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tv   CBS Evening News With Norah O Donnell  CBS  June 6, 2022 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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month for 24 months with a 2 -year price guarantee. call today. captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ ♪ >> o'donnell: tonight: gun violence in america. new reporting on congerss from pennsylvania to arizona, at least 17 people killed and scores more injured nationwide. tonight, the new surveillance footage and an arrest in philadelphia of a man accused of using a ghost gun on a busy street. the latest on the war in ukraine the growing concern about a worldwide food crisis, as about 25 million tons of wheat sit rotting in a blocked port. this, as the u.s. tries to seize these two private planes worth more than $400 million, owned by a russian oligarch. the judge assassinated, the
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stunning new details of a retired wisconsin judge killed in his own home. tonight, the names of other prominent lawmakers on the alleged gunman's hit list. record-breaking heat wave from the west coast to texas, plus the latest on the flooding in miami. breast cancer breakthrough? a promising drug in the fight against breast cancer. could it be more effective than chemo? the 1,000-pound great white shark off the jersey coast -- >> look at this monster. >> o'donnell: and the 2022 special olympics. we'll introduce you to some of the incredible athletes. ♪ ♪ ♪ this is the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell, reporting from the nation's capital. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> o'donnell: good evening, to our viewers in the west
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and thank you for joining us, as we start a new week together. tonight, we beginning with the growing epidemic of gun violence that spread across ten states with more than a dozen mass shootings since friday. at least 17 people were killed and nearly 70 others injured in shootings from philadelphia to chattanooga, from grand rapids, michigan to summerton, south carolina. the rise in gun violence and mass shootings seems to be impacting every community across the country. there have been 246 mass shootings so far in just this year, while today is just the 157th day of the year. in the last month, shootings have taken place at churches, grocery stores, doctors' offices and elementary schools. according to the gun violence archive, more than 700 children under age 18 have been killed by firearms so far this year, and this follows data from the c.d.c. showing that, for the first time in history. firearms were the leading cause of death for children in the u.s. in 2020. so when will congress and lawmakers do something about the
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violence, as we talk to a surgeon tonight who says this is now a public health crisis. cbs' jericka duncan starts us off tonight from philadelphia. good evening, jericka. >> reporter: good evening to you. as you can hear, people here in philadelphia are simply fed up with the gun violence, even blocking off traffic near where i am standing. it was just this past saturday that hundreds of people were gathered along south street in a very busy section of the city, window shootings broke out. today we learned from police one person has been arrested and there are warrants out for two others. as we have covered these stories before, we're hearing, once again, more calls for action, more worry about the future. what started in philadelphia as a confrontation with words quickly turned physical, then deadly. ( gunfire ) the gunfire, the screaming, the panic ended with three people dead and eleven others injured. it was just one of several mass shootings this weekend. philadelphia's district attorney
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larry krasner calls what's happening in his city heartbreaking. >> we want to get it right, we want to do justice, we want people who do terrible crimes to be accountable. >> reporter: when you and other leaders talk about acting and not just talking, what does that entail? what does that mean? >> it means we need long-term solutions, we need real investment in prevention because it is young people killing young people. we need legislation that will actually make this country safer. >> reporter: it's a country more recently awash in shootings. in chicago, which leads the u.s. in gun violence, at least 32 people were shot, and five people were killed. in tennessee, gunfire outside a nightclub claimed the lives of two, others wounded. some people wonder if it will ever be safe to go out again. >> many people are feeling unsafe and concerned about our welfare and about the safety of
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our neighborhood. >> reporter: in south carolina and texas, shootings at graduation parties killed one person and injured a dozen others including a 12-year-old. >> it's definitely getting worse. >> reporter: jessica beard is a philadelphia trauma surgeon and gun violence researcher. >> law enforcement responds to gun violence. they aren't the solution or prevention. things need to change in that we approach gun violence as a public health problem with a goal to prevent it. >> reporter: authorities say two of the men involved in the shooting here in philadelphia had permits to carry their guns. one was not charged because police say he fired his gun in self-defense. norah, the other than did not survive. >> o'donnell: jericka duncan, thank you for your reporting. back here in washington, the daily headlines of mass shootings are putting pressure on a bipartisan group of lawmakers to find common ground and pass new gun control measures. both democrats and republicans said today progress is being made. cbs's nikole killion is on capitol hill tonight. >> don't look away.
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>> reporter: wearing bulletproof vests, students rallied outside the u.s. capitol, lawmakers under intensifying pressure in washington and back home. >> the answer is not to do nothing. >> reporter: as bipartisan negotiations resume in the senate over gun legislation. >> what we're talking act is substantial. it will save lives. >> reporter: democratic negotiators say a deal could be completed this week around a proposal that includes enhanced background checks, new incentives for states with red flag laws that keep guns from people that could do harm, as well as investments in school safety and mental health. where do negotiations stand at this point in time? >> i'm hopeful but i have been down the road be and hopes dashed. >> reporter: a cbs news poll show a majority of americans support stricter gun laws and more than half their school age children felt sad, nervous or scared since the uvalde shooting. john cornyn is leading the negotiations for the g.o.p.
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>> we have to be realistic about what can pass both chambers of congress and get the president's signature, and we know it's not easy. i want to be clear, though, we are not talking at restricting the rights of current law abiding gun owners. >> reporter: some states aren't waiting for congress to act, like new york, where weeks after an 18-year-old killed ten people at a grocery store, governor kathy hochul signed a series of reforms into law today, including raising the minimum age to buy a semi-automatic rifle from 18 to 21. >> it just keeps happening -- shots ring out, flags come down, and nothing ever changes. except here in new york. >> reporter: survivors and family members of the victims of the buffalo and uvalde shootings are expected to appear before congress this week in hearings including the 11-year- old from robb elementary who smeared herself in her dead classmate's blood
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to stay alive. noah. >> o'donnell: how can lawmakers turn away from that? nikole killion, thank you. tonight some of the most aggressive charges stemming from the january 6th assault on the capitol, the justice department charging the leader of the right wing hate group the proud boys and four other members with seditious conspiracy. the five were already facing other charges relating to the insurrection. let's turn to the war in ukraine bcause tonight the u.s. made a major move to go avenue one of russia's richest oligarchs and his planes. the justice department claimed easier warrants for two jets belonging to former football owner roman abramovich including a $350 million boeing dreamliner. russian troops are closing in on key cities in the country's southeast. chris livesay is fong it from the port city of odesa. >> reporter: the capitol kyiv once again in the crosshairs, russia said it attacked tanks
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donated by ukrainian allies but local resident leonid says there's nothing here but railcars, a smoldering reminder that russia can strike whenever and wherever it wants by air, if only to terrify ukrainians far from the front lines, says captain natalia humeniuk. sounds like terrorism. >> ( translated ): it sounds like terrorism because it is terrorism. >> reporter: russia now occupies 20% of ukrainian territory, says ukrainian volodymyr zelenskyy, who visited the embattled donbas region at extreme risk to his the embattled donb own life. in this deadly struggle of tug of war, ukraine recaptured territory in severodonetsk and intent on pushing russian troops back to their border with the help of advanced long range missile systems on route from the united states. once they get mere, vladimir putin is now vowing russia will strike new target in retaliation. for now, russia is blockading
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ukraine's ports, where more than 20 million tons of grain destined for the developing world risked rotting on the docks. as fears mount of a worsening global food crisis, france is the latest country to urge finding a so-called off ramp for vladimir putin's disastrous war, one that would avoid humiliating the russian president. what do you say to that? >> ( translated ): it's impossible for putin to humanitiate himself or his country more than he already has. >> reporter: president zelenskyy says that mountain of grain could more than triple by fall. one solution he's discussing is enlisting the help of a third country to help ship it through the black sea full of mines and russian warships. norah. >> o'donnell: chris livesay, thank you so much. there's also breaking news from london tonight from boris johnson has narrowly survived a vote of no confidence by his own conservative party. the vote could have cost him his job as prime minister.
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here's cbs' ray inocencio. >> i think it's a convincing divisive result. >> reporter: a defiant boris johnson reveled in his survival. >> we can focus on what we're doing to help people with the cost of living -- >> reporter: vowed froze on with a new tax cutting agenda -- >> i've got a far bigger mandate from my parliament man dates than in 2015. >> reporter: and vowed to carry on. but johnson is damaged goods, while nearly 59% of his own conservative party members say they still hold confidence in him, more than 41% showed they do not. this is less support than his predecessor theresa may, who resigned six months after winning her vote of confidence in 2019. the party gate scandal is at the core which he and star held ill 4r50e8 drinking gatherings during covid lockdowns. johnson was fined by police. this past weekend, public anger came to a head when johnson was publicly booed outside london
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iconic st. paul's cathedral at a special service for queen elizabeth's platinum jubilee. and johnson is safe from another vote of no confidence for the next year, but this rebellion within his own party could still very well be the start of h end of his time here at ten downing street, norah. >> o'donnell: ramy inocencio, thank you. now to a bizarre and frightening story from wisconsin where a retired judge was shot and killed in his home early friday by a gunman with a purported hit list that included several prominent elected leaders. here's cbs' adriana diaz. >> reporter: the call for help came in around 6:30 a.m., after two shots were fired in the retired judge's home. >> the neighbor's sons from across the street are banging on the door saying someone murdered his father. >> the special tactics and response team end entered the residence and encountered the home owner 68-year-old male deceased.
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>> reporter: 56-year-old douglas uhde appeared to have shot himself. john roemer sent the suspect to jail for six years. the shooter should have been barred from own a gun. >> the individual who is a suspect appears to have had other target as well. >> reporter: a hit list was reportedly found names of republican senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and gretchen of michigan and tony evers of wisconsin who reacted to the judge's murder. >> to be targeted like that makes me, frankly, sick to my stomach. >> reporter: threats and inappropriate communications against federal courts and judges ballooned to more than 4,500 last year. in 2020, a man stopped federal judge esther salas. at her home, he wounded her husband and killed their only child daniel. she's pushing congress to pass a bill that would remove judge's
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personal information from the internet. >> i want to just say to our members of congress, i am literally begging them to do the right thing. >> reporter: that federal bill is named after judge salas' son. it has bipartisan support but has been blocked by kentucky senator rand paul who wants members of congress, in addition to judges, to also have their information removed from the internet. as for the suspect in wisconsin, norah, he is alive but in critical condition. >> o'donnell: adriana diaz, thank you. it's been a massive cleanup effort in south florida today after a powerful storm flooded areas forcing rescues and turning high-priced cars into waterlogged trash. that system went on to become the first named storm of the season tropical storm alex, it is now in the atlantic. cbs' manuel bojorquez reports from south florida. >> reporter: some parts of south
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florida got more than a foot of rain this weekend, leaving cars and drivers stranded in knee deep water in miami. >> whoa, whoa, whoa! >> reporter: and making others look more like amphibious vehicles. >> whoo! >> reporter: it was the result of a tropical system not organized enough to be a named storm at the time, but still packing a punch, leading to water rescues and some flooded homes. >> this is the beginning season to have the rain, and we are already flooded out. >> reporter: forecasters have predicted an above average hurricane season this year, and just days into it, they urge residents in hurricane and flood-prone parts of the country to be prepared and not rule out tropical systems just because they aren't named storms. >> the water can be dangers with any type of tropical system, and when they move over an area like south florida or any other part of the u.s. coastline, this is the end result that can happen. so we just have to be ready. >> reporter: the rainfall also overwhelmed parts of miami-dade county sewer system and due to runoff, officials have to shut down one beach, and advise against swimming along certain
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parts to have the coastline here tonight. norah. >> o'donnell: manny bojorquez, thank you. more storms are in the forecast this week with severe thunderstorms from the plains to the midwest. elsewhere, excessive heat warnings are in effect across texas as dangerously high temperatures are in the forecast. temperatures are expected to top 100 degrees, and more than 60 record-high temperatures could be broken across the south and the west this week. still ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news," a great white shark sighting just off the jersey shore. and what you need to know about a promising drug to fight breast cancer. cancer. researching my family on ancestry has given me a purpose. we discovered that our family has been in new mexico for hundreds of years. it showed how much my family was really rooted in campbell county. it was really finding gold.
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i recommend salonpas. agreed... my patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours, even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine >> o'donnell: file this under the news, "you're gonna need a bigger boat." along the jersey shore, boaters and beach-goers are on the lookout. >> great white shark. >> right in front of him. >> right off the coast of sea isle. >> o'donnell: that's a 12-foot, 1,000-pound great white shark spotted over the weekend a mile offshore of sea isle city and avalon. great white sharks migrate this time of year and it is not unusual for them to be seen off the northeast coast. tonight, there's a promising drug in the battle against breast cancer. astrazeneca says a study of its drug, enhertu, stopped tumor progression for nearly ten months - compared to five months with chemotherapy. the drug is already on the
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i approved this message because i need your vote for u.s. senate to send a message... congress needs to fix this. . a man shot inside a san jose hour. late breaking deta >> o'donnell: one of the most amazing sporting events in the world kicked off today in orlando; the 2022 special olympics. more than 5,500 athletes from all 50 states are taking part, and cbs' kris van cleave reports that, for some, just getting to the games was a once in a lifetime experience. >> reporter: with the choreography of a ballet, 128 jets touched down minutes apart. it's the world's largest peacetime airlift bringing more than 800 athletes to this year's special olympics in orlando. >> it felt like we were celebrities, just coming off
6:54 pm
that plane, everybody just rooting for us. >> reporter: we flew with the texas men's basketball team on a luxurious cessna citation. for david acevedo, it's his first time on a jet. >> i'm loving it. every moment, every minute, just take off. had a little tingle. it tickled but i was good. >> when you are a person with an intellectual disability, you are often invisible. they are going to go back home to stay to people without intellectual disabilities, guess what i did. >> reporter: it took two years of planning. >> the biggest cost for these olympics teams are the travel costs. this is one way to help them get to the games in style and offset the cost for them. >> reporter: pilots like ray bailey donate their time, aircraft and the fuel. >> to see the excitement on these kids' face to me is what makes it all worth it. >> reporter: do you think this is a memory you will hold on to? >> i'll hold on to this the day i die. >> reporter: an unforgettable flight fit for a champion.
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kris van cleave, cbs news, orlando. >> o'donnell: really well done. we'll be right back. l be right .
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right now at 7:00. >> breaking news from san jose, a shooting at a library with children inside. how police say it all unfolded. >> a beloved employee was shot and killed on the job at a safeway store. >> it's just sad. >> only two people really knew why this homicide happened. >> a broken water main forces residents out of a luxury san francisco high rise. tonight they're being told to move on again. >> if anything, they should be paying us $4,000 a month for this experience right now. >> just one more day left for california voters to catch their ballots. how this primary could make


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