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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430am  CBS  June 20, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news.
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right now at 4:30, looking live at exclusive salesforce tower camera, a live look east over the bay bridge, good morning, it is monday, june 20th. a i'm len kiese. >> i'm amanda starrantino. let's begin with first alert meteorologist jessica burch, good morning. the sunshine and heat is come back. >> it's returning, making its debut again this week. we have afternoon event going on today, people are going to enjoy that weather at the parade. we'll have the hour-by-hour forecast in a bit. a live look from the mark ins calm for us as we kick off this morning. we warm up a lot as we head into the afternoon. daytime highs 90s. 90s are returning into the forecast for our inland areas and we're still warming up as we head into this week. tomorrow will be the hottest day of the week but we'll talk more about that in a second. from the coast into the bay we'll feel it, too, upper 60s, mid-70s. the big reason why this is
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happening is because a huge ridge of high pressure is going into the pacific northwest for the past couple days, pushing its way into our coastline as we head into tuesday and it will break down as we wrap up the week. we'll have more coming up in the full forecast in a bit. gianna, how are the roads looking this morning no. >> they're looking okay. i'll keep a close eye on the routes headed into san francisco because it is parade day. a lot of people expected into the city today to enjoy the warriors victory parade. closures in effect along market street between main street and sixtstre we're off to a fairly decent start, no crashes or major injuries. the bay bridge things are moving along nicely as you head into san francisco. altamont pass getting a little bit busy for a monday but that's typical this time of morning. it is also juneteenth so likely a lot of people have the day off so hopefully traffic won't be too bad today. a live look at the golden gate bridge and we're moving along,
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out of marin county working in your way into san francisco. your bridges into the city might be busy for people headed to the parade and leaving san francisco after 2:00 when everything is over so bay bridge, golden gate bridge, 280 extension likely busy. stick with 19th or van nest if y van ness if you want to avoid the parade activity. warriors championship parade takes place in a few hours. looking live at san francisco pat raid is set for 11:20 in the heart of the financial district, the first parade victory, victory parade since moving to san francisco. it stretches a mile and a half near market street and ending near the orpheum theater. >> yesterday betty yu got a look at last-minute preps crews are
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making for the big celebration. >> reporter:ed ay as you can see barricades are out and several streets are closed to car traffic ahead of the warriors parade. the city is working nonstop to make sure market street looks shiny and new. crews were busy unloading barricades and building platforms for monday's big celebration. the department of public works said it sent inspectors out to market street after the win to identify obstacles on the streets and sidewalks. >> after the inspectors go through this last 24, 36 hours before the parade, it's all about cleaning, making sure there's, you know, which we do on a daily basis anyway but we'll have tens of thousands of people tomorrow, so we want to make sure everything is really clean and sparkling and there's no trash. all the trash ka cans are thoroughly emptied. >> reporter: it will be a sea of blue and gold on market street monday. businesses who have struggled through the pandemic are banking on a big boost in sales. >> this parade will definitely help get a lot of exposure,
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since we're on pretty new restaurant here in the area on market street. >> reporter: guy chicken and rice opened just four months ago, they're adding two more cashiers to keep the order line moving. oasis grill said it will be prepping for the busy day at 5:00 pa.m. the biggest challenge is having enough cashiers and cooks with the labor shortage with most office and tech workers working from home, the owner says every little bit helps. >> there is no way we can't survive without a worker office. those are the people, we need them like every day and to have a busy lunch hour. >> reporter: the min market area is scattered with shuttered storefronts and visible homelessness. >> it's not out of the ordinary, we've been working with mid market. we want to help folks who are in ueesis, who are dealing withs dh also want to make the street
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safe for everyone. >> reporter: as for transportation, perhaps your best bet to getting to market street is b.a.r.t. >> we have plenty of capacity. we have our normal weekday service. we'll make a point of running our longest ten-car trains throughout the day and in addition a dozen event trains that question deploy on an as-needed basis as we gauge the size of the crowds. >> reporter:? san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. >> you can watch the parade of champions with us, live coverage begins on "cbs news bay area" and kpix 5 starting at 10:00. developing news out of vallejo, authorities are investigating an officer-involved shooting involving two crashed cars just before 7:00 last night deputies spoon responded to a traffic crash involving a person armed with a knife. after deputies arrived, the suspect was killed in that officer-involved shooting. authorities placed evidence markers at the intersection of pennsylvania and sutter streets. no word on what led up to that shooting. this morning, two suspects are in custody in east palo alto
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for the homicide of a 15-year-old boy. the teen was shot monday, along manhattan avenue. a s.w.a.t. team served two search warrants yesterday in east palo alto and palo alto and seized a semiautomatic pistol with a magazine. the two suspects were booked into juvenile hall on murder charges. police said home surveillance video helped them crack the case. a garage was vandalized with anti-asian graffiti. a realtor sign at the home was spray painted with anti-asian slogans. when police returned to the home early yesterday morning, the same messages were painted on the garage door. now to the coronavirus this morning, the state health secretary is urging the parents of young children to vaccinate them against covid-19. >> it means that our young people can thrive in the activities we know make a difference in their lives.
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that means an opportunity to take that summer vacation, send your kid off to summer camp, send them to a birthday party, get ready for school, things that i know many of us have done with a bit of trepidation over the last couple of years. >> reporter: the child-sized pfizer and moderna doses got the green light from the cdc and will roll out this week. father's day is a day for thanking dad with a relaxing day off but in oakland, one man did just the opposite. he put his father to work, and it turned out to be a gift for both of them. john ramos has that story. >> reporter: you never know what can bring a father and son ossotimes it's just the size of the room that matters. kae kwan zhao was a ch ef in china when he moved to los angeles in 2000. he worked at a restaurant every day until it closed in 2020 >> he was out of work because of the pandemic, but i knew that he
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didn't like to sit around for too long. >> reporter: his son, dan, a tech worker in the bay area, gave his dad the ultimate gift, a chance at a new life. he found this little cooking space in an oakland ghost kitch be and helped him create his own online virtual restaurant called the cozy wok. now, kae qwan spends six days a week filling online orders for takeout at the oakland food hall collective on 12th street and on nights and weekends, his son works alongside him. >> i don't know what he would have done if he wasn't working and observing a restaurant. never seen him relax or do anything fun before. >> reporter: dan convinced his father to focus strictly on vegetarian dishes so keguan adapted his menu to mouth-watering meatless versions of classics, an orange-based
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chicken you'd swear was the real thing. dan was impressed with how open-minded his old man has been in the process. >> translator: i really enjoy working with my son. he's a fast learner and he does everything that i tell him to do. >> reporter: but it hasn't been easy. dan says he's resented his father in the past for being absent from his life, but now that's seen what restaurant work requires, he says he has more appreciation for what his father has done all these years. >> so before, i used to, you know, get a little bit mad at him for missing my sports games and things like that, when i was in high school, but now i'm a little bit more understanding. >> translator: i never expected to work with my son before the pandemic, but because he was worried, that's why i moved up here with him. after working together, our relationship got better because we just see each other more
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often. >> reporter: the son now appreciates his father's hard work and the father appreciating more time with his son. it's the ultimate father's day story. the two has come together because quite frankly there just isn't enough room for a generation gap. >> if you'd like to see what the cozy wok is serving up, there's a link on our website at people celebrated double this weekend as yesterday was father's day and juneteenth. crowds gathered at oakland's juneteenth festival, it marks the day in 1865 when the last group of enslaved people learned they were free. >> we should have the fireworks and celebration and get out here and live it up, because we do it for the fourth of july. >> this is the second year of juneteenth being recognized as a federal holiday. and coming up, why a holiday weekend travel nightmare could be a warning of what is to
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expect this summer. just how far some people are traveling to be here for the warriors' big day.
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it was a weekend of travel trouble at several airports across the country. more than 10,000 flights were t. cbs's liliya luciano has the details on the delays. >> reporter: delays and cancellations soared again at several airports nationwide threatening the aviation industry's pandemic recovery. >> it's been very hectic. >> reporter: the headache comes as the summer travel rush heats up. june has seen an average of 2.2 million travelers a day go through security checkpoints. friday was the busiest day of the year but bad weather and pilot shortages are taking a
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toll. john had his scheduled flight pushed by almost a whole day, 20 hours. >> sad to miss my father's day with my daughter because i'm stuck in the airport. >> reporter: many passengers like these in salt lake city are scrambling to find other flights. delta and american airlines say the cancellations reduced their schedules by 7% and 5% respectively. delta issued this statement "canceling a flight is always our last resort and we sincerely apologize to our customers for the inconvenience to their travel plans." there's no end in sight. airlines say they don't have enough staff or flying capacity and demand is sending ticket prices sky high. is this making your vacation more expensive? >> yes, definitely because it added on another $800 for two people. >> reporter: if your flight was canceled, the airline has to rebook you on the next available flight that has space. if that doesn't work they have to give you a full refund even if you purchased a nonrefundable
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tect. cbs news, los angeles. this morning in your "money watch" report markets are closed or the holiday. inflation concerns continue to weigh on wall street. on friday the dow fell 38 points to close out its first week since march of 2020. wendy gillette has more on the business headlines. >> because the 19th fell on a sunday, the nation will observe juneteenth today. u.s. financial markets are closed as are most schools and government agencies. post offices will also be closed and there will be no mail deliveries. this weekend, workers at a maryland apple store voted to join a union, the tech giant's first retail employees to do so. the final vote was 65 in favor of unionizing with 33 opposed. a nearly 2:1 margin. it was a busy weekend for
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spacex. the company carried out three successful satellite launches in three days. the first blastoff happened friday at the kennedy space center. the next day a falcon 9 rocket carried a german satellite into orbit from vandenberg space force base in california. on sunday another falcon 9 took off from cape canaveral with a global satellite on board, the three launches took place within 37 hours of each other. that is your "cbs moneywatch" report. for more head to at the cbs broadcast center, i'm wendy gillette. the big warriors celebration will take over san francisco in a matter of hours. yesterday fans swarmed a store to get their hands on special gear. one man flew in for the parade today. >> i just came from las vegas today, this morning to attend the parade tomorrow.
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i spend a little over $300 on the gear from the beginning of the season, i had a feeling this was going to be a big year. >> we saw dubs fans of all ages grabbing merchandise like this little guy, you can never be too young to root for the warriors. watch the parade of champion us, our live coverage begins on "cbs news bay area" and kpix 5 starting at 10:00. >> 4:48. we need some good traffic news and good weather news today. >> come on, lawedies, got to bring it today. >> definitely. >> we'll start with jessica. how is it looking? >> thanks so much. we'll get to your forecast in a second for the parade it is looking beautiful today. the sun is rising over the mountains of the bay bridge. it's calm for us this morning. daytime highs are a little bit above average. here is your warrior's parade forecast in full force, starting off in the mid-60s to warm up into the afternoon in the low 70s.
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that's what we're dealing with today. we warm up more as we head into the rest of the week. a live look from mt. diablo, high clouds pushing through this morning, daytime highs ranging mostly in the '90s in our inland areas so we're going to talk about why that's happening. a heat wave is starting to push its way into our coastline and that's going to impact us as we extend throughout the whole week's forecast but really it's tuesday we need to worry about so tomorrow. we'll highlight that in a second. daytime highs 74 just in san francisco. you'll feel that heat as we extend off into the east, closer to solano county, we're expecting 90s but just by tomorrow, triple digits return into the forecast. this is our heat risk for tomorrow also, another thing to mention as we zoom in closer, it's really isolated in the microclimates. as we extend off closer just to san jose, and all the way into the collar valley we're going to feel the heat tomorrow and it's going to be a lot drier as well. same trend in the tri-valley and up closer to sonoma county, so we're keeping a close eye in the
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weather center as the heat wave dies in. the national weather service hasn't issued anything just yet. we're dealing with upper 80s in the santa clara valley to deal with triple digits tomorrow. it's a similar trend for our inland areas and north bay where we're dealing with upper 90s in the forecast and triple digits. on the bright side it will average out as we wrap up the week. partly cloudy skies for us. gianna, how are things going out there this morning in. >> the roadways overall look really good which is great. as we get closer to parade time, a lot of people will be headed into san francisco, kind of staking their claim along market street. things are fairly quiet, roadways are good. we're observing the juneteenth holiday so a lot of people may be off work. that will ease congestion for anyone not headed to the city for the parade. the closures are in place. you can't use market, and in and
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around surface streets between main street and eighth street along market, so surface street closures through there to get everything ready to go, so plan for that, muni reroutes will also be in effect today because of the parade so if you are headed out, definitely consider using public transit. b.a.r.t. is a great idea. any station between embarcadero to civic center will definitely work. masks required on trains and stations. make sure you have the clipper card on your phone to make sure things go faster and a lot of crowds will be out there, be patient. you have muni, cal train and ferry, golden gate ferry to get to san francisco if you want to try any other options to get to the city to avoid roadways. if you're trying to avoid delays and need to get through san francisco, 19th avenue, van ness may be congested. the bay bridge looks good. we'll keep a close high on this for everyone coming into the city later on.
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most of our bay area bridges are pretty quiet. the san francisco giants nearly taking another sweep in pittsburg over the weekend.
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good good morning everybody. who wants a parade? i know i do! hey, coverage will start in just a matter of hours, 9:00 a.m. for the warriors nba sbrattory parade, flanked by dub nation on either side. but first some of what you might have missed on sunday. giants won the first two, peterson had gone deep and with the bases loaded, instant offense again found a hole. gon gonzalez yastrzemski scored. jack sowinski, cobb's pitch jumped off the rookie's bat, tying the game up at 2-2. he had gone deep twice so come on, heroics time, ninth inning. giants needed a run to tie it
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and estrada delivered, crushed this one and maybe a giants sweep was in the works. oh but my friend, bottom of the ninth, facing tyler rogers on the mound and rogers met jack sow sowinski, this kid hit his third home run of the game and walked it off for the pirates. he is the first rookie in big league history with a three-homer game that included a walk-off blast. pittsburgh 4, san francisco 3. they won the series as they head to atlanta for four on monday. kaehne looking for his first career win. bottom of the first, downtown seth brown, how about a blast, brown's ninth home run for the season, opened the scoring.
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fourth inning, pitching was strong. carlos santana fouls out to end the inning, nice catch by brown. he pitched 5 2/3 innings no strikeouts, no runs. and sean murphy a couple of boards. a three-run homer, a's won 4-1. a's host the mariners on tuesday. that dots the is and crosses the ts on a sunday. et cetera a new day, it is monday, that's why i pound the desk. i'll see you later on. >> we'll see you soon. it is 4:56. coming up -- >> the warriors parade expected to draw hundreds of thousands of people downtown with businesses looking to get a boost. and here is a live look from our exclusive mark hopkins camera. san francisco is slowly waking up for a
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> right now at 5:00, in just a matter of hours, the biggest celebration san francisco has seen in years. how the city is preparing to welcome the warriors home after clinching the 2022 nba title. and the weekend fan frenzy as people try to get their hands on all of that special champ dubs gear. >> plus later, draymond green taking to twitter overnight to share his candid thoughts on the setup of this year's parade. how he's feeling this morning and whether he'll show up. >> good morning, it is monday, june 20th. i'm amanda starrantino. >> and i'm len kiese. good morning, san francisco's market street will be erupting with excited fans soon. >> that's right t comes as the warriors championship parade takes place in just a few hours.
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>> and with that, we are bringing you live team coverage this morning to keep you prepared for every aspect of this huge day for san francisco and the entire bay area. >> uh-huh, we'll start with jocelyn moran live in san francisco for us this morning with a look at how the city is preparing for this. hey, jocelyn. >> reporter: hey, amanda. of course we are going to be expecting a lot of blue and gold later today, but right now, let's show you what it is looking like. there are a few fans out here, but like you can see along market, there are barricades set up, a lot of preparation that comes with this, and the barricades are to keep the thousands of people expected off the street and on the sidewalk. the parade starts on market and main and goes to market and eighth street. a little bit more than a mile. as people think about coming, safety is top of mind. san francisco police say sfpd will be in uniform and plain clothes looking to ensure the


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