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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 14, 2022 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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. now at11:00, the warriors on
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the brink of a world championship. a back and forth battle for control at the nba finals. and tonight, a bay area community is taking a stand after speakers at a public library were targeted with homophobic slurs. efforts to help with high gas prices and the major things in the way. and donald trump's election fraud claims. the strategy could impact the former president's political future. >> now at 11:00 on kpix 5,
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streaming. >> wiggins drives and finishes! exclamation point! >> oh, the golden tait warriors n one win away from the final. and the supporting cast stepped up big time to overcome a rare off night from steph curry. >> we're a joined live from inside chase center with how the warriors pulled this one off. it was amazing, verne. >> reporter: it was, and ryan, you hit the nail right on the head. on a night that the supporting cast stepped in. and the result, back-to-back wins this sore series and are zeroing in on the title. now boston grabbed the lead in the third, but draymond green
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dished to gary payton to make it 71-72 golden state. andrew wiggins! the push shot. he scored 26, grabbed 13 rebounds and the warriors won it 104-94 to take a 3-2 series lead. they've got a chance to win their title thursday in bossston. say what you want about steph curry, he did dish out a game hy high, eight assists. but don't worry, we will peel back the onion. >> can't wait for that. dub nation made themselves heard all throughout this seesaw game inside chase center. >> warriors seized control of the nba finals. >> a party out here tonight as the warriors take down the
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celtics. a lot of fans here saying this may have been the last game at chase center this season. dub nation had quite a night watch the warriors jump out to a big lead, lose the lead and make a comeback. through it all, these to made sure to have fun. >> it's a pool party! >> reporter: they were part of the standing-room-only crowd and the party kept growing as the night went on. while there were tense moments, the warriors pulled out a gutsy game five win on a night steph occu curry didn't sink a single three. >> i'm really glad's over. i'm really glad the warriors won. >> oh, we love it! it was amazing. we're so glad they won game five and we can't wait for them to win the series.
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>> reporter: the winner of game five has gone on to win the finals 73% of the time. they're bringing the larry o'brien trophy back to the bay area. >> on our home floor. you better hope we don't beat y'all next game, brother. >> good night, celtics. hope, love, pride. presented by waymo. >> well, as the bay area celebrates pride month, we're seeing unnerving reminders of why the lgbtq community has had to fight so hard to get here. betty? >> that's right. both local lely and nationally. over the last few days, we've
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seen a number of high-profile incidents. police are on high alert as pride activities ramp up here in san francisco. >> reporter: gee about the q supporters rallied in front of the library monday, two days after a group of men likely associated with the proud boys tis erupted a drag queen story-telling event, oushouting homophobic slurs. in san francisco, state senator scott wiener vowed to continue to fight for the lgbt community. a threat read that they had placed bombs at hess is office.
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we will kill you. >> words have consequences. i get death threats all the time. and of thithey've been escalati. >> reporter: wiener says he's been targeted for years for his work on behalf of lgbtq people and people with hiv. >> it's just tragic. >> reporter: the latest incidents come as san francisco celebrates proud month. >> we have always taken the safety of the community very seriously, especially since we're marking six years since the pulse tragedy and we lost so many lives. we've always taken that safety very seriously and been very yij lants for the safety of the community. >> are there plans to increase
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security at any of the proud events? >> they are working re closely with lauw enforcement but not necessarily. they want to safeguard pride events and the community in general. >> thanks, betty yu reporting live from the newsroom. and can you find all of our special pride story on our website. a budget roadblock is fueling new frustration for drivers. governor newsom doesn't support the $300 billion plan lawmakers just sent him. the s governor is pushing to stimulus
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funds. >> we can lower the gas tax. it's not something we have to wait until september to do. >> stock futures are points to a child mild recovery. investors began the week hitting the sell button. bitcoin, the world's most valuable cryptocurrency has fallen 15% in the last day or so. at one point it dropped below $23,000. t investment experts say the same forces hitting your wallet are hitting crypto as well. on capitol hill today, multiple ex-trump officials told
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the january 6 committee allegation of election fraud by their former boss were flat-out false. >> reporter: monday's hearings in the january 6 committee seemed to have a theme, that former president trump was told over and over that his election fraud claims were not true. >> if he really brelieves this stuff, he's become detached from reality. >> what they were proposing i thought was nuts. >> reporter: former campaign manager bill stepien called his team normal and said the other pushed conspiracy theories. >> i just think what was happening was -- >> reporter: the panel brought in former officials from
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pennsylvania and georgia to refute specific claims of fraud they were asked to investigate. >> not only was there not evidence of 80,000 dead voters. >> reporter: they also tried to show the trump campaign misled voters, asking for money for a defense fund. and it went to his political organization. >> the big lie was also a big ripoff. >> reporter: some experts say it isn't about changing public opinion but changing trump as political future. >> they could make enough of a case to the gop establishment that they start to pull away from him a little bit maybe not enough to succeed in not getting
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the nomination for 2024. >> i'm sara donchey, kpix 5. a south bay animal shelter in desperate need of help. why they say they're overwhelmed with one particular
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closing arguments begin tomorrow in san jose in the other theranos fraud trial. this one focussed on sunny balwani, the former boyfriend and business partner of elizabeth holmes. he he's facing the same dozen allegations that she was. holmes still awaiting sentencing on four fraud convictions. the animal shelter says it has no more space for dogs. it has more dogs than kennels. why? theories include more people returning to the office after working from home or moving into non-pet-friendly housing. >> our dogs are staying longer, especially large dogs. we've taken in 222 more dogs this year than last year. it's creating a bottleneck in
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the system. >> the shelter is urgently seeks adoptive families and is willing to waive adoption fees. and the ranking for homes was based on home prices. los angeles was rated the least-affordable metro area in the country. the heat creating challenging conditions for fire crews all across california. the rancho fire broke out this afternoon and quickly grew to more than 200 acres. not many people live in that area, but evacuation orders have been issue. in southern california, the sheep fire forcing evacuations in wrightwood near angeles national forest. the flames were pushed into heavy fuels and is now 27%
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contained. >> the heat we experienced last week is now moving east. right now more than 125 million people across america are under excessive heat warnings. record-breaking temperatures are expected tomorrow from the upper midwest, the deep south. the heat is also expected to trigger severe storms and hail. that could be a very dangerous combo. >> wild storms from chicago to indiana into ohio. when it gets that hot, it's also humid. so they're going to have to deal with the heat index. like 115 degrees. no, we're going to be on the other side of things. it's been breezy out there this evening. mostly clear skies as we head through the rest of tonight. we're not going to see much fog. really compressing the marine layer and keeping it right along the coast. our temperatures are going to cool off by thursday with friday
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and saturday being the coolest days. below average temperatures in store for us and even an outside chance of a little bit of drizzle. best chance is going to be on saturday. but we are talking about a low chance. doesn't look like we will even see what we saw yesterday in the higher elevations and north bay. we'll hope for a little bit of moisture for the rest of the week. no fog businvisible right now. we'll end up in the low to mid-50s by tomorrow morning with the winds remaining pretty close to calm as we head through the rest of tonight. offshore winds are going to try to develop but not last long. the onshore wind returns. it's going to be gusty along the coast tomorrow, but the wind isn't going to be enough to push any significant air. the temperatures start off near average, mostly low to mid-50s. and we warm up to two to four
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degrees above average around the bay. so from the 60s to around 90 degrees for some of the hotspots. low 60s along the coast. the free air conditioning continues. mostly 80s in the santa clara valley. some of the warmer spots inland getting closer to 90 degrees. through the delta, 93 the high for brentwood. mid-70s for oakland and the east bay. mostly mid-80s for the north bay. but some of the warmer spots, up around 90 for wind sorsor and s helena. we drop to below 80 on thursday. big drop in temperatures continues into friday below average temperatures friday and saturday and then we start to
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climb up the other side of the hill back to near normal conditions for father's day. straight ahead in sports. the floor is still smoldering. warriors ripped off back-to-back wins in this series, and steph curry didn't see a sink in, the bottom line was delivered. we'll see you courtside in two
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> nba playoffs a giant step closer. first time in steph curry's career he didn't have a made playoff three. draymond green certainly brought the the energy tonight. just ask these fans. a celtics turnover. steph curry dished it to andrew wiggins. wigs scored 15 in the first half. boston came out firing in the third. jayson tatum knocked down a three. a 10-0 celtics run cut the lead
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by two. now tied at 55, al horford hit boston's eighth three in a row. they took their first lead of the game. after scoring 44 in game three, curry did not make a three tonight. an and-one bucket by williams at the other end. >> this happened. the bank was open for jordan poole at the buzzer. gave the warriors the lead. golden state back up by five. klay thompson, lost marcus smart and nailed a three. 85-78. wiggins drove past defenders. the layup pushed the lead to double digits. huge slam as he scored 26, had 13 rebounds, and despite curry not making a three in the game for the first time since november of 2018 the warriors
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won it, 104-94. they win the game. >> being in the league and, you know, this is the ultimate, ultimate stage. doesn't get bigger than this. >> we don't get more excited than when wigs dunks on somebody. >> i don't think i've ever been happier. after 0 for whatever type of night. >> whether he finishes with 16, a win is a win. >> wow. i've n i've never been so excited to go to boston, i'll tell you that. >> spotlight to baseball and stanford. out of 299 division one baseball
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teams, only eight get to play in the world series. the club was told to relax and have fun. didn't feel like fun. down 3-1. kobe huff, a granny. that made a big factor in a 10-5 super region and clenching game. the cardinal will open against arkansas on saturday. over at oracle park tonight, this little one in attendance. giants and royals. giants led 3-2 in the second. and brandon crawford doubled, and the giants win their fourth tr straight game, final of 8-2. but back here, i don't want to sound like a basketball geek, but the warriors only had seven turnove
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t turnovers in in game. tonight warriors were dominant. just chew on that for a little bit, as our plane flight leaves tomorrow for boston. the next time i actually see you will be wednesday from tea garden arena. >> what team's that flight leave in. >> 1:00 p.m. so we get to sleep in. >> i was worried that it was a 6:00 a.m. flight. >> no, we're good. >> it wouldn't matter. he's running on adrenaline. >> up next, a wayward dog is spotted is?
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well, tonight an adventurous poo pooch in southern california need add good home.
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>> dog got into the gorilla's cage. families were escorted away as a humane society worker used a calm, friendly voice to coax over the pooch. >> afraid. he was in a new environment with new smells, obviously getting chased b chased by a gorilla would make him nervous. >> he's already got an adoption waiting list. >> gorillas were going crazy. >> they are like, i jus
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all right, made it throughn. >> yes, we did. >> rest is downhill. (contemporary music) - hi everyone, and welcome to the legal help center. this is where we have legal professionals standing by to answer your questions regarding personal injury.
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so if you've been injured in an accident that was not your fault, like a car accident, or a slip and fall,


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