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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  June 29, 2022 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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guests and next week the open city council will vote on whether or not this project should go in front of oakland
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voters. a city wide vote that could come in november. getting the decision in hands of the people rather than the politicians. a little rally brought attention to that proposal and the majority of the council would have to vote yes next week in order to place a measure on the ballot. at ittoday's rally two council members confirmed they will vote to do so. >> i support oakland voters right to vote on how the city should spend a massive i vestment of public fends especially if it benefit a private developer. >> many at the rally are concerned the project iso ft a of black and brown families in the district. the a's declined to do an interview on this vote.
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>> so much to this story. it just keeps on building. we'll see what happens next. thank you. here a closer look at the time line of votes tomorrow. the state agency over seeing bay development will decide whether to end howard terminal's use as a functioning port facility. july 5th is when oakland city council holds meeting on whether a public vote will be had on howard terminal funding. >> some say it's too valuable to be used as a luxury playground. are. >> reporter: >> reporter: those who operate here wanted show us that's not true. trucks picking up containers being stored in giant mountains.
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>> howard terminal is not just a vacant parking lot. we have operations here whichg, to our success to be able to move cargo. they say without this space, these containers would clogging up the main port and they wonder what will happen if this land becomes a ballpark. >> that's the $12 billion stadium question. where does all this go? that's the question we want to have answered we think we deserve answers. we think the public di seserves answers to. >> reporter: they will decide whether to remove haurd terminal port use designation meaning it can be used for other purposes such as a stadium and mixed use development.
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the oakland port executive director says that would be better use of the land. >> it is very, very bad for port to have empty boxes sitting on your port. that's not what the port is supposed to be used for. it's supposed to be used for transport of stuff. >> reporter: they will have to decide if there's enough port space without howard terminal to meet projected growth to 2050. fp the if the answer is yes, th stadium can go forward. the current operators say they are concerned about what will happen to the rest of the port. >> i think the vision feels if howard terminal were to become john john's dream then where does it stop. you keep moving down the water front. the port will dry up and we can't have that.
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he expects it to clear up in six to eight months. let's get to meteorologist. >> we starpted off this morning with foggy conditions but it pulled its way back along our coast and now we're left with sunny skies and below average temperatures this afternoon. it's all thanks to low pressure pushing its way in from the north. this trough of low pressure will push its way in giving us partly cloudy skies as we head into forecast for this weekend. to add to that we're expecting a gradual cooling trend. who can complain? 63. that's what we're expecting on saturday for san francisco. once we head along our coast, it will be a breezy, cool weekend
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for us just in time as we head into next workweek. we will start warming up back into the 80s as early as tuesday. san jose authorities investigating the city's 22nd pedestrian death of the year. a woman was hit by a car last night just before 7:00 right near sylvia castle park. she was taken to the hospital pu died of her injuries. the driver is cooperating. pedestrian deaths are climbing throughout the country. they are even higher than preban demonstratic levels. a group of business owners said they had enough with the crime in little saigon. 20 small business oerps sent a letter to the city asking for more money for public safety.
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>> they can't take this pain anymore. the robbery, the child prostitution, the legal dumping, the lack of care, the lack of response. they say we can't handle this anymore. >> their requesting for more funding comes as the city prepares to finalize the mid cycle budget tomorrow. little saigon is located along international boulevard between 2 nd and 14th avenue. a new report from california attorney general shows a steep increase in anti-aapi hate crimes. they found in 2021 hate crimes rose by 27%. overall hate crimes in california increased by 33% in 2021. flip a coin and that's the likelihood of a murder getting solved in the united states according to fbi data.
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>> we're teaming up with cbs news to investigate why the national homicide clearance rate is at an all time low. in 2020 murders skyrocketed and clearance rates dropped. there was a rising rate of murder flp was a growing disconnect because of the out rage of the murder of george diploid. it all did go wrong and we set a new record for the very low rated solving murder.
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travels to jackson, mississippi, a place with one of the highest murder rates in the country. when you look back at that now, what do you say? what do you think? >> i see a person that was deeply hurt and deeply in survival mode. >> a story of pride, pain and finding a home is where there's hope. plus you are paying a fortunate at the pump. that's not news to any of you but finding out how much gas companies are making off of you.
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. the big parade may be over. >> her journey led her to her authentic self. >> what do you say? >> i see a person that was deeply hurt and deeply in survival mode. >> reporter: college is a life changing experience for most
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people. she had to escape to the u.s. so she could start living her life as it was all the meant to be. >> since i knew the culture would never be proud of me, the only option was to leave. >> reporter: only in pay area could she plan her future while pleasing her parents abroad. >> i saw american college like a movie. that's all i knew it to be her
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last visit was in 2017. >> towards the end of college, i decided i cannot keep doing that because it's ripping me into shreds. >> reporter: her parents came to california to celebrate their child's education but did not accept her as their daughter. >> there was lots of tears and lots of words and dialogue. >> reporter: as an immigrant, she would need a legal pathway and the financial independent to become the woman she is today. >> there is fast forward to graduation day. >> reporter: a full circle moment for the shy student who became a confidence commencement speaker to the lgbtq community. >> i came to berkeley to be myself and i was able to speak to the students as a truthest form of myself. >> wow. >> that's four years. >> that's four years. >> reporter: meeting others like her through the non-profit bay area. she realized she didn't have to give up what she always was
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willing to sacrifice. >> one of the first organizations where i saw the mixing of the queer identity and the south asian identity and it was done in way that i'd never seen before and i didn't think was possible. >> reporter: rediscovering her heritage here in the u.s. by bridging east an west. today, as she walks through the tenderloin, home of the city's transgender district, she feels truly seen. >> remember you can find all of our pride stories from the month in the special section on our website, let's get a check on our forecast with jessica birch. >> daytime highs are ranging below average in the bay area thanks to low pressure pushing it way in from the north. this system is pushing its way down as we lhead into this weekend's forecast just in time for the holiday. we're seeing a significant trough. h is our euro model behind me.
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it's developing as we head into the next couple of days. higher relative humidity. who can complain. just in time for any out door activities that you have. i know every one always want a sunny, warm, dry fourth of july or, i think we do. it's going to be a bit different this year. future cast showing the fog pulling itself back along the coastline as we head into the afternoon. as we extend into the evening hours it will repush itself into our coastline and we're left with foggy conditions tomorrow morning. here is our temperatures. as we extend into the amp, we're already starting the see below average conditions. anywhere from oakland to san francisco and concord. sitting at daytime high of 84 degrees today. with that in mind, let 's dive into our micro climates. as we head more inland, winds a starting to shift mostly pushing in from the southwest.
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earlier we were dealing with upper 90s. now it's mid-80s and will continue to cool down. as for the dbay, we're mostly just dealing with 60s. 70s and 80s up closer to napa and sonoma county. it will be a chilly set up for us. a willot of events going on. notice now we are still cooling down. low 70s this weekend. low 70s also in our inland east bay as well as the north bay. this future of several oakland schools set to close up for a vote tonight. >> details on the decision and the push back from parents. the second season of mysteries decoded premieres
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soon. find out how a private investigator got involved in her field and how she came to host the show. find us on pluto tv and on any platform using free cbs news app. en p andk for theast seralre
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so would set ase . the votes set for 4:00 p.m. let's give you a live look at wall street. the dow up just a bit there. about 90 points. with oil companies raking in record profits, one stats senator wants to require oil refineries to disclose how much they make on every gallon of gas. >> the plan would require companies to disclose profit margins each month five oil refineries control 96% of
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california's gas. oil companies are opposed to bill. they say there's a number of factors that make fuel more expensive here. they are already forced to disclose data related to supply and operational costs. these are the latest gas prices acourting to aaa. in california people are paying about 6.30 gallon. oakland is 6.38. drivers in san jose, it will cost you about 6.34 for a dpgaln of gas. a delicious solution to a very real world problem. >> why some spacex engineers are
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private information leaked by the state defense attorney general office. one man is worried about his safety. that story coming up at 3:00. let's check in with meteorologist jessica birch. >> we're sitting below average in the bay area. today, alone, this is the beginning of that grads yual cooling trentds. just getting up to 82. 76 as we head south closer to the santa clara valley down in mountain view. 82 over in san jose. a significantly cooler trend than what we're dealing with. that will continue to be the case as we head into friday. just in time for fourth of july with 77 in our inland east bay. >> all right. would you trust pizza made by a robot? >> maybe. we'll see. a team of spacex astronauts are
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hoping you will sink your teeth into there idea. >> affordable access is not something that is readily available for every one, right. >> the team says they worked with food experts on the formula. cost per pie will be about $10. serious problems on earth is getting that pizza to your house on time. hot and tasty. >> all of those hings. >> have
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♪♪ >> quinn: eric. >> bridget: aunt donna? >> eric: quinn, listen. >> quinn: is this what you meant when you said you were going to the club? you just... you were in bed with her? >> eric: i'm sorry. i'm sorry you had to find out this way. >> quinn: sorry? no, no, no, no, no. no, i was worried about you. i was worried about your health. your--your heart rate kept spiking higher and higher every week, and i-- now i know why. you're not playing pickleball. you're... you're having an affair with donna. ♪♪ ♪♪


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