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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  June 14, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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up early and be ready to wait. >> that is right. we all know that flying involves y the airport came out and acknowledged yes, things are starting to back up a little bit. >> you picked an awesome day to find it packed. there was no parking in the lot. >> reporter: just about lunchtime on a tuesday, hardly the busiest time of week at sfo. but even the prechecked passengers were doing some waiting. >> i guess it's high season with summer. i don't know. >> i haven't seen it this crowded since precovid, definitely. >> it's very crowded. >> boarding time is in 15 minutes. >> today the airport alerted passengers to the growing lines as traffic has now reached about 75% of prepandemic levels. but why is that 75% straining security checkpoints? >> so we continue to see our security vendor adding more
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staffing and adding more head count. i know they have new hires that continue to join the ranks. >> we reached out to the vendor, covenant aviation security and have not heard back. but on their website, they are offering $3,000 signing bonuses for screeners at sfo. more staff could certainly help, especially when the flight schedule gets busy. . there are definite peaks and valles in our flight schedule. there is periods of the day where it's relatively quiet. but then there is other periods of the day where there is a lot of activity happening all at once. and that creates the backups that we see at security checkpoints and ticket counters. >> now the waits like this one at gate g are something many passengers were not expecting today. >> no, we didn't. we stopped for food and it got kind of rushed. >> while the lines are getting longer, the airport says they are not unlike prepandemic days. they suspect travelers might have adapted to the era of
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smaller crowds. >> we know it was easier to get through the process the last two years. think back to what it was like 2018, 2019. you probably gave yourself more time back then. that's what we're looking to get back to right now. >> a little bit of good news in all of this. the airlines' flight schedules for the summer are largely set. so what you see now is what you're going to get. that's not going change much. if you can add some security to sort of preexisting landscape here, things might actually get a little bit better. we will see how that goes. but as you can tell, busy evening here at the international terminal. traffic definitely picking up here at sfo. we are live here at the airport. wilson walker, kpix 5. >> and the lines are even long on the early morning schedule. something to be aware of if you're flying out early. wilson, thank you for braving the crowds for us. we appreciate it. >> no problem. >> well, if you're booking a summer trip, be ready to shell out more. a new report shows fares are going up and up and up. prices for u.s. flights were 30%
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higher last month compared to the same time in 2019. may fares were up 6% compared to april that could be leading to a slowdown in the number of seats airlines sell. bookings slip in order than 2% last week. airlines say they need to raise fares to cover the cost of jet fuel. another sign ■ofecovery. mineta san jose airport bringing nonstop flights to london. daily flights to heathrow start on saturday. it comes after the u.s. lifted its covid testing mandate for travelers entering the country. a mixed bag on wall street. the s&p 500 moved further into bear market territory, down more than 20% from its peak. here is look that numbers. the dow fell 151 points. the nasdaq goes up 19 points and the s&p closed down 14. all eyes are now on the federal reserve, which meets tomorrow. it could respond to soaring inflation with its biggest interest rate hike in more than two decades. >> the federal reserve has to thread the needle by raising
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interest rates. what's happening is they could actually tip sexual abuse a recession if they go too far, too fast. >> president biden addressed inflation at an organized labor convention. he is trying to put the blame on republicans in congress. >> the problem is republicans in congress are doing everything they can to stop my plans to bring dow costs on ordinary families. that's why my plan is not finished. >> so what should you be doing right now with your finances to weather these ups and downs? kenny choi will have more on that coming up at 5:30. we've been following a grass fire along the san jose-milpitas border. chopper 5 caught some of the shot spots and firefighters putting water on it. this happened along mccarthy west of 880 along coyote creek. so far no buildings are threatened. it's burned close to five acres, and firefighters are also working to help unhoused people living along the drainage area where that fire is burning. at last check, they are starting to get a handle on things, but
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mop-up work will last into the evening. an unfortunate incident at an east bay school. someone walked on to campus and vandalized a flag pole flying both the pride flag and the american flag. kpix 5 anchor elizabeth cook is here with the reaction from school officials, and it's a strong reaction. liz? >> it is, sara. the break-in happened last night at the john sweat unified school district's office in rodeo. it was all caught on security cameras. take a look. the man hops a fence and walks towards the flag pole. you can see him slice the cord. he then walks away when he notices the flags are still trying, he comes back and pulls them both down to the ground. the superintendent found the flags on the ground this morning. >> we called the sheriff's office. they're investigating. they have leads. the video village is crystal clear. we're going figure out who this is. >> the idea is to raise the pride flag that came from the students, actually. the superintendent says they
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won't let one person or act of vandalism silence their voices. >> and one of the things we do as school officials, we represent the voices of our students. we help them find their voice, and we're not going to let this behavior silence them. >> school officials say it could take up to a week to get the flag pole repaired, but they do plan to raise the flags again. ryan? >> thanks, elizabeth. now to washington where the house approved a plan to beef up security for supreme court justices and their families. it comes after a rise in threats as the court prepares to issue major rulings on abortion rights and the second amendment. cbs reporter skyler henry has details on what was left out of that bill. >> the bill is passed. >> the house has approved a senate bill to approve security for supreme court justices and their immediate families. >> it is imperative that the justices are free from fear of violence or physical intimidation to make decisions based on the constitution and law as applied to the facts of the cases before them. >> the senate passed this bill a
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month ago. why did it take so long? >> the bill allows supreme court police to provide around the court protection to justices and their families if deemed necessary. house draughts sought to add protection for supreme court and their family but backed down when it was said it wouldn't pass the upper chamber. >> it was house democrats that wanted to get one itty, bitty condition session out of this bill. >> i'm glad it will be heading to the president's desk without any poison pills to ping it back to the senate to delay it further. >> reporter: senate republicans introduced the bill following a leaked draft opinion on a mississippi abortion case that suggested the court may be poised to overturn roe v. wade. that leak sparked protests targeting the homes of several justices. calls to pass the bill intensified last week after a man called police to say he was near justice brett kavanaugh's home with thoughts of killing him. an affidavit states the 26-year-old california man had a gun and a knife. he has been charged with attempted murder. >> threats of violence and
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actual violence against the justices strike at the heart of our democracy. >> federal and local law enforcement agencies have been on high alert. the supreme court expected to issue its final rule ogg tonight mississippi case in the coming days. cbs news, capitol hill. live look at san jose where city leaders are considering whether to pass the mayor's proposed budget. that includes more funding for police. mayor sam liccardo's plan would pay for increasing foot patrols and in downtown and in neighborhoods, all to help build relationships and trust in the community. the new budget also includes money to add 24 officers with four of them working in a mental health crisis unit. meanwhile, in just a couple of hours, the warriors board the team plane as they make their way to boston for game six of the nba finals. >> now they're one win away from securing the franchise's seventh nba championship. no question this has become the biggest game of the series. >> after spending the past couple of days in enemy territory, kpix 5 sports
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reporter charlie walter is back in the bay. >> he is here in one piece, though it was a close call. he has a lot more on last night's much needed win. charlie? >> when you said my name it kind of sounded like charlie walter, the best accent there. it's the old catch 22. you want to win a championship at home in front of the faithful. but you definitely do not want a game seven with the celtics coming off a win, regardless of whether it's at chase. so this trip to boston, it's all about business. >> i've never been so excited to go to boston, i'll tell you that. >> steph curry led dub nation know, yeah, one win away from another title. plenty of contributions last night. how about jordan poole, beating the buzzer to end the third quarter. that started a 32-14 run to blow open the game. steve kerr said the fact that they were able to weather boston's storm in the third quarter was a big reason why they won. the cast stepped up and helped big-time on a night where steph
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went 0 for 9 from downtown, ending his streak of 132-straight games with at least one made three-pointer. >> i don't think i've ever been happier. after o for whatever type of night. >> that's good for us. he was 0 for 9 from 3. he is going to be livid going into game six. that's exactly what we need. >> as for steph's shirt, ayesha curry can cook, it's response to a sign outside a boston bar last week that read ayesha curry can't cook. just like that, since that shirt came about or since the sign came about in boston, the warriors are now 2-0, one win away from winning the series. and how about andrew wiggins? 43 minutes in back-to-back games. that's a team high. has grabbed 17, or 16 and 13 rebounds in those two games. he is looking physical, and the team has really fed off him. back to you. >> all right, charlie. thank you so much. looking live at chase center right now. thrive city will host its final road watch party of the year on thursday.
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those have been packed all play-offs long. expected to be even crazier for game six. the warriors are a win away from being champions as we have happily reported to you. tickets are limited. so make sure to grab them beforehand on the chase center website. we do have a very lucky team headed to boston today. our vern glenn and max darrow will bring us live reports tomorrow leading up to game six on thursday. still ahead on kpix 5, streaming on "cbs news bay area." a tricky rescue. what it took to free a horse trapped after a trailer accident. a step towards closure for families of a deadly shooting at a veteran's home settlement just announced. >> and dramatic video of a house swept away as record flooding forces evacuations in yellowstone national park. and here at home, we started the warm-up today. some of us like 10 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. tomorrow is the peak. i'll show you what that looks like, and how dramatic the cooldown is for the l
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the house committee investigating the january 6th riot at the capitol has postponed tomorrow's hearing because of technical issues. thursday's hear willing go on as planned, and it will focus on former president trump's efforts to pressure then vice president pence to refuse to certify the election results. yesterday witnesses told the committee that they knew claims about election fraud were false. they say they told the president, but he refused to listen. we talked to south bay congresswoman zoe lofgren who is head of the inquiry about whether the president could one day face criminal charges. >> we haven't really as a committee discussed that yet. and i don't think we would until all the hearings are concluded. you know, it's really entirely up to the department of justice. they are supposed to make their own independent judgment of whether a crime is committed and whether they can prove it. so we'll see what they do. >> well, on that note, attorney general merrick garland said he and january 6th prosecutors are watching these hearings. representative lofgren has helped investigate plenty of
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allegations of presidential misconduct in her career, including watergate and president trump's impeachment. we also talked to her about her fellow eight question member, including the only two republicans. >> so there has been a unity here that you don't always see on congressional committees. we're not sniping at each other. we're trying to find out what happened. >> we posted the full interview with representative lofgren on our website, well, a man suspected of driving under the influence was caught on an officer's dash camera swerving across lanes of traffic and running through intersections. this is from saturday night. the officer says he pulled the driver over after watching him run a red light. during the traffic stop, the officer says he found drugs and a loaded semiautomatic gun. the driver from oakley was booked into jail in martinez. and north bay rescue teams called out the save a horse and a driver after an accident that left them trapped in a pickup and a horse trailer. this is a tricky one.
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the horse had to be cut free after adobe road and petaluma. the sonoma county animal rescue team was called in. they gave the horse sedative so it wouldn't panic during the hour-long rescue. >> the entire creek bed from one side to the other. and the truck and trailer landed on the south side of that dry creek bed. significant damage to the tow truck itself and to the trailer. and the crews had to actually cut the trailer side door a little larger to get the horse out. >> after being led away, the horse was checked out. the good news, the horse only had minor scratches to his face and legs. that driver was taken to a local hospital. some pretty wild new video of a moment fast-moving floodwaters swept away an entire house in montana near yellowstone. the house sunk into the rushing water and it was pulled downstream. record floodwaters are walking out roads and bridges in wyoming
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and montana, closing down all entrances to yellowstone and forcing 10,000 people to evacuate from the park. and drone video shows devastation in another montana community, homes almost submerged in muddy floodwaters. the rushing river washing out more roads in that area. the damage caused by rain and snow melt that has been causing river there's to swell. >> you see on social media, floodwaters taking out a bridge in yellowstone. it's pretty crazy. >> atmospheric rivers actually. they came into the pacific northwest about three days ago. if you even heard about that. very few people did. but then it continued over into montana. that's what it resulted in. so here at home, we were talking than grass fire in san jose earlier. there is a minor air quality issue from that if you're down in the south bay. so i want to start off with that. and we're going to go to that map that takes advantage of all of those low cost air quality sensors. purple air. when is the last time you heard that referenced? probably during the last fire season when we were all glued to tracking what particulate matter was like.
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well, it's time to start getting reoriented for that because we're fast approaching that time of year where that's going to come up. today we're doing okay. most of the air quality sensors for the south bay are green. we're looking pretty good. but a little pattern here. look at the yellow right down here. see how there a is a whole string of them? that grass fire over coyote creek was just over the boarder in milpitas. they've got it pretty much under control now. but the northerly winds coming out of the north were pushing that smoke to the south. if you're smelling smoke down there, that's what it is. it should get a lot better over the next few hours. meanwhile, it just looks hazy in general bay area wide. this is the view from the mountains on the west side of santa clara valley. we're looking north. you can see the grassy hills of stanford, san mateo. if you have good eyesight, downtown san francisco. high pressure is holding that stuff in the air. we're not able to circulate it or clear it out. we're also warming up because high pressure is push do you think on the surface. we're 10 degrees warmer today in san jose than yesterday. concord is 8 degrees warmer. 7 degrees warmer in livermore.
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haven't gotten the official daytime highs yet. we'll look at that coming up in the next half hour. but that's pretty much where they sit at this point. we made it to about 90 in concord today. take those numbers and add just a little bit more on top of this for tomorrow. so tomorrow concord, you go to 91. these interest daytime highs now looking ahead to wednesday. and wednesday actually is the warmest day of the whole seven-day forecast. a little warmer than today. and then we're going get a dramatic cooldown right after this. if you take look at what is going on in the perfect, there is another storm going into the pacific northwest. that one's not an atmospheric river. we don't get any rain out of it either. but look at the shape of this thing that is a very deep trough. can you see the outline of the clouds? weak little cold front. you see it when we watch the futurecast tomorrow night into thursday. see that line? that's a cold front. that's going weep through the bay area wednesday night into thursday. and you can see the impact that's going to have on temperatures. we're 10 to 15 degrees above average tomorrow. and then by thursday, we fall
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down about 10 to 15 degrees below average. sounds dramatic, but i'll show you what it looks like in the seven-day in one second. after low 90s tomorrow, low 70s. and it gets windy too. watch the onshore winds turn on. that's thursday. wednesday night into thursday. so it will get noticeably breezy around here as well. as we typically would, any time you get a cold front that comes through. here is what it looks like in the seven-day. san jose near 90 tomorrow. only 78 for the daytime high on thursday. 72 on friday. and then as we head towards father's day on sunday, we're starting to warm back up again. nothing major. probably about as warm as today was. you can handle today. it's considering where we were friday when we were low hundreds. there is the microclimates. look at that drop. inland valleys. low 90s tomorrow when we're at the warmest day of the week. low 70s by friday. and then we get into the weekend, and you do start to warm up bit. we've got father's day on there. and you can see the numbers go up. but you got outdoor plans on
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father's day? keep them. it's going to be a great day actually. a little warmer by next week. >> roller coaster there. >> we've been doing that actually. we did that last week. we're going to do it again this week. >> all right, darren, thank you so much. >> you bet. still ahead, children over six have a new option when it comes to the covid vaccine. we look ahead to the critical hearing tomorrow over shots for younger kids. plus new warning about a popular rocker for babies and toddlers. what parents need know. and coming up on a streaming service, "cbs news bay area," we take a look at how summer is changing in the bay area on this week's weather extra. you can watch our stream wherever, whenever, just find us on pluto tv, channel 1021
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parents could soon have two vaccines to choose from when vaccinating their children and teenagers against covid. an fda advisory panel has voted to grant emergency use authorization for moderna's vaccination for ages 6 to 17.
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elise preston has those details. >> reporter: an fda panel heard from moderna researchers as it weighed whether to authorize the drugmakers' covid vaccine for children 6 to 17. older kids and teens would get two full-strength doses. younger children would get two doses at half strength. >> vaccine effectiveness was successfully inferred in both age strata, and vaccine efficacy estimates are similar to adults. >> reporter: currently only pfizer's vaccine is approved for children under 18. there was concern that moderna shots carried a greater risk of myocarditis, a rare inflammation of the heart muscle. but the fda says the latest research does not back that up. >> we do not observe a significantly higher myocardial risk in recipients. >> reporter: wednesday, the panel will review moderna and pfizer's vaccines for children as young as 6 months old. children under the age of 5 are
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the only ones not eligible to be vaccinated. >> obviously, the safety in this population is of paramount importance. >> it's unclear how much demand there is for the youngest age group. only 29% of children under 12 have been vaccinated since they became eligible for pfizer shot in november. elise preston, cbs news, new york. the biden administration says if vaccines get the final go ahead, that would likely become available as soon as next tuesday. and despite signs that the latest covid surge may level off, cases are increasing in california. the state's positivity rate is 9%, up from 8.7 a week ago. hospitalizations are also up about 7% in the last week. the highly transmissible subvariant account for four in five gays cayces. they make up about 10 queens cases in northern california. there is a new warning to
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patterns about two popular fisher-price baby rokers that could be deadly for infants. product safety regulators say parents should not use infant to toddler rockers and newborn to toddler rockers to help babies sleep that is what led to the deaths of 13 infants between 2009 and 2021. babies should never be left unsupervised and should always be buckled into the rockers properly. an interest rate increase on the horizon has many families thinking about what kinds of financial decisions have to be made now. i'm kenny choi. how some people are making adjustments. while congress debates gun safety, california taking action on its own. the measures up for debate at the sate capitol. and celebrating the courage of kids. the special honor for lgbtq youth
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meet three sisters learning how to spend, save, and budget. all with chase first banking. freedom for kids. ♪ ♪ control for parents.
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. you're watching kpix 5 at 5:30. >> right now on kpix 5, streaming on "cbs news bay area," money on the way to families years after a deadly hostage situation at the yountville veteran's home. the settlement just announced. the special honors for lgbtq youth who are creating positive change in their communities. but first, our top story at 5:30. stocks in a bear market, and inflation at a 40-year high. so how can you protect yourself and keep your finances afloat? good evening. i'm sara donchey.
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>> and i'm ryan yamamoto. kenny choi spoke to experts about how you can manage your family's finances in these volatile times. so i guess a lot of people are saying don't panic, right? >> that's the key, ryan and sara. these are financially challenging times with so many changes happening so quickly. experts believe the federal reserve will increase the interest rate by 3/4 of a percentage point by some time tomorrow. that will have a major impact on the economy as financial decisions loom for families everywhere. whether there is a family to feed or you're living on your own, hard financial decisions have to be made. >> our big investments are we got rid of a car. >> reporter: steve and isabelle are using the cash to invest in solar panels. >> i don't know that that saves money at this point. but it probably will a few years from now. >> reporter: as stocks tumble deeper into bear market territory, food costs rise and gas prices seemingly climb higher by the hour. many are wondering if there are
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concrete financial moves to make now. for families simply trying to keep up with


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