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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  June 8, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now at 6:00, primary day has come and gun gone. now san francisco district attorney chesa boudin is out. we are live with what that means for the city. are you still trying to figure out where to watch game three of the nba finals tonight? i've got a couple places for you. i'll have a live report coming up next. enjoy the pleasant weather while it lasts. we're tracking a heat wave about to blast the bay area. good morning, it is wednesday, june 8th. i'm len kiese. >> i'm amanda starrantino. the primary elections are in the books with bay area voters making some big decisions and results are still coming in this morning. >> we have live team coverage
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this morning. anne makovec is tracking the battle over law and order from the live news desk. >> we begin with jocelyn marion with the race drawing national attention. tell us more about it. >> after more than two years in office, the race is out. the race was called shortly after the first batch of results were released. let's take a look at the latest numbers updated earlier this morning with 62% of precincts reporting, 60% of votes counted thus far have been in favor of the recall. once the polls closed and results started to come in, lots of cheering at the yes on h watch party in san francisco last night. >> what has happened here is certainly not a referendum by any stretch of imagination on criminal justice reform, not only here in san francisco, but across this nation and beyond. >> with the no on h watch party, boudin blamed the recall
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election on "right wing billionaires" who funded. >> this exploited an environment in which people are appropriately upset and they created an electoral dynamic where we were literally shadow bo boxing. voters were not asked to choose between criminal justice reform and something else. they were given an opportunity to voice frustration and outrage and they took that opportunity. >> as to what happens now, mayor london breed has the task of appointing a preplacement, because prop c is failing, that person will run out to finish the term. boudin is considered to be a prerogative d.a. and this brings up a lot of conversations about the messaging around criminal justice reform. a lot being talked about and surely will continue to be. for now i'll send it back to you. >> jocelyn, thank you. we'll send it over to anne makovec continuing our coverage from the live news desk. anne? >> a lot of attention on local district attorneys in the recall race and several elections for
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new d.a.s and sheriffs around the bay area. the alameda county race, chal challenger yesenia sanchez is leading greg ahern. civil rights attorney pamela price leading the race to replace outgoing district attorney nancy o'malley. nancy smith is stepping down, you're aware of the controversy surrounding her. robert jonson with a lead over kevin jensen and looks like incumbent jeff rosen will win another term as santa clara county district attorney. in the contra costa county sheriff's race, incumbent david livingston holds a lead and for the district attorney's race in contra costa county incumbent diana becton also holding a steady lead.
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to san jose the first new mayor in eight years sam liccardo termed out and the field of seven whittled down to two candidates. the votes are still being counted. it appears cindy chavez and matt mahan will move on to november. the voters who opted for the others will decide between the top two. >> we are going in a wrong direction. but we and our community have the power to go in the right direction. >> chavez is a season the politician and councilmember matt mahan a relatively newcomer in politics, he's only been in office 18 months before deciding to run more mayor. >> councilmember matt mahan will be joining us live in just a couple of minutes right here on kpix. for now let's get a quick check on weather and traffic beginning with first alert meteorologist jessica burch and that heat wave fast approaching. >> yes, it is right around the
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corner, len. let's start off with something a little bit lighter, a live look just from the salesforce tower cam over the bay bridge, beautiful sunrise. we're dealing with passing clouds into the afternoon hours. high pressure starting to build as we extend into friday's forecast, that's going to change the weather significantly. the national weather service issued an excessive heat watch which we'll talk about in a second. the temperature outlook across the board, all of california is dealing with heat as we extend into the weekend. we'll talk more about the excessive heat watch. januaryna, how are things going on? >> the metering lights are on at the toll plaza. a little windy, caltrans issued a wind advisory for the bay bridge overnight so might feel gusty across the span and the brake lights there, a slow ride in the altamont pass as well, westbound 580. a hot spot at north flynn and that's making things already busy for that drive out of tracy, as you get onto 580.
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back to san jose now, and the race for the city's first new mayor in eight years. >> it appears county supervisor cindy chavez and city council member matt mahan are moving on to november. we asked supervisor chavez to join us this morning but told she was not available, but we do have councilmember mahan. he was able to talk with us and joins us live now. good morning to you. a long night for you. thanks for waking up with us. >> absolutely, good morning. >> glad to have you with us. councilman despite being doubled a political newcomer, you've got the back of the business community. tell us more about that and how you believe that will help you, come november. >> i think voters want change and that's what i saw loud and clear last night. if you look around what government's doing on homelessness, crime, affordable housing, it's not working and it's time for greater accountability in government, and that's what i think voters were telling us last night. >> councilman, you were only in office 18 months before deciding
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to run for mayor. what inspired to you make that big decision? >> i've been a public school teacher here in our community and that entrepreneur, i built a couple of successful technology companies that were all about bringing transparency and accountability to government, promoting civic engagement, so i've been thinking about these problems for a couple of decades, and my opponent has a couple of decades of experience as well. i just think it's the wrong kind, frankly. i think it's more of the same policies that have put us where we are today with growing street hom homelessness, a crime rate that's growing and a total lack of affordable housing. i think what i bring to the table from my experience as both a teacher and an entrepreneur is being accountable for results, having to set goals, measure performance and deliver results and i just think that's sorely missing in local government today. >> the person who wins in november could potentially serve ten years now that san jose measure b appears to be winning. if elected, what are your plans >> num priority is
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reducing ultimately and ending street homelessness. we have severely underinvested in addiction treatment, mental health treatment, the housing that we're building for our homeless population is far too expensive and taking too long. we've got to be radically more pragmatic about creating places for people to go and requiring that people come indoors. the situation on the streets today is totally unsustainable. >> san jose mayoral candidate matt mahan, thank you so much for joining us and good luck to you. >> thanks for having me. >> once again, supervisor cindy chavez was unavailable to join us live for this discussion this morning. according to initial votes chavez is leading with 39% of the votes. councilman mahan set to have 32%. >> stay with kpix 5 for continuing coverage of primary election on air, on and streaming on "cbs news bay area." the election results will be scrolling on the bottom of your screen all morning long. still to come, the other big
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story we're following this morning, the warriors nba finals run. we're live with how dub nation is getting ready for game three. and a live look outside from our salesforce camera looking west over the city, waking up this morning a day after the primary election. we'll have more after this
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taking a live look at chase center the warriors are taking on the celtics in boston tonight but here at home, dub nation will be packing bay area bars and restaurants. our justin andrews is live at chase this morning where the inside will be open to watch the game. justin, you went to an east bay bar that promises to be packed as well? >> reporter: it's a spot you probably passed if you've driven on north main street in walnut creek.
6:13 am
retro jumpingie is a vibe and it has an '80s theme inside. look at what we saw when we went there, a tour that enrique montero, the owner gave us. this place has been around for about six years and draws so many people for watch parties and enrique is expecting it to be bigger for game three of the nba finals tonight. he says dub nation comes out in full force. their outdoor space gets pretty packed for games. they call it the beer garden. while it was not crowded because the bar was not open when we did this interview, it is a good time. we have this video that shows how busy and booming it can be during these games. >> this is going to be crazy. we're bringing in an l.e.d. screen to put on inside and our screen outside here a 15-foot l.e.d. screen. it's awesome. we have food trucks, everyone comes out, with their pom poms and they get their friends and it's just a great vibe. it's almost like being at the game but obviously tickets are $40 million. >> reporter: obviously tickets are not that much, but they are pretty pricey. this is an important thing because these watch parties have
6:14 am
been growing over the last several weeks and that's something these businesses are lacking because many businesses are still rising out of the pandemic. this is why i love the kpix team, they helped you out. amanda, you have warriors gear now? >> i'm set up. pot calling the kettle black, justin, what the heck are you wearing this morning? i am ready to go! don't play games. [ laughter ] >> this is getting interesting. >> reporter: my colors are pretty neutral. you literally had an celtics green. it's all right. >> i'm trying polical rrec toe b this morning. so that's what i was thinking, but, no. go dubs. another thing that sits on my desk anyways. >> reporter: i love you, amanda. [ laughter ] >> and it was jess, so thank you, jess, for the sweatshirt. >> yes, jess did you good. >> and justin, i'm expecting a
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wardrobe change from you now, because it's not working. >> reporter: i'll see what i can do. >> ooh, that's all i got to say. all right, i'm going to stay out of this beef. >> reporter: it's a shady wednesday. goodness! >> shady. >> we love you, justin. >> let's see escape to some wea and traffic. >> it's hot in here. >> i'm wearing long sleeves under my sweatshirt to prove a point. >> we'll need some shade with the heat coming, jessica. >> i'm so grateful we're starting off with that ou'll want tor eryy d for uscr where you live in the bay but a lot more pronounced out in our east inland areas. so we're starting off with a live look from the salesforce tower. official sunrise has gone and past, let's see what we can expect into the afternoon. day time highs are not bad. low 80s near sunnyvale.
6:16 am
santa clara getting up to 83 today. headed off into the tri-valley a daytime high setup of mostly 80s in sight near pleasant hill, walnut creek, even as we extend off into sonoma and napa county today. daytime highs ranging in the 80s with 60s anywhere throughout the bay. that's going to change though as we head into this week. we're dealing with high pressure really building its way in from the south and really what high pressure does for us is dries us up and warms us up. it gives us aweus a summer-like setup into the friday, the national weather service issued an excessive heat watch for friday's forecast that lasts throughout the afternoon hours, just due to how hot it's going to get. now it's not necessarily the case for our coast areas, where the onshore flow will keep us cooler, but if you live in the inland areas it's so, so different. so daytime highs on friday take a look at your local area, mostly dealing with above-average conditions across the board and that's also the case for our inland areas where we're seeing upper 90s and
6:17 am
triple digits. it's okay though. we calm down as we head into the weekend just in time for any outdoor activities potentially bringing out the sweatshirt again. gianna, roads are looking decent? >> yes, hopefully the swe sweatshirts are in warriors colors. we're learning. it is busy out there. slow and go as you work into the altamont. we have a beautiful view of san francisco and not so beautiful is that traffic, westbound 205 getting on 580. extra busy, we've got a trouble spot near north flynn causing a backup there as well and it is blocking lanes so you've got the usual stuff coming out of tracy and the hot spot there, so on a scale of one to ten, you're probably sitting at about a 6 if you're taking this ride. grab the coffee. it is a slow down, slower than usual with a 15-minute travel time towards the dublin interchange. bay bridge toll plaza business as usual. like clockwork metering lights
6:18 am
were turned on around 5:45, the slow ride headed into san francisco. we're tracking brake lights and spot spots. slow as you head into mountain view. back to you guys. >> thank you, g. the pandemic is creating a new problem for bay area shelters, they are full of dogs right now. >> the san francisco spca animal care and control, people can adopt dogs for free. kpix 5's max darrow has more on the push to get these pups into homes sooner than later. >> reporter: at the beginning of the pandemic, it was probably hard to adopt a dog like astrid at the spca because it was a competitive process. now it's a completely different situation. astrid is one of the around 40 adoptable dogs living at the san francisco spca right now. normally they have around 20. >> we are full on dogs. the pandemic caused the delay and a lot of our ability to spay and neuter dogs and animals in general. there are a lot more animals that are homeless and out on the streets.
6:19 am
>> reporter: the shelter is not full with people eager to adopt the dogs says lisa fader the chief of rescue and welfare. it's a wildly different picture than at the beginning of the pandemic. >> everyone wanted a dog. it was an issue of lots of people wanting to adopt, not very many animals to adopt. now we're in the exact opposite situation. >> reporter: one extreme to the other. >> from one extreme to the other, no question. >> reporter: it's a similar situation in animal care and control where we met legend, over the weekend, there were around 75 dogs at the shelter. executive director virginia virginia donohue says they like to stay under 50. >> we think that's in part because people adopted during the pandemic and people are now going back to work. people aren't necessarily coming in to surrender their dog but their dog, we're just finding their dog and no one is coming to get it. >> reporter: the overcrowding is a problem. >> we're clogged and we work with 100 different organizations and they are also clogged. the whole pipeline is in trouble. >> reporter: and with that problem persisting, both animal
6:20 am
care and control and the spca are allowing people to adopt most dogs for free. >> we can only hold so many dogs, right? the longer each dog is here, the harder it is for the dog. >> generally, the adoption fee is around $150, $175. it's a pretty good time to adopt a dog if you're interested in bringing a new pet into your home. >> reporter: perhaps that will give astrid or legend or another pup a better chance at finding a perfect home. >> they want to be home next to somebody's couch. >> reporter: in san francisco, max darrow, kpix 5. still to come, making fast food faster. how taco bell is hoping to get your order out in just two minutes, next in our "
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a team of reps who can anticipate the next step genesys technology is changing the way customer service teams anticipate what customers need. because happy customers are music to our ears. genesys, we're behind every customer smile. my stomach is rumbling right now. let's look at our lunch time
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forecast, daytime highs today aren't too bad just yet. that's going to change as we head into friday's forecast, but from that noon to 2:00 hour, we're still dealing with 80s in our inland areas, mid-60s from the coast to the bay, we'll keep you updated in the weather center regarding that warming trend. for now, send it back to you. and speaking of lunch, we have some food topics in our "morning mix." >> gianna franco joins us now, jessica, since you're hmongry, this is for you. a food theme going on this morning, g. >> i know, right, just to get you ready for breakfast. let's begin with one fast food restaurant hoping to make its food faster. a brand new concept called taco bell defi opened up yesterday in minneapolis. it has four drive-through lanes which sit below the kitchen. food is delivered through a vertical lift system, so why four lanes? one is just for delivery drivers and another for people who have already ordered and paid using taco bell's app and the other two are for people probably like me ordering the traditional way.
6:25 am
a recent survey showed the average taco bell order only takes four and a half minutes to complete but apparently that's not good enough. the new concept hopes to slash that by more than half so you get your taco bell in two minutes. >> i'm down with that. >> that's good. all those lanes, though, if i'm in line at taco bell, i'm hungry, which means i'm hangry. all the lanes are going so be so confusing! but taco bell of the future, okay. >> no doubt. you probably have to pay attention which lane do i get in. >> it's a little too confusing. >> in the bay area there's barely any drive-throughs and we can't have four lanes in a drive-through in san francisco. >> we have the most beautiful taco bell on the beach. there's that in pacifica. >> that's true. lastly, if you love cheese, this story is just weird and want the world to know, there is a new nail polish. velveeta teamed up with nails
6:26 am
inc. to launch its first ever nail polish collection to sport the look of spilled cheese on your fingernails. the two-polish collection is called pinkies out, comes in the deep yellow color reminiscent of the gooey cheese product and bright red for the fans for the color on the velveeta packaging. it comes with a cheese scent. i don't know, i can't. >> so confused. >> your nails will smell like cheese? >> looks like ketchup and mustard. >> it looks like mustard and ketchup. >> it does. >> probably look all right although my nails aren't painted. >> if you touch my face and your nails smell like cheese? yeah, not a good combination. >> weird. >> i can't get on board with this one like the kfc log that smelled like chicken. >> sounds like free advertisement to me. >> yes. all right, so i know what to scratch off for your christmas list. as our pride coverage
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> if you're just waking up with us, here are your morning headlines. the primary elections are in the books and results are pouring in this morning. after two and a half years in office, chesa boudin has been recalled. the race was called shortly after the first batch of results was released. and the warriors are in
6:30 am
boston tonight to tip off game three of the nba finals and with the series tied at one game apiece, tonight's contest is a tioff is at 6:00 tonight in boston. and good morning. it's wednesday, june 8th. i'm amanda starrantino. >> and i'm len kiese. traffic and weather in just a moment, but first, we begin with anne makovec keeping a close eye on the rest of the races here in the bay area and lots to go through, anne. >> yes, starting with the race that was watched nationwide. san francisco's district attorney is recalled, a live look at san francisco city hall where we're waiting to hear from the mayor on what's next, who she might appoint to the job. she's been so far quiet about all of this. the voters in san francisco, however, have not. the results pretty clear right after the polls closed last night, more than half of san francisco voters want chesa boudin out. he has been blamed for a lot of the rampant crime on city streets.
6:31 am
here's what he had to say. >> we have two cities. we have two systems of justice. right, we have one more the wealthy and the well-connected and a different one for everybody else. and that's exactly what we are fighting to change. >> the statewide level, no real surprise top cop, attorney general rob bonta the only democrat in the five-way primary field got more than half of the votes. behind him the gop endorsed candidate nathan hochman, a former federal prosecute your and former assistant attorney general. the other full democrat appointed to his position senator alex padilla running against the top republican vote getter mark muser in november. a constitutional attorney and triathlete, he actually poses padilla, opposes him on every major state issue including abortion and gun control.
6:32 am
any republican though is considered a long shot here in california, where democrats outnumber republicans 2:1. back to you. let's start off with a live look from the mark hopkins hotel cam. it's a clear, beautiful day for us today. halfway through the work week we're heating up in the next couple of days. yesterday at the golden gate bridge we were dealing with fog. look at the daytime highs, mostly 60s, 90s approaching us near fairfield and only getting warmertnd lls.uc week. wee in once we h to ools down as we head into theee. we'll keep you updated in the weather center. gianna, how is it going? >> busy at the bay bridge. it's 6:30, the brake lights are building for the ride into san francisco. sluggish here, the usual stuff,
6:33 am
nothing like we saw yesterday. a better ride in and out of san francisco today, no troubles, 101, 80, we have the brake lights for commuters headed into the city. and a quick check of our bay area bridges, san mateo bridge looking good this morning, not a bad ride toward 101 and the golden gate bridge so far beautiful ride out of marin into the city. ♪ the warriors are waking up in boston ahead of game three of the nba finals. >> and with the series tied at one game apiece, tonight's contest is a must win for both teams. the warriors will try to carry their momentum from game two into this one. they could secure the road win with a big game from klay thompson, jordan poole or andrew wiggins. but in beantown, the celtics home crowd will surely be trying to bring the energy. >> this is special. this is an historic team. there's a lot of history in this city and in this building. should be an amazing atmosphere.
6:34 am
>> many expect a nail-biter tonight as we wait to see if the dubs can reclaim control of the series. stay with us, our justin andrews will give us a live preview of the game from outside chase center. hope, love, pride, presented by weimo. >> the road to pride is long and at times treacherous. 41 years ago the journey included news of a mysterious illness that spread primarily within the gay community. >> as allen martin tells us for one former kpix 5 journalist reporting on the crisis turned into a true gift. >> or colleague hank plante. >> how important are we to you? >> listen, san francisco -- >> reporter: for 25 yes, hcored. do you still characterize this as a barroom brawl? >> hank plante. >> reporter: none as profound or consequential as aids.
6:35 am
looking back on it now with the hindsight, how would you describe your experience of living through and covering the aids crisis? >> it was a gift. it was a gift. >> reporter: hank began his journalism career at "the washington post." the new activism around aids -- by the '80s he turned to tv and kpix. you were out at the time, correct? >> yes, i was. i think i was the first openly gay tv reporter in the country. i was certainly one of the first, and so when aids came along, there i was in san francisco, which ground zero for the aids epidemic. >> reporter: in the early years of aids, there was no cure or effective treatment, but there was plenty of fear, stigma and suffering. >> these were my friends who were dying. >> reporter: when the epidemic began, ronald reagan was president. his administration failed to aggressively address the public health threat. at one point mayor dianne feinstein's aids budget for the
6:36 am
city of san francisco was bigger than president reagan's aids budget was for the entire united states. >> reporter: kpix television made a monumental decision to extensively cover the aids crisis. hank was part of our team. >> one is whether it's safe to give. >> reporter: the goal, to educate viewers, stem the spread of the disease and lessen the fear. it also put a human face on the unfolding tragedy. patients spoke openly with hank. >> you know, it was so much to ask of these aids patients to ask them to go on tv in 1986. they knew they looked bad. they knew they had lost weight. they knew that maybe they had lesions on their faces, their friends would see it, their employers would see it. i mean, these men and women were so courageous. >> reporter: four years after the crisis began, president reagan finally acknowledged the epidemic in public. >> and i made a note in my reporter's notebook, that night, standing in front of him, that at this moment when he said aids for the first time, 23,000
6:37 am
americans had already died. >> reporter: as dawn broke over the u.s. capitol, the incredible sight of the aids quilt came to life. >> reporter: in 1987 the aids quilt woven with the names of those who died was displayed for the first time on the national s tkpelwashington, d.c. t l henix t tyou, i cried. i got there at sunrise with my photographer, peter hoby. we stood at the edge and watched it unfold, and i was supposed to be doing a tv news story and i just started weeping, because you could see the names unfolding right in front of us, and peter, the photographer, who was gracious enough to walk away and give me a moment to compose myself, because i wasn't there to cry. i was there to report on what was going on. it was overwhelming, and i'll never forget that moment. ♪ >> reporter: over the years, hank won awards for his aids
6:38 am
reporting including a peabody and several emmys. as to why covering the epidemic was such a gift to hank, it has nothing to do with these accolades. >> it's the work that i'm proudest of in my career. i actually think we saved people's lives. >> reporter: in san francisco, allen martin, kpix 5. >> you can see all of our pride reporting in a special section on the home page. still to come, supply chain issues are coming for your clipper card. how commuters can save money by using their phones. and it's a big week in silicon valley, apple debuting all its latest gadgets, except a virtual reality headset. we'll find out why. and the dow is down more than 200 points. we'll be right back. good morning, len a man da. ahead on "cbs mornings," another covid vaccine may soon be available here in the u.s.
6:39 am
dr. rashish ja will talk about it and david begnault has a cup well down's syndrome exceling in fashion and hospitality. finally oscar-winning actress ariana debose joins us in studio, stepping into the role of host for this year's tony awards.
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this morning supply chains are coming for your clipper card. the specific type of plastic they're made from is in short supply. with big events like the pride parade coming up, bay area transit agencies don't want them to run out. they're waiving the $3 fee for
6:43 am
the customers who opt for the app. let's get a quick check of current temperatures outside right now, it is warming up as we extend into the next couple hours. salesforce live cam overlooking the bay bridge, it is beautiful out there for us today. 61 in concord. 60 in san jose. let's dive in straight into what we can expect as we extend into this afternoon. 77 in mountain view. santa clara 8 3. temperatures ranging a little above average as we head off into the pittsburg fairfield area. concord a daytime high of 84. it cools off with the onshore flow staying consistent along the bay and coastline today where pacifica is getting up to 64. let's look at what we can expect heading into the next couple days. our pollen count is getting higher as we head into the next couple days, we're drying up a lot. this is the reason why. high pressure is pushing into our coastline throughout california. it's drying us up, it's the reason why the national
6:44 am
service issued the excessive heat watch. we're dealing with triple digits friday. the heat watch in effect friday morning, headed into the afternoon hours, where we're expecting to get up to around 105 in serb areas. it will be a dry trend for us. let's look at what we can expect as rewrap up the week and head into the weekend. it's a short-lived heat wave. this is what we expect in the next couple of days. notice how our coast and bay we're not seeing too much of a temperature spread due to the fact the onshore flow will keep us cooler but certain areas for example san jose don't get nearly as much and the case in our inland areas from up to the north bay into our inland east bay where we're dealing with upper 90s, triple digits in sight but just by the weekend especially by sunday we cool right back down so hey, if you have any outdoor opportunities, if you want to head out to the coast, i would suggest probably wait 'til the weekend. friday is a towsy setup but things are changing. we'll keep you updated in the
6:45 am
weather center. it sounds like there's a wind advisory outside. how is that impacting everyone? >> for those larger vehicles and our super commuter areas, it definitely tends to slow traffic down a little bit and be extra careful if you're traveling in a big truck or big rig for the altamont pass, where the wind advisory is in effect issued by caltrans overnight. a little different than what you get from the weather service. look at the traffic backup. that is the earliest start to the commute, delays around 4:30 in the morning for the altamont pass ride. 52 minutes headed toward the dublin interchange. that trouble spot at north flynn in the clearing stages. that's good news. not so good is a live look at the bay bridge making friends there, lots of company westbound into san francisco. nimitz freeway also starting to load up as well, especially northbound seeing that extra volume not too far from the coliseum. south of there brake lights hayward and san mateo bridge. crowded westbound san mateo
6:46 am
bridge a few slow and go spots, more on the west end as you head toward 101 and 101 itself busy through san mateo. time now is 6:45. we're taking a live look outside, enjoy that, we're going to skip right ahead to our next segment, it is the biggest news is ios 16, features due this fall include editing and recalls sent messages, turning your iphone into a mac web cam and a major jub date to the lock screen among other software and hardware announcements. it's a big week in tech with apple's worldwide developer's conference or wwdc. it's what we did not see though that everyone is talking about. "usa today" tech life columnist jennifer jolly joins us live with our new "wire to wednesday" report with details on apple's upcoming ar vr headset. jen, what do you have for us? obviously we're having some tech
6:47 am
issues ourselves. >> it almost happens, whenever we talk tech, there's a tech glitch here or there, which is part of the point and part of the story. so many people wanted apple this week, its giant wwdc developer's conference, they wanted them to do something they've never done before, which is offer some kind of concrete hint, a sneak peek or accidental leak of their long-awaited, much-rumored, highly anticipated headset or smartglasses. it, apple, did not. we are not completely in the dark about apple's next big thing. here's what we know or at least think we know so far and why it matters. so just this past monday, apple unveiled the biggest mac book air redesign in more than a decade which will return on its m2 chip. why does this matter beyond the lighter, faster, thinner laptops? the m2 is code named staten, slated to be the maybe processor
6:48 am
powering apple's mixed reality headset. the ios 16 update that gives our messages back when we send them accidentally within 15 minutes that extends audio support, great for ar, vr and mixed reality. >> does that mean we won't see a virtual reality headset from apple this year? everybody's waiting for it. >> yes, there was a lot of speculation, a lot of rumor mill flying around that we would see it unveiled at wwdc this week. no, we do not expect to see it until 2023 at the earliest. but the pressure is on, apple, meta, formerly facebook, amazon, google, all the bigs are in that race for the next big hit, that new smartphone-like best seller. for years now, we know that apple is secret on augmented on a virtual reality headset that could lead it to a post iphone future and first major new
6:49 am
product category since the apple watch in 2015. apple execs showed off the latest iteration to its board in may. we know apple trademarked the name reality os or ros for short. that's the software expected to run on the headset. so we have a lot of hints, and we know that the apple version reportedly combines elements of virtual and augmented reality and is code named n301 that features advanced processors and ultra-high-resolution screens. this is the device we hope to see next year, though the first model will offer both ar and vr in mixed reality, apple is reportedly working on standalone augmented reality, ar reality glasses code named n421 for release later this decade, unlike vr, ar overlays digital information and images on top of the real world. that is the technology so many
6:50 am
of us are waiting for. >> and jen, len got his hands on the meta quest 2, there he goes. it's the latest virtual reality headset from the tech company, so i wonder how you're doing over there, len. he's been testing it out. the technology is pretty neat. >> yep, all right, i see len, you are in beat saber, one of my all-time favorite quest to meta quest 2, formerly known as facebook oculus games. when you first put on one of the headsets if you've never done this before is that you experience a kind of -- >> i like to duck. >> you kind of feel like oh my gosh, this is something that is really novel. it's really new. it's the beginning of this whole notion that so many tech companies are betting on for the future of a melding of digital and real life. now len, i don't know if we can hear you, if you talk to us, but
6:51 am
what does it feel like for you? >> it feels fun. it feels good to escape reality for -- >> he wants to give us a show. >> what you're experiencing, too, your heart rate is starting to race. what's really interesting for me about how this kind of vr has evolved is that you can get a really great workout, so it starts to have some applications to real life so you can exercise, beat saber, you're trying not to let the objects smash into you. you have to incorporate dance. you have to duck. you have to move around. meta sees a future in which vr becomes the next best thing to being physically next to someone in the real world, so it goes from games right now, most people are just into gaming, but they want to take it from gaming into a more social realm, multiplayer games are becoming more and more popular especially
6:52 am
since the pandemic. they want to imagine how to use vr as a work device which is leading to kind of the next big thing, project cambria, which mark zuckerberg has debuted. so there's now a physical store where you can go in and try this for yourself in the south bay. it's not mainstream yet, but all bets are that it will be sooner rather than later. >> and len, since you have it on, i want to know because i never tried this before, is it just everything you see what we see on the screen or can you tell that you're in the studio at all right now? what's going on with you? >> ooh, first i'm out of breath. >> just try to get it out. >> putting my workout in but yeah, you're like in this whole new world. i can't see anything but just these blocks. >> you're going at it. >> i'm knocking out right now. >> great job. justin, gianna, get him some water for me and jennifer jolly,
6:53 am
thanks for joining us. the stuff looks great >> thank you. coming up, the recall election that has attention nationwide. san francisco district attorne you want it all, just like i do... well now there's a new way to save with xfinity. now, get unlimited internet, wifi equipment
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i'm jocelyn moran live in the newsroom with the recall election that gained atension nationwide after two and a half years in office, san francisco d.a. chesa boudin is out. here are the latest number as of earlier this morning, with 62% of precincts reporting, 60% of votes thus far in favor of the recall. of course once the polls closed and results started to come in, cheering at the yes on h watch party in san francisco last night, the race was actually called shortly after the first batch of results was released, meantime at the no on h watch party last night, boudin
6:57 am
acknowledges that people were frustrated but blamed the recall election on "right-wing billionaires" who funded it. a lot being talked about and surely will continue to. what happens next? mayor london breed has the task of appointing a replacement and because prop c is failing that appointee will be eligible to run in november to finish out boudin's term through 2023. i'll send it to you, anne. >> jocelyn, a lot of attention on district attorneys after that race. find results now on our website want to take a live look at san jose where the field of mayoral candidates appears to be down to the top two who will be running in november. santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez the top vote getter and behind her city councilman matt mahan. mahan joined us live earlier this hour.
6:58 am
>> if you look around what government's doing on homelessness, crime, affordable housing, it's not working and i think it's time for greater accountability. >> schavez wasn't available to speak but had plenty to say at her watch party last night. >> we are going in a wrong direction, but we and our community have the power to go in the right direction. >> no real surprises in the statewide contest, democrats sweeping most of the primaries. they're going to face their runner-up challengers in november and all of the results are up live on our website justin? >> reporter: good wednesday morning to you. i'm live at thrive city. oh, yeah, this place is typically packed with a lot of fans just watching the game. it's normally crazy out here but tonight for 25 bucks, you can watch the game inside the chase center, that's where you can root on the warriors.
6:59 am
they'll be cheering the warriors inside the home arena as they broadcast the away game. this is the case for tonight and game four on friday, if necessary, it will be open for game six on june 16th, too. you have to register, though. doors open up in the arena an hour before tip-off and that's at 5:00. if you don't come to chase center, we know there are several bay area bars that you can watch this game. make sure you watch game three tonight, because i'm betting we're taking this win. i'll send it back to you. >> yes! yes, we will hold onto that, justin for sure. >> crossing fingers. >> i'm going tonight. i'm going to be tired! >> go dubs! >> dubs! >> the news continues all day on "cbs news bay area." >> "cbs mornings" is coming up next. have a great wednesday, everybody.
7:00 am
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