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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  June 27, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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important to save that person's life. >> reporter: gabriel dreyer is a former military medic and current nursing student. he carries narcan in his truck just in case and sees the value of having it handy in a school. >> it's sad to see young people are like addicted to opiates, and that's like a sad thing all on its own. i think that's a separate issue you need to address. >> reporter: there's no price tag for the plan right now, but supervisors are expected to vote tuesday to study the feasibility and the cost of providing narcan to any interested school in the county. supervisor cindy chavez says it could be lifesaving. >> 911 isn't always called as quickly as one would like, and so, you know, one of the things we want to make sure of is while we're waiting for an ambulance to respond, we don't lose a child in the interim. >> reporter: in recent years, police and fire departments have been equipped with narcan, one of the most powerful and effective tools in combating overdoses amid the opiate crisis. supervisor chavez says the decision to provide narcan or not would be left to individual
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school districts. and the parents say it's a no-brainer. >> drugs should not enter the high school. but if we cannot prevent it in a perfect way, we should have a way to save lives. >> reporter: many parents say go ahead and put it in the schools and then pray that you never need to use it. in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5. now to a fire watch. one lane of the northbound 101 has just reopened after being shut down due to a grass fire. it's burning near the redwood sanitary landfill just north of novato, growing to five acres. marin fire officials say they believe that fire may have been set intentionally. and a fire burning in sonoma county has grown to more than 60 acres. it's called the roblar fire. cal fire says it's burning southwest of rohnert park. it is currently 50% contained. a live look at the state capitol. stimulus payments will be coming to millions of californians as part of a budget deal between governor newsom and lawmakers. reporter jeff nguyen on how much money you could be getting.
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>> reporter: jason flores says he's seen a 25% spike in gas costs for his truck and gardening equipment in recent months. >> it's costing a lot more money for the tools, and then, you know, the pay is still the same but it's costing more money to do the work. >> reporter: on sunday, governor newsom and democratic lawmakers reached a deal for gas tax relief. the plan calls for $9.5 billion in refunds to californians. it would be on a sliding scale based on income. individuals who earned up to $75,000 a year would get a $350 refund. a couple that makes as much as $150,700 and a max of $1,050 if they have any dependents. the next level, people making up to $125,000 would get $250. a couple making $250,000 would get $500. and $750 with any dependents.
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earners up to $250,000 would get $200. a couple making half a million would receive $400 and $600 with any dependents. >> i think it's a joke. they should just lower the gas. >> reporter: the speaker of the state assembly says any plan to pause or eliminate a gas tax would put funding to maintain our roads at risk. >> it would jeopardize our transit projects. it would jeopardize a lot of jobs and have a very negative impact on the economy. >> reporter: in a statement, the republican party of l.a. county says the republican party has been requesting a gas holiday for quite some time. we remain hopeful that legislators will finally take action. >> reporter: if this plan's approved, californians could see their refunds by october. and this evening, new details are emerging in a deadly crash involving a car and a train in contra costa county. three people were killed yesterday when an amtrak train slammed into a sedan on an unmarked railroad crossing near brentwood.
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the victims have been identified as 41-year-old julia mondragon, 72-year-old maria nieves, and 51-year-old mercedes regalado. at least two people were also injured in that crash, including a child. no word on their conditions this evening. none of the passengers on board the train were hurt. a former air force sergeant accused of killing a santa cruz county sheriff's sergeant pleading guilty. steven carrillo confessed to killing damon gutzwiller. this all happened. his sentencing is scheduled for august. earlier karks rio was sentenced to for killing a federal security officer. this happened back in oakland during a black lives matter protest in may of 2020. new at 6:00, thousands of gay couples all over our nation are starting the week facing a possible legislative overrule. >> at least one supreme court justice advocates for revisiting
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marriage equality rulings. kpix 5's reed cowan now with a portrait of fair and uncertainty for a bay area family. reed. >> reporter: you met them during our pride special yesterday. dan floyd is married. he has built a life and a business with his husband, and now with the fall of roe v. wade and with the words of justice clearance thomas signaling a potential for the end of marriage equality, dan is looking at what a morning supreme court announcement on that day about marriage equality would feel like in his home. >> that morning, i just think i don't -- i don't know that i'll know what to do or who to talk to or what to prepare. >> reporter: most mornings, dan floyd gets up to make the cookies that cause the community of livermore to come out in force supporting their business after bigotry hit. >> you need to go read the rules and read the section about cooperating. >> reporter: now a new threat. his marriage. dan woke up this weekend seeing other gay couples like he and his husband gathering marriage
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documents, legal documents, financial documents, and adoption papers in case a high court ruling does to marriage what they did to roe v. wade. >> it is 100% not an overreaction. it's essentially at this point only a matter of time before they come up. i mean if roe v. wade can go down, anything after it can come down. anything you've heard about potential conflicts down the road and fights down the road is 100% true. it's all on the table at this point. >> reporter: dan was married in mormon idaho, where if it weren't for a supreme court win, his home state never would have validated his marriage. now he faces the very real threat that idaho and other conservative states could and likely will be the first to get on board efforts to take away what dan was given by the marriage ruling years ago. >> it's terrifying. it's such a level of uncertainty that i haven't felt in so long.
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we have built a life together, and so i honestly don't know what that looks like if it isn't recognized anymore. i mean that sounds like it would completely upend everything we have built together. >> reporter: and it would upend already tense family dynamics for dan. >> it's hard knowing that obergefell could be overturned knowing that my father would probably celebrate and be happy. i'd like to think that we've made so much progress in our relationship since the day we were married and he wasn't there. if we end up moving backwards on this front, it almost kind of legitimizes though hurtful feelings he had towards our relationship. >> reporter: so what does dan ask supporters of efforts to delegitimize his family? dan says listen to this. >> i would just ask them to stop
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and think. think critically about what they want to do to other people, to stop and ask themselves if what they're doing is really going to bring happiness to themselves and to the people that it's going to affect. it's going to cause hurt and pain, and it's not going to make the world a better place. it's going to make the world a worse one. >> reporter: and if the high court does what dan fears, he says he'll fight. >> we fight or we lose. so it's time to fight. >> reporter: so speaking of that caia,, governor gav ong m some others are following suit. but if the high court ends marriage equality and sends the issue back to the states to deal with, we're going to be back in a situation of that patchwork of rights covering the country once again, meaning that if dan wants to go home to idaho to see his family, his marriage will end at the state line. >> won't be recognized in that state.
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>> we've seen the second amendment change. we've seen abortion change. today we saw prayer in school change. so who knows what's next? >> conservative supreme court, and this is what is happening. >> these issues are coming to light again. >> thanks, reed. still ahead on kpix 5 and cbs news bay area, a san francisco police officer arrested. what he's accused of doing that landed him behind bars. plus, two oakland police officers on leave after a deadly crash connected to a sideshow. what investigators just announced. and a popular bay area amusement park set to close. what's next for california's great america? the past few days, the fog has been almost impossible to shake along the coast. that lerlayer.lowtoay peeng ou that is going to spread across the bay tonight. cooler temperatures for everyone later this week in the first alert forecast.
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new at 6:00, a san francisco police officer has been arrested accused of fraud. police say it happened when the officer was off duty. officer adam etia has been booked on grand theft charges. it all stems from a car accident where police say he took cash from one of the drivers after
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telling him he didn't have insurance. etia is also accused of lying to his insurance and impercensonai a police sergeant to get a new policy. the chief released a statement saying in part, quote, as sworn police officers, we have no higher obligation than to earn and maintain public trust, and we are disappointed that this incident distracts from the outstanding work done by our officers and non-sworn members every day. oakland police investigating a deadly crash related to a sideshow over the weekend. it all happened early sunday morning on the 5400 block of international boulevard. police say a driver hit multiple people on the street and killed one. now oakland's police chief says two officers are on leave for their potential involvement in the case. >> we want to thoroughly investigate our involvement. i think it's important that we make sure that whatever involvement we have with this incident, that we fully investigate it to make sure our officers are following policy, following laws.
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>> police confirmed the man killed was from hayward. the driver has been arrested. police say he was driving close to 100 miles per hour at the time of the crash. police in albany arrest a 31-year-old woman suspected of starting two fires that prompted evacuations. flames erupted yesterday afternoon in albany hill above interstate 80. residents in the area were forced out of their homes for about three hours as crews worked to contain the blaze. authorities say a security guard in that area alerted police of a possible suspect who may have set the fire. officers arrested megan stral on suspicion of arson. california's great america in santa clara is set to close for good. the company has reached a $310 million deal to sell the land where the park sits. the company said they will continue to keep the park open for a period of up to 11 years before closing its doors for good. that park first debuted back in
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1976, part of my childhood. the drought forcing millions of acres of forest to be closed to tourists this summer. here's a look at the land that's impacted. it is privately owned by sierra pacific industries. a lumber company in shasta county. they're closing the forest due to the high fire danger. roads going through them will remain open. the closures start july 1st. sierra pacific also closed its forest in 2020 for the exact same reason. paul, unfortunately that's just our reality now. >> it is. we had a couple fires today, one in the santa cruz mountains. >> every day. >> a couple in the north bay, one of which closed down a lane on 101 for a little while. it's this type of weather pattern where it's hot inland and those are conducive conditions even without really gusty winds for a fire to get started. that latest fire on the east side of 101 in marin county has now run into marshland, but some of the smoke as drifted away. let's take a look at the big picture pattern. some changes on the horizon.
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the hot weather inland is about to change as high pressure in the upper levels of the sm atmosphere is going to shift away from us. the marine layer is going to be allowed to expand vertically, spread farther inland, and the storm system moving towards the pacific northwest is going to kick in a stronger onshore breeze. it's going to be gradual changes, but it is going to happen over the course of the next several days. right now, it is still warm to hot inland. 88 in concord. 91 degrees in livermore. 77 in san jose and santa rosa. 60s around the bay. the fog is hanging out along the coast is going to try to spread across the bay and into the inland valleys by early tomorrow morning. don't think it's going to have too much success. there's going to be some fog in those valleys but not going to be a real deep layer and should dissipate quickly. plenty of sunshine for the rest of the day. temperatures mostly starting off in the 50s early tomorrow.
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that's where we are supposed to be this time of year. those temperatures are going to warm up quickly inland. by lunchtime, already going to be in the upper half of the 80s in fairfield and antioch. close to 80 degrees in san jose. temperatures top out around the bay and along the coast by early afternoon. right around 60 along the coast. mid-70s for oakland. all those numbers close to normal. farther inland, you get a couple more hours to warm up. temperatures going to hit the upper 80s to around 90 inland in the north bay. upper 80s in ■the santa clara valley with a lot of 90s inland in the east bay. so another hot day but those temperatures are going to start ramping downward wednesday and thursday, and we will reach those below average temperatures as we finish off the workweek on friday. we've got an adoptable dog in this evening's dog walking forecast. the dog is available in the east county animal shelter in dublin. i'm put a link on social media if you want to see her adoptable information. a little bit too warm for much outside time tomorrow. dublin, mid to upper 80s. other parts of the east bay significantly hotter than that.
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closer to sunset the better time for dog walking. fire danger index is going to be elevated especially in the afternoon. it's not off the charts. 0 to 10 scale, we're going to top out around a 5 in most locations. the same conditions we've had the past several days, we're going to see those again tomorrow. inland parts of solano county, contra costa, and alameda counties going to have the most significantly elevated fire threat. plenty of the north bay as well. we're going to have to keep an eye on everything across the bay area even once our temperatures do back down, which they will by the end of the workweek and into the weekend. temperatures by saturday, sunday, and monday only in the low 60s in san francisco, around 70 for oakland with mid to upper 70s for san jose. mid to upper 70s also over the fourth of july weekend for the north bay, inland in the east bay, and along the coast it's going to be a cool holiday weekend with high temperatures only in the upper 50s. so feeling more like memorial day weekend really than the fourth of july.
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>> no kidding. >> which is appropriate because memorial day felt more like the fourth of july. >> right. well, the big question is the fireworks show. >> we'll keep an eye on it. if we're going to see any fog, it would be more low cloud cover than actual fog. so maybe they'll display it underneath that cloud base. >> thanks, paul. cbs evening news is coming up. >> here's norah o'donnell with a preview. >> good evening, ryan and liz, coming after kpix 5 news at 6:00, the breaking news about an amtrak train with more than 200 on board that toppled over after colliding with a dump truck on the tracks. we've got the reports of injuries as rescue efforts are now under way. that's tonight on "the cbs evening news." a's in new york. wimbledon has started. and what a terrific vacation for this golden state warrior
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tennis up top. when i say white is the dominant color and it's played on grass, dead giveaway, right? wimbledon open ofor business. djokovic, the number one seed, back to defend. took a while for his 80th career win in london, but he overhead slammed kim in four sets. he's also the first player with 80 wins at all four majors. andy murray has won this a couple of times. in the far court, he opened up
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against james duckworth of australia. when you get him on the run, that's trouble, right? especially in a drop shot. murray won in four sets and will take on american john isner in the second round. nba, usually it's news when players leave, but kyrie irving today opted to remain with the brooklyn nets. he has a chance to still team up with kevin durant. the star guard played in only 29 games last season because he is unvaccinated. on with the warriors. a break from the draft and free agency. anderson has taken the league trophy to mexico. look at him posing. the oakland native and nba champ was in mexico city hobnobbing with andres manuel lopez obrador. that's the next can president. proud of his heritage, he's the first player of the mexican descent to win an nba
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championship. and the colorado avalanche just won the stanley cup last night, and it's already damaged. before the team photo, look, slipped and dropped it. there's a dent in the bottom. it's going in for repairs. baseball, a's flew to new york to play the yankees. moving pictures on the late show. the mariners/angels sunday brawl has taken on a life of its own. mariners player was hit. benches cleared. punches thrown. boxes of sunflower seeds were thrown on the field. long story short, a fan helped cheer the player who was beaned by ordering a pizza and having it delivered to the clubhouse. the player, winker, got it and thanked the fan. yesterday in the bleachers at yankee stadium, the crowd was locked into the little girl flipping the water bottle. forget the game. when she did it, everybody went
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nuts. this apparently happened in the bottom of the ninth of a tie game. so a little girl homelds up a game, tie game in the ninth, by flipping the water bottle. >> i mean that takes skill, precision, eye-hand coordination. >> and patience. >> and a lot of patience. >> that's going viral all over social media right now. >> thanks, vern. up next, a pair of curious puppies end up in a bit of trouble after they get stuck in a tortoise den. we're going to show you the wild rescue out of southern california. coming up on our streaming service, cbs news bay area, we speak to a stanford doctor about alzheimer's disease. the symptoms to look out for and the treatments available. you can watch our stream wherever, whenever, find us on pluto tv channel 1021 and on any platform using the free cbs news app.
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beautiful shot of the fog rolling in there. finally this evening, firefighters in southern california responded to an
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unusual rescue. take a look. >> okay. we're going to a report of a bunch of puppies stuck in a tortoise den. >> hi, puppy. >> here we go. >> you don't see this every day, but it's pretty darn cute. these curious little pups somehow ended up in a tortoise den in yucca valley. they were stuck there for hours because of a 100-pound tortoise was blocking their exit. firefighters tried to coax the tortoise from its underground den with watermelon, but it was a no-go. so crews went with plan b, digging an access hole to rescue the pups. tortoise not happy about that. after hours of digging, they successfully got the puppies out of the den. >> so was the tortoise, like, blocking them on purpose? >> i think it just was stubborn. >> no, no. you came in my house? >> then they dug a hole in his
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home. >> he did not like that at all. >> try moving 100 pounds. >> have some watermelon. nope, no , not >> o'donnell: tonight we have several big headlines as we come on the air, america's battle over abortion rights and the breaking news, multiple fatalities after a train going from los angeles to chicago derails with 243 passengers on board. train cars topple over in missouri after colliding with a truck. we're tracking the fast-moving developments about those who are hurt and trapped inside. the abortion rights fight in america. a country divided. we're in states where trigger laws are banning abortions, and in states welcoming a wave of patients. >> illinois is an oasis in a vast abortion desert. >> o'donnell: the war in ukraine russian missiles hit a crowded shopping mall, possibly over 1,000 people inside. the fear tonight of a rising


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