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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  June 13, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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d.a.'s office to clear marijuana convictions. >> the program isn't new, but it's about to get a high-tech makeover. >> kit do has more how this could make a huge difference for some people trying to reclaim their lives. >> like you press a button and look a couple minutes later and they are gone. >> reporter: the d.a. is talking about software code, his i.t. wrote that is set to expunge the criminal records of tens of thousands of people automatically:starting this summer it will go into court records and expunges 300 eligible cases much if all golden state well they ramp it up to 10,000 cases a year. >> these people were entitled under the law to have these convictions expunged, but there were barriers and obstacles to doing that like cost and time. but in this way we do it automatically. >> this is like justice silicon valley style. >> i think that's a good way to
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put it. >> reporter: to qualify you must have served your sentence and paid restitution to the victims and gone five years with no new offenses. all misdemeanors qualify except involving violence orl this a v american idea, which is once you have paid your debt to society, we wipe the slate clean and you start over. >> reporter: there has been so much talk about justice reform. fair to say we are seeing it thousand? >> absolutely. >> reporter: a few years ago daniel had his marijuana convictions expunged. he d is it through the traditional court system. this will allow past offenders to avoid the shameful feeling when applying for jobs, apartments, and financial aid. >> to know is that oat is behind you makes that much of a difference in. >> you are left out in different ways. with society really wanting to reintegrate and forgive
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low-level offenders, it makes the world of difference. it's like getting a hug on a cold rainy day. >> reporter: this happens automatically each year. floss netfication system yet. if you think you qualify contact your attorney or the santa clara sheriffs live scan unit. san jose police say the third perp son who died in a double murder/suicide over the weekend was a security guard. it happened near river oaks park early sunday. a couple was arguing in the parking lot. the security guard tried to intervene and that's when the man shot the guard. then shot and killed the mother of his children before turning the gone on himself. >> trying to do the right thing. see somebody in distress and wants to help and intervene. unfortunately, the suspect committed a very heinous act and killed him. >> no names have been release. the couple's six children are living with their grandmother.
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increasing funding for community policing. the city will vote tomorrow, 24 more officers, four who will work in the mental health crisis unit. the mayor sam liccardo says it was allowed officers to give better community through foot patrols, downtown and in other neighborhoods. >> we want to reinitiate the era of community policing where officers it will be building relationships of trust in the community. talk to residents and business owners rather than having them drive around. >> they would operate five days a week butk expanded next year. san jose remains one of the most thinly staffed big city departments in the country. oakland police are investigating a violent cant sacred this video. you can see the victim get out of his vehicle and walk into the market. that's when another man gets inside the car and drives away. the victim tries to stop the
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suspect but is pushed away and then dragged several feet. this happened just before 1:00 yesterday on alice street. the victim suffered several scratches and cuts. the search on for two people who attacked a milbury councilman. a man was walking with his family near land's end when two young men threw a concrete block at him and hit him in the head. he says he reported the case to the u.s. park police but are now searching for the attackers. san francisco police investigating death threats made against state senator scott wiener. the email threat was sent to staff yesterday morning claiming there were bombs at his home and office. police searched both locations. didn't find anything suspicious. he tweeted this message today saying i received lotsds of death threats and have for years. they are mostly about our civil rights work for the lgbtq people and people with hiv. i'll keep fighting.
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death threats notwithstanding. we have a traffic alert to tell you about if you are headed through walnut creek. there is a partial closure along ygnacio valley after a traffic crash took out a power pole between san carlos and bank kroft. pg&e crews are repairing it right now. and the battle over car free streets in san francisco isn't over yet. a ballot measure in the works to bring cars back to jfk drive and golden gate park as well as the great highway. a disability advocate is behind the effort to qualify the measure for the november ballot. in april supervisors voted to make jfk drive car-free permanently. the great highway is only shut down to vehicle traffic on the weekends. nurses plan to go on a two-day strike later this month. they claim the hospital hasn't addressed critical patient care and supply issues. that strike starts june 22nd. we have reached out to the hospital for comment but so far have not heard back.
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still to come, crypto collapse. >> my total portfolio for crypto is down to 10 grand. >> expensive day for owners of bitcoin. why cryptocurrency prices took a nosedive today. vandals hitting the great outdoors. the search for whoever tagged more than two dozen sites at yosemite national park. and napa county struggling for funds when it comes to wildfire prevention. the money was banking on that failed to come through. beautiful weather to start off the week. plenty of sunshine and temperatures pretty close to what's normal for the middle of june. we have a warmup over the next couple of days. the temperature roller coaster ride is not over yet. details coming up in the first alert forecast.
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. stocks took a huge hit today plunging into bear territory. the dow sank 872 points or 2.8%. the nasdaq lost 530 points and the s&p fem 151. analysts blame friday's inflation report for fueling that sell-off. >> the market has been based on this idea that inflation was going down and there was a lot riding on the idea that this number was going to be lower, and that didn't happen. >> bitcoin is also bottoming out. the world' most valuable cryptocurrency fell by 15% in the last 24 hours. investment experts say it makes sense considering the high risk investments get hit hardest in markets like these. other cryptocurrencies have taken huge losses this year and over the weekend a major crypto exchange called sells yuls halted all transaction leaving 1.7 million people in the lurch. >> the downturn started last november for me.
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so i was up last year over 600% and that was last may. so may 2021. and as of now, as of today, i just checked, i was down 94%. >> wow. experts say traditional markets and crypto could face continued losses as more reports from the federal government are due out this week. google has agreed to pay $118 million to settle a class action case over gender boy as. if a judge signs off the money will be split between 15,000 women who acouse the tech giant of giving them lower paying jobs than men and promoting them less frequently. google denied any wrongdoing and said in a statement, quote, we were absolutely committed to paying, hiring and leveling all employees fairly and equally, and for the past nine years we have run a rigorous pay equity analysis to make sure salaries bone
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bone bonuses and equity awards are fair. rangers are looking for help for vandals at the national park. 30 sites in yosemite trail were tagged what gra feetty may 20. anyone who was in the park that day and may have seen something, give them a call. further east, yellowstone national park is closed indefinitely -- look at that -- due to flooding from unprecedented rains. a visitor captured video of part of a home plunging into the yellowstone river. the flooding washed out roads and bridges, triggered mudslides. visitors have been evacuated and all entrances to the park in wyoming, idaho and montana are now shut down. >> wow, in the beginning of the summer season, too. napa county is scrambling to come up with millions of dollars in fire prevention funding. it was counting on voters to provide. the county's fire authority napa fire wise identified $42 million worth of fuel reduction projects it wants to complete the next five years. but it's going to have to look
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elsewhere for funding after voters soundly defeated the quarter cent sales tax measure l would have added. >> people need to know where their money is going to be spent and exactly where the funds are going towards. >> they are now looking at taking $5.4 million from the county's capital improvement fund and applying to fema for another 32.5 million. but there is no guarantee that will come through. and taking a live look outside from the mount diablo cam and the dry hillsides in contra costa county. >> paul heggen is here. you don't want to see those dry hillsides this time of year. it's too early. >> it's everywhere. that view of san jose, the santa clara valley, dry there. it's going to evaporate quickly. the weather pattern shifting a bit. high pressure taking over. that means a warming trend tomorrow and wednesday. more atmosphere on top of us, so
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that presses down, compresses the air at ground level and compresses the marine layer. so it's going to be almost fog free along the coast as we head through the next couple of days. things are going to change after those temperatures peak on wednesday. storm system approaches the pacific northwest. that pushes the heat dome away from us. not going to be a full-fledged heat tome, but you get the idea. that allows the marine layer to get deeper. much cooler temperatures late this week. as the temperatures go up and down the one thing that is consistent is the pollen count. we will be towards the high end of the medium category or the low end. medium-high category for the next several days through the end of the work week. olive, juniper and grass pollen. that's what you are going to experience through the rest of the week. so be prepared. looking outside right now from salesforce tower, the sun dipping lower in the sky. temperature downtown in the 60s. everybody else in the 70s. it's beautiful out there this evening. anywhere from 7 # in oakland to 77 degrees right now in concord,
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63 downtown san francisco, low-to-mid 50s for most locations by early tomorrow morning. the coolest spots along the coast down to around maybe slightly below 50 degrees briefly tomorrow morning. these temperatures are normal for this time of year. we are going to warm up. temperatures by lunchtime will be climbing up into the low 80s. even mid-80s for some of the warmer spots by noon. high temperatures on the coast and around the bay peak by early afternoon, low 60s on the coast, close to 7 # i0 in the city. the onshore breeze will be with us tomorrow. temperatures retreat on coast and around the baby late afternoon but that won't be strong enough to push the air in. most inland temperatures mid-to-upper 80s. the warmest spots far inland to the east bay reaching up into the low 90s. the fire danger with temperatures climbing into the 80s and 90s is going to be far from zero but not that high on our fire danger index even the warmest part of the afternoon. late afternoon into early
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evening we will see the highest values around four or five. that's halfway up the fire danger indscale. this was worse last week with triple-digit temperatures. it is going to continue warming up wednesday, 90 degrees in san jose wednesday. 10 degree drop from wednesday to thursday, below-average temperatures friday and saturday with the onshore breeze adding a little bit of humidity to the sphere so reduce the fire threat for a couple of days and the temperatures warm up. we climb up the other side of the temperature roller coaster sunday and monday. looking nice for father's day. a couple of december below normal. inland around 80 degrees. that's pretty much ideal for any outdoor plans you have in the works for father's day. an update on the forecast coming up at 11:00. >> rather father's day. we remind people about mother's day. >> now is the time to get the cards, get your little gifts or whatever. that's right, make your plans.
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thanks, paul. the sports world can be intimidating for the lgbtq athletes. our pride coverage continues. we look at a local league where all are accepted and celebrated. and coming up on our streaming service, "cbs news bay area," we speak with a stanford doctor about the covid novavax vaccine and what makes it different from the others. you can watch our stream wherever, whenever. find us on pluto tv, channel 1021 and any platform using the free cbs news app.
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presented by waymo. >> this month we are sharing stories that celebrate pride and inclusion. and that includes the sports world. >> yeah, it can be challenging for lgbtq athletes to find acceptance in sports. how a bay area dodgeball league is providing a space for team members to find community and confidence. >> reporter: her teammates called her mama towel. don't think this mama can't throw her shots.
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>> once i am on the court, they don't know where that person comes from because i become like this, i don't know, godzilla type person, and i scream a lot. >> reporter: an intense player on the court and a mama bear on the sidelines. she can be whoever she wants to be here. >> it's like the biggest family i ever had. >> reporter: like many adults who move to a new city, finding community is necessary, but notles easy. that is how she came across san francisco's chapter gay league dodgeball team. >> last time i played in elementary school, eighth grade. i was like, god, i hope i remember what to do. >> reporter: but she found her grip and her place on the team. a team that gives her more than just a good sweat. >> given me such confidence to be who i am. it's a camaraderie that this
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group that i belong to, they give me that, and it's something that, you know, i haven't felt. >> if can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball. >> reporter: the manager, ryan madden, wants players to have fun. but most importantly, to be true to who they are. something he could not always do himself. >> i remember just as a young man finding it difficult to actually be my most authentic self in some communities even though i enjoyed sports. i didn't feel like i was clicking with different members and with different athletes. >> reporter: in the past 15 years, varsity gay league has created 23 spaces and cities across the country for more than 7,000 lgbtq+ athletes to come together and find joy in sports. to elevate each other's individuality. >> the reason we have this space is so someone can show up and be 100% who they are because everyone has a right to be who they are as an individual and
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whatever way they identify in their life. >> reporter: amongst the chaos on the court between the incredible plays, this is a space where it is all celebrated no matter who you are and what you are dodging in life. a place to spend an hour to embrace the joy and let people like mama thao safely feel like a kid again. >> why not? i love it. >> reporter: in san francisco, amanda starrantino, kpix 5. >> don't maess with mama bear. more information on there is also a special section with all of our pride reporting. big cats rescued from a roadside zoo with possible connections to zo exotic.
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. three parents smuggled into the u.s. have a new home at the san francisco zoo. these parents are native to south and central america. the chicks were confiscated from a smuggler at ten weeks old, they needed to be hand fed. so fish and wildlife placed them at the san francisco zoo. those birds are very intelligent and can be trained to mimic what other people say. >> oh, be careful. now, on the other side of the bay there are some new residents at the oakland zoo. a lion, two tigers and a liger, a lion and a tiger, arrived. zoo officials say they had been abandoned at a drive through zoo in oklahoma, a facility that may have ties to tiger woods' joe exotic. all the cats were injured or needed some kind of medical attention. the good news is the oakland zoo had vets standing by to help. a mexican king snake has been found near sacramento.
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>> the four foot long snake was found in between two -- in the town of citrus heights. experts say it is non-venomous but can could hurt local wild hive because of the bacteria it dears. they are holding it in quarantine. >> you said your little one would be excited about that story? >> i will show him this video. he will be so excited. he will want to find it and see it. >> and bring it home to mom. >> no, absolutely not. >> you know, just as a pet. >> only snakes allowed in our house are toys or pictures. that's it. thanks for watching. the news continues screaming object "cbs news bay area."
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