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tv   KPIX 5 News at 3pm  CBS  June 7, 2022 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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it is election day across the bay area and around the state. a look at the big races for voters to decide on and the impact of covid at the polls. the nba finals also are
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happening. they shift to boston. we're live with how the warriors are hoping to steal a win on the road. good afternoon, everybody. >> it is primary election day. voters here in california and six other states will choose candidates for governor, congress and other races. >> so we need to let you know polling places have been open since 7:00 a.m. and our cameras are out there as close as we can get. not a huge crush of people so far. in san francisco, it was a good thing the elections department had a covid backup plan in place. here's why. >> since yesterday we've had about 100 poll workers cancel their assignments due to covid-related issues. we had standby poll workers ready to go out, about that number, so we were scrambling to get people reassigned to those precincts and transport them from city hall out to the polling places. but we appreciate those poll workers because they followed pr protocol. seven candidates vying for
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mayor of san jose, not including the current mayor, sam liccardo, because he is termed out. taking a look at the city where the top two vote-getters will go head-to-head in november. four currently tt mahan tweeted out this picture saying let's close this race out for accountability, efficiency and innovation. cindy chavez invited camera crews to watch her vote this morning. she is currently a santa clara county supervisor, ready to zero in on san jose. >> the only way we're going to get through this, the only way we're going to be able to deal with all of what's facing us is to get engaged. one of those things is voting. of course i would love it if people would vote for me. >> and then there's raul perellas, a former san jose police officer and still serves as a police officer. and deb davis is a san jose city councilmember for district 6.
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before that she worked for 12 years as an education researcher at stanford university. the three other candidates include james spence, a retired police sergeant, and two students, marshall allen woodmanski and travis hill. we'll see who makes it into the top two. all eyes on the effort to recall chasea budene. a recent poll by the san francisco examiner found 56% of voters are in favor of recalling him. he said the recall effort is a big risk at a time the city does not need more time in the d.a.'s office. statewide people are keeping a close eye on the race for attorney general. >> there are some top fund-raising to tell you about. sacramento d.a. ann marie shubert is running as an independent. they are trying to unseat rob
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bontin. he and his wife voted this morning. >> they are all spreading the word on social media to get out and vote today. you do still have time. the polls are open until 8:00 tonight. you will be able to register on the spot if you need to. if you have a mail-in ballot make sure it's postmarked by today. you can also drop it off at a county elections office or a secure ballot box. so stay with cbs news bay area as we bring you the results and what they mean for you. our live streaming coverage starts when the polls close at 8:00. to boston now where it is media day for the warriors and celtics ahead of game three of the nba finals tomorrow. charlie walter is there live for us now. hi, charlie. >> reporter: hey, yeah, i've been shimmed out to boston. it may take a minute for me to get used to this eastern time zone. there's about a 10% chance i miss one of these live shots, but so far so good and that is the warriors message heading into game three. steve kerr expects the celtics to be ready to go physically and
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treat it like the warriors did in game three. the word that we heard, desperation. as for the aura and mystique that is the td garden, also known as the boston garden back in the day, you can't miss the 17 championship banners when you walk in here, and the warriors are hoping to keep it at 17. to steal a line from rick pitino, larry bird isn't walking through that door, and golden state, they're ready for the guard en. >> there's a lot of history in this city, in this building. it should be an amazing atmosphere out there on the court tomorrow. >> i'm hearing all the different stories from my dad and watching tv played on this floor, i'm excited to see what the crowd will be like. you always hear stories about the boston garden, how loud it gets and how much they love their team. >> to the young glove, gary payton ii getting his first taste as a player. he played 25 minutes after returning from injury, but it's not his first time on this stage. he used to tagalong with his dad
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back in the day. i asked him about the photo this morning. >> i think that picture explains it all, you know. i'm just a kid out there having fun at practice, you know. stuff like this, messing around with the guys, drinking, playing basketball. you know, at the moment i didn't really understand what kind of moment it was at the time, but it was a big moment, i believe. that's actually my favorite ping t picture of us actually. >> gary payton ii a welcome addition. andre iguodala considered questionable according to steve kerr ahead of game three, which is going to be a massive, massive, massive chance for one of these teams to flip momentum heading into game four. >> we will have more nba finals coverage with charlie live from boston coming up this evening and throughout the week. hope, love, pride presented by wamo. >> very special coverage of pride month continues here on kpix 5. we know that we can't really go
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forward unless we understand where we've come from. your stories here in the bay area show us how proud we can be of our own unique identity, an identity that reverberated outside of our borders and changed the world. we have a story when aids killed thousands right where we live. >> this is gerald's jacket. >> reporter: at 82, author carolyn peerson wears the jacket that once belonged to the father of her four children. she wears it to walk and to meditate. >> meditation for me is getting rid of the difficult stuff of life. >> reporter: difficult stuff from a difficult story, first told in her memoir, "good-bye, i love you," a book from the 1980s. wife brings gay husband home to die from aids. >> who were gerald and carolyn at the beginning? >> reporter: reading from her book, carolyn pierson says -- >> gerald shone.
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that's the best way i can describe him. he shone. >> reporter: gerald told carolyn about his feelings for men and his past before they married, but she chose to stay, believing his resolve matched the promises of their mormon faith. she writes of gerald's coming out. >> gerald slowly took his hands from his face and looked at them and then looked at me. if i could solve the problem by cutting off these hands, i would do it. this is not just a physical thing, it involves all of me, all of my personality, all of my identity, even all my spirit. >> reporter: they tried, but the marriage ended. gerald moved to the castro, eventually contracting aids. in this very spot, where carolyn plays mormon hymn "o my father" gerald died in the home of his children. >> at 1:30 in the afternoon on july 19th, gerald stopped
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breathing. i was holding his hand. you can fly now, gerald, i said. oh, gerald, now you can fly. ♪ >> you still walk these floors at night thinking about it, don't you? >> so many wonderful young men especially were dying on the streets of san francisco, being thrown out by their families. thrown out by their churches. >> reporter: something gerald said before he died stayed with carol lynn. >> i love the church, but the church detests me. >> reporter: so she set out to change her church for gerald and others like him. >> we read about love your enemy. don't let anybody out of the sight of your love. but until it really happens
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right in front of you, that you're just weeping in the night because of whatever's happened, you don't really understand how important that is. >> reporter: love can and does exist in broken stories. and carolyn pierson walks and meditates on her life, gerald's jacket is a touchstone to that love and that time when a simple mormon mother survived by telling her family's story. >> you know, carolyn pierson doesn't discount what she calls her church's damaging history working against lgbtq people, but she says she stays a mormon to be a presence in the pews, to reminding the people there of a counterpoint that gerald peiersn was a real human being deserving of love, equality and dignity. she hopes one day the mormon church will join her in equality for all, including women. to see this story and all of our
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pride reporting, check out the special section on still ahead on kpix 5, streaming on cbs news bay area, a hollywood star at the white house with a message for lawmakers. >> to remind and inspire them that the american people will continue to drive forward the mission of keeping our children safe. >> more on the calls for gun control legislation, growing louder on capitol hill. plus the fda looks at a potential covid vaccine that's different from what you might have gotten in your arm. why people who chose not to get the shot may be more willing to consider this one when we come back. one more day of near normal temperatures tomorrow and then the heat builds. already an excessive heat watch
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good news for those who have serbed our country. at the white house president biden just signed nine bills into law. they improve health care for veterans. >> veterans are the backbone, the spine of who we are as a country. we owe them. we owe them big. >> one of the new laws expands access to breast cancer screenings. another extends compensation to veterans who develop cancer and other conditions from the world war ii era nuclear program. this week both the house and the senate are really pushing
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hard and forward separately on gun control legislation. skyler henry on the differing voices joining the call for action against guns on capitol hill.epr: congressionats gather violence victims, including former colleague gabby giffords, on the national mall where more than 45,000 flowers represent lives lost in the past year. >> we must never stop fighting. fight, fight, fight. >> what i love most about her was the way she loved her family unconditionally. >> reporter: at the same time, former buffalo fire commissioner, garnell whitfield jr. gave emotional testimony about his mother at a senate hearing on domestic terrorism. she was one of ten victims gunned down in a racist massacre at a supermarket. >> i ask every one of you to imagine the faces of your mother as you look at mine and ask yourself is there nothing we can do? >> reporter: that's the question
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federal lawmakers are trying to answer when it kcomes to gun control. a bipartisan group of senators is trying to find a narrow compromise that could include enhanced background checks and sentence for states to haveed . i hope that will be sooner rather than leader. >> reporter: lead negotiator, chris murphy, went to the white house to update presidentbiden. >> my goal is to try to get an agreement this week. >> reporter: actor matthew mcconaughey also came to the white house a day after discussing gun reform with lawmakers. >> we are in a window of opportunity right now that we have not been in before, a window where it seems like real change, real change can happen. >> reporter: he grew up in uvalde, texas, where the robb elementary school mass shooting took the lives of 19 children and two teachers. skyler henry, cbs news, capitol hill. [ bell ringing ] stocks rallied on wall
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street today with tech companies helping to lift up the market. the dow was up 264 points. the nasdaq gained 113 and the s&p was up 39. new at 3:00 now, an fda panel just voted in favor of emergency use authorization for a new covid-19 vaccine. the shot is made by novavax. it is a protein vaccine similar to traditional vaccines used for hepatitis b and shingles. it uses a protein mass produced in a lab, unlike the pfizer and moderna shots which teach the body to make the protein. a problem of heart inflammation but novavax says its shot comes with few side effects. manufacturing problems have held it up here in the u.s. all right, so break out the t-shirts and lighter wear. it's time for a look at our first alert forecast. >> by the end of the week i
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think we'll have people flocking to the beaches to find relief from that inland heat that is building. before it gets here, one more day of near average temperatures before this area of high pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere takes over. builds closer and closer to the west coast and compresses the air at ground level and warms it up, getting flat-out hot inland with the peak of the heat wave arriving on friday. the presence of that hill of air in the atmosphere above our heads is also going to squash the marine layer. the fog was pretty stubborn today but is not going to be as stubborn tomorrow. temperatures will have more of a chance to warm up. futurecast indicating very little fog, just right in the immediate vicinity of the coast line as we head towards early tomorrow morning. the dulling gray is passing cloud cover farther up in the atmosphere. that is going to filter the sunshine, not block it entirely, so temperatures are going to warm up. but within 5 degrees of what's normal this time of year. looking at the golden gate, the fog has retreated. the temperature has warmed up to 60 so far in san francisco. we've got a few more hours of
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daylight for the temperature to reach into the mid-60s. temperatures inland, upper 70s in san jose and low to mid-80s for san jose, livermore an concord. if you're heading to the giants game against the rockies, game time temperature should be right around 60 degrees. a slow decline in those temperatures as we head through the rest of this evening. you need to layer up because it's the giants game in june, but it doesn't look like it's going to be ridiculously cool or windy. temperatures tonight are going to drop down to the 50s in most locations. the very warmest spots staying at or above 60 degrees in concord, fairfield and antioch. otherwise pretty close to what's average for this time of year. high temperatures within five degrees of normal tomorrow. mid-60s along the coast, low to mid-70s for oakland and the east bay. farther inland temperatures mostly in the 80s but the warmest spots around fairfield reaching up to or just above 90 degrees wednesday afternoon. then the heat begins to build. inland high temperatures on thursday reaching well into the 90s. the heat wave peaks on friday
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with temperatures inland topping out near 100 degrees. as soon as it moves in, it moves out. saturday's temperatures back off a little. sunday's temperatures back near normal but friday it is hot enough for an excessive heat watch already. this is away from the water, we're talking about afternoon high temperatures at least in the 90s if not at or above 100 degrees so just take common sense precautions. stay hydrated, minimize your direct exposure to the sun and wear sunscreen if you're going to be out there thursday, friday or saturday. temperatures are going to be hot enough that friday is a first alert day. we're highlighting that day in the seven-day forecast for inland parts of the bay area but it's plenty warm in san francisco and oakland. if you don't have air conditioning, make sure the fan is operational. hottest temperatures are farther inland but they're near average by the first half of next week. still ahead on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, what t
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let's point our cameras live to sfo, shall we? a lot of you are starting your summer travel, but some across the country are facing flight cancellations. so what happens? you make your plans, it gets cancelled, what do you do? >> aside from get frustrated, of course. senior traveled tor peter greenberg has some advice and an alternative. >> number one, it's always a good idea to get the first
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flight of the day. if you're not based at a major airport hub, ask the airline is the plane assigned to your flight, is that overnight at the airport because if the answer is yes, there's a good chance the crew has stayed with the plane and will go out the next morning with you. that's one thing you want to do to give yourself a fighting chance. a train is not a bad idea. amtrak is getting more ridership and going more places than people give them credit for. >> peter also mentioned airlines and airports are still dealing with infrastructure and staffing issues so you probably can expect more bumps. all right, so it's happened to a lot of us. you leave something behind in a cab or ride share. coming up, the strangest items forgotten in an uber. coming up here on the cbs evening news, in an emotional speech like we've never seen before from the white house, actor and uvalde native matthew mcconaughey pleads for real change and responsible gun control measures. and the heartbreaking item that you brought to remember one of
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the students slain at the school. we've got that and more headlines tonight right here on the cbs evening news.
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coming up at 5:00, complete election day coverage on the big races and stay with cbs news bay area as we bring you the results and what they mean for you. our live streaming coverage starts with the polls close at 8:00. but finally here at 3:00,
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uber's yearly lost and found index is out. >> yeah, so it's a list of commonly left-behind items in drivers' vehicles. topping the list of most forgotten items, no surprise, your phones, your cameras, wallets, keys, backpacks, headphones and speakers. >> they also track the most unusual items and the most unique item that was forgotten was some tater tots. that happens to me all the time. also, quote, my fingernail is on the seat. doesn't happen to me a lot. number three, it's boba time ap apron. a foldable unicorn kid's chair. and number five, 500 grams of caviar. >> hmm, tater tots and caviar, two things i will never leave in the back of any car. the most forgetful city, austin texas, charlotte, north carolina, houston, texas, and dallas. what's with all the texans leaving stuff behind.
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>> that's a direct nexus to partying late at night. >> how is vegas not on that list? >> because you c captioning spos
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♪ ♪ : ght,rom heren wa, gtshbifathmion focut, b tegging lawmakers to do something as the department of homeland security g of copaatordinary speech from the white house podium, actor and uvalde native matthew mcconaughey fights back tears. >> these are the same green converse on her feet that turned out to be the only clear evidence that could identify her at the shooting. >> o'donnell: and the families who lost loved ones demand congress act. >> my mother's life mattered. >> o'donnell: tonight, the


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