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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 18, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now on kpix 5 news at 11:00. a parent's worst nightmare, child getting hurt on a trip on the other side of the globe. it's never too early to practice what to do in case of a wildfire, what people in sonoma were doing today. add the alameda county fair is back. look at all the sights and sounds. >> we begin in france. east bay teacher and more than a dozen students were hurt in a tour bus crash. >> want to show you pictures of the crash. one of the students on the bus sent us. kpix 5 spoke to one of the
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parents about his daughter's experience. >> reporter: these are photos of the door bus wreckage from a train reaction crash on highway in france friday. teen daughters were on the bus. >> got a call early in the morning on friday, one of those terrifying calls, child is screaming and hysterical and don't know what is going on. try to get them calmed down. >> reporter: both are shaken and bruised. among 13 students who suffered injuries, some of them serious. in total 37 people on board. most of them students about to start albany high school in the fall. >> daughter says head was thrown into the seat in front of me, slid into the aisle. clutched the arm rest and screamed, someone told me to be quiet and i stopped but having anxiety attack. >> reporter: the tour operator says the albany school french teacher has recovery ahead.
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>> don't think of seatbelt on bus, limo -- the ones who wore the seatbelts had no problems. others had injuries. >> reporter: daughters were taken to the hospital, now able to resume their tour. sidney said she was able to help translate between the students and french medical professionals and helped others with first aid kits. >> terrifying, no information, then just so proud how everybody worked together and chaperons and teachers all worked together. >> betty yu, kpix 5. back in the bay area, suv crashed into muni bus at intersection of lombard and fillmore, six were hurt. passengers and others on the sidewalk. all six hospitalized, two with critical injuries, one driver detained. witness shared this on twitter.
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said a guy driving down lombard westbound slammed into a northbound bus, causing it to spin around. three pedestrians safely escaped and some people received medical help on the sidewalk. district two supervisor stefani said her office is in contact with the police. kids under 5 can get covid vaccines as soon as next week. cdc advisers recommend the shot for kids as young as 6 months old as a good idea. fda gave emergency approval for moderna for children under 5. >> yes, the data may change but we have a bottom line here, this infection kills children, and we have an opportunity to prevent that. >> i feel comfortable in saying
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that i -- vaccinating will be a benefit. a net benefit. >> ucsf infectious disease expert peter chin-hong says the kids need to get vaccinated. many are getting sick with the micron. >> one of the shocking statistics i saw recently that surprised me, the rate of hospitalizations in under 5-year-olds was much higher during omicron than other age groups because they were not vaccinated and omicron causes a lot of mucus and inflammation and kids' airways are really small, even a little bit of mucus can compromise the airways. that's why protecting them as much as possible would be, you know, i think in everyone's best interest. >> cdc says despite kids 5 to 11 being eligible for the vaccine since november, fewer than 30%
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are fully vaccinated. museum of the african d diaspora is getting a jump on the celebration. art with plenty of fun. mardi gras band performed on mission street. attendees are glad to see people coming together to honor the newest federal holiday. >> great to see more public institutes celebrate juneteenth. >> great way to join with the community and bring people in to learn about black art and celebration. >> while there is plenty of progress to celebrate in the new history of the holiday, some say it's a small step toward equity for all. also this juneteenth weekend the obama portraits are make debut at de young museum.
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have been on a national tour almost a year now. most agree it's perfect timing for stop in the city. >> first black president and black first lady, it was long time coming, what an extraordinary accomplishment. syncrinicity of juneteenth is unbelievable. >> up through august 15th, all day tomorrow, free, but reserve a time. for a list of juneteenth celebrations across the bay area, hope, love, pride. words of shakespeare have stood the test of time but imagine hearing the stories told in different way. >> is there a world to imagine the possibility of two young women in 1848 falling in love? >> reporter: yes, and it's coming to life in orinda in
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adaptation of "romeo and juliet." >> i think we hear it differently. i think i bring a level of human, universal storystelling o experience. love it love. >> did my heart love ere now, foreswear its sight. >> the canon has had impact on our storytelling for centuries. this is an opportunity for us to vision beyond that. and to be able to be more expansive and inclusive. >> reporter: for director sanchez, new version of two women falling in love couldn't be more natural. >> theme of the play is what is natural. romeo and juliet by nature need
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to be together. and society is trying to pull them apart and not allow them to be their natural self. >> reporter: set in the bay area in 1848, alta, california. romeo is a woman, so romeo and juliet are women in wild old west at time it wasn't allowed, wasn't as common. adds more of a pressure cooker to the play to see how desperate they were to be together. >> reporter: also a time spanish and english were equally spoken. >> started with the scriptwriter. she was interested in marrying spanish and english, and found that marrying it in a play about marrying two people that some of society don't want to be together but it's a natural fit just felt really perfect.
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>> reporter: this version of "romeo and juliet" is bilingual. [ speaking spanish ]. >> king of cats, one of your nine lives. >> with theater can be doing latino play or the queer play. not often you see them at the same time. i'm grateful. on top of that, in spanish and english. >> re >> not only the uniqueness of shakespeare in espanol but this gorgeous theater in orinda. >> i cherish every day out here, incredible to do theater in this space. it's covid safe, outside, and in this incredible natural setting. last night reherarsing, serenadd by coyotes in the distance and wild turkeys with the songs.
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>> reporter: helping the passion of "romeo and juliet" come to life in new and different way. kpix 5. >> see it through june 19th in orinda, and has all of our pride reporting. i'm no romeo but we have a juliet. >> very good. still ahead on kpix news at 11:00, fire season never really ends. people in north bay staying sharp and taking part in fire safety training. after couple of years of covid disruption, alameda country fair is back. i'm da lin. how dads can get in free. clouds just disappeared at sunset, two days of cool temperatures, that ends tomorrow. got to show you a fast warm-up
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coming up.
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> thrill rides, alameda county fair back on track first time since the pandemic. just in time for father's day. d
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da lin, a father himself, checked out opening weekend. >> reporter: the thrill. the people. and the food. >> feel like life is getting back to normal again. >> reporter: these are sights and sounds of the alameda county fair. hits all the senses for kids and grown-ups. >> felt like summer was finally here. >> reporter: covid canceled the fair in 2020 and last year postponed it to october. >> spoiling them, you know, ice cream, food. >> nice spending time with him when he's off work and everything. so we can spend more time with him because he works more overtime. >> reporter: tyrell says it's family tditi and noter place to spend father's day weekend with family. >> it's fun making memories with them. >> having daddy here to spend
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time together. >> reporter: pony rides, movie nights and petting zoo. older kids, thrill and splash. live entertainment for adults, including pig racing and horse racing. no competition here, piggies are fan favorites, drawing big crowds. >> beginning of the summer, one of the first events, all about having good time. work in the week, play hard on the weekends. >> reporter: big selection of food. >> oysters on a stick to the classic corn dogs, lobster nachos, hot cheeto pizzas. >> reporter: turkey legs the hot commodity. >> the best. hot, juicy, it's all over my mouth right now. >> reporter: megan makes it clear holding other two for her friends. >> so happy the fair is back. >> reporter: father's day, free admission to all dads before
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3:00. in pleasanton, da lin, kpix 5. what to do in event of a wildfire, sonoma county had a drill in small towns way up north on highway 1. sheriffs drove through neighborhoods warning everybody to evacuate. residents had to drive through part of the single lane highway. obstacles like this are the reason fire crews urge people not to wait until last minute in event of evacuation. >> people need to leave when there's a warning, not wait for the order. when the evacuation order comes out, it's almost too late. >> west side and east side burned in lmu complex fires. wind shift could have brought them into the canyon.
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sonoma county is urging people to sign up for the alert system. darren, there's somebody we should say happy birthday to. >> let me think about this. >> one of your favorites. >> oh, paul. yeah, paul mccartney turned 80. >> who are we talking about, very good. >> it's fun trivia. appreciate taking time out of the news cast. go through the greatest tracks on "abbey road"? out of time? i'll pick up on the alameda county fair. turkey legs, it was perfect today. low 70s. tomorrow it's ten degrees warmer. still perfect. 85 would be like the average for daytime highs here. well below average last few days, now a warming trend coming our way. to show you now through monday, four representative spots.
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daytime highs for today, up ten degrees inland tomorrow, san francisco about seven. then deeper, santa rosa at 93. tuesday, those numbers are all going to go up another ten degrees. we'll be back in low 100s for daytime highs in warmer inland spots. in light of that, weren't the last days night? 15 degrees below average. water vapor does a good job of showing us what happened. see that counterclockwise spin? area of low pressure came right over us. cool looking clouds, thunderstorms on the napa/solano county line and snow in the sierra, a dusting. that system on the future cast, it's leaving. cooler than average temperatures about to get replaced by temperatures much warmer than average. tomorrow morning, temperatures down into the low to mid-50s for
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morning lows. daytime highs climb back up to average. fremont, 78, redwood city, 81. 85 in concord, right on the button for average. 81 in san jose, 85 in santa rosa, and you've seen the warm-up to monday. bring tuesday in. tuesday, 97. san jose. still hot wednesday but start moving in right direction. next weekend, numbers back into the mid-80s. micro climates, this is where we needed to make room for triple digits. couple of things on the 102 on tuesday, it's going to be hot. almost certainly be hearing heat advisories. but we've done this already, you've gotten a chance to acclimate. can get to 100, 102 this time of year if we don't stay long. cooldown or drop in time for next weekend. charlie. >> thanks, darren.
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two segments of sports cued up and ready to go. stanley cup finals, moving day at u.s. open and look at what's to come for the golden state warriors, the champions. everyone wants to remain part of this team. why wouldn't they? hear what the dubs said coming up next.
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at this point what is there left for steph curry and company to accomplish? four championships, 73 wins in a season, are shattered so many records and window has been wide open so long yet, no sign of closing. kevon looney, gary payton, otto porter jr. are the big free agents that golden state will have to pay to keep next year,
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but rest of the championship corps is expected to return. vegas already has golden state as favorite to win in 2022-'23. younger players, andrew wiggins and jordan poole not shying away from the talk. >> still have older guys, young guys will only get better. jk, huge jump this summer. going to be back. young guys will make us a lot better. >> all want to get back and we have the experience to get the ball rolling, keep it going. >> golf, round three of the u.s. open at brookline country club. shot of the day, scotty scheffler, look at the backspin, in for eagle, but 4 over back nine, three back of the lead.
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san francisco's will zalatoris, approach on 15, incredible touch, sets him up for birdie putt, knocks it down. 3 under on the day, 4 under on the tournament, shares lead. defending champion jon rahm, he is human. looks like all of us out there. all been there, double bogeyed 18, 3 under, one back of zalatoris and matt fitzpatrick heading into sunday. game two of the stanley cup finals, lightning aiming to tie the series at 1-1 with the avalanche. only good news, seven-game series, they were crushed by figurative avalanche tonight. that was darren helm on the break-away. colorado 7, tampa bay 0. colorado takes 2-0 series lead, game three on monday. straight ahead, we have a block dedicated solely to the baseball
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diamond. stanford in the college world series and san francisco giants continue to get big-time contributions from this unlikely source. stick with us.
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welcome back. intriguing acquisition for the san francisco giants tonight. add mercedes to the organization. the feel-good story of last april. american league rookie honors. pnc park, beautiful park on the allegheny. fifth inning, giants down 2-0, now down one. austin slater, a solo shot,
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fourth of the season. up one. luis gonzalez's season, yanks to the wall. luis has been fantastic. give him a double, san francisco up two. top nine, brandon belt, down the line, fair. that is easy for him, double for crawford, gets another run to come in and score. camilo doval slammed it shut. giants win. oakland, nice day for baseball at coliseum with royals in town. if you love pitching, you love this. scoreless in the seventh, ryan o'hearn, put one on the board there, down the right-field line past christian bethancourt's glove. tying run on third, tony kemp, not going to get it done. foul territory, squeeze on for the royals catcher salvador
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perez and kansas city wins 2-0. college, stanford and omaha, taking on arkansas. it's never good to give someone a good pitch on his birthday, chris, happy birthday my man. got all of this. razorbacks took the lead, rolling, 17-2. stanford is still alive, face auburn in elimination game ♪ girl you know it's been way too long ♪
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tonight the diablo region meals on wheels had annual gala. >> emcee looks familiar, paul heggen leading event, raising money for the diablo region to do good in the community. >> couldn't really see
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