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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  June 21, 2022 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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and prompting evacuations in san mateo county. the flames broke out at edgewood road and crestview drive. it's burning close to a neighborhood near kenyatta college. at last check it's torched about 20 acres. it started as two separate fires. one is now contained. we learned an evacuation and reunification center has been set up at the kenyatta college theater. we're expecting an update any moment from cal fire. we'll bring that to you live. >> that fire is triggering a major traffic backup along i-280 near the fire zone. traffic is slow going in both directions, at one point, there was a concern the fire would reach the freeway and potentially jump it. but the good news, that did not happen. >> right now, an equally important, we're seeing power outages in the area on an incredibly hot day. as many as 9,000 customers are without power along the peninsula. pg&e is also reporting that there was an outage in the area around 2:20 this afternoon,
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around the time the fire started. no word yet if the two events are connected, but you can be sure that will be looked into. paul is here, not a good day not to have power because even if you're not in the fire zone, it's so hot. >> temperatures are hovering around 100 degrees so it's a challenge for anybody without power. and of course, a challenge for the fire crews on the ground attang to help out the air imean, just attacking this from every direction possible. temperature, we have two sensors around the fire, they're both reporting an air temperature around 99 degrees. humidity in the 10 to 12% range. very dry, the fire fuels have been cooked by today's hot temperatures. winds have shifted. they were out of the east when the fire got started. now they have shifted to the west-northwest around 10 miles per hour. gusting to 15 miles per hour. not that strong, but still any shift in the winds then shifts the access from which the fire crews have to attack the fire. here's another view, this is of san jose. let me go to the weather computer and switch the view that we are looking at. so we can get a view of the fire
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from kenyatta college. you can see smoke coming off the fire right now. it's not as thick as it was a little while ago, but there was a new plume of smoke that came up in the last 10 or sghaents as the winds have been shifting. that allows a few hot spots to develop. heat advisory continues for everybody across the bay area except right along the coast until 10:00 this evening. the hottest temperatures have already occurred but we're at or 100 degrees in most locations. make sure you're hydrated and stay in the air conditioning whenever you can. of course, those locations without power, they don't have a choice. just the worst possible day, and likely that we're going to see some kind of connection between the power outages and how the fire started. started in two different locations at the same time. and that leads us to believe that, yeah, likely some connection there. >> we'll have to wait for the full investigation, but definitely suspicious and something we'll be following. we'll follow that power outage too because it's so hot and not just hot in the east bay, in the north bay, and south bay. it was hot in the city of san
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francisco, bringing people out to ocean beach. we saw some people jumping in the water to cool off. and what you don't see here is fog, which is a little unusual this time of year. andria borba tells us it's a trend that stes scientists are looking at. >> hi, sara. the fog here in san francisco is so famous it has multiple nicknames including carl, may gray, june gloom, no sky july, and the list goes on. but locals say they have noticed a change in the past few years. the fog seems to be lightening up, and some scientists say there is evidence to back that up. it's late june, there should be tourists wandering around freezing in newly purchased alcatraz sweatshirts and shorts, a golden gate bridge shrouded in fog. instead, there are aggressively blue skies everywhere, no marine layer in sight. it's so hot and sunny, carl the fog himself tweeted, all right, peace san francisco, 1776-2022.
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it's not just that today is warm. locals say the gray summer weather pattern engrained in san francisco lore is changing. >> june is beautiful for me. we just closed for vacation for a week, and we normally would do that because it was foggy in june. there's no fog in june anymore. it's quite strange. >> shaun clancy is the owner of clancy's market on irving street in the outer sunset. born and raised in myrtle heights, he would never come out here in his youth. >> only if it was an 85 degree day because the fog was so thick. i mean, wasn't much to do. coming from the mission, that's where the sun was. >> it's not just shaun's imagination. the usgs's pacific coastal fog program in 2010 noted summer time fog hours had receded 33% over the last century. brian garcia, a warning coordination meteorologist with the national weather service says -- >> the thing i have seen over the years is during drought times, it seems like we end up with less marine layer.
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which is fascinating. >> we are in year three of a drought, and it's not just less fog at ocean beach and around the golden gate. >> during the 2011 to 2016 drought, up in humboldt, we saw a significant lack of marine layer. i think the same was true here as well. >> owner of doggy batho mat on irving says he's noticed the change. >> it sure seems like it. it's not july or august yet, so we'll see, but it seems like in the last ten years or so, it is sunnier and warmer. >> now, garcia with the national weather service says there's no indication the fog won't return during a neutral kind of rainfall year or an el nino year. but during this la nina, it appears during the drought years the fog seems to dissipate and recede and isn't as strong as we're seeing out here at ocean beach today. sara. >> all right, thank you so much. we appreciate it. new details on the crash involving a muni bus.
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san francisco police say they have arrested a man for driving under the influence. that crash happened at lombard and fillmore street. six people were hurt, had to be taken to the hospital. the driver was also charged with failing to stop at a traffic light and speeding. the city of oakland has agreed to pay about $1.5 million to settle a lawsuit over the george floyd protests. a jury awarded the money to two community groups and 27 people. they claim police violated their free speech rights, used excessive force, and falsely arrested them during protests that broke out after floyd's murder in 2020. >> closing arguments now under way in the trial of sunny balwani, the former co-founder and ceo and boyfriend of thir ainose founder elizabeth holmes. he's facing the same fraud charges she faced earlier this year. she was convicted on four counts.
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>> this pride month, businesses along the pride parade route hope we will give them a big boost after struggler through covid. >> a hard couple years, and ann mack avick talked to one bay area bar owner that's a stone's throw away from the parade route. >> it's happy hour at aunt charlie's. a little lounge in the tenderloin where joseph has tended bar for 25 years. >> it's not as special as it used to be. >> yeah? this neighborhood now known for drugs and crime, used to be full of gay bars, but over the decades, things have changed. >> the gays wanted their rights, which we got. which caused the end of a lot of businesses. >> why? >> because gays didn't have to go out to a gay bar on the week days after work. they could go to their neighborhood bar, and you know, feel just as comfortable.
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>> but with its strong pours, $5 wells and cash only policy, aunt charlie stuck around, and so did its crowd of regulars. so you would prefer going here over the castro? >> oh, yeah. >> why? aunt charlie's gathers a mellow crowd. >> it's a neighborhood bar where everybody is welcome. >> many with shared experiences of isolation. joseph grew up in the '60s in south dakota. >> i knew i had a leaning towards men, but i didn't know there was a whole group that did that. >> then he moved to san francisco. >> the first gay bar i ever went to, i was on a bus here in san francisco. and there was some guy i thought looked sort of cute. and so i sort of followed him. he went up this flight of stairs to a club. and never saw him after that
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because the club was packed, you know. >> you had found your people. >> i had found -- yeah. >> in the '90s, aunt charlie's started weekend drag shows and attracted customers from all walks of life. of course, heavy eyelashes and even heavier pours couldn't combat covid. >> we never expected to be closed as long as we were. >> it's still not back to normal. >> lot of people are a little leery about coming out and we're a small space. >> but this year, the pride parade is back, and aunt charlie's is only a block off the parade route. they're opening early as they always have on pride parade sunday. and joseph is happy to help refresh the crowd. >> yeah, there's no doubt about that. i can't wait. >> and he's in it for the long haul. >> i have worked gay bars now since 1973.
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and i wouldn't want it any other way. >> what would you like to tell your little boy self? >> just hang in there because things are going to get better. >> the party's about to start. >> yeah. >> in san francisco, anne mak makovec. >> you can find this month's pride stories on >> the fourth hearing in the january 6th attack on the capitol looks into former president trump's pressure campaign on state election officials. the key takeaways coming up. coming up all new at 6:00, businesses pushing back. why they're fighting against a plan to transform a busy east bay street. plus, as bay area families try to beat the heat, a lifeguard shortage is forcing some local swimming pools to close. what some cities are doing to boost
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right now, fire crews in woodside have an update on the san mateo brush fire. it's burned 25 acres. the sheriff's department now speaking right now. let's listen in. >> i will update any further evacuations when that becomes necessary. >> good afternoon. my name is ray iverson, fire cheer of the redwood city fire department. we have multiple agencies helping at this incident today. we have set up an evacuation
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center at 1455 madison street in brentwood city at the veterans memorial center. we ask all residents who have received evacuation orders to seek shelter there if need be. we have red cross standing by to assist as well as redwood city staff to help with that. happy to answer any questions once we get done. at this time, i would lie to turn it over to the fire chief with the woodside fire department. good good afternoon. rob linder, fire chief. i want to thank all of the parties involved that have helped with this. you have a lot of homes, valuable homes, that are threatened at this time. there's a lot of resources from a lot of areas throughout the county, throughout the bay area that have helped us here. we're appreciative of that. we just want to make sure that the public is aware to heed the advice of the evacuation orders and even the warnings, if you're getting an evacuation warning, it's a good idea to go ahead and
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leave at that time. that way it gives us all the opportunities to fight the fire the best that we can. aircraft wise, there's people that will tend to fly drones or something like that. please do not do that. allow the professionals to do what they're doing. they're making a good aggressive attack on this, and it's helping. so any ability to hinder that, we don't want that to happen because things are looking in a positive direction as we move forward. so thank you very much. >> just a couple other things to note. as the sheriff's office said, there are multiple evacuations in different zones. there is a live map that is available for the public. it's if they type in zone haven in google, they can put in their address and see if they're under an evacuation order or warning. until we have good containment on this, keep an eye on any additional orders should they come out. we're constantly reassessing
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that. one thing we do have, you'll see around us, there's a lot of fire engines coming in and out right now. we have called for a six-alarm in san mateo county. what that means is we have resources from south san francisco all the way done to palo alto at the moment coming into this area and fighting this fire. we do have additional resources spread out through the county so that we do have coverage should anything else break out. so there are still fire stations covered even though we have a pretty big impact on what is going on. there's also a large cal fire resource order for tonight and tomorrow. so we will have additional crews that arrive tonight and tomorrow. and just note for people who are traveling, highway 280 is currently open at the moment, however it was impacted by smoke and could be impacted by smoke again. the chp is evaluating it and there could be should the need arise some sort of closure or diversion if smoke becomes darnls in that area. as the chief said, we ask everybody if you're evacuated to stay away, let the firefighters do their work. this is tight, narrow roads.
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and a lot of properties intermixed with a lot of vegetation. if we ask you to leave, please leave. if you stay out, we can actually get our job done faster. with that, i think all of us up here are happy to answer any questions about the fire. thanks, we did have what we consider an incident within an incident which is an injury to a firefighter. that firefighter was working on the line. they were transported by ground ambulance to stanford hospital. we don't have an update on the condition yet. any other questions? [ inaudible question ] >> yeah, so peak staffing for cal fire, we have all of our resources staffed across the yare yea, including here in san mateo county. so luckily, there was not much activity going on. we were able to get a lot of resources here quickly. but what this does show us is we have extremely dry fuel. we're talking about the middle of june right now, and we're seeing fire behavior that's
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weeks ahead of where we typically are. we also have really dry fuel moistures today. that combination, luckily we had crews staffing equipment but by all means we don't have significant containment on this fire yet. [ inaudible question ] >> yeah, so as far as the weather is concerned, this is a very atypical day in san mateo county. we're used to that kind of onshore flow with the fog that comes in in the late afternoon. the fuel moistures tend to come up. we're seeing what we call kind of this unsettled weather where we're getting off shore breezes. we're seeing no fog. the thing that concerns us is until we get some either relative humidities that go up or containment that goes around, we feel as though the potential is still there that this fire could grow. sorry? we have not had any reports of injuries to anyone in the community. [ inaudible question ]
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yeah, so the question was regarding the cause and origin. obviously, these fires take a lot of investigation. we do have investigators currently on the scene working on the investigation right now. it's too early to jump to any conclusions about what the cause could be. that will be under investigation until their report is complete. as far as the pg&e substation that's on kenyatta road, that facility was/is threatened. there's quite a few fire resources in there protecting that infrastructure. and we do have pg&e representative with us at the an structures damaged or destroyed right now. all right, with that, everyone up here is available for questions one-on-one if you need them. we also have public information officers here as well as chief marshall in the back. we will plan on just putting out information online throughout the evening as it comes in. if there are any significant changes, we will let everybody
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know and reconvene as necessary. thank you. >> okay, so that was a live news conference from firefighters, cal fire, local law enforcement about the fire burning in san mateo county. really important, they're saying they're bringing mutual aid in from up north, so in san francisco and down the peninsula, and they're saying they're riding up, so some of their fiefr firefighters are be moved to other stations. this is now a six-alarm fire there. >> they're still working on containment issues now, so we also learned one firefighter was injured while fighting that fire. that firefighter taken to stanford medical center. we don't know why or how that person got injured. and we don't have an update on the condition right now. it's now 25 acres and also just very important to note there's a pg&e substation in that area, and they're feverishly trying to defend that. >> that could cause problems if that catches fire. we'll bring you mor
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or live chat at today. on this first alert weather day, we saw record high temperatures in concord, in san jose, in hayward, san francisco made it up to the low 90s, which isn't a record but the first time the city has cracked 90 degrees since october 1st of 2020. that's actually more than 20 months ago. hot temperatures across the entire bay area. still hot right now. take it easy this evening. our heat advisory continues until 10:00 p.m. the only spot in the 50s, san francisco and along the coast. otherwise, everybody just bottomed out in the 60. it's still going to be hot
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tomorrow, just not as hot. the hottest spots getting up to around 100 degrees instead of surging past triple dinlt territory, and temperatures will be noticeably less hot around the bay and along the coast. mid 70s in san francisco with mid 80s in oakland. most inland spots are still in the 90s. make sure you take the hot weather precautions. take it easy. we're also going to have the potential for a couple pop-up showers or a thunderstorm because monsoonal moisture is trying to track in from the south. the threat of dry thunderstorms bringing the potential for lightning strikes is greatest in the central valley, into the high sierra, but too close for comfort around the bay area. something we'll keep an eye on over the next 24 to 48 hours. temperatures will continue backing down. by the end of the work week, we're back to near normal temperatures around the bay. slightly above average temperatures farther inland. san francisco back to the 80s. highs inland in the east bay around 90 degrees, which is still hot, but much more reasonable for late unicomjune
5:55 pm
compared to today's highs. >> all right, paul, thank you. i'm elizabeth cook wrk. coming up at 6:00, we'll have the latest on the foyer fight. >> plus a lifeguard shortage causing some swimming pools to close. the scramble to find workers and keep people safe this summer and why some businesses are pushing back against a plan to add bike lanes along a busy street. the news at 6:00 is coming up in five minutes. >> still ahead here, one year after being rescued, a bay
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this next story is really wild. a kayaker from marin is trying to row all the way to hawaii again. so we tried this a year ago, but the seas were too rough. no surprise there. after six days he actually had to be rescued by the coast guard. he posted this picture on instagram saying it was a beautiful day to get started in monterey. you can follow along with his journey across the pacific. here's a look at a live tracker. he's spent the past year planning his second attempt, improving his boat and training off the california coast. no tracker today, but really impressive nonetheless and we're rooting for him. kpix 5 at 6:00 starts now with ryan and elizabeth. >> now at 6:00, breaking news. a brush fire forcing mandatory evacuations in san mateo county. the aggressive fight to save homes.
5:59 pm
the massive power outage in the area. >> the first alert weather day on this first day of summer, feeling every bit of it with record high temperatures, still hot tomorrow, but some relief in store. details coming up in the forecast. >> despite the lifeguard shortage, this pool has managed to stay open. we'll explain what they're doing here to make sure everyone stays cool in the pool. >> and later, a busy east bay corridor is getting a transit makeover, but some neighbors are already pushing back. why they say it will only hurt their business. >> good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ryan yamamoto. right now, breaking news on this first alert weather day. >> yeah, fast moving brush fire forcing evacuations in san mateo county. take a look. chopper 5 flew over the scene just minutes ago. and take a look at the large plumes of smoke near 280. this all started as two separate fires, one is now contained. the other near edgewood road and
6:00 pm
crestview drive, that one is still burning. it has now burned 25 acres. the flames are threatening homes. crews have fully carried out evacuations. the edgewood road ramp on 280 is also closed. >> and here's a map showing the evacuation zones, people being ordered to leave the areas in red. people in the blue zone mean to stay on alert and on county recommendations. kenuaty college is at the southern most part of that blue. also right now, we're seeing power outages in the area, as many as 9,000 customers are without power along the peninsula. >> pg&e is reporting that they detected an outage in the area around 2:20 this afternoon. that's about the time the people started calling 911 to report fires along edgewood road and colton court. now, the big question this evening is whether the outage and the fires are somehow connected. >> so let's get out to kpix 5 who is live near the fire line in san mateo county. we just heard from cal fire. what is the very te


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