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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6am  CBS  June 20, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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california residents sail from san francisco for just $59 per day. sxwla live from the contribution bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> the golden state warriors return to a familiar place, they're on top of the nba world. >> right now at 6:00, the dubs are nba champions and now it is time to celebrate, the parade taking over the streets of san francisco. >> we will ten you get to and from the parade in the city as hundreds of thousands of people are expected to celebrate in a few hours. we are getting the party started here. that is our game plan for this morning show today. monday, june 20th. i'm amanda starrantino. >> i'm len kiese. this marks the first time their victory parade will be hosted in san francisco. >> we have live team coverage with the parade hours away in the city.
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first alert meteorologist jessica burch will have a look at the conditions outside for you and gianna franco will have some of the best ways to get to the parade. >> justin andrews has some of the excitement from fans. first we start with jocelyn moran at market and drum. how are things where you are? >> reporter: we're seeing more fans trickle in and seeing a lot of blue and goad. a lot is going on to be prepared for this because that is esse essential. along market there are barricades to help the thousands of people expected off the street and on the sidewalks. the parade starts on market and main and goes to market and eighth streets, a little bit more than a mile. as people think about coming, safety is top of mind. san francisco police say sfpd will be in uniform and plain clothes to ensure the crowd
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stays safe. >> they're not tolerating violence, not tolerating vandalism. we want people to enjoy this parade and show san francisco and show the world what our team is all about. >> sfpd says with any hi high-profile threata, all eparns from agencies like gg iwo th they have capacity though. they're going to make it a point of running their longest ten-car trains tlutd throughout the day. we're expecting confetti here as well so a lot of excitement. we expect a lot of people here we want to know the best ways to get here so gianna, tell us about that. >> i hope you're doing the
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warriors chant with the fans as well. if you are headed into san francisco and you plan on going to the parade a couple things to keep in mind. treat closures in effect they started yesterday around 3:00 on sunday. the parade route is along market street between main street and eighth. street closures in and around the area, muni reroutes will be in effect today so check that schedule before you head out the door. public transit is probably one of the best ways to get out to the parade. parking will be limited and a lot of people so it may be hard to navigate. any station between embarcadero to civic center, masks required on trains and stations. get the clipper card on your phone, that may save you time and check the schedule for b.a.r.t. coming from the richmond line, there are some trackside power problems with direct service to the city but they've got a plan. also muni reroutes are in place. >> thank you, g. you saw and heard them in
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jocelyn's live shot, fans expected to line market street by the thousands throughout the morning. >> kpix 5's justin andrews joins us live, also along the parade route, and justin, how is it looking out there this morning? >> reporter: dub nation is waking up this morning and it's a gorgeous morning down market street. there's a truck here because street crews are hanging up flags and preparing for people to get here and celebrate a good time here along market street. we're celebrating our fourth nba title in eight years and street crews have been working around the clock making sure everything is prepared and this pa rid will go down market street. if you're planning on coming out here, bring some water, you need some sunscreen, maybe a hat and if you bring the signs 18 inches by 18 inches or smaller. you cannot bring drones, no coolers, no glass containers, no cans, no lawn chairs, folding
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chairs or umbrellas and no weapons of any kind. fans got here early. i talked to one around 5:00 this morning. take a listen. >> to finally celebrate with the rest of the team and the rest of the families. >> reporter: what part of the parade are you looking forward to, seeing the players or what is it? >> absolutely see the players, hopefully get up close and give them a high five or anything but for sure, to see the players, of course. >> reporter: there's also a family of six that got here from las vegas, born and raised here in san francisco but currently live in vegas. they brought their children here, they're super excited for today, got here super early. they cannot wait to see the players and celebrate the good old victory, we are nba champs. back to you guys. >> justin, a lot to look forward to today. i love hearing fans are coming from way out to teach hair kids young this is how you celebrate. justin, tz. >> reporter: yes, all over.
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yes. >> thank you, justin. warriors star draymond green sounding off on twitter. the team won't be making public speeches today before or after the parade. green tweeting this shortly before 2:00 this morning "nobody speaking at the parade? yeah, i think i'm going to stay at the crib." seconds later green fires another tweet "so just rude and wave?" here's some of the reaction we are seeing on twitter to draymond's tweets to the fact there won't be a rally or speeches. one fan tweeted riot at the warriors parade until a reschedule with speeches. other writing mayor breed missed an opportunity and suggesting a post parade rally at city hall. >> maybe draymond will come on out and he's the type that doesn't buck, that bucks the rules sometimes. maybe can he make a little speech to people. >> he can do a speech while he's
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on the parade route. >> there you go. >> best of both worlds? >> come on, draymond. >> show up have some fun. the fans want you. >> a live look from san francisco, fans hoping for some nice conditions outside today, first alert meteorologist jessica burch has what the people can expect. >> thanks so much, len. justin said it perfectly, wear sunscreen today, bring a hat, bring some water. the trifecta. it will heat up as we extend into the afternoon. the sun is making its debut. official sunrise has happened. let's look at what we can expect for the warriors parade. it's heating up as we extend into the afternoon throughout the bay. as for san francisco we're always the exception, getting up into the 70s today with that onshore flow really kicking in as we head into the afternoon. it is a beautiful day to head out there and celebrate. i mean it. we are heating up more as we extend into the rest of the week's forecast. we'll highlight the reason why that's happening, high pressure pushing its way in. that means our inland areas are dealing with 90s today, 70s for the bay, 60s for the coast.
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it's beautiful across the board today, but we'll have more on that heat coming up in the full forecast. for now, back over to you. >> you can watch the parade of champions with us our live coverage begins at 9:00 a.m. on "cbs news bay area" and kpix 5 starting at 10:00. i'm anne makovec at the live news desk. here are some other non-warriors related headlines at 6:08 this monday morning. we're following developing news out of vallejo. the investigation continues and a lot of questions this morning after a deputy shot and killed a man. it happened just before 7:00 last night, pennsylvania and sutter streets, officers originally responding to a traffic accident and then they realized it involved a man armed with a knife. they say that man lunged at them and they opened fire, killing him. a live look at sfo, check your flight if you're headed to any airport today. more cancellations and delays, more than 19,000 flights have
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been scratched or rescheduled since thursday. some marked up to weather, others staffing shortages. and babies as young as 6 months old can start getting covid-19 vaccines this week. the cdc announcing that decision over the weekend. millions of smaller kid-sized doses of the pfizer vaccine are now being shipped to doctors, hospitals and community health clinics nationwide. and that's a look at some of your top story, len? >> thank you, anne. 6:09. people across the bay area
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taking a live look at san francisco at market street from our salesforce tower cam where it's time to party. we're hours away from our
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championship parade for the warriors. the dubs beat the celtics last thursday to win the nba finals in six. as we celebrate the dubs we're looking back at our coverage over the past several weeks touring their post season run. >> justin andrews joins us live in san francisco. you learned that the warriors can also flex their fashion muscles. >> reporter: oh, yeah. we've got some music going on here, a street crew blasting some music. i think it was ehor40, doesn't matter. it's a good day to be a warriors fan. so many players flex their muscles and fashion when they're headed into the locker room and earlier this week there was an oakland clothing designer who actually got pretty excited when steph curry wore his gear. >> honestly i'm a big fans of blues. >> reporter: akeintude ahmad spoke time to us from his oakland studio. >> these are fabrics made in mali. >> reporter: mali, in west af africa, its fabrics, its
6:14 am
fashion, caught his eye in 2016 as a june yar are i don't are at yale when he studyed abroad in ghana. >> my background is not in fashion. this is something i stumblinged into. >> reporter: ade deshe is his brand. each piece hand woven and hand dyed. even the cut and sew productions are done there. >> it's inspired here. >> reporter: his pieces are rooted in royalty but recently learned his ranks are rising. players have been turning their game day arrivals into runway shows. >> i actually found out like everybody else scrolling on social media and it popped up. double take, triple take, quadruple take, oh, that is that. >> reporter: oh, yeah, that's steph curry rocking this royal blue overcoat one of tunde's textiles. you see him fashion flexing into the locker room before game two. >> you have items 100% qualified in west africa.
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west african production, patterns and weaving. >> reporter: this year it was not overlooked. it got all the looks and that was tunde's whole idea when the fashion theme came out of nowhere years ago, kind of like steph's three-pointers, too. all right, so this entire finals series steph is wearing black-owned fashion, designerwear because he says that's a way to get them out in the forefront. as for akintunde, he old me ever since that was posted a lot of celebrity stylists are asking him to design some stuff for them and other athletes. a good time to be a warriors fan and good time to flex your fashion muscles and we can't wait to see what the player also have on today when they come down the parade here. very exciting time and yes, i got my leather jacket on, is it doing what it's supposed to do,
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len and amanda? >> it's giving what it's supposed to give, justin andrews. >> reporter: it's giving? >> it's giving. >> reporter: oh, i'm failing this morning! >> you look good. you look good. >> it's giving good. it's giving good. it's giving warriors, yeah, a good thing. we're giving you kudos. >> reporter: all right. yeah. okay. that works, i'll take it. >> you look fantastic, as you always do. >> absolutely. you can watch the parade of champions with us. live coverage at 9:00 a.m. on "cbs news bay area" and kpix 5 starting at 10:00. jessica, justin looks great but he'll have to take that leather jacket off later. >> unless he wants to sweat through it. it will be a warm day, parade beautiful conditions, upper 60s, low 70s as it kicks off and as we head into the afternoon, however things are changing for forecast. let's start off with today before we get too excited on tomorrow. salesforce tower cam you see the sun rising over the city where
6:17 am
today we are celebrating across the board in the bay. now for our warriors parade like i mentioned we're dealing with upper 60s/low 70s just as it kicks off and as we head into the afternoon setup. a beautiful opportunity to head out there, however make sure you are drinking lots of water and you are also wearing sunscreen because that sun, those uv raise it's kicking in as we extend into this afternoon's forecast and all throughout this week as high pressure really starts bringing in a really hot air mass from the equator. it's going to heat us up across our coast as we head into this week and especially inland areas where relative humidity remains low. departure from normal we're dealing with about five to ten degrees above average conditions for us as we head into the next couple days. tomorrow's forecast is about ten degrees hotter than what we're dealing with today. you get the trend. we're heating up as we extend into this week but we'll cool down into the weekend. for our heat risk especially in the microclimates, closer to the santa clara valley, up into the tri-valley, notice how it's a
6:18 am
lot more severe. relative humidity will stay lower in the areas as well in sonoma county and north of marin. keep that in mind, it is a dry setup for us as we head into our tuesday forecas today's forecast beautiful across the board, low 90s for our inland areas, 70s for san francisco, napa getting up to 88 for us this afternoon. lots of sunshine to go around and that will be the case for us as we head into our tuesday forecast where the santa clara valley can expect upper 90s and even some triple digits. it's a very similar set fup for us, inland east bay and north bay, a hot kay tuesday to cool down into the weekend with temperatures back to average. that's what's going on in the atmosphere above us. what about coudown on earth gianna? >> let's get you rolling on the freeways. people are thinking how will i get into san francisco for that warriors parade? a couple things to keep in mind. we'll do current traffic conditions. a live look at our caltrans cameras, 205/580 headed into the
6:19 am
altamont pass where we are seeing brake lights, about a 40-minute commute towards the dublin interchange. if you're taking 680, heads up there, southbound 680 right at vargas, we've got some pretty serious delays due to a crash there, so traffic backed up into the sunol grade. the bay bridge looking good. fur headed into the city, now is the time do that, no delay there is and no delays across the golden gate golden gate, likely busier later as we get closer to when the parade kicks off and market street is still shut down t will be shut down for the day for the parade between main street and eighth street so use public transit, that is probably your best bet or 19th avenue or van ness if you want to avoid delays headed in and out of san francisco. amanda? >> people across the bay area celebrated double for both father's day and juneteenth. crowds gathered at oakland's big juneteenth festival in lake merritt yesterday the celebration marks the day in 1865 when the last group of enslaved people learned they were free.
6:20 am
>> we should have the fireworks. we should have the celebration. we should get out here and just live it up, because we do it for the fourth of july. >> this is the second year juneteenth being recognized as a federal holiday. it is 6:20, klay thompson with the grizzlies on his mind. >> the dubs star called out a - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today.
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- [narrator] if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673
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or live chat at today. time for "morning mix." in the anticipation for today's parade, just keeps building up this morning. >> we've heard a lot from the team since the big win and some comments standing out more than others. what are you hearing, gianna? >> a lot after that big win. the splash brothers have had a
6:24 am
lot to say and are clapping back. we can't blame them with how much shade has been thrown at them from barkley bagging on them to gruzryes es grizzlies p are. and klay thompson didn't hold back. >> one player on the grizzlies tweeted strength in numbers after they beat us in the regular season and pissed me off so much, i can't wait to retreat that, frickin' bum. i had to watch that, i was like this flickin' clown. okay, okay, okay. sorry, that memory just popped up. >> flashback. >> you don't forget. >> forgive but don't forget. >> exactly. klay went on to say he has a memory like an elephant. >> clearly. in the words of him holy canole, letting them know what's up.
6:25 am
>> a lot of people did not have faith in them and they should have. another fun story and this proves age is just a state of mind. after an elderly man crowd surfed during a set by the ban the killers his name is doug james, he said his son put him up to it literally and he rode atop the more thanning crowd successfully before falling. now he hit his head but he's all right. he got back up, he's okay. he did steal the spotlight with the personal rock star meet and greet and ended better than he could have expected. >> there was only when i turned away from the crowd, he was right in front of me. i had to give him a hug. >> you mow what he said? he said "i'm enjoying me self." >> the charismatic crowd surfing guy saying there's no age limit for rock 'n' roll. >> there's not. look at him go. >> look at him go. >> mr. bright side right there. >> i see the killers reference
6:26 am
there. also a song "when we were young" clearing he's showing that's a state of mind, young at heart. >> the question is, would you guys crowd surf, have you ever tried it? >> no. >> i want to one time. >> i don't trust people enough. >> i don't want people touching me. >> i know. >> all the places. >> yeah, i'm good. >> i'm good, too but good for him. >> that's a good point. >> bucket list there. >> that's okay, it's all good. >> good to know. >> wust one time, one night only. thank you, g. it is now 6:26, coming up for the warriors it's another championship parade, everything you need to know if you're headed to the celebration in san francisco today. let's give you a live look outside now, from our treasure island camera, looking at the skyline of san francisco. we'll be right back.
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>> announcer: live from the cbs bay yafrarea studios, this is k5 news. >> here are your morning headlines. warriors fans from all over the bay area are te sending on san francisco for the championship parade. market street will of course be packed. you can watch the parade of champions with us right here, our live coverage begins at 9:00 a.m. on "cbs news bay area" and kpix 5 starting at 10:00. authorities are investigating an officer-involved shooting at vallejo for two crashed cars. the suspect was killed in that shooting, this all happened at the intersection of pennsylvania and sutter streets. the summer vacation season has yet to begin, but the nation's airlines already appear to be overwhelm ed their alread reduced schedules were hit by thousands of disruptions in
6:31 am
days. they blame them on several factors including severe weather and staffing shortages. let's talk about the good stuff, it's monday, june 20th parade day. we're in a good mood, i'm amanda starrantino. >> in hours warriors fans get to celebrate the team's incredible run with a victory parade on the streets of san francisco. >> we have live team coverage for you this morning, first alert meteorologist jessica burch will have a look at those conditions outside today, and gianna franco will have some of the best ways to get to the parade. >> justin andrews also has some of the preparations under way for businesses, but first we start with jocelyn moran at market and drum. jocelyn, busy behind you this morning. >> reporter: yes, it is busy. a lot going on right now. more and more fans are starting to show up. let's show you a little bit of that. we're hearing a lot of people shouting out "warriors!" and our photographer brian kiley has pointed out a confetti cannon.
6:32 am
of course with something like this, there's a lot of preparation to make sure everyone is staying safe. for one, a long the parade route on market, barricades are set up to keep fans on the sidewalks and off the street and along with fans, sfpd will be here in uniform and in plain clothing. >> with any type of high-profile event like this, we are scouring the social media, we're scouring the web for any possible threats. >> reporter: so a lot going on here. we talked about safety, of course we're going to learn more about just the best ways to get here, but also wanting to know more about what i should be wearing later this day, today, so jessica, tell us about that. >> we'll have that forecast coming up but jocelyn, i'll get you covered and make sure everyone gets out to the parade in good time and safely. we'll get some traffic maps up here for you in a second.
6:33 am
let's show thaw parade route, market street is where the route is, it starts at main street, extends all the way to eighth street and surface streets in and around that area, intersections at market, anywhere between main and ninth street are completely shut down. eighth, hyde, hayes to make a few, spear, drum, stewart, all the areas near market are closed. if you don't plan on going to the parade, avoid it if you can, use 19th avenue for van ness. public transit is a good idea. muni has reroutes in play due to the street closures and b.a.r.t., check the schedule before you head out the door. cal train gets you into san francisco as well, take you to fourth and king so you can walk over to the route. it's a bit of a distance there but not bad and sf bay ferry will get you into the city as well. we'll talk more about b.a.r.t. and taking that to the parade in a bit. back to len and amanda. it's not just players and fans celebrating at today's
6:34 am
parade. >> businesses across san francisco especially along market street are expecting a win. justin andrews alive along the parade route this morning. you talked to some businesses, justin. >> yes, some businesses looking forward to this but first, let me show you what we're seeing along market street. the city is basically waking up. you see a lot of people walking the parade route here, you see some crews off in the distance here just getting ready and a lot of people, a lot of businesses are prepared for this because they're expecting some money to roll in, because we know they're rising out of the ashes of this pandemic. oasis gorilla long market street are preparing extra food and drinks yesterday. it's a mediterranean restaurant and typically closed on sundays but yesterday they were there putting a game plan in place to ensure they have enough workers to handle the hundreds if not thousands of customers coming inside today, aside from getting the food ready, though, the biggest challenge for restaurants right now is making sure there's enough cashiers and
6:35 am
cooks during this labor shortage. >> my expectations is super busy. >> this pa rid will get a lot of exposure, since we're on pretty new restaurant here in the area on market street. >> reporter: so the parade goes down market street and businesses are also looking forward to the next parade, we're talking about the pride parade that will also run down market street i believe that's next sunday, so an exciting next couple weeks for businesses because you know they have really been hit hard during this pandemic. a very exciting time for them as they celebrate warriors fans and maybe warriors fans will bring them extra cash. back to you guys. >> speaking of the green, i think i spotted a celtics fan behind you, justin, a green hat on? >> the other way. >> reporter: the other way? that's an a's hat. yeah, yeah. >> just making sure. i would say that's a brave soul.
6:36 am
>> reporter: he's cleared. >> okay. >> we were like what was that? >> all right, justin, thank you. >> reporter: i was going to go after him, guys, you already know. >> justin, thank you. a live look at san francisco, fans hoping for some nice conditions outside today. this is market street where all the action will be happening this morning. meteorologist jessica burch has what the folks can expect out there. >> thanks so much, len. justin out there, we' arewearin jacket, i don't think you'll need that later on this afternoon. we are warming up for our monday forecast. a live look over the city where we see clear skies and that will be the trend for us as we head into the afternoon. sunny conditions across the board for the warriors parade, we're dealing with upper 60s and low 70s, so it's heating up today, even more so in our inland areas actually, where we are dealing with 90s this afternoon, 60s along our coast, and that's about five degrees above where we usually are, mid-60s and mid-70s for the bay. so what's going on for us? we're heating up as we extend
6:37 am
into this week's forecast. high pressure is building its way in from the equator so we're dealing with this hot air mass pushing its way in from the south. it's going to heat us up significantly for our tuesday forecast, where daytime highs today are going to add about ten degrees for tomorrow's forecast. it's going to be hot but we're going to break it down coming up in the full forecast in a little bit. for now, i'm going to send it back over to you. >> you can watch the parade of champions with us, live coverage begins at 9:00 a.m. on "cbs news bay area" and kpix 5 starting at 10:00. it is now 6:37, a bay area performer bringing joy one doorknock at a time with purple hair. we introduce you coming up next. wanna help kids get their homework done?
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welcome back. it's 6:40. if you're getting ready to celebrate thousands and thousands of warriors fans are
6:41 am
descending on downtown san francisco for the championship parade, that means getting a round could be a nightmare but we're here to help. let's check in with b.a.r.t. spokesperson chris philippe. thanks for being here. a lot of people plan on using b.a.r.t. today. >> good morning. there ain't no nightmares out here. this is a celebration today. we're excited about it. >> that's good to hear. b.a.r.t.'s a great way to get there. i've been encouraging people to do that. between embarcadero and civic center you have an option to get to the parade route. >> reporter: that's right. four stations available, we have every available hand on deck today. we're running extra trains, staging as many as 12 event trains, we're also extending the length of our trains to ten car trains wherever possible to increase capacity. we're ready for whatever crowd might show up for today. >> chris, what are some things people can do if they plan on it taking b.a.r.t. to plan ahead and make things go more smoother
6:42 am
for them? >> reporter: absolutely. the most important thing that you can do happens before you head to the parade. get clipper on your cell phone, do it before you leave, it's available via google pay and apple pay. you'll save yourself time and a $3 act vase fee. it is the way to go. beyond that, download our b.a.r.t. app, helps with you real time departures, you can plan your trip in advance. plan ahead a few simple steps before you go can make all the difference. >> there's some trackside issues with the richmond line headed into san francisco. anyone coming out of that area, what do you recommend to avoid any service delays for people headed into sf from richmond? >> report >> this is a day where we have dynamic service. we encourage our riders to pay tension for announcements and look for trains. you may have to transfer at macarthur station to an sfo train if you're in richmond and
6:43 am
there's a berryessa train, take it to oakland and we have on-time transfers to make it easy as possible. we will run some direct trains from richmond to san francisco. our service will be dynamic based upon the passenger loads that we see. >> i have taken b.a.r.t. years past to giants parades and it's always really crowded but you're with all your friends and fans so it should be a lot of fun for today's warriors parade. chris, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> absolutely. let's talk about getting over to the parade. as chris mentioned, they will have extra trains, longer trains for b.a.r.t. check the schedule and listen to the announcements when at the station to plan ahead and if you have to make a transfer, muni will also have reroutes in place, that's because of all the street closures along market street and that will definitely affect your route heading over to the parade this morning. the street closures went into
6:44 am
effect yesterday afternoon at around 3:00. you can also take cal train, that will drop you off at fourth and king and sf bay ferry is also an option to get into san francisco for the parade. let's talk about the route, market street shut down between main street and eighth streets in and around that area are closed as well, expect a lot of people and some heavy foot traffic through there, especially off of 280, extension headed into the city, you'll see a lot of traffic as well for cars getting over into san francisco. park something limited so again, if you don't have to get near that area with the car, probably your best bet. trying to get in and out of the city you need an alternate, take 19th avenue or van ness. bridges headed into the city we're observing the juneteenth holiday so it is light for the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge. for now, things look good on the roadways but expect things to be busy on public transit, crowded trains, crowded buses, and crowded streets, but should be a lot of fun and hopefully a
6:45 am
beautiful day out there. jessica has your forecast for your parade day. >> beautiful, dry, warm, it feels like summer, which is right around the corner tomorrow. as we take a live look from the mt. diablo cam over solano county, it is dry, really not a cloud in the sky for us near san francisco, where today we are celebrating the dubs, so let's head straight into that forecast. daytime highs only ranging in the 70s for san francisco, where we're dealing with 90s in our inland areas. 66 as we kick off the event though and only waurpz up from there on out. pack sunscreen. uv rays are strong into the afternoon and to add to that bring water. it's going to be a great event. inland areas like i mentioned dealing with the low 90s in sight, that's going to jump about ten degrees as we head into our forecast for tomorrow and why is that even happening? i hate to say it but another heat wave is pushing in, ridging its way into the pacific northwest as we head into the next couple days but really
6:46 am
peaking on our tuesday forecast. mid portions of this weekend will be hot but we cool off as we head into the weekend. about 5 to 15 degrees above average as we head into the next couple days and with that in mind let's talk about our heat risk. with the microclimates and the lower elevated areas the santa clara valley and tri-valley will be seeing more of that impact so low relative humidity, dry conditions and of course a lot of heat in store for us even as we extend up into sonoma county for that matter. with that in mind, like i mentioned, tomorrow is the hottest day of the week for us, where we are seeing upper 90s and triple digits trickled in our forecast but we cool off as we head into the weekend and it's similar for our microclimates, all the way up into the inland east bay where tomorrow we're expecting 103 on average, upper 90s up in the north bay, so it's hot for us but go out there and enjoy the weather, still if you are heading out to the event today we'll keep you updated in the weather center. for now, back over to you guys. >> for the past month or so
6:47 am
we've been following the warriors journey through the playoffs into the finals all the way to their big win. >> we've enjoyed every moment and this morning we wanted to look back on some of our favorite moments of our warriors coverage. >> feeling good this morning. >> doing cab badge patch action, too. >> reporter: oh, yeah, got a little dance moves this morning! >> a little winning shimmy. >> we'll bring it all the way into thursday and we'll be dancing up a storm friday morning. >> talking about celebration, by the way, this is how we were rolling at my house, so excited. how are you feeling? >> i feel all these emotions! it's probably illegal! >> does he even know what illegal is? >> he doesn't. he doesn't. >> g., i'm passing the ball to you. >> i will catch it and i will score. >> are you nervous? >> i'm not. i can't watch a game seven. i'm not. my anxiety will not be able to take that. >> reporter: before i end this
6:48 am
live shot, amanda, i'm pretty upset with you. why are you wearing celtics green? >> ooh! >> i already heard it from jocelyn, justin. >> reporter: response? what's up with this? >> i don't need to hear it, okay? you know i'm a dubs fan. it's too early to think about. it's 2:15 when i leave the house. >> fix yourself. >> go dubs. >> in all honesty, go dubs. >> that's right g dubs. watch the parade of champions with us, live coverage on "cbs news bay area" and kpix 5 starting at 10:00. hope, love, pride, presented by waymo. >> one bay area performer is spreading hope, love and pride, one wig and one door knock at a time. kpix 5 anchor, reed cowan, joined him on the job. >> so we're going to do something fun now. >> reporter: this is piper. and this at least for now -- >> come on, piper, let's go.
6:49 am
>> reporter: is grant thompson of baba loan's singing telegtelegram. this is grant's office where he keeps everything he needs. >> my dress, glasses and hair. >> reporter: to go from grant to the grand damme dame edna, astride a curb outside the home of somebody about to get a singing telegram, off with the shirt. >> there's nobody around right here. >> reporter: on with the dress. and on with the makeup. >> what do you think, piper? so fun being fabulous. >> reporter: aa young gay kid he health powerless. >> i was also very heavy as a chide, too. it was a difficult childhood in some ways. people were horrible to me. >> reporter: grant found power in dame edna, a love once tested when the factor who plays the dame came in grant's store and left with merchandise in hand and grant says without paying.
6:50 am
you got ripped off pi dame edna now you're ripping off dame edna. >> kind of. >> reporter: dame edna 2.0 is to life. this is where it gets fun. >> hello! i'm looking for heather. >> reporter: and maybe, a little, you know, weird. >> you're all queen for the day. you're so lovely! ♪ it is your birthday, and we wish you a happy day ♪ ♪ so happy, happy birthday to you ♪ >> reporter: a happy birthday for an even happier heather who says we need disruptions luke this, silliness to remind us and to know -- >> there's still things to celebrate and joy to be had, really is just like a reminder of the best of humanity. >> reporter: everyone needs to
6:51 am
be loved and sending a singing telegram tells people they are loved and care about them. and this pride month, all this pride month is all in a gay's work. >> he with all have big magic hearts, gay, straight or l lesbian, all done, fait accompli. where did i leave my keys >> reporter: in the ignition, grant. go to your next assignment. >> have a wonderful day. >> reporter: reed cowan, kpix 5. >> visit to check all of your pride reports this month. it is 6:51. it is time to celebrate our warriors today. >> coming up, all you need to know if you are headed to the championship parade in san francisco today.
6:52 am
6:53 am
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6:55 am
i'm jos lib moran live at market and drum, beginning of the warriors parade and a lot of the excitement is building up. let' look at some of the preparations going on. we have some bloobs and of course we've got more and more fans starting to trickle in. this starts at 11:20 a.m. but you want a good view of your cubs. we talked about this a lot because it gives us chills. this championship is so special for the players an a lot of fans. people want to celebrate with their team. with this comes a lot of things to get ready. that's still under way here right now, along with fans, sfpd will be here in uniform and plain clothing. they want to make sure everyone is staying safe, they're scouring social media and the web for threats. excitement is building up, we're
6:56 am
hearing music. justin, i hear you're with some fans, how are they feeling right now? ♪ >> reporter: yeah these fans are turned up, in the middle of market street. [ cheers ] >> reporter: this is carlito came from the east bay. how early did you wake up this morning? ? at like 3:00 in the morning, man, all good. we got here like 5:00 so it's good. >> reporter: what -- how much excited are you? >> we are excited! [ cheering ] >> let's go, baby! >> we are excited, baby. jordan poole! >> ayesha can cook! ayesha can cook! >> reporter: these people are ready and excited and goes to boston, ayesha can cook. we are the nba champs, baby. one more time, go warriors. >> let's go!
6:57 am
>> justin, sounds like a party. >> reporter: all day. >> justin, too fun. keep with the party all day long. there will be a lot of warriors fans out there. how fun was that? the parade, street closures are in effect, market street between main and eighth street, that is the parade route, so plan accordingly, mass transit's probably your best bet, b.a.r.t. will be having extra longer trains, reroutes from muni are also in effect. definitely think about that and check the schedule before you head out the door. sf bay ferry is a good option as well. cal train gets knew san francisco, you can transfer to m muni or walk over to the parade route. a lot of foot traffic. if you're driving into the city, parking and space will be limited, so coming off of 280 extension might be busy down embarcadero as well. a couple of hot spots this morning, three lanes blocked due to a crash westbound 80 at
6:58 am
petrero avenue causing a busy ride into richmond and brake lights in an earl y crash in the sunol grade. 880 looks better than 680. b.a.r.t. is on time. come out of richmond they'll have extra service or transfer due to trackside power problems on the richmond line headed into the city. look at the bay bridge toll plaza, we're seeing more cars headed into san francisco. it's getting more crowded across the upper deck and the golden gate bridge looks good for now but we'll likely see more cars headed into san francisco for a lot of people coming out to enjoy the warriors parade and fingers crossed it will be a beautiful day. let's ask our expert jessica burch. >> thanks so much. the fans out there are getting me so excited to head out there. bring sunscreen, your drink, water, it's toasty for us today. you don't see a cloud in the sky over san francisco. temperatures are kicking off at 11:00 a.m. in the 60s. we get into the 70s for us today. it will be warm in our inland areas, though, where we are expecting 90s, by tomorrow all
6:59 am
of these areas that we're looking at are about to jump ten degrees. we're keeping a close eye on the weather center, go dubs. this is very exciting for us today. >> it is and you can watch the parade of champions with us, live coverage at 9:00 a.m. on cbs bay area and kpix 5 starting at 10:00. we are so ready for this today. >> yes! >> join us. >> good day. it's a good day. can the parade just last all day long? >> stop by the studio. >> i know, we can all hang out, enjoy it all. >> are you going down to check it out? >> i'll be in the crowd. >> good. >> having some good times. a live shot at market street, the fans already out there and excited. ayesha can cook! >> yes, she can! >> have fun everybody, be safe, enjoy the day and go dubs.
7:00 am
♪ welcome to "cbs mornings" and hello to our viewers on the west coast on this monday. i'm gayle king. >> i'm tony dokoupil. >> i'm nate burleson. >> let's go to today's eye opener. it's your world in 90 seconds. ukraine's president warns a russian escalation is coming. we spoke to an american who fought alongside two captured u.s. veterans. >> letting them know that they were missing was without a doubt the hardest phone call i've ever had to make. >> thousands of flights canceled or delayed and could be like this all summer. what you need to kno i


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