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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  June 16, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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disease research. for more news download the cbs news app on your cell phone or connected cbs news, new york. it's thursday, june 16th, 2022. this is the "cbs morning news." new emails. the investigation into the capitol riot takes another turn. how the wife of a supreme court justice may have played a larger role than previously thought in efforts to overturn the 2022 election. breaking overnight, baby formula setback. why abbott is shutting down its michigan plant again just days after restarting production. america's bottom line. the fed makes a big move to fight inflation. what it means for the average consumer. good morning, and good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. the house committee
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investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol will hold its third public hearing today, but there are new developments about the possible involvement of the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas. cbs news has confirmed the committee obtained emails between ginni thomas and conservative lawyer john eastman. eastman played a key role in efforts to pressure then-vice president pence to block certification of donald trump's victory. those efforts to convince pence to overturn the results will be the focus of today's hearing. naomi ruchim is in new york with the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there are more new developments ahead of today's hearing. the panel investigating the insurrection has released surveillance video of a capitol tour led by a republican congressman the day before the attack. that video is now raising questions about whether the tour was a reconnaissance mission. cbs news has learned
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one of today's star witnesses, retired conservative federal judge michael luttig, is expected to testify before the house panel investigating january 6th, 2021, that america's democracy was almost stolen during president trump's efforts to remain in office. before the deadly capitol attack, luttig is said to have urged vice president pence and his aides to resist mr. trump's pressure campaign to delay or block the congressional certification of joe biden's victory. in the panel's first two hearings, the house select committee began its effort to directly connect the former president to the insurrection. >> will tell the story of how donald trump lost an election and knew he lost an election, and as a result of his loss decided to wage an attack on our democracy. >> reporter: on the eve of thursday's hearing, the select committee released video of a tour led by georgia republican congressman barry loudermilk the day before the capitol attack with some of the guests documenting locations like
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staircases, security checkpoints, and hallways. the panel says the footage shows a man who was seen threatening members of congress the next day on january 6th as rioters marched toward the capitol. he's denied wrongdoing. >> no one in that group showed that type of aggression that day. they were just here visiting. >> reporter: the u.s. capitol police after reviewing the footage released a statement saying, "we do not consider any of the activity we observed as suspicious." the committee says the group on that tour stayed for several hours on a day the complex was closed to the public, and though panel members have spent the past month trying to get congressman loudermilk to answer questions about the tour he claims he never got their request. anne-marie? >> naomi ruchim in new york. thank you very much. >> reporter: thank you. so we will bring you coverage of today's january 6th committee hearing starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern here on cbs news and the cbs news streaming network.
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breaking overnight, abbott nutrition has again stopped producing baby formula at its michigan plant. this time because of flooding. severe storms on monday flooded the plant. it comes less than two weeks after production resumed telling -- following a months' long closure due to contamination and safety concerns. that led to the nationwide formula shortage. abbott says that production of new formula will be delayed now for a few weeks. and wall street is looking at a mixed opening this morning after the federal reserve took aggressive action to fight record high inflation. the central bank raised interest rates by .75% point yesterday, the biggest hike since 1994. now the goal is to slow spending without causing a recession. the news sparked positive gains for the dow, nasdaq, and s&p. carter evans explains how the interest rate hike will impact american families. it is essential that we bring inflation down -- >> reporter: the aggressive move from the central bank is urgent
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according to fed chair jerome powell. >> inflation has obviously surprised to the upside over the past year, and further surprises could be in store. >> reporter: the last time the fed raised rates .75% was in 1994 when inflation was only 2.7%. >> in the fed's view, there's too much spending going on. >> reporter: nick bunker's an economist with job search site >> reporter: this is a different position than the fed had a couple of months ago. >> exactly. their expectations haven't come true. inflation is now very high. 8.5%. >> reporter: the fed's move will make borrowing money more expensive. with rate hikes of 1.5% already this year, a loan for the average new car price of $47,000 will cost almost $60 a month more in interest than last year. more expensive loans could discourage spending and reduce the insatiable demand now driving inflation to 40-year highs. but higher interest rates won't lower gas prices, now over $5 a
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gallon nationally. president biden called on seven u.s. oil refiners to ramp up production and stop making historically high profit off americans. the painful price increases are already too much for some people on fixed incomes like 70-year-old bonnie gilbert in omaha. her husband died last year from covid. >> now i'm not going to be able to retire because how am i going to retire with just a social security? >> reporter: to make ends meet this month, she's having a garage sale. and high prices might already be having an impact on consumer spending. it declined slightly in may unexpectedly. as for home buyers, the fed chair says prices may remain high because of a lack of inventory even though the average mortgage rate is close to 6%. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. two u.s. veterans from alabama are missing in ukraine. andy huynh, a former marine, and alexander drueke, an iraq veteran, were volunteering and
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disappeared during a fierce battle near the border. the u.s. state department is looking into reports that russian or russian-backed separatists captured at least two american citizens. meanwhile, president biden announced that the u.s. is sending another $1 billion in military eight to ukraine. it includes anti-ship missile launchers, howitsers, and additional rounds for advanced rocket systems. america's youngest kids could start receiving covid vaccine shots next week. the fda advisory panel recommended moderna's two-dose vaccine for children under the age of 6. and pfizer's three dose for kids under 5. each vaccine contains a fraction of an adult dose. the fda's vaccine chief says that there's been a troubling surge in young kids being hospitalized during the omicron wave. >> it's a population that has been much less affected than the older populations, particularly
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the oldest population, but one nonetheless has also been affected. >> the fda and cdc still have to authorize the shot, though. and dr. anthony fauci has tested positive for covid. federal health officials say president biden's chief medical adviser is experiencing mild symptoms. the 81-year-old is fully vaccinated and double boosted. he's being treated with the anti-viral paxlovid. coming up, concert canceled. why a live show by john hinckley jr., the man who shot president reagan, was called off. and breeding problems. why animal lovers are being told to stop buying bulldogs. this is the "cbs morning news." your rececord labell is takaking off. but so i is your souound engin. you neneed to hirere. i neneed indeed.d. indeed youou do. indeed i instant matatch instay dedelivers quauality candidids matchihing your jojob descript. visisit
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18-year-old including some that carry a possible death penalty. he's already pleaded not guilty to charges in new york state, including ten counts of first-degree murder. the federal charges were filed on the same day attorney general merrick garland visited a memorial outside the buffalo supermarket where the mass shooting took place. he also met with victims' families. why pet lovers are being told to stop buying bulldogs, and a show by john hinckley jr. was called off. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." "the new york times" reports a soldout new york city concert by the man who shot and wounded president ronald reagan was canceled. yesterday, 67-year-old john hinckley jr. was granted his unconditional release from psychiatric supervision. a judge ruled that he's no longer a threat. hinckley, who was found not guilty by reason of insanity after the 1981 shooting, is now a musician. the venue canceled the concert citing fears of a possible backlash. "usa today" reports
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president biden signed an executive order to address what his administrations says are states legislative attacks on the lgbtq community. during a signing ceremony he said the order is meant to counter more than 300 anti-lgbtq laws introduced in past year by lawmakers in republican-controlled states. >> we owe so many people. my message is on all the young people, just be you. you are loved. you are heard. you are understood. you do belong. >> the order also seeks to discourage conversion therapy from a gender-affirming surgery and expand foster care protections for gay and transgender parents and children. and "people" says veterinarians in the uk are urging animal lovers to stop buying bulldogs because of their health issues. a royal veterinary college study found that bulldogs' distinctive features including flat faces and wrinkled skin, cause
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lifelong pain and health risks. they say that people should no longer buy bulldog breeds or pugs until breeding issues are addressed. they're also asking social media users not to post, like, or promote bulldog photos. still to come, yellowstone flooding victims speak out. we will hear from a family who watched their house float away down a raging river. you u never knowow whatat opportuninities life wilill send youour way. but if youou have moderatete to severere rheumamatoid arthrhritis oror psoriaticic arthritis, enbrelel can help p yoy i'm inin for what't's . reready to crereate a bigggger? -i''m in. ready toto earn thatat “wor's greatest d dad” mugug? -i'm . cacare to playay a bigger r rn this c community? ? -i'm in. enbrel h helps relieve jojoint pain,, helps ststop permanenent joinint damage,,
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lactaid icice cream isis the crcreamy, realal ice creamam yoe that will l never messss wiwith your ststomach. lalactaid ice e cream. i'm m so glad wewe did this. i'i'm so glad d we did thih. i'm soso glad we d did this. life is s for livingng. lelet's partnener for all l o. i'm m so glad wewe did this. edward j jones here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ officials are hoping to reopen at least half of yellowstone national park next week after historic flooding. one of the most dramatic images showed a house falling into an overflowing river. it was home to five families who worked at yellowstone. one family who's lived there for
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five years says they lost everything as their home floated away. >> our apartment was the one that ripped off first. you could see -- use could see some of our daughter's pictures flapping in the wind on the wall. that was kind of hard. you could see some of our stuff in the house before it went. >> park officials say the northern half of yellowstone is likely to remain closed all summer. revlon has filed for bankruptcy protection. the cosmetics giant filed for chapter 11 yesterday. it's facing more than $3 billion in debt. the company is also struggling with higher costs, supply chain issues, and increased competition. revlon was first established in new york city back in 1932. and ford is recalling millions of vehicles. lego is building a new home here in the u.s. matt pieper explains in today's cbs "money watch" report. >> reporter: elon musk is set to address twitter employees for the first time, expected to
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reiterate his desire to own it. the "wall street journal" says he's slated to answer pre-submitted employee questions for about an hour virtually. it comes amid his $44 billion offer to buy it. musk reached a deal to acquire twitter in april but has clashed with the company repeatedly since then over the number of bots or fake accounts that exist on the social media platform. ford is recalling nearly three million vehicles over concerns that they could roll away after drivers put them this park. the c-max, edge, escape, fusion, and transit connect models from 2013 to 2021. the automaker received multiple reports alleging property damage and personal injury related to te issue. ford says dealers will replace faulty parts for owners, and the company will mail letters to owners about the recall later this month. lego has its sights set on virginia as the home of the first factory in the u.s. the factory to open in 2025 in
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richmond will feature a carbon neutral design and will employ nearly 1,800 people. the virginia factory will be the seventh globally for the family-owned company which is headquartered in denmark. that is your cbs "money watch" report for this thursday morning. i'm matt pieper, cbs news, new york. up next, dolly parton's latest donation. how the country music star is helping children with a new million-dollar gift. children w million-dollar gift.
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ oscar-winning actor kevin spacey is due in a london courtroom today. he's facing five charges of sexual assault against three different men. british police say the alleged incidents took place between march of 2005 and april of 2013 in england. spacey has previously denied all accusations. the upcoming live action barbie movie is still a year away from being released, but we are getting a sneak peek at ken. warner bros. released this picture of a buff and bleached ryan gosling yesterday. the actor looking tanned as barbie's boyfriend. back in april we saw the first picture of margot robbie as the title character, barbie.
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and game one of the stanley cup finals did not disappoint hockey fans. >> they continue to do it -- the shot blocked. score! [ cheers ] on the followup! and game one goes to to the avs in overtime. >> the colorado avalanche defeated the tampa bay lightning in overtime last night. final score, 4-3. the avalanche are looking for their first title since 2001 while the lightning are hoping to win the championship for the third straight year. game two is saturday night. and dolly parton made another big donation. the country music legend and philanthropist gave $1 million to vanderbilt university medical center in nashville. parton's donation will support pediatric infectious disease research. the singer said that she wanted to do her part to help keep children healthy and safe. in 2020, she gave vanderbilt $1 million for covid vaccine research. and coming up on "cbs
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our top stories this morning -- the house committee investigating the january 6 attack will hold its third public hearing today. there are new developments about the involvement of supreme court justice clarence thomas' wife. the committee obtained emails between ginni thomas and conservative lawyer john eastman. eastman played a key role in efforts to pressure then-vice president pence to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. and abbott nutrition that again stopped producing baby formula at a plant in michigan. severe storms on monday flooded the plant, and it comes less
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than two weeks after production resumed following a closure due to contamination and safety concerns. abbott says production of new formula will be delayed for a few weeks. in sports, there's nothing like playing in front of your own fans on your own field or court. in atlanta, one team has redefined home court advantage. here's mark strassmann. >> reporter: nothing about centennial academy's season was a lay-up. >> get your angles -- >> reporter: small team, first time playing together, and their practice gym -- >> a small gym. >> yes. >> reporter: this half-court and barely that at the neighboring ymca. >> i was like, wow, this the gym? >> reporter: it was a resilient group. >> yes. we can overcome that. we've done it in the classroom. we can do it here. >> reporter: centennial is a daily lesson in challenges. one quarter of the kids at this charter school have battled homelessness.
4:27 am
no home basketball court? >> yeah, it was really rough. >> motivation like we need to work hard and beat everybody. >> reporter: despite that short court and long odds. [ cheers ] centennial won the citywide middle school basketball championship. [ cheers ] >> and these guys, they beat the odds and to win it, yes, anything is possible. >> reporter: competitive sports teach resilience. no matter what? >> get it done. >> reporter: a gym helps. >> yes, the gym helps. >> go! >> reporter: centennial just schooled everybody. >> one, two, three -- >> reporter: mark strassmann, cbs news, atlanta. coming up on "cbs mornings," kathleen buhle, hunter biden's ex-wife, talks about her memoir "if we break." plus, oscar-nominated director baz luhrmann stops by the times square studio to tell us about his movie "elvis." and first on "cbs mornings,"
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shawn amos, musician and son of famous amos, tells us all about his debut novel "cookies & milk." that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪
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