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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  June 16, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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hoping to keep the dynasty alive. we're all over it from boston to thrive city. good evening. i'm sara donchey. >> and i'm ryan yamamoto. hot ticket in the bay area tonight is that watch party at chase center. let's get out to andrea nakano live inside. andrea? >> brian and sarah, fans started coming in here to chase center about 30 minutes ago. and take a look now. it's pretty empty in here. from my experience covering some of these watch pears, these seats are going to be filled within minutes. fans in their seats by the national anthem, and we're ready to go to root on the warriors 3,000 miles away. fans will pretty much experience what it's like on a game day from the pregame ritual to the halftime show. and the only difference will be they will be watching the game on the center. dub nation is definitely ready to go here tonight. >> i feel the focus and the confidence in the team.
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and we're here to reflect and encourage and bring the energy and send it over to boston. >> i've been to every series, and literally, this is it. the warriors have made it be known we can go back-to-back, and we're definitely going three times in a row, telling the celtics, thank you, but we're done with you. >> we're going take it home tonight. play six games. yes! >> reporter: so the tickets to get in were $25, and all the proceeds go to the warriors community foundation. it's a sold-out event. so it is going to be pretty rocking here tonight. at chase, andrea nakano. back to you. >> the other games, the away games, it was loud out there. so have fun tonight. >> okay. so it's like a dual party. you have the party inside. the party outside. let's check with kpix 5's juliette goodrich who is live at the party outside at thrive city, djing for us tonight.
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jul juliette? >> you guy, there is a vibe out here. i'm not quite sure. maybe because it's game six. but you try to look around and see what fan catches your eye. well, sara, check this out. come on in, ladies. oh, yeah. so they call themselves the mermaid warriors, and they are from the peninsula. and let's just hear it from you guys. love the outfit. is this your natural color? >> it's absolutely our natural color. we go blue and yellow just for the warriors. >> watching it inside tonight, i guess it really doesn't matter, right? >> it doesn't matter. all good seats. >> are we friends, sisters? family? what's going on here? the blue crew. >> friends and family. >> bffs forever. what's your prediction tonight. if they do win, you said you're going wear your hair like this every single game. if they take the game tonight, we're going to do this all season long next year. what's your name for record? >> lisa. >> okay, lisa is going to do that.
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i know you're here with your daughters also. >> she is daughter. >> what's your prediction tonight? >> warriors! >> how did i know that? thanks for your spirit. enjoy it. all right. so i hope i proved it right that they stood out. we're going send it back to you. automatic of the fans are in chase center. they're ready to go. they're expecting the win tonight. >> we'll see if they do that at the office all year next year, which would be really impressive, right, juliette? >> we got her name. >> we got names. >> she'll get the number off camera. >> love that vibe out there. all right, thanks, jules. well, the dubs getting some love from other bay area sports team. tweeting happy thursday, let's go warriors, #bay areaunite. and a big trending topic on social media this evening.
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you share your messages cheering on the warriors. be sure to use the #kpix. in other exciting sports news, the world's biggest tournament is coming to the bay area. >> the third city in the west. the golden gate city of san francisco and the bay area. >> okay. a watch party was held at levi's stadium in santa clara where some of the games will be held. the 2026 world cup will mark the first time the men's tournament is coming back to the u.s. in three decades. it will be the first tournament with 48 nations competing. one man says he is not missing those matches, no matter what it costs. >> no problem. >> no problem. money is not a problem? >> yes. >> yes. >> oh, wow. >> all people have no problem. >> cabrera and mexico will also be host sites for some games. this is the first world cup with multiple nations hosting. very exciting. >> big-time there.
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san francisco school board is taking up the heated topic of admissions at lowell high school. there is a proposal to extend the lottery-based emissions process for one more year. the board voted to switch lowell from a merit-based to lottery in 2020. all as a way to promote diversity. the issue has been divisive. one at the elite private school and anger over the switch contributed to the recall after three school board members. the board could decide to approve a community process to come up with a long-term admissions plan. a final decision is expected by april 30th. hope, love, pride presented by waymo. >> the words of shakespeare have stood the test of time. but imagine hearing those same stories told in a different way, one that shows us no matter what language you speak, love is love. >> kpix 5's gianna franco shows us a bay area theater's new take on one of shakespeare's best known plays.
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>> is there a world in which we can imagine the possibility of two young women in 1848 falling in love? >> yes. and that world is coming to life in orinda in cal shake's adaptation of romeo and juliet. >> stepping into this role, i think we hear the play differently. i think i bring a level of a kind of human universal storytelling to an experience. love is love. >> did my heart love until now? for swash its sight who never saw true gout beauty to this night. >> reporter: she hopes her role as romeo sends a positive message. >> shakespeare, the canon itself has had such an impact on our storytelling for centuries that i think this is an opportunity for us to actually vision beyond that and to be able to be more expansive and inclusive. >> reporter: for the director
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sanchez, this new version of where two women fall in love couldn't be more natural. >> a theme of this play is what is natural. and romeo and juliette by nature need to be together. and it's a society that's trying to pull them apart an not allow them to be their natural self. >> reporter: the story is set in the bay area in 1848, which back then was known as alta california. >> romeo is a woman. so romeo and juliette are both women in 1848 in the wild old west at a time when that just wasn't allowed. that wasn't as common. and so it just adds more of the pressure cooker to this play to see how desperate they were to be together. >> reporter: it was also a time where spanish and english were equally spoken. >> it started with karen zacarias, who wrote the script. she was really interested in marrying spanish and english,
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and found that marrying it in a play about marrying two people, that some of society don't want to be together, but it's a natural fit, just felt really perfect. >> reporter: so this version of "romeo and juliet" is bilateral. [ speaking spanish ] >> one of your nine lives. >> i feel like a lot of times with theater, it can be like we're doing the latino play or the queer play. and it's not very often that you see these two things at the same time. i'm just really grateful. and on top of that, in spanish and english. >> not only do you have the uniqueness of spake spear in espanol, look at this, this gorgeous heater in the middle of orinda. >> i cherish every day out here. it feels like the most incredible ritual to be able to do theater near this space because it's covid-safe because we're outside. and we're in this incredible natural setting. last night as we were
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rehearsing, we were serenaded by coyotes howling in the distance. and wild turkeys that are sing along with the songs that we're playing during interludes. >> reporter: helping the passion of romeo and juliet come to life in a new and different way. i'm gianna franco, kpix 5. >> you can see romeo and juliet through june 19th at cal shakes in orinda. check out all of this month's pride stories on our special section still ahead, elon musk tackles questions from twitter employees. what he revealed about his future plans for the company. and the bright side of the federal reserve's interest rate hike. how it could actually make some people money. coming up all new at 6:00, sky-high rent in the bay area is nothing new, but it should be even higher. why is rent going up slower here than anywhere else? plus -- >> this is an old water meter, but if you have a leak you may not realize until the water bill
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comes two months later there is a new push to install smarter
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elon musk met with twitter employees for the first time since his take overbid, laying out his expectations for the company. he said he wants to see one billion active twitter users a day, up from the current 200 million daily users. it also doubled down over relaxing content restrictions and said he may be flexible about people working remotely but also hinted at layoffs. he offered to buy twitter for $44 billion but then threatened to walk away. we're facing the highest federal interest rate hikes since 1994. >> but as christine lazar explains, there are some ways to turn rising interest rates into cash in your pocket. >> reporter: with mortgage rates
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rising, your credit card debt likely increasing. and with it now more expensive to borrow money, it's hard to feel optimistic about one's financial future. >> it doesn't look too good right now. >> reporter: but it doesn't have to be all gloom and doom. financial experts say there are money making opportunities when the fed increases the interest rate. >> if you have money sitting in a bank where they adjust the rates regularly like in a money market account, your interest rate will probably have already risen and will continue to rise as interest rates rise. >> reporter: larry harris is professor of finance at usc. if you have money to save, now is the time to put it away. series i bonds have risen to 9.96%. >> the series i-bond is an inflation adjusted bond, which means you're given a return. it includes the rate of inflation. so when inflation goes up, the money you make on this bond rises. >> if you don't want to lock up your money, some banks will even offer interest on checking
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accounts. >> interest rates have risen to almost a per sent or higher. that's what people were locking into three or five years in the cds just about a year ago. >> luis barajas is a certified financial planner. he says everyone should pay off their credit card debt now if they can. >> we know they're going to go from 16% on a credit card. it will rise towards the end of the year to maybe 19, 20%. >> reporter: she is 25 and planning to start saving now so she doesn't have to give up the things she enjoys. >> how can i make more so i can continue my spending habits? because i like buying my coffee. i like going out to eat. and so i don't really want to cut back. if i can make more. >> revlon has filed for bankruptcy protection. the 90-year-old cosmetics company has been facing crippling debt and mounting competition from celebrity makeup lines and other companies. revlon will receive $575 million in financing, which should keep
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its day-to-day operations running for now. well, coming up, how an unwanted guest made a mess out
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the senate has approved a bill to help military veterans who have been exposed to overseas burn pits. the legislation would establish a presumptive link between certain illnesses and exposure to toxic waste dumps in war zones. the goal is to make it a little easier for veterans to claim benefits and treatment for 23 diseases and rare cancers related to toxic exposure. abbott nutrition has once again halted a baby formula production at its michigan plant, this time because of flooding from severe storms there. abbott says it paused production of its elicare specialty to assess and clean and resan advertise the plant. this comes just less than two weeks after a months' long closure that helped drive that nationwide shortage of formula. but the company says there is
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enough supply to meet demand until production there can restart. they're estimating this delay to last a few weeks. state officials have decided not to list the iconic joshua tree as a threatened species, at least for now. the fish and game commission failed to reach a majority on whether the plant found in the southern california desert should be listed under the california endangered species act. environmentalists say the trees are at risk from wildfires and extreme droughts fueled by climate change. the commission will take up that issue again in october. and here is a reminder to keep your windows closed out in the country. an aggressive bear snuck into an airbnb in truckee and made a bit of a mess. the guests locked themselves in rooms and contacted authorities. sheriff's deputies who responded say the bear charged at them several times. they eventually got the bear back outside where three of its cubs were waiting in that tree. it's a mama bear looking for some food. >> the mama.
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>> ritz crackers and whatever else they found. i don't know. airbnbs don't have much in there. maybe it was good one. >> maybe that's why it was aggressive. >> probably. it wants some better food. how is our weather looking? i know it's been dry and warm, but a little cooler today? >> a little cooler today. it's going to be even cooler than that tomorrow. this trend is going to continue for the next couple days. temperatures below average across the board tomorrow. even the possibility as a storm system makes its way closer to the coast. a couple of pop-up showers over the north bay. we're talking one or two of a few sprinkles worth of rain. but hey, every drop, we'll take what we can get. that weather pattern comes to an end by father's day. as the storm system slides farther to the east, we'll get back into a normal weather pattern with the next heat dome beginning to take shape out to the west. we're not done with the temperature roller coaster heading back up as we head through the first half of next week. that slim rain chance, here is what i mean by slim, having to round up the numbers to reach a 10% threshold, that is a very low chance. even a couple of sprinkles for
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the north bay. but beggars can't be choosers in the middle of june. we'll keep an eye on the radar throughout the day tomorrow. high clouds, way too high in the atmosphere to drop precipitation on us. not too much fog yet that will change. high temperatures today a lot cooler inland. only 1 degrees for the warmest spots. san jose reached the mid-70s. san francisco climbed briefly into the mid-60s but back down to 60 degrees. pacifica fell short of actually hitting 60, topping out at 59. it's down to 57 at half moon bay. temperatures around the bay mostly in the 60s. inland mostly in the 70s. these temperatures are going to back off even more for tomorrow. we're going to be 5 degrees below normal around the bay. closer to 10 to 15 degrees below average farther inland. some passing clouds overhead. the brighter white, those are the banks of fog trying to spread out tomorrow morning. we'll see more fog to start the day on saturday as opposed to tomorrow morning. what fog there is should dissipate quickly. a mix for the rest of the day.
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strong onshore breeze with us the rest of the evening. the wind is going to back down after sunset, as it almost does. the wind is still going to be stirring the atmosphere around by early tomorrow morning. it's the onshore breeze helping to keep the cooler marine air locked into tomorrow's inland valleys which is why it will be cooler than today. upper 40s in the north bay valleys. low 50s for pretty much everybody else. pleasantly cool for the middle of june. free air conditioning. open up the windows. get the fresh air in. you can leave the windows open. 60s around the bay. 70s inland. about 5 degrees below normal near the water. close to 10 to 15. upper 50s along the coast. a mix of upper 60s and low 70s around the south end and down the peninsula. low 70s in the santa clara valley as well. close to 10 degrees below normal. close to 15 for inland east bay. upper 60s in the try valley. the spots around 105 degrees last week, they're going to be in the low 70s from fairfield to antioch to brentwood.
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mid- to upper 60s for oakland and the east bay. also mid- to upper 60s for most of the north bay. a little more cloud cover north of the golden gate along with the outside slim chance of a couple of passing sprinkles. but other than that, additional cloud cover sticking around to some extent. on saturday plenty of sunshine reemerging for the second half of the weekend. father's day brings a return to near normal temperatures. and the warm-up continues monday and tuesday. back up to around 90 in san jose for most of next week. looks like the warmest day is going to be tuesday, but we don't back down a lot wednesday and thursday. still looking at low to mid-90s for inland parts of the east bay and the north bay throughout the middle of next week. all right, paul, thank you. i'm elizabeth cook. coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, rent in the bay area is not going up as fast as the rest of the country. but will that trend continue? plus, the new high-tech step that san jose is taking to try and cut down on water waste. and after a pandemic delay, finally opening its doors in the south bay.
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does it live up to the hype? we'll have the early reviews. the news at 6:00 is coming up in five minutes. sara, ryan? >> thanks, liz. a special day to give back at kpix 5. we meet the volunteers helping meet a big need in the
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today is paramount community today. the parent company of kpix 5 acting on the belief that change starts with all of us. reed cowan was there
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volunteering and introduces us to the heros of the san francisco marin food bank. >> anybody want toe help us make double bags? >> reporter: leading the charge like he has day in and day out for years, there is not a lot vladimir machado can't do at the san francisco marin food bank. >> grab your strawberries yet? >> reporter: so why does he come here, over and over? >> do i make it a little easier for you? >> reporter: vladimir tells me it's for the little boy he was while growing up not very far away from this food bank. >> i remember being a kid, not knowing my next meal. i'm scared where my parents are, how to survive in this crazy world. >> reporter: machado is proof big guys can and often do have big hearts. this tough guy says we all need each other. >> why do we need each other? because team work makes the dreamwork. >> reporter: what's the dream? >> to stop hunger. >> reporter: vlad knows last year the need for food in our area was at 64 million pounds for hungry bay area bellies. but now after covid --
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>> it's gone up a lot. >> reporter: vlad helps process 20 million more pounds of food per year this year than last year. he is not the only one joining the kpix 5 team giving back. >> there. >> meet 82 retired teacher carter benson, who tells me he often thinks about the mouths that will eat tonight because of his service his hands did today. >> take a look at this picture right there. that's a beautiful picture, beautiful little family, you know. >> this we hope will help them. >> giving helps the giver. mom broad young reagan here. >> it's a rewarding feeling to see that what we do contribute to society. >> reporter: and you know what all of these people had in common today? each other. not a sad person in the bunch as bags filled. >> do i have any volunteers? >> who wants to get their workout on. >> and hearts followed. >> i saw paul heggen there if
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you want to volunteer like our team did today, to help the folks the san francisco marin food bank, we'll put a link on our website, sara? >> great work, reed. that's it for the news at 5:00. kpix 5 at 6:00 begins now with ryan yamamoto and elizabeth cook. >> right now on kpix 5 and streaming on "cbs news bay area," san jose goes high-tech to try to cut down on water waste. how a simple device can make a big difference. apartment prices in san francisco still have not returned to march 2020 levels. we take a closer look at why and where deals are to be found. and a look back at the life and legacy of norm mineta as leaders, including former president reflect on his remarkable contributions to san jose and the nation. good evening. i'm ryan yamamoto. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. rent prices are rebounding all across the country, but some bay area cities are lagging behind. rental prices in san francisco are still sky-high, but a new
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report shows they're actually lower now in the city than before the pandemic. san francisco is the only major u.s. city where that holds true. >> san jose has seen prices go back up, but is still behind the national average, ranking second to the last in rent growths since the beginning of the pandemic. kpix 5's andria borba breaks down the reasons why and where you can still work a deal. >> reporter: while still by no means or definition cheap -- >> my whole rent is $4,000. me and my roommate pay $2,000. it's a two bedroom, one bath. >> reporter: the cost of rent in san francisco has still not returned to what it was in march of 2020. with a medium one-bedroom 2900. >> we're the last place that hasn't fully rebounded. if we look at all of the major metropolitan areas across the country, it was last month it was san francisco and san jose, where rent prices were


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