures are on the rise, sitting in the mid to upper 40s, low 50s throughout the bay area and anywhere from concord into san francisco, san jose even daytime highs today like i mentioned are just a midge above average, sitting in the upper 80s for our inland areas. we might see a 90 or two but nothing too extreme. now as for our bay, lots of sunshine to go around, along our coast, up into the 60s, upper 60s just near the bay. the winds will kick on as we head into the afternoon hours and yes, we are still under the red flag warning for solano county which we'll highlight in a bit. gianna, how are things going out there? >> they're going okay for the most part.
5:32 am
we don't have a lot of crashes which is good news. one thing it's a little breezy this morning. wind advisories for the altamont and the san mateo bridge but not the bay bridge and no metering lights just yet. traffic is moving pretty nicely as you head out of the east bay over into the city, we are seeing that extra volume as people make it back to work today from a long holiday weekend and it's a little bit buzz ye from this perspective, fremont street exit the skyway as you head off the upper deck of the bay bridge into san francisco. getting busy at the san mateo bridge where we have a wind advisory in effect, the brake lights westbound the commute direction, 14 minutes between 880 and 101. funerals begin today in texas for victims of last week's mass shooting at an elementary school. two girls just 10 years old when they were killed in their classroom, among 19 students and two teachers who were murdered one week ago today. a victims cousin says the fourth
5:33 am
grader dreamed of becoming a marine biologist. >> she didn't deserve it. i just know in that moment, she was brave. she was telling people where to hide. >> funerals are happening in uvalde nearly every day for the next two weeks. a push to tear down the school is gaining momentum, including from the city's mayor. >> i would never ask, expect a child to have to ever walk in those doors ever again. in washington a debate over gun control continues. a bipartisan group of senators is meeting over zoom today in an effort to find some common ground. ♪ now to the latest on the war in ukraine. the european union has agreed to impose a partial ban on russian oil. the agreement covers imports by sea, which make up about two-thirds of the oil that flows from russia into europe. shipments on land through pipelines will continue as part of a compromise with hungary. this is part of a six package of
5:34 am
european sanctions along with the moves on oil. the sanction also remove russia's largest bank from the s.w.i.f.t. global payment system. a bay area landscaper is doing what he could do to help those displaced by the war in ukraine. we have the story of a man who does good with his hands. >> reporter: here in san jose, 6,000 miles away from ukraine, geotao can still feel the pain. dao has been a landscaper for nearly 40 years. by now, the work is second nature. >> i work my hand here, my work, my mind is work. >> reporter: the images from the front line invoke anger, despair and disgust. the one thing dao refuses to feel is helpless. the 68-year-old puts down the leaf blower and picks up his most powerful weapon in the fight against dictators and
5:35 am
authoritarian regimes. oftentimes he paints well into the night. >> i think about everything i need to do, good thing i need to do and help every people thinking like that, and do like that. >> reporter: dao escaped communist vietnam cramming into a boat with his family in the mid '80s. they spent nearly a month adrift in the ocean with little food and water. he resettled in america with nothing, but somehow found a way to put four kids through college, as a war refugee himself, the bond with ukrainians is strong. >> they lost everything. they lost their relative, brother, sister, family. i feel very hurt, people in ukraine look like us. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> reporter: and so after half a century of work, dao is putting on what is perhaps one of the most consequential art shows of his not so secret life. he completed 1,000 paintings but this is special titled "peace
5:36 am
for you" sold for $1,200. >> the thing is very small but i want to put my hand in that to help people. ♪ >> reporter: the proceeds from that painting along with 20% of the total sales will be donated to a nonprofit, nova ukraine. >> up to $3,740. >> reporter: $3,470. >> for ukraine. i feel so good. i feel so good. >> reporter: can one person make a difference in the world? >> yes. >> reporter: if everybody does something -- >> yes. >> reporter: -- it all adds up? >> if everybody do the good thing together, we will have everything change. the lives will be better for the ture. >> reporter: in san jose, kit do, kpix 5. >> the art show has been extended one more weekend, check it out friday through sunday on martha street in san jose. head to for details how you can help.
5:37 am
a u.s. senator is meeting with the president of taiwan, to emphasize u.s. support amid rising chinese threats. the illinois democrat is talking up the economic, political and security ties between taipei and washington. this comes after president biden said the u.s. would get involved militarily if china attacks the island. an adviser to former president trump has received a subpoena from federal prosecutors to testify before a grand jury this coming thursday. peter navarro had refused to comply with an earlier subpoena from the house committee investigating the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. committee members want to know details about communication navarro had with trump and recommended that the justice department charge navarro with contempt of congress. a live look at the white house, today president biden is set to meet with federal reserve chair jerome powell and hold talks focused on inflation crisis gripping the country right now.
5:38 am
an op-ed for the "wall street journal" the president says the u.s. economy is in recovery mode. the president went on to say that the economy can move to stable if the right policies are put into place. in the meantime, many americans are facing higher prices for food, fuel and household items. >> i certainly have re-thought some of my summer plans, both in flying and in driving. >> some analysts say recent economic indicators show inflation may have peaked in march but economists have warned it too take a while before inflation falls back to a healthy level. happening today as we take a live look in san francisco, house speaker nancy pelosi will join the mexico consul general to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the mission neighborhood center, the non-profit is known for providing a variety of services, including workforce development bye speaker pelosi will meet with the asian pacific islander council to discuss anti-api hate efforts. businesses in san jose have more time to apply for covid relief. the city has set aside millions
5:39 am
of dollars in rescue plan funds for grants to small businesses. the grants range from $5,000 to $15,000. the new deadline is june 30th. covid cases are skyrocketing in the bay area, forcing many to think about putting their masks back on. >> jocelyn moran is in the newsroom this morning. jocelyn, what are health experts saying about all of this this morning? >> in the past few weeks we may have noticed more people around us have gotten covid. dr. peter chin-hong says cases are going way up in the bay area, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind. let's look at the curve of cases right now in san francisco. you can see it's definitely going up, and the number of cases out in the community is probably way higher than what's being reported because of the amount of people taking those at-home covid tests. that's why this next graph is really important, the number of people hospitalized with covid, you can see in that curve for san francisco, covid
5:40 am
hospitalizations are rising. >> hospitalizations will definitely continue to go up, particularly after this memorial day weekend, with lots of festivals and people moving around, graduations, et cetera, but i don't think it will ever get to that place where we saw in january. >> there are reasons for that. he says people who got omicron in the previous surge are more protected against severe disease and ending up in the hospital, but important to note that's not to say you can't get reinfected. dr. chin-hong says because of new variants, new lineages, you can get reinfected but you likely won't get very sick. so as cases go up, what can we do? what we have been doing. dr. chin-hong says think about high quality masks and test before event where multiple households are gathering. in the newsroom i'm jocelyn moran, kpix 5. airports are expecting to be busier this month.
5:41 am
and the special guest looking to bring some musical diplomacy to the white house today. and as we wake up and take a live look at the beautiful sunrise, temperatures are on the rise for us today. we're going a little bit above average but we'll have more of that coming up in your full forecast.
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genesys, morning with the memorial day weekend, airlines had to cancel more than 2,000 flights some due to weather issues some due to air traffic control, on top of that, they're dealing with a shortage of pilots. >> gianna franco is here, how are they handling this? >> airlines they're trying to handle the surge in travel with a few less pilots these days. >> we're not back up to the number of pilots we had pre-pandemic but we're close. >> bob jordan says they're looking to hire some 2,000 new pilots in the coming months. >> we have about 5, 6% of our aircraft right now that we can't fly because we don't have enough staffing. >> now the issue the pandemic slow down, the rate of newly
5:45 am
minted pilots and older pilots were accepting covid buyouts but airlines are confident they'll meet the demand, hiring new pilots monthly. some carriers, such as united and alaska have created in house flight schools to help with hiring. but the recent rise in covid cases could also be an issue. the cdc is advising domestic travelers to test as close to your departure dates as soon as possible no more than three days out. it's good to look at case rates at your destination before you go, in case restrictions are changed, that way you're more prepared what to expect when you get to your destination. in the next hour, if you have a big trip planned to europe we'll talk about what you can do to avoid crowded tourist hot spots. let's look at the roadway. this is brian kylie, our photo journalist giving us a perspective of the freeways we
5:46 am
saw him on 580, a little windy this morning, now along 238 near the 880 connecter. things looking better here. not seeing any major brake lights or issues just yet. traffic moving at the limit for the most part. on 880 you might see a few brake lights headed into hayward. the bridge, we'll start seeing the backup building near the toll plaza, it's greaetting crod headed into san francisco. plan for extra busy conditions, especially as the morning commute progresses. travel time not bad, between 880 and 101 but a wind advisory was issued overnight so it might feel gusty, especially traveling in a larger vehicle. right now we're not seeing any major issues but the extra volume, traffic starting to pick up this morning as you head in
5:47 am
those commute directions. it's busy into the alta mont pass we have them all the way to north flynn on i-80, super commuter, back to work today, you know what to expect. things slow here and then a break through livermoore valley. 880, looking great. this is a bright spot. not seeing any major issues or slow downs here, traffic clear from oakland all the way south down into san jose with the exception of that ride through hayward, it's a little bit slow working your way through there. that's a look at your morning ride. let's check temperatures for today. here's jessica. current temperatures still sitting mostly in the 50s throughout the bay. today is one of the warmest days of the week for us, no matter where you live. to add to that, let's start with a beautiful live look of the sunrise over the black mountain cam, looking into the santa clara valley.
5:48 am
it's 5:47, looking from our salesforce tower cam, the sun is about to make the debut, 5:50 is official sunrise this morning. headed into the afternoon, we are still under a red flag warning until this afternoon at 8:00 due to dry conditions. we're used to this now. we're in that summer-like set up as we extend to the next couple of weeks where humidity is below average and if we see any gusty set up, the national weather service issues these red flag warnings for these local areas. you saw it throughout the sacramento valley. for the rest of the bay, not bad. humidity drops down to 10%. and to add to that, the winds are kicking up headed into this afternoon. but really more impacting the coas coastline. starting the morning calm, winds around 5 to 10 miles per hour. the onshore flow kicking in
5:49 am
around san francisco, as well as the san bruno area. day time highs today, warm. sitting around 5 to 10 degrees above average. nothing too extreme in the santa clarita valley, mid to low 80s. as we extend to the east, walnut creek getting up to 85 degrees today. 90 over in brentwood. and once we make our way to the bay it's a different treeing a shorter spread when it comes to the well above average set up. as we head more north, temperatures rise a smidge more in the 80s today, santa rosa. a look at what we can expect the next seven days. we are starting with temperatures above average, sunny conditions. but june gloom is making its debut headed into friday, especially the weekend where we see a chance of showers as early as sunday for san francisco, as well as the north bay.
5:50 am
partly cloudy skies are the new trend for us shortly, but for now that means we need to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and this beautiful sunshine we're expecting the next couple of days. for now back to you guys. >> thanks. time for a look at this morning's entertainment headlines, the pop group bts is headed to the white house today. they're scheduled to meet with president biden to discuss asian inclusion and representation and discuss hate crimes and discrimination. they just released a new song on apple. taco bell is planning to make the mexican pizza anent fix ohe 've selling out of them since bringing them back earlier this month. the plan has plans to debut mexican pizza the musical on tiktok soon. a village in spain hosted a paddle board surf race. >> it may look like a regular
5:51 am
race but if you look closely it's anything but. this is a race with dogs on board. the water dogs had to sit on the board while their human paddles along a nearly mile long course. it took the winners 10 minutes to reach the finish line, and the slowest pair 20. the race was followed by a beach yoga class and the dogs took part in that as well. this is up your alley, you and leo had a surf adventure right? >> yes. we were in santa cruz, he wanted to head to the water with me, why not, so he joined us. maybe next year we'll head to spain and do the competition. he even caught a few waves with me as surr i'm sure his facial expression won't change either. >> no. always the same face. look at him go, though.
5:52 am
10 years old. my surfer champ there. time now is 5:51. coming up how a family's prayers for a home of their home has been answered. >> coming up on the drew barrymore
5:53 am
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osteo bi-flex. find our coupon in sunday's paper. - bedtime!! - bedtime. ♪♪ i love bedtime. the thin, sweet bite to end the night. oreo thins. welcome back, the sun is officially making its debut this
5:55 am
morning. it's a beautiful, calm start to our day for us today. it's tuesday, it's a calm day for us, temperatures are ranging just a little bit above average this afternoon. ed to it because it's changinget significantly headed into the weekend. temperatures cool down a lot and june gloom is on the way. more on that in the full forecast. for now, how are things going? 700 homes were lost in the caldor fire, one belonged to a single father in grizly flats. >> for the past six months he and his four children have been living in tents but over the weekend they got a life changing surprise. >> i was trying to keep going through so i could get all four of them back to full-time in the house and not dealing with this. but i think they stay more positive to me and when i break down, they pick me up. >> it really did break us because now we're all kind of lost but we still have each other no matter what.
5:56 am
don't really have a bathroom and showering, it's not so easy. >> that teen girl's teacher contacted a nonprofit to help the family find housing. and on saturday, the family got what they have been wishing for. >> i actually didn't tell you the truth because we got you a trailer and it's coming up right now. >> really? are you serious? >> now they have a new rv, a safe place to call home. energy teamed up with the fire foundation to give them a new house on wheels. i'm so happy for them, too. it is 5:56, still ahead, streaming on "cbs news bay area." >> homeowners facing a deadline in an effort to reduce fire danger straight ahead. ever wanted to feel like european royalty? you can for a night or even a few hours. we'll explain that next.
5:57 am
a whole new meaning to a one man band. th california teen brea
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genesys, we're behind every customer smile. >> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. right now at 6:00, a slight warm up about to takeover the bay area and a red flag warning still in effect. your tuesday temperatures in a moment. it's deadline day in contra costa county, your land must meet weed abatement standards. a look at the work being done. an east bay business attacked in broad daylight. the search for the arsonist. a hang gliding excursion takes a deadly day in a bay area park. what we're learning about the crash this morning. good morning it's tuesday, may 31st. i'm len kiese.


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