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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 24, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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room do something on aaily s i d ery thou . ( apse ) but without further ado, allow me to get to the important outstanding daytime drama series award. thps the big one, ladies and gentlemen. this is the finisher of the show. all right, i think we know what is at stake here. and it is my absolute pressure to present our final category of the evening, outstanding daytime drama series, recognizing the actors and the people behind the camera as well for their dedication to making each of these daytime drama mainstays of the american culture. and, again, daily medicine for all of us who watch it. ( applause ) here are the nominees.
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( cheers and applause ) >> and the emmy for outstanding daytime drama series goes to... "general hospital" ( cheers and applause ) >> "general hospital" is the most winning daytime drama series in history. having won this category now a total of 15 times. ♪ ♪ ♪ ( applause )
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>> certainly there are more important things in the world, especially right now. but for the next few seconds you made us feel very proud, and for that we'd like to thank everyone at the academy, our amazing partners at abc disney, our cast is amazing, our crew is incredibly hard working and talented. our production designers jennifer and andrew, our directors, our amazing costume designer sean. our fans, and we'd like to th
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thank-- who else am i forgetting somebody? i'm sorry. i'm really nervous. no one's seen my face in three years. i hope it looks okay. love you all very much. have a great night. ( cheers and applause ). >> yes, we got the "general hospital" family! congratulations, "general hospital." >> thank you. >> congratulations, "general hospital." >> kevin: the whole family. >> nischelle: holy cow. they filled up that whole stage. >> kevin: what a night for scbre everybody here. it's been a great night. that's it for the 49th annual daytime emmy awards. >> nischelle: congratulations to all the nominees and winners. >> yes, good night, everybody, and please remember, women's rights are humans rights. >> that's right. >> good night.
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. tensions running high on both sides of the abortion debate as the supreme court overturn roe v. wade. >> we ask could other precedents like same-sex marriage be next. >> how likely or unlikely in your mind could these happen? >> i consider it very realistic. >> the supreme court removes the constitutional right to an abortion, al aabortion, allowing the states to make their own rule. >> we have to protect the people that are here. >> the ruling prompted protests across country and the bay area, including these large rallies in oakland and san jose. >> and in san francisco, thousands of abortion rights advocates took their message to the streets with a march to city
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hall. >> kpix 5's andrea nakano was there when they arrived. >> reporter: a very diverse crowd gathered outside city hall. many feel the supreme court's decision is a huge step back for women's rights. a group of marchers from the federal building ended up at city hall to lift up each other's voice. >> all women around me today coming together. i feel the energy and i'm [ bleep ]. >> can you have your own beliefs about what is moral and rational. but you can't impose those on other people. >> show me what democracy looks like! >> reporter: as california as vowed to stay a reproductive rights state, these at the rally say this is for the women across country who no longer have a
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choice. the planned parenthood of california was one of the organizers for the e. >> it is time to pivot to action, yes. take the day to have emotions, but tomorrow let's get back to work. >> reporter: gilda gonzalez hopes the anger drive voters to the polls in every upcoming election. protesters say they're encouraged by the turnout that change will come once again. >> it gives me hope how many people have showed up, no matter the age, gender, religion. >> we still have a lot more work to do, but it gives me a little hope that we're moving in the right direction. >> reporter: kpix 5. >> at one point, the san francisco protests spilled out onto 101, block the friday evening commute. the chp was able to guide the prote protesters back onto the street.
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>> not everyone is protesting. about two dozen gathered at a sunnyvale church to praise the supreme court's decision. this message was offered to those who support abortion rights >> we love you, and we want you who have life, and we want that same gift that you've been given of life to be extended to even those who are being slaughtered today in places like planned parenthood across the state. >> for years, those opposed to abortion have taken part in the walk for life in san francisco. the ruling is a huge win, they say, but there's still more work to do. >> it's a huge step forward. just the fact that it removes a barrier, removed what seemed to be an insurmountable barrier to giving equal protection to all human beings. >> the decision is expected to lead to abortion bans in a13
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states with a trigger ban. the ruling puts the court at odds with the majority of americans. cbs news polling found two-thirds wanted roe v. wade left in place. california is one of several abortion sanctuary states, and tonight governor newsom is making it clear. if you live in a state where it's difficult to abortion, go west. >> we are a sanctuary. and we laid out the principles what have that means. one of them i'll be codifying with legislation i'll be signing today. we're also here to protect those that will be under assault. we don't think this, we know this. this is not hyperbole, this is fact. >> governor newsom and counterparts in oregon and washington signed the multi-state commitment to reproductive freedom. governor newsom is also proposing to spend $125 million
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in state dollars for out of state people for travel expenses. >> and others worry that today's ruling could have an impact on s same-sex marriage. >> thank you so much for joining us. i want to ask you about justice clarence thomas and what he said in his opinion, which is certainly making headlines and raising some eyebrows, and that had to do with this argument for why he feels abortion is not a constitutional right. what argument is he making here, and why could that spill over into other issues? >> justice thomas is making the argument that because the word doesn't appear in the document that women don't actually a constitutional right to abortion, and that is interesting in and of itself, and we're certainly seeing the huge political earthquake that comes from today's decision. if you accept that premise, that means that other rights that also rest within the principle
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of privacy, our right to contra essential, marriage equality, to be with the person we love, those are also rooted in this idea of privacy and if he's saying the word doesn't appear, well, then that means we don't have those other rights either. those are potentially just as much at risk. >> i want to ask you about some of those issues specifically. because justice thomas mentioned calling on the court to revisit contraception and same-sex marriage. what would it take to happen in order for those things to be taken away? >> procedurally, there is some legal challenge that involves one of those rights. and that legal challenge works its way up through the federal courts and the supreme court decides whether it wants to take it up. that is for example how we got today's decision on abortion. so there could be some kind of challenge around the eissue of same-sex marriage or
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contraception. and as it works its way up to the supreme court, if it'sed in making a chance could use that as an opportunity to reverse precedent, and that's how those rights could be abridged or taken away. >> we've seen a lot of people express anxiety about that, so the difficult reququestion i as you, is how likely or unlikely in your mind that these things could happen? >> i consider it very realistic. i don't know what percentage i would put on it, but the reason i consider it realistic is because the court actually has a 6-3 conservative, like very conservative majority now. and also we're seeing elected officials openly call for these o issues to be revisited. i think it's no longer considered a fringe position like it would have been one to five years ago.
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>> stay with kpix for the ruling and its effect across the country. the ruling could cast a shadow over this weekend's pride adminis celebration. >> they will be deploying more officers to keep the crowd safe, especially in light of attacks on the lgbtq community. >> we want to make sure that this year's celebration goes off without a hitch. >> the police department is expecting to see protests over the roe v. wade ruling, and with tens of,00 thousands of people coming to town, they're asking people if they see something suspicious, say something. tonight stay lawmakers are on the brink of a deal to put cash back in your pocket. plus, there's something in the water in san francisco. monkeypox. we'll explain. and as we celebrate pride
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new at , a jury found the three officers involved, acted negligently during an undercover operation that led to a 16 yield's death in 2017. she w armed robbery suspect. the officers were trying to arrest him when he tried to flee. they then opened fire. the verdict is one of the largest ever.
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the city can still appeal. governor newsom has reportedly struck a tentative bill on $9.5 billion on tax refunds to counter skyrocketing gas prices. the refunds would be allotted on a sliding scale, based on income and family size. $200 to $300 for individuals and $500 to $700 for joint filers. with an extra $250 to $350 for those who claim dependents. it would come out of budget surplus. an oil company plans to make a move next year. no word on how the down sizing will impact the company's staffing. the masks can come off in alameda county in less than an hour.
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health officials there will lift the indoor mandate at mid nnigh. across the bay in san francisco, traces of monkeypox are being detected in the city's wastewater. researcher detected the veers in two samples but don't have enough information to estimate community case numbers. pride weekend is officially under way in san francisco, and tonight it kicked off at delores park where thousands gathered for the trans march through the mission. all month long we've bringing you stories about the spirit of pride month. >> tonight we introduce to you a pixar artist.
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>> i can select the hands and move them. >> you could just call this her creation corner. each click controls and captures character. >> yeah, you're literally. >> building their personality almost, their character. >> completely, right? >> an animator at pixar for 26 years, brit parker knows the film industry. >> i stumbled into it. my background is actually bank and performance. >> it wasn't really stumble if you ask me. it was a start. >> as clear directors, we really want to continue telling queer stories to bridge the gap between the lgbt plus community and the community at large. >> hi, i'm pete. >> pete, that's her wife's name and the name of their short film about gender identity. >> it was sum amertime, 1975. >> reporter: her wife is a girl
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who identified as a boy and named herself "pete." >> she was able to change a little bit of the community in winter park, florida, so we hope to offer that today and continue to change the world. >> reporter: it started in her cul-de-sac where people knew she was a girl and didn't care, but outside the cul-de-sac, life was tough for pete. brit said the history is typically oral history and not taught in school. >> if we don't tell these stories, they're lost. >> reporter: she co-founded this production with about 60 people throughout pixar cooperative. >> pixar hasn't told many lgbt stories. hoping for a time when little
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boys and girls aren't lost in their identity. >> gives hope at the end of the day that it's possible to be who you want to be, no matter how you identify. >> reporter: knowing character can't always be created. i'm justin andrews, kpix 5. >> join us for our live special streaming on cbs news bay area. it's going to be a big weekend. we have the parade on sunday and all sorts of events going on throughout the bay area. how's the weather going to be? >> looking pretty good overall. not much change to the overall fire threat, but at least the weather's cooperative for outdoor plans this weekend. high pressure in place in the upper levels of the sphere kee atmosphere keeping the inland heat in place. by the end of next week we will be tracking a cool down, but you
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have to be patient for that. down to 55 degree, 54 santa rosa, 57 oakland, but still 60s for concord, leivermore and san jose. the fog will be spreading out. future cast may be a little aggressive. compresses the marine layer and that means the fog is going to dissipate quickly. we'll see plenty of sunshine for the rest of the day to warm our temperatures up. we'll start off near average. most of us in the 50s. further east, just barely above 60 degrees. high temperatures tomorrow will be exactly normal. further inland, well above average. a lot of temperatures reaching up into the 90s. low to mid o-60s along the coas.
11:25 pm
90s as you go inland. low to mid-90s for the east bay. it is going to be toasty once again, but even the hottest spots stay below 100 degrees. 67 in san francisco. temperatures a mix of upper 60s and low to mid-70s for oakland and the east bay. temperatures inland in the north base, not as hot as other parts of the bay area. more of a marine influence, and your temperature just a little cooler to start the day. you warm up into the 80s. up to 100 dyinegrees in ukiah. if you're heading out to the alameda county fair, be ready to sweat. for the pride parade on sunday, could see a little bit of fog as things are getting started around 10:00. the parade officially starts at 10:30. temperatures warm up into the upper 60s, which is typical for late june in san francisco.
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if you're heading to stern grove. the fog might be a little more stubborn, so temperatures will be in the mid-60s as the concert is starting at 2:00 in the afternoon. temperatures don't change much in san francisco and oakland. a more noticeable drop in temperatur temperatures wednesday, thursday and friday. friday happens to be july 1st. we're going to start off the month of july with below average temperatures. the pattern should stick around through independence day weekend. >> we've got ice in the sports forecast. coming up next, when we return, a do-or-die game in the stanley cup final. and the reds had their surprising young ace on the mound.
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the giants back at oracle park after a sub- .500 road trip. first time up on the eight-game
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home stand, the cincinnati reds. only the oakland athletics have a worse record in the majors than the reds. and cinci in town means tommy fam pham was, too. 1-0 reds. there's a double off alex cobb. the moose is on the loose. reds starter graham ashcraft having a great rookie seen, and he had his way. reds winners, 4-2. giants have lost five of their last six. a's in kansas city. look at paul rudd. tied at one in the fifth. edward old vares takes cole irvin deep and out of here. second of the season for him.
11:31 pm
hit them both today. kc goes on to win 3-1. oakland 3-17 this month. a win or go-home game for the lightning in the stanley cup finals. they need three wins to make it three straight titles, and they need one on the road tonight. lord stanley's cup on site in denver. it's protected. early third period. lightning leading 2-1. check this out, the avalanche shot deflects off the skate of a tampa player, finds the net, game's tied. lightning strikes. the extra pass, andre palat. there is your go-ahead goal. tampa wins it. they stay alive with the 3-2 win. they force a game six in florida. the warriors released their picks on friday. their first-round pick, baldwin,
11:32 pm
a top recruit out of high school. played for his dad in milwaukee but only suited up for 11 games due to injury. >> it was definitely spontaneous. in the moment i had no clue what i was doing. i felt it, it went in. saw somebody on the bench. that's my first tech ever in my life. well deserved. it was a good tech, so. >> baldwin, he's a high upside guy. probably the least-experienced guy in the draft. he only played 11 games in the horizon league. has a long way to go. but the good news, he has the talent, and it seems that he's not needed for now. stash him away. and a guy that can hit threes looking like steph.
11:33 pm
>> let him marinate. a panel of bay area judges
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(music throughout)
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