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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  June 2, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the president plans to address the nation after a wave of mass shootings at an elementary school, a supermarket and now a hospital. what will the president say? and what can congress do to stop gun violence in america? the breaking news from the white house, the president's prime-time remarks just moments away, as he rallies washington for change. tonight, tulsa police reveal the gunman targeted interest surgeon who recently performed back surgery on him. how he was able to buy an ar-15 about an hour before killing four at a hospital. plus the message from tennis superstar coco gauff after her big win on the world stage. we have a date for win kids under age 5 may be eligible for
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covid vaccine. get your calendars ready. the platinum jubilee for queen elizabeth ii, the royal family gathers, harry and meghan are there but it's the queen's great-grandson 4-year-old prince louis who steals the show. why the 96-year-old monarch will miss a major part of her celebration. gals prices up 52 cents in just a month. will a big announcement from the world's oil producers help at the pump? protecting the nation's food supply, why a group of scientists hope these killer bugs could help. and we end tonight with the inspiring story of a motherov nine children who just graduated from medical school, planning to become a neurosurgeon. tonight, her message to others, follow your dreams. this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell, reporting from the nation's capital.
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>> o'donnell: good evening and thank you for joining us on this thursday night. as we come on the air, president biden is preparing to address the nation. you're looking at live pictures at the the white house where the president will give a rare prime time speech, a call to action, an impassioned case for lawmakers to pass common sense gugun laws. less than three weeks, people killed in buffalo, new york, uvalde, including 1-9d children, and last night's hospital shooting in tulsa, oklahoma that killed four. so far this year the u.s. has seen 233 mass shootings. the last time congress passed a major piece of federal gun legislation was nearly 30 years ago, with the assault weapons ban. well that expired in 2004. the ar-15 style rifle is the weapon of choice for the deadliest mass shootings in america. our team is covering all the new information from tumsa to uvalde but we begin with cbs's ed o'keefe from the white house. good evening, ed. >> reporter: good evening, norah. aides say the president has chosen to address the nation
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tonight amid the wave of recent deadly shootings and because he's encouraged by ongoing congressional talks about how to prevent them from happening. president biden's planned remarks tonight will come 234 hours after the latest mass shooting in america involving a high-powered assault rifle. >> tonight's people will focus on what congress needs to do and congress' action because the president cannot do this alone. >> reporter: mbd is speaking out as talks in the senate appear to have momentum. susan collins says the group is making rapid progress towards a common sense package. the negotiation also are focused open improving background checks and red flags laws to keep people from guns to harm themselves or others. >> it could break a 30-year log jam in which congress hasn't done anything meaningful to stop the mass shootings. >> reporter: a teacher sheltered in sandy hook in a closet with 18 kids.
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>> we're hopeful but hope to keep the pressure up on the president till we get action. >> reporter: house democrats conned crafting their own gun reform legislation. >> we are paying for this deadly culture with the lives to have the american people. >> reporter: a bill poised to get a vote next week would raise the age for buying semi-automatic weapons from 18 to 21 and ban large capacity magazines. six of the deadly shootings since 18 were carried out by people 21 or younger. republicans slam the hearing, some brought their own weapons. >> hire's a sig sauer .320, takes a 20-round magazine. >> reporter: and said the bill would threaten the second amendment. >> the bill will sure take away the rights of the american people who follow the law. >> reporter: but there's bipartisan pressure back from outside washington, too. 250 mayors of both parties are calling for gun reform including miami prep francis suarez.
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>> americans except the problem to be solved and government plays a big role in solving it. >> reporter: the house wants to pass the legislation next week, but there's currently no path forward for it in the eleven divided senate, that's why the white house and lawmakers know any breakthrough will have to come from republicans and democrats in the senate trying to cut a deal. norah. >> o'donnell: ed o'keefe, thank you. cbs news will carry the president's address to the nation at 7:30 p.m. eastern time. well, now to the shooting in tulsa, oklahoma, theion's 20th mass shooting since the massacre at an elementary school in did you feely, texas. four people were killed when police say a gunman targeted a doctor that he blamed for his continuing pain following a recent back surgery. cbs's nancy chen has the new details. ( siren ) >> reporter: in the chaos, the shooter was looking for one person, dr. preston phillips. >> he began firing at anyone that was in his way. >> reporter: the suspect was a patient of dr. phillips who
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performed back surgery on him two weeks ago. but police say he repeatedly called the doctor's office after his surgery, complaining of ongoing pain, even up until yesterday. >> we have also found a letter on the suspect which made it clear that he came in with the intent to kill dr. phillips. >> phillips, along with dr. stephanie husen, receptionist amanda glenn and patient william love were all killed. >> dr. phillips was the consummate gentleman. he is a man that we should all strive to emulate. >> to the family of mr. love, i'm so sorry we couldn't save you. we are grieving with you. >>iebycling in h location. they rescued a woman hiding atnk his life.
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>> reporter: an ar-15 and a semi-automatic handgun were used in the attack. today, authorities touted the police response. they say officers entered the building just minutes after the first 911 call. now the community at saint francis hospital is mourning the loss of its members killed in the line of duty. >> you have put yourselves at risk to save the lives of people in this city, and i hope you know how much it is appreciated. >> o'donnell: and there are reports one of the victims, william love, an army veteran, may have been helping others out of the building, when he was shot. norah. >> o'donnell: nancy chen, thank you. we turn to uvalde, texas, where more of the 21 victims of last week's school shooting were laid to rest today. mourners gathered for three more funerals. meanwhile, the community is growing impatient weighing for answers on how the response to
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the shooting went so tragically wrong. here's cbs lilia luciano. >> oh, the kids, they're getting the kids out. >> reporter: newly released video showings the scene outside rob elementary last tuesday, officers racing toward the school, children running fores buashildren trapped inside classrooms 111 and 112, terrorized by the shooter, called 911, legging to be saved, the incident commander, school police chief pete shad ompses waiting in the hallway. >> we needed to wait tot see about procedures. >> reporter: state offers say arredondo wasn't told there were kids alive in the room with the shooter. >> state authority does not know who uvalde police was communicating the 911 calls to. >> reporter: the chief's decision not to engage the shooter goes against the state's active shooter response training, which is school
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district officers went through in march. it states officers immediately move into action to isolate, distract or neutralize the threat. frederico frederico, 10-year-old rojelio torres, was inside classroom 111 where the 911 calls were coming from. >> he was a smart boy. >> reporter: torres crosses the border from mexico every day to work the fields around uvalde. he's back at work even as he mourns the deepest of losses. the questions are far too much to bear. what was your reaction when you learned it took police 75 minutes to get into that room? >> it was hard. why didn't they do nothing? they didn't went inside. >> reporter: investigators haven't hinted at a motive. we can confirm the grandmother of the shooter, the first person he shot that day, worked for the school district until 2020, including as a teacher's aid in this elementary school. norah. >> o'donnell: lilia luciano, thank you.
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tonight, parents who have been waiting more than a year to get their young children vaccinated against the coronavirus can circle june 21 on their calendars. white house covid response cord naifort ashish jha says children under five may be able to get their first doses as early as that date if regulators give the go ahead as expected. breaking news from buckingham palace. queen elizabeth will not attend a special church service tomorrow for her platinum jubilee after experiencing dills comfort today. she's been battling health problems in recent months but appeared in good spirits today. holly williams was there. >> reporter: if the queen needed a reminder that she's loved in this country, this probably did the job. there was an air force flyover -- a royal gun salute -- and a military parade in central london to mark her 70 years as
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monarch. >> to the queen! >> reporter: for many here, it was a deeply patriotic moment to a queen regarded as reliable and steadfast. these little girls are in their best princess dresses. say something to the queen. >> she's pretty. >> reporter: and you like her? yeah, i wanted to see her. i was very excited. i saw the horses. >> reporter: others came all the way from america like the ddonahoes from florida. >> we're here for the queen. once in a lifetime experience. we decided to be a part of it. >> reporter: another american family sent this video message. >> congratulations, your majesty, and have a wonderful platinum jubilee celebration. >> reporter: queen elizabeth ii ascended the thrown just stage 25. >> i declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be
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long or short, shall be devoted to your service. >> reporter: during her seven-decade reign, she's met 13 american presidents. at 96 years old, very few here can remember their country without her. on the balcony of buckingham palace today, she appeared with three generations of descendents, including a misbehaving young prince lois. prince harry and meghan returned to london for the celebrations though today we only caught a glimpse of them. tonight the queen led another ceremony, the lighting of 3,000 beacons across the u.k. and the commonwealth symbolizing unity. the queen has been experiencing mobility issues for months and the pal lace says she'll miss tomorrow's service of thanksgiving with greatly reluctance. we're expecting harry and meghan to be there along with other members of the family.
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norah. >> o'donnell: holly williams, thank you. tonight tropical storm watches are in effect for both coasts of southern florida tas the atlantic hurricane season gets underway. tropical storm alex is expected to form tomorrow after mexico's yucatan peninsula and make landfall saturday in florida. the big concern is flooding rains with and wind gusts. one of the biggest threats to the nation's food supply is inspects that can destroy ecosystems. jonathan vigliotti takes a look at an innovative plan hatched from inside a lab. >> reporter: nestled in the foothills of western colorado, inside an unassuming laboratory is a nursery of killer bugs. >> this is the macrocentrus insiclavorusrt >>epr: tare exoisis like krist tpaliectary, andhen
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>> reaseeyy, grow their population and grow control. >> reporter: biological control against invasive species of bugs and plants threatening the nation's food and water supply at an annual cost of $26 billion, according to the usda. >> when you reintroduce their predators from where they originally came from, you're tapping into millennial-long evolutionary long arms race. >> the insectary hatched in the '40s when international trade dislint began importing the invasive species. one of three facilities in the country providing public lands and orb bank farmers a pesticide-free approach to eradication. brant harrison has been growing organic peaches for decades. >> there's a lot of problems we organically cannot deal with in
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a major way. it's been the savior of the fruit growing industry. ito hen't the kind of gardenin. llug study up to 20itorve wh% reported success rate. the insectary is focused on two emerging threats, yellow thistle which has invaded 25% of drought-stricken california and the ash borer, which is kil trees and helping fuel mega wildfires. using nature's way to combat human impact. jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, palisade, colorado. >> o'donnell: ahead tonight on "cbs evening news," gas prices hit a new record high, but some relief could be on the way. hundreds of thousands of students see billions of dollars in college debt wiped out.
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production in july and august by 650,000 barrels a day, providing at least some relief. can't come soon enough with gas prices hitting another record high today, $4.71, up 52 cents from a month ago. alarming news in the baby formula shortage, nearly 70% of formula products out of stock across the country. the departmen department of head human services is reviewing whether the f.d.a. properly inspected the plant in michigan, which should resume production this weekend. tonight more than half audts whr profit college system are having their debt eraced. corinthian colleges collapsed when kamala harris was attorney general. she sued the compand announced $6 billion in federal loan debt will be canceled. u.s. tennis star coco gauff is getting ready for her grand slam final. the 18-year-old has her work cut
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out for her facing off against iga swiatek, the number one ranked woman, saturday. gauff delivered a message to the world writing on a tv camera, peace, end gun violence. up next, a mother of nine shows it is never too late to per cue- pursue your professional dreams.
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♪ the peanut butter box is here. ♪ ♪ the peanut butter box is here ♪ alright, i'm out. pet prescriptions delivered to your door. chewy. >> o'donnell: what's more challenging than med school? well, maybe being the mother of nine? but how about doing both at the same time? here's cbs's jamie yuccas. >> sarah merril. >> reporter: sarah merril has now added the title of doctor to her top ten list of major accomplishments. she's also mom to nine children, ranging in age from 20 to 8. >> when i got finally to the finish line, it was -- it was pretty amazing. >> reporter: dr. merril just graduated from the mayo clinic's
3:54 pm
medical school in phoenix. the journey began more than 20 years ago when she entered dartmouth as a pre-med major. >> when i initially went to college, i fell completely in love with neuroscience. i should have said my husband. but i did. >> reporter: they were ried withir first daughter before graduation. >> i had my children in between undergrad and medical school. a lot of women have chair children as they're starting their careers. either way, it's a lot of hard work. >> reporter: this week merril and her supportive family moved to indiana where she starts her residency and continues her quest to become a neurosurgeon. >> i hope it will give some women out there hope or inspiration to keep pushing toward their goals even if it doesn't seem easy or entirely possible at the start. >> reporter: a reminder that the path to success doesn't always look the same. jamie yuccas, cbs news, los angeles. >> o'donnell: congratulations, dr. merril. we'll be right back.
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cbs and str eaming. >> judge judy: where's the ring? >> i think i only wore it about a month. i hadn't seen it since he left. >> announcer: she just wasn't that into her ex. >> judge judy: is there any reason why you weren't married two years later? >> it just didn't work out. no hard feelings about that. >> announcer: now he's doubting much of what she says. >> judge judy: she doesn't have the ring. >> of course she's gonna deny that. her credibility is -- is -- is not reliable, your honor. she told me that she was divorced when she really wasn't. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom s lesi dibn clifton mcneil is suing his ex-fiancée, rahsheena jones, for the return of tools, a basketball hoop and an engagement ring. >> byrd: order. all rise. your honor, this is case number 345 on the calendar
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in the matter mcneil vs. jones. udge jy: mcneil,hank you.. what kind of work do you do? >> i'm employee packaging department for sasinias cobb, your honor, in grand island, new york. >> judge judy: how long have you been there? >> since february of this year, your honor. >> judge judy: prior to that, where were you working? >> i was workin' for rti groceries and deli. >> judge judy: and you, ms. jones? what kind of work do you do? >> i own a grocery store and a deli. and i work for the va. >> judge judy: this is what this case is about. the two of you lived together for about 3 1/2 years. and mr. mcneil gave you a ring. you were engaged to be married, according to him. he had lived with you and your children -- >> yes. >> judge judy: above a store where that you worked. >> yes. >> judge judy: that's yours? so you have an apartment above the store that you own? >> yes, your honor. >> judge judy: mr. mcneil says he participated working in that store during the course of the three and a half years. but the relationship went south. he left. and according to mr. mcneil, he left some property there. he left the engagement ring there. he left a basketball hoop. >> yes, ma'am. >> judge judy: how much did you pay for the basketball hoop? >> about $480, roughly. >> judge judy: $480?


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