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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 7, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours. now at 11:00, the primary elections are in the books with bay area voters making some bil big decisions about where on and state is headed. >> after an emotional and, pensive race, san francisco's district attorney will be removed from office. we'll have reaction to the contest that sparked a national conversation. a pair of familiar face also square off to become the mayor of the biggest city. >> we are going in the wrong direction, but we and our community have the power to go in the right direction. >> we're going to win in
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november. we're going to win because we have better ideas for where to take our city. >> we will break down the hugely-important decision facing the voters. >> we are tracking all the top races and the results and what they mean for you in our special primary coverage. >> we begin with the race draw national attention. chesa boudin is out. >> kpix 5's betty yu covering both sides of the recall effort. >> reporter: i just returned from the no on h watch party. this race was called shortly after the first batch of votes were released. nearly 60% were in favor of recalling boudin with half of the precincts reporting. first we take you to the yes on h watch party, lots of cheering happening in san francisco
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tonight at this location. this group of chesa recall supporters were celebrating once the polls closed and results started coming in. now t rall the hewhe' h erdistriatct attorney. >> what has happened here is certainly not a referendum by any stretch of the imagination on criminal justice reform. not only here in san francisco but across this nation and beyond. >> tonight, voters in san francisco believed as we do. we know we're headed for better days ahead. >> i'm thrilled. i hope the numbers hold up, and it's a great night. >> reporter: meantime, at the no on h watch party, supporters still shouted chesa boudin's name. he did not specifically acknowledge his ouster or talk about being defeated but he pledged to finish the work he
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started. >> one of the things that i've seen over the course of this campaign, over the course of all the years i've spent working in san francisco's justice system is that we have two cities. we have two systems of justice. right, we have one for the wealthy and well-connected and a different one for everybody else, and this's exactly what we are fighting to change. >> i'm feeling bittersweet. it's disappointing that the results were in favor of the recall, but i think what this does show is that we are united as a coalition as progressives in san francisco. >> mayor london breed will appoint a replacement. and because prop c is failing that person will be eligible to run to finish out boudin's term through 2023. we've reached out to the mayor's office to find out who might make that appointment. we're still awaiting word. >> all right, betty.
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thanks so much. let's go to san jose. the race for the first new mayor in years. >> we are at the chavez watch party. how is the mood there? >> reporter: the mood is upbeat. they're beginning to wind things down a little bit. at the beginning of the night, there it was crowded field of seven candidates. after midnight there will likely just be two candidates remaining standing. now they were the presumptive frontrunners in this race. cindy chavez and matt mahan. as you mentioned. the energy as scindy chavez entered the room, palpable. she had jumped out ahead, and
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when she finally took to the stage, she said that showed is a city with enormous potential, enormous promise but one that she believes has somehow gone astray. let's liston what she had to say. >> we are going in a wrong direction, but wian our community have the power to go in the right direction. >> yeah, so what's likely to be the matchup in the general election, cindy chavez versus matt mahan is going to really be a study in contrast. you have the most seasoned veteran politician in this race and someone on the other hand in matt mahan is a relative newcomer to politics. he's only been in office for about 18 months before deciding to run for mayor. but he is very optimistic about his chances as well. let's hear what he had to say. >> we're going to biwin in november. and we're going to win, because
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we have better ideas for where to take our city. we have a better team, better dedicated grass rooroots volunt and people know it's time for change and accountability. >> cindy chavez and matt mahan are basically neck in neck. the expectation in chavez's campaign is that the gap is going to narrow. they think she will maintain her narrow lead but it is going to close. it's likely going to be the voters who supported some of the other candidates who will not make it into the general election and who they decide to support in november that will likely decide who the city's next mayor is. kpix 5. >> all right, devin, thank you. whoever wins in november could potentially serve ten year. >> that's because san jose measure b is winning. it would move the race to match
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the presidential cycle meaning the winner of this race could run in the following two. >> we continue our coverage from the newsroom. you've been tracking the battle over law and order in three bay area counties. >> a lot on the line. we've got one big surprise tonight in the alameda county sheriff's race where the challenger, sanchez leads ahern. civil rights attorney pamela price leads the rate to replace nancy o'malley. in santa clara county, sheriff lori smith decided not to seek another term after a string of controversies. currently, robert johnson with the lead over kevin jensen. meanwhile, it looks like incumbent rozen will win another term as district attorney. and contra costa county diana
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becton also holds a steady lead. >> let's go to the top. governor newsom breezed to an early win. with 60% of the vote. br brian dahle is running to replace him in november. and padilla told us tonight he is proud of what he's accom accomplished so far. >> thanks to the american rescue plan, so many cities and counties and school districts were able to stay afloat. we helped struggling families and small business owners and funded vaccines, manufacture and distribution which has put us in much better place for covid. >> reporter: and on the
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peninsula, assemblyman mullen is leading to replace jackie speier. he was her personal pick. and california attorney general rob banta easily won a top spot on the november ballot, grabbing nearly 58% of the vote. banta, also a democrat will likely face nathan hockman. former u.s. toattorney general. >> we want you to join the rest of our morning team for the latest reaction that starts at 4:30. and the other big story we're following tonight. the warriors nba final run. >> the dubs are in boston ahead of game three tomorrow, and so is kit doh.
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>> reporter: you know, when you're cheering on a nba final, it is easy to see your opponent as the enemy. when we got the assignment to play tourist here in boston, i thought it was going to be one heck of a hate-cation. >> boston's a great city. some people came here and never left. some people came and want to get the hell out of here. >> reporter: the other city by the bay, what do they have that san francisco does not? >> the best seafood, the best sports teams, the start of the revolution, we started this country, the best of everything rec right here. >> reporter: lobster rolls are now $30. to paraphrase. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: it's certainly one way to eat butter and yes, canoli's from mike's pastry. they all lived up to the hype. the other thing is the sheer concentration of american
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history. paul revere, george washington, samuel adams, the site of the boston massacre. the all black soldiers dep or eom t what a wicked pissa? >> that's when something is awesome. >> reporter: he doesn't even hear the accent. >> we drop the r. i'd say as time's gone on. it's definitely changed. boston's not really like, no one really has that thick accent isn't as prevalent as it used it be, you know. >> reporter: really? because i hear it. >> yeah, i don't hear it. when i travel i get oh, you're from boston. >> reporter: there is one thing that boston doesn't have. 17 championships. >> seven, seven. you got to compete, you know.
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but the warriors are going, i know you're from california, i know, i'm sorry, but celtics all the way, you know? >> kit and charlie walter will be bringing us reports from boston all week following the warriors and seeking out dubs fans who made that trip. we will hear from charlie ahead in sports. >> let him finish eating lobstah. the u.s. will soon have a fourth covid vaccine. why it may win over some people who have been rather hesitant to get the shot. inland temperatures are going to reach t excessive heat warning threshold. i'm tracking it in the first alert forecast. >> and election day coverage continues i
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new video just coming in. this is contra costa county. the vote count is still an ongoing process. you see the boxes of ballots being trucked in for processing. some of the results are still going to be a while. one thing we do know. turnout was pretty weak across the region. santa clara county reporting about 20% turnout as of this morning. ballots cast or mailed today still being tallied. >> and san francisco was reporting about 22% turnout before the polls opened today. >> the average turnout the last three gubernatorial races is 39%. so we're kind of tracking along that percentage t will. it will depend on what the turnout is at the polling
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places. >> nearly 100 poll workers called out sick due to covid-related issues but it did not affect operation. the fda is evaluating a new vaccine from novavax similar to the one used for hepatitis b and shingles. it used a lab-produced protein, unlike the moderna and pfizer shots which teach the body to make the protein. and despite the governor's call for an is 15% cut, water numbers shot up. we did get a little water earlier on, burr i have a feeling things are heating up. >> temperatures were a little toasty today. >> yeah. >> a lot toasty by thursday and really koorking by friday. a brief heat wave taking over.
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one more day of near average temperatures. this is our heat dome. it's going to be expanding over the eastern pacific, over the west coast and over the bay area. bunc one of the consequences is it's going to squash the marine layer. it is going to be very confined to right along the coast as we head to early tomorrow morning. and my clicker isn't working. live television fun. let's see if we can get this thing to move along. it is completely stuck. so, again, this is how we know it is live television. we're going to get it going in just a second and here we go. this is our fog developing along the coast. now i'm going to have to really cruise through the west of this weather cast. we'll see a mix of clouds and sunshine for the rest of the day. temperatures in the 50s, still a couple spots in the 60s. you can see no visibility
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problems today. maybe slightly above average. high temperatures tomorrow, again, one more day of close to normal temperatures. upper 60s in so. h the very warmest spots reaching to 90 degrees. but at their hottest temperatures tomorrow are going to be five degrees above average. those temperatures take a jump before thursday. it is going to be hot for inland areas. temperatures reaching well into the 90s if not into 100 degrees. friday hot enough. we have an excessive heat watch in effect. high temperatures anywhere from the low 90s to above 100 degrees for kind of the hotspots. keep yourself safe from the heat. san jose's going to reach into the mid-90s then back to near normal temperatures by sunday. a modest warmup by early next
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week. hotspots will be inland and even those temperatures are going to be back near average by the second half of the weekend. help me out. >> still ahead in sports. guess who was at 49ers practice. giants and a's. they did it in the nighttime. and charlie walter reporting and representing. kpix sports in boston, you want it all, just like i do... well now there's a new way to save with xfinity. now, get unlimited internet, wifi equipment
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the nba finals up top. and the eve of game three. 18.5 hours from now. can't get here fast enough for me or for our charlie walter in boston. and what a setting. >> reporter: most refer to madison square garden as "the garden." but the 17 banners hanging up in the rafters prove this is the basketball mecca. >> especially historic teams. a lot of history in this city, in this building. should and amazing atmosphere out there on the floor tomorrow. >> reporter: it the warriors are going to take the pivotal swing game on wednesday night, they'll need more from klay thompson who
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is 10 for 33 in the finals. >> thank you for reminding me of my tremendous shooting percentage. >> reporter: they watch footage of them shooting. >> there's some very high pressurized situations i was in, and i ended up shooting the ball well. can you do it when your back's against the wall. you can do it at any given moment. it's about keeping that mental strong. >> reporter: the stage is set. it's the calm before the chaos now, but this place is going to be decked in green in just a little bit as one of these teams will take the upper hand this this series. reporting on the nba finals, charlie walter, kpix 5. baseball, giants, lost its best defensive player and the game tonight. i'm not saying it drove this man to drink, but what a night. rockies jumped on him. giants took the lead and
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expanded to 3-1 after the first inning. one run lead in the sixth. two on for the bordered charlie blackmon. came off the bench and got wet. hit a homer into mccovey cove. beat the giant by 3. footnote, brandon crawford left the game with quad tightness. meantime, matt olson, yeah, he's an atlanta brave, but always an a's brother. they received their world series rings from last year. down to business. tied at two in the seventh. guillermo led off with a solo blast and atlanta won the game 3-2. oakland has lost ten of their last 11. deebo samuel who requested a trade in april reported to inny camp on tuesday along with nick
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bosa. negotiations between samuel and the team for a new contract are ongoing. and the denver broncos are about to be sold to the group headed by wall matter heir rob walton. reported price 4.65 million. i'll say it to his face. that boys a lotnd tackle. 4.6 billion. woo! >> i'm all over it. give me a fly rod, wait, that's what i'll be doing tomorrow. >> watch out, fishies. all right, thanks. >> still ahead, election day wrap up continues with a look at some of the big races just decided within the last few hours. tomorrow on cbs mornings, we'll talk with an oscar-award-winning actress and we'll ask her how s
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. all right, we're going to recap the top races. in san francisco, more than 60% of voters in favor of recalling chesa boudin. it was called shortly after the first batch of results were released. >> cindy chavez and matt mahan will square off in november to be the city's first new mayor in eight years. >> governor gavin newsom, senator alex padilla, attorney general rob banta, they all cruised to easy victories in this primaries. >> all right, we will be back with this guy and a special message.
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before we go, we want to bid a very fond farewell to this man, allen martin.
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he is casting off. fly-fishing. le' he'll be fishing in the ri rivers, and those fish should b like good-byes, but allen, you're the pilot of the ship. you're the pilot of this whole enterprise here. and you're going to be so missed. >> you were here the first day he wi walked in, 18 years ago. >> i wasn't scary? >> and i got to ride with you for the last ten years, and i'm going to mess your whit and your dad jokes. >> i got one for u you know what a wise man once said to his wife? nothing because he was a wise man. >> i already knew that answer. absolutely. >> there you go, bashy. >> congratulations. thank you, sir. been a pleasure to work with all
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of you. everybody who's not here, too. >> don't you find all those captioning sponsored by cbs >> the january 6 committee is making its case public with do not looking likr congressional hearings, bringing in a tv executive who can help produce television. >> the former producer and executive producer to help produce the hearings, and make them more compelling to the american people. >> this thursday on cbs it's... ♪ ♪ ♪ "the insurrectionists." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the next thing i know, leg iron, handcuffs, strip searched. ♪ ♪ ♪


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