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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  June 24, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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as of right now there is no federal right to abortion. for millions of women. t california is a different story. bills are moving through the state legislature. the full package of abortion rights bills includes about $125 million to support sexual and reproductive health care. california is also working with other western states to help people where abortion is banned. >> we are learning this evening that abortion providers in the bay area are already seeing a surge in patients from other states. we begin our coverage with kpix 5's shawn chitnis and the bay area clinics who are getting ready to provide abortion services. >> reporter: leaders with planned parenthood across the bay area tell us they have been increasing their resources ahead of what they expected was today's are supreme court decision, but tonight they say it is unclear if they can meet the growing demand to have an abortion here in california. >> we are outraged and we are
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ready to fight. >> we are ready to meet the moment. >> reporter: planned parenthood has different affiliates to cover all of the bay area and together they have been working to take care of more patients locally and from across the country since last fall. >> whether we can handle that capacity, no matter what we do is, yeah, we're worried about that for sure. >> reporter: planned parenthood includes oakland, the south bay and the peninsula. they care for more patients than any other affiliate in the country. that team is ready for up to 500 more patients a week, but says that may not be enough. >> your appointment that you expect to be on a timely manner may be impacted. >> reporter: california could see more than 1 million additional patients for abortions after this supreme court decision. planned parenthood of northern california includes san francisco and contra costa county. they worry that people in the state will have to wait longer for service as more people nationwide come here. >> we are monitoring very, very
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closely the uptick of patients. we have a plan to scale up as needed. >> we are booking at almost 7 to 10 days for people seeking abortion care here in california. >> reporter: planned parenthood leaders say those who support abortion rights must not take for granted what is legal in california and push for a new amendment to the state constitution this fall. >> i really hope that people get activated by this because this is a very, very dark day if america. >> reporter: reporting in san francisco, shawn chitnis, kpix 5. >> the california medical association says this decision, quote, undermines decades of progress in health care for pregnant people. they add, it's a direct attack on the practice of medicine. >> meanwhile, protests happening across the country and right here in the bay area. we will take you to san francisco's city hall. kpix 5's andrea nakano is live at an abortion rights rally.
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>> reporter: a lot of abortion rights organizations had a part in organizing this rally here today. some marchers started at the federal if building, ended up here. as you can see, there is a big crowd here gathered in front of the steps of city hall. there are also some folks that continue to march around the streets of san francisco. it's a big crowd and a diverse crowd here. many women, men and children part of the rally here tonight. all sharing the disappointment, anger and frustration the supreme court overturning roe v. wade. california vowed to stay a reproductive rights state, but those here say they are here in support of women all across the country. >> i believe that people should be able to determine their own life situations and that is their particular matter and it's not something that should be -- >> reporter: i also talked with the ceo of planned parenthood
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and northern california a little bit earlier this evening. she says this is a call to action to make the most of your voting rights in the upcoming elections. liz. >> thank you so much. hundreds also gathering this evening at the plaza in oakland. many speakers here are expressing their frustrations over today's supreme court ruling. >> sets us back 50 years! unprecedented and outrageous attack by the right. are we going to let them get away this? [ cheers and applause ] >> no! >> and other protests are happening throughout the bay area, including a rally in san jose later on this hour. >> when word of the decision leaked in may there were concerns about what it could mean for other rights. sure enough in a concurring spn justice thomas urged the court to review other cases regarding contraceptives and same-sex marriage.
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>> i now pronounce you spouses for life. and you may kiss. [ cheers and applause ] >> more than ever, we want to show our thanks and gratitude for those who fought to get to this point and know that we have to keep fighting. >> especially after this morning. >> yes. >> reporter: in the building are where the same-sex marriage battle was fought and seemingly won, today was supposed to be a celebration of that legacy. newlyweds katelin and monica say the news from washington came as a reminder that their ceremony is not to be taken for granted. >> good thing we are getting married today. yeah, just even more so, even more of a reason and a mission to make today special. >> it's absolutely not a stretch to be concerned about marriage, to be concerned about contraception, and even outside the realm of privacy, there are huge implications based on how
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they struck chstructured this opinion. >> reporter: she says the court's abortion decision could create a similar situation for marriages. a divide among the states. a couple could be married in california but -- >> if you have to move somewhere where they don't, right, where they maybe passed a law says we prohibit gay marriage here, your union could not be recognized. implications for child custody, things like even hospital visitation. . all right. just like anybody else's right to get married and live happy life with each other and -- >> reporter: this decision landing just ahead of the big pride weekend. a little bit like recent history in reverse. the court issued landmark rulings upholding gay marriage in 2013. that was the defensive marriage case then in 2015. oath barack obamaet of those cases announced almost on this date and many considered them kind of a gift from justice
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anthony kennedy ahead of the big pride weekends. big crowds turned out to celebrate those rulings. this weekend more likely to produce something in the way of protests. here in san francisco, vernon glenn, kpix 5. >> with roe v. wade overturned on the federal level, many wonder what this could mean for individual states like here in california. >> we spoke with a san jose state political expert on what could come next from the courts and how our state could be impacted. >> californians, we tend to think of ourselves as sort of a blue oasis here whenever red action comes from washington. but that is not -- we will not be exempt if the federal government starts to enact restrictions. >> now, professor crane went on to say that no state in the country will be left untouched by today's high court decision. anti-abortion rights groups are cheering this decision. kpix 5's juliette goodrich spoke with some of the leaders of a group who have worked and waited for this day for years. >> reporter: is you think that
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you would see this decision? >> i did. >> reporter: mary is director of outreach with california right to life. >> are you calling today a victory, a step forward? your work has just begun? where does it stand for you? >> i think it's a step forward, even just the fact that it removes a barrier. it removed what seemed to be an insurmountable barrier to giving equal protection to all human beings. i am very excited the resort has corrected its error that it made almost 50 years ago. >> reporter: is a there a concern some women may be going across state lines or seeking abortions in possibly illegal means or against health code? >> we don't want any women -- we don't want them to have abortions. illegal or legal, it's going to hurt them. and in california that would be where women would be coming to
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in this scenario because of the protections for abortion. we are lowering our abortion safety standards and making all abortions unsafe. >> reporter: do you see this taking on a bigger picture possibly going into, say, the lgbtq community. laws changing there. what does this mean for the bigger picture? >> this particular decision does in the affect other prior right to privacy decisions. so i don't know whether they will then later come to reconsider those. at this time this decision itself does not affect those. >> reporter: she says in states like california the fight for equal protection for un born children will continue through education to change minds and save lives. >> it's actually great that everybody is talking about abortion because it's been so hard to get tpeople to pay attention for years. >> reporter: juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> so lots of reaction tonight. so let's look ahead of what action could come next.
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the biden administration saying it will protect anyone who travels from a state that banned abortion to that state that offers it. congressional democrats are working on making abortion rights a federal law, but that faces an uphill climb. and california could put the right to an abortion in the state constitution. a measure in the assembly could put it on the ballot this november. >> i am grautful i represent a state that's fighting for freedom, fighting for reproductive rights. a state that has long stood tall. and i am sorry that more people do not have those protections today. >> bell cwe will follow the developments from the u.s. supreme court and ripple effects across the country on "cbs news bay area." a change in mask rules tonight in a bay area county. we will tell you what is different in alameda county. a homicide suspect that turned deadly. hot temperatures for inland parts of the bay area today and
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another fire that broke out to the south of san jose. this is in the coyote area of salt lake county. fortunately a small fire. crews have a hand on it.
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off in alameda county. health officials will lift the county's indoor mask mandate at midnight tonight. officials say cases have peaked but they are still strongly recommending indoor masking. and san jose police released new details about this week's deadly officer-involved shooting of a double-murder suspect. >> it began tuesday after police found a man shot on mount shasta drive and later died. the suspect, raymond calderon, drove to modesto where he shot and killed a second victim on wednesday. san jose police found calderon hiding in a shed behind a home near eden veil elementary school after a seven hour standoff. the police chief says calderon armed with a gun raced towards two officers who opened fire, killing him. >> the suspect was observed with a gun in his right hand and was given several commands to drop the gun. calderon ran towards officers surrounding the house and raised and pointed the gun at special
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operations officer. two officers fired their weapons at the suspect, striking him twice. >> he says it's not clear what calderon's motive was for double killing but it involved a domestic violence issue. a suspect has been arrested for san francisco's muni train shooting that left a person dead earlier this week. that shooting happened on wednesday morning on train in the castro district. a 26-year-old male suspect has now been taken into custody charged with murder, possessing a concealed firearm, and using a firearm. the shooting left a 27-year-old dead and a 70-year-old man wounded. bay area firefighters have their hands full with wildfires this afternoon in concord. crews battled a two alarm vegetation fire. about 105 acres were burned before crews controlled the flames. after an investigation, crews discovered a car malfunction was the cause of all of it. and it was a similar scene in the south bay after another
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vegetation fire started near highway 37 off kurtner avenue. it didn't last long. crews controlled the flames before any people or structures were harmed. let's go back out to live pictures from oakland. this is chopper 5 over an abortion rights rally working its way -- sorry, it's a little bit choppy there. working through the streets of downtown. it began with a rally in the past hour from city hall and demonstrators are now marching down the streets. >> paul, a check of the forecast. >> yeah, the fire danger continues into the weekend. the same level it's been at, which isn't as high as it gets in august and september with the offshore wind events kick in. it's still something we have to monitor every day for the next several months. into the weekend we will see some fog and low cloud cover spreading across the bay tonight. just the weight of the atmosphere on top of us right now producing the hot weather inland is going to keep that marine layer pretty compact. it's not going to be a deep layer of fog.
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no big changes in forecast over the weekend. a cooldown kicks in the latter half next week. temperature downtown 64, 66 in oakland. temperatures inland 77 in santa rosa to still 92 degrees in livermore after you topped out at a robust 100 degrees this afternoon. the inland heat may not be quite that hot saturday and sunday, but temperatures are still going to be close to ten degrees above average at least. the fog will continue spreading into sol of the inland valleys tomorrow morning. it's shallow. unobstructed visibility by late morning with plenty of sunshine through the afternoon helping to boost temperatures from pretty close to a normal start. most of us starting off tomorrow morning in the 50s. it's going to be too hot for dog walking in the afternoon on saturday or rock climbing. at the coast temperatures close to average but biscuit lives in
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livermore, so temperatures topping out in the mid-90s. it's a drop from today's 100 degrees high temperature but just too hot for the puppy paws. so again just head for the water. big contrast in temperatures, mid-60s on the coast to mid-to-upper 90s for far inland parts of the east bay. 95 anitoch, 96 livermore, 97 in fairfield. on the coast close to average, upper 60s san francisco about l low 70s for oakland, low 90s for san jose, the north bay and not quite as hot as other inland areas but it's still going to be slight above average. 80s there. alameda county fair in pleasanton hot up into the mid-90s saturday and again on sunday with very little natural shade. plenty of sunshine. so make sure you are staying hydrated. heading out to the pride parade on sunday, expect temperatures as the parade is getting going at 10:30, 60 degrees. we will see the sun breaking through with temperatures rising up into the upper 60s during the
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afternoon. very close to what's normal for late june. temperatures back down slightly in san francisco and oakland the latter half of next week. from 94 in san jose on sunday all the way to 79 degrees on friday. a big drop for inland parts of east bay as well. so friday next friday is the first day of july. we will start off that month with slightly below-average temperatures for most of the bay area and looks like it's going to continue into the fourth of july weekend. should be actually kind of comfortable for fourth of july. >> what a difference. >> looking forward to that. that should help the fire threat as well. >> thank goodness. "cbs evening news" is coming up. >> here is norah o'donnell with a preview. >> tonight the protests at the nation's highest court and an in all 50 states in america. reaction after the ground breaking decision to overturn roe v. wade. and the 26 states that are certain or lick likely to ban or restrict abortion in days.
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the concern that states could ban contraceptives and fertility treatments. golden state's draft class has arrived in san francisco. they spoke for the first time in their new home. plus, east bay native and bengals running back joe mixon fresh off a super bowl appearance back in the bay. he tells us how good at basketball he
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golden state used all three of their selections last night. today at chase center the players were welcomed to the champions. group photo. first round pick patrick baldwin from milwaukee in the center. to the side of him santos, ryan rollins. baldwin a top five recruit, played for his dad at milwaukee. suited up in 11 games due to injury. he tried to emulate his new teammate steph curry with a no look three and paid the price for it. >> it was definitely spontaneous. you know, in the moment i had no clue what i was doing. i felt it. it went in. saw somebody on the bench. so i had to turn around and let them know. that's usually not me.
6:24 pm
that's my first tech ever in my life. well deserved. >> history last night for santa clara's jaelin williams who is taken with the 12th pick by oklahoma city. the school's first draft pick since steve nash and the second highest drafted player in pro gram history in his first thought after hearing his name called -- >> first try not to ugly cry you hear your name called. >> what is the first thing you will buy with an nba paycheck? hopefully, somewhere to live and probably a dog. i am kind of trying to get a dog, yeah. >> good call. former freedom high and current cincinnati bengals running back joe mixon was at the school where his dad used to star at. jefferson high school in daly city. he spoke to d.c. star's football program. coming off a super bowl experience. our convo shifted to basketball. he thinks he could have played with television one hoops. >> i am no steph curry or kyrie or anybody like that.
6:25 pm
>> who did you play like? >> draymond green. ex exactly like draymond green. i am going to get you a double-double every time we play. i used to get all the rebounds, do all the dirty work, play all the defense, smack talk, and that was my game. that's why i love are draymond green so much. you see that full interview with joe mixon sunday night at 11:30 op game day. set your dvrs if you can't stay up that late. my monotion is confirmed. cheng this out. even steph curry struggling to knock them down at great america. those prizes aren't easy to win. but i can bet you one thing. if he didn't win on this round, i guarantee you steph curry paid the money to eventually win the prize for his son. can you imagine being at great america amusement park on a random, let's say, monday, and you see some guy shooting threes in a bucket and you are like that guy is not good as he misses three in a row. you are like, that's steph
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curry. >> what is with the hoops? are they shaky? >> i think the rims are a little stiff. maybe a little small. the balls may be a little small. yeah, i mean, definitely -- >> not regulation. >> it's like the ring toss. you know, they put some butter -- >> stop the clock. he could be a little sloppy. that's all right. >> thanks, charlie. well, coming up this sunday, catch our special hope, love pride celebration. you can watch sunday morning at 10:00
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story. the bay area reacting to the u.s. supreme court ruling overturning roe v. wade. taking a look at san francisco. a group of protests this evening gathering to express frustrations. the ruling on the eve of pride weekend in the city. we are expecting some protests the next couple of days as well, as well as those pride celebrations. here is video in of that rally in oakland there. hundreds of demonstrators carrying signs as they march down city streets. looks like a couple hundred people there. this followed a rally at city hall. we are tracking reaction across the bay area. we will have more for you coming up tonight on the kpix 5 news at 7:00. and the "cbs evening news" with norah o'donnell will have more coverage on the u.s. supreme court overturn of roe v. wade. that starts here. thank you tore watching the news
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continues streaming on "cbs news bay area." you can find it on the kpix 5 news app. we will be right back here at 7:00. captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: tonight, we're here at the supreme court, where history is unfolding. after nearly 50 years, the nation's highest court overturns "roe v. wade," taking away the constitutional right to an abortion. reaction tonight, across america. >> the supreme court is illegitimate! >> o'donnell: protests and celebrations at the supreme court, and in every state, after the groundbreaking decision. tonight, the message from the president of the united states. >> now, with "roe" gone, let's be very clear-- the health and life of women in this nation are now at risk. >> o'donnell: and the reaction from donald trump and republicans... >> the people have won a victory. the voiceless will finally have a voice. >> o'donnell..


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