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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  June 26, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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atmosphere that's been missing for the last two years. ♪ >> those are just some of the colorful entertainers who showed off their pride today. even some proud pooches walked the route. people came to offer messages of support and even free mom hugs. i've bee told by a lot of people that their own mothers i m gls came out, i was inks like, you're still the same person, you're not any different. >> at the same time, many felt that it was important to speak against the controversial supreme court ruling restricting access to abortions. >> this is our future. like, whatever happens now, it's going to affect us and, like, millions of other americans. and i think, you know, getting out here today and, you know, hopefully for the rest of our lives, will liberate change.
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a small group of police officers marched in today's parade, some in uniform and some in plainclothes after weeks of debate between pride organizers and local government leaders about whether uniformed officers should take part. a compromise was made which let lgbtq officers take part. it wasn't just officers. all first responders marched together as one. >> i think it's very important, i'm happy to be here and represent for oakland police. there was another pride parade today where hundreds of people came out to honor the original pride movement. kpix 5's john ramos has more. >> reporter: even as san francisco's pride parade was returning in all its glory, across town there was a smaller event meant to honor the spirit of the original pride movement. we're used to seeing the pride parade celebrated on market street. but in 1970, one year after the stonewall riots, it all began as an angry protest march along
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polk street. today several hundred people took part in the people's march, an event founded by juanita moore and alex nguyen during the pandemic following the murder of george floiyd. >> this is how it started and we knew we had to of course get back in the streets and protest. we decided to do it here on polk street where the first gay liberation parade was. >> reporter: they hold the people's march at the same time as the pride parade to offer an alternative for those who prefer the harder edge of protest over the happy vibe of a street party. >> you see all these people do not participate in the other parade. it's because it's a parade, it's not a march. and pride is a protest. >> i think the parade has lost their way. they started out with good intention, to emulate the gay liberation movement. then money changes people left and right. >> reporter: many of the marchers object to the rise of corporate participation in the pride parade which they see as insincere. >> i think corporations are just
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putting kind of lipstick on a pig. they're going to march and they don't quite follow up with the due diligence of equality and raise all people up. >> reporter: today's march was led by people of color, acknowledging those who don't feel included just as the gay liberation protesters did on polk street 50 years ago. >> they have completely forgot about this event and this historical pathway. and marching brings a reminder that folks who fought for this in 1968 and long before then were suffering the exact same things, the reason we march today. >> reporter: things are happening that have many gay and non-gay people concerned about the future. those who march down polk rather than market street today think the last thing that's needed right now is a joyful celebration. >> they've lost their way totally. and we're hoping to bring it back to neutral and reset and
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really have this, the people's march, be for the people. >> reporter: in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. >> about 200 people took part in that march which traced the original route down polk street. there were similar scenes taking place across the country today. these are just a few of the parades we saw this morning. taking the opportunity to express their true selves after two years of virtual celebrations. of course at those parades and the one here, the supreme court's decision on roe v. wade couldn't be ignored. with politics on the minds of many of the marchers. anne makovec has the story from the parade route. >> reporter: there's been a variety of messages here. of course we have the political content since we've heard from the supreme court about the right to have an abortion. we've seen a lot of signs and a lot of chants dealing with that and a lot of rainbows as well. there is love here, there is
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pride. and a lot of political messages on the parade route today, from women's rights to gun control messages. we've seen some politicians, we've got scott weiner coming here, he's certainly had a lot of moves on all of the political subjects that i was just mentioning, which are very popular here with this crowd. he's getting the applause. but as i said, everybody's getting the applause, because that is the good vibes that we have here at the parade. i'll throw it back to you guys. >> on the other side, while thousands of protesting the supreme court's decision, others are celebrating. kpix 5's shawn chitnis spoke to them about the end of a decades-long mission. >> reporter: local religious leaders say they're grateful for the supreme court's decision, never expecting to see roe v. wade overturned. but they also admit that here in california their work is only just beginning if they want to
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stop abortions from happening in this state. a weekend of reflection for different religious communities around the bay area. those opposed to abortion rights say their faith has been strengthened by friday's historic decision. >> we still have ways to go, so we're also coming together to pray and ask god that he would show favor towards us and that we can begin the work of changing the culture even here in a liberal state like california. >> reporter: last week silicon valley reformed baptist church gathered to celebrate. like their leader, pastors at some other churches hope for an end to all abortions but were unsure they would live to see roe v. wade overturned. >> it was always a residue of faith to believe that god can do things that we don't see possible. humanly speaking, i didn't think it would take place. >> reporter: the lead pastor at celebration church in livermore hopes he can engage those who support abortion rights as the debate will likely intensify in
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his home state. >> our position has to be what we see as our core values. you can disagree with people without being disagreeable. >> reporter: for the california catholic conference, it's a time for joy. but they also want to show support toward women who struggle with getting an abortion. >> it is difficult to raise a family in california but it's not impossible. and we're here to help. >> reporter: focusing their response on a potential state constitutional amendment on abortion rights in the near future. their approach remains the same, though, and hopes to change minds among the majority in california. >> the work that we've been doing has been bearing fruit and has been in fact successful. >> reporter: shawn chitnis, kpix 5. >> according to the most recent cbs poll, most americans disapprove of the supreme court's decision, with 59% of u.s. adults against it and 41% approving it. among women, two out of three disapprove. still ahead at 6:00 and
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streaming on cbs news bay area, we're monitoring several new fires burning in the bay area tonight including one that prompted evacuation orders. a type of billboard popping up, no text, no message, just a picture. i'm da lin. i talked to the man behind these billboards and his motive. a beautiful scene playing out right now as the low clouds and the fog surging in through the golden gate. the bridge is out there. this is having a big impact on the temperatures. feels totally different if you're near the water. we're all going to get a cooldown i
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san francisco police are asking for your help in identifying a suspect who sexually assaulted a woman near balboa high school. the attack happened two weeks ago just after 6:30 in the morning on cayuga avenue. investigators say a man attacked a 20-year-old woman, forced her to the ground, and then sexually assaulted her. here is a picture of the suspect. he's actually described at being
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5 feet tall, wearing an orange hoodie and dark pants. police say the victim fought off the man before he ran off. if you have any information, you're urged to contact police. another sexual assault to tell you about, this one in downtown redwood city on bay road. san mateo county investigators say at about 2:00 this morning a man exposed himself, then attacked and robbed a woman as she walked home. the suspect described as a 5'6" hispanic man in his 20s. three people have died after their car was hit by a train in brentwood. east contra costa fire officials say there were five people in the car including one child who suffered serious injuries along with an adult. the other three adults were pronounced dead at the scene. investigators say the train crossing didn't have either lights or crossing guards. and now on to our fire watch. santa rosa investigators say this brush fire was started by workers grinding metal at a trucking yard. it happened around 11:30
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yesterday morning near dutton avenue and highway 12. crews safely contained the fire and put it out. we're also monitoring this vegetation fire burning in albany, right near highway 80. over the last few hours, fire officials have actually issued evacuation orders for people living in the gate view, hillside, and taft street areas. fire crews from albany, berkeley and el cerrito are all fighting this blaze. on to a house fire we're monitoring. it's burning in san francisco. this video was shot near the corner of geary and van ness avenue a few hours ago. the smoke is billowing out of the upper floor of the apartment. they're currently investigating what started the fire. fortunately, no injuries have been reported but four people have been displaced. an oakland-based photographer put up these billboards depicted some of the
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crises facing california from the housing crisis to year-round wildfires and everything in between. >> kpix's da lin has the story. we'll get to that story in just a few minutes. that was da lin's story on billboards, we'll get to that. first let's head over to darren. there are a lot of fires, fortunately small ones. >> every day we've had something. we've had a grass fire just about every day last week. albany hills, thankfully they took care of that one fast. that's the top of sutro tower, a unique view, from the top of salesforce tower, 1,070 feet high. we're looking at the tops of the clouds which is why the lens
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keeps blurring. sutro is like 1,800 feet high. the only two things sitting up there by themselves right now. look how far inland that goes, building in towards albany hill where we were showing you that plume of smoke a little earlier. that's going towards the east bay. down into santa clara valley, sunny, a few high clouds, that's the way it looks for most of us, alameda, napa, a beautiful sunny day. june gloom coming onshore. we got into the low 90s today for daytime highs for concord and livermore. mid-60s in oakland and san francisco. the satellite looks like summer, look at that blanket outlining the coast and squeezing through the one opening in the coast for like a thousand miles through the golden gate. you'll see it there in the close-up look. this is the high resolution satellite showing us where those clouds are now streaming in.
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futurecast picks up on the same thing, plays it into the evening. once again we'll put the wet, gray blanket overhead tonight. we'll wake up to gray skies tomorrow, a little bit of fog in the north bay valley. santa rosa gets fog as the thick clouds stream in through the petaluma gap. north bay commuters tomorrow, think about that. for the rest of us, a gray start on monday, then another sunny afternoon just like today. we're going to duplicate today's weather again tomorrow. maybe a degree or two warmer for the afternoon daytime highs. we'll be in the low to mid-50s for morning lows. daytime highs go to 60 in the city, lately june, right on the dot. for the second half of this coming week, you can't see it, but it's there. let's switch from the regular salt satellite to the water vapor. that will drive our weather from now to july 4th we're more
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dominated by the low pressure here than the building ridge of high pressure here. watch how those two battle it out ofvedays ndp atle bit. intoex we start to see the pattern favor this troughiness out here off the coast. that's going to keep the temperatures very well behaved. you'll see it in the seven-day forecast. you don't notice a whole lot o helprom it for monday. but a cooling trend kicks in for san jose, upper 70s for daytime highs. friday into next weekend, same story plays out for those microclimates. upper 70s for the inland valleys. numbers were in the 100s the day before. let's get over to that story we missed earlier. >> i've been shooting since i was 15. >> reporter: professional photographer thomas browning has traveled around the world for his work. >> when i'm shooting i'm looking for something out of the ordinary. >> reporter: he believes there's no place better than california. >> i love california. i've raised four children here.
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>> reporter: he says in the last decade the golden state has lost its identity. >> california is in a real crisis. we used to be this magical, you know, fantasy place. now it's turned more into dystopia. >> reporter: he points to three issues and uses his photos to depict the problems. homelessness, drought, and wildfires. >> the project is called the end of the dream. >> reporter: he used thousands of dollars of his own money to buy six billboards in oroville last month. he paid for eight more throughout oakland for the next four weeks. and he'll buy six more in southern california next month. >> there's no text, there's no call to action. these are simply photographs of the problems. >> reporter: he says he's not pushing any political agenda, not trying to blame anyone or any party. >> before we talk about a solution, we need to acknowledge it. i really feel like in california we're in denial. we're thinking this will pass, you know, eventually the water is going to come, the fires are going to die out, people will find homes, and we ignore it. nothing gets done, because we don't see it, we become
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desensitized to it. >> reporter: he admits he doesn't have any solutions. that's why he's not pushing for a specific plan. but he wants these images to make people feel uncomfortable. >> what do you think when you see these photographs? >> that california is a desert and we have to save water or we're going to burn ourselves up, is what i think. >> reporter: his hope is the photos will encourage people to do something to fix the problems, not just drive by and ignore it. until then, he'll continue to highlight the problems one photo at a time. >> i drove to lots of fires, dixie and caldor, the bridge fire, all over the state. i've been down to southern california and fresno. >> reporter: thomas would eventually like to buy more billboards in more cities. to learn more about his project, go to had he been website, th in oakland, da lin, kpix 5. i've always wanted to follow a da lin package.
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i can check one off my bucket list. ahead in sports, what's the strangest thing you've done in anger? asking for a friend. those poor sunflower seeds. i could have used a bag or
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baseball up top. the giants, first, knee inflammation put crawford on the injured list. the game today unraveled quickly. ceremonial first game for this young man, attaboy. he learned that you can't win them all. third inning with the reds, chance to win the series. reds went after anthony di stefani. brandon landed this one into triple alley. the reds opened the scoring. the infamous tommy fam found a home, scoring.
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2-0 cincinnati. three batters later, matt reynolds flew to center and it was an adventure for austin slater. ended up another run scored. after 2 2/3, reds up. garcia could not cover. two-run game to score. cincinnati won it 10-3 to win two out of the three in the series. next up for the giants, they host the tigers on tuesday. at home, on the road, trmt matter. the a's won a series, the first one this month. how did that happen? since you asked, the a's and the kelly greens had gone ahead, up 1 in the sixth and downtown seth
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brown. i feel like it's more than 10 because i always holler his name. carlos santana got through. two runs scored. tie game. then a one-run deficit until it wasn't. seventh inning, a's down one. it's time to dial up to shallow center, that drove into a's back in business and on top. lou trevino doesn't believe in pressure. in fact he made the winning run here at the plate. strike 3, and the ball game was over. the a's won it final 5-3. again, first series win of the month. for those efforts, they get to fly out and face the yankees tomorrow afternoon. well, just a matter of time before this happened.
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angels, jesse winkler, was that enough to set him off? an all-out brawl, punches thrown. what a waste of the sunflower seeds. six players out of that brawl and both managers were ejected. that just kills me. we'll see what happens when the suspensions come out. major championship play for the lpga outside of washington, dc. here is women's u.s. open champion minjee lee at 18. here's how she became the leader of the clubhouse. 4 under her total. wasn't enough. in gee chun at 16 for the outright lead of 5 under. congressional showed its teeth to co-leader lexi thompson. that's a tough course. so ingee chung hung on and won her third career major, walked away with a $1.3 million check. but i'll tell you something,
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work for it, they are just banging balls. 300 a shot. then they've got to go to the sand trap. then they've got to putt for hours. what a life. >> it sounds fun. >> it's a passion, right? >> their passion, absolutely. vern, thanks so much. that's it for us right now but after the break, we're going to air our special pride celebration. >> and then we'll all be back at 11:00 tonight. until then, we'll see you, and stay tuned.
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pride 2022. a chance to meet the moment and celebrate and hear calls for action. >> once we know better, we have to act. we have to do better. >> listening to the stories of those taking on new challenges and those who changed the world. >> and i was supposed to be doing a tv news story and i just started weeping. >> and the people who opened their hearts. >> i love the church but the church detests me. >> people coming together and gather courage. >> youldea one week a the next week ot the depth of empathy, the strength of our community. >> a work that will never end, and inspiring the next generation. >> to be what you want to be or be the change you want


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