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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  June 9, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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live from our treasure island camera this morning, a live look at the bay bridge as folks are heading into san francisco. good morning, it is thursday, june 9th. i'm len kiese. >> i'm amanda starrantino. let's start with a check on our weather an traffic beginning with first alert meteorologist jessica burch. >> it's warming up as we head into the next couple days. today ranging into the mid 90s. low 70s for the bay. you'll start feeling it along the coast where things are starting to dry up. we'll talk about allergens in a little bit. daytime highs today are starting to range a little above average, 11 degrees to be exact in san jose as well as concord all the way up to 94. san francisco sitting at 71 today. that's going to change as we head into our forecast for tomorrow, expecting above average temperatures across the board. the national weather service issued watches and warnings. we have a heat advisory for all
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the highlighted zones on the map. an excessive heat warning for the inland areas. we'll touch on that coming up in just a little bit. gianna, how are the roads looking right now. >> the allergies, i can only feel it. right now we've got a bit of a wind advisory in effect for the altamont pass. that's due to the windy conditions as you go through the 580 pass right into the altamont area, toward the livermore valley. feels gusty for vehicles traveling through there. we've got brake lights building as you come out of tracy getting into 580 itself. a live look at the dublin interchange, already starting to get backed up, especially connecting to 680. bridges are doing great. no delays on the golden gate, no delays on the san mateo bridge. bay bridge pretty quiet. a wind advisory for the bay bridge as well. keep that in mind. the warriors now with their
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backs against the wall after a disappointing game three in boston last night. >> dub nation did its best to cheer on the away team. >> reporter: chase center was packed for the watch party. all the fans watched the game on the score board. it was almost like the warriors were playing at home. dub nation got a taste of what it's like to come to a warriors game, a lot of families on hand the cheer on the warriors. >> he's sleeping, but rooting for dub nation. let's go! >> reporter: this place had it all. the electric crowd, in-game entertainment and all the concessions. >> we felt like the game is in the house. we don't feel like they are playing an away game. everything was amazingonight. >> i loved it. it was just love in the house. >> reporter: the only thing they didn't get was a warriors win. >> we have confidence in the
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team and the coaches and curry. let's go dub nation! >> win or lose, i wanted to be here. >> reporter: another watch party will be held on friday, same place, same time, 6:00. at chase center, andrea nakano, kpix 5. the warriors were never really in control. so that left the fans during most of this game feeling uneasy interviewing warriors fans in a tsunami of bostonian euphoria is a fine line between bravery and stupid. >> this was a test game for them. >> celtics won the game. >> reporter: the measure of the noise level inside td garden more than 110 decibels, as loud
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as a chainsaw. >> the crowd was hostile. >> they can't win here, they can't. this is one of the best i've ever been to. it was loud. it was very loud. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling pretty upset, pretty distraught. i'm trying to be polite because it could be 18 more years until you guys are back. >> in boston, kit do, kpix 5. the first of six public hearings today. the insurrection led to the death of five police officers. we're at the capitol with a preview. >> reporter: the select house committee hearings on the january 6th insurrection are expected to stretch out over weeks. during six scheduled sessions, the panel is set to present witness accounts and videos from the violent day that shocked the nation nearly a year and a half ago. images and exhibits from the days leading up to the attack on
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the capitol will be made public pour the first time. >> i can't say that certainly one of the themes we'll be fleshing out is the fact that in advance of the 6th, that there was an understanding of the propensity for violence that day. >> reporter: committee members are expected to hear from a u.s. capitol police officer and a filmmaker who documented movements around the capitol that morning. the panel has issued dozens of subpoenas including to former white house officials and allies of former president trump who were involved in planning the rally at the ellipse just before the capitol attack. the insurrection came as mr. trump refused to concede the 2020 election. an estimated 2,000 rioters breached the capitol building in an effort to stop lawmakers from certifying joe biden's white house victory. the nine-member committee is made up of seven democrats and two republicans. many gop lawmakers have been sharply critical of the panel, calling it overly partisan. >> this committee is not about
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seeking the truth. it is a smear campaign against president donald trump. >> reporter: in its work the committee has interviewed about a thousand witnesses and received 140,000 documents in connection with the attack. dep bra agent roane, cbs washington. we'll have live coverage streaming on cbs news bay area. yesterday house democrats passed a package of gun control laws. the measure likely will not clear the senate due to republican opposition to stricter gun control. as cities across the bay area raise the rainbow flag for pride month, we're taking a look back at where it started.
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>> reporter: go to any pride parade and you'll see them, rainbow flags everywhere in a sea of joy. they hold a special meeting for 17-year-old dante. >> it reminds me of first coming out, of first discovering this community. >> reporter: to discover the roots of the flag, go no further than the story of gilbert baker. >> gilbert baker who created the rainbow flag was such a unique person. >> he was gender queer before there was gender queer. >> reporter: jeff she hee and charley beal, an award-winning art director for film and tv both knew gilbert. >> gilbert was a true artist. >> reporter: born and raised in kansas, as a child he loved art and fashion design which in a conservative state caused some problems. at one point gilbert got drafted into the army. >> he threw down his gun and refused to carry. they made him a corpsman. they wouldn't kick him out. so he was a medic. >> reporter: that's how gilbert
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ended up in san francisco. once here he came out of the closet and met harvey milk. in 1978 milk asked him to design a new symbol for the lgbtq community just in time for pride. >> the first thing he decided was this new symbol should be a flag. up until then people used the pink triangle which was put upon us by the nazis, though some people were trying to reclaim it or rebrand it, gilbert thought it was a downer. >> reporter: gilbert was drawn to the power of flags. he felt rainbow would cover everyone. >> they created these two magnificent 30 by 60 foot rainbow flags that went up on june 25th 1978 at united nations plaza in san francisco and the rest di, he presentne to rothrld.15 t thaiident w inhankorg lohen gay marriage was
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legalized. the flag has become a symbol of equality as well as sanctuary. >> places where just that little rainbow sticker on a cafe or a store means you're safe here regardless of your sexual orientation or gender identity. >> reporter: dante who is queer takes nothing for granted. the student plans on advocating for more equality, especially in communities of color. that said, it's time to raise a flag and celebrate pride. >> i think it's important to celebrate pride the same way it's important to celebrate anything. to keep hope and to keep community. sara conchey, kpix 5. if you have unpaid bridge tolls, you may run into a roadblock in the dmv. the bay area news group reports the toll authority that runs the seven state-owned bridges is about to tack $184 million in o olidls registration renewals. the individual amounts owed range from $22 to more than
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$1,600. the toll authority says it' g ntlan f people with very low> if you wa altogether, b.a.r.t. will be slashing fares by 50% in parto lebre th transit agency's 50th anniversary and to lure more riders back after the pandemic plummet. weekday ridership is still just about 35% of what it used to be. 4:41 the time now. a man in jail after investigators say he set fire to a santa clara county church. the pastor's surprising message. many of the products you buy are not just getting more expensive, they're getting smaller. why you may be getting less bang for your buck.
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stocks on wall street pulled back yesterday. the dow dropped 269 points ending below 33,000.
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the nasdaq tumbled nearly 90 points until shares fell more than 5% and s&p 500 fell 44 points. ed piper has more on today's business headlines. >> it's postponing a shareholder meeting of the proposed merger with frontier airline's parent company until the end of the month. the meeting is being pushed back from friday as spirit considers a competing bid from jetblue. jetblue boosted its takeover offer this week and calls the delay a necessary first step for genuine negotiations with spirit's board. meta, the company formerly known as facebook is changing its stock symbol today. it begins trading under the symbol meta. the symbol was fb since the stock's initial public offering in 2012. facebook rebranded itself as meta in october. the company is switching focus
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to virtual reality and immersive experiences. workers are taking down mcdonald's golden arches across russia why a new owner plans to rebrand them under a different name. they shuttered stores in march after the company invaded ukraine. the new owners plan to reopen in moscow's push kin square this weekend. that's where russia opened the first mcdonald's store in 1990 after the fall of the soviet union. at the cbs broadcast center, i'm matt pieper. this morning investigators say a fire that destroyed part of a historic san jose church was intentionally set. kpix 5's katie nielsen says the congregation is focused on faith. >> reporter: st. paul's prides itself on being a progressive church, welcoming everyone from the down area with a strong focus on homeless outreach
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including providing free lunches during the week. that's why it was especially difficult to hear a homeless man was arrested, accused of starting today's fire. sunlight came streaming in through a hole firefighters cut in the church's route as ann clark got her first look inside the sanctuary. >> it's shocking and horrible and sad. we've been members here for over 40 years. >> reporter: she lives only a few blocks from the church, a church where she and her husband worship every sunday. she heard the fire trucks around 2:30 this afternoon right after an employee called 911 reporting smoke in the sanctuary. the fire spread quickly. fierlts were able to get the flames knocked down not long after they arrived, but the damage had already been done. eaustive.f things lost t t but the most important thing survived, intangible but intact, like faith. >> the spirit of the church is more important.
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the building is just a building. the spirit is still here. >> reporter: and also this church community's capacity for forgiveness, especially after finding out investigators think this fire was intentionally set by a homeless man, zaary wills. sad, just sad. that's more of the sadness of it. why do we have unhoused people in the most wealthy nation in the world. >> reporter: they'll continue to hold sunday services with a number of other churches in the area reaching out offering them space to worship. in san jose, katie nielsen, kpix 5. >> we talked a lot lately about how much more you're paying at the grocery store. how do you notice how much less you're getting? it's called shrinkflation. manufacturers are quietly shrinking package sizes without lowering prices. take a look at the two packs of toilet paper. the new rolls are short more
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than 100 sheelts. the manufacturer says high labor and material costs are to blame. >> when there are periods of high inflation like we're in now, we see more manufacturers choosing, instead of raising the price, to make the products a little bit smaller. >> shrinkflation is not new. other products that have foods, candy, cereal and household products. >> those chip bags, not much in those either. shouldn't be eating them anyway, right? 4:48 is the time. let's get a check ofeaer a traffic. >> we'll start with first alert meteorologist jessica burch and the heat that's on the way. >> it's on the way. a today it's warming up significantly. right now we're still sitting in the low 60s near concord. upper 50s near san jose, low 50s near san francisco. let's dive straight into what we can expect in the afternoon hours. daytime highs today in the
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legislator valley into the upper 80s, lower 90s. a very similar trend as we head closer to walnut creek where yesterday we were sitting in the low 80s. today low 90s. only getting warmer as we head into the tomorrow's forecast. the same trend also for san francisco where we get into the low 70s. it's a warm day across the board for our bay area, but a little cooler there, significantly actually because of the onshore flow. we're drying up a lot as we head into the next couple days, due to high pressure pushing its way from offshore. the onshore flow will stay significant. look how low we drop. this is just in the morning hours for friday, heading into the afternoon it drops to around 20% in our hills. if you suffer from allergies, that's kind of the reason that's happening. we're getting into the high section, not only for friday, but saturday, also, and we'll start diving down as we head into the next workweek. the national weather service issued two advisories, one a heat advisory for the orange
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countys on the map. we're also dealing with an excessive heat warning for the highlighted pink zones on this m map. on the bright side, a nice weekend. friday we heat up into the highest temperatures, but san jose gets up to 95 degrees. we jump right back down to 75 on sunday. we cool down significantly. it's a short-lived system. i've been stressing that all week long. we're dealing with some record-breaking temperatures. we are expecting to get into the triple digits by friday, cooling off into the 70s by sunday. take advantage of this weekend, it's still going to be beautiful. we'll keep you updated in the weather center. >> a lot of people might be headed to the coast when you see those inland temps right now it's already busy for commuters heading into the altamont pass. one of our caltrans cameras, you can see it's stacked up already this morning.
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this is always our busiest start to the morning commute, and it begins well before 4:30. if you're a super commuter, you know what to expect. busy right through there. making it all the way towards that altamont pass area. also you'll see brake lights there. travel times, 30 minutes to go from 205, 580 towards the dublin interchange. keep that in mind. a live look at the dublin interchange. you can see things are definitely a little sluggish as well. getting extra volume there this morning. wind advisory for the altamont and for the bay bridge as well. so heads up. if you're in a larger, more high profile vehicle, delays not existent for the ride into san francisco. here is charlie with sports. the warriors' bigger star, the superstar suffers an injury in game three and the celtics fight back. they needed this one bat and they got it.
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there's a lot of concern for the warriors due to an injury to
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one of their biggest stars. critical game three in boston, winner halfway to an nba title. all celtics in the first half. jayson tatum drives in on steph cu curry. it's 56-49. golden state cut the deficit to ten. jaylen brown had 27, but like the first two games, here comes the dubs. klay thompson made it 79-69. five minutes left in the third. curry pulls up, hits from deep and harford is called for a flagrant foul for not giving steph a place to land. curry had two free-throws. they also kept possession and otto porter jr. with a fall-away three. it was a two-point game. a minute later, curry, having another triple. it's 83-82 dubs, their first
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lead since it was 2-0. steph had 31. boston always found a response. back up four, grant williams, the corner three, celtics up four. warriors outrebounded 47-31. marcus smart misses from the corner. williams grabs it. there's the offensive rebound, 102-91. with four minutes left, scramble for the ball. horford landed on curry's leg. he got up limping but stayed in the game. golden state will know more about an injury tomorrow if there is any injury. boston winners, 116-100 to take a 2-1 series lead. >> figure out how it feels tomorrow. i don't feel like i'll miss a game. take advantage of these next 48 hours and get y. do you feel yo? >> like [ bleep ]. i was soft. that's what was most disappointing to me. >> he had a tough game, but i trust draymond as much as i trust anybody.
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he always bounces back. >> we'll be better. i'll be better. >> i have all the confidence in the world in draymond green. as long as i see him and andre and the young bucks, i think we'll have a great night friday night. news for the san francisco giants, joey bart has been sent down to aaa sacramento. let's see if he can figure out and regain his form, figure out his swing down there, batting just a buck 56 in the majors this season and struck out in half of his at-bats. to the game last night, it was a good one at oracle park. the giants had the rockies. the kid with the rally cap as the game went into extras. tied at one in the tenth. donovan walton was going to hold at third, but blackmon over ran the ball, walton comes waltzing in to score the winning run. the giants walk it off winning 2-1. the a's were in atlanta.
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san jose native jared khan nid made his major league dubai. austin riley connects, a two-run homer to make it 5-2 atlanta. they went on to win 13-2. the a's lost eight straight. the golden state warriors israeli the series 2-1 against the boston celtics. the celtics are halfway to an nba championship, a massive and pivotal game four is coming up on friday, a 9:07 tip. that does it for me from td garden. i'm charlie walter. the time is 4:57. scorching temperatures coming for the bay area. new troubles over the sinking sidewalks of mission ba
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the warriors lose game three in boston. the dubs determination to move ahead and tie up the finals tomorrow. a live look from san francisco. first alert meteorologist jessica burch is stracking the heat for us. the congregation focused on faith and forgiveness after a fire destroyed their historic san jose church. good morning, it's thursday, june 9th. i'm len kiese. >> i'm amanda starrantino. let's start with first alert meteorologist jessica burch who will fill us in on this warmup. >> it's warming up indeed, amanda. if you feel like it's hot outside, brace for tomorrow. we're heating up significantly as we head into our friday forecast. on the bright shied, a short-lived system. once we extend into the weekend, looking beautiful. a live look from the salesforce tower cam. you see a little bit of partly cloudy conditions just in the bay area. here is our day time highs. i want to dive straight into


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