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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  May 31, 2022 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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"the late show with stephen colbert" is next. news continues >> in north carolina, fissmadis, now cd, aft losing the primary to state senator chuck edwards. it is a major rebuke of someone who was once seen as a rising star in the g.o.p., but whose political career fell, scandal after scandal. >> he accused members of the party of having orgies and-- and snorting cocaine. >> and now that he has lost, the republican caucus sings a fond farewell to representative cawthorn: ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: it's "the late show with stephen colbert!" tonight: results penn-ding. plus, stephen welcomes: secretary antony blinken and musical guest, twice featuring jon batiste and "stay human." and now, live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert!
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( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, everybody! what's up? perfect! perfect! ( cheers and applause ) oh! age cannot whither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety. ( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) what's up, l.c.? we'll get it. we'll get it. hey! >> audience: stephen! stephen! >> stephen: thanks, everybody! that's nice. hello, mark. hello, friends. how are you? up there. over here. ( cheers and applause ) ♪ ♪ ♪ thank you, very kind. please, have a seat. thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ very nice. please, have a seat, everybody. thank you very much. up here, down here, out there, all around the world. welcome to "the late show." i want to say hi to all my fans in mexico city, right off the top.
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( cheers and applause ) hi! there you go. there you go. broadcasting live to mexico city right now. i am your host, stephen colbert. folks, you know, i've done this show for seven years now. we've had a very good time. but i try to never lose sight of the fact that having one of these shows is a profound privilege. not just to tell jokes-- ha-ha. ( laughter ) but! to inform you, the public. that is a sacred trust. and no one in late night gives you the midterm primaries in five states, in mid-may, like the team at "the late show." this is... >> election night in 10% of america '22! >> stephen: stop that train. whoo! the results are in, and america has upheld its proud tradition of not knowing who won. ( laughter ) at least-- at least in one race
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everyone's talking about-- the republican nomination for senate in pennsylvania, which pits former hedge fund executive and customer asking the manager why the people at that table got their food first... ( laughter ) david mccormick, against tv charlatan and winner of the emmy for outstanding achievement in self-taxidermy, dr. mehmet oz. ( laughter ) now, as of-- as of this taping, the race is a toss-up, with dr. oz getting 31.3% of the vote to mccormick's 31.1%. wow, that's a nailbiter. that is stressful. and there's no better cure for stress than dr. oz's raspberry ketone and green coffee bean protein pancake mix. side effects include stress. ( cheers and applause ) here's the thing. it-- it is, it's a nailbiter. but both sides remain confident. last night, mccormick's chief strategist tweeted, "based on how many uncounted absentee
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ballots there are, and the margin by which dave has won them so far, that's why we are confident of victory." while an adviser to dr. oz pointed to uncounted ballots in philadelphia and declared, "it's a jump ball." which, i will remind you, is how they eventually decided bush v. gore. ( laughter ) ( applause ) okay? dubya was a monster in the paint. he was a monster in the paint. he took the rock to the rehnquist. now-- ( laughter ) pennsylvania law requires a recount when the margin is half a percentage point or less, but one dr. oz supporter sees a way around that. i'm talking, of course, about former president fraud flintstone. ( laughter ) a.k.a. flabba dabba goo. ( laughter ) ol' flabba dabba said somewhere on the internet that oz should not trust outstanding mail-in ballots, typing, "dr. oz should declare victory. it makes it much harder for them
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to cheat with the ballots that they 'just happened to find'." well, i will give him this: he is an authority on cheating. just ask all of his wives. ( cheers and applause ) we do-- it's been a while. it's been a while. just throw it out there. corn-- throw a little corn out for the chickens. ( applause ) we do know who the winner of the race will face in the general election: that's lieutenant governor john fetterman, seen here in his formal hoodie. ( laughter ) now, unlike over with the republicans, the democratic race was not even close, with fetterman capturing 59% of the vote, and possibly going on to win every county in pennsylvania. clearly, he's a rising star, which may be why one biden adviser told cnn, "there are big similarities between john fetterman and joe biden." and, that could explain biden's latest makeover. ( laughter and applause )
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that's nice. looks good. he should do it. he should go for it. >> i don't think he-- >> stephen: don't fight it, right? right? don't fight it, right? just go for it. now, pennsylvania republicans did decisively choose a candidate for governor: state senator and mr. clean going through a rough divorce... ( laughter ) doug mastriano. mastriano i a hard-right christian nationalist, and a central figure in efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election in pennsylvania. that victory speech must have been a little awkward. "thank you, pennsylvania! i couldn't have done this without dominion voting machines and the ghost of hugo chavez. these elections are rigged! stop the steal! lock me up! look me up!" ( cheers and applause ) ( laughter and applause ) one of the big losers last night was north carolina representative madison cawthorn, seen here... ( cheers and applause )
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...seen here entering a list of his top axe body spray scents into the congressional record. "mango musk!" ( laughter ) cawthorn had the ex-president's endorsement, but he still lost the republican primary to north carolina state senator and hotel concierge watching you and your wife kiss, chuck edwards. in addition to his role in the state senate, edwards operates mcdonald's franchises in western north carolina-- so, while cawthorn had the ex-president's support, edwards was endorsed by the ex-president's top adviser. ( laughter ) ( applause ) now, it's kind of shocking-- here's the thing-- ( cheers and applause ) here's the thing. here is the deal-io. it's kind of shocking for an incumbent, maga-approved congressman to lose his primary. but, it may have something to do with cawthorn angering his g.o.p. colleagues back in march, when he said this: >> the sexual perversion that goes on in washington--
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all the sudden, you get invited to, like, "well, hey, we're gonna have kind of a sexual get- together at one of our homes. you should come!" and i'm like, "what-- what did you just ask me to come to?" and then you realize they're asking you to come to an orgy. some of the people that are leading on the movement to try and remove, you know, addiction in our country, and then you watch them do, you know, a key bump of cocaine right in front of you. >> stephen okay, that's an obvious lie. if members of congress were on cocaine, they would get a lot more done. ( sniffs ) "okay! wooo! wooo! okay, that's ten bills already passed-- tell you what. tell you what, bro. tell you what, bro, let's file cloture and keep going. just read the budget aloud while i clean the senate chamber with a toothbrush. or start a band. anyone else crazy thirsty? road trip! road trip! go to the shore!" that's just the tip-- i've heard, i don't know. that's what i heard. but that's just the tip of what i imagine were a good number of tips, because cawthorn
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has a bunch of scandals, including being accused of engaging in insider trading, charged with driving with a revoked license, and being stopped for trying to bring a gun through airport security-- twice. that is so stupid! everyone knows you can't bring a gun to the airport-- you have to wait until you're through security and then go to "hudson news" to get a travel-size gun. ( laughter ) but now, cawthorn is on his way out, which is a tough break. how will you deal with this defeat, madison? >> a key bump of cocaine. >> stephen: okay. okay, whatever gets you through the night. now, in pandemic news, numbers certainly seem to be going up here in new york, where this week, coronavirus cases reached a high alert level. now, to be fair, when you're walking around new york city, you're always on high alert. "honey, honey, honey-- walk faster. don't turn around. te guy behind us isn't wearing pants, and he's wearing an elmo head. and not where he's supposed to. oh, god! he's got a greenpeace petition-- move! move!" ( laughter )
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covid is also-- it's also rising out on the west coast. case in point, my dear friend and fellow late-night host jimmy kimmel has tested positive for covid once again. ( audience reacts ) we wish him a speedy recovery. but, i do want to point out, getting covid twice is kind of my thing. ( laughter ) and if you're going to steal my bit, jimmy, i have no choice but to steal one of yours, too. it's time... for "mean tweets." ♪ ♪ ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: here we go. here we go. "get better, kimmel, 'cause you can't get worse." ( audience reacts ) very mean. that's very-- that's very mean, very mean. "it's hard to tell if kimmel got covid from a staff member or a family member, because most of his staff are family members." ( audience reacts )"sadar thacod
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orit jimmy, aftd 'dn sausage'." ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) that's very mean. i don't know why-- i don't know why anyone would do this. i don't be why. "jimmy kimmel has covid? who cares? i only watch his show for the roots anyway." ( laughter ) we've got a great show for you tonight! my guest is secretary of state antony blinken. but when we come back, johnny cash is back in the news, for a reason that may surprise you. stick around. ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing )
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( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody! give it up for the band! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) hello, louis. oh, louis, my friend. hello.
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i'm feeling-- louis, have we been through this before? i've got a-- i've got a little bit of the covid fog. i'm feeling right as rain, but there are times when my mental energy is just as shallow as a kiddie pool. have you asked you this before: did you get it? did you get covid? >> you did ask me this. and, i did get it. >> stephen: and how was the recovery for you? >> you know, i didn't have any symptoms, but then i had insomnia for like two months after. >> stephen: that would be a symptom. >> i guess you got me there. >> stephen: i've got the same thing, getting up in the middle of the night. >> really? >> stephen: super anxious. >> wow! >> stephen: about what? >> about what? >> stephen: about whether i still have covid, i think. ( laughter ) because i had it twice, you know. i already said that, right? i already said i had it twice. ( laughter ) you know what they say-- give me covid once... shame on you. give me covid twice... please stop giving me covid. ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) there you go. turned the buck on that, didn't i? ( cheers and applause ) anyway, we do wish-- we do wish our dear friend jimmy kimmel all the best. take it easy, you know? we need you out there.
11:54 pm
we need you. ( cheers and applause ) such mean tweets, though. such mean tweets. you know who i'm not going to be mean to tonight? that is secretary of state of the united states, antony blinken is going to be out here in just a moment. ( cheers and applause ) do you understand? that just doesn't happen. >> in the building. >> stephen: you're not going to see that anywhere else in late night this week. that is-- what an honor. ladies and gentlemen, you know, as i said, we take our job seriously here, and-- and ocean rise threatens all of our coastal communities, and it seems like our governments are just-- oh, wait-- and, i'm sorry, i'm being told, in my ear, "the late show" local news-alert command desk is telling me that we have breaking small-town arkansas water tower news! and, more imantly,ome to a water tower with johnny cash
11:55 pm
caitrin assaf, on the scene with klrt, kingsland's news leader. caitrin, is that rain? >> nope, that's not rain. >> stephen: thank you. let's go to the mayor of kingsland to explain exactly what that is. mayor neal? >> somebody shot our water tower, shot the silhouette of johnny cash, in a very sensitive area. >> standing proud, holding a guitar, and emptying this 50,000-gallon water tank all over kingsland. ( laughter ) >> stephen: now... ( laughter ) that looks embarrassing. and, like an ad for flomax. but, we all know the man in black's most famous song: ♪ ♪ ♪
11:56 pm
( cheers a: now-- thyou.anfor thorti mucal break. now, to recap: ladies and gentlemen, a giant silhouette of johnny cash on a water tower in arkansas is taking a leak on passers-by. but much like peeing after taking vitamins, this story has a dark side. >> now, this situation may seem humorous, but it's actually no laughing matter. >> stephen: i would debate you on that... ( laughter ) but go on, caitrin. >> this water tower is losing close to 30,000 gallons every single day. >> stephen: yes, and in a crisis of this magnitude, klrt news will be there, bringing you the latest, live from the splash zone. caitrin didn't have to stand directly under what she herself is implying is a constant stream of urine... ( laughter ) but she's a journalist, dammit, and she knows, if it pees, it leads. this issue--
11:57 pm
( cheers ) this issue-- ( cheers and applause ) mm, speaking of which... ( cheers and applause ) this issue has been on-flowing, because according to local officials, it's been leaking for old, and at that age? ♪ you pee everywhere, man you pee everywhere. ♪ kingsland's mayor warns that this leak will affect the local community. >> people can look for their water to be discolored. >> stephen: especially if johnny cash recently had asparagus. ( laughter ) wait, wait! hold on, ladies and gentlemen, i'm sorry-- i'm getting word that, according to... tmz, this time, america's top source of hot, celebrity pee news-- that an arrest-- and this is true-- an arrest has been made in this case. there he is, that's the man who was actually arrested. his name is timothy sled. behold the face of evil. ( laughter ) he shot a man in kingsland just
11:58 pm
to watch him pee. ( laughter ) either way-- ( cheers and applause ) ♪ ♪ ♪ why? why! either way, the town is going to have to plug that leak, and it's not going to be cheap. because, remember, they're losing 30,000 gallons of water a day. and mayor neal estimated, that's going to cost around $200. ( laughter ) but the repair job: almost $5,000. sounds like this leak has left them with a cash flow problem. ( laughter ) now, that's a lot of money for a small town like kingsland, but we here at "the late show" are ready to step up. scientists up at "the late show" lab saw this problem, then saw an ad on tv for flex seal. ( laughter ) call me! call me, kingsland. i am prepared to climb up there and fix johnny cash's folsom whizzin' blues. we'll be right back with secretary antony blinken. ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing )
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genesys, we're behind every customer smile. i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. ( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome back, everybody! ( cheers and applause ) how you doing over there? how you doing over there? yeah? eh? nah, nah, nah. welcome back, everybody.
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ladies and gentlemen, my guest tonight has worked in government for nearly 30 years, and currently serves as our 71st secretary of state. please welcome secretary antony blinken! ( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) thank you for being here. come on in. ( band playing ) ( cheers and applause ) >> thank you. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: thank you for being here. i don't take this lightly. you don't get a secretary of state on a late-night show every day. ( cheers and applause ) have you done many of these? >> this is the first one. >> stephen: this is the first one? >> it is. >> stephen: you're going to love it. now-- ( laughter ) i want to talk to you a little bit later about the-- basically, the state department in general. i think people misunderstand its mission, often, and how important it is. but the first thing i want to talk to you about, is that,
12:05 am
you're the most informed person right now i can talk to about what's going on in the war in ukraine. and-- but before i ask you my questions, what would you like people to know about what the state of that conflict is right now? >> stephen, this is day 82 of what was an unprovoked, unjustified aggression by russia against ukraine. and i think what-- what the world already knows is, we've seen the remarkable courage, resiliency of the ukrainian people. over-matched-- ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: everyone said, three or four days, and it would be over. everyone thought it would be over in three or four days. >> there was a lot of expectation that might happen. but, because of their courage, because of their resistance, but also because of the assistance that we've been able to provide them, with dozens of other countries, they've not only held their ground, they've been pushing the russians back. they won the battle for kyiv. now, there's an intense fight going on in eastern and southern ukraine. and the other thing is, the
12:06 am
country's been terribly brutalized by this russian aggression. you know, we had that-- the town of bucha near kyiv. the russians moved out. when that tide receded, we saw what was left in its wake, and i'm afraid that, as that happens in other parts of ukraine, we'll see it. but the most important thing is this-- 82 days in, the ukrainians are standing up for their freedom. they're standing up for their sovereignty. they have so much of the world with them. and here's what i can tell you-- what vladimir putin was trying to do was to take away their independence, their sovereignty. in his mind, ukraine is not an independent country. it needs to be subsumed into russia. that's what this is about. and what i think we can say with a lot of certainty and conviction, is that a sovereign, independent ukraine is going to be around a lot longer than vladimir putin is on the scene. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: now-- ( cheers and applause ) you were... ( cheers and applause ) you-- you were one of the first people to actually brief zelenskyy, before the war ever
12:07 am
started, about the likelihood of this invasion. you first warned the public, on behalf of the administration, of what might be going on over there. you're now leading the u.s. efforts to... have a-- a joint response from nato countries. and, set the tone for the entire world. all of that seems like the right thing to do. one thing that worries me, however right i think the fight for the ukrainians is, is that, is there a chance that this could tip over to a hot war with russia? because, certainly, putin and all of his-- the people in his circle, have said they consider this a hot war with the west, whether or not we want to call it that. so, how do you make sure that that doesn't happen? >> well, stephen, the president's been very clear about this, about what this is and what it isn't. and what it isn't is, it isn't a war with russia. this is the united states-- >> stephen: not a proxy war. >> and it's not a proxy war.
12:08 am
it's about us giving the ukrainians the help that they need to defend themselves. to stop the aggression, to hold on to their freedom, to hold on to their sovereignty. that's what we're doing. and, we're also putting pressure we have sanctions that we've been leading with dozens of other countries that are making life pretty difficult for the russians. you know, more than 800 companies, big-- biggest brand names in the world-- have left russia, because they don't want the reputational cost of doing business there, given this aggression. that's having a real impact. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: now we see reports-- ( applause ) we see reports about the fall of mariupol, and the ukrainian fighters put up a fierce resistance there. now that that city-- is that accurate?-- that mariupol has fallen to the russians? >> russians have taken mariupol. >> stephen: what does that mean to the russian efforts now? >> the fight now is, after the
12:09 am
russians got pushed back from kyiv and around kyiv and from northern ukraine and parts of western ukraine, this has moved all the way east and all the way south. pretty near russia itself. and that's what they're-- that's what they're fighting over. and again, as i said, what's so heartbreaking about this is, when the world actually sees what's happened in mariupol-- which it will one day-- i'm afraid the pictures that we've seen coming out of bucha a few-- a couple of months ago, are going to be nothing by comparison. so, this is why i think people-- and the american people have been incredibly generous, because, through congress, so much support given to the ukrainians. because i think it is touching people's hearts. they're seeing a big country aggress a small one. they're seeing one country try to change the borders of another by force. they're seeing one country try to say to another country, "we're going to decide what your future is going to be, not you." and, we can't have a world that works that way. >> stephen: and there's a bipartisan response, which is-- >> this has been remarkable. >> stephen: unusual these days.
12:10 am
anything that anyone can agree on. >> it's been remarkable. ( applause ) >> stephen: part of putin's motivation for the war, as-- as-- you know, i see in the reporting, that part of putin's motivation for the war is to weaken nato. now, this was monday, and on tuesday, finland and then sweden signed the applications. >> that's right. >> stephen: is putin himself the greatest advertisement for nato in a generation? ( laughter ) >> if i was going-- if i was going to have a poster for-- well... ( laughter ) what's remarkable is, when you look at this, stephen, president putin has managed to precipitate everything he sought to preventm getting bigger, with ukraine. now, it actually is, with finland and with sweden. he wanted to divide the west, divide the alliance. it's more united than it's ever been. and, as i said, he wanted to subjugate ukraine, make it part of russia. that is not going to happen. so, everything we're seeing is putin achieving the exact opposite of what he says he
12:11 am
wants. >> stephen: now, my buddy, pope francis, has said... ( laughter ) ...that nato takes some blame for this by basically stressing out russia by expanding east, up against russia's borders. do you think he's got a case? >> so, nato-- >> stephen: now, he's the pope. he's the pope. >> and i have great reverence for him. i had the-- now, he told me that you were very close, on the phone. >> stephen: yes, thank you. ( laughter ) >> i have great reverence for him, but let me say this-- nato is a defensive alliance, countries coming together to make sure that if one of them was attacked, all the others would come in and defend that country. that's what it's about. it has no aggressive intent against russia. it's never attacked russia. it won't attack russia. doesn't intend to attack russia. >> stephen: i've got a crazy idea-- invite russia to be part of the nato. >> well... ( laughter ) >> stephen: because then, what's he got to be worried about? >> you know what? back in the 1990s, that was actually something that people talked about.
12:12 am
>> stephen: and? >> well, the russians decided that wasn't what they wanted to do. >> stephen: okay. we have to take a quick break, but when we come back, i will ask the secretary about what zelenskyy is like in person. stick around. ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) with relapsing forms of ms, there's a lot to deal with. not just unpredictable relapses, all these other things, too. kesimpta is an at-home treatment that may help you put these rms challenges in their place. kesimpta was proven superior at reducing the rate of relapses versus aubagio. and, when it's ready, it takes less than one minute a month to inject kesimpta. don't take kesimpta if you have hepatitis b, and tell your doctor if you have had it, as it could come back. kesimpta can cause serious side effects, including infections. while no cases of pml were reported in rms clinical trials, it could happen. tell your doctor if you had or plan to have vaccines, or if you are or plan to become pregnant. kesimpta may cause a decrease in some types of antibodies.
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oh hey, don't forget about the tense music too. would you say tense? i'd say suspenseful. aren't they the same thing? can we move on guys, please? alexa, turn on the subtitles. and dim the lights. ok, dimming the lights.
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12:17 am
after speaking to him many times, i assume as secretary of state, you went over there and visited with him over in kyiv. what's he like? he seems very impressive as a leader, from a distance. but we know he was an actor and a comedian, so he could just be acting impressive. ( laughter ) what's he like in person? >> i've got to say, stephen, he is-- he is quite literally the embodiment of the courage of the ukrainian people. because this is a guy who, when the bombs started coming in, the missiles started flying, he could have left town. he could have gotten out of kyiv. he didn't. he stayed. he led his people. and that's both incredible personal courage, but it's also because i think he felt that he had to represent ukrainians, he had to stand up for the country's freedom and independence. so, you know, he's really inspired people all around the world, and i've had the occasion to, you know, meet him, meet with him, half a dozen times. before the war, when we had this information, that russia was likely to do this, i had to tell him. we were at the cop26, the
12:18 am
climate meetings, and i sat with him and shared the information. telling someone that russia might be about to invade your country is definitely an eye-opener. but he has proven to be remarkably resilient. and of course, he's also, i think, made a powerful fashion statement out of the green t-shirt. so, when we visited... ( cheers and applause ) when we visited-- i went with secretary of defense lloyd austin. and if you're going to go into a conflict zone with anyone, you want to go in with lloyd austin. >> stephen: because you stand behind him. he's a huge man. >> yes, exactly. he's a big guy. and we went in, we had a remarkable three hours with president zelenskyy, with his team. we went in on this train that took about 12 hours to get from the polish border into kyiv. and actually, kyiv itself, looks-- now, at least-- remarkably normal. people on the streets, going to coffee shops, et cetera. now, it doesn't stop the
12:19 am
russians from still firing missiles that hit kyiv. but the city's come back to life. and-- >> stephen: i understand that the embassy is going to reopen there. >> the embassy-- the flag went up today. >> stephen: the american flag. >> the american flag. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: what does that mean? what's the significance? two things. ( applause ) what is-- what is the-- and this will get us into what i want to talk to you about the state department. what is the significance of an embassy having to be evacuated, and that moment of return? what's the significance of both those events? >> my first responsibility in this job as secretary is to look out for the well-being of the men and women of the state department. i have to have their security uppermost in mind. so, when the attack was coming, we had to make a really hard decision to suspend our operations, and to get folks out of harm's way. let me tell you this, they-- they didn't want to go, but we moved them to poland. they took the flag that was flying over the embassy that day with them. and that is the same flag that's now flying over the embassy
12:20 am
again in kyiv today. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: we have to take a little break. we'll be right back with secretary antony blinken, everybody. ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) el a little off. and even when it doesn't, i like to feel good about my heart health. that's why i have kardia mobile. kardia mobile is the only smart device in the world that is fda cleared to detect the three most common heart conditions in just 30 seconds. and having one in your pocket not only gives you peace of mind, the doctor will thank you now. kardia mobile is proven to detect atrial fibrillation, one of the leading causes of stroke. it also detects bradycardia, tachycardia, and tells you when your heart rhythm is normal. you can use kardia mobile anywhere. it lets you put your health in your own hands. independence than me.thatf but my doctor is over the moon.
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>> stephen: that's so fascinating. that would be a great show. hey, everybody, we're back here with secretary of state antony blinken. we're talking about a war-- and we talked earlier about, like, the munitions that might go over there, and the-- the
12:25 am
tactical and intelligence help the united states may give. but the state department is not the department of defense. it's not the department of war. richard holbrooke called it the department of peace. and-- and general madis said, if you don't stunned the state department fully, then i need to buy more ammunition. >> that's right. >> stephen: what do people not understand about the mission of the state department? >> well, you know, you've got it, you've got it exactly right. our job is to try to prevent war. if we fail at that, to try to make peace. and, if we fail at that, to make sure that our diplomacy is doing everything it can, wherever necessary, not just to make life better for people around the world, but also to make life better for our own people, for the american people. because everything that we're trying to do is to try to make the world just a little bit safer, a little bit more prosperous, a little bit healthier, a little bit wiser, a little bit more tolerant. and that's going to benefit us. >> stephen: what's the state of the state department right now? we only have a minute here. i'm just very curious.
12:26 am
it was sort of famously reported as being sort of "denuded" during the previous administration, that people who were leaving were not being replaced, that the halls were empty. is the state department being restaffed? >> well, you know, president biden said early on, as we started to move around the world again, "america's back." and i can tell you this, the state department's back. we have our men and women-- ( cheers and applause ) --throughout the world, even as we're relentlessly focused-- relentlessly focused on ukraine, and on helping the ukrainian people, we're doing a lot of other things, too. we have gotten a truce in ethiopia, so that humanitarian systems can get to people up in tigray. we got a truce in yemen, after eight years of war. ( cheers and applause ) so that there's a chance at a lasting peace. we've helped get, now, more than 500 million covid vaccine shots to people around the world-- on our way to 1.2 billion shots, that the united states is giving away, free, no strings attached, so that we can get ahead of covid around the world.
12:27 am
that's the work we do every day. and here's the thing, stephen, what we know is this. if the united states is not engaged, if we're not trying to lead, then one of two things: either someone else is-- maybe it's china-- and that might not go forward in a way that reflects our interests and our values. or, no one is. and that usually leaves a vacuum that's filled by bad things before it's filled with good things. so that's why it's so important that we engage, that we lead, and we're leading with diplomacy. that's what president biden said he wanted. that's why the state department is front and center. that's what we do. we're leading with diplomacy, we're leading for america, and we're trying to make things a little bit better around the world. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: well, thank you so much for being here. as important-- ( cheers and applause ) as important as that work is, that you just described, i think perhaps you'll be-- you'll best be remembered as the lead guitarist for the band, "a.blinken." ( laughter and applause ) and this is an actual photo.
12:28 am
we did not mock this up. tell me-- tell me about your band. what do you get out of it, and, where are you guys gigging next? >> stephen, i long wanted to be a musician-- as a kid, as a teenager, that's what i wanted to do. d, i s over t.laughter ) there was just one-- one missing ingredient. >> stephen: yes? >> talent. ( laughter ) but, it-- it's-- it has been a constant thread in my life. so i've been in a bunch of "bands"-- in quotation marks. coalition of the willing. >> stephen: oh, sure. with andre. >> that's right, yes. among others. big lunch. >> stephen: don't know that one. ( laughter ) that's on me. >> named because we kind of make you feel the way you do after you've had a big lunch: a little bit drowsy. >> stephen: logy. >> logy, exactly. >> stephen: a little logy. >> exactly. >> stephen: sure, logy dance band, yeah. >> and, what we found-- at least what i found, in my experience, is that the best audience we have tends to be very young children who haven't developed critical faculties.
12:29 am
( laughter ) that works best. >> stephen: well, just in case there are any of them watching right now, as we go out, would you-- would you care-- do you guys have a guitar that the secretary might be able to use? ( cheers and applause ) there you go. so, secretary blinken, thank you so much. antony blinken, everybody! we'll be right back with a performance by twice. please, sir. won't you please. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hey! ♪ ♪ ♪
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12:34 am
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12:36 am
i know you feel it too ♪ boy, i-- boy, i-- boy, i know i know i get the feels ♪ boy, i-- boy, i-- boy, i know i know you feel it too ♪ you got my attention so what's your intention? ♪ yeah, tell me, baby what's the deal ♪ oh one look and i know it, baby ♪ my eyes reveal that you, you, you give me the feels ♪ you have stolen my heart oh, yeah ♪ never let it go, oh, oh no, never let it go, oh, oh, oh ♪ lightning straight to my heart, oh, yeah ♪ i got all the feels for sure yeah, i got all the feels for ya ♪ boy, i-- boy, i-- boy, i know i know i get the feels ♪ boy, i-- boy, i-- boy, i know i know you feel it too ♪ boy, i-- boy, i-- boy, i know i know i get the feels ♪ boy, i-- boy, i-- boy, i know i know you
12:37 am
♪ feel it too ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: twice, everybody! that's it for "the late show." good night, everybody! thank you very much. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh ( cheers and applause ) captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ the late late show-oh-oh the late late show, woo! ♪ the late late show-oh-ho the late late show-oh-oh!


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