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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  June 16, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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lower now in the city than before the pandemic. san francisco is the only major u.s. city where that holds true. >> san jose has seen prices go back up, but is still behind the national average, ranking second to the last in rent growths since the beginning of the pandemic. kpix 5's andria borba breaks down the reasons why and where you can still work a deal. >> reporter: while still by no means or definition cheap -- >> my whole rent is $4,000. me and my roommate pay $2,000. it's a two bedroom, one bath. >> reporter: the cost of rent in san francisco has still not returned to what it was in march of 2020. with a medium one-bedroom 2900. >> we're the last place that hasn't fully rebounded. if we look at all of the major metropolitan areas across the country, it was last month it was san francisco and san jose, where rent prices were still
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slightly below where they were the start of the pandemic. >> reporter: as of june, san jose is back to normal. and telephone rent is still 2.5% off what it was. in manhattan, monthly rent has reached new strat atmospheric highs. rob warnock, senior research associate for apartment list attributes the lack of bounceback to two things. the 6.7 population dip san francisco faced early on in the pandemic, and this. >> san francisco has the highest concentration of remote capable jobs. >> reporter: those remote jobs and limited in-office time may have changed neighborhood preferences. the north side, previously undesirable for folks commuting to silicon valley, particularly pacific heights, cow hollow and the marina have gone back the old ways of apartment competition. >> there is bidding wars for properties that have a different characteristics. if they have a patio or balcony
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or yard, an outdoor area. >> reporter: if you're looking for a deal, lisa mccarroll says look to the shiny new skyscrapers dotting mid market, the east cut, hayes valley and the van ness corridor. what may have felt claustrophobic during the pandemic has price negotiation potential right now. >> condos in that neighborhood flew off the market within a day. and now they sit on the market longer. there can be negotiation on the prices in those neighborhoods. whereas in 2019, that just wasn't possible. >> reporter: warnock from parent list says prices should return to and exceed march 2020 levels here in the next few months. in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. an effort to speed up the development of affordable housing in san francisco is set to go before voters. supporters announced today they got the required number of signatures to go on the november ballot. the measure aims to take years
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off the approval time for affordable housing projects. educator, housing, and mixed income housing. that includes 15% below market rate units. >> just imagine if we flooded the market with a fourth of those units, what difference it would make in terms of housing affordability in san francisco would be unbelievable. >> this is mayor breed's fourth attempt to try and streamline the city's housing process through an amendment like this one. she tried it first to get the board of supervisors to put the proposal on the november ballot, but they rejected it. a san francisco center that connects people with drug addiction to housing and services is reportedly set to close in december. the chronicle reports funding for tenderloin center is set to dry up at the end of the year, and mayor breed's proposed city budget did not include additional money for it. kpix 5 has reported on the center, which opened this year in u.n. plaza as part of breed's state of emergency initiatives
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in the tenderloin. the city is looking at other methods, including a sobering sight set to open next week. and a crackdown on illegal vendors in the plaza. the entire bay area still in the middle of an extreme drought. and to try to help fight the way, smart meters are coming to homes in san jose. katie choi shows us how this simple device can really make a difference. >> there is a push to install more smart meters across the bay area. water districts are getting more approvals to replace antiquated and analog ones like these and bring in the new and improved. detecting an irrigation leak like this one resulting in wasted water and a higher bill could be made a lot quicker. >> it's like a transmitter. it's just like a cell phone. >> reporter: that's if you have some help from advanced metering infrastructure, also called ami. >> the meter records the water usage every 15 minutes, and the
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cellular end point sends the information once a day. >> reporter: since it's digital, you can monitor real-time water usage information with a few clicks on your smartphone, cab let or computer, instead of relying on someone to manually read the meter and a water bill eans they're not using water at the moment. >> reporter: it's an easier and faster way to read the meter, and alarms can be said to alert users. >> it's nice we can get this readback at the office which avoids a trip to the matter. >> reporter: installing ami at police station, public parks and schools a few years ago as well as residential area. >> you get that immediate feedback that you have a leak. and a leak could go from two months down to two or three days. >> reporter: in the south bay, more than 2,000 analog will get upgraded with technology as they just received final approval to install them. in the north bay, fewer than 10% of marin's water customers now
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have smart meters through a smart grant. of the ones already installed, 10% of meters show some type of leak every day. >> it doesn't prevent leaks, but it shortens leaks. in the meantime, prepare to pay more for water in contra costa county. the water district just approved a temporary drought sir charge beginning next month. customers will likely pay about 15% more for their water bill, and the district says the average person uses about 260 gallons of water a day which could come out to an extra 28 cents a day or $8.40 a month. a final farewell today to a beloved native son of san jose. family, friends, and political dignitaries paid tribute to norm mineta at a public memorial service at the san jose civic auditorium. as a child, mineta was taken by train with his family to a japanese internment camp during world war ii. that experience led him to fight for americans while serving as a
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u.s. representative. former president bill clinton made him the nation's first asian american cabinet member. >> norm mineta spent a lifetime trying to be a builder, not a br breaker. be a uniter, not a divider. someone who used his power to empower others, not get more power for himself. at other people's expense. >> norm mineta was also the first asian american to serve as a city of san jose city council member and then the mayor. we brought you live coverage of the memorial for norman mineta on "cbs news bay area." you can find it streaming 24/7 on and on the cbs news app. still ahead on kpix 5 and "cbs news bay area," we'll introduce you to some of the people working every day to try and make the bay area a better place. and how you can do the same. plus, the world cup is coming back to the bay area. find out where you can see the best soccer players from around
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the world come out to play. >> oh, it's incredibly exciting. opening this store has been a long time coming. we've been working on this for so long. >> it's been years in the making, but does the new san jose eataly live up to the hype? temperatures are a little below average today. they'll be a lot low
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today eataly, the restaurant, market, and cooking school all in one opened at the valley fair mall. kpix 5's shawn chitnis was there, and has more on how the italian food concept hopes to stand out in a crowded shopping district. shawn? >> reporter: after years of planning and delay because of the pandemic, the wait is finally over. the latest eataly location promises the same authentic italian cuisine you can now find all over the world while also providing a unique experience here in the south bay by showcasing northern california products. >> one, two, three, go! [ cheering ] >> reporter: a ribbon cutting with a culinary twist. local leaders and the team behind eataly came together to split sheets of pasta on their first day of business. >> i think the way they
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described it as the ultimate italian food experience is pretty much on point. >> reporter: san jose law student and food blogger lynette chen got an early taste of eataly, she loved what she saw and ate. >> this biscotti looks incredible. >> reporter: there is fresh pasta, cheese, all kinds of pizza, and an entire floor dedicated to wine, the first eataly to have this layout. part of the bay area experience focusing on what they think locals will crave. >> there are so many fantastic pro producers, a great climate. it's perfect. >> reporter: originally expected to open in 2020, coronavirus pushed back their start date. the team eventually completed construction and hired enough workers to open their doors this week. >> the food and beverage can continue to grow. hospitality can continue to grow. even after the very difficult couple of years that we just had. >> ts lly. iriedpasta to olive oil and chocolate, chen says all the
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variety will keep bringing her back to shop and dine in the future. >> it's definitely a place i see myself spending a whole day at. >> reporter: reporting in santa clara, shawn chitnis, kpix 5. well, today is paramount community day. paramount is the parent company of kpix 5, and our team was out at the san francisco marin food bank. at this food bank, we found volunteers who are walking the walk day in and day out to help those in need. change in a community starts with the first step in volunteer vladimir machado says it's a walk we have to take together. >> why do we need each other? because team work makes the dreamwork. >> what's the dream? >> to stop hunger. >> and if you want to volunteer at the san francisco marin food bank, we've posted information at the world cup is coming back to the bay area. the selection committee announced that levi's stadium will be one of the host sites for the 2026 tournament. it will be one of 11 u.s. cities to host matches along with
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cities in canada and mexico. the games are not until 2026, but fans are already excited. >> no problem. >> no problem. money is not a problem in 2026. >> yes. >> all people have credit card, no problem. >> no problem. the last time the u.s. hosted the men's tournament was in 1994. the women's world cup hasn't been played here since 1999. the number of teams in 2026 will expand from 32 to 48. >> and remember, 1994, it was just an absolutely big party here in the bay area and in san francisco. and of course the finals i think it was down at the rose bowl. >> well, soccer is huge, not only in california, but near the bay area. so it's going to be -- >> it's going to be fun. >> people head across the country for that, around the world coming in. it will be interesting. let's take a look at what's happening weather-wise. we do have cooler weather that settled in today. it's going to get even cooler tomorrow thanks to the onshore
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breeze. it's going to be persistent. fog developing later tonight along the coast and around the bay. some of it spreading into the inland valleys. but not too much. cool weather runs through the first half of the weekend, and then we return to mere normal temperatures on sunday. to go along with the cool weather the next couple days we do have a chance of a couple of sprinkles in the north bay, tomorrow afternoon and saturday afternoon. they are going to be very few and far between, picking up on that fog along the coast by early tomorrow morning. in terms of the green on the radar, blink and you'll miss it for the north bay. tomorrow maybe a couple of brief little showers dropping some sprinkles in the higher elevations. but it's a 10% chance. we'll see a mix of clouds and sunshine throughout the day on saturday. another brief chance 10% or lower of a couple of sprinkles in the higher elevations. otherwise, just the cooler temperature sticking around through the first half of the weekend. and we start to warm up as the parent storm system bringing us the cooler weather moves away. seeing high clouds over san jose right now. that means it's going to be a beautiful sunset.
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once the sun gets a little closer to the horizon, reflecting off of those high clouds. temperature stands at 67 degrees right now in san jose. also 67 in livermore. it's only 59 in san francisco. but 73 for the warmest locations around the bay area right now in santa rosa and in concord. big change for 24 hours ago, thanks to the strong onshore wind. sustained winds up to 26 miles per hour in fairfield. hovering around 24 around most inland parts of the bay area. while the wind is going to die down somewhat overnight, it's not going to be die down completely. temperatures dropping to the upper 40s and low 50s by early tomorrow morning. plenty of sunshine overhead mixed with a few fair weather clouds in vallejo. seamus look likes he is still if i canning out how to smile. you now how toddlers figure out smiling is showing all you're teeth? that's what we got going on here. the warmest spots on the map tomorrow are only going to reach to the low 70s. antioch, brentwood, san jose in
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the low 70s. some spots were over 100 degrees a week ago tomorrow. and they're going to be 30 degrees cooler than that for the end of this workweek. weather whiplash. the roller coaster ride does continue, though. once we start warming up on sunday we don't stop until we hit about tuesday. and tshs kind of hover in place. it's a modest warm-up around the bay. backup to 90 degrees in san jose by tuesday, wednesday and thursday with some mid 90s for inland parts of the east bay and low 90s for the north bay, even up to the low 60 along the coast. a degree or two above normal. north bay sprinkles, we're past the time of the year where we're going get much of a rain chance. >> darn it. >> i know. >> thanks, paul. well, cbs evening news is coming up. >> here is norah o'donnell with a preview. norah? >> here is what we're working on tonight. the bombshell testimony here in washington. including how some members of the violent mob could have killed vice president mike pence. a and the new details about conversations the wife of a supreme court justice had with then president trump's team who were seeking to overturn the
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2020 election. that's all tonight on the cbs evening news. all right. sports is coming up next, and it has been nothing but bad times for the oakland a's against boston this season. how about today? could they avoid the season sweep? they did have their ace on the mound. and how about golf. the u.s. open under way. rory mcilroy right in the thick of things, literally. it wasn't all good for him.
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welcome to all into sports. boston is the sports capital of the world right now. nba finals are downtown. and in the suburb, brookline country club is hosting the u.s. open. so that is where we start with a rare turkey sighting. and on the topic of a rare sighting, phil mickelson in action. first pro appearance in six months since joining the saudi-backed liv tour. had some rust to shake off. missed his putt for birdie, had a par putt, missed it. there is his bogey putt. this looked like happy gilmore. four-putt double bogey. phil was eight over today, nearly in last place. one of the biggest critics of liv, rory mcilroy in top form. the approach. it's a good one. and then after coming off the
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victory at the canadian open last weekend, he does well today. great birdie putt there. he finished 3 under on the day. tied for second. how about the shot of the day. matthew fitzpatrick, top 15 finishes in both majors this year. and look at the chip from the thick of it. rolls in the birdie. fitzpatrick finished 2 under on the day. just two back of the lead. the leaderboard after a round. adam hadwin all alone at 4 under par. he has never finished higher than 20th at a major. cal bear's collin morikawa and max homa are both 1 under par. last chance for the a's to pick up win over the red sox this season. 0-5 coming in, and they had been outscored 36-6 entering today's game. but there is good news. paul blackburn was on the mound. he is tenth in all of baseball and era. it's overlooked, but he is playing real well. fenway we go. that's where there is a watch party for the nba finals
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tonight. top three. the a's strung together four straight hits off 42-year-old rich hill. cristhian bethancourt drives in two. oakland is up 3-0. bethancourt had 7 rbis. rafael devers, a grounder to third. but rookie jonah the throw. and airmail. a run scores. the inning continues.xander bog. the grounder, and this time he totally redeems himself does bride. the red sox left 13 run owners base. the a's hang on for the 4-3 win, just their second win this month. and to the nba. klay thompson said he had big 2015 vibes when the warriors fell behind 2-1. and how is this for some good mojo tonight? on this date seven years ago, golden state beat cleveland in game six to win its first title during this run. i had the score right in front of me right now. golden state trails 16-10.
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but they were down 12 too early. so they're on a -- my math is bad. help me out there with that, 8-4 run or something like that. looking good this early in the game. well knew there was going to be a storm to weather. and it's third quarter warriors. >> you knew celtics were going to come out hot. >> no doubt. >> and it's only been 20 minutes. it will be okay. >> 17-10. >> thanks, charlie. up next, we'll introduce you to a fourth grade athlete heopig to make her way to the next olympic games. coming up on our streaming service, a full interview with a senior investigative correspondent for cbs news to break down today's hearings on the capitol attacks. you can watch or stream wherever, whenever. find us on any platform using
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state officials have decided not to list the iconic joshua tree as a threatened species, at least for now. the fish and game commission failed to reach a majority on whether the plant found in the southern california desert should be listed under the california endangered species act. environmentalists say the trees are at risk from wildfires and extreme droughts, all fueled by climate change. that commission will take up that issue once again in october. well, this aardvark pup is the first, look at him, born at the san diego zoo in more than
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35 years. zookeepers say she's healthy and doing well. she is a few weeks old right now, weighing just over 13 pounds. there you go. >> big baby. >> that's more than double what she weighed when she was born. and when fully grown, she is going to way more than 140 pounds. >> oh, look at that little nose! so cute. wow. well, meanwhile, up in truckee, sheriff's deputies confronted an aggressive bear inside an airbnb. it got in through an open window and made a mess. most likely in an attempt to find some food. the deputies say it even charged at them several times where they eventually got it back outside where three of its cubs were waiting in a tree. >> mama bear looking for food. a gymnast turn roller skater is inspiring young athletes. >> her message, don't let anything stop you from reaching your dreams. lila ella is already getting attention from elite athletes and top sponsors. she says she found her passion for roller skate manage the
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midst of the pandemic. wow, she learned fast. the fremont native saw her friend skating and said she also wanted to give it a try. just nine months later, look at her, she is a star. >> one of my goals is going to the olympics. and after the olympics going to ucla. >> wow. so lila says she wants to own a roller skating shop with a skate park in the back that could be accessible to all. she has skills. negative, kidding. i bet she is going to like reinvigorate the roller skating trend. she is amazing. she makes it look so effortless. >> what did you learn to do during the pandemic? >> complain. >> yeah. >> and eat, mostly. >> i tell you what, it's not easy skating. at my first job, there was a sonic skating car hop where they would deliver the food. i did a story and put on the skates and tried to roller skate through the parking lot.
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>> how much were you wearing? >> i was wearing a suit and tie doing it. it was not easy. i fell. it's not easy. so kudos to her. takes captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, we have several top headlines as we come on the air. the captivating evidence in the. january 6 hearing, including the danger to then-vice president pence. plus, what president biden is saying tonight about the possibility of a recession. the bombshell testimony, and the new pictures from january 6 of mike pence. why his closest aides were so concerned about what the violent mob would do to the vice president. >> the proud boys would have killed mike pence if given a chance. >> o'donnell: plus, the justice's wife. what we're learning about ginni thomas and her alleged involvement in trying to overturn the 2020 election. breaking news: the new interview with president biden. why he says inflation isn't his fault. tonight, as wall street panics, mortgage rates skyrocket


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