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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  June 22, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. right now on kpix, the area breaking news a deadly shooting on a muni train in san francisco. good afternoon. chopper 5 was just over the castro district where we have learned one person was shot and ed another was injured. we are told it happened after a heated verbal altercation on the train. now police say this is not an active shooter situation, but the suspected shooter remains at large. >> want to show you video from the citizen app of the scene on the ground. supervisor mirna melgarr said it happened between the forest hill and castro stations. >> trains are suspended from the forest hill to castro stations. the sfmta is arranging bus shuttles for the area. more on the shooting, lauren toms is outside the castro muni
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station and lauren, we just listed on to sfpd speaking about the incident. what have you learned? >> reporter: hey there. there is an active investigation here at the castro muni station. we have been told officials believe there was prior motive for this shooting and officials don't believe this was a random incident. now, we've been told this is not an active shooter situation, but the suspect remains at large and we have not received any information on their identity. earlier we were told that when officers arrived on the scene, one person was already deceased on arrival and a bystander was injured and transported to sf general with nonlife-threatening injuries. now earlier just several minutes ago, officer katherine winters, a public information officer, told us this does not appear to be a hate crime and appears to be no connection or threat to the lbgtq community, just days ahead of pride weekend. now, officials are asking anyone
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who was on the train or anyone with video or information, to reach out to the san francisco police department and once again, castro, the castro muni station will be closed for the next several hours. trains will bypass the castro station. >> i just want to assure, again, our community members and lbgtq community members and those visiting our city from around the world for san francisco pride that this incident does not appear to be related to pride or targeting our lbgtq community and that san francisco police department as we enter pride weekend is going to be staffed to ensure safety at all of our events throughout the weekend. we'll be working with our state and federal partners throughout the weekend to make sure that everyone is safe and has an enjoyable pride. >> reporter: now once again, officers have said that this appears to be an isolated incident, but no arrests have been made. officers are asking anyone with
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information or video from the incident to reach out to san francisco police. >> all right. lauren, thank you for that update out there. you'll be out there the rest of the day and bring us any updates as you get them. we're following developing news out of san jose where earlier this morning police shot a murder suspect following a standoff. police held a briefing. >> anne makovec joins us with the latest. >> reporter: the murder suspect is dead. he died this morning after being shot by police, and he was suspected in at least two murders in a crime spree that lasted about 24 hours. i want to back you up here and start where this began at around 7:00 last night. that is when police say this man shot another man across the street from mount pleasant elementary school. the man shot died this morning. no word on a motive in that
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shooting. the police say the shooter went to modesto and killed a woman, about two hours after the first shooting on ramsey drive. her name has not been released, not anything about their relationship either, so a lot of questions there. police just say she was 29 years old. so the chp ended up chasing the suspect as he traveled back to san jose last night. at one point he had a woman and two children in the car with him. then he let them out. then later crashed the car in san jose and headed to a home on bendorf drive where we saw the standoff. he barricaded into a shed this morning and officers say he fired a gun during the chase and more shots from the property as police surrounded it. then pointed a gun at a special operations officer. that is when police shot him. >> we do want to share our and send condolences to the people involved with the tragic series of events. we are also very, very lucky and thankful none of our officers were shot or hit or were
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injured. >> again, a lot of questions about the people that were in the car with him during the chase between modesto and san jose a woman and two children. police say he was involved in sh some sort of domestic disturbance with his own family during the day. a lot of questions. back to you. >>hankyo and new noon, mayor london breed's office says the mayor has tested positive for covid-19. she's feeling well and vaccinated and boosted. she won't be attending public events in the near future. however she was at the warriors championship parade earlier this week. let's get the first alert. it is warming up out there once again. >> goodness gracious, another hot day for us here in the bay. on the bright side things are changing as we head into the next couple days. okay. we dealt with the heat wave yesterday. we broke records actually. this is a live look from black
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mountain over the santa clara county valley where yesterday we got up to around 102 in san jose. another live look showing mostly clear conditions from the bay bridge. yesterday we broke records not only in san jose but also concord and it was not a shock by any means. we knew this was going to happen. the heat wave pushed in and we're left with a little bit leftover. daytime highs 8 to 15 degrees above average. and then we cool off as we head into the weekend. it's starting to trend cooler as we extend all the way into our thursday and friday setup. daytime highs in our inland areas getting up into the 90s. so what does this mean for us? maybe it's still not a good idea to take the dog on a walk after work. wait a little longer and make sure you're hydrating a lot. the onshore flow is kicking in but we're remaining above average as we start off first days of summer. for now i'll send it back to you. >> see you then. thank you. b.a.r.t says the hot weather is to blame for a train
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derailment in concord as people were heading home yesterday. b.a.r.t officials say the heat curved the track causing the ten car train to go off the rails and sparked some small fires. 50 people were on the train when this all happened. >> i felt the train come up off the track, and he tried to keep it going to maybe get it back, but it kept trying to come off. i was scared. i'm still scared. >> all of a sudden it went -- and it wasn't an earthquake. it was like debris or something. >> the pleasant hill station reopened this morning and trains are being single tracked in both directions. riders should expect 5 to 15 minute delays. several close calls for fire departments in the bay as we experience scorching hot temperatures. we all felt it. on the peninsula crews fought the edgewood fire from the ground and air and in san mateo county near redwood city. it is now 20% contained. it had prompted mandatory evacuations that have been
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downgraded. crews responded to a brush fire in morgan hill that authorities believe was sparked by a resident using a generator during an outage. the three mobile mobile homes were destroyed. it took dozens of firefighters almost two hours to get this fire contained. stay with kpix 5 for the latest on the fires and power outages. we'll have continuing coverage on air, on and streaming on cbs news bay area. a look at wall street to see how things are faring. the dow up about 127 points. president biden is calling on congress, states and oil companies to help consumers with high gas prices. he proposed a three-month pause of federal gas and diesel taxes. it would save americans 18 cents a gallon for gas and 24 cents for diesel. the president urged individual states to suspend their own gas tax and called on oil companies to lower prices to reflect the drop in barrel prices. >> there are actions we can take to help american families now.
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we have taken them. we are taking them. the federal gas tax holiday, state gas tax holiday, bringing back refineries, putting them back online. we just have to keep going. >> heading into the summer travelers could use that relief. some lawmakers, however, are concerned the pause could dramatically impact funds for road construction and repair. the elementary school in uvalde where a teenage good morning killed 19 children and two teachers will be demolished. the mayor's announcement came hours after the head of the texas department of public safety slammed police for making major mistakes in their response to the massacre. no word on a timeline for when the school would be demolished. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area. a safe haven for the gay community. why this neighborhood bar hopes to see a big boost from the pride parade this weekend.
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and i thought, yeah, it works for me. prevagen. healthr n. better fe. crews are searching for victims of a powerful earthquake that struck afghanistan overnight. government officials say more than a thousand people were killed and about 1500 others are injured. those numbers are expected to rise. the epicenter of the quake was in a region roughly 200 miles southeast of the capital of kabul. the quake caused massive damage in the mountains and densely
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populated area prone to rock slides and landslides. >> these are simple homes made of mud brick that crumble easily and we're deeply concerned there are still people underneath the rubble that haven't been rescued yet. >> the nation's humanitarian officials say rescue operations seize contr n a e expectoauroo year ago. hope, love, pride, presented by weimo. >> before the castro was covered in rainbow flags downtown san francisco was the center of the lbgtq scene. we met a bar tender who has been there since the beginning a stone's throw from sunday's parade route. >> reporter: it's happy hour at aunt charlie's, a little lounge in the tenderloin where joseph mattheisen has tended bar for 25
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years. >> it's not as special as it used to be. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> reporter: this neighborhood known for drugs and crime, used to be full of gay bars, but over the decades, things have changed. >> the gays wanted their rights, which we got, which caused the end of a lot of businesses. >> reporter: why? >> because gays didn't have to go out to a gay bar on the weekdays after work. they could go to their neighborhood bar and, you know, feel just as comfortable. >> reporter: but with its strong pours, $5 wells and cash only policy, aunt charlie's stuck around and so did it crowd of regulars. you would prefer going here over the castro? >> oh, yeah. >> why? >> reporter: aunt charlie's gathers a mellow crowd. >> it's a neighborhood bar where everybody is welcome. >> reporter: many with shared experiences of isolation.
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joseph grew up in the '60s in south dakota. >> i knew i had a leoaning towards men, but i didn't know there was a group that did that. >> reporter: then he moved to san francisco. >> the first gay bar i ever went to, i was on a bus here in san francisco, and there was some guy i thought looked sort of cute and, so i sort of followed him. he went up a flight of stairs to a club and never saw him after that because the club was packed. >> you had found your people? >> i had found -- yeah. >> reporter: in the '90s, aunt charlie's started weekend drag shows and attracted customers from all walks of life. of course, heavy eyelashes and even heavier pours couldn't combat covid. >> we never expected to be closed as long as we were. >> reporter: it's still not back to normal. >> a lot of people are still a little leery about coming out and we are a small space.
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>> reporter: but this year, the pride parade is back and aunt charlie's is only a block off the parade route. they're opening early as they always have on pride parade sunday and joseph is happy to help refresh the crowd. >> yeah. there's no doubt about that. i can't wait. >> reporter: and he's in it for the long haul. >> i've worked gay bars now since 1973. i wouldn't want it any other way. >> what would you like to tell your little boy? >> just hang in there because things are going to get better. >> the party is about to start. >> yeah. >> that was anne makovec reporting. let's get to first alert meteorologist jessica burch talking about the hot weather. >> it is heating up this afternoon. all throughout the day we're ranging above average and starting off with a live look
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just from the mt. diablo cam overlooking solano county. it is dry. we're not seeing too much clouds just for now, actually as we extend into the afternoon, daytime highs on model data are showing 90s in sight for us. now, same trend as we extend off into san francisco where today we're about 8 degrees above average. model data is showing 70s and upper 60s as we wrap up tonight. now things are changing as we head into the afternoon and even into our thursday forecast. take a look at this area of low pressure right there. it works in a counterclockwise direction pushing into our coastline south of us. this is what's going to happen as we head into the next couple days. notice how it circulates and brings in scattered showers but really small pockets. that will continue as we head all the way into our thursday setup. by friday it's moved on. with that in mind we might see a sprinkle or two, but it's a short lived system and see dry lightning associated with thaits as well. nonetheless it is a hot day for us. yesterday was the first day of
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summer. the longest day of the year and boy, did it feel like it. we broke records in concord. we also broke records all the way down into the santa clara county valley in san jose where all of the local people felt it. today the santa clara county valley is dealing with mid-90s and we will cool down as we wrap up this week and head into our weekend forecast. more partly cloudy conditions will set until as we extend through the rest of the week. a look at what we can expect into the weekend. i mean, we're still dealing with above average conditions, especially in that santa clara county valley setup. oakland at a daytime high of 85 degrees. today we get down into the 70s by the weekend. it's really our microclimates feeling it too. anywhere from the inland east bay to the north bay things are starting to change for the next couple days. we'll keep you upsed and for now back over to you. >> all right. thank you. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area, a warning if you want to b
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. and now we're taking a look at discovery bay. if you are thinking about heading to that area to beat the heat you'll want to listen to this. toxic blue green algae blooms
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are an issue in the water there. so people planning to boat, swim or fish, you are warned that these toxic blooms can make people and pets sick. extreme heat can scare some with even the greenest thumbs but not these gardeners. despite the drought the sales are up and so are the number of products they offer and the keys to gardening right now are choosing the right plants and using a different landscaping technique. >> you're looking at a lot of natives from australia, south africa, south america. sal vias, things like that. >> these are ones that people request more and they do really well. you know, once they're established, they love our winter rains and our dry, hot summers. >> these watery fishing plants thrive in the heat. you need a drip irrigation system to water the roots. coming up on kpix 5 and streaming on cbs news bay area,
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following up on the breaking news story at the top of the hour, a shooting on board a muni train in san francisco between the castro and forest hill stations. one person died and another one was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. police say the shooter ran off the train. we are told this was an isolated incident and there is no connection to this weekend's pride events. muni service has been stopped in both directions but bus shuttles are being set up. we will bring you a live update at 3:00 p.m. and online at it could be a bipartisan issue that has left lawmakers gridlocked for years. what's difference about this gun deal? that story and more at 3:00. a family vacationing got the surprise when they woke up to find a bear in their bathroom. >> the bear came in through a kitchen window, ate food and made his way into the master
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bathroom where the family trapped him. >> our original plan was to actually try to funnel this bear, open a bathroom door, use furniture to funnel it to the front door and let it out that way. unfortunately, the bear didn't cooperate with us and didn't want to come out of the bathroom. >> the plan didn't quite work out. the warden ended up wrestling the bear out of the home. >> just wanted bathroom time. that's all. >> looks like chopper when i try putting him in the bath. >> and stella too
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