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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  June 3, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, we're tracking the first storm of the hurricane season to threaten the u.s., the tens of millions of americans in the path of a tropical system this weekend facing heavy rain and dangerous winds. tropical storm warnings in effect for florida, ahead of what could be the first named storm. what you need to know about expected tropical storm alex. former trump aide indicted. peter navarro arrested at the airport, charged with contempt of congress for not cooperating with the january 6 investigation. >> and then they put me in handcuffs. >> o'donnell: plus the stung new details that the secret service was warned about vice president pencey's safety before the january 6 attack. the shocking arrest of a retired new york police officer near the
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u.s. capitol, a fake badge, body armor, and high-capacity magazines. 100 days of the war in ukraine. meet the ukrainians using drones that can carry powerful explosives. soaring gas prices. >> watching me pump my paycheck away. >> o'donnell: why drivers might not see relief any time soon. royal celebration: prince william and kate, prince harry and meghan-- all attend the queen's jubilee. why the guest of honor was missing. and tonight, we go "on the road" with a family reuniont s yearhe ming. >> this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell, reporting from the nation's capital. >> o'donnell: good evening, and thank you for joining us on this friday night. tonight, a major storm system is bearing down on florida as the atlantic hurricane season gets under way. the system is expected to make landfall around noon tomorrow.
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but it's already lashing cuba with torrential downpours. two people were killed in havana when flooding turned streets into raging rivers. in florida flash flooding is the main concern as parts of miami could see half a foot of rain. residents flee to safer areas inland. key west is where we find meteorologist reynolds wolf from our partners at the weather channel. good evening, reynolds. >> reporter: good evening, norah. we are merging into our evening hours, the way we began the morning, with some scowrkz. for the viewers across america, you can see the raindrops moving diagonally across your screen. each of the tropical systems have their own symmetry, and the way our began with is rain comes down, the wind tends to pick up, and we have drier air that begins to move in. we're expecting more of the rainfall and that could be a true, huge issue for us. another issue has been the wind at times, causing sporadic power
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outages and we might see more of those over the next several hours. let's go to the radar and show you the narrative we're seeing with the system. all tropical systems carry a variety of threats, but this will be the precipitation. some locations have the potential of anywhere from 6-eight inches of rainfall, some locations peblg up to 10 inches or more. there has been some ponding on roadways here in key west. but as this new visitor, this tropical system that's causing a lot of issues tonight, and we're ready for that system to move up, move out, and off into history. let's send it back to you, norah. >> o'donnell: reporter, reynolds wolf, thank you so much. back here in washington, cbs news has learned that mark short, the chief of staff to former vice president miami beach warned the secret service that then-president donald trump was going to publicly turn against the vice president and it could pose a security threat to him. short warned the secret service on the day before the capitol insurrection. cbs news what also confirm the
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top pence aide is expected to appear at the upcoming january 6 committee's public hearings. meanwhile, former trump aide peter navarro was arrested by the f.b.i. today, and he said he was startled by how the confrontation went down. here is cbs' jeff pegues. >> reporter: former top trump aide peter navarro was arrested this morning at regan national airport as he was waiting to board a flight. >> instead of calling me and saying, "hey, we need you down at court. we have a warrant for you." i would gladly come. what did they do? they intercepted me getting on the plane and then they put me in handcuffs, bring me here. they put me in leg irons. >> reporter: appearing in federal court, navarro complained about how he was apprehended, calling it despicable. prosecutors may have been concerned he was trying to flee, alleging in the indictmentality each and every turn the former adviser to president trump has all but ignored a lawful subpoena to appear before the january 6 committee. anxious to speak with him about
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his efforts to overturn the election. >> their clear mission is to prevent donald john trump from running for president in 2024. >> reporter: the indictment includes two counts of contempt of congress for refusing to appear before the committee and failing to provide information on the so-called green bay sweep, what navarro referred to in his book are as the last, best chance to snatch a stolen election from a the democrats' jaws of deceit. >> the election is over, the voting is over, but the outcome is not. >> reporter: the plan, alegedly developed with former white house adviser steve bannon, also indicted on contempt of congress charges, sought to stop former vice president mike pence from certificatifying the 2020 presidential election. mr. trump's former white house chief of staff, mark meadows, also found in contempt of congress for failing to cooperate with the january 6 committee. and, yet, the department of justice still hasn't decided
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whether to prosecute him. in the meantime, peter navarro will be back here in court june 17. norah. >> o'donnell: what a story. jeff pegues, thank you. now to that alarming arrest today outside the u.s. capitol and concerns tonight about ti rk city police officer who investigators say showed up with illegal ammunition and more. cbs' nikole killion is at the capitol. nikole, what happened? >> reporter: well, norah, cbs news spoke with the suspect late today. he claims this was all a misunderstanding and he didn't know that he had to register his ammunition, but this all happened around 5:00 this morning here on the west side of the capitol. police say when they approached him, he presented a fake police badge that read "department of the interpol" which doesn't exist inside of his parked vehicle. police found two ballistic vests, several high-capacity magazines and other ammunition as well as a b.b. gun but no
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other weapons. u.s. capitol police have identified him as 53-year-old jerome felipe from flint, michigan. he is a retired new york police department officer. he faces charges of unlawfull possession of high-capacity magazines and unregistered ammo. investigators are still at this point trying to figure out what exactly whefs trying to do, although a law enforcement official tells cbs news he was just trying to see the sites here around the capitol. norah. >> o'donnell: odd story. nikole killion, thank you. let's turn now to uvalde, texas, where three more funerals took place today. we're learning stunning new details from a state senator who says the police chief who ordered officers to remain outside the classroom during the shooting was not carrying a police radio as the massacre unfolded. and here in washington, a bipartisan group of lawmakers say they are making progress on new gun control legislation in the ake of those recent mass shootings. cbs' scott macfarlane reports tonight on the measures being discussed. >> reporter: with some
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%-p, president biden today said he would soon get involved. >> i will do what i can to try to see if we have real progress. >> reporter: the president laid out a series of proposals thursday, including a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. >> how much more carnage are we willing to accept? >> reporter: but in a narrowly divided u.s. senate, where 60 votes and both party's support is needed, many of the president's proposals are not on the table. assault weapon ban, raising the minimum age, is that on the table in your conversations? >> right now, there aren't the votes in the senate to ban assault weapons, but there may be the votes in the senate to be able to expand a background check system, to help states pass red flag laws for additional mental health funding. >> reporter: as negotiations continue, so does the violence. the attackin tasthea day since frustration continues, too. >> keep my school safe! >> reporter: with student walkouts nationwide from
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maryland to california, protesting inaction by congress. this week, house republicans stated their opposition to most gun-reform proposals. >> democrats today and this administration have indicated clearly that they desire to take away guns of law-abiding citizens. >> reporter: some in the g.o.p. do back hardening school security. in little falls, new jersey, officers walked the halls, but kids admit, they're still worried. >> it's... crazy to know that when i come into school every day, i'm lucky that i get to come home. i think that's not something that i should be feeling. >> reporter: a fourth grader who survived the shooting rampage in uvalde, and the parents of a girl slain there will appear next week at a house hearing on gun vines here in washington. norah, so will the mother of a woman killed in the shooting rampage in buffalo 'dllall rightt d. warainianvoloe isay tt
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victory will be ours. zelenskyy says up to 100 of his troops are being killed every day and that the russians now occupy about one-fifth of his country. tonight, cbs' imtiaz tyab shows us the high-tech weapons that could help turn the tide for ukraine. >> reporter: it is without a doubt a grim milestone. despite being wildly outgunned and outmanned, what ukraine hasn't been is outwitted and is still fighting back with a vengeance. one of its best weapons is at the top-secret headquarters of its drone army, known as the aerorozvidka unit, where volunteer warriors attack russia with the click of a mouse, using drones fitted with thermal imaging cameras and powerful explosives. aerorozvidka was found at the start of russia's invasion, a nnot-for-profit charity relying on online donations. they stopped this 40-mile
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russian column dead in its yaroslav honchar is a lieuteit e ge hnoly is fundame in"h. "we can't fight a symmetrical war with russia, so we have to act smarter." it's a strategy tha >> how are you? you guys are the pilot. >> yeah. >> reporter: the brains behind this model of attack drone are former architects olexiy shemotiuk and olexander gorban. 100 days ago, did you think this is where you'd be right now and this would be your life? >> no, no. we just... >> we don't have other choice. >> reporter: you don't have a choice. >> yeah. it's our country, our towns. >> reporter: you have to defend it. >> our peoples. >> reporter: you have to defend it. >> reporter: the red cross says 100 days of war in ukraine has caused destruction that deifies comprehension, but the
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ukrainians we have been speaking to say they'll keep fighting until they force russia out. norah. >> o'donnell: imtiaz tyab, thank you for being there. let's turn now to london where a full weekend of events are planned for queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee. but we're learning tonight the monarch will misa second full day of events, skipping tomorrow's horse racing derby. cbs' holly williams reports now on prince harry and meghan markle's first public appearance since stepping back froyal duties. >> reporter: today in the grandeur of london's st. paul's cathedral forday'smxpernc military parade and reluctantly decided to miss today's event. the 96-year-old is celebrating her platinum jubilee, marking seven decades on the throne, but she's been experiencing mobility issues for months.
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>> i think yesterday was quite strenuous. today would have involved basically a three-hour roundtrip, two processions they had in the order of service. i think it would have been a very, very long day. >> reporter: other members of the royal family were out in force today. the heir to the throne, prince charles and his wife, camilla. prince william and his wife, kate. there were boos from some in crowd for the british prime minister, boris johnson, who's in political strife. but when prince harry and his wife, meghan, arrived, they were cheered. it's the duchess' first official public appearance in the u.k. since they moved to the u.s. more than two years ago. and a reminder of her unde nieblg star quality. >> i think the queen has said they will always be regarded as members of of the royal family. forgiveness is the's a. >> er: t it was the queen that many people came to see and they were disappointed. >> i know that she would have
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really wanted to be here today. so i get emotional just thinking about it. she's a lovely lady. >> reporter: the qu aply wat today's service on television at home. here at buckingham palace, they're preparing for more celebrations tomorrow, a concert here headlined by diana ross. norahulbe good. holly williams, thank you. and still ahead tonight on "cbs evening news,"s why experts believe gas prices aren't coming down any time soon.
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. >> o'donnell: high gas prices are turning into a major speed bump as the summer travel season kicks off. the national average for regular gas hit another record today at $4.76 a gallon. here's cbs' kris van cleave. >> reporter: soaring gas prices are becoming a costly passenger for the couch family's summer road trip. >> you gotta think through it's going to cost us "x," "y," "z," to fill up. it's going to cost us "x," "y," "z" if we go out to eat. >> reporter: and don't expect it to get better any time soon. >> i see higher prices. i see a lot of motorists interested in hitting the road. >> reporter: that demand for oil is outpacing supply. >> you're watching me pump my paycheck away. >> reporter: u.s. and opec oil production is increasing, but it's still below pre-pandemic levels. the war in ukraine means millions of barrels a day of russian oil stay off the market. >> the longer russia's 10 million barrels remain off the
3:48 pm
global market by sanctions, the worse it could potentially get this summer. >> reporter: capacity at u.s. refineries that turn crude oil into gasoline also remain below 2019 output. and while demand may peek midsummer, that's right when hurricane season ramps up. >> will we see a hurricane disrupt refining? if we do, that could prolong how long it will take to see a reprieve in prices. >> reporter: even states waiving their gas tax hasn't stopped the climb. connecticut drivers are saving that 25 cents a gallon, but in the last 30 days, prices are still up about 60 cents and are trending above the national average. $99. what do you think of that? >> i don't like it. it stinks. >> reporter: historically, gas prices come down in the fall after the summer driving season is over. but with prices expected to continue rising for the next several weeks, that relief might look a lot like what you're paying right now.
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norah. >> o'donnell: kris van cleave, thank you. "on the road" is next with a special reunion and proof the american dream is alive and well.
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s. >> o'donnell: and it'sed from, and that means "on the road" with cbs' steve hartman, and this week steve tells us about a reunion that was years in the making. >> this feels like a long time. >> reporter: during the wait... >> my goodness. >> reporter: the tortuous wait at airport arrivals, baset azizi made this empty vow: >> i will try not to cry. >> reporter: but, of course, he would. how could he not? for the first time in his life, all his dreams were about to come true. >> come on. >> reporter: we originally met baset in 2016. he was living in afghanistan and had recently sent a facebook message across the world to david bilgier, trumpet player for the philadelphia orchestra. baset was looking for a mentor.
3:53 pm
>> i started off saying i'm the best trumpet player in afghanistan because there are only two. and i was immediately taken by him. i said, okay, i got to read the rest of what he has to say. >> reporter: baset told him how the taliban wanted western music banned, and the players punished. >> that's it! >> reporter: did you feel like you were risking your safety? >> at some point, yes. >> reporter: but you did it anyway? >> yeah. >> reporter: so with that devotion and some help from david, baset got into the prestigious interlochen center for the arts, a high school in michigan. from there, he went on to college in the u.s., and even got an internship with a congressman. ♪ ♪ ♪ are baset so cherished his new american freedom, he once broke out his trumpet in a crowded airport just to honor a group of veterans he saw. that's the kind of kid he is. but he has also been a lonely kid. his entire family back in afghanistan hadn't seen him in
3:54 pm
six years. they all fled after the fall of kabul, but couldn't get to america. >> oh! >> reporter: until now. last month, baset's father, mother, and his three sisters joined him in kansas city. his mom, parwana, said, "it was a dream to see my son before dying." baset's family arrived just in time to see him graduate from the university of kansas with three de agrees. >> baset azizi. >> reporter: one day baset hopes to work for the state department as an ambassador but until then he's happy with his humbler titles: brother and son. steve hartman, cbs news, "on the road." >> o'donnell: well, that's the
3:55 pm
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weekend. >> judge judy: what were you gonna do with the trailer? >> i was gonna grow some marijuana. >> judge judy: where? >> in the trailer. >> announcer: neighbors feel burned after renting their rv. >> he told me he was camping, that he needed the trailer to live in, am i right? >> yes. >> judge judy: they say, "you don't get your deposit back." >> announcer: now a family's in the line of fire. >> [ voice breaking ] this person called children's services on us simply because for $1,000! >> judge judy: some moron like you has to be punished. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. captions paid for by cbs television distribution shaun silkwood is suing neighbors susan burkhart and her husband, victor ramirez, for the return of his deposit on a trailer, as well as the money he spent to fix it up. >> byrd: order! all rise!
4:00 pm
your honor, this is case number 273 on the calendar in the matter of silkwood vs. burkhart/ramirez. >> judge judy: thank you. >> byrd: you're welcome, judge. parties have been sworn in. you may be seated. folks, have a seat. >> judge judy: mr. silkwood, how did you meet the defendants? >> we're neighbors. >> judge judy: how long have you been neighbors? >> about five years. >> judge judy: do you have your own home? >> i do not. i rent the back house of my parents' house. >> judge judy: and you own your own home? >> yes, we do. >> judge judy: sometime ago, mr. silkwood, according to the complaint that i read, you made an arrangement with the defendants to rent a trailer that they own. >> correct. >> judge judy: and you made an arrangement to rent that trailer for a period of three months. >> yes. >> judge judy: what were you gonna do with the trailer? >> i was gonna grow some marijuana. >> judge judy: where? >> in the trailer. >> judge judy: where were you gonna put the trailer? >> in a friend's property in perris, california. >> judge judy: did you tell the defendants what you were going to do with the trailer? >> yes, i did. >> no. >> judge judy: shh! tell me what you told them. >> i asked him if he wanted to let me use his trailer. he said, "for what?" i told him i was gonna grow some marijuana, and he was all stoked for the idea. he was all, "hey, let's do it."


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