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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  May 31, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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genesys, we're behind every customer smile. >> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. right now at 6:00, a slight warm up about to takeover the bay area and a red flag warning still in effect. your tuesday temperatures in a moment. it's deadline day in contra costa county, your land must meet weed abatement standards. a look at the work being done. an east bay business attacked in broad daylight. the search for the arsonist. a hang gliding excursion takes a deadly day in a bay area park. what we're learning about the crash this morning. good morning it's tuesday, may 31st. i'm len kiese.
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>> i'm amanda starrantino. let's check traffic with jessica burch. let's start with current temperatures sitting in the upper 40s, lower 50s throughout the bay. it's a sunny day for us, day time highs ranging a little bit above average. today, upper 60s near san francisco, upper 80s near concord, about 6 degrees above where beangith re pushing in from the south. this is the model behind me depicting it in our coastline, and an area of low pressure from the gulf of alaska that cools us off headed into the weekend. so much so we're expecting a chance of showers and more clouds. june gloom is on its way and more on that is coming up. for now, how are the roads l
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looking out there. the bay bridge already backing up. you can see traffic slowing down as you work your way from the toll plaza parking lot into san francisco, getting crowded there. what a difference a day makes. yesterday we didn't see anything like this. it was very quiet due to the holiday but now everyone is back to work after the long holiday weekend. busy on the freeways, on 880 through hayward southbound. getting onto the san mateo bridge, wind advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge and getting crowded westbound 101. crews made quick work of a pair of small fires that broke out in sew know ma county and santa cruz mountains. and a fire that started over the weekend is expected to smolder another couple of days. as we mark the unofficial start of summer, fire crews are warning people to be careful with the outdoor cooking and
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power tools and maintain cars that can throw sparks. the deadline for weed abatement is set today. >> this is to reduce and prevent the spread of wildfires. we were there as a tractor services company got to work. >> reporter: this is important work for pete, he's been doing this about three decades and knows the importance of minimizing fire hazards with 300 accounts yearly he knows through the abatement efforts property owners can have a safer fire season. for three months out of the year, that's the sound he's been hearing every single morning. pete ferrerra was the owner of triple-a tractor service in the east bay. >> 30 years. >> reporter: for that many years this has been one of his jobs. >> anything from the back yard to the back 40. >> reporter: this 40-acre property will take pete three days with his tractor. it's one of hundreds he's been
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doing since mid april. >> this year was an odd year because january to march no rain at all, and april we got rain which is usually when we start working. >> reporter: property owners hire pete to manage weeds or wild plants that are flammable and could create a fire hazard. his job is to prevent or reduce the spread of fire from one property to another with fire breaks. >> we know it's loud and messy but better to have noise than fire and smoke. >> reporter: in contra costa county, the deadline is today. other areas have similar deadlines but they're all different. we caught pete at one of his accounts. sometimes the weed abatement is done by hand. >> you have to give yourself a safe zone, protect yourself, your neighbors. >> reporter: his advice, don't wait too long, if you do. >> if you wait two months past the deadline they're going to come after you. >> reporter: they will.
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he's talking about the fire department there, get this done. we know fire departments don't want to come find you and i'm sure you don't want to pay either. again, each fire district is different with what their requirements are. this morning, santa clara county county investigators are looking into a hang gliding accident that left a man dead and a woman critically hurt. video from the scene shows damage to the hang glider's wing. it's unclear if that caused the crash or was the result of it. video shows flames erupting at a west oakland furniture store in a broad daylight arson attack. the family-run business is now struggling to rebuild during what would normally be a busy memorial day weekend. >> fire! >> reporter: it took seconds for flames to rip through couches
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and smoke to fill the furniture store in oakland. moments earlier, video shows a man casually walking in around 2:00 p.m. on may 15th. he appears to pour accelerant on couches before setting them ablaze and running out the door. >> i started screaming fire, run out and warn my cousin in the warehouse and her partner. once i hit here i realized shoot i have to put out the fire. i called 911, put the phone in my pocket. looked for fire extinguishers, i used one and the fire was there still. >> reporter: he was able to figure out how to put out the flames to save his store. he said it took him about 10 minutes to reach a 911 dispatcher and firefighters arrived shortly after. while most of the furniture on the floor may look fine, virtually every piece has smoke damage.
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he estimates damages total up to $200,000. >> we're getting back to pre-covid levels slowly and now nothing. >> reporter: david said he'll have to close his store for about two months to get things back in order. his family has owned the outlet furniture since 2006. >> right now it's a hard time to get furniture. we've worked hard to get -- we have to plan like five, six months in advance for furniture to come in because of supply chain issues. >> reporter: his workers will temporarily be out of a job. normally memorial day weekend is good for business. meanwhile, oakland police said it's investigating the arson and the motive is unknown. it's 6:07, still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. >> the last holiday weekend travelers are returning home from road trips and it was no vacation for wallets. how gas prices hit new record
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welcome back. it is 6:11 on this tuesday morning. happening today, the oakland city council is set to vote on legislation that could put a cap on the rent increases in the city. the legislation written by council member carol fife would cap at 3%. owners could raise their properties as high as 6.7% july 1st is the current concern.
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the meeting starts at 1:30 today. this morning as holiday weekend travelers are coming back home, experts are predicting the record prices are about to get worse. this was the scene yesterday at one of the busiest gas stations in marin county. the gas prices are well below the average of $6.15 but above the national average of $4.61 with the gloomy outlook on gas prices those we talked to said it's time to change. >> we had to cut back because of the gas. it's time to buy an electric car. >> i'm on the market for a new car. and i definitely will not buy a car that isn't a hybrid or an electric hybrid. >> gas buddy predicts a 50 cent increase to prices in the next few weeks. right now an outbreak of severe weather that hit the midwest on monday is causing major problems in south dakota. and a similar scene in minnesota
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as well. from the air you can see the trail of destruction, the path of a suspected tornado. it snapped trees, ripped off roofs and county officials say at one point it cut off all roads leading into town. >> there were about three booms and then you could see the sparks on the power lines. >> right through our garage. hopefully it didn't hit any of our house. >> those severe storms are making their way east, predicted to stretch from michigan down into texas. it is now 6:13, a check of our weather here at home, also traffic out there. >> we start with first alert meteorologist jessica burch, how is weather looking at home? >> seeing just a little bit of a marine layer build this morning. temperatures today ranging a hair above average, that's going to change the next couple of
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days. the most severe thing, the red flag warning in effect until 8:00 p.m. tonight. we are dealing with relative humidity. we'll touch on that in a second. but the winds aren't as bad as last time we had a red flag warning, in solano county alone the conditions are looking more favorable today than the past. it's still a dry set up so expecting 10% relative humidity in the evening hours. the recovery process in the overnight hours won't be too bad but why we've been dealing with the temperatures above average and the sunny skies, high pressure has been ridging its way in from the south, that's warming us up and changing the direction of the winds behind that is an area of low pressure developing diving into the pacific northwest which cools us off headed into the weekend. add clouds, and a chance of showers too. you can see it circulating in
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the pacific pushing its way into the northwest as we speak. that's going to change the weather as we wrap up this week and head into next week. for now, sunny skies, 80s in the forecast for us, santa clara for us, more 80s, even 90s near fairfield and brentwood, into the bay, temperatures a hair above average. s a leto getting up to 68 degrees today. as we extend up north it's a similar trend. let's look at the next seven days. june gloom is around the corner, partly cloudy skies as we wrap up the week and head into the weekend. more rain on the way headed into sunday, just .01 for now on the models but we're keeping an eye on it. as for the north bay and east bay, starting with the 80s in the forecast, potentially 60s at times in the weekend so cooling
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off after today. enjoy it while you can, enjoy the sunshine, for now how are the roads looking. it's getting busy. if you are getting ready to go out the door making the ride on 880, a lot of folks doing the same thing this morning. a live look from mobile 5. our photo journalist is stuck in the back up. this is south 880 just past eighth street there, traffic starting to load up like clock work through hayward. let's go to the san mateo bridge right now. a lot of people use 880 to get to the san mateo bridge, things getting crowded here. we have a wind advisory in effect for the bridge, that was issued overnight by cal tran, keep that in mind in a larger, more high profile vehicle. travel times 16 minutes between 880 and 101. headed north of there, looking better. a live look near the coliseum,
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so far so good through this portion, headed north of here, it's going to get busier but not our slowest approach to the bridge. the slowest approach is off the freeway, westbound. you can see the bay bridge toll plaza, the sun is bright. it's backed up beyond the 880 overpass, slow and go here. 580 and 880 still looking pretty good as far as approaching the bay bridge. golden gate bridge, slow spot. things quiet out of petaluma, santa rosa. and we are still dealing with delays for our super commuter route, this is business as usual. the red there, that's for commuters out of tracie. slow and go conditions as well. northbound 101, there is a trouble spot as well. making it extra busy for that ride. out of the south bay gets better the rest of the way into san
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jose. back to you guys. still to come, one of the world's most famous paintings just got
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good morning, it's lunchtime -- it's time for our lunchtime forecast, let's look at what we can expect extending into this afternoon, lots of sun to go around. even inland areas. around the noon to two hour, expecting 60s and 80s in the higher elevations. looking at this hour by hour from noon into the 2:00 hour. expecting 74 near vallejo. warms up a hair more into the afternoon hours with day time going a little bit above average. we'll have more on that in the
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full forecast. for now back to you guys. it's that time of the morning for our new segment "morning mix". >> if you're behind on the best breakfast bars right now, gianna has you covered. >> one of the world's most famous paintings got caked in the face. plus girl scouts are taking cookie business to the next level. you may want to grab a few cups of joe this morning. according to a new study conducted in china and the uk. drinking both unsweetened coffee and coffee sweetened with sugar is associated with a lower risk of death. the benefits were tied to moderate consumption, 1.5 to 3.5 cups of coffee a day. the results for those using artificial sweeteners were less year. i know i usually have a couple cups of coffee a day. i know len does. amanda, you do as well. so i think we're good.
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>> cheers to a longer life. yes. about 200 with as much coffee as we drink. >> you said black, right? it needs to be unsweetened. >> sweetened with a little bit of sugar. not artificial sugar. >> the natural stuff. >> yeah. >> got you. i'm good to go. next up, the iconic mona lisa has been involved in a vandalism stunned. this is moments after a 36-year-old man entered the museum in paris with cake on sunday, he smeared the frosting all over the painting's protective glass. he had a wheelchair so he could get close to it, the painting was not damaged but it made quite a scene for visitors. police say the man was arrested and taken to a psych ward. look at the camera phones going, getting pictures of it. kind of probably a shocking moment for tourists just having a regular day at the museum. >> who does that? >> it is really hard to get that
6:24 am
close. i don't know if you have been, but there's so many people there, just trying to get up there. i can only imagine, what is going on? >> yeah. >> thank goodness for the protective glass, too. >> i know. very strange. finally, america's most well known cookies have their very own makeup line. the girl scouts teemed up with hip dot for their first ever makeup collection. it features two scented eye shadow pallets and three lipsticks. and, you know, we love makeup, wear it in the morning, amanda and i do anyway. this looks like a lot of fun. i have a feeling i might be eating the lipstick because it smells so good. >> if it smells like it, that's tough. i love that pallet. >> i know what to get you guys for christmas this year. >> len. >> girl scout makeup. >> i love it. >> i don't want to ruin the surprise, though. still ahead, making a stand
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strong on the war in ukraine. what the european union just agreed to, coming up. cases in the bay area are going way up, what to keep in mind as covid variants circulate. and burials start today in texas. what the mayor is expected to do. 6:25 now. we'll be right back.
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix 5 news. if you are just waking up with us, here are your
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headlines, mourners are gathering in uvalde, texas for the first victims of the mass school shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead. today, 10-year-old ann marie jo garza will be laid to rest. a hang gliding accident king that left a man dead and a woman critically hurt. frothe scene shows er noon. damage to the hang glider's wing. it's unclear if that caused the crash or was the result of the crash. the oakland city council is set to vote on legislation that could put a cap on rent increases in the city. it would cap the increases at 3%. it follows an announcement that owners could raise rents as high as 6.7% come july 1st. good morning to you. it is tuesday, may 31st, we're at the end of the month i'm
6:30 am
amanda starrantino. >> i'm len kiese. let's check whether and traffic beginning with jessica burch. we're wrapping up may. >> just in time for june gloom. as we finish this week it's going to look different from the live look behind me. clear skies for us today, no matter where you live, whether you're on the coast, inland areas, along the bay. it's a beautiful day. by the end of the week, into the weekend, we have partly cloudy skies, a chance of rain, which is great for us in northern california, however, nonetheless, let's enjoy the sunny set up as we have it. sunrise is officially in the past now. let's look at our day time highs for today, 80s inland, 60s on the coast or in the bay area, we're really ranging in the 60s for us today. day time highs are just a hair above average, especially in the inland areas sitting about 5 to 10 degrees above average. winds kick off in the afternoon hours and to add to that we are
6:31 am
still in the red flag warning for solano county until 8:00 p.m. this evening. it's windy, to add to that, it's dry, especially in solano county and the sacramento valley they've been dealing with dry fire conditions for quite some time. it's back up at the bay bridge already. tracking a steady ride into san francisco. sluggish conditions almost to the foot of the maze at this point. give yourself extra time coming off the freeway where we have brake lights out of berkeley. 80 westbound, first recoports oa crash blocking lanes. san mateo bridge, wind advisory in is in effect. it's getting busy westbound working towards 101. trouble spot 101, northbound at cochran, causing an extra busy
6:32 am
drive for a super commuter route because of a crash. there's a trouble spot just reported in the fremont area more on that in the next report. funerals begin today in texas for victims of last week's mass shooting at a school. two girls were 10 years old when they were killed in a classroom, they were among 19 students and two teachers killed one week ago. the victim's cousin said the fourth grader dreamed of becoming a marine biologist. >> she didn't deserve it. i know she was being brave. >> reporter: funerals are happening nearly every day the next two weeks. a push to tear down the school is gaining momentum, especially from the mayor. >> i would never expect to ask a child to walk in those doors ever again. in washington a debate over
6:33 am
gun control continues. a group of bipartisan senators is meeting over zoom today in an effort to find common ground. and now to the latest on the war in ukraine. the european union has agreed for a partial ban on the oil from russia. shipments on land through pipelines will continue as part of a compromise with hungary. this is part of a six package of european sanctions along with moves on oil, the sanctions remove russia's largest bank from the swift payment system. hoping to continue last week's rebound that broke an eight week losing streak, the stock market opens again. the dow is down close to 400 points right now.
6:34 am
covid cases are up in the bay area, forcing many to think about putting their masks back on. >> reporter: in the past few weeks you may have noticed more people around us have gotten covid but a specialist said cases are going up right now in the bay area but there are a couple of things to keep in mind. let's look at the curb of cases in san francisco. it's going up and the number of cases out in the community is probably way higher than what's being reported because of the amount of people taking those at-home covid tests. that's why the next graph is important. it's the number of people hospitalized with covid. you can see in that curve for san francisco, covid hospitalizations are rising. >> hospitalizations will definitely continue to go up, particularly after this memorial day weekend with lots of festivals and people moving around. graduations, et cetera. but i don't think that we'll ever get to that place where we started in january. >> reporter: the doctor said
6:35 am
there are reasons for that. he said people who got omicron in the previous surge are more protected from ending up in the hospital with severe disease. not to say that doesn't mean you can't get reinfected. because of new variants you can get reinfected but you likely won't get very sick. as cases go up, what can you do? what we have been doing, dr. chin-hong says keep the mask handy, use testing before events with multiple households gathering. i'm jocelyn moran, kpix 5. the world health organization said it's unlikely a recent monkeypox outbreak will lead to a global pandemic. but there is now a window to curb rising cases. it's not the same as covid-19 and the risk to the general public is low. alth experts have been puzzled by a surge of monkeypox.
6:36 am
one case has been confirmed in sacramento with a second probable case found in a close contact. this morning, investigating a case of hepatitis a that may be linked to organic straw strawberries, the strawberries were sold under the heb or fresh cam po labels. if you bought or froze any, you should throw them away. a san jose woman and her family have come up with a protest to bring attention to als. >> they want to amplify the message that more needs to be done to find a treatment or cure for this deadly disease. devin feely explains. >> reporter: no one on the planet would blame you after being diagnosed with als if you wanted to scream at the top of your lungs at the heavens or ask how life can be unfair, rage at the injustice of it all, all the
6:37 am
while knowing the disease would rob you of your ability to do those things and more basic functions like walk and talk and breathe. jamie berry says for as long as she can, in every way that she knows how, she intends to battle this disease. >> you're happy with the life you have, your dreams and your future won't be ripped away from you. >> reporter: since i spoke to her at christmas als robbed her her ability to use any part of her body below the neck but she still has a voice and is determined to use it. >> i know it's my job to do what i can every day to be an als advocate. >> reporter: for mother's day jamie and her husband jason came up with a way to amplify her voice and bring much needed attention to the deadly disease. >> it took a while to get it lined up -- >> the s. >> reporter: jason mowed the letters into an open field in the family's property. the message is straightforward
6:38 am
and meaning is unmistakable and big enough to be seen by passengers in passing airplanes. >> i wanted it to be big and grand for the heavens to see, the planes to see, just anyone to see. because if you give up and you don't do anything -- >> if you don't try. >> -- nothing is going to happen. >> reporter: als is a thief, it will steal time with family and friends, your mobility and your voice and ultimately your life. but jamie has managed to steal back control of the story. she's not a victim of and like the flag planted near the sign, there's a lot of fight left in her. >> all that anybody with als wants is a fair chance. we just want to live the lives we were meant to live. >> reporter: jamie is adamant she is not giving up. she said as long as there is a breath in her body, she is fighting to end als. in san jose, devin feely, kpix
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5. it is 6:38, time for a look at what's coming up on cbs mornings. gayle king joins us live from new york. good morning, gayle. >> good morning, amandad. i have it here. cbs news investigates the mysterious havana syndrome, which is blamed for illnesses in the officials around the world. we sit down with a former cia analyst who faces daily health struggles and why she said the u.s. government does not have her backs. we'll be joined by two best selling authors, john grisham and "gone girl" author jillian flynn will read a chapter of her book for the first time onv. >> looking forward thanyoe, s youd. stillahead, prn
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out with a plan to flight inflation. why he said the u.s. is in recovery mode. >> ever wanted to feel like european royalty? you can for a night or a few hours. those details next in travel tuesday. even if you have five minutes to head out and enjoy the beautiful weather we're experiencing today, do it. it's a beautiful day, changing as we head into the weekend. more on that coming up.
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i've lived in san francisco for 20 years. i'm raising my kids here. this city is now less safe for all of us. chesa boudin is failing to hold repeat offenders accountable. he prosecuted zero fentanyl drug dealing cases, even though nearly 500 people have died of overdoses. i'm voting yes on h to recall chesa boudin now. we can't wait one more day when people are dying on our streets.
6:43 am
a live look now at the white house. today president biden is set to meet with federal reserve chair jerome powell and talk about the crisis gripping the country right now. >> mr. biden said the u.s. economy is in recovery mode in an op-ed. he went on to say the economy
6:44 am
can mov to stable if the right policies are put in place. in the meantime many americans are facing higher prices for food, fuel, and household items. >> i certainly rethought some of my summer plans both in flying and in driving. >> some analysts say recent economic indicators show inflation may have peaked in march but economists have warned it could take a while before inflation falls back to a healthy level. going right to sfo where summer travel is booming, especially in europe. >> planning a big trip, it might be time to think about how to deal with the crowds. gianna franco is here with tips on travel tuesday. >> this comes as most covid restrictions and rules lifted across europe and travel is starting to look like it did before the pandemic. travel from the u.s. to europe could soar as much as 600% compared to last year.
6:45 am
>> the exciting thing for me is the energy is back in europe. >> european travel expert rick steves returned from a 45 day research tour of the continent. >> it's going to be busy for the first time i'm recommending you need to make reservations for restaurant dinners. >> he recommends finding out what museums require reservations and check cruise lines so you avoid being there at the same time they're docked. >> everybody goes to paris, check out moarseilles. >> consider indulging at a french palace, a group of luxury hotels. the most of 12 properties on the list. >> it's better than the five star. >> the four seasons, george 5 made the cut. the brand that just opened in
6:46 am
italy has created one of the most famous hotels in the world thanks to the restaurant and flower displays. >> the flowers change every six, even week. we have florist on site. >> you can stay in a real palace and have the whole place to yourself in austria. when the tourists clear out, guests have a two bedroom sweet w suite with views to themselves. >> you can walk around and it's really unique. >> we got special rates to check out the hotels, this one starts at $900 so you can feel like royalty at least for a night. >> and he says he also avoids the most heavily travelled areas of the europe in the summer preferring to head north. sign me up. those hot spots look amazing. >> you had me at parishan
6:47 am
palace. >> i don't know if i can take my kids. >> take them to the baby sitter. >> i think they would like it. >> mom my would for sure. 6:47 live look outside getting ready for a warm up today, let's get to meteorologist jessica burch. >> starting with a live look just over -- starting off with the salesforce tower cram. beautiful day today. sunny skies no matter whether you live in the bay, in the inland areas or even to add to that our coastline is experiencing sunny skies. we're not used to this during this time of year. june gloom is around the corner but we are under a red flag warning until 8:00 p.m. tonight for solano county. let's dive into that right now. future cast showing relative humidity dropping down to 10% in
6:48 am
vacaville, it's dry across the board down to brentwood, fairfield around 15%. the overnight recovery process not necessarily the best but things are changing in the pacific. highlighting that right now. live look at satellite and radar, high pressure ridging in, keeping us dry but behind that an area of low pressure cooling us off a lot, potentially bringing us showers and june gloom is on the way thanks to the system here. as we extend wednesday to thursday, high pressure starting to weaken as the trough begins to develop its way into the pacific northwest. all in all what i'm trying to say is, this is as warm as it's going to get for us this week. here's our high temperatures today thanks to high pressure, upper 70s low 80s for the santa clara valley, low 90s in the forecast up near brentwood. headed off to the bay, another
6:49 am
day time high set up of upper 60s near san francisco. 80s near petaluma, up into santa rosa. similar trend headed north. but the next seven days, the june gloom i was talk lg about extending friday, saturday, into the weekend. a chance of scattered showers in the forecast for us along the coast. also in the bay area too. as we extend to the north bay, another chance of that also. long story short temperatures are cooling off a lot. we'll keep you updated on that in the weather center. the. we have brake lights on 880 this morning especially through hayward southbound, very busy. mobile 5 out this morning, and stuck in that backup. there was reports of a crash at the 92 connecter. it was over to the hnds of the roadway, it's not blocking lanes, this is the morning commute. everyone is home from the three
6:50 am
day weekend and it's a busy ride. there is a crash south as well in the fremont area that's adding to busy conditions working your way through here. onto the san mateo bridge here, it is crowded. we'll show you that. you can see traffic is definitely busy. it's extra volume at the san mateo bridge due to a high wind advisory. let's jump to the mats. the bridge, southbound 880 at 192 is where he was traveling from. you have the extra volume westbound. towards 101 we're starting to see things getting busier, special on the 101 side as well. the wind advisory issued overnight, might feel gusty across the sapan, be careful working through there. lots of company as folks make the ride to san francisco backed up to just abilout the foot of e
6:51 am
maze. there is a crash near cochran, all the activity is on the shoulder but slow and go working your way through northbound 101. back to you guys. 700 homes were lost in the caldor fire one belonged to a single father in grizzly flats. a town levelled by flames. >> for the past six months he and his four children have been living in tents but over the weekend they got a life changing surprise. >> i was trying to keep going to get them back full-time in the house and not dealing with this. they stay more positive than me. when i start breaking down they pick me up. >> it did break us all because now we're all kind of lost but we still have each other no matter what. we don't really have a bathroom. and showering, it's not so easy. >> that teen girl's teacher contacted a nonprofit to help the family find housing. and on saturday, the family got
6:52 am
what they've been wishing for. >> i actually didn't tell you the truth because we got you a trailer and it's coming up right now. >> really? are you serious? >> now they have a new rv, a safe place to call home, teamed up with the fire foundation to give them a new house on wheels. good to see the smiles. next on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. >> homeowners facing a deadline in an effort to reduce fire danger. details straight ahead. and a whole new meaning to a one-man band. meet the california teen breaking records this morning. and right after this newscast on our streaming service we are live at 7:00 a.m. with the latest local news headlines, real time traffic and
6:53 am
first alert forecast. find us on pluto tv
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it is 6:56 time for a look at this morning's other top stories. >> the funerals happening today for children gunned down in texas. services are planned for two 10-year-old girls, they were among 19 students and two teachers murdered a week ago. funerals happening in uvalde nearly every day for the next two dd and a woman hurt. it's unclear if the wing that was clipped is what caused the crash or was the result of that crash happening. today is the deadline for
6:57 am
weed abatement in contra costa county, it's done to reduce the spread of wildfires as fire season ramps up earlier than usual. if you don't get it done you could be fined by your fire district. the oakland city council is set to vote on legislation that could cap rent increases to 3%. it follows after news that owners could raise rents 6.7% come july 1st. the toll plaza one of the busiest spots still have the back up working in san francisco, slow ride there. if you're coming off the east shore freeway that's the slowest approach. alsoround towards 880 reports of a crash in the castro valley y. san loren zoe into hayward, busy to san martine. e hack
6:58 am
one final look at the red flag warning solano county until 8:00 p.m. tonight dealing with dry, dry conditions as we head into this afternoon, take a look at vacaville, all below 15% headed into the afternoon set up for relative humidity. it is a completely different set up as we wrap up this week and head into the weekend with a chance of showers on the way for us no matter where you live. enjoy the sunny set up while we can. by tomorrow, even into thursday, partly cloudy skies make their debut and will stick around. the june gloom is among us into this week's forecast, upper 80s to upper 70s for the east bay and inland. i'm not complaining, i hope no one else up there is either. i will take it. looks goorca studen mgnd breaki records after learning to play for than 100 musical
6:59 am
instruments. i can't learn one. check this out. ♪ >> meet neil, the student plays 117 instruments in total to be exact. he is 16 years old, but started studying music when he was a small child. the commercial he shot is hair airing on hulu and pluto tv. he has another commercial airing next month. >> in the next 15 years i'm looking at getting my music degree and composing music for films. he signed a contract to score films and he's dreaming of big things for his future in music. >> he's going to do just fine. one man band there. >> 117. just to drive that message home this morning. >> level up, guys. don't forget the news continues all day on "cbs news
7:00 am
bay area." >> "cbs mornings" coming up next. have a great day. ♪ welcome to "cbs mornings" and hello to you our viewers on west coast. it is the last day of may. ike gayle king. >> and i'm tony dokoupil. >> and i'm nate burleson. let's go to today's "eye opener," it is your world in 90 seconds. >> severe weather slams a northern midwest. destroying part of a minnesota town. >> lots and lots of wind and lots of rain. >> glad it is only this damage. vehicles are replaceable, lives are not. >> funerals begin for the victims in uvalde amid new demands for gun control. >> i wak


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