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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  June 16, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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darrow. max, you're in enemy territory, and they're not going to give up this one easily. hope you're okay out there. >> absolutely. we're having a great time out here outside of the td garden. we are about an hour away from tip-off, and the boston fans, they are excited. this is their turf. just take a look at the scene. also, what a difference about two hours make. when we checked in with you at 3:00, that was probably a quarter amount of people here that you see right now. you may be able to see some warriors jerseys tucked in among the sea of green. earlier we did see some warriors fans egging on some of the boston fans. watch this. >> warrior, yeah! ye yeah! >> reporter: so obviously that was good fun and good-natured. there has been a lot of that all day here. we've had fans from all over the place. celtics are loud and proud, if you couldn't tell already.
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but it's tough not to spot the bright blue in a sea of green here. seen a lot of love from steph curry from the warriors fans on the ground from boston as well as klay and draymond. anyone lucky enough to be here. but especially for this married couple, it's their anniversary. but i tell you, they don't see eye to eye on how this game is going to go. listen to this. >> i think we're going to game seven. we're bouncing back tonight. we'll see you in san francisco. >> okay. how do you feel about hearing that? >> well, you know, they're both great teams. i'm going to just trust what happens, happens. but i really want warriors to win here in boston. >> how would you feel if your wife is so happy tonight if your team won? >> it will be a consolation prize, but it's not going to happen. this is going seven. >> reporter: all right. as you can see behind us, some people are yelling at us. fair figuring out we're from san francisco over here. we're having a good time. warriors and celtics are ready for this one. more and more people are headed into the td garden.
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we'll see how this is going to go. maybe the dubs will take it home, or we'll be headed home for game seven. we'll know in a little bit. send it back to you. >> so much green. though i did see a little spattering of gold and blue. >> i'm a little scared for max. >> max, be careful. >> we're getting some love. they've been pretty good to us so far. >> we'll give you a pass if you slip into a green shirt and back away slowly. that's fine. don't worry about it. a win could cement the warriors dynasty. seven years ago in 2015, the team won their first title in 40 years. backback champhips win and 2018. >> so let's get the executive sports anchor vern glenn live inside td garden. a little safer. >> i don't know. >> yeah, it's safer. but i got news for you. the warriors haven't closed one out on the road yet, which makes me think what must steph curry be thinking right now, an hour
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before the game. say for game five, he has had the offensive numbers and the results. the case of curry, the nba finals mvp, that's the one honor, that eludes him. he's heard all the naysayers. can't win another title without kevon looney. >> i'm the pedi king. i know all about everything. i use it as entertainment and have fun with it. >> reporter: the last time curry wa thibuilding, he had celtics fans headed for the exits, after dropping 43 points. and there is even more at stake tonight. the dubs are looking to join the 1985 lakers as the only visiting team to win a title on boston's parquet floor. >> you're sitting underneath 17 nba championship banners. >> let's try to keep it that way. try to keep that it way. i don't think we're looking for a game seven back at home. leave it all right here in
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boston, 48 minutes. >> reporter: the warriors have quickly flipped the script after being down 2-1 last week. >> we're not going to overreact. we've been in this situation before, getting big 2015 vibes. >> reporter: we all know what happened in 2015. the warriors ripped off three straight wins to beat the cavs for their first title during this run. that closeout game seven years ago tonight. >> i know it's not about the money, but, the winning team, the league champion, based on last year's numbers will earn just shy of four million to be divvied up between players, coaches and staff. i'm just saying. but first you got to go out there and win the game. take care of business first, and then worry about it. >> i'm going get on vern's shoulders and just start -- we're going figure this out. that's a lot of money.
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>> that's a lot of money. i think they just want that trophy, right? they want the trophy and the rings. >> they want to win. all right, vern. thank you so much. enjoy the game. >> a live look inside chase center there will be a sea of blue and gold tonight. this is the calm before the storm. the doors are opening for a game six watch party inside the arena. the $25 tickets already sold out. >> no surprise there. if you can't make it inside, you can watch it outside at thrive city, of course. that's where executive's juliette goodrich is right now. hi, jules. >> oh my goodness, hi, guys. let me tell you, we are not in enemy territory. no, we're not in boston. but we are here where we're in heaven with all of our fans in blue and gold. look at this. they're outside chase center. it's a beautiful, sunny day. and the doors just opened a couple of minutes ago. they're going to file on inside. they're going to watch the game on a big screen in there. i'm told that tickets run from $75 all the way up to $250.
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these fans are ready, and they say hey, if they're going to win it, win it tonight. let's get it done. i ran into some fun people that were, well, let's just say they are warriors supporters all the way through. let's hear what they had to say. >> steph curry in the house. >> yes, we are. >> prediction tonight? >> no predictions. we're just going to have a good game. >> we have been outside the whole entire time. we have not missed one. we've been to every single series. we're ready for the championship. >> okay. this is my friend helen, and she comes to all of the games. and what i love, i was kind of checking your little knapsack there. what do you have going on? >> you like my hot tamales. i've got some hot tamales and red vine lick richlicorice. hot tamales and red vine. >> that's for the win? >> we're going win. it's going to be over with. >> all right.
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well, go warriors, and we're going to be here throughout the evening. >> you got to let them know, ayesha can cook. >> for sure. >> see? there is a lot of energy on this ayesha. she can cook. and don't get steph mad about that stuff, right? we can go on and on here. but this is a great time. we'll be here. we'll see you live at 5:30 again. we'll send it back to you. >> it's all about the snacks, right? >> yeah. >> always. >> championship snacks. thanks, jules. >> so on the more serious side, if things get a little too rowdy tonight, police say they're ready for that too. they have been working with the warriors to establish what they're calling a safety plan there will be police officers stationed inside and outside of chase. their message to warriors fans, violence will not be tolerated. >> and we'll have more coverage from the watch party both inside and outside chase center at 5:30. and stay wkpix 5. we'll have all the reaction to game six tonight and tomorrow. hopefully celebrating a warriors championship.
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[ closing bell ] >> okay. now on to some really disappointing news. it was a rough day once again on wall street. a bloodbath. stocks took a dive one day after the fed announced an aggressive interest rate hike to fight inflation. investors are still pretty worried about an economic slowdown. the dow closed down 741 points. it actually dropped below 30,000. the nasdaq fell 453, and the s&p lost more than 3%. >> and a live look at the u.s. capitol, where the third hearing of the january 6th investigation has wrapped up today. more details about former president trump's effort to overturn the 2020 election results came to light. cbs reporter skyler henry is on capitol hill with more on the skyler? >> good to be with you. well, the panel today reconfirmed their claims that the former president put more pressure on to his former vice
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president, mike pence, to try to overturn the 2020 election both publicly and privately, even having a conversation with him on january 6th before the certification process. we also heard today from pence's lawyer who said he took a stand against the conservative attorney working with the former president. >> hang mike pence! hang mike pence! >> reporter: the house january 6th committee presented more dramatic video as they detailed former president trump's efforts to pressure his vice president, mike pence, into blocking congressional certification of the election. >> there's a telephone conversation between the president and the vice president, is that correct? >> yes. >> the conversation was pretty heated. >> i remember hearing the word "wimp." >> reporter: taped testimony from top advisers say they disagreed with the white house lawyer. john eastman's theory that the vice president could block electoral votes. >> i said are you out of your f-ing mind?
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you're going to cause riots in the streets. >> including greg jacob and retired federal judge j. michael luttig. >> i would have laid my body across the road before i would have let the vice president overturn the 2020 election. >> what was vice president pence's reaction when you showed him the email where dr. eastman, after the attack on the capitol, still asked that the vice president delay certification and send it become to the states? >> he said that's rubber room stuff. >> reporter: thursday committee chairman bennie thompson told reporters that it may be time to invite conservative activist ginny thomas, wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas to the committee. confirming that "the washington post" reporting eastman emailed ms. thomas and also exchanged multiple text messages with mark meadows about overturning the election results. >> we have sent ms. thomas a letter asking to come and talk
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to the committee. >> reporter: the daily caller says mrs. thomas signaled she may be willing to talk, telling them she can't, quote, wait to clear up misconceptions. the justice department told the committee that they also want some of that witness testimony to try to help in their criminal investigations. the committee said that it will cooperate, quote, eventually, but is operating on its own timeline. ryan? >> all right, thank you, skyler. reporting live from our capital. hundreds gathered in the south bay today to say farewell to one of san jose's beloved native sons. >> norm mineta was right, and we need to follow him right to the very end. plus new safety changes coming to oakland schools. a message to parents dropping their kids off. and it's pride month. one of shakespeare's best known stories is being told in a different way. circum >> is there a world in which we can imagine a possibility of two young women in 1848 falling in
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love? >> the cooler air that made its way in and around the bay yesterday, made its way much farther inland today. temperatures close to 12 degrees below where we were 24 hours ago in spots. the cool air is going to make itself right at home. we'll take a look ahead to father's day w
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there was a final farewell to a beloved native son of san jose. it was a who's who of political dignitaries, including former president bill clinton who joined family and friends today at a memorial to honor norman mineta. mineta broke racial barriers, the first asian american to serve as councilman and mayor of san jose. he also became the first asian american to hold a cabinet post, serving as president clinton's department of commerce. a young mineta was taken by train with his family to a japanese internment camp during world war ii, an experience that led him to fight for americans while serving as a u.s. representative. kiet do on the tributes to a man
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who left a lasting impact on the bay area's biggest city and the nation. >> norm mineta, whose modest city was legendary, would likely not have approved of such a big fuss. nonetheless, hundreds gathered to share, laugh, and shed a tear. robert ragsak played basketball with him at san jose high nearly 80 years ago. what kind of loss is this for you? >> it's terrible because there are so few of us. >> of course, i didn't want our country to do to others what had happened to norm. >> reporter: everyone had a story. diane produced a documentary and interviewed representative dan lungren, a republican who was supposed to talk about mineta as a political advocacy. >> and his first words were norm mineta, the nicest guy you'll ever meet. >> reporter: former san francisco mayor willie brown, now 88 years old said mineta served under two presidents, a democrat and republican because
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he was admired and respected by all. >> norm mineta, one more request. you have preceded me. my relationship with the lord requires some putting in a good word. >> reporter: leon panetta recalled how everyone confused the two as they both served in congress together. >> and so began the infamous mi mineta-panetta saga. remember, i used to tell norm, i said look, norm, let's face it, the only reason you got elected mayor is because everybody thought you were italian. >> reporter: mineta was wearing his boy scout uniform when his family was shipped off to a japanese internment camp and imprisoned for two years, an experience that didn't break him. it molded him. >> as he had in san jose, he calmly, resolutely united people of different races and parties around a central principal. that we might fail to meet our nation's great ideals.
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but we must never abandon them. >> reporter: former president bill clinton appointed mineta to become the nation's first asian american cabinet member. >> norm mineta spent a lifetime trying to be a builder, not a breaker, a uniter, not a divider. someone who used his power to empower others, not to get more power for himself and other people's expense. >> that is really the measure of the person you wanted us to be. show up, try hard, and do right. so one final time to everyone here and watching. thanks a million. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> we brought you live coverage of the memorial for norm mineta on "cbs news bay area." you can find us streaming 24/7 on and the cbs news app. if you're driving near a school in oakland, you may have to slow down. the city just lowered the speed limit around garfield elementary
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school from 25 to 15 miles per hour. by the end of the year, 19 other schools will also have reduced speeds. >> we want to create bubbles of safety around these incredible community assets, our schools. we want to honor our educators, our parent, and of course our children and show them that their safety is our highest priority. . there are also new signs, barriers, and high visibility crosswalks to slow down drivers. this after city officials say two pedestrians were recently killed near garfield elementary, including a mother just dropping off her child. water bills in contra costa county are going up. the water district approved a temporary drought surcharge. customers are expected to see a 15% bump in their bills starting next month. now for the average water user, that's about $8.40 a month. water district says the goal is to encourage people to conserve water in the midst of this
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drought. as we check in with first alert meteorologist paul heggen, really no relief in sight that drought is just going to continue all summer. >> we're past the time of the year where we get any significant chance of rainfall. we're just going to have to wait and hope that the drought situation doesn't get dramatically worse during the dry months. but it's going to deteriorate somewhat. we got an update today. that happens every thursday. the good news is it didn't get any worse since the last update last week. the bad news is it's still a bleak situation. the entire bay area either under severe or extreme drought. that's the third worst and second worse categories. the worst category exceptional drought, that's still through the central valley, and 12% of the state is in that worst category, exceptional drought. over half the state in extreme drought, and almost the entirety of california is in severe drought. the only place that isn't, the far northwestern especially the of the state that is actually less than 1% of the state. everybody else is at least in severe drought. we do have cooler weather on the way. that helps with the short-term fire threat. the onshore breeze pushing the
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marine air farther inland. as the storm system gets a little closer to the coast, it has a chance of actually popping up a shower or two in the north bay over the next couple of days. they are going to be very few and far between. they're not going to amount to anything more than a few sprinkles. the fog is spreading further into the inland valleys. it will dissipate. we'll see a few clouds bubbling up, potentially bringing a few radar freckles to the map friday afternoon. a few sprinkles in the windshield in the north bay, that's going to be about it. we'll see more fog developing tomorrow night into early saturday. a mix of clouds and sunshine for the next couple of day, and another chance saturday that maybe a couple of showers, try to fit the north bay. the better chance of that stays farther north over lake county and inland mendocino county. and then we completely get rid of that even meager shower chance. second half of the weekend, things are looking pretty nice for father's day. looking very nice, passing clouds in the distance. 60 degrees downtown is the cool spot. the warmest places in the map are in the mid-70s. yesterday the warmest locations
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were in the upper 80s. a big drop in the inland temperature, and the temperatures are going to drop even farther from today to tomorrow courtesy of the strong onshore wind. it's gusty in spots. the sustained winds at 26 miles per hour at sfo. 26 in fairfield. some gusts up to 35 miles per hour. strong enough to potentially move you around on the road a little bit. but again, keeping the temperatures in the cool range for the next couple of days. even upper 40s on the map by early tomorrow morning. temperatures tomorrow in san francisco. warm-up to the low 60s by early tomorrow afternoon. that's about as far as we're going to go. that ends up 5 dress below average. we'll start off with some of the fog, but should it dissipate and give us nice clouds and sunshine the rest of the day. santa rosa gets a little longer to warm up. high temperatures can tap out short of 70 degrees. a little more cloud cover north of the golden gate, and the outside chance of a couple of sprinkles. concord, your temperatures a couple of degrees warmer. that's almost 15 degrees below average for inland parts of the east bay. barely cracking 70 degrees. san jose also just barely cracking 70.
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into the low 70s. that's it while the norm high temperature around 80. the warmest spots inland in the east bay only reach the low 70s. it was just six days ago the spots were at 105 degrees. 30 degrees off that. that's where we're going to top out tomorrow. an unusually cool weather pattern that is going to be with us on saturday. but we start to bounce back on sunday. back to near average temperatures for father's day with the warm-up in store next week, a modest warm-up around the bay. more of a heatwave taking hold farther inland, but comfortably hot, if you think that's a thing. low to mid 90s for the hottest locations. no records in jeopardy, and i don't think even the hottest spots are going to make much of a run at 100 degrees. small mercies for the first di of summer on tuesday. >> especially after last weekend. >> exactly. if we can avoid repeating that, maybe the fire fuels don't dry out quite as fast. >> that's something a lot of us have been concerned about here. all right, paul, thank you. still ahead, drag queen story time disrupted. new information on the hate
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crime investigation after suspected proud boys target a children's event. also, an admissions change prompted a fierce deb
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east bay congressman eric swalwell addressed hate targeted at the lgbtq+ community. community members and alameda sheriff at the san lorenzo library today. that's where authorities say members of the proud boys disrupted a drag queen story hour event a few days ago shouting homophobic and trans slurs around children. members of the community say acts of hate are happening against far too many people. >> we're seeing far too much hate. we're seeing it every day. and sadly, the san francisco bay area is not exempt from this hate. i want one message that i want to make sure is clear and pert pertinent. we're not going to stand for hate today. not tomorrow or not ever.
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>> sheriffs say this will be a complicated investigation because it has to do with speech, but they'll be vigilant to try to preview similar situations. san francisco's tenderloin center, created to connect people to housing and services will close down in december. funding is set to dry up at the end of the year and mayor london breed's proposed budget didn't have any more money for it. kpix 5 has reported on the center that opened as a part of breed's state of emergency initiative in the tenderloin. the city is looking at other methods including a sobering site set to open up next week and a crackdown on illegal vendors in the plaza. we're inside chace center tonight where a sold out crowd is expected. why these fans believe it's going to be the last time they're in chase center this season. and the warriors aren't the only big sports story. the world cup coming back to the bay area. plus, a bay area theater
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celebrates pride by - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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you're watching kpix 5 at 5:30. >> right now on kpix 5, streaming on "cbs news bay area," more local news at 5:30. a more inclusive take on shakespeare. this pride month, a new spin on one of his best known plays. and the world cup is coming back to the bay area, and it's big news for the south bay. >> and we're just half hour away
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from game six of the nba finals. hoping to keep the dynasty alive. we're all over it from boston to thrive city. good evening. i'm sara donchey. >> and i'm ryan yamamoto. hot ticket in the bay area tonight is that watch party at chase center. let's get out to andrea nakano live inside. andrea? >> brian and sarah, fans started coming in here to chase center about 30 minutes ago. and take a look now. it's pretty empty in here. from my experience covering some of these watch pears, these seats are going to be filled within minutes. fans in their seats by the national anthem, and we're ready to go to root on the warriors 3,000 miles away. fans will pretty much experience what it's like on a game day from the pregame ritual to the halftime show. and the only difference will be they will be watching the game on the center. dub nation is definitely ready to go here tonight. >> i feel the focus and the confidence in the


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