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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  June 8, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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tsunami of green. and warriors fans vastly outnumbered out here. they started the drums in that kind of little cove area. and when they hit that and the cheering starts, it's like a giant echo chamber. boston certainly not disappointing when it comes to the energy of their fans. speaking of fans, if you have the time and the money and the drive to make it out here to cheer in this town, you are something else. there aren't a lot of them, once they do show up, they stick out like a jordan poole half-court buzzer beater. can't not wear the jersey? >> i'm going to be in there going crazy. they're going see me for sure. >> reporter: jared flowers just flew in from vallejo and is sitting near the floor. how much did you pay and are you a cryptocurrency billionaire that i didn't know about? >> the tickets came out to $2,000. and not a cryptocurrency
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billionaire, but i anves so buy the dip. or consult with a financial adviser first. don't listen to me. >> just like the warriors helmss, wearing blue and gold in beantown means you've got to have a good defense. what is your strategy when people boo and get in your face? >> a simple laugh, you know. it is about the fun and the festivities. >> i've heard celtics in six, warriors suck. i've heard it all. >> reporter: how do you handle it? >> i just bust a three and do this. >> reporter: after hearing boston in six, boston in seven all week, finally some bay area love and optimism. >> warriors in six. >> you have an air of confidence about you. why is that? >> because curry is the best shooter of all time. once we win game three here tonight, warriors in five. >> reporter: all righty. so all week long, the sports media down here have been making an example of draymond green.
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they can't stop talking about draymond green and how he dangled his feet on jaylen brown's shoulders. after this thank goodness they'll have something to talk about besides draymond green. >> get over it, guys. >> i know, right? so the energy here is phenomenal. like compare this to chase center and like there is really no comparison. because look at it. >> there is nothing but green around you. do you see any warriors blue right now? >> reporter: yeah, everybody is sober, so everyone is behaving for now. but every now and then you see some people from -- wearing a blue. so good luck to them. >> for now. that the is the key. >> all right, kiet, we love you. thank you so much for bringing us this story. charlie walter also live in boston with team, getting ready for game three. hi, charlie. >> how you doing, guys?
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look at this guy. celtic fans are absolutely crazy. official prediction for tonight's game. >> i'm not a man of prediction. but i tell you one thing. i don't look at the box scores. i don't look at prediction. what i look at, what the celtics going to do to the warriors tonight. >> i don't want the hear it. i don't want to hear it. but anyways, have fun and enjoy the game. we have every single story line. so let's talk about the warrior that is played in every single game this season. >> channel 5 we coined you as the iron man. what's your nickname with the team? >> i got a lot of different nicknames going on right now. i get the iron man. halunzo. >> that is an all-time nickname. lately the dubs man fans know as loon. >> the first year, to get a
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nickname is pretty exciting. >> do you know who i am? >> no. >> this player for the golden state warriors said he doesn't think a lot of people know who he is, despite averaging a double-double in the conference finals. do you know who this player is? >> i literally heard this quote. gary payton jr.? >> who is the starting center for the golden state warriors? >> wiggins. >> wiggins is the starting center for the golden state warriors? >> that's what i think. >> golden state's starting center is -- oh, man. i do not know that. >> kevon looney would be his name. >> kevon looney, you guys got me. >> reporter: who is the golden state warriors starting center? >> i'm freezing up. kevon looney, yeah. >> i heard a kevin looney there. aloonzo. back in the bay, he is a fan
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favorite. >> the fans in the bay area giving mae lot of love. it's been great to get the love and hopefully cap it off. amazing and feel for it. >> hey, i'm sorry to cut off that celtics fan before he gave me his official prediction. but i got it off the air. he said warriors in five. i promised he said that. back to you guys. enjoy the game, everyone. >> i was a litttle worried when you pulled the mic from him. he looked a little angry. >> wasn't sure about that. he is all right. thank you, charlie. we're physicaling warriors fans in the bay area too. in addition to the outside viewing, for the finals, fans can go and watch the game inside chase center. it costs 25 bucks, which is a deal considering how much finals tickets actually cost. but the money goes to support the warriors community foundation. our kenny choi is talking to fans and we'll check with him at 5:30. we'll have much more coverage from our team in boston after the game tonight and all this week. new at 5:00, firefighters in san jose still on the scene at a
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fire in a church. when our crews arrived smoke was shooting from the roof at st. paul's united methodist church on south tenth street. here is a look from chopper 5. we got a look at a the hole that firefighters had to cut into the roof to vent that fire. there is extensive damage. fire investigators were on the scene calling this once again suspicious. and a vegetation fire gave neighbors somewhat of a scare in antioch. the fire burned between a group of homes on eelaiho court. this is a closer look from the ground. firefighters are still there putting out hot spots. and they did get some help. we saw a neighbor using a garden hose to spray a backyard fence that looked like i was burned. no word on how this fire started. the votes are in, and san francisco has ousted chesa
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boudin. 60% voted in favor of the recall. 40% voting to keep him in office. so now what? as we take a live look at san francisco city hall, it will now be up to mayor london breed to pick a new district attorney. kpix 5's wilson walker has more reaction to that vote. >> reporter: as we all know, the recall is sparking conversation across the country, and there is a lot to talk about. what does this mean for criminal justice reform? what's next for chesa boudin? but another question, a lot of people are asking what does this say about the current state of san francisco politics. >> from experience of hearing from people in the community, they were really frustrated about a lack of accountability for crimes that get committed in san francisco. >> that was mayor london breed's assessment of the vote that ousted the district attorney. some have described it as a political earthquake, a sign that the tectonic plates of city politics are shifting. >> it definitely reflects the fact that a number of people
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have found each other. to some degree, we can thank the school board recall for that that brought a number of parents together and brought people in the asian community together. and that coalition is a big part of what was behind this recall as well. >> reporter: and that coalition can be seen in a map of the results. chinatown looks a lot like the sunset, just as the excelsior looks like knob hill and pac heights look likes this valley. very different parts of the city that reached akind of consensus. >> people in san francisco i think regard themselves as progressive or liberal, within reason. >> i think there is broadly liberals, moderate to progressives and whatever. i think everybody, they do what government works for them. and does things in a liberal, progressive way. and right now things are not going very well. and i think they're upset at lots of people. so anybody that's on the ballot right now would have been in trouble. >> reporter: that's another
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theory that voters aren't necessarily moving right. they're just simply tired of dysfu dysfunction. and if that is the case, more incumbents might have things to worry about. >> if things continue the way they are now for another year or so, that's going to bode ill for the mayor's chances doing her job. it's going to be tougher to get elected. >> we'll talk more about what comes next in the process to replace chesa boudin and the choice now faced by the mayor. that's coming up at 6:00. we are here in san francisco. wilson walker, kpix 5. >> even president biden today took note of the boudin recall, sensing a shift in voters' attitudes, he tried to defend his administration's record on fighting crime. >> i think the voters sent a clear message last night. both parties have to step up and do something about crime as well as gun violence. >> so the president tried to show that he is not part telephone defund the police crowd. he says he's asked congress for $300 million to hire and retrain police officers. we are keeping tabs on election
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results across the bay area and statewide on well, still ahead on kpix 5, streaming on "cbs news bay area," a threat on supreme court justice brett kavanaugh's life. what we learned about the california man arrest ed at his home and what he told police. the house votes on gun control measures just hours after heart-wrenching testimony from a young survivor and family of the uvalde shooting victims. >> i left my daughter at that school. and that decision will haunt me for the rest of my life. >> and neighbors rattled after a car plows into a home in the east bay. and in today's first alert forecast, hopefully today's picture-perfect weather has not lulled you into a false sense of serenity. it's going to feel very different for many of us on fr
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emotional testimony from survivors as they described the moments following the recent mass shootings in buffalo, new york and uvalde, texas. the house has approved a package
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of gun measures with a mostly partisan vote. skyler henry is live in washington, d.c. with more on the dramatic testimony from shooting survivors. henry? >> hey, ryan. good to be with you. let's talk about the measure that recently passed in the house a few moments ago that will now go to the senate where it faces an uphill battle. but as you talked about really gripping testimony that we heard today, everyone from the pediatrician that saw the injured children that made their way into the hospital in uvalde to that fourth grader who described the moments the shooter came in her classroom and she had to coffer herself with blood so that he wouldn't find her. >> i left my daughter at that school, and that decision will haunt me for the rest of my life. >> reporter: heart-wrenching testimony on capitol hill from the parents of lexy rubio, one of 19 children along with to teachers who were shot and killed at uvalde, texas.
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legislators also hear from miah cerrillo who survived the massacre by smearing the blood on herself and playing dead. do you feel safe at school? why not? >> because i don't want to it happen again. >> you think it's going to happen again? >> reporter: they were joined by zeneda everhart. >> lawmakers who allow the shootings to continue without passing stricter gun laws should be voted out. >> reporter: congressional gun control and activists gathered ahead of house passage of gun legislation along party lines. >> the protecting our kids act is about saying no more to mass shootings. no more to children murdered in schools. >> house republicans say the democrats' proposals which include a ban on large capacity magazines and raising the minimum wage to buy a semiautomatic rifle to 21 violate the second amendment. >> we're telling 18, 19 and
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20-year-olds to register for the draft. we expect you to defend us, but we're not going to give you the tools to defend yourself and your family. >> we're trying to get an outcome, guys. >> reporter: a bipartisan group of senators continued negotiations on their own smaller bill, which could include enhanced background checks, mental health and safety provisions. . there are still details that we need to resolve. >> reporter: democrats say they hope to reach a deal by the end of the week. so again, that measure will now go to the senate. it remains to be seen when the senate would actually introduce the protecting our kids act to the senate floor. but also happening here in washington, the justice department announcing that they are launching an investigation into how police responded to that mass shooting in uvalde. they say that the report that they come up with will be comprehensive and transparent, and they hope that it will create future guidance for other police departments across the country to follow so that something like this never happens again.
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ryan? >> thank you very much, skyler henry reporting live from our nation's capital. a california man has been arrested outside supreme court justice brett kavanaugh's home in maryland. 26-year-old nicholas john roski of simi valley has been charged with attempted murder. anchor elizabeth cook is here. she has the developing details. >> the arrest happened early this morning. nicholas roski called 911 on himself while outside justice cavanaugh's home. he was armed with multiple weapons. authorities say the man told police that he traveled from california to kill, quote, a specific u.s. supreme court justice. he also stated that he was having suicidal thoughts. fbi knocked on the suspect's simi valley home this afternoon as part of the investigation. the 26-year-old had told authorities he was upset over the likelihood of the supreme court overturning roe v. wade and upset about the uvalde school shooting. he was armed with a handgun, a knife, pepper spray, and zip ties. >> this kind of behavior is
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obvi obviously is behavior we will not tolerate. threats of violence and actual violence strike at the heart of our democracy. we will do everything we can to prevent them and to hold people who doaccounble. if nvicted,he t suspecthe in this case could face 20 years in prison. the supreme court has reported an increase in threats in the weeks since a leaked draft opinion seemed to show the court ready to overturn roe v. wade. there is now increased security around the supreme court and the justices. ryan? >> thank you, liz. ballot counting still going on in san francisco. the majority of voters mailed in their ballots before election day. approximately 100,000 people voted in person, and those ballots will still need to be reviewed. >> it's a really good turnout for this election. and a lot of it was driven on voters participating on election day. they waited until really the last moment to cast their ballots. that's why we have so many ballots today to process.
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>> look at the ballot counting in santa clara county. by election day, more than 150,000 ballots have been turned in. the office is continuing to receive ballots in the mail that were postmarked on election day. a november runoff election is set for the next mayor of san jose. santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez and san jose councilman matt mahan will go head to head. chavez will become the city's first lane bore-backed mayor in two decades. mahan, relatively new to the political landscape based his on the need for change. >> what the government is doing abnot rdrk ing., crime, af and i think it's time for greater accountability in government. that's what voter were telling us last night. >> what i think voters did last night is they were looking for experience with a new vision. >> chavez has a long history of south bay politics dating back almost 20 years. serving on the san jose council and the county board of supervisors. we are also following the
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race to replace outgoing santa clara sheriff laurie smith. palo alto bob chief bob jonsen and retired santa clara sheriffs captain kevin jensen appear to be headed for a runoff in november. you can find results on all the big races on we're bracing for that heat. >> yeah, friday. >> just in time for the weekend. >> just in time. by sunday it's like 25 degrees cooler. >> wow. >> the second half of the weekend is great. but friday there is an issue. and you can kind of already see today. typically this time of day the fog starts streaming in under the golden gate, and it builds in overnight. moving backwards. let me show you a time lapse of the last three hours of our camera on top of the salesforce tower. watch that beautiful blanket of gray get denied, pushed back. should have been going the other way. but instead, it's melting back off the coast. that's how you can kind of visualize the very beginnings of this change. high pressure starts to build in.
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the marine layer gets pushed back out off the coast. but there are several other ways to look at this. first off, the early heads up. friday is the day. and you can see that when we spotlight our inland locations. think inland contra costa, inland alameda and north bay valleys, 101 in general. i'll show you specific numbers in a second. that's a good generalization for how all of our inland valleys are going to feel this. tomorrow is hot too. tomorrow will be about six to seven degrees warmer than today was. you've gotten acclimated to the mid-90s. we haven't done a whole lot of hundreds yet. there is the good news. look at sunday. look how dramatic that change. so here are the details. not everybody is going to feel this the same way. if you look where the heat advisory is, it's not in the city. it's not for the peninsula. but it is for the south bay. san jose starting friday morning, you've got a heat advisory. you'll be in the mid-90s on friday. but we really see the differences over here. a stark difference. inland valleys of the east bay. 580, 680, you got to take this
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seriously. east bay shoreline, you're not even included in the heat advisory. it's mid- to upper 80s over there. north valleys, you are included. solano county,eet g a whole separate colveor or hereec bause it's not just a heat advisory for the central valley and solano county, instead, it's an excessive heat warning. so the wording on that is a little more intense. extreme heat will significantly increase the risk of heat-related illness. you've really got to go easy on yourself and be outdoors in solano county. we should do that everywhere. just know it's a notch higher of concern for solano county. meanwhile, you'd never know by judging off today's weather. this is a fantastic day. like mid- to upper 80s for most of our inland spots. tomorrow, you can already see the difference. there is your 6 to 7 degree warm-up. concord to 94 tomorrow. san jose, you're still only in the 80s tomorrow. it's still only 80 in oakland, but you're already at 95 for santa rosa tomorrow. and if you're curious how we're going to do that dramatic drop on sunday, we're going to get
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grazed by a weak little storm. much more on that as we get closer to it. we're not going to jump too far ahead of ourselves and start talking about however good the chance is for light rain on sunday. you do have a very noticeable dramatic cooldown, which is definitely worth pointing out at this point. because if we're going draw your attention to the first alert forecast for san jose, that's our bottom line, you're the only one included, you'll be in the mid-90s. but you'll be in the mid-70s by sunday. if you pull out the microclimates, you see this play out for the inland valleys and the north bay. those are the two we put the first alert forecasts on. it's going to feel different. but sunday we're back into the upper 70s. really nice. it's going to be kind of dramatic changes. but probably no complaints, considering we don't have to stay hot too long. and most of the rest of that seven-day, guys, looks pretty comfortable. >> that's a huge swing. >> yes. very much like spring. although we're kind of past spring weather patterns.
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this is typically the kind of whiplash you would do then. big change. >> darrin, thank you. imagine pulling up to your driveway and catching a crime in progress. the frightening home invasion in san jose. i'm max darrow in mission bay. coming up, people here are so sick of the sinking sidewalks, they're suing the city. we'll explain. >> we're not asking for
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kind of a wild afternoon in a martinez neighborhood. a car crashed into a home causing a gas leak and busy roads to shut down. this is on alhambra avenue near contra costa regional medical center. the car hit an empty basement, thankfully. it went all the way through the wall, as you can see. cars were driving by from the side. you can see it there. police say the driver ran away after the crash, and they are still at large. >> i live here, and i was working from home, and i just heard a big crash zone, and
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there was a car in the hole here. from a couple of neighbors that have lived here longer than i have said this is not the first time. and a couple of other houses have been hit here too. >> the road had to be closed for hours while crews had to work to remove the car and shut off the gas. the terrifying moments of a home invasion all caught on car dash cam. take a look at this. a woman pulling up to her san jose driveway finds thieves ransacking her garage. at one point, they hold her husband at gunpoint. this all happened last week. the woman managed to call police, but the suspects quickly took off. police sharing the video to raise awareness. they think the same suspects targeted another home that same day. that one happened about a mile away on north capital avenue. i'm kenny choi live at thrive city right in front of chase center. game three is in boston thousands of miles away. but these fans are excited. we'll have a live preview coming
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up. a true artist. >> it is the iconic symbol of pride. the story behind the creator of the original rainbow flag. and moderna says it could be a turning point in the fight against covid. the booster u
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you're watching kpix 5 at 5:30. >> right now on kpix 5 streaming on cbs news bay area, more local news at 5:30. fed up with sinking sidewalks, the san francisco homeowners
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heading to court so they aren't on the hook for repairs. and it's a beacon of hope and pride. the story of the artist who created the original rainbow flag. and our top story at 5:30, warriors/celtics in boston for game three of the nba finals. and hard-core warriors fans are out in force in san francisco. good evening. i'm sara donchey. >> and i'm ryan yamamoto. tonight's game may be in boston, but there is a lot of action happening right now. >> kenny choi is live. we know kenny, you caught up with fans going to the watch party, which sounds like a lot of fun. >> yeah, they're excited for this one. game three is in boston thousands of miles away. but they're having fun here tonight. the doors just opened up about 5:00. so you're starting to see the fans file in. take aoo area. this is the area where it's still free for fans tonight. they're going pack this area up as well. if you want to go inside, it's 25 bucks, but that's where the excitement is for game three


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