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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  June 19, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> cordes: tonight: vaccination relief. children as young as six monthsc old finally have access to covid shots. >> they are the last age group approved for the vaccine but will there be a rush to get them? we'll have the latest. >> i'm ellise with a look at how families plan to move forward when scraks nations become available for their younger children. >> cordes: also tonight economic anxiety. inflation rises and so does its risk of recession. a major focus for the biden administration. >> tackling inflation is our top priority. >> cordes: plus: network exclusive, cbs' chris livesay in ukraine speaks with an american who fought alongside two u.s. citizens who have been captured by pro-russian forces.
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>> reporter: i'm in kharkiv, the area of ukraine where those american soldiers were last seen before they were captured. >> cordes: travel trouble. thousands of airline passengers this weekend face flight disruptions again. >> reporter: i'm lilia luciano in los angeles where delays and cancellations are keeping a lot of frustrated flyers grounded. >> cordes: and later, celebrating juneteenth, with the 95 year old woman who helped to make it a federal holiday. >> i want to know that the little old lady dreamed and they can dream too. ty >> this is the cbs weekend news, from new york with jericka duncan. news, from new yor >> cordes: good evening, everyone, jericka is off tonight. i'm nancy cordes.jerick well, it's the news many parents have been waiting to hear since the start of the covid pandemic more than two years ago. the first covid shots for children ages five and under are heading out the door a day after
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the director of the c.d.c. signed off on two vaccines. here's the new c.d.c. recommendation this weekend, all children six months and up should get vaccinated. first shot for the youngest set will be available this week and cbs' elise preston leads us off with all the details, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, to you, nancy. c.d.c. director walensky says her team is working through the juneteenth holiday to make sure doses are available for children under five as soon as wednesday. but some of the parents we spoke with say they haven't decided what they're going to do.ided the c.d.c. says that she will soon be able to get vaccinated. >> how are you feeling today? >> where is the shot? where is the shot? >> reporter: a sigh much relief for some parents on this father's day including these parents of a six-year-old and a two year old. >> we're super excited, super thrilled that she can finally get vaccinated. >> reporter: covid-19 vaccinations will soon be
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available for millions of children under five, including their youngest daughter. 18 million babies toddlers and preschoolers are now eligible for the shot. moderna's vaccine is two doses, one month apart, and for pfizer it's three doses over the course of about three months. today on "face the nation" former f.d.a. commissioner dr. scott gottlieb said low vaccination rates among children are still a concern. >> more than 1,000 kids have died, about 440 under the age of four. we have seen as you said tens of thousands of hospitalizations in this age segment. >> reporter: some parents are already resisting the latest recommendations. >> especially right now, people don't understand what the vaccine is really about. and to give it to children under five, i don't think it's the right move. >> reporter: in a recent survey less than 20% of parents with young kids said they would have them vaccinated immediately. 38% plan to wait and see. 27% said they don't intend to
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get their children vaccinated at all. for parents anxiously awaiting the vaccine, there's hope the added protection will return a sense of normalcy to their lives. >> we want them to be kids, so this makes us feel a lot better about letting them be kids. >> reporter: now, the biden administration has been preparing for the rollout for weeks, allowing states, tribes, community health centers and pharmacies to preorder millionso of doses. manufacturing companies can now begin shipping those doses across the country. nancy? >> cordes: anyone who has questions should talk to their pediatrician. elise preston tonight, thank you so much. a disturbing new report today about the mass shooting at robb elementary in uvalde, texas. the "san antonio express news" reports that surveillance video shows police never tried to open a door leading to two classrooms during the 77 minutes that followed the 18-year-old gunman entering the room.
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19 children and two teachers were massacred. the paper cites police investigators who say that the door was likely unlocked. to washington now and federal reserve chair jerome powell who is expected to testify this week before the u.s. senate banking committee as fears of an economic slowdown pick up. cbs' christina ruffini is at the white house with more. christina, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, this week president biden said a recession is not inevitable, something his administration has been trying to emphasize, but even saying it over and over again, might not be enough. >> well, i don't think a recession is inevitable. >> reporter: that was the top talking points for biden administration officials on today's sunday show. >> not only is a recession not inevitable, but i think that a lot of people are underestimating those strengths and the resilience of the american economy. >> reporter: but former clinton treasury secretary larry somers says he doubts those economic strengths will be enough. >> the dominant probability would be that by the end of next
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year we would be seeing a recession in the american economy. >> and i've said many times tackling inflation is my number one priority. >> reporter: last week the federal reserve enacted its biggest interest rate increase in almost 30 years trying to reign in runaway prices. but as summer travel season heats up, gas prices are still around $5 a gallon across the country. >> this gas is killing me. >> reporter: prompting some members of congress to call for a national gas tax holiday to offer consumers a bit of relief. >> president biden wants to do anything he possibly can to help consumers, gas prices have risen a great deal and it's clearly burdening households, so he stands ready to work with congress and that is an idea certainly worth considering. >> cordes: and christina is back with us. christina, eight in ten global c.e.o.s now say they expect a recession sometime in the next year or so, so why are white
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house officials so insistent that a recession is not inevitable? >> reporter: nancy, part of this is the power of positive thought. the white house knows that consumer confidence is key to a healthy economy, that is why consumer confidence is key to a they are trying to emphasize those positive job numbers as a counterpoint t rising prices. of course, the recession would compromise that economic bright spot. >> cordes: no question, christina ruffini, thanks. and this programming note, the january 6 committee will hold its next hearing this tuesday and cbs news will carry it live starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern. this fourth hearing will focus on the pressure president trump and his allies placed on various state officials to try to overturn the results of the 2020 election. now to the war in ukraine. in a father's day message today, president volodymyr zelenskyy praised ukrainiandads who are defending their countries. they shared these wrenching images on social media. zelenskyy says up to 200 ukrainian soldiers are dying every day, with hundreds more injured.
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it's been ten days since two americans fighting alongside ukrainians went missing. cbs' chris livesay is in kharkiv tonight with new details aboutis what may have happened to them. >> reporter: i'm in kharkiv, the area of ukraine where those american soldiers were last seen before they were captured. this has been a tough week for you. >> it's been much worse for them. >> reporter: an american on the front line, insisting he remain anonymous because he fought alongside andy wynn and alex druky before they were captured. this week they surfaced on russian media. today a newly released footage druky said he has been repeatedly beaten by his captors. did you ever consider that you might get captured? >> yes, once we were together we had talked about it, yes. being in the hands of any enemy force, you are going to do what you have to do to stay alive.
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>> reporter: so you, andy and alex all came here with your eyes wide open? >> maybe not wide open, but i think we like to think so. >> they didn't know each other . when they came but sharing a small tent quickly changed that, he says. >> they are its best. i have rarely made friends that quickly, with that strong of a bond. where one went, its other two were usually close by. it was the three of us. >> reporter: all the more gutting when wynn and druky were captured leaving him to notify their loved ones. >> those two first phone calls letting them know that they were missing, were without a doubt the hardest phone calls i ever had to make in my life. listening to joy black, alex's fiancée, it was... extremely difficult having to put sort of a sergeant's voice to her.
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and then i had to tell her that her fiance is missing. >> reporter: missing, captured and coerced, but at least they're alive. >> cordes: and back with chris livesay now, chris, where are these american soldiers being held? >> reporter: well, no one knows for sure but in one of the videos their interrogator eludes to them being in an area of ukraine held by pro-russian separatists. ominous if true. a court there recently convicted two brits and a moroccan for fighting along side ukrainians and sentenced them to death. nancy? >> cordes: chris livesay and our cbs news crew in ukraine, thank you. today the international swimming federation waded into the issue of transgender swimmers in women's events. banning those transitioned after turning 12 years old. the new rule would block swimmers like lea thomas from olympic competition. in march, thomas made history as the first transgender woman to
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win an n.c.a.a. swimming championship. the federation has proposed an open category for transgender po swimmers. a first for apple employees at a store in maryland, they celebrated last night after voting to unionize. the store near baltimore is the first of the company's 270+ stores to organize, joining a trend sweeping through retailers, restaurants and tech companies. it's been a weekend of travel trouble at several airports across the country. take a look at this. it's called the misery map, showing in real time which airports are experiencing the biggest problems. today some 3,000 flights were delayed and more than 200 canceled. cbs' lilia luciano is at l.a.x. tonight. lilia, good evening. >> reporter:good evening to you, nancy. the misery we can feel it here from travelers. and it is only getting busier, summer doesn't officially begin until tuesday and there is a very real possibility that these
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flight disruptions will continue well beyond fourth of july weekend.d delays and cancellations soared again today with several airports nation-wide, threatening the aviation industry's pandemic recovery. >> it's been very hectic. >> reporter: the headache comes as the summer travel rush sneaks up. june has seen an average of 2.2 million travelers a day go through security checkpoints. friday was the busiest day so far this year, but bad weather and pilot shortages are taking a toll. john from mississippi had his night pushed by almost a whole >> john from miss miss had his night pus day, 20 hours. >> sad to miss father's day with my daughter because i'm stuck here in the airport. >> reporter: many passengers like these in salt lake city are scrambling to find other flights. delta and american airlines say the cancellations have reduced their schedules by 7% and 5% respectively. delta issued this statement, "canceling the flight are always our last resort and we sincerely
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apologize to our customers for the inconvenience to their travel plans." adding insult to injury, there is no end in sight. airlines say they don't have enough staff or flying capacities, and demand is sending ticket prices sky high. is this making your vacation more expense? >> yes, definitely. it has added on another $800 for two people. >> reporter: now if your flight was canceled airline has to rebook you on the next available flight but have faith f that doesn't work for you, they have to give you a full refund even if you purchased a nonrefundable ticket.refund even if and some airlines are even offering to help book you into a different airline, nancy? >> cordes: i experienced the crush myself today, lilia luciano, thanks. >> reporter: same. >> cordes: yellowstone national park will partially reopen this week. catastrophic flooding last week destroyed parts of the park's northern loop of roads and bridges but the park service says visitors will once again be allowed on to the park's
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juneteenth. >> reporter: at 95 years young, opal lee shows no signs of slowing down. her life story has become legendary for her unwavering mission of the grandmother of juneteenth. >> i felt like i had done enough. i was 89 years old when i got to thinking about it. i decided that maybe if a little old lady, 89-years-old, in tennis shoes walking from fortod worth to washington, somebody would pay attention. >> reporter: and they did, when she started opal's walk, trekking two and a half miles at a time. for the two and a half years it took for general gordon granger to arrive in texas. and inform enslaved black people of their freedom after the emancipation proclamation in 1865. she delivered 1.5 million signatures to congress,
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clinching victory when legislation passed last year. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: it was signed by president biden at the white house, establishing juneteenth independence day. establishing june teents flat independence day. but june 19 wasn't always a celebratory occasion. in 1939, when opal was 12 years old, her family moved to a home at this corner in fort worth that was torched by a white mob. >> my parents never ever talked to us about it. not ever. they accepted what had happened. >> reporter: acceptance, but for happened. >> acceptance but for her her mother, not defeat. >> she worked untiringly until she got another one. i say that maybe i got my tenacity from her.
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>> reporter: that tenacity is now driving opal to erect a new national museum on her own land dedicated to telling the story of juneteenth. >> juneteenth means freedom. and i mean for everybody. >> reporter: for those who come after you, what do you want them to know when they hear the name opal lee? >> i want them to know that the little old lady dreamed and they can dream too. >> reporter: nicole killion, cbs news, fort worth, texas. >> cordes: tenacity personified. still ahead on the cbs weekend news, an icon makes an appearance at boston's fenway park. appearance at boston's fenway park.
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5:54 pm
in boston some fans scored red sox jerseys with the juneteenth colors and flag while in seattle the mariners handed out replica hats of the city's 1940s negro league team which was known as the seattle steelheads. coming up on the cbs weekend news, no gym, no sweat for this basketball team at least. how they beat the odds next.
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>> cordes: finally tonight, sports teams prefer to play games at home. it gives them that competitive edge. but what if your team has no home? here's mark strassmann. >> reporter: nothing about centennial academy's season was a layup. small team, first time playing together, and their practice gym. >> it is a small gym. >> yeah. >> reporter: this half-court and barely that at the neighboring y.m.c.a. >> i was like, wow, is this the gym? >> reporter: it was a resilient group. >> yes, we this is an obstacle, we can overcome that, we have done in a classroom, we can do it here. >> reporter: centennial is a daily lesson in challenges. one quarter of the kids at this charter school have battled home lessness. no full court to practice, to call your own.o >> it was so tough. we had to use our imagination. >> reporter: was it motivating? >> we into to work hard and we'll beat everybody.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: despite that short court and long arms, centennial won atlanta's citywide middle school basketball championship. >> and these guys, they beat the odds. without a gym, a home gym, a practice gym and a, anything is possible. >> reporter: competitive sports teach resilience. >> no matter what. >> no matter what, get it done. >> reporter: but a gym helps. >> yeah, a gym helps. >> go! >> reporter: centennial just schooled everybody. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: mark strassmann, cbs news, atlanta. >> cordes: and that's the news for this sunday. coming up tonight, "60 minutes." i'm nancy cordes is new york, happy father's day. to all the dads out there, hope you had a good one. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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now at 6:00, the big game may be over but warriors fans and local businesses are putting on their game faces. hundreds of thousands expected to pack into downtown san francisco. what to expect for tomorrow's victory parade celebrating the dubs dynasty. >> it will be a super busy day. >> we're preparing. >> we've got your guide to getting in and around the city during the big event. plus what we know about the fire that created this eerie scene over an oakland neighborhood just last night. >> you don't really get to see what they do on a day to day basis but with a restaurant you see all the hard work. and later, a more unusual father's day for one east bay father and son.
6:00 pm
how a restaurant completely changed their relationship. from the cbs studios in san francisco, i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. they're rolling occuut the red carpet for the warriors' championship victory parade in just a couple of hours. right now you can see all the signs that something big is going to happen in downtown. barricades going up. pavement being washed. street closures started this afternoon ahead of the big celebration tomorrow morning. and the chase center warriors store is being mobbed by fans. they're trying to get their hands on special championship gear. we found one loyal fan at the store who actually flew in for the parade. >> i just came from las vegas today, this morning, to attend the parade tomorrow. i spent a little over $300 on the gear. from the beginning of the season, i had a feeling that this is going to be a big


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