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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  June 3, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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right now on kpix 5, june gloom settling in for some part offense the by and we have a chance of rain. >> we start with first alert the area.gist jessica birch >> this is just over the santa clara valley. we're still seeing the high clouds settling in today. lot more fog along the mouth of the bay just near the golden gate bridge where you can't see the bridge f t northwest. it's already bringing in showers knot of us in oregon and washington and northern portions of california. this is a look into sunday. this is model ranging a bit above average in is what we're expecting in the morning hours, heading into the afternoon.
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it clears up in the evening. rain totals are adding up pretty significantly. we'll talk about this in the full fact. back over the you. firefighters have managed to extinguish the tower fire burning on san berno mountain. it broke out after 4:00 this morning. the areas have reopened. cal fire is investigating whether a faulty fire line. they asked the utility for power line fault data near the fire. it found that a line near the fire starting point had an issue, quote, occurring within minutes.
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they are pretty surprised by the return. >> this morning when i checked in, signed in on my app and said a mask is not required. the biden administration says a vaccine for the under five age group could be available as june 21st pending authorization.
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they can begin placing orders a pilot program that would keep bars open a little bit later. taking a live look at san francisco now where bars could be open until 4:00 a.m. same in oakland. that's if this bill makes it through the state legislature. right now bars are prohibited from selling alcohol between 2:00 and 6:00. a similar bill was piloted a few years ago. it made it through the legislature but did not end up with the governor signature. those in support of the plan say potential economic and social benefits weren't local choice. >> this bill would help to bring san francisco and some other places that opt in into the
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upper echelon of world class night life that the world has been enjoying for generations and we are cut out of. >> cities included san francisco, oakland, fresno, palm springs and west hollywood. bars would have to petition their city for the extra license. he was forced to end his campaign because he could no longer afford to live in the city. he was ending his run to represent district four because his roommate plans to move out of the area within the year. that's forcing h imto look for housing outside of berkeley because he is now priced out. he quote ironically co-founded
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an organization in 2015 fighting for housing to make sure something like this doesn't happen. fans were lighting up chase center last night for the first game of the nba finals but things did not go as every one hoped. the warriors walked away with loss at chase for game 1. the warriors came in hot till the fourth quarter and then things shifted with the celtics owning the 4th scoring 40 points. it wasn't all bad. stay with kpix 5 for continuing coverage of the nba finals on air, and streaming for you. coming up, new sanctions are being levelled against russia as we reach a milestone that shows the resilience of the ukrainian people. students rising above scholar is shaking up the medical world, bringing her own
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now to war in ukraine. weeks of ground assaults have destroyed countless homes and buildings. ukrainian officials say russian forces control only about 20% of the country. ukrainians stuck in those areas describe them as a oppressive dystopia. the u.s. is marking more sanctions against russia. we learning nearly 12 million ukrainians have been displaced by the war. looking live now at the big board. dow is down in the324 points. the u.s. government reports a steady increase. employers added 390,000 jobs for the month.
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slow i crease but still better than most experts expected. that's near the half century low scene right before the pandemic hit. some economists consider a back to full employment. tesla reportedly used a pr firm to monitor employees facebook feeds in recent years. according to the report, the electric car company paid a consulings firm to track conversations in a tesla employee facebook group in 2017 to 2018. this was around the same time some workers wanted form union at the company's factory in freemont. tesla ceo has been very outspoken in opposition to unions. we're taking another live look just over the santa clara valley where high clouds are still creeping their way in today. the fog has been rolling in all day long if you live close to the golden gate bridge, you can see it in full force. it will start creeping its way back in to the shoreline as we
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head into the late evening hours and all the way up in the santa rosa area. it kriep creeps its way in once again. this is a live look of viz shl moisture. take a look at this. really starting to formulate its way into the coastline as we extend into the next kip l of hours. we're already starting to see mist in the forecast. no crazy rain showers just yet but once we head into sunday's forecast, this is where we get the rain totals from. this is our euro model that is ranging hair above average compared to some of the others we have been looking at. santa rosa getting a lot more rain. the bay area getting a little less. let's take it a step back. today is one of the coolest days of the week. we got all the way uo t r mount we'r getting up to the mid-70s also near santa clara, campbell area. off in the east it's a little bit cooler. sitting at daytime high of 71.
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once we extend north closer to sonoma and napa, we are ranging a hair below average. this is what we're expectings we head into the weekend. temperatures starting to get up little bit more. that's when the chance of shower pushes its way in by sunday. it's a quick moving system. temperatures start riding and we're left with partly cloudy skies not only for us but into the north bay along our coastline. look at sunday. we're all the way down into the 07s. we jump into the 80s by monday. it's changing as we head into the next couple of days. for now, back over the you. >> those 80s coming back. still to come, we'll meet this week's student rising above scholar. how she found purpose in her cancer diagnosis. coming up, we are live at 1:00 p.m. with the later local news head lines. you can watch our stream where
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ever and when ever.
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on the corner of 9th and howard in san francisco, you'll find a place where people take pride in living their authentic life even in a world where that's not always easy to do. we have the story. >> reporter: it's a fast paced environment at the restaurant bar and cabaret that's known as asia sf. a place where the girls just want to have fun. >> this is what life should be. everybody just having a good time. >> reporter: trina joe is proud of who she is as a transgender woman. the women who take the stage are also transgender. >> it's very liberating. l living our lives. >> reporter: her journey was in
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full steam in the 90s and she wanted to be accepted for who she was. >> years of being bullied and being totally looked down. this is a no no special asian culture. >> reporter: another big challenge, finding job where she would be lers. >> when you see in the employment application, there's only two gender. you really don't know what to pick and that's very daunting but going to asia and work for asia, that was never an issue. >> there was no box. >> it was no box. every one was accepted. >> reporter: she's kept this job for 24 years. she's one of the og's on the team. >> do they look up to you a little bit? >> they're very nice. very kind how they treat me here. that he call me mama, mother, which is fine. i love that.
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>> reporter: amaya wilson is one of the newest members. >> i have this aspiration of being a cabaret dancer. >> reporter: she's grateful she can be herself. however, it sunt isn't always e. >> i'm on the pursuit of happiness and wening back my kinder, healthier self and sometimes it's really difficult navigating in a world that's not necessarily for you. >> repr:orld where it feels like an explanation is still required when it shouldn't be. >> it's exhausting. we're women. we're navigating life and that shouldn't matter. >> reporter: one dancer, one table at a time, these women are making a difference. >> i've had nights where i had customers who never interacted with transpeople people. they find it wow, there's nothing scary about this.
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>> reporter: they take pride in who they are and what they do and are proud to be living their authentic lives. >> to be the change you want to see in the world comes with energy, effort, compassion, courage and kindness. >> just living your life. living the best life you can be. >> you can catch all our stories this month on a special pride section of our website. it's on the homepage at every year 400,000 children are diagnosed with cancer world wide. the news is life changing. >>taking on a new role in the fight against this devastating disease.
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>> i identify as queer. there's a lot of things that pop out at work. i use that. i like to stick out. >> reporter: her confident shines as sutro bio pharma. >> i speak up. >> reporter: her position as an associate scientist combines her passion for cancer research with her experience as cancer survivor. it'sbination that brings knowledge and empathy. at age 13, she was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma. accepting the news was hard. >> i never saw myself as somebody who is sick. when i had cancer, i didn't want anybody to know. i kept that to myself. i felt embarrassed during that time while i had it. >> reporter: her mom was devastated. >> her doctor called me and told me. i just fell on floor. i couldn't believe it. the first thing i did was call
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her. you're supposed to be the rock for your children and she was my rock because i fell apart. >> reporter: doctors appointment, medical treatment and home care hit the family hard. >> especially for my mom. she did end up losing her job around the time when i got diagnosed because she had to give me care. >> reporter: she lost a job but never lost her faith. >> i had everybody prays for her. i thank god. it was devastating. it was devastating. i made sure everybody was included in the whole situation with her. >> reporter: her bravery help her family and her focus on health and school. >> i was the valedictorian of my of 6th grade class, 8th grade class and senior. >> cancer what that gave me was a purpose of what to study and
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what i wanted to do with my life. i felt like it gave me answers. i've always liked science. what in science? cancer just gave me that path. >> reporter: a career path for her daughter that brings her home. >> i feel she's going to find cure. she's so good at everything sha she's going to find a cure. >> reporter: for students rising above, i'm elizabeth cook. >> keeping close eye on your health is important. she and her mom said her cancer was misdiagnosed and only after multiple trips to different doctors was her cancer correctly diagnosed. another globally known event returns from pandemic hiatus. we'll look at the 500-year tradition that return to the rivers in china. today on the drew barrymore
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a father turning grief into action after losing his son to a mass shooting. how he says they are already seeing some success. that story at 3:00. let's get one last check of our forecast now with jessica. >> thank you so much. heading into this weeng it's going to be cool, breezy, cloudy. even a bit rainy too all thanks to the area of low pressure pushing it was way in from offshore. that's from the gulf of alaska. fast forward this to sunday, take a look at this heading otinto sunday morning, we're expecting
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scattered showers to push in. it clears up fast. things taper off. daytime highs slowly starting to warm up as high pressure builds from the south an we are left with beautiful temperatures. even getter closer to the 90s as early as thursday. >> all right. thank you. check this out. dragon boat races return to some part ofs of china. the brcelebrations are scaled bk but plenty of people showed up. >> the tradition dates back around 500 years as displays of folk art to show off their skills. area businesses say they couldn't be happier. >> looks fun. >> very cool. >> un
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♪♪ >> taylor: i don't think it's asking too much that ridge and me want to spend a little time together. >> brooke: alone? >> taylor: alone, together. yes. >> brooke: i get it. steffy left town with kelly and hayes and you, as parents, you're concerned about her. >> taylor: yes. yes, wouldn't you be? uh, especially after everything our daughter's gone through. >> brooke: yes, of course. but if you're second-guessing this situation and if you think she needs more support while she's away, why didn't you just go with her? >> taylor: ah, wow, um, are su


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