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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  June 10, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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while walking down 64th avenue around this time last night. police say another person was also shot and is in the hospital, but expected to recover. police say while they don't know who targeted the boy or why, they do know that a high-powered rifle was used, and police chief lauren armstrong says that the community needs to take a stand. >> obviously, when you have a 16-year-old child that is gunned down in broad daylight, it is alarming. it is concerning, and it's hur hurtful. it's hurtful to this community. obviously emotions are high. family is distraught. so this is what violence, the type of violence that has no business in our community. this shooting appears to be something that we didn't expect from all accounts, this was a young man that was a good kid. >> city leaders are also concerned that as the weather heats up this summer, things
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will only get worse. >> it's only getting warmer the rest of the summer. we have to cool things down. we have to figure out ways to not just pull guns off of the streets, which we're doing with gun buyback programs and minimizing and making ghost guns illegal, but we also have to impact those who are making decisions. we're never going to get all the guns off the streets. >> and not far from that murder, neighbors in the fruitvale district say they're seeing an uptick in gun violence as well. >> they shared several surveillance video of recent shootings, including this brazen murder in broad daylight. they told kpix 5's da lin what they want the city to do to restore safety. >> reporter: neighbors say there have been at least three shootings near this intersection in the fruitvale district in the last six weeks. they no longer feel safe leaving their home. neighbors say this recent homicide brought them any sense of safety in their community. >> i always make sure i have some kind of weapon, like a
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pepper spray or a little baton. something that's become our norm is feeling like you always have to be ready to fight. which is a horrible feeling. >> reporter: renee, who declined to provide her last name, has lived in the fruitvale district for 20 years. >> and i used to walk. i didn't have a car. i rode my bike, walked everywhere. not anymore. it happened on may 12. three people try to rob a vending cart and two customers at the corner of foothill boulevard and 35th avenue. when the customers fought back, a gunman shot a man close range in the head. oakland police say he died at the hospital. >> it's a horrible. this man died waiting to get food, to get fried chicken and french fries. >> reporter: renee says there were two recent describes near the food cart as well. the latest on sunday. you see at least one shot hit the sidewalk and sent customers running. the local councilman says police have not arrested anyone in those recent shootings. on wednesday, someone in a car came back and used his fingerers
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to gesture they would shoot at the customers. >> i used to not really be able to establish between a gunshot and fire crackers. now i can tell, because i hear gunshots so often. >> reporter: councilman knoll guy owes says the police force is down by roughly 100 officer, and allied agencies have staffing issues as well and can't help as much. >> for me, the only alternative i have left is to call out the national guard. have the governor send out the national guard, help us protect the streets in the evening. >> are you joking? >> i'm not joking. >> reporter: but he admits more police won't stop the crisis. he says the city needs to offer young people opportunities before they pick up a gun. gallo also wants families to step up and provide a better family structure for young people. as for renee, she says they need help fast. >> criminals just seem to think it's a free-for-all, just to come out and there is no consequences. they won't get caught. >> reporter: gallo says he recently urged the mayor to get the governor to send the national guard. he hasn't heard anything back.
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only the mayor's office can make that request. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. now to the fire watch. on a day with scorching temperatures, fire crews are on high alert, stamping out multiple small fires like this one near happy hollow park in san jose. and just minutes ago, we learned a second brushfire south of brentwood is now 80% contained. broke out less than an hour after crews contained a 200 acre fire nearby. this one is burning on both sides of vasco road near the intersection of marsh creek road and walnut boulevard. at last check, it torched 50 acres. it is a personal weather alert day. fremont we saw plenty of people braving the heat and trying to get some shade. while in san jose, people are flocking to raging waters, hoping to get a little bit of relief. and taking a live look at oakland right now, the east bay is seeing some of the hottest temperatures. first alert meteorologist
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paul heggen. any records that we've broken so far? feels like we should. >> surprisingly, no. that just tells you how hot the records are this time of year. livermore got up to 100 degrees. the record is 108. at least we weren't that hot. hot enough that definitely justified today being a first alert weather day. 103 in fairfield. 100 on the nose in livermore. upper 90s in napa. above 90 in hayward. even oakland got up to 90 degrees. and half moon bay touched 70 degrees. current temperatures have started to back down, but still in the 90s in santa rosa, in fairfield, concord and livermore. mid 80s in san jose. temperatures around the bay have backed down into the 70s. 60s along the coast. we still have the heat advisory for most inland parts of the bay area with the temperatures still in the 90s. that goes through 10:00 this evening. temperatures will back down the rest of tonight. new advisories tomorrow except the excessive heat warning for solano county. temperatures tomorrow will still be hot inland. still warm around the bay. but closer to reasonably hot for the middle of june. only 10 to 12 degrees above
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average for the warmest spots. mid 90s in concord. it will feel nice compared to the triple-digit heat of today. still need to exercise caution, make sure you're staying safe in the heat of the afternoon. big drop in temperatures on sunday. we'll take a look at that and the full forecast in a few minutes. >> paul, thanks. for a look at temperatures and conditions in your area during this heatwave, head to our website, now under way in san jose to keep a program that brings hot food to the homeless. as len ramirez report, the funding is due to run out at the end of this month. len? >> reporter: well, this particular program brought hot meals to people who live in some of the hardest to reach areas, areas without other programs. now all of those people could go hungry. the hardship of living on the streets is made just a bit more bearable when volunteers come into the camps to deliver hot, freshly prepared meals. >> today we have meet ball, egg and mixed vegetable.
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>> reporter: the hello angels foundation picked up food prepared by team san jose and spent the afternoon giving it away. >> it is very important for the unhoused people to get food from this program right here because right now everything is very high for us, especially food. >> reporter: but nguyen's group and another called the unhoused response group which used the program just found funding for it runs out at the end of june. it was part of the federal c.a.r.e.s. act that is now winding down. >> it's federal money that was for the pandemic during the emergency. but homelessness was the original emergency. and somebody somewhere let this happen without warning us, without saying hey, we need to find another source of money. >> reporter: shawn cartwright says the looming cutoff gives advocates little time to find donors to pick up the slack. she hopes the city or county can step in to keep the program going, which costs less than a million dollars a year to feed people like louise. >> and finally when somebody
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drops some food off, i don't like what's in there, but i eat it because i'm starving. >> reporter: distributing food also gives advocates an opportunity to help the unhoused in other ways such as monitoring health care. they hope to keep the program going because for some, there is no such thing as regular meals. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. police seized more than 65 illegal guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition from the san jose home of a homicide suspect. the stash of weapons includes 25 assault weapons and two privately made firearms or ghost guns. two pistols were also reported stolen. >> every firearm that we receive from a criminal or from a drug dealer is one less assault, one less fired shot, one less homicide. and that is the most important reality that we're facing today. >> officers found the weapons after serving a search warrant at the home of 38-year-old vu
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thai on war admiral avenue. they arrested him on saturday in connection with the deadly shooting on monterey road. still ahead on kpix 5 and "cbs news bay area," the start of juneteenth celebrations kicking off across the bay area. we'll go inside san francisco city hall to see how things got start and let you know about other celebrations happening in the lead-up to the 19th. >> this was a snapshot in one person's life who dealt with, you know, the monumental task of cleaning up an oil spill in 1971, but also dealing with racial discrimination at the time. >> and a sneak peek at a new bay area movie set to premiere tonight that tells the often
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we have a report that a large ship hit the golden gate bridge. >> we're going to need every truck we can muster, cleaning up a million barrels of crude. >> that's the trailer for a new movie called "i'm charlie walker." the locally produced film premiers tonight, and it tells the story of a last chapter of bay area history. >> kpix 5 spoke with the director and actor of the film. >> based on a true bay area story of 50 years ago. environmental disaster strikes. a trucker sees an opportunity to help out, but is challenged in the process because of the color of his skin.
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>> charlie walker. >> get that damn oil off the beach. >> yes, sir. >> "i'm charlie walker" takes us balcony to january 1971 when two oil tankers collided under the golden gate bridge and spewed 800,000 gallons of oil into the water. but the disaster meant opportunity for charlie walker, a black trucker who up until then couldn't get any work. >> may i help you? >> i'm the contractor who is go to cle u thame >> you can't be the boss. >> why? because i'm black? >> at the time it was the least desirable operation. >> typical charlie walker. he saw an opportunity and he took advantage. >> reporter: former mayor willie brown was good friends with walker then and still is today. he also has a role in the film. >> i cannot wait for it. i'm looking forward to it. >> reporter: the story portrays a san francisco that looks drastically different than it does today. >> it was a time period when we, black people, were making the transition into no longer being
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legally barred from anything, but there is still a condition out there of people who didn't believe that's the way the world ought to be. >> reporter: as he was trying to clean the beach, they were trying to get him out of there, because he was not the face and the figurehead they wanted to see as the cleanup. >> reporter: patrick gillis is the writer/director. >> it's a bit of a history lesson. it's also a nice story about one person's struggles, a snapshot in their life and hopefully it will be moving for some people to see it. >> reporter: after 30 days on the job at stinson beach, walker took home around $5 million. he's now in his late 80s, living in san francisco. >> i took care of my family. ar o my mother and my i hice h. th did with the money. but people say money won't make you happy. but it sure made me happy. >> reporter: in san francisco, max darrow, kpix 5. >> "i am are charlie walker"
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premieres tonight at the roxy in the mission. there will be a screening tomorrow night in san rafael at the rafael theater there will be a q&a session at both shows. it is on streaming platforms as well. juneteenth celebration happening today across the bay area and all week long in the run-up to the newest federal holiday. today the human rights commission and mayor london breed held a juneteenth kickoff celebration to commemorate the end of slavery in the u.s. the mayor and other speakers stressing how this new holiday presents an opportunity to learn and try to make changes today. >> celebrating freedom day, celebrating freedom, but also presenting a new -- a renewed call to action. waning to see things changed for the african american community. >> and there are several other early celebrations happening this weekend as well. you can find more information about them on our website at
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let's get back to our first alert weather now. no matter where you are, there is really no escape from the heat today. but it's definitely worse in some parts of the bay area than others. >> first alert meteorologist paul heggen here. hopefully they're going taper off this weekend. >> temperatures will back down a little tomorrow. and then sunday. >> hard drop. >> crater. we're going to be below average by sunday afternoon, which is going to feel startling compared to today's heat. but we are in for some relief. just not quite yet. heat advisory continues through 10:00 for inland parts of the bay area. still an excessive heat warning for solano county again tomorrow. it's still going to be very warm to hot inland on saturday. just not as dangerously hot as today. cooler across the board on sunday. and even a chance for a little bit of drizzle, maybe a passing shower along the coast and for the north bay on sunday. but that's still down the line. right now plenty of sunshine out there. temperatures are still hot inland. 91 concord. 92 liver in order. 95 still in santa rosa. san jose is back down to 85 degrees. and it's in the 70s in san
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francisco and oakland. temperatures later on tonight, they drop down to the 50s around the bay and along the coast. but mostly low to mid-60s by early saturday morning. another warmer than average start. it is going to be a warm day, not as warm. not as dangerously hot. into the low 60s along the coast with mostly 80s inland. the hot spots reaching up to 90 already by lunchtime. and you'll be the hot spots in the afternoon. highs around the bay and the coast happen by 2:00. mid-60s along the coast. low 70s in san francisco with low to mid-80s for oakland and the east bay. those numbers back down a little bit with the stronger onshore breeze while inland still up into the 90s. but just backing way from the triple digit territory in most spots. the good news for katie and the dog walking forecast is the temperatures in danville aren't going to be as hot. the bad news is still too hot. an afternoon walk is not a good idea tomorrow. temperatures are going to be pretty comfortable in the morning. so get out early saturday if that's on your agenda, or wait until closer to sunset for a walk. keep in mind whether it's taking
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the dogs for a walk or sending the kids out to the playground, anything that is outdoors in the sun is going to heat up rapidly. when air temperatures reach up into the mid-90s, concrete reaches 125 degrees. asphalt reaches 140 degrees. paw burns or skin burns in the case of kids toughing that playground equipment can occur in a matter of minutes. do the five-second test. if you can't put your bare hand for five seconds, don't walk your dogs on that surface. the fire danger is elevated again tomorrow. not to start the day and still okay by noon. but we are going to see some higher values in our fire danger index. only about hatchway up the scale. today 6 or 7 on the fire index. a couple of notches lower. should be substantially lower on sunday with a chance for a few showers north of the golden gate on sunday. about a one in three chance of even a trace of moisture. middle of june, we'll take what we can get. but even the most optimistic forecast models are adding up a couple hundreds of an inch of rain. north of the golden gate and along the coast. something to keep in mind if
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you're heading out the stern grove. it might feel damp sunday afternoon but that's typical. temperatures are going to stay similar on sunday once we cool off sunday. we climb again next week. especially farther inland. up to 90 degrees wednesday in san jose. into the low 90s tuesday and wednesday for inland pars telephone east bay. but then we go right back down. so another roller coaster ride, just not quite as steep with the ups and downs as we go through next week. >> thanks, paul. and for a look at temperatures and conditions in your area during the heatwave, just head to our website at charlie walter here at td garden alongside larry legend. and coming up after the break in sports, we're telling you why these boston celtics fans do not like this current golden state warriors team. 1 to 10 what is your level of
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so last time boston won an nba title was back in 2008. and back then, i don't think many fans of the celtics had any disdain towards the golden state warriors. after all, they had won one play-off series in about 15 years. but right now this franchise to this city, they're the ultimate villains. >> with chidropping f-bombs wit
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children in the crowd, classy, boston. >> known for their passionate but ruthless fan bases. >> the garden fans don't hold back. that's what you love about them. >> reporter: one thing that's clear, these fans don't like the warriors right now. >> i'm tired of seeing them win all the time. it's nice to see my team go up against them. >> reporter: but when did this disdain towards the dubs truly begin? >> just because of this series. they're playing our team. we hate everybody that plays our team. >> i'm a huge curry fan. i think he is one of the best players in the league right now. i used to like him. i used to like all of them. now curry is a little shaky with me. >> steph curry is a really likable guy, one of the more likable in the nba you would think. do you hate on him? >> no. i like his mother, but i don't like him. >> reporter: who do you guys dislike more, the new york yankees or the golden state warriors? >> warriors 100%. >> i like steph curry's game. i like klay thompson's game.
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i really don't like draymond. he gets under my skin. >> if you were on the street choking on a chicken bone and the only person in sight was draymond green works you call for his help? >> absolutely not, not a chance. >> if you were in this terminal choking on a chicken wing and the only personal in site was draymond green, would you call for his help or give yourself the old cpr? >> i'm pretty happy with what i've accomplished over my life. i think i could go ahead and pass and see what's on the other side. >> reporter: back in the bay area, the dodgers are public enemy number one. it's the first time l.a.'s been in town since the nlds last october. giants are 6 1/2 back. >> there another new england team coming to town. stanford baseball is hosting connecticut in the best of three-game series beginning tomorrow with the winner moving on to omaha for the college world series. the commanders find offensive coordinator jack del rio $100,000 for his comments this week. the former raiders head coach referred to january 6th as a little dust-up. washington will donate the money
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to the u.s. capitol police memorial fund. and steve kerr will need to hire another assistant coach this summer as kenny atkinson is heading to the charlotte hornets to become their new head coach. liz and ryan, i'll send it back to you. >> can't wait the watch tonight. >> and f-bombs aside, you got to appreciate the boston fans. >> they're passionate. >> they are some of the most passionate sports fans in the entire country. >> and they are not fair weather fans. >> no. they live and die with their team. if you're going the lose to a team, that's okay. but warriors are going to win tonight. >> go dubs. up next, it began as a protest and took on a life of its own. behind the scenes, look at the aids mem
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hope, love, pride, presented by waymo. was 1987 when the aids memorial quilt was displayed in washington, d.c. for the first time during the national march for lgbtq rights. >> from there a national 20-city tour of the quilt was launched that raised money for aids research. that quilt made up of more than 50,000 panels is dedicated to more than 100,000 people who died from aids. it weighs more than 54 tons and
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now lives in a san leandro warehouse. but this weekend, the memorial quilt will be on display in san francisco's golden gate park. the free event will feature hundreds of new panels shown to the public for the very first time. >> and you can find all of our stories celebrating pride month. they are on a special pride section of our website on that home page, >> if you're over 21, you can celebrate the oakland zoo's 100th anniversary by cracking open a special beer. ale industries brewed one hundi years. a it's made with black berries and elderflower honey. you can try it at the oakland zoo or the ale industry's tap room in oakland. >> you know your beer. >> i know my german. >> is it light or heavy? >> should it be a lighter beer. >> it has blackberry in. >> it is good for summer. refreshing in the heat. >> there you go.
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thanks for watching at 6:00. the news continues streaming on "cbs news bay area." you can find it on the kpix 5 ap cbs evening n ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, the recession fears growing, with the price of nearly everything going up as inflation hits a new 40-year high. the markets tank as the sticker shock of groceries, gas, rent, sets in, and the economy reacts. plus, the vacation inflation. how much more will your summer trip cost, as airfare, hotel, and car rental prices skyrocket. scolding ivanka. the former president's reaction tonight to his daughter's appearance at the committee. plus, what to expect monday. the new outraging at the uvalde school shooting. tonig


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