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tv   KPIX 5 News at 7pm  CBS  June 16, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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native sons. >> norm mineta was right, and we need to follow him right to the very end. now at 7:00, remembering a man who was beloved in the bay area and beyond. good evening. i'm ryan yamamoto. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. a final farewell to norman mineta. he broke barriers as the first asian american to serve as mayor of san jose. he also became the first asian american to hold a u.s. cabinet post. >> the man who left a lasting impact on the bay area's biggest city and the nation. ♪ >> reporter: norm mineta, whose modestry was legendary, likely would not have to approved of such a big fuss. nonetheless, hundreds gathered to share a laugh and shed a tear. robert ragsack played basketball with mineta at san jose high nearly 80 years ago. what kind of loss is this for you? >> well, it's actually terrible
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because there's so few of us. hold on. >> i didn't want our country to do to others what had happened to norm. >> reporter: everyone had a story. diane produced a documentary and interviewed representative dan lunn gren, a republican who was supposed to talk about mineta as a political adversary. >> and his first words were, norm mineta, the nicest guy you'll ever meet. >> reporter: former san francisco mayor willie brown, now 88 years old, said mineta served under two presidents, a democrat and republican, because he was admired and respected by all. >> norm mineta, one more request. you have preceded me. my relationship with the lord requires somebody putting in a good word. [ laughter ] >> reporter: leon panetta recalled how everyone confused the two as they both served in congress together. >> and so began the infamous
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mineta/panetta saga. i remember i used to tell norm, i said, look, norm, let's face it. the only reason you got elected mayor is because everybody thought you were italian. >> mineta was wearing his boy scout uniform when his family was shipped off to a japanese internment camp in a prison for two years, an experience that didn't break him. it molded him. >> as he had in san jose, he calmly, resolutely united people of different races and parties around a central principle, that we might fail to meet our nation's great ideals, but we must never abandon them. >> reporter: former president bill clinton appointed mineta to become the nation's first asian american cabinet member. >> norm mineta spent a lifetime trying to be a builder, not a breaker, a uniter, not a divider, someone who used his power to empower others, not to get more power for himself at other people's expense. ♪
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>> that is really the measure of the person you wanted us to be. show up, try hard, and do right. so one final time to everyone here and watching, thanks a million. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> a great honor for a great man. we brought you live coverage of the memorial on cbs news bay area. you can find us streaming 24/7 on the world's biggest soccer tournament is coming to the bay area. >> the third city in the west, the golden gate city of san francisco and the bay area. >> a watch party was held at levi's stadium in santa clara where some of the games will be held. the 2026 world cup will mark the first time the men's tournament is coming back to the u.s. in three decades. it will be the first tournament with 48 nations competing. one fan says he's not missing those matches no matter what they cost. >> no problem.
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>> money is not a problem? >> no problem, yes. >> oh, wow. >> all people have credit card. no problem. >> canada and mexico will also be host sites for some games. this is the first world cup with multiple nations hosting. now to baseball. mlb commissioner rob manfred is putting the pressure on oakland to approve the new a's ballpark at howard terminal. he applauded the efforts so far but said he needs to see more progress and soon. the a's coliseum lease expires in 2024. the team is still considering relocating to las vegas. people in parts of the east bay will soon be paying more for water. the contra costa water district has imposed a temporary 15% surcharge to encourage conservation. the average customer will pay about $8.40 more per month starting next month. and if you're looking to watch your usage even more, kpix 5's kenny choi reports a smart meter
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may soon be doing it for you. >>ers that a push to install more smart meters across the bay area. water districts are getting more approvals to replace antiquated and analog ones like these and bring in the new and improved. detecting an irrigation leak like this one resulting in wasted water and a higher bill could be made a lot quicker. >> it's like a transmitter. it's just like a cell phone. >> reporter: that's if you have some help from advanced metering infrastructure, also called ami. >> the meter records the water usage every 15 minutes and sends the information once a day. >> reporter: since it's digital you can monitor real-time water usage information with a few clicks on your smartphone, tablet, or computer instead of relying on someone to manually read the meter and a water bill that arrives every two months. >> that's like real time right now. it's all zeros. >> reporter: it's an easier and faster way to read your meter, and alarms can be set to alert
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users of spikes in water consumption. >> it's also nice that we can get this readback at the office, which avoids a trip to this meter. >> reporter: marin water initiated a pilot project, installing ami at police stations, public parks, and schools a few years ago as well as in some residential areas. >> you get that immediate feedback that you have a leak. >> reporter: in the south bay, more than 200,000 analog meters will get upgraded with newer technology as the san jose water company just received final approval from the california public utilities commission to install them. in the north bay, fewer than 10% of marin's water customers now have smart meters through a state grant. of the ones already installed, 10% of meters show some type of leak every day. >> it doesn't prevent leaks, but it shortens leak duration. >> reporter: in the north bay, kenny choi, kpix 5. if you are driving near oakland schools, prepare to slow down. the city lowered the speed limb at garfield elementary school from 25 to 15 miles per hour.
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by the end of the year, 19 other schools will have reduced speeds. >> we want to create bubbles of safety around these incredible community assets, our schools. we want to honor our educators, our parents and, of course, our children and show them that their safety is our highest priority. >> there are also new signs, barriers, and high-visibility crosswalks to slow drivers down. city officials say two pedestrians were killed near garfield elementary in recent years, including a mother dropping off her child. still to come, elon musk holds his first twitter town hall. the expectations he laid out for the company and for its workers and what he didn't tell them. san francisco was also known for its astronomical rent prices, but why you may actually get a deal right now if you're looking for an apartment. from fresh pasta to pizza to wine, where you can find the best of italy all under one roof
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and right here in the bay area. a week ago we were talking about temperatures approaching triple digit territory. today talking about a 12-degree top from yesterday to today's highs for inland portions of the bay area, and it gets even cooler there tomorrow. we'll take a look at how long it's going to last in the first alert forecast.
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elon musk laid out his expectations today in his first town hall meeting with twitter employees. he said he wants to see 1 billion active daily users, up from the current 200 billion. he also doubled down on relaxing content restrictions and said he may be flexible about people working remotely. but also hinted at possible layoffs. he did not give any details on
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when or even if he plans to close the $44 billion takeover deal. he recently threatened to walk away over spam accounts. let's give you a live look at san francisco, which appears to be bucking a real estate trend in a way you might not expect. it's about the last major metro area in the country where rent prices have not fully rebounded from the pandemic. there's still about 2.5% below march 2020 levels. researchers with apartment list cite the city's pandemic population dip and the increase in remote work without a commute to factor in. competition for apartments has moved to neighborhoods farther out. >> there's bidding wars there for properties that have a few different types of characteristics. if they have a patio or balcony or a yard or an outdoor area. >> real estate experts tell us on the other side of that coin, there are still some deals to be had for now in skyscrapers or around downtown. well, the latest eataly
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location has officially opened in the south bay. local leaders gathered for an opening celebration today. there's fresh pasta, cheese, all kinds of pizza, and there's an entire floor dedicated to wine. the first eataly to have this layout. >> i think the way they described it as the ultimate italian food experience is pretty much on point. >> eataly is opening its doors after nearly two years of pandemic-related delays. the team says they're hoping this is a sign of recovery for their entire industry. >> you've been to the one in l.a. >> yes, and it's very cool. i highly recommend if you're in san jose, check it out. if you love -- really all food. it doesn't have to be italian food. >> i say road trip, right? >> it's worth it. >> let's go. let's give you a live look outside at san francisco right now. it is a beautiful day today. another beautiful day on tap. >> yeah, it was crystal clear today. first alert meteorologist paul heggen is here. paul, more to come? >> yeah, cooler temperatures even more inland portions of the
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bay area, below where we were today. the storm system moving towards the coast not only bringing this cooler air mass, a stronger onshow breeze. it is breezy this evening. as it approaches the coast, it's going to be close enough to potentially bring a couple of sprinkles, maybe a pop-up shower or two to the higher elevations of the north bay. it's an outside chance, so outside, in fact, that rounding up liberally, we arrive at a 10% chance of one of those pop-up showers for the north bay friday and saturday, but that's the only hint of moisture in the forecast. these temperatures are surprising for june. 50s and 60s for san francisco and oakland. everybody is in the 60s. the warm spots right now are in the upper 60s in concord and santa rosa. a far cry from those temperatures that were still in the 90s as of 7:00 in the evening just a week ago. we're going to stay on the cool side through the first half of the weekend. some fog along the coast already. it's good to try to spread into some of the inland valleys by early tomorrow morning. should dissipate pretty quickly. a mix of clouds and sunshine,
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maybe a couple pop-up showers or more likely some sprinkles in the higher elevations in the north bay tomorrow afternoon. a noticeable breeze out there this evening, especially along the coast. but inland gusts have been in the 25 to 30-mile-an-hour range. those winds will back off as the sun goes down but they don't die down completely, keeping that marine air locked into the inland valleys. temperatures tomorrow for inland parts of the bay area close to 10 to 15 degrees below normal. we'll start off with a few spots in the north bay valleys dropping to the upper 40s. most of us in the low to mid-50s. we just don't warm up very fast. by noon, temperatures around the bay will be in the low to mid-60s. first day of summer is on tuesday. high temperatures tomorrow around the bay only reaching the low 60s in san francisco. mid to upper 60s for oakland and the east bay. upper 50s along the coast by early afternoon. you get a couple more hours to
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warm up inland, but mid to upper 60s for the north bay. temperatures don't change much on saturday, maybe a degree or so worth of a warm-up. we bounce back closer to normal temperatures for father's day on sunday. looks like a nice day. any outdoor plans for father's day, go right ahead. temperatures will continue warming up next week. back to a warm spell around the bay, kind of a mini heat wave farther inland. temperatures in san jose will climb to 90. the low 90s looking likely for the north bay through much of next week. no records but just a return to above average temperatures as the roller coaster ride just keeps on the tracks. >> thanks, paul. coming up -- >> did my heart love till now forswear its sight? >> a timeless love story with a twist. after the break, hear about a bay area director's decision to cast two women as romeo and juliet.
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hope, love, pride, presented by waymo. >> the words of shakespeare have stood the test of time, but imagine hearing those stories told in a different way that shows us no matter what language you speak, love is love. >> kpix 5's gianna franco shows us a new take on a classic. >> is there a new world in which we can imagine the possibility of two young women in 1848 falling in love? >> reporter: yes, and that world
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is coming to life in orinda, in cal shakes' adaptation of shakespeare's most well known love story, romeo and juliet. >> stepping into this role, i think we hear the play differently. i think i bring a level of a kind of human universal storytelling to an experience. love is love. >> did my heart love till now forswear it sight? >> actress sarita ocon hopes her role as romeo sends a positive message. >> shakespeare, the canon itself, has had such an impact on our storytelling for centuries that i think this is an opportunity for us to actually vision beyond that and to be able to be more expansive and inclusive. >> for director k.j. sanchez, this new version where two women fall in love couldn't be more natural. >> a theme of this play is what is natural, and romeo and
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juliet, by nature, need to be together. and it's society that's trying to pull them apart and not allow them to be their natural self. >> the story is set in the bay area in 1848, which back then was known as alta california. >> romeo is a woman, and so romeo and juliet are both women in 1848 in the wild old west, at a time when that just wasn't allowed. that wasn't as common. so it just adds more of the pressure cooker to this play to see how desperate they were to be together. ♪ >> reporter: it was also a time where spanish and english were equally spoken. >> it started with karen zach reias who wrote the script, and she was really interested in marrying spanish and english and found that marrying it in a play about marrying two people that some of society don't want to be
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together, but it's a natural fit, just felt really perfect. >> reporter: so this version of romeo and juliet is bilingual. [ speaking foreign language ] >> i feel like a lot of the times with theater, it can be like we're doing the latino play or we're doing the queer play, and it's not very often that you see these two things at the same time. so i'm just really grateful. and on top of that, in spanish and english. >> reporter: not only do you have the uniqueness of shakespeare in espanol, but look at this. you have the uniqueness of this gorgeous theater in the middle of orinda. >> i cherish every day out here because it feels like the most incredible ritual to be able to do theater here in this space because it's covid-safe because we're outside. and we're in this incredible natural setting. last night as we were rehearsing, we were serenaded by coyotes howling in the distance and wild turkeys that are singing along with the songs that we're playing during
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interludes. >> just hear the transition, and then we'll start with music. >> reporter: helping the passion of romeo and juliet come to life in a new and different way. i'm gianna franco, kpix 5. >> such a neat venue if you haven't visited it. it is very, very special. romeo and juliet runs through june 19th at cal shakes in orinda. >> you can check out all of this month's pride stories in a special section on a surprise for some tahoe airbnb renters. the unwelcome visitor that snuck in through an open door.
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state officials have decided not to list the iconic joshua tree as a threatened species, at least for now. the fish and game commission failed to reach a majority on the issue. environmentalists say the plants found in the southern california desert are at risk from
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wildfires and extreme drought. the commission will take up that issue once again in april. here's a reminder to keep your windows closed out in the country. an aggressive bear snuck into an airbnb in truckee and made a mess. the guests locked themselves in rooms and called the sheriff's department. deputies say the bear charged at them several times. they eventually got it back outside where three of its cubs were waiting in a tree. i wonder how you leave a review on the airbnb site. well, it was a great visit except for the bear that came into the house. but overall, 10 out of 10. thanks for watching.
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