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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  June 25, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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now at 7:00, taking it to the streets. the outrage over the supreme court's decision to overturn row v. wade. >> i'm not surprised but i'm incredibly, incredibly sad. >> it's a heavy weekend, and heavy news, and it feels like extra important to celebrate. >> pride is back in san francisco. this year, with added meaning
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following friday's supreme court decision. good evening. thanks for joining us. >> protests are continuing across the country, following the supreme court's decision to overturn row v. wade. happening right now, there's scenes from a protest in downtown san francisco. it started at 5:00 this evening. we have a crew there. we will have the latest at 11:00. >> thousands of advocates rallied in san jose, voicing anger with the high court's rolling. kpix's john may ramos was there. >> reporter: even though they knew it, it brought shock and awe to the streets. the morning's march had no police escort, and whether or not they had position to be there, those who showed up had no mood to ask for it. >> we're not going to allow the
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supreme court to tell our bodies, what to do for the future. we have to do it again. >> reporter: as the crowd poured in the street, the anger was obvious. those who marched in the 1970s were trying to their rights. today, they're reacting to having rights taken away. >> when we fought, we assumed it was going to be forever. it was accepted by the supreme court, the constitution of the united states. to have that threatened now, because of this caving in, it's very, very scary. it's scary to democracy. this is not democracy. >> we knew this was going to happen. i'm not surprised but i'm incredibly, incredibly sad. for our people, or our future. but we're not going to let this stand. >> as more and more conservative justices were added to the court, the ideas of an overthrow
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of row v. wade was possible. but the way the newest remembers swept aside 50 years of precedent will damage people's respect for the low. >> it erodes the legitimacy of the supreme court. because it has completely changed the credibility of every part of our culture. including the supreme court. >> this person has been to one protest after the other and feels cynical. >> the fact that earth is on fire and that doesn't bring us together. i didn't me. i don't know what it's going to take. it has to be close to a boiling point. >> reporter: the past brought us to this point, and the future is being determined today. but as adults argue where the country is going, it will be young people, like 12-year-old jackson percy, who will have the final say. >> this is going to be in
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history books at some point, and in is changes history. like, this won't be forgotten. >> john ramos, kpix today. >> a spokes person for california rights alive said the supreme court is finally corrected its monumental error in row v. wade, an error that resulted in the brutal deaths of millions of children. the end of row is a beginning of a new phase of equal protection for all human beings. there is also a ripple effect with some states passing abortion laws. california is experiencing a increase in a number of women from outside california seeking an abortion. >> a lot of people from texas keep going west when they can't get a timely iappointment. california, unfortunately, is
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quite expensive. so a lot of the people we're seeing, have a connection to california. they have a family or friend with whom they can stay with. >> there is a question of access and equity. there are countless women who don't have the money or means to travel to another state. >> stay up to date with the latest row v wade division and what comes next on the website. streaming on cbs news bay area. pride festivities are back in person this year in san francisco, and kpxi's shawn chitnis is back to be celebrating with the community. >> reporter: among the pride events in the bay area, there was a block party here in the neighborhood for families, organizers and those who came out agree it was important to
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celebrate in person and show that pride is for everyone. dancing queens, bouncing babies and head turning performers. part of the family pride block party. >> we didn't know a family zone was happening. >> story time with a drag team, local artists showcasing their work and a petting zoo. >> it felt heespecially importa to be aren't community. >> parents could not forget the friday decision by the supreme court overturning row v. wade. >> it's a heavy weekend. and heavy news and it feels extra point to celebrate. >> reporter: but the only energized this family to come out for pride. >> we had a friend who said she was too sad. not going to make it out. i understand that. >> everyone has a reason to be proud and thanksful for the gay
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contributions the gay community made to the u.s. >> reporter: they have been waiting almost three years. the foot traffic is critical to stay open. >> maybe business is coming back to support small businesses. >> reporter: it's also a chance to catch new customers and embracing the spirit of the weekend. >> just to have everybody out and receptive and the families and the kids. >> reporter: a moment held back too long, winding new meaning as families move forward in the fight for equity. >> there needs to be space for everyone. >> reporter: shawn chitnis, kpix 5. they will be deploying more uniformed and plained clothes centers to keel the celebrate safe. acts of mercy in the aids crisis led to a transformation
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in the san francisco catholic church. >> kenny choi spent time with the congress congratulations to learn about its legacy. >> i find peace. >> jim and mike found the peace of their partnership in an unlikely place, in a church. their church is the foundation when life and religion don't mix in many ways. >> you're killing us! stop it! stop it! >> reporter: that tension between the church and the lgbtq community reached a boiling point, and to unleash power, storm st. patrick's kcathedral o stop condom distribution. >> i would like see the catholic church more open. >> reporter: they recollect the struggle for gay marriage. >> we never thought we would see gay marriage, and now wir
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marriage. >> reporter: they got married eight years ago after they overturned prop 8. their hope for the catholic church to evolve more continues today. >> is it hard being gay between the catholic church? >> i -- it is. it is. especially when i go to other churches and i don't feel the welcoming. >> i would love to see -- not just the parish, but rome change some of their ideas and left in serve tif, in terms of divorced people receiving communion, and priests having a life partner. you need to broaden the scope. >> breaking from thousands of years of catholic tradition can be a daunting challenge. but that is what happened nearly
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50 years ago. >> the elderly members of this parish started in the aids ministry in outreach to the young men and it became an improbable family, and it was called, gays and grays. >> reporter: as the aids crisis worsed in the '80s, this church was a support hub and started a hospice across the street that served so many patients. >> they came here in the '80s and '90s just to have someone touch them, hug them, and pray with them. >> reporter: a scroll inside the church lists hundreds of aids victims and a fountain to memorialize those who lost their battles. >> pages, pages of young people in their 20s, 30s, 40s that were dying and it was a very, very black team. >> reporter: mike daily has worked as a nurse more than 40 years and saw patients dying at
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san francisco rgeneral, includig many connected to his church. his faith gives him peace and new life in the shadows of death. >> it give me support to help others. >> reporter: in san francisco, kenny choi, kpix 5. >> you did be sure to join us, streams here on cbs news bay air yanchts. >> still ahead of kpix 5 news, president biden signed a new gun law tell. we'll tell you what's in it. plus new fires spiked across the bay area. where they are and what's been threatened. >> and as far as weather is concerned, it's very summery in the bay area. we are still close to the 100s if you're inland. i will show you a cooldown for everybody coming up, in the
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first alert forecast, coming up in
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for just $59 per day. welcome back. president biden today signed in law the first major gun safety legislation passed in decades. it includes incentives for states to pass including red flag laws. it closes a loophole that allows those connected to domestic violence to own guns and those 18 to 21 years old looking to buy guns. and millions of dollars for
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school safety, mental health and crisis programs. a shooting shutdown the west oakland station for nearly an hour today. it happened at 1:00 this afternoon. there is no word yet on any suspects. oakland police investigating the 54th homicide of the year, it happened on the 1700 block of broadway. a person found shot on the street later died at the hospital. now under a fire watch because there are three new fires in the bay area this weekend. how thick the smoke got near alamo. they are trying to keep the flames from spreading to homes and buildings and fire crews in santa cruz county are helping helicopters to control the fire. firefighters say it's about 75% contained, and in the south bay,
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crews contained a one acre brush fire. at one point, flames threatened homes and forced evacuations. >>. >> will let's go to darren now. >> those were all single digit acreage fires. we don't want to down play that. but just tracking this afternoon, alamo, a lot of saw it driving up and down 680. not even putting smoke in the air. this is what it looks like from san francisco. had is that classic summer view. we haven't had a lot of it so far, but late june, here it comes. june gloom, plenty of gri. we showed you the live picture from san francisco, it's gried over. but if you get over the bay, here is the south bay. we're looking at a mountain view
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here, across the south bay. you have union ocity over there and we have a camera over there. that is that peak, looking north, and with you look over the straight. take away, it's sunny everywhere, unless you are right under the influence of the on shore flow in the city, and you can see the impact it had on temperatures today. technically, we started a cooldown. san francisco, six degrees cooler today. san jose, some some of the flow. you didn't cool down a lot in santa rose is a. and look at the two 96s there. livermore, concord, we're still hot. it's still hot there. currents number shows concord is 87. it's ten degrees cooler than the high an hour and a half ago. let's go to the 50s, and highs continue the cooling trend.
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we're only going to be mid 90ed inland. we might warm up in the city tomorrow. i don't think we notice a lot of change any where tomorrow. it will be just like today. let me show you how the long rain pattern has more meaningful cooling coming our way. this barely shows up on the satellite. but if you put it in the water vapor, there's a big trough of low pressure. if we look at the pressure fields, low pressure is green, high pressure is orange to red. that is where the heat is. except for us. the area of low pressure is going to keep nudging the high pressure that wants to build out of the way. and wz we get to next week, we're getting a lot of help out here. it will be hot for the central and southern part of the country. when you look at the temperatures above or below average, there is a pattern. california is well enough in the blue that there is a high enough
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degree of confidence. we're staying below average. you will see that in the seven day forecast. that was going out 8 to 14 days. you see the cooldown. look at san jose. those are highs in the upper 70s in san jose, by the end of next week. you were in the mid 90s yesterday, and if you look at the microclimates, you see the benefits here. the mid 90s, tomorrow and tomorrow, and the low 80s by the time we get to next weekend. the long range map, taking us 14 days out, it's confident. we stable the average through that period. over to you. >> straight ahead in sports, you ever wonder what's up with jimmy garoppolo? and what is firstous of your
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(music throughout) baseball up top. the giants, dodgers and padres, they have been rolling. san francisco lately, not so
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much. on e-40 bobblehead day, things turn. 's jewel's favorite rapper, and logan webb, brought the swagger. top of the fourth, webb will start a double play. look at web, allowed just two hits over six shut out innings. bottom of the fourth, tommy la stella, drove one to triple's alley, and when it got by thor in fielder, estrada had the green light to steal. here is flores in the sixth inning, and this is a three-run blast. giants win it, 9-2, and stop a three-game losing streak. giants in position to win the series on sunday. now, if you add mustard in this one, you're in luck. condiment race in oakland. i love it. royals in town and the a's put a little mustard on the
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scoreboard. lit it up. and the shot, elvis andrus, and gallagher made it he'sing to run through and make it a one run game. don't worry, the a's, tony kemp went deep. second home run of the year. that in the eighth inning. the a's had 14 hits, won it 9-7. they can get their first series win of the month if they can deliver again sunday. nfl quarterback jimmy garoppolo, his shoulder surgery remains on schedule. he could get the green light to throw in the next few weeks. where were the big hitters of the lpga? at the championship in connecticut. outside of washington, d.c. g chung, tough line.
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had an eight-stroke lead going in the weekend. this is how i play. he shot 3 over, and lexi thompson made a move. look at this. how about a fresca at 15? she is three shots of chun for sunday's final round. the fellas, third round of the travellers championship in connecticut. let's track this one, as it settled right next to the cup. wow, these guys are good. tap-in birdie for him, and look what his playing partner patrick cantlay did. the leader is a sing the shot for the tournament. we're not done. those north of 50 years old were in pennsylvania for the senior open. long range at the 11th hole. watch this closely. wait for it. wait for it.
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no, wait, tim. how about a fresca? and that was the for par. how about three-time major champion patrick harrington. had this left for eagle. enter anybody going to catch him sunday? stay tuned. i played golf yesterday. you're not going to believe this. i hit 15 of 18 fairways during my round, and it wasn't miniature golf. it was the real deal. >> i have seen you play. do you a good job. >> as the kids say, i had a lot in any bag yesterday. coming up, playing
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