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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  June 25, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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there's a sense of grief, of loss. almost like a vicarious trauma. >> now at 11:00, outrage and disbelief pouring into bay area streets in wake of supreme court's decision on roe v. wade. >> thousands of people came out for the dyke march to celebrate the lesbian community. >> everything having good a time. popping my whistle. >> being ourselves, what it's about. >> thanks for joining us. >> second day in a row, thousands of people in protest after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. >> at a san francisco march,
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demonstrators told da lin they want to channel anger into action. >> reporter: lot of demonstrators fed up with old white men in power telling them what they can and can't do with their bodies and it's time to organize and fight back. >> reporter: among many people, oakland family. >> to protest what i think is probably the most unjust ruling of my generation. >> reporter: tanya brought her partner and four kids, ages 9, 11, 13 and 15. >> there's a sense of grief, it's a sense of loss like a vicarious trauma. >> reporter: says the supreme court is rolling back 50 years of abortion rights and worries for her 11-year-old daughter. >> we have to continue to come out. i will not allow my young woman to grow up with less choices and
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freedoms than the generation before her. >> reporter: kids say they learned valuable lessons at the march. >> guns have more rights than women have. >> my kids got to grow up with the choice to have abortion. my sister won't. >> reporter: march started in front of federal building in courthouse in san francisco saturday evening. some protesting the first time. >> bans off our bodies, should be a decision between women and their doctor, i don't think the government should be involved whatsoever. >> my choice! >> reporter: some people at pride joined the march as a few hundred demonstrators made way to city hall. >> we need to use our voices, they're powerful. we need to speak our minds. >> reporter: tanya says today they speak up in protest, tomorrow they vote.
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>> got to cast a vote to put people back in office to represent the voice and choice of the people. >> we are not your incubator. >> reporter: in san francisco. >> rise up for abortion rights. >> reporter: da lin, kpix 5. >> thousands also rallied at san jose city in response to the decision. a multigenerational crowd of protesters, some remember fighting for reproductive rights decades ago. >> when we fought, we fought hard, had rights, assumed it was forever. accepted by the supreme court. >> just some of the rallies taking place across the bay area since the decision on friday. stay up to date with the latest on the roe v. wade decision and what comes next on, and streaming on cbs news bay area. >> announcer: hope, love, pride, presented by wamo.
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>> san francisco merchants in the castro hosted a fun family pride block party. dancing, queens, colorful performers on stilts, arts and crafts booths and petting zoo. say after the high court decision to end the right to abortion, it was nice break-away. >> it's a heavy weekend and heavy news and feels extra important to celebrate. >> especially meaningful to be around community. >> san francisco dyke march marked its 30th anniversary today. thousands celebrating unity in the lesbian community. betty yu was there. >> reporter: at dolores park, people came out for pride
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weekend and the dyke march when roared through mission once again. kicked off the 30th annual event. thousands more danced and enjoyed dolores park after a two-year break. >> so excited, waited two years to wear this bustier. i come here every year. >> means a lot to celebrate pride again after so many years of not having this opportunity. it's amazing to bring our kids for the first time. it's just fun, a great way to show them our pride, hopefully we pass on this tradition. >> the dykes on bikes is very symbolic. we have a book at home reading to the kids, just mean a lot for us as lesbians, the community. >> reporter: wakefield say to them it represents powerful women. some marchers took the
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opportunity to voice support for abortion rights. donna's son read abort the court. >> it's just ridiculous we're going back 50 years. >> reporter: and reflected on what the supreme court ruling meant for the next generation. >> feels like now is great time to do it, really make sure we're educating our kids about the issues really important. for everyone but also for our family now. >> reporter: in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. it is a big weekend in san francisco, pride celebrations under way, and sunday's pride parade is returning from two-year pandemic hiatus. police say to ensure everything goes well will be deploying more uniformed and plainclothes officers to keep it safe. >> parts of the castro will stay the same. place that people come to celebrate, protest and be who they are. but at the same time things are going to change, sometimes for
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good, sometimes for bad. >> neighborhood is a symbol of gay freedom but like the city itself, the castro is changing. how it's evolving through the eyes of somebody who saw it happen. >> you just see a different thing from the '80s. and it was kind of a leftover of the hippies, even a volkswagen in the picture. >> reporter: in the small plaza that honors harvey milk, harry can look back at time when his search for home landed him in san francisco and he knew what was unfolding in the neighborhood would change everything. >> let them understand what our civil rights are. you can go literally anywhere in the world and talk about the castro and san francisco and they know what you're talking about. >> i have to be there to open up the dialogue. >> reporter: as quickly as it
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followed, assassination and edy epidemic. >> there's no way to describe the change in the '80s. >> reporter: must be odd to have the neighborhood change out from underneath you. it's still lgbtq neighborhood but not necessarily for the people that live here but that come here. leading the effort to redesign harvey milk plaza into a place that honors the legacy and better connects with site's role as a community gathering space, one thing not changed past 50 years. >> seeing the castro more gentrified and mixed than it was before. >> this neighborhood is changing. sometimes things can change more than is good. you know? >> reporter: all the change is endless source of conversation and often debate, also countless
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efforts to keep the neighborhood connected to its past. castro is, itself, history. >> now a lot of lgbtq people that come to the castro don't necessarily live here but still consider it their home and safe space to be their authentic selves. that's what we need, because there's work to be done. >> i kind of see it, i'm not opposed to straight people, but i do feel a sadness in seeing more and more heterosexual couples and gentrification of the kacastro. but i realize gay people don't have to come here anymore because of -- because of what we did in the '70s. it was big. it was major. >> reporter: harry likes to stop puzzled looking tourists and answer questions about the neighborhood's incredible history. as for its future -- >> it's going to be what it is.
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just like then, it is what it is. wasn't that in the '60s. there was one moment in time where we got together, we said no more of what was, we're only going to have what is and what's going to be. >> reporter: if you want to learn more of what they're doing at market and castro, it's outfitted with qr codes, grab your phone and see the latest vision for what they would like to do at this plaza. here in san francisco, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> join us for live pride special starting tomorrow morning at 10:00 on kpix 5 and streaming here on cbs news bay area. still ahead on the news, new fires sparking across the bay area, where they are, what's being threatened. going to be just as hot tomorrow as today, but then the theme for the seven-day forecast
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is cooler temperatures for next seven days and probably longer. first alert forecast next.
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welcome back. we're monitoring tonight a three alarm structure fire in vallejo.
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thick black smoke pouring out as it continues to burn. released by solano county medic. no word on injuries or what started it. four wildfires across the bay area tonight. >> newest is vegetation fire near patterson pass road in altamont area of livermore. this is time lapse of the fire. more than 20 acres burning, but stopped forward prosecution. crews will stay through the night. this shows how thick the smoke got near alamo in east bay. started as structure fire, spread to nearby brush. firefighters managed to keep the flames from spreading to nearby homes and buildings. one firefighter had minor injuries but doing fine tonight.
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fire crews in santa cruz county are using air tankers and helicopters to battle this brush fire, flames threatening homes, 75% contained. >> in the south bay, crews contained a one acre brush fire in los gatos. flames threatened homes and forces evacuations. >> getting the message loud and clear. fortunately they were small fires today but could not be the case down the road, may not be. and weather is identical to today but not windy, just a dry landscape out there. but we'll get help next six, seven days. stronger onshore flow will cool us down and seeing the marine layer fill in. that's the bay bridge there.
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clouds are filling back in. temperatures mid-50s to mid-60s. overview on the clouds, started to fill in much of sonoma county. petaluma gap. had fog in the morning, probably tomorrow. this sticks around first several hours of the morning, then late morning, blue sky and sunshine. morning lows in the mid-50s. daytime highs like today, mid-90s for hottest inland, low 90s in south bay, low 80s along the peninsula and east bay shoreline. then cooldown. forecast for the pride parade, this is going to be pretty nice day. classic, a bit gray in the morning because seeing that overtake the city. so gray first part of the day, then clear out. ahead.
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look at big spin in the clouds. can't miss it when you look at water vapor, large area of low pressure. that's our friend next week and a half. see how it comes onshore early next week? would have been a center of high pressure but trough is pushing it away to protect us from intense heat that's the midsection of the country. numbers look good, trending down. 8 to 14 days out, deeper shade of blue, higher degree of confidence that temperatures stay below average. good news if you wanted cooler numbers. san jose's numbers set the example here. low 90s tomorrow, upper 70s friday. microclimates, low to mid-90s cooling down to low and mid-80s by thursday and friday. vern. >> brought it back, two for
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baseball up top. giants, three-game losing streak? get out of here! one lucky person, not me, recipient of a e-40 bobblehead. it was bobblehead day. and giants responded. yeah. that's logan webb starting a double play. bottom four, tommy la stella
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towards triples alley, got by traen they hisit.erlore carried this homer, three-run job, won it 9-2, stopped the three-game losing streak, in position to win the series on sunday. if you had mustard in this race, you're in luck. condiment race in oakland. royals in town, the a's put mustard on the scoreboard, lit it up. all the bounces going their way in the fourth. elvis andrus comes home. in the sixth, cam gallagher made it interesting, michael taylor to score, one-run game, but the
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a's were the boss today, tony kemp went deep, second home run of the year in the eighth inning. 14 hits, won 9-7, can get first series win of the month if they can deliver again on sunday. college baseball, look at crowge worlseriga laser, two-r homer, lead extended to 6-2, next batter, calvin harris, get up and out. back-to-back blasts, crowd feeling it. next batter, justin bench. wait a minute. he went yard. back-to-back-to-back home runs. ole miss won 10-3. take a 1-0 advantage. chance to win it all in game two on sunday. enough segment one. hang on, segment two is coming. what's up with jimmy garoppolo?
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i'm going to tell you. he's still on the 49ers roster. hasn't thrown a football in months.
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nfl and this guy. jimmy garoppolo. his shoulder surgery recovery reportedly on schedule. could get the green light to throw in the next few weeks. will it trigger the trade market for him? remains to be seen. golf, where were the big hitters at lpga? at championship outside of washington d.c. 36 hole leader chun, tough lie, double bogeyed this hole, still
11:27 pm
ahead of lexi thompson. how about a fresca, 5 under, within three shots of chun for sunday's final round. money has been no object for the warriors. three draft picks yesterday, paid 2 million to jump up for him. baldwin played for dad at milwaukee, injuries limited him to 11 games last season due to injury, but when he was in there, he channelled steph curry's style of play. one time got him in trouble. >> it was definitely spontaneous, in the moment had no clue what i was doing, felt it, went in. saw somebody on the bench and had to turn around and let them know. that's usually not me, first tech ever in my life, well deserved, good tech.
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>> i'd like to have a great sports cast and turn around and talk trash to somebody, but it's just you guys, my tv family. >> you can talk trash to us. >> right here for you. step stool to talk to them? >> makes me 6'3". >> i'm sure a lot of them look up to
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♪ wake up. >> there are changes, too in the lineup at the music festival after liz phair had to pull out because of covid. >> but local director and drag
11:32 pm
performer peaches christ said the artist stepping in couldn't be better pick. >> ani difranco is going to step in and fill those shoes, no better way to celebrate pride than with her. >> ani difranco is the headliner. you can find more information on the festival at ♪ a drum performance in los angeles opening a celebration of life for former san jose mayor and congressman norman mineta. passed away at age of 90 last month. >> wow look at them. >> attended the service at
11:33 pm
japanese american national museum. >> grew up in the bay area, as kid hear him on all the radio stations because he was -- you know, he was a big deal when he was mayor in san jose. born in san jose to japanese immigrants. first asian american who was -- to serve as secretaries of commerce and transportation under clinton and bush administrations. >> finally a look at animals in the san francisco zoo, enjoying pride celebrations, chimps, bears, cranes and more getting special treats and toys to mark the occasion. >> wow. >> thank you for watching. next local news cast tomorrow morning, 6:00 to 7:00. >> news and weather updates on for now, good
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