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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  June 13, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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waiting to get inside chase center. the center section of thrive city is empty for now, but fans will be led in here momentarily to be able to watch the band. there are lines to get into the restaurants, it is like a party-like atmosphere out here at thrive city. now, while there is a very lively atmosphere, there are also some really nervous fans out here wondering what's going to happen tonight. dove nation knows that this is now a best of three series with this series now tied at two games apiece. and we have team coverage out here tonight. vern glenn is inside chase center, and kenny choi is out here with me at thrive city. of t fan tsorarriors fans as ine cot advtagencegain. party-like atmosphere.
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the band just took a pause as we went live, but, still, fans are having fun. right behind me fans are starting to file into their seats. they do not want to miss a single play. it seems like every stretch during this nba finals run has been critical for each team and all the fans are pumped for this one. ♪ >> we're going to win today, go warriors! >> reporter: warriors fans admit the finals have been ultra competitive. it's no tossup with a star-studded stepping up when it matters but still making some fans nervous ahead of game 5. >> they're already stressing out my mom enough. because she's, like, we're going to lose! i said, keep the faith, keep the faith. >> reporter: universal soul band will strike it up outside chase center to stir up the crowd before the game and maybe late into the night. >> we are here to give the fans life, give them fun, give them
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joy, hype them up before they go inside of the arena, and then when they come out, we make sure to let party hard. >> reporter: the much hyped matchup pitting two of the league's storied franchises has been like a championship boxing match. >> i have to go with the warriors because this alpha right here, he is the ultimate alpha. you know boston's going to come with a big punch, but i'd rather have the warriors give them a bigger punch. >> hope the doves can pull it off hopefully in two games. but boston's really good, both teams are really resilient. >> we ought to come together and represent. we need this san francisco bay area. whoo! go warriors! >> reporter: the series has been fantastic so far. the fans, as they're going to their seats, they're taking selfies. we just found this warriors fan
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who came up with this great sign "internet explorer's faster than jayson tatum of the boston celtics." this one should be a good one. and we hope the warriors pull one out tonight once again. andria, i'll send it back to you. >> reporter: all right. well, kenny, thank you so much. now, here at chase center, i promised you that, ooh, who do i have behind me? hey, guys, how are you? these fans are definitely ready. now, i thought vern was inside chase center, but he is actually outside. and we're hoping that game 6 comes to play in game 5 tonight, vern? >> hey, dre, i'm just one of the legions of fans out here in this sea of humanity. ain't it something? very historical day here in the bay area sports landscape.
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three years ago today, of the giants tossed a perfect game three years ago today, well, let me put it this way, of all the guys that are grateful to be in this moment to play this game, it would be klay thompson. klay thompson on friday a nice one in boston. he had a big three with four minutes left to put the warriors on top for good friday night. thompson has had plenty of post-season moments. again, three years ago, he injured his knee in the nba finals. and the warriors ended up losing the game and the series. and we know it was the beginning of a long road back for klay. >> wow, what a time three years ago. just goes by fast. >> hopefully we can get this job done and pay homage to that three-year journey actually leading to something truly special. >> will you take a special moment just to appreciate how far you've come over these last
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three years and how hard it's been for you? >> maybe for a second. but then when i step on that court i want to win any means necessary. i don't care how ugly or pretty it is. let's just win, protect our home court. i'm not going to sing kumbaya or anything, it's just about winning. >> reporter: the other guys are the boston celtics. wouldn't it be nice if the fabled game 6 klay became the game 5 klay with a breakout game to help curry in the scoring column? >> reporter: yeah, that would be the ideal scenario here tonight. i mean, it's been a tough road for these warriors to return from the finals in 2019 when we saw that horrific injury to klay thompson. then they lost kevin durant and steph curry had a hand injury the year after. to now find that right balance between the youth and the veterans and to be back here again is just amazing. we will have much more from thrive city coming to you at
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5:30. but until now, back to you guys in the studio. >> love the energy out there. thank you, andria. [ bell ringing ] much more disappointing news here. a stock selloff. it was a brutal day on wall street. the s&p officially in a bear market after dropping more than 20% from its january peak, really rough year. at one point the dow was down more than a thousand points before finishing 876. the s&p fell 151. a market watch reporter told kpix 5 the latest inflation report is fueling this selloff. >> the market had broadly been based on this idea that there was inflation. and there was a lot riding on this number being lower and that didn't happen. >> bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, also taking a nose dive. it tumbled 15% over the last 24 hours. at one point it dropped below $23,000. that is the lowest level since
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december of 2020. the price settled at just over 23,000. since this weekend, more than $200 billion has been wiped from the entire crypto market. coming up at 6:00, andria borba takes a closer look at the impact and what's behind that drop. giving you a live look at the nation's capitol with the house panel investigating the january 6th riot kicked off. the first of three hearings this week. some key details were revealed at today's hearing. natalie? >> reporter: and, ryan, bay area congresswoman zoe lofgren played a key role during today's hearing. she conducted the questioning of the witnesses and also made the case that the committee was trying to stress today that the former president, despite being told repeatedly that claims of election fraud were baseless, congressman lofgren says he pushed those claims and urged his supporters to fight.
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the house select committee investigating january 6th focused monday on what they call the big lie. >> he falsely told the american people that the election was not legitimate. millions of americans believed him. >> reporter: multiple taped interviews showed the former president's closest aides told him he had lost the election. yet, mr. trump continued to make false claims of election fraud. >> i thought, boy, if he really believes this stuff, he has lost contact with -- he's become detached from related. >> reporter: testimony also included former trump campaign manager bill stepien who was not able to testify in person after his wife went into labor. >> i didn't think what was happening was necessarily honest or professional at that point in time. that led to me stepping away. >> reporter: the first in-person witness monday firefox news political editor chris
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stirewald. >> our poll in arizona was beautiful. and it was doing just what we wanted it to do, and it was cooking up just right. >> reporter: the second witness panel featured former officials from georgia and pennsylvania who also refuted the former president's claims of election fraud after they were asked to investigate. >> not only was there not evidence of 8,000 dead voters voting in pennsylvania, there wasn't evidence of eight. >> reporter: former philadelphia city commissioner detailed threats. >> the threats became much more specific, included members of my family by name, ages, address, pictures of our home. rrngts a committee investigator said the trump campaign raised around $250 million off of false election fraud claims and misled voters as to how the funds would be used. >> you mentioned that congresswoman zoe lofgren led the way with tough questions. she has quite a bit of experience at this role.
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>> reporter: she really does. she's in the unique position of having participated in the past four impeachment proceedings dating back to nixon as a staffer, and then the last two proceedings against former president trump. now, this is a different type of situation, a different type of investigation. but essentially the same type of work where this committee is trying to lay out their case before the american public. now, today following the hearing, chair bennie thompson and congressman lofgren were asked about the justice department and whether the former president should be investigated or perhaps even indicted. chair thompson said that right now the committee is focused on completing its fwork releasing its report which is expected in the fall and said it's up to the justice department to make that call. congressman lofgren adding that they are the legislators, the justice department is the
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prosecutors, ryan. >> thank you very much, natalie brand reporting live from our nation's capitol. still ahead on kpix 5 streaming on news bay area, what's in the package that members of both parties agreed to. a new proposed budget in san jose. how the mayor wants to spend the extra dollars. the foot patrols that could be coming to your neighborhood. and finding acceptance on the court. the dodge ball league that's giving lgbtq athletes a space to have fun and be themselves. beautiful weather today to start off the new work week. blue skies overhead, temperatures almost exactly where we're supposed to be in the middle of june. but we do have a warmup. i'm tracking the details in the first alert forecast.
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san jose police say a security guard was killed after trying to break up an argument. it all happened at an apartment complex in north san jose near river oaks park over the weekend. police say a couple was arguing in the parking lot. the security guard tried to
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intervene. that's when the man shot the guard, then shot and killed the mother of his children before turning the gun on himself. >> trying to do the right thing, sees somebody in distress and wants to go help and intervene. and unfortunately the suspect committed a very heinous act and killed them. >> reporter: the idea of the guard has not been released. the couple had six children. police say they're now living with their grandmother. san jose police also arresting this man wanted for murder in chicago. investigators say ranel spencer was wanted in connection for a shooting near san jose state. it all happened on march 27th. one person was killed. spencer's still in custody in chicago awaiting extradition. police have not released a motive for that killing. well, speaking of crime in san jose, let's take a live look there right now. the mayor says some of these crimes that have been happening there lately have been preventible through community policing. kpix 5 talked to local leaders on why stepping up funding for
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foot patrols could make a difference. >> reporter: for the first time in a long time, the overall budget picture in san jose has improved and one of the big things the mayor wants to do in his final year is get more officers out on the streets and literally walking the beats. san jose police officers out on foot patrols. it's been decades since it was part of an officers' routine duties. and now it's what mayor sam liccardo wants to see more of. >> where officers will be building relationships and trust in the community. they will have talked to residents and business owners rather than having them drive around and patrol cars. >> reporter: the budget includes funding to add 20 officers to the sjpd, many of which will be deployed throughout the city on foot patrols. it also adds four officers to the department's mobile crisis assessment team which pairs officers with mental health professionals to better respond to those emergencies, unlike many cities san jose never de-funded the police, which led to protests and graffiti vandalism at liccardo's downtown
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home. >> we are going to continue to invest in our police because we know it's important to our community. but we're also going to be pushing for a lot of reforms, as we already there, and we're going to continue to push. >> reporter: san jose police had no official comment on the mayor's plans, but neighbors said foot patrols could help increase their own patrol and help rebuild trust. >> we go to school sometimes till 7:00 at night. and sometimes it's scary walking to our cars. >> if you start seeing police, then you feel like they are people, too. >> i've been in san jose since 1965. >> reporter: one neighbor says he remembers foot patrols from decades ago that helped cut down on drug dealing on the streets. >> there were foot patrols before, and i appreciate them because they were doing their job. >> reporter: in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. a mugshot of nancy pelosi's husband has just been released. chp arrested her husband last month in napa county on suspicion of driving under the influence. authorities took him into custody after a crash involving
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a porsche and a jeep. pelosi posted bail after spending the night in jail. the napa county d.a.'s office is still looking into the space. house speaker nancy pelosi has not commented. search is on for two people who attacked a city council man in san francisco. he was walking with e when two men through a concrete block and hit him in the head. he says they made obscene gestures before running away. he says he reported the case to the u.s. park police, who are now searching for the attackers. a man who climbed over the wall needed to be rescued this morning. it all happened just before 8:00. fire crews say they fastened ropes to him, then pulled him to safety. the man made his way down to the ledge but couldn't climb back on his own. the good news, no one was hurt. so this weekend it was hot. you warned us. >> on saturday. and then yesterday -- >> a little cooler.
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>> there was a big drop sunday, but it was kind of muggy by bay area standards with humidity in the area. even a little bit of drizzle for the north bay. kind of nice that we had a little bit of moisture. that's now in the past. now temperatures are going to warm back up again. we're still riding the temperature rollercoaster as we head through the rest of this week as high pressure levels in the atmosphere continue to build. we're going to see a warming trend on tuesday and wednesday before the next warm system approaches the pacific northwest. it's going to kick in a stronger onshore breeze, and that's going to be the end of this nice little warm spell. we're not talking about a return to triple-digit heat. it'll be quite a bit cooler late this week. there's a chance that the system might even try to squeeze out a couple of showers north of the golden gate on saturday. it is an outside chance even a lower chance than drizzle that we had over the weekend, a few hundredths of an inch of moisture. we'll keep an eye on it as we head throughout the rest of this week. but don't get your hopes up in
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terms of any measurable rainfall. temperatures in san jose are in the mid-70s right now in san jose. upper 70s in livermore. mid-60s in san francisco. but that's normal for this time of year. if you're heading out to the giants game, temperature about an hour and a half from now is going to be maybe one degree cooler. clear skies overhead. a noticeable breeze. and that's going to be the case as we head through the evening until the sun goes down. then those winds are going to relax. should start off pretty calm tomorrow morning, even a brief onshore wind trying to kick off. but that's not going to last too long. the onshore breeze is still going to be with us along the coast. that's going to keep temperatures from warming up too much even though we are going to be a few degrees warmer. and it's not going to be strong enough to push any significant amount of marine air. so temperatures will end up degrees above average. mostly low to mid-50s, the very coolest spots dropping into the
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upper 40s. s we start backing off about 10 to 20-mile-an-hour sustained winds. temperatures in santa rosa have a little more time to warm up. almost 90 degrees inland in sonoma county by tuesday afternoon. temperatures in concord up to about 90 degrees for that afternoon high. it's about six degrees above normal. it's hot but comfortably hot. temperatur temperatures in san jose reaching up to very warm 80s. 60s and 70s around the bay with mostly 80s inland. temperatures should be a few degrees warmer inland on wednesday, while around the bay not much change from tuesday to wednesday. san jose gets close to 90 degrees on wednesday. and then temperatures drop off again down the other side of the temperature rollercoaster. the coolest days are going to be friday and saturday for the entire bay area with
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temperatures slightly below average those two days. and for father's day we warm back up close to what's normal for this time of year, which means upper 70s and low 80s inland, upper 50s along the coast. temperatures will continue warming up into next week. so ups and downs. but this pattern is better than this pattern that we had last week. >> and a little bit of everything for everyone. >> except rain. >> and this just in, paul wants to skip to friday, just like the rest of us. >> that's okay. if i had that hot button, you know, just simulate the rest of the work week. >> back-to-back fridays. still ahead, it's been a long way for parents and kids under 5. a key meeting this week on the covid vaccine and early signs on how well it works. it's something of a food bank for furniture. the first-of-its-kind charity helping bay area families making
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(music throughout)
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a live look now at our nation's capitol where senate lawmakers are starting to draft new federal legislation, the most significant to address gun violence in nearly 30 years. >> i will put this bill on the floor as soon as possible once the text and the final agreement is finalized so the senate can act quickly to make gun safety reform a reality. >> so this bipartisan group of senators reached a framework yesterday. it would provide financial support for states to create or administer red flag laws that would temporarily remove guns from individuals deemed to be a threat. >> this bill doesn't do everything, but it is substantial, it is significant, it will save lives. >> the deal also expands investments in mental health and school safety and enhances background checks for gun buyers under 21. at least ten republicans have signed onto this deal increasing
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its chances for passage before the july 4th holiday recess. on the covid front, a big week for families with children under 5 who have been waiting to get vaccinated. pfizer's three-dose treatment is safe for children. it gave a similar analysis for moderna's two-dose shot. advisers are scheduled to meet on wednesday to consider emergency use authorization for both vaccines and the first shots could be available as soon as june 21st. well, coming up at 5:30, we are live here at thrive city. dove nation is ready for game 5. we're going to get you ready for game 5 at home with live coverage. plus, celebrating pride on the dodge ball court. we introduce you to a bay area league that's giving athletes space to be themselves. >> the reason we have these
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space that's so someone can show up and be 100% who they are. and from a suspected plot targeting a gay pride event to a scary situation at a bay area library, the investigation into two weekend incidents and what
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you're watching kpix 5 news at 5:30. right now kpix 5 streaming on "cbs news bay area." more local news at 5:30. it's like a food bank, but you
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come home with a kitchen table. the local organization tackling problem facing families. how a dodge ball league is giving lgbtq athletes a safe space to be themselves. >> and looking live outside chase center, we're a half hour away from game 5. you can see the crowd is building, and so is the anticipation. we say good evening to you. i'm ryan yamamoto. >> i'm sara donchey. the warriors can pull ahead in the nba finals. very important game to say the least. andrea nakano is in the thick of it. andrea? >> reporter: sara, as dove nation would say, it's almost about that time. and it is getting crazier and crazier here. just take a look behind me. you might also be able to hear the band that is playing now. but the line is moving pretty well into chase center. but there are a lot of people
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packed in here to try to soak in this atmosphere. now, we just looked at some tickets, and the tickets are going tomorrow about $800 just to get into the upper bowl. we talked to many fan who's say they don't care how much they have to pay. they just want to get in and see the game. >> s >> this is warriors home turf. >> expensive, but it's like, you know, you got to enjoy it while you can. steph's not going to play forever. klay's not going to play forever. you have to enjoy it while you can. and on my death bed i'm not going to be worried about that money. i saw steph go for 52 in game 5, you know? >> reporter: now, the warriors want to bring their a-game on the court today. but they're also flexing their fashion muzzles as well. and because of that, one bay area designer is getting a lot of attention. his name is acatunde, and he is
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from oakland


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