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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  June 2, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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nightclub where its performers feel the freedom and the protection of living their authentic lives. good evening, everybody. i'm reed cowan in for ryan yamamoto. >> hello. i'm sara donchey. we start with countdown to tip-off just an hour away from game one of the nba finals. chopper 5 flew over chase center for both the warriors and the celtics coming out in big numbers. they were all out in thrive city, enjoying the pregame festivities. >> we love the music and energy. julia goodrich is leading our coverage. the fans are pouring in. they are ready to begin the journey to the championship. you got the assignment of the night. >> reporter: oh, i would say so. let me just set the scene for you. i'm going move out of the way because you got to see all the action. if you're watching from home, let me just take you here. the excitement certainly building here at chase center. first nba finals in the warriors' new home here in san francisco there is a live band. we have people walking around. they're going inside chase center if they're lucky enough to have that ticket.
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some will be watching outside. you know, we've been talking to fans all week ahead of game one. some of them actually on the other side, can't believe it. why would they even want to go for the other guys. some east coasters actually like the dubs. hey, it's been busy here all day at thrive city. let's give you a little bit of the behind-the-scenes final prep under way ahead of game one. crews making sure the massive monitor that's outside chase center is working. they need a good view for all the fans that will be watching from outside. the media worldwide has been setting up. everyone busy making those final audio checks, making sure everything is ready to go. you might be able to hear in the background everyone is calling out the warriors chant. and cue the sunshine. talk about a beautiful day. we do have team coverage for you. we have the nuts and bolts, the inside scoop from outside the chase center. kiet do has been talking to fans.
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all of those inside viewpoints from those long-time fans. let's go to kiet do first outside. kiet? >> oh, juliette, i am loving this energy. it's like two-plus years of covid being trapped at home, it's like people are making up for lost time. being here for the first time foalst a cha center, it is a strange mix of the ne >> welcome to chase center, home of the six-time nba champions, the golden state warriors. >> reporter: this is the blissful moment in a championship series where there are no winners or losers yet. taking in the atmosphere at chase center is free. >> let me see that haircut. >> dub nation, baby. >> reporter: and hard-core warrior fans are here to soak it in. >> one, two, three, go celtics. >> go celtics! >> reporter: i'm just kidding. cj from newark brought his family here from the east bay to enjoy what they could from the outside. so you didn't have what, $5,000,
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$10,000 to send everybody? >> no, we wish. >> this ragtag crew of celtic fans just met each other while strolling around chase center. david kent flew in from mississippi last night. devon harris drove in from the central valley. >> we ran into celtics fans. got to stay deep in numbers for now. we ain't got that many coming out here today. >> reporter: they are undefeated in the playoffs at home. >> right. but i like our roll record right now. our chances are looking good. what are we, 6-2 on the road? >> reporter: rafael smith would like all the bandwagoners to please sit down. he has been cheering for warriors for 66 years. >> you're flexing with this old school jersey. >> that's how i roll. >> reporter: after everything the team went through the past two years, the trip to the finals is all about not taking it for granted. >> we're used to it. we're used to coming back all the time. and sometimes that adversity,
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once you get to this point, you are well, we went through a lot. now we're here again. let's relish this and let's get another one. that's going to be a beautiful thing when they win this. >> reporter: by the way, devin harris has a net tattoo with 17 shamrocks. >> that's how many titles we have. and add another one, 18. >> i hope you don't. >> oh, man, you must be a warrior fan. >> reporter: all right, juliette, i just checked the secondary ticket market. take a wild guess how much nosebleeds tickets cost right now if you wanted to go inside? >> secondary ticket market? that sounds a little shady. but i would say are we going like $650, $700 around that range? am i off? >> reporter: $800. that's the cheapest for the nosebleeds. >> oh my goodness. well, i think -- >> so if you're inside, enjoy yourself.
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>> absolutely. keit, thank you. vern glenn has been inside. he has been giving us the inside look. vern joins us outside chase center. give us the ins and outside. what are you observing? who looks good. what's going on? >> jules, i had this beautifully crafted lead-in to this wonderful story, and then this guy showed up. i'm sorry. look at this hat. >> $5 for the hat. >> oh, thank you. >> that is something. that is something you don't normally see. any way, back to the cue cards and the long soliloquy into this one. i like the all it news and notes. from that, how about gary payton ii. he is expected to be available to play tonight. so is otto porter jr. and andre iguodala. but back to payton, hasn't played since dislocating his
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elbow last month. a lot of talk about the celtics' inexperience at this the age. but the warriors also have ten players in their first finals. steph and draymond have stayed patient this year rather than be all get off my lawn with the young guys. >> i always ask them, what do you all do when you go home? what are you all spending the next six hours? my day is a little different. >> you're trying to relate to those guys. and hey, man, i'm going to go do this. you should come do this with me. it's not what they really want to do and ultimately learn in life he doesn't hate me, but i'm 32. he is 19. what i like to do may not be cool to him. >> do yoursi cde >> no. no. although we've been doing this a long time. 32 is very young in the big picture of life. >> all right. inside an hour, they're going to get after it. celtics and the warriors. hey, jules, earlier you said you had the gig of the day.
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i think it's unconfirmed. i got the gig of the day. i got the game. >> i'm cool, vern. you do, i'll give you that we'll see you later on in the newscast, and all of your highlights later on tonight. the big w. vern glenn, thank you so much. before we wrap it up, i want to bring in justin. he was bringing our cbs and bay area coverage online, and you were actually asking fans some questions. give me like the number one question and the stumper. here we go. >> true or false, this is the first time that the celtics and warriors have met in the nba finals. >> okay, at home, think about that. true or false. the first time that they they've met in the nba finals. >> we'll have that answer for you coming up at 5:30. so we'll have more coverage for you here from live video. are you having fun? >> having a blast. you can feel the excitement out here. >> that's right. we're going send it back to you in the studio now, and we will see you at 5:30. >> no cheating, sara.
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you can't look up the answer on google. >> we won't do that. thank you, juliette. all right, now to some other headlines today, some of them quite disturbing. a major development in the case of an oakley woman missing since january. police now believe 24-year-old alexis gabe was murdered. the suspect, her ex-boyfriend who in another stunning development was killed in a police shooting. marshall curtis jones was the last person to see gabe in antioch. east bay prosecutors had just charged him with murder. but last night authorities shot and killed jones at his apartment in kent, washington. police say that happened after he charged at them with a knife. andria borba in contra costa county where gabe's father talked about this and the suspect, who at one point he considered to be part of the family. >> we believe that alexis gabe is the victim of a homicide. >> reporter: the question as to where alexis is remains unanswered tonight. yesterday afternoon, the main and only suspect in her
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disappearance, ex-boyfriend marshall jones was killed by u.s. marshals serving a warrant for his arrest in kent, washington. oakley police say evidence kept piling up, pointing to marshall as a suspect. >> the cell phone case was found in antioch near bent tree lane where our suspect resides. that cell phone case was positively identified as that of alexis' personal cell phone case. that case was examined and found to have the dna of marshall jones inside of it. >> reporter: in addition, there was gps evidence from alexis' car going from her house to the dump site. there was also wiretap evidence that led to a warrant being issued on may 26th. >> we have cumulative evidence, including phone intercept recordings. we had surveillance footage, cell phone data, dna evidence. and based on all of that evidence together. >> reporter: surrounded by his wife and sons, alexis' dad spoke
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saying jones was his daughter's first love, and that he never imagined he could be capable of this. >> we didn't want him dead. we wanted him arrested to pay for his sins. we wanted to meet with him face-to-face. we wanted to look him in the eye and ask him why. ask him where is alexis. >> reporter: chief paul beard hopes to answer that question soon. >> somebody who has knowledge of alexis' whereabouts will now feel more empowered to come forward. >> there is still a $100,000 reward for information leading to alexis. the chief in oakley intimated there might be more charges for anyone who might have helped jones along the way. in contra costa county, andria borba, kpix 5. well we brought you that news conference with the family and police live on cbs news bay area. we are on 24/7, streamin ining
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webb wb and the app. big news on rising covid cases. officials in alameda county say it's time once again to put the masks back on. they are restating that indoor mask mandate. know you have to pack a mask if you're going to that county. daily covid cases have exceeded last summer's delta wave peak. and more cause for concern, covid hospitalizations in the county have more than doubled in the last month. the mask requirement is going to apply to most indoor public settings. that includes grocery stores, businesses, and gyms. but it does not include students and staff at k through 12 schools. minute ago, ac transit announced masks will also be required for their passengers. more on new masking rules coming up at 5:30, including whether other bay area counties might follow suit. still ahead on kpix 5 streaming on cbs news bay area, just moments ago, president biden's passionate plea for tougher gun laws. how he is putting the pressure on congress to act. plus, the mayor of san
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francisco announcing a compromise in a pride parade controversy over police uniforms. why officers may march after all. plus, the nightclub that's empowering the transgender community by creating a safe space for performers to be themselves. the cooldown is under way. temperatures inland several degrees cooler than they were at this point on wednesday. we're down to below average temperatures tomorrow. chance of rain still in the forecast this weekend. details coming up.
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live pictures of the white house now where minutes ago president biden delivered a speech addressing gun violence. it comes of course on the heels of these deadly mass shootings across the country. skyler henry has more on the president's speech aimed at pushing lawmakers to take action. >> hey, sara, good to see you. well, the president talked earlier this evening about the recent tragic mass shootings. it happened in tulsa, down in texas and buffalo as well.
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also calling on congress to pass what is called common sense laws to combat this epidemic of gun violence as a whole. >> we should limit how many rounds a weapon can hold. why in god's name should an ordinary citizen be able to purchase an assault weapon that holds 30 round magazines that let mass shooters fire hundreds of bullets in a matter of minutes? >> meanwhile, house lawmakers have sharply different views on new gun control measures under consideration. one is called the protecting our kids act that would clamp down on gun trafficking, encourage safe gun shortage, restrict large capacity ammunition feeding devices and raise the legal age to buy certain guns to 21. republicans believe the focus should be on mental health and school safety. >> so we're working, hoping to come out with a bipartisan agreement so we can pass something at the federal level that will actually target this
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problem. >> we've had really productive discussions. our goal is to get a piece of legislation that saves lives. >> something to keep in mind. the full house could vote on the measures next week. but even if it passes there, it's unlikely to get the buy-in needed in an evenly divided senate to become law. on the senate side, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have discussed background checks, red flag laws, safe schools and the things we heard the president talk about tonight down in texas, where a gunman killed 19 children and two teachers. in uvalde, governor greg abbott is calling for the creation of special committees to address not only school security but firearm safety as well. >> a lot of people voicing their frustration on both sides of the aisle. we'll see if something gets done. we appreciate your reporting. all that happens in our nation's capital we have new information tonight about the law enforcement response to that mass shooting in uvalde, texas. the texas state senator says the
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commander in charge on the scene of the shooting was never told about multiple 911 calls coming from children, children, who were still trapped inside the classrooms with the shooter. that now raises questions about why he was not informed and what radio procedures were or were not followed. the senator says the response was a, quote, system failure, which encompasses more than just one person on the scene. we're also learning new details about yesterday's mass shooting at a tulsa medical center, leaving four people dead. authorities say the gunman in that case was targeting a doctor who he blamed for his back pain that he had weeks prior. he arrived at st. francis hospital. he came with an ar-15 rifle that he purchased that day, that very day, along with a handgun he purchased just three days before. >> he came in with the intent to kill dr. phillips and anyone who got in his way. he blamed dr. phillips for the
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ongoing pain following the surgery. >> well, for being a healer in our community, dr. phillips died in that shooting. the other three victims include a patient, a receptionist and another doctor. there have been at least 20 mass shootings in the united states since the shooting in uvalde, texas. an earthquake woke up people across parts of the bay area this morning. it was a 4.1 magnitude around 5:07 a.m. it hit about miles northwest of pittsburg near bay point and suisun bay. slept right on through it. the dogs didn't even stir. they're supposed to be a little bit more attuned to that kind of stuff. let's take a look at a cool picture to begin with. had some clouds floating over the bay area today. intermittent clouds and sunshine. those can produce interesting optical everybody effects. it's a similar optical effect to
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a rainbow, similar to a sun dog because it's produced by the sunlight being reflected through the ice crystals that make up these high cirrus clouds. thank you to david and meredith for taking the picture and sending it in. circum horizontal. let's take a look as we wind the clock forward. the fog is going to return tonight spreading well into the inland valleys. the marine air is also going to be pushed well into the inland valleys. and we're still tracking tra chance of light rain showers on sunday. let's start with futurecast and take a look at the fog, really spreading out as we head to tomorrow morning. a few flecks of green are indicating the potential. we'll see a mix of clouds and sunshine once the fog backs up to the coast. still dry tomorrow, but we'll be tracking the approach that is eventually going to send a chance of showers towards us. the first could be during the daylight hours on friday for far northern sections of the north bay.
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most aimed farther up the north coast. saturday evening a few more showers trying to skirt through the north bay and a better chance moving in by late saturday night into sunday. this is going to be scattered, light activity. not amounting to a whole lot. but it's june rainfall, and it's arriving without any threat of lightning that would start a new fire. we'll take every drop of this we can get. we'll add up how much at 5:30. the high cirrus clouds once again. temperatures still warm. 85 in santa rosa. 81 in livermore and concord. only 60 degrees in san francisco and 64 in oakland. some of the cool air made its way into the santa clara valley. 72 in san jose. wind gusts tonight are going to die down, but the onshore breeze srnt going to completely go calm. it's still going to be noticeable as we start the day tomorrow. while the winds aren't going to be strong enough for a wind advise risks it's the persistent onshore wind that is going push the marine air farther and farther to the inland valleys resulting in more and morph a cooldown. 50s, not bad for june.
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temperatures middle portion of 50 to start the day on friday. high temperatures inland, even the warmest spots far inland in the east bay and in the santa clara valley only reaching the upper 70s. mostly low to mid-60s with only upper 50s along the coast. similar temperatures in store for saturday and sunday. more clouds and sunshine likely for saturday and sunday both with that chance of rain showers late saturday night, continuing into sunday. once that departs, temperatures warm up. a modest warm-up for san francisco and oakland. more noticeable inland. temperatures in san jose return to the 80s by tuesday, wednesday and thursday inland parts telephone east bay could approach 90 degrees as early as wednesday. and parts of the north bay closer to thursday next week. we'll keep an eye on once the showers move through. we're not talking a huge amount of moisture. we'll take every drop we can get. we'll add it up at 5:30. >> thank you so much. still ahead, san francisco law enforcement refusing to march in the pride parade at first, but
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now a compromise in the fight over uniforms. for state controller, only yiu will save taxpayers money. wait, who, me? me? no, not you. yvonne yiu. yvonne yiu. not me. good choice. for 25 years, yiu worked as an executive at top financial firms. managed hundreds of audits. as mayor, she saved taxpayers over $55 million. finding waste. saving money. because... yiu is for you. yiu is for you. exactly. yvonne yiu. democrat for controller.
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i joined the district attorney's office to pursue justice for everyone. but like so many of my colleagues, i resigned in protest because chesa boudin
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interfered in every single case and failed to do his job. the office is absolutely in disarray right now. chesa dissolved my unit prosecuting car break-ins. now criminals flock to san francisco because there are no consequences. we can't wait. recall chesa boudin now. hope, love pride day two of pride month in our country. after weeks of back and forth, it really turns out that police and firefighters will be marching in this year's pride
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parade. a little bit of a back story on what happened here in the last 24 hours. mayor london breed, she says the city has reached acompromise with the organizers to let command staff for the police and fire departments and along with the san francisco sheriff's office march in what they call special dress uniforms. here is the caveat there. they will not have any weapons. there is another smaller group of less than ten officers who will be in uniforms. that small group will have their weapons on them. and the largest group will not wear uniforms or have any weapons, but instead they can wear casual clothes with branded department logos. the mayor made the announcement during the flag raising ceremony. with the compromise, the mayor said she will now march in the pride parade. she eli de to s it outn police. >> seeing the people from our various law enforcement and public safety agencies who are also an important part of the
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lgbtq community, seeing how they came together with the pride board to come up with a compromise so that they too can be proud of who they are and what they represent. >> grand marshals include actor sherri coale la who you might know from the pixar movie "turning red" and "jeopardy!" champion amy snyder. ceo of lag stepped down. michael phillips wrote a letter saying he was leaving, but he didn't state exactly why. laguna honda recently lost medicare and medicaid funding after a series of compliance issues. the head of the san francisco health net work says he will take over as interim chief while the hospital searches for a new leader. coming up at 5:30, a bay area county bringing back the indoor mask mandates as covid cases surge. what you need to know about the rules taking effect and where. and reaction from you about
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whether you think it's the right move. and here we go. thrive city at its best. tip-off is at 6:00. are you ready? we are live here outside chase center. i'll have a live report for you coming up. >> juliette, thank you. and a fraternity taking stanford to court after a student's overdose death. why they say the pun
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you're watching kpix 5 at 5:30.
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>> right now on kpix 5 streaming on cbs news bay area, more local news at 5:30. the crowds are growing at chase center with just a half hour to go in game one of the nba finals. a student's overdose spark absolute at stanford. why an attorney says punishments went too far. also, our top story at 5:30 as covid cases spike, health officials in alameda county are bringing back its indoor mask mandate. good evening. i'm sara donchey. >> i'm reed cowan in for ryan yamamoto. let's talk about that. the indoor masking requirement comes back as covid cases are surging in that county. the latest seven-day average, get this, is about 46 cases per 100,000 people. that's more than the peak of last summer's delta wave. the more troubling for doctors, hospitalizations they say have more than doubled in the past month. so those mask rules start at midnight. be prepared. they're catching a lot of people by


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