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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  May 31, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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covid spreading. it seems now more than ever. when health officials think it
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orrerwi ahead o f the hot, dry ersu. ?sh ooting. our top story at 3:00 on xpix 5, the latest covid surge. it seems like everybody has gotten covid lately, at least knows someone who has. >> that's right. we look at the numbers and what more of us can do to stay healthy. >> the rise in cases we talked about back in march and april is still going on. no obvious signs that it is timering off or slowing down. what a way to start the summer. >> reporter: here the sixth wave of covid is continuing. up to 1,000 cases per day. the curve seen here is pretty sharp but not as steep as the coby surge here back in january. over in alameda county, a similar situation with a significant rise. again, not as bad as the omicron surge.
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however, in san francisco, this current surge is the second highest, now about 500 cases a day. even beating the delta surge here back in 2021. san francisco's case rate has caught the attention of dr. bob wachter who tweeted, it was a big time surge. that the true number was likely 2,000 cases per day. adding if you're trying to stay well, time to up your game. >> the cases reported are likely underestimates. >> reporter: he is the assistant health officer and said it is difficult to calculate the true number of cases in santa clara county. as for when this surge might level off, he says he's been looking at computer models from the state. >> those models are predicting that the peak of the surge may come in mid june. i think, you know, there is a famous quote that says all models are wrong. so we use this for our purposes but they're not a crystal ball
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to predict the future. >> reporter: bottom line, wear your mask for now and make good choices. >> when cases are going down, i think people can perhaps be a little more relaxed. now that cases are going up, now is a great time to buckle down and take the steps to protect yourself. let's talk a little about the weather outside. really warm today ine places. of course, where you are standing depends on how warm it is. but even closer to the bay, it was pretty warm out there. >> the temperatures well into the 60s. mostly 70s around the bay and into the 80s inland. here's a look at the current map. downtown san francisco, the current temperatures, 67. it's just barely short of 60 degrees along the coast. even with that offshore inland, even the very warmest spots are just short of 90 degrees. 89 right now in fairfield. this is not a return of the heat that we had just a week ago. we still have the red flag warning in effect for solano county through 8:00 this
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evening. the conditions border line on whether or not they're actually reaching the red flag thresholds. we can check our fire tracker for that and a handful of the observation points. most of the red flag conditions are in the central valley so it could be worse but it is elevated as we head into the dry time of year. bu cnce in the seven-day forecast. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. >> let's keep the fire watch top of mind. crews made quick work of a brush fire in san jose. it burned about three acres. we're glad to tell you, in this one, even though it was a hard-fought battle no, structures were threatened. a lot of homeowners are getting fire ready by getting their weeds under control. kpix justin andrews talked to a company that's helping in the process. >> reporter: for three months out of the way, that's the sound he's been hearing every single
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morning. pete was the owner of aaa tractor service in the east bay. >> 30 years. >> reporter: for that many years, there has been one of his jobs. >> we do anything from the backyard to the back 40. >> reporter: this 40-acre property will take pete three days with his tractor. it is one. hundreds he's been doing since mid april. >> this was a really odd year. january through march, no rain at all and april, we got rain. >> reporter: property owners hire pete to manage their weeds which are animalable and could create a fire hazard. his job is to reduce the spread of wildfire from one property to another by creating fire breaks. >> we know we can know loud and messy but it is better to have dust and noise than fire and smoke. >> reporter: we caught pete working on one of his larger accounts. sometimes weed abatement is done by hand with a weed eater for smaller properties. >> you have to give a safe zonal around your home.
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protect yourself, your neighbors. most folks realize that. >> reporter: his advice, don't wait too long. if you do -- >> if you wait two months past the deadline, they'll come after you. >> well, fire agencies across the bay area are doing their part to when he said the fire fuels. north county shared these pictures where they got help from cal fire to finish annual maintenance. they did it last week. today the oakland city koigs could vote to put a cap on rent increases in the city. it was written by carol five. it would cap increases by 3%. come july 1st, owners of rent control properties will be able to raise their rent by as much as 6.7%. well, they sure try to make it look like good day but there were more losses on wall street to close out the month of may. here's what happened. the dow dropped 223 points. the nasdaq held 49.
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the s&p lost 26. so let's continue looking at your wallet and inflation. with a lot of us facing record high prices heading into the summer, the consumer confidence index fell slightly. here's what it looked like. it hit 8.3% in april. oil prices ticked up today after the european union announced an embargo on most russian imports. the fed said they will continue to raise interest points. today they met with the fed chair as they lay out plans to try to get inflation under control. >> my plan to address inflation starts with a simple proposition. respect the fed. they have a laser focus on addressing inflation just like i am. >> president joe biden said he man's to fix supply chains, improve infrastructure and pay down the deficit. ssiv iesn lost in the texas school shootdeing. they sharedtu the emotions theye
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feeling and seeing after that tragedy. there were just people who were jaded. and it felt like nothing about it. and honestly, their feelings, it is valid. this is the new norm at this point. you're expecting news of a mass shooting every day with the statistics that we have right now. and that shouldn't be the case. that shouldn't be the case. >> the students weren't just talking. they actually did something. they organized an entire walkout at thomas hart middle school to raise the issue about what they call the need for gun control laws. today the first of 21 funerals for those killed in their classroom a week ago. mourners paid respect to two 10-year-old girls. investigators say their teacher, eva mireles, died shooting the students from the gunman. today some custom and border protection officers came to the school along with actor matthew mcconaughey. he grew up in uvalde.
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there will be nine more funerals this week. the rest in the weeks to come. >> let's talk about action as a response. on capitol hill, a group are working on it. this comes as president joe biden welcomed a foreign counter part who offered sweeping gun control in her own country. they've done it. now we look to them. >> reporter: president biden remarked on a tragic metric of his time in office. >> i've been to more mass shooting aftermaths than any president in american history. >> reporter: tuesday the president welcomed new zealand's prime minister who has new gun control measures in her own country after a mass shooting in 2019. >> in the aftermath of the new zealand public, they had an expectation. if we knew what the problem was, that we would do something abou meet with congress on guns but gave no further detail. speaking in their home state of connecticut, democratic senators
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richard blumenthal and chris murphy said they plan to put the issue to the vote one way or the other. >> my plan is to get a bill. a comprehensive bill that will save lives. but if we can't get that compromise, then we'll go ahead and put everybody on the record. >> senator murphy is leading a bipartisan group of senators working through the recess, considering approaches like expanding background checks and red flag laws. >> there are going to be things you can agree on. >> the senate's top republican, mitch mcconnell, talked about compromise at an appearance in kentucky but did not once mention gun control. house democrats are working on their own package of gun control bills that could include raising the age limit to buy semi-automatic rifles. the house could vote on those as soon as next week. but the legislation faces an uphill battle for 60 votes in the senate. cbs news, capitol hill. still ahead on kpix 5,
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streaming on "cbs news bay area," identifying anxiety in children. >> the signs to look out for. the super group is using its popularity and platform to address anti-asian violence. what advocates say
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long time bay area resident. joanie died over the weekend. the cause of her death unclear for now. greggins hosted morning stretch for over a decade in the 80s and 90s. and it aired right here on kpix 5 and it was singled indicated so people watched her across the country and even overseas. today is the final day of asian-american and pacific islander heritage month. president biden got a visit from global k-pop's super star bts. they were at the white house to talk about the surge of violence against asians and
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asian-americans. >> they brought their star power to the white house to address violence against asian-americans. >> everyone has their own history. we hope today is one step closer to respecting each and everyone as a valued member. >> they met privately to discuss the surge in crimes. harassment and bullying that is particularly hit asian-americans hard during the pandemic. >> it's not wrong to be different. it begins when we open up and he will brace our differences. >> reporter: two weeks ago, a suspect opened fire in southern california leaving one person dead and injuring five others. a pastor hit the gunman on the head with a chair and worshippers tackled him. the issue is severe in new york city. hate crimes increased almost 200% from 2020 to 2021. the biggest spike against the
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asian community. the window of a man spoke out at a press conference tuesday. >> i want justice for my husband's murder. i really don't want to see another family to go through the same kind of pain. >> reporter: emily rios says elderly asian americans have been at height ended risk. >> they go to their medical appointments, even to go take the subway and travel to get their yossries. >> reporter: the organization has open food pantries serving seniors too afraid to take mass transit and hosted self-defense forces, as the nation continues to take steps to address hate b. >> thank you. may is also mental health awareness month on. this last day of that month, we have a look at an issue affecting a lot of families.
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anxiety. especially if children. some new. maybe ask questions. research shows more than 30% of kids and ad less enltss will meet the criteria to have an anxiety disorder in some part of their childhood. a senior clinical psychologist talked about screenings and some signs to look out for. ws for take a few do a in so let's take temperare of your worries on a scale of how much is anxiety or worries getting in the way of things you would like to be doing. it is normal to have some separation anxiety when you're little. you want to look at the intensity and you want to look at the functional impairment. if you drop your kid off at preschool or kindergarten,
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that's normal. if they refuse to be dropped off and you can't get them out the door and they need to stay home and ey worry that something bad will happen to you when they're not with you, that is more of a diagnosable disorder. >> there is some data to. shows that it might correlate with disorders like anxiety and depression. reservations just open up for the first concerts of the summer. just like that, they're sold out. >> they will perform on june 12th. the second concert is june 19th. it features hello yellow. those reservations open next tuesday. we have a link on new at 3:00, warriors gary payton ii just received the bobble head community assist award. it recognizes community outreach to bay area youth. and it was decided by a combination of nba executives.
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>> executive panel and fan votes on social media determine this. gp 2's foundation will, by the way, receive a $75,000 donation from the league and kaiser because of this. so this is a big deal for many, many reasons. and they'll be hosting inside chase center for all road games. inside is a big deal. that is for game three next wednesday. game four next friday. and if necessary, game six on june 19. the doves have home court advantage against the celtics starting this thursday. and $25 for a watch party sure beats the $1200 plus we're seeing for game tickets. >> yeah. it seems pretty reasonable for games one and two. if you can get in, have fun. let's look at what we can expect. the fog will return overnight. mainly along the coasts.
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it won't have a lot of successful another day of above average temperatures on wednesday. then we'll start cooling off thursday and friday. by the weekend, we'll see below average temperatures across the bay area. we've got a chance of light rain showers this weekend. you may not like that it o overlaps, but june rain is bonus rain. there it is along the coast. this won't be very widespread. just the beginnings of a shift in the overall weather pattern. the onshore breeze will have a better chance of pushing that as we head into thursday morning. looking outside, nice toward downtown from sutro tower. the temperature in the 60s. 73 oakland. 85 in santa rosa and concord for
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the warm spots. it will be wild for the a's game against the astros this evening. first pitch at 6:40. cooling down through the 60s and eventually into the upper 50s by the end of the game. fantastic weather on the east side of the bay. that fog will hang out along the coast. it won't make a push toward oakland. the temperatures dropping to the upper 40s and low 50s. pretty close to normal this time. year. a couple degrees above average on wednesday around the bay. seven or eight degreesinland. mostly mid 80s in the san ta east bay. cl even exceeding 90 degrees. the hot spots wednesday afternoon for the entire bay area. upper 60s in the city. low to mid 70s for oakland, the east bay. as you go farther into the bay, into timer 80 for sonoma and
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napa. that rain chance through the weekend, a little higher than it was yesterday. we're talking saturday night into sunday. it looks like rainfall along the coast and from the golden gate northward. but everybody has a chance. i wouldn't count on it in the santa clara valley. we will keep an eye on it. it is still day 5 of the seven-day forecast. we have a little way to go between now and then. we will head down on the roller coaster. the coolest days will be this weekend and then we start warming back up. still ahead, streaming on cbs news bay area. more americans choosing europe for their next vacation. how you can avoid some of the bigger crowds on your getaway. >> coming up on "cbs news bay
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area," a look back at
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across europe, most covid restrictions have been lifted and travel there is starting to look loot like it did before the pandemic. >> so a lot of recent data shows travel from the united states to europe could soar, as much as 600% compared to last year. if you're thinking about going, you need to do your homework. travel experts say to figure out which museums require advance reservations and when cruise ships will be docked to avoid places with passengers, and visiting the secon. ebooesglasgow? everodys >>idea.le? and instead of the mediterranean in the summer, go north to get the fewer crowds. >> i've been dropping hints. i'll trying to go to italy. i wonder when they'll take the behind. >> coming up, a classic board
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coming up at 5:00, it looks like someone is going around stealing campaign signs in the bay. we reached out. if you played monopoly as a kid, i'm sure you did, you probably had a favorite game piece or token. >> money! >> just the money. >> now some throwbacks. they just announced the thimble. i remember that. they launched a contest to bring back the token. the thimble was the fan favorite. who would have thought it about the thimble? hasbro says it will replace the t-rex. it is expected to hit u.s. stores in the fall. >> i didn't know they added the t-rex. >> i didn't know there were so many thimble aficionados.
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>> who are these people? >> kids at home are saying, what is a thimble?
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>> o'donnell: tonight, we're going to begin with the sad act of laying 19 kids and two teachers to rest, the first funerals for the victims of the deadly school shooting in uvalde happened today as anger grows over the police response to the mmassacre. >> i wake up every morning and the first thing i do is cry. >> o'donnell: a community mourns. the small caskets as we remember the lives cut short one week ago. plus new details on the investigation. we speak to angry parents as we learn the uvalde school police had trained just months early or confronting an active shooter. and in the nation's capital, the new gun control measures president biden is considering. severe weather warning: hurricane agatha pounds mexico. could the system become a hurricane again and hit the u.s.? plus,


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